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It‘s here, the final season of One Tree Hill! I‘ve been looking forward to this for as long as I can remember, and the show did not disappoint with an hour that was as ominous a start as Tree Hill has ever seen.  Read more »
Something was amiss with One Tree Hill‘s season 9 premiere. I‘m not talking about the quality as I thoroughly enjoyed the show‘s dramatic return, but instead I‘m referring to the atmosphere the episode created.  Read more »
In the premiere of One Tree Hill‘s final season a lot happened and we saw a possible glimpse of everyone‘s tragic future (though I still think it might be a metaphysical hellscape). Sadly, not much happened this week as it felt like a lot of filler. What we did learn is that all the devils who returned last week (Dan Scott, Ted Davis and Chris Keller) are definitely up to something, and I don‘t think it‘s good.  Read more »
The final season of One Tree Hill looks to be darker and more tragic than ever, but that doesn‘t mean there isn‘t room for some lighthearted fun.  Read more »
I‘m starting to think my "One Tree Hill season 9 is Hell" theory is true. This week‘s episode feels like a dream where nothing makes sense. Clay is a drug addict. Millie is worried that Big Mouth will die even though he isn‘t THAT fat. And Julian and Brooke‘s son Davis may or may not be dead. That last one is where things get really confusing.  Read more »
Every One Tree Hill fan remembers the brilliant opening of season 9 which showed some extremely tragic moments in the lives of all the major characters. It seems those clips were flash forwards to key moments from the rest of the season, and this week we‘ll get our first look at one of them.  Read more »
Things are about to get complicated for Chase on One Tree Hill. The next episode, "Don‘t You Want to Share the Guilt?," marks the arrival of the newest bad girl in town, Tara. Played by Dancing with the Stars contestant Chelsea Kane (who is also Stephen Colletti‘s real-life girlfriend), Tara will certainly make the lives of many Tree Hill residents more complicated.  Read more »
The CW is going to have plenty of new hour-long dramas to choose for its fall schedule this year. We previously reported on orders for four pilots, including a Green Arrow series, and now comes word that the CW is ordering three more pilots, including two sci-fi shows and a new drama from One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn produced by Lost‘s J.J. Abrams.  Read more »
This week One Tree Hill is all about guilt, and no one feels it more than Julian. Last week he almost killed his infant son Davis by leaving him in the car in the boiling sun. But he‘s not the only one with something to feel guilty about. Clay lies to Quinn about his drug problem, Mouth starts to feel bad about being so damn far and Chase has crazy hot monkey sex (10 times in one night) with the absolute worst possible woman. Then there‘s Dan, who always seems to have a guilty look on his face.  Read more »
Chris Keller is a good guy. The token jerk on One Tree Hill may constantly hit on any woman in his path, but underneath it all, there‘s a man who will step up when the time comes. The next episode of One Tree Hill is one of those times.  Read more »
With Nathan missing, One Tree Hill‘s final season gets darker and more tragic than ever this week. Haley is desperate for answers, Clay is stuck in the nuthouse and we finally see Brooke and Julian‘s tragic moments previewed in the season‘s opening montage.  Read more »
Nathan Scott is missing on One Tree Hill and Haley is desperate for answers, But now we have them thanks to a very spoiler-heavy clip from the next new episode, "Catastrophe and the Cure."  Read more »
In two weeks, we will get the official news of which celebrities will compete in Dancing with the Stars season 14. But for now, all we have are rumors. Lots and lots of rumors... Fortunately, some of those rumors are starting to look a little more promising. Which stars might appear in Dancing with the Stars season 14? Keep reading to find out. Read more »
Ahh, pilot season -- that time in a TV fan‘s year when we hear about planned new shows, fall in love with it, and then get anxious about whether we‘ll even see them on our screens. And yet we fall in love with them anyway.Tonight‘s casting roundup kicks off with four pilot-y bits, and once that‘s done, we have a Big Love wife going to New York, a new head vampire in Bon Temps, and a purveyor of knowledge heading to Greendale. But yes, the pilot-y bits, yes. Read more »
I was happy to see lots going on on this week‘s One Tree Hill even if the pace of this episode wasn‘t as fast as I would have liked. It was great to finally start to find out what in Sam Hill, or Tree Hill, happened to Nathan. At least we now know Nathan was kidnapped by sports dealers who thought he was stepping on their toes signing their player. Too bad Haley and Nathan‘s peeps are still clueless. Read more »
Todays‘ round of Buddy Bites features good news and mostly some bad news. Read on to find out more.  Read more »
Chad Michael Murray is back on One Tree Hill! At least for one night. And while the sight of Lucas Scott should make things better, this week things for our favorite Tree Hillers go from bad to really, really, really bad.  Read more »
Things keep going wrong for Brooke and Julian on One Tree Hill. First he went into debt because his new soundstage couldn‘t attract any clients. Then he accidentally left his son in a car and almost killed him. Meanwhile, Brooke teamed up with her father (did the writers forget about that storyline?) and went to war with a rival café.  Read more »
Most of the CW‘s shows are going off the air for a few weeks, gearing up for a big finish. Today the network officially announced the finale dates for its shows so fans can mark their calendars and clear their schedules.  Read more »
Wow. Last week I guessed that Clay‘s big secret on One Tree Hill was that he‘s behind Nathan‘s kidnapping, and while that might still be true, we learned an even bigger and more shocking truth. Clay is a father.  Read more »
This week‘s One Tree Hill is a surreal mix of great triumph, intense sadness and supreme creepiness. But the only thing I really care about is how unbelievably awesome Dan and Haley are as a pair. No two people care more about getting Nathan back than these two, and to see them join forces makes me giddy.  Read more »
One Tree Hill may be ending in April, but its stars may live on next season. A number of the show‘s top actors have been cast in pilots for the fall season, including original leading man Chad Michael Murray. Current stars Sophia Bush, Austin Nichols and Robert Buckley have also booked future gigs.  Read more »
There are only four episodes of One Tree Hill left, and everyone is starting to go a little crazy. Now that Dane has tortured a drug dealer for information about Nathan‘s whereabouts, it‘s time to act. And now that Xavier is stepping up his mind games with Brooke, she‘s losing her marbles.  Read more »
This week‘s One Tree Hill pretty much resolves all the major drama of the season, so I can only imagine the final three episodes of the series will be one long, happy farewell. Nathan Scott is rescued by the unlikeliest of trios and Xavier gets tazed. A lot.  Read more »
The final season of One Tree Hill is a time to look back fondly at nine seasons of drama and suspense. But for the cast and crew, it seems like it‘s also one last time to goof off.  Read more »
As One Tree Hill nears its end, its stars are moving on to new stages in their lives. While that means new shows for several actors, the end of the show coincides with the end of a six-year marriage for star Bethany Joy Galeotti.  Read more »
With only three episodes left of One Tree Hill, things are about to get real. The big dangers of the final season are behind us now that Xavier is gone and Nathan has been rescued, but Dan Scott‘s life hangs in the balance.  Read more »
The rescue of Nathan Scott on last week‘s One Tree Hill was an action-packed thrill ride. This week there‘s no real action or suspense, but it‘s an emotional rollercoaster that refuses to stop. It‘s happy, triumphant, light-hearted, funny, bittersweet, sad, tragic, redemptive, and everything else you can imagine. If, at any point during the episode, you went more than five minutes without tearing up, you‘re made of stone.  Read more »
It‘s the penultimate episode of One Tree Hill, and this week is all about burning the past so you can move on to the future. That‘s the premise of the Burning Boat Festival, which returns after first appearing in the third episode of season 1. But we also get it everywhere else, whether it‘s Chase deleting his exes from his cell phone, Julian reading Brooke‘s high school diary or a random and hilarious return by a former guest star I‘m guessing most fans don‘t remember.  Read more »
Get ready to cry, One Tree Hill fans, because the series finale is almost here. On Wednesday, April 4, the CW says goodbye to the show with a special two-hour finale. The episode (number 187) will certainly be a bittersweet farewell to the show, its characters and its locations.  Read more »
The One Tree Hill series finale was less an episode of television and more of one very long feeling transmitted through the airwaves. It was a montage of emotions as the characters remembered their pasts, looked to their futures and said goodbye to all the fans. If a television show could give its viewers a hug, this episode would be it.  Read more »
As the 2011-2012 TV season draws to a close, networks are preparing for next fall. Dozens of new pilots are being cast and filmed with the hope of being picked up and placed on a network‘s fall schedule. As the saying goes, many will enter, but few will win.  Read more »
The 2011-2012 TV season has officially come to a close,  the Nielsen ratings are in and for the first time in nine years, the most-watched show of the season isn‘t American Idol.The FOX reality juggernaut, which has been the highest-rated show in total viewers and the coveted 18-49 demographic for the past eight seasons, was dethroned in both categories by NBC‘s Sunday Night Football.  Read more »
The fifth season of 90210 appears to be getting more interesting with the addition of new characters and musical guest stars. Read on to find out who‘s dropping by Beverly Hills next season. Read more »
Congratulations are in order for the star of the CW‘s Supernatural. Jensen Ackles and his wife, former One Tree Hill star Danneel Ackles, are officially parents. Danneel tweeted that she gave birth to their first child, a baby girl, on Thursday, May 30.  Read more »
One Tree Hill fans, the reunion we‘ve always wanted has finally happened. Well, kind of. Over this past weekend, the first ever EyeCon for One Tree Hill was held in Wilmington, North Carolina, the old stomping grounds for the Tree Hill Ravens. The show shot 9 seasons in Wilmington, so it only made sense for the event to be held here. Some of the old cast returned to the River Court one more time for the event. Well, not exactly to the River Court. But close enough.  Read more »
American Horror Story, Arrow, Sleepy Hollow and many more make room for new characters and story arcs in the upcoming season. Check out the roundup of the latest casting news. Read more »
There has been a lot of speculation about how much longer The Vampire Diaries can carry on. Many believed (or hoped) that the series would end after season 6, when Nina Dobrev announced that was when she was making her own departure. Alas, the series kept going. Now, in the wake of Kat Graham‘s announcement to leave after season 8 as well as Ian Somerhalder saying season 8 may be his last, we‘re here to make a case for why we‘re in full support of the decision. Here‘s why The Vampire Diaries really should pull the plug after season 8. Read more »
Jana Kramer is one of the celebrity contestants competing on Dancing with the Stars season 23, becoming the first country singer contestant since Kellie Pickler won in 2013. The singer will surely be putting on a brave face while dealing with some personal issues but she‘s keeping her head high as she hits the dance floor with pro dancing partner Gleb Savchenko. Here are five things you need to know about Jana Kramer.  Read more »
ABC has announced the new cast for Dancing with the Stars season 23, featuring 13 couples. The new line-up is filled with athletes, including two recent Olympians, singers and plenty of nostalgic personalities from the ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s.  Read more »
High school can be a rough time in our lives. We‘re feeling awkward, our bodies are changing and we don‘t really know who we are. No one prepped us for this. Luckily, TV has always been there to offer us insight into how we‘re meant to handle these rough adolescent years. We‘ve seen pretty much every possible scenario that could happen to us played out on the small screen, so at the very least, we know it can‘t get worse than that. From breakups to deaths, here are the biggest lessons about high school that TV has taught us. Read more »
Ranking the sexiest women on TV is no easy task, especially when you take a look at all the gorgeous ladies coming to new shows this Fall. Even when you look exclusively at the TV shows just entering their freshman season, its nearly impossible to pick out just three. But when it comes down to it, Frequency, Speechless and The Good Place really have the cream of the crop this season. Not only do these shows feature three drop-dead gorgeous bombshells on the outside, the characters they play have personalities you just can‘t match. Take a look at the three sexiest women on new fall TV shows. Read more »
A One Tree Hill veteran returns to TV, the Gilmore Girls revival adds one more to its roster and much more. Nashville, Once Upon a Time and Criminal Minds are just a few of the shows to add some new faces. Find out all the latest cast additions in BuddyTV‘s casting news roundup. Read more »
Men and women can‘t be just friends. That‘s the conventional wisdom and TV often reinforces it, whether it was Troy and Britta on Community or Ginny and Mike on Pitch. A truly platonic relationship between a straight man and a straight woman on a TV show is a rarity.  Read more »
There‘s nothing more noble and tear-inducing on TV than when a character lays down their life for someone else. It breaks our hearts, but it makes for some of the best moments in these series. A self-sacrifice also has the ability to redeem a character you might have previously hated. Grab some tissues as we look back on 11 times a TV character sacrificed themselves. Read more »
It can be hard to say goodbye, especially to a beloved TV character. When a lead actor or actress decides to leave a TV show before it‘s over, it can put the show at risk of losing its steam. The storylines all have to switch gears, different characters have to carry the show and many fans are likely to stop watching. Keeping a show interesting after losing a fan-favorite character is a big challenge, and some shows are able to do it seamlessly while others really struggle to stay fresh. Let‘s look back at some shows that have stayed interesting despite losing a major character. Read more »
Shondaland makes several additions, Poison Ivy gets a new face on Gotham, a Castle star takes the lead on a new crime drama series, and more. Check out the latest fall TV casting news. Read more »
There is no such thing as the perfect family, even on TV. The more flawed and screwed up they are, the more relatable they seem to be. Here are 20 TV shows that will make your family look normal in comparison. Read more »