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One Tree Hill returns tonight with its season 8 premiere. The last we saw, things were really heating up in Tree Hill. Haley‘s spirits were high as she told Nathan she‘s pregnant, Julian proposed to Brooke and Clay and Quinn were just shot by psycho Katie in the season‘s cliffhanger. It‘s going to be a big year for the gang on One Tree Hill which is why we need your help keeping up.   Read more »
It turns out happy endings don‘t last very long on One Tree Hill. While season 7 ended with Haley‘s pregnancy and Brooke‘s engagement, season 8 kicks off with a dream that turns into a nightmare.  Read more »
One Tree Hill season 8 may be off to an ominous start with Clay and Quinn dying slowly and Brooke‘s company under investigation for fraud, but there‘s always a silver lining, and his name is James Lucas Scott.  Read more »
After months of agony, wondering whether lovebirds Clay and Quinn would survive, One Tree Hill has finally returned. The show‘s season 8 premiere, "Asleep at Heaven‘s Gate", began with Haley writing a letter to her best friend Lucas about how all of Tree Hill misses him. Following this snooze fest, I mean Lucas and Peyton are sooooo season 6, are scenes the returning viewers all saw at the end last season. The first five minutes are a boring but they are followed by lots of drama and twists.Happily Ever AftersHere it is, the moment we have been waiting 8 years for. Brooke has kept a man. And they‘re getting married. Isn‘t that precious? But seriously, I am happy that Brooke is getting her happy (yeah right) ending after so years of heartbreak and losers (case in point, Lucas, who cheated on her multiple times). I guess we‘ll just have to wait and see how this all pans out. Read more »
Quinn may be OK on One Tree Hill, but Clay is still in a coma and stuck in his peaceful beachfront purgatory. Will Clay wake up? Unless the show wants to lose a lot of female viewers, he‘d better.  Read more »
In tonight‘s episode of One Tree Hill,"I Can‘t See You But I Know You‘re There," life didn‘t get much better for any Tree Hillers as problems from last week carried over and new drama occurred.This plot reminded me a lot of season four‘s "Songs to Love and Die By" when Lucas was stuck in an alternate reality with Keith trying to return to the real world. Though the situations differed, the basic premise was the same, making me question the writers‘ abilities to come up with new story lines. Read more »
After a surprising Monday that saw most new shows succeed (with the exception on FOX‘s Lone Star, which is already on death watch), Tuesday was a lot more stable. Since it‘s the night that features some of the biggest returning champions (NCIS and Dancing with the Stars), this should come as no surprise.  Read more »
Altruism was in no short supply on tonight‘s episode of One Tree Hill titled "The Space in Between." Whether it was because of a friend, family member or complete stranger, the lives of our favorite Tree Hillers got a bit better tonight as both Clay‘s purgatory and Brooke‘s legal drama came to an end. Read more »
The first three episodes of One Tree Hill season 8 were full of trials and tribulations, with Quinn and Clay‘s shooting aftermath and the Clothes Over Bros debacle that led to Victoria Davis‘ incarceration.  Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of One Tree Hill entitled "We All Fall Down," Nathan struggled with whether to continue basketball, Quinn left the hospital while Clay stayed, Haley set out to help those in need through working at a crisis center, and Brooke tried to maintain what little dignity she had left.Throughout the show I learned many things about topics such as music, life and Tree Hill‘s sanitation.  Read more »
This Tuesday, two CW worlds collide as Haley and Mia from One Tree Hill book a gig at a music festival on Life Unexpected.  Read more »
Endings and new beginnings dominated tonight‘s One Tree Hill as several major characters closed on a chapter of their lives and opened new ones. With some soul searching, the Tree Hillers gathered the pieces of their injured lives and pieced them back together.Directed by cast member James Lafferty (Nathan), "Nobody Taught Us to Quit" was a breath of fresh air to those of us who haven‘t been too excited about the season thus far. We saw the characters that we know and love battle their problems while providing us with a few laughs and a quality hour of television, something I feel the first four episodes severely lacked.Don‘t miss what happened with Haley and Mia on Life Unexpected last night>> Read more »
If you thought One Tree Hill‘s Jamie Scott was cool before, wait until you see this. In a behind-the-scenes video posted on One Tree Hill‘s official Twitter account, pint-sized star Jackson Brundage gives fans a tour of this week‘s Halloween episode.  Read more »
Next week Halloween comes early to One Tree Hill with a spooktastic episode full of gloriously ridiculous costumes. If the sight of Julian dressed as a giant dog in the preview didn‘t get you excited, maybe a creepy serial killer clown will.  Read more »
In honor of Tyler Hilton‘s return in the season 3 One Tree Hill Halloween episode, I‘m writing this recap while listening to his latest tracks. How awesome would it have been for him to reappear as one of the open mic contestants? Oh, Chris Keller, I miss you.Speaking of Hilton, who is your favorite One Tree Hill character of all time?>>But, anyway, on to what happened tonight on OTH. In the episode, ironically titled "Not Afraid," Quinn saw Crazy Katie everywhere, clowns haunted Haley, and Brooke went up against Cruella de Vil. Jamie and friends went door to door, and Nathan explored a new career option.  Read more »
Friends fought and made up, daughter and soon-to-be mother-in-law disagreed over wedding plans, but other than that, nothing happened on this week‘s One Tree Hill. All "Luck Be a Lady" consisted of was a few good laughs and several arguments over friendships, wedding photographers and relationships. What was the point?The writers really sacrificed storyline tonight in order to provide strings of one-liners that, while funny, left me feeling like I‘d just wasted an hour of my life. Julian still doesn‘t have a (breathing) best man, and Brooke isn‘t any closer to finalizing wedding plans. What I really wanted to know was: What happened to Crazy Katie? It‘s now been several months since she attacked Clay and Quinn, and she still hasn‘t returned. WHERE IS SHE? Read more »
This week‘s One Tree Hill revolved around the characters‘ answers to questions for Julian‘s documentary. While the episode was well-written and nicely done, it still felt like the calm before (a hopefully magnificent) storm that OTH has been known to pour on its fans. Read more »
Drama was in no short supply on tonight‘s One Tree Hill as all the Tree Hillers gathered at Nathan and Haley‘s house for a well-cooked Thanksgiving meal.The opener "Dear Lucas" returned as Haley began the episode reminiscing about the past in a letter to her best friend. While keeping its oldest friendship alive, the show revolved around the latest developments in many other character relationships. Read more »
Relationshipsare tricky business, particularly if you‘re either a rich and famous Hollywoodstar or a fictional character. In Shipping News each week, I‘ll break down foryou the three most note-worthy (to me!) relationships -- i.e. ships -- o‘ theweek into the Tip-Top Ship Shape (for the best ship of the week), That Ship HasSailed (for romances that fell apart) and You Sunk My Relation Ship (for the mostdevastating moment in a romance we‘re shipping for). Got a duo you‘re totallyshipping for? Drop me a line in the comments, and you may see them featuredhere.Tip-Top Ship Shape: Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo and Jessica Simpson& Eric Johnson"Yay! We‘re getting married ... to other people!"Granted, some peeps may be calling shenanigans on the fact thatformer Newlyweds Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson‘s engagements to their respectivesignificant others, former VJ Vanessa Minnillo and NFL player Eric Johnson,just happened to fall within a week of each other (with Lachey scoring theproverbial "FIRST!" comment on the message board of life). But I, forone, am glad these two kinda dull crazy kids are finally settling down --again.  Read more »
On the next new episode of One Tree Hill, Quinn takes the next step on her road to exacting revenge on Katie by killing her. But first she needs help, so she goes to the one character who knows a thing or two about murder.  Read more »
After nine dull, meaningless episodes, I‘m beginning to have an ember of hope for One Tree Hill. Though I‘ve felt this season has been outdated and boring, "Lists, Plans" had a purpose, containing a balance of hatred and love and leaving me excited for the second half of season 8. Read more »
I have never been a fan of scary movies. They freak me out and I hate knowing that a character is about to get murdered while I am powerless to stop them. However, tonight‘s episode of One Tree Hill entitled "Darkness on the Edge of Town," which seemed better fitted for Halloween than Christmas, was simply brilliant. There was suspense, drama, heart-breaking moments, love and justice. The episode contained parallel storylines of hate/revenge and love. Read more »
The CW finally unveiled its mid-season schedule today, though there isn‘t much new to talk about. The only real gap in the network‘s schedule came from Life Unexpected coming to an end, a problem being solved by the weight-loss reality show Shedding for the Wedding.  Read more »
There‘s a lot of CW casting tidbits and other news going around, so here‘s a quick summary of the bits on all your favorite shows.  Read more »
When One Tree Hill returns Tuesday at 8pm it‘s taking a page out of The Hangover with Brooke‘s bachelorette party. It‘s a night they‘ll never remember, unless they put together all the clues about the wild evening the ladies had.  Read more »
For many years, Hilarie Burton entertained television viewers as spunky cheerleader-turned-record label producer Peyton Sawyer on One Tree Hill. Now she‘s back making waves on the small screen as insurance company investigator Sara Ellis, a recurring character on USA Network‘s White Collar. Though it‘s not certain how long she‘ll remain on the mystery drama series, Burton, who returned Tuesday‘s episode "Burke‘s Seven," has plenty to say about what her character brings to the table and her chemistry with Neal (Matt Bomer), as well as her plans for the future. Check out Burton‘s Q-and-A from a recent conference call, which included BuddyTV‘s Carey Proctor.January 19 is the last day to enter for a White Collar Prize Pack >>  Read more »
With only one week left until Brooke‘s big day, One Tree Hill returned tonight after the dark and gloomy fall finale with a lighthearted episode in which the girls went on a The Hangover-type search for the truth about what really happened the night before at Brooke‘s bachelorette party. Haley‘s nice and relaxing spa party turned into a night of energy drinks and booze, a bad mixture.The next morning the girls awaken to a series of mysterious circumstances. Sylvia has appeared. Brooke‘s ring has disappeared. Quinn has a new ring of her own ... in her mouth. Alex has a black eye, Milly‘s acquired a tramp stamp of boots, Dave Navarro‘s number is written in chocolate on Brooke‘s leg and there‘s a random skateboarding dog. Read more »
After eight years of watching Brooke on her relationship roller coaster, she has finally found The One. Brooke married Julian on Tuesday night‘s episode of One Tree Hill entitled "The Other Half of Me" during the ceremony of her dreams. The episode was beautiful as it tugged at heart strings and made the audience laugh at the right moments. I absolutely loved the references to many of the shows previous moments. The references reminded those who have been watching OTH for years of some of the show‘s craziest and most heart-wrenching moments and was an excellent way to wrap up (assuming Brooke and Julian stay together) Brooke‘s love story. The video montage of Brooke and Julian‘s relationship was adorable, and I loved that she walked down the aisle to Train‘s "Marry Me." It was the perfect song for the occasion.As Skills reminded us, Tree Hill does not have the greatest track record when it comes to weddings. In season 2, Jules left Keith at the alter after realizing she had true feelings for him and could not continue to carry out Dan‘s evil plans. Season 3 ended with Nathan, who had just remarried Haley, jumping into a river to save Rachel and Cooper. A couple years (real time) later, Lindsey left Lucas at the alter because he was still in love with Peyton. Finally, after a seemingly fairytale wedding with Lucas, Peyton nearly died due to a pregnancy complication, causing the doctors to perform a c-section. Needless to say, I was worried that this wedding either wouldn‘t happen or would be followed by terror, but fortunately it all went off without any problems. Read more »
The wedding of Brooke and Julian on One Tree Hill was sweet and romantic with no tragedies thanks to the ever-watchful Skills. But now that the honeymoon‘s over, it‘s time to be a little silly.  Read more »
If you turned on the TV for a well-written, exciting drama, tonight‘s One Tree Hill entitled "Holding Out for a Hero" was not the show to choose. If you were looking for no plot and a lesson on fighting bullies, OTH was just the show to feast your eyes on. Tonight‘s episode lacked a "previously on" segment due to the fact that nothing that occurred in this episode related in any way to anything that has ever happened on this show. Brooke, Quinn and Haley became "superheroes" while Chase decided he wanted to help people and Alex chose to turn the other cheek and be kind to Mia. Three things stuck out to me in this episode. Number one: Michael Oher! OK, not the real Oher, but Quinton Aaron, who played Oher in The Blind Side, guest starred as Nathan‘s classmate and member of the Kellerman Sucks Club. Number two: Stephen Colletti is now a series regular and was featured in the opening credits. And number three: I actually understand Brittany (from Glee). "I can‘t die yet. At least not until One Tree Hill gets canceled." OTH, though always over the top and ridiculously unbelievable, used to produce story lines that at least contained good drama, semi-fresh plotlines and kept the viewers interested. Now the episodes consist of trite moral lessons and keep me wondering: How has this show lasted EIGHT years? Read more »
Valentine‘s Day is a day for love and romance, but on One Tree Hill, it‘s mostly about one thing: sex. The show that glorifies that tradition of slutty wedding sex is ready for a very hot and heavy Valentine‘s Day where the only thing on the menu for the couples is each other.  Read more »
Love was in the air as tonight‘s One Tree Hill focused on the different ways the four main couples, plus Chuck and Chase, spent their Valentine‘s Day. Overall, the episode was cute and showed the characters for who they are and not their superhero alter egos.I know I was harsh last week and many people disagree with me, but I can say that one of the things I truly love about OTH is the opportunities it gives the actors to direct. I thought OTH veteran Paul Johansson did a great job directing once again. And though I love him behind the camera, I love him even more in front of it. Mark Schwahn, PLEASE bring back Dan! Join more discussions by finding us on our new One Tree Hill Facebook page>> Read more »
In the post-Super Bowl episode of Glee, Brittany revealed that she didn‘t want to die before One Tree Hill was canceled. As a fan of both shows, I completely understand her feelings.I also think Glee could stand to take a lesson or two from One Tree Hill. Sure, Glee is far more successful than the CW series, but One Tree Hill is currently in its eighth season, so it‘s clearly done something right.  Read more »
New beginnings faced the Tree Hillers on tonight‘s episode of One Tree Hill as they set out on new paths. Brooke and Julian took the first steps toward adoption, Haley decided on a name for her baby, Fortitude gained a client, Jamie tried out for little league, and Millie had her first day of work.Though most characters know where they hope to end up in life, others are beginning (or continuing) to question what they want in their personal and professional lives and how they will get there. The girls teased Quinn about the possibility of her and Clay getting engaged, making her wonder whether marriage was in the near future, while Mouth dealt with his inability to get a job by helping Millie handle hers. Read more »
The next episode of One Tree Hill is all about Haley going into labor and giving birth to her new daughter, Lydia. It‘s sweet that she wants to name her daughter after her dead mom, but Lydia is such an old lady name.  Read more »
After tonight‘s episode of One Tree Hill, I have faith for the rest of the season. Finally season eight is seeing some drama. As Nathan realized his newest client almost killed his son, his wife went into labor. This was an interesting twist, one that reminds me of the old days when OTH contrasted happy and gut-wrenching story lines every week. As some readers commented, the characters are getting older and the problems that they faced as teenagers wouldn‘t fit into their adult lives. However, this twist is an adult problem, one that Nathan will have to deal with maturely as he deals with Ian both as a client and a criminal who almost tore in future apart. Prior to learning the truth about the car crash, Nathan and Clay officially signed Ian to their agency, making Nathan‘s position even more difficult as he will have to interact professionally with Ian regardless of his personal feelings. Though Nathan and Clay hoped to transform Ian with a morality clause, Ian doesn‘t seem like a guy who‘s open to changing his ways. Read more »
While most TV shows don‘t end their seasons until the middle or end of May, filming ends in April, which is when you get all the news about the final story arcs. For One Tree Hill, that comes with a bit of casting (or in this case, non-casting) news and a new twist for the season 8 finale.  Read more »
When One Tree Hill finally returns from a long break on Tuesday, April 19 at 8pm, it‘s sure to be an emotional episode as Haley gives birth to her new daughter. But that doesn‘t mean it‘s all serious.  Read more »
If you have never in your life seen One Tree Hill, then "Quiet Little Voices" would be a good episode to start with. Not because the episode was so fantastic that my faith in OTH is renewed and I want everyone to share this undying love with me, but because half the episode is flashbacks and easily catches the audience up on the basic relationships of the regular characters. The show‘s original main characters are not shown or mentioned a single time in the episode, but that isn‘t surprising, since OTH likes to forget that anyone besides Naley, Brulian, Clay, Quinn or Jamie existed in Tree Hill before season 7. Read more »
One Tree Hill had a mix of happiness and sadness this week as Haley had her baby, but Brooke and Julian lost theirs when the surrogate decided to keep her new child. The loss is one of many, setting up a potential downward spiral for Brooke in the final episodes.  Read more »
Welcome to The GBU, a weekly column coming every Monday where I look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on TV.The clip show is a classic device for TV shows in their later years. By looking back at all the great moments of seasons past, a show can create a new episode very cheaply by reusing old footage. However, this doesn‘t mean the clip show has to be bad. Sometimes, if surrounded by a strong enough story, the clip show can be very effective.  Read more »
Things are coming to an end for One Tree Hill season 8. While the men are dealing with the fact that Ian Kellerman is responsible for the accident that almost killed Brooke and Jamie, the women are focused more on the end of the things they used to love.  Read more »
Did you know BuddyTV is on Facebook? Did you know we have show specific Facebook Fan Pages too? Well, now is the perfect time to check them out because we‘re currently hosting a big sweepstakes for our old and new fans alike. The prizes: Grand Prize: a 32-inch Flat Screen TVSecond Prize: a $100 iTunes Gift CardThird Prize: 10 lucky winners will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card  Read more »
Another CW hottie is now off the market. After Supernatural stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki disappointed legions of fan girls by each getting married last year, the hits keep coming with news from Life and Style that The Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley has secretly married girlfriend Torrey DeVitto in New York City.  Read more »
One Tree Hill is great at blending weird comedy, dark drama and emotional revelations. The latest episode, set around Jamie Scott‘s first Little League game, had all of that.  Read more »
Last season, One Tree Hill ended with a big trip to Utah for Julian‘s film premiere. This season, the second-to-last episode features another vacation, but this time it‘s to Puerto Rico.  Read more »
With only one episode remaining in the season and no official announcement from the CW, One Tree Hill gears up in case of cancellation while leaving doors open for the future in case of a renewal. As the characters we have followed for eight years take on new roles, their children begin a new generation of Tree Hillers who will grow up in the same environment. Read more »
It‘s time for another One Tree Hill season (and possible series) finale, which means happy endings for everyone. The show has become skilled in recent years at providing season finales that could easily serve as series finales if the show isn‘t renewed.  Read more »
After a year of highs and lows on One Tree Hill, tonight‘s finale was definitely one of the season‘s better episodes, as it wrapped the season up nicely, giving an insight into the futures of all the characters. The series finale-esque style made sense because word of The CW‘s decision to renew OTH came only hours before the episode aired. Nevertheless, it is official. Tree Hill and its residents will grace our television screens for at least 13 more episodes.Above all, the finale, which spanned a one year time frame, focused around the characters‘ relationships, leaving most of the drama behind to give the show a clear ending in case of cancellation. Read more »
CBS‘ drama The Good Wife proved its worth last night, and reaffirmed to viewers why it‘s being renewed for a third season. The season finale was up from last week, and beat last season‘s finale by a hefty margin.Up 25% from last week‘s episode, The Good Wife had a respectable 12.44 million viewers for its season finale last night, easily beating last season‘s finale. And with CBS moving the show to a new night and critics praising it, it‘s obvious that the show is building up steam. Are you excited for TGW‘s third season? Read more »
One Tree Hill season 7 ended with great news for some and tragedy for others.  Brooke‘s getting married, Haley‘s going to be a mom again and bartender Chase has an actress and a pop star both vying for his love.  But in the shocking final moments of One Tree Hill, Clay and Quinn were both shot by Katie, the psychotic tennis player who looks like Clay‘s dead wife.Will Lucas and Peyton Return for the Final Season?>>One Tree Hill Renewed for Season 9>>What happens to them? One Tree Hill season 8 premiered on a new night, Tuesday, September 14 at 8pm on the CW, so keep up to date with all the news and reaction to season 8 right hereSlideshow10 Best Moments of ‘One Tree Hill‘ Season 8 Read more »
The CW is the final network to release its fall lineup this week, and the network is a bit more ambitious than in the past. They‘ve picked up four new shows for the fall, moved two shows to new nights and pushed the ninth season of One Tree Hill to mid-season.The big changes include moving 90210 to Tuesdays and Nikita to Fridays to make room for two of the network‘s new shows.  Read more »
The CW is filling up its schedule with two new shows that have earned a lot of buzz early on. The network has picked up Secret Circle, the new witch drama based on a series of books by the author of The Vampire Diaries and adapted by Kevin Williamson, and Hart of Dixie, a drama about a female doctor who moves to the south from the Gossip Girl team of Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz.  Read more »
In one year, One Tree Hill will be officially done. The CW drama has had plenty of season finales that worked as perfect series finales in the event that the show got canceled, but every time it got renewed. Now, however, it‘s going to be the end.Season 9 will be the show‘s "farewell season," so when it returns in mid-season with 13 episodes, that will be it. Luckily, it gives Mark Schwahn and the other writers a chance to actually know that it‘s the end so they can plan something, much the same way Smallville got to plan out its final season this year.  Read more »
Happy Father‘s Day!  Throughout the years, we‘ve had countless TV dads pass through our living rooms. There are advice giving dads, hot dads, cool dads, and some dads who well... they try. Our question to you is: are you TV‘s biggest fan of dads on TV? We‘ve put together fifteen questions about father-child moments from TV‘s biggest shows that put you to the test.    Read more »
No show is complete without the element of romance. TV history is rife with supercouples, friends who end up dating and, of course, the love triangles. No matter what pairing you‘re rooting for, there‘s bound to be a third party thrown in. That‘s how all exciting storylines begin after all. Read more »
This winter, USA is going to be hotter than ever thanks to White Collar‘s newest guest star. The show‘s third season, which will take a hiatus until January following the August 9 mid-season finale, will feature True Blood‘s hunky werewolf Joe Manganiello as a special guest star.  Read more »
The upcoming final season of One Tree Hill won‘t start until mid-season, but things are already gearing up, and the first exciting bit of news from Zap2It is that Tyler Hilton is coming back. Yes, the lady-stealing musician Chris Keller will once again be forcing the men of One Tree Hill to lock up their gals.  Read more »
The upcoming final season of One Tree Hill is sure to be one fans can‘t miss, and now it‘s even better. According to TVLine, Chad Michael Murray will return for season 9 as Lucas Scott.  Read more »
Last season on One Tree Hill, there were babies everywhere. Haley and Nathan welcomed their new daughter Lydia while Brooke gave birth to twin boys named David and Jude. There was also a love triangle involving Chase, Mia, and Alex, while two other relationships were formed and reformed. By that we mean Quinn and Clay plus Mouth and Millie.Chad Michael Murray Returning for Final Season>>Karen‘s Cafe was also reopened, so there‘s that to look forward to on One Tree Hill season 9. The conflict with Katie will also be resolved and there might even be a wedding afoot, since it‘s the last season of the show.10 Characters Who Should Be Back on OTH >> Slideshow10 Best Moments of ‘One Tree Hill‘ Season 8 Read more »
As the River Court era comes to an end, many characters find themselves at a crossroads on tonight‘s episode of One Tree Hill, entitled "Where Not to Look for Freedom." While some have to figure out the best way to deal with the past, others make decisions that alter their futures. Read more »