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Every teen drama in this day and age feels compelled to give the adult characters their own ongoing storylines.  While Jim and Cindy Walsh on the original Beverly Hills 90210 were completely boring and useless, the parental units of the Wilson family on the new 90210 are bound to have all sorts of personal drama and tons of screen time.  Gone are the days when adults were pushed to the background of teen soaps while the beautiful youngsters stole all the interesting storylines. While the elders on The O.C. and Gossip Girl have struggled with moral and romantic dilemmas, none have fallen into plots that are anywhere near as crazy as what Dan Scott gets involved with on One Tree Hill every week.  It seems that Mark Schwahn has created a series that has a split personality, and I can‘t quite decide if it makes the show brilliant or acts as a complete distraction. Read more »
One Tree Hill returned for its sixth season on Monday with impressive numbers for The CW network, and enough drama and intrigue to get viewers hooked all season long. But show creator Mark Schwahn reveals that there‘s more in store this season for the show‘s fans and music lovers as well. “This year, we‘re going to do something unprecedented…I don‘t know anyone else who‘s done it.  We‘re gonna go to the rock world and we‘re gonna get artists to be guest composers for One Tree Hill this year,” Mark Schwahn said in an interview with The CW. Read more »
The One Tree Hill cast will be getting a little bit stranger this season with today‘s news that John from Cincinnati star Austin Nichols will be appearing on season 6 of the CW hit for at least 10 episodes. Nichols will likely play a movie producer who has his eye on adapting Lucas Scott‘s debut novel, An Unkindness of Ravens, into a film. And that one be the only thing of Lucas‘ he‘ll have his eye on.The few who actually watched the HBO series John from Cincinnati will remember Nichols as the titular character, a mystical and mysterious being who may or may not have been Jesus Christ. More recently, he played the young teacher who almost had an inappropriate relationship with Julie Taylor on season 2 of Friday Night Lights. Read more »
One Tree Hill is a show that‘s featured its fair share of psychos.  We all remember crazy Derek, aka Ian Banks, who stalked and kidnapped Peyton until Brooke showed up to save the day.  His unique brand of nuttiness may be topped by Nanny Carrie, who is so obsessed with abducting Jamie (Jackson Brundage) that she‘s currently tormenting Dan until he agrees to help her.  Of course, Dan himself may be the craziest of them all, though he usually resorts to torturing people through mind games instead of physical harm.  With all of these weirdos running around, Tree Hill is a rather dangerous place to live.Dan, faux-Derek and Carrie are certainly crazy, but I‘m slowly starting to believe that Victoria Davis may be the most insane, unstable character to ever appear on One Tree Hill. Read more »
Tragedy seems to strike fairly often on One Tree Hill, but that doesn‘t make it any easier to witness.  On last night‘s shocking episode, Quentin was shot in the back of the head and killed after walking into a gas station in the middle of a robbery.  The character was introduced last season as a cocky know-it-all whose biggest accomplishment was punching K-Fed in the face, but he‘d truly grown and evolved since then.  Not only had he become a good friend to Jamie, but he was also offering Nathan encouragement to pursue his basketball dreams.  Quentin will truly be missed, and next week we‘ll see how his death affects One Tree Hill‘s major characters.I had a chance to sit down with actor Robbie Jones today to discuss his role on the show, his shocking exit, and his plans for the future.  Read on for the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
The other day I wrote an article pondering whether One Tree Hill‘s Victoria Davis is pure evil.  Brooke‘s mother has been making her daughter‘s life hell since she first appeared in season 5, and the tension between them only escalated recently when Victoria threatened to take over Brooke‘s company.  Victoria may seem beyond redemption, but when I sat down to interview actress Daphne Zuniga today she made me realize that her character‘s actions actually make a lot of sense.  From a certain perspective, Brooke is the one making the wrong decisions, and Victoria is the one trying to knock some sense into her.  Is it possible that she‘s not such a bad mother after all?Continue on for the entire interview, where Daphne talks about Brooke‘s mugging, her character‘s motivations, and some other projects she‘s involved in. Read more »
Last night‘s episode of One Tree Hill was designed to tug at our heartstrings, but Mark Schwahn‘s meditation on death didn‘t succeed in bringing a tear to my eye.  The episode was well-crafted and had some touching moments, but it had one major flaw: it was about Quentin.  Last season, Quentin was a rather unlikable character.  He was kicked out of Haley‘s class for disrespecting her, got sidelined from the basketball team after punching K-Fed, blamed Skills for agreeing with white people, and generally walked around with a cocky sense of superiority that made him seem like a douche.  Though he turned over a new leaf in recent episodes, it was too late for me to warm up to him.  Quentin‘s death was undeniably tragic, but not something I could weep over.After last night‘s episode, it now appears that Mark Schwahn would like us to feel sorry for another unlikable character: Nanny Carrie.  Excuse me while I laugh myself to death over that notion. Read more »
The relationship between Skills and Deb is one of the most interesting storylines in One Tree Hill‘s sixth season.  Their coupling started off as a bit of a joke, but the last two episodes have proven that they actually have true feelings for one another.  Whether you love the couple or find their canoodling completely creepy, you have to admit that they make an interesting pair.I have a chance to interview actor Antwon Tanner tomorrow, and of course I‘ll be asking him for his reaction to his character‘s hot and heavy romance with Deb.  In addition, I also want to ask him some questions from devoted One Tree Hill fans.  Antwon has been a part of the OTH family since the pilot episode, and this is your opportunity to get the scoop on Skills.  If you have a question for Antwon, submit it in the comments below anytime before Thursday at 10am PST, then check BuddyTV on Friday for the complete interview. Read more »
One of the best things about the new season of One Tree Hill is that Skills finally has his own compelling storyline.  Instead of popping up to give Lucas sage advice and then disappearing into the shadows, Skills has been creating some scandal by hooking up with Deb.  Nathan found out about the romance in Monday night‘s episode, and his upcoming confrontation with his friend is bound to be volatile.I had a chance to sit down with Antwon Tanner yesterday to discuss his character‘s evolution throughout the series.  In the interview below he talks about what happened to Bevin, his thoughts on his character‘s relationship with Deb, and some of his other upcoming projects. Read more »
Let‘s all bow our heads and share a moment of silence for the deceased Nanny Carrie, who was easily the craziest person to stir up trouble on One Tree Hill since Psycho Derek.  Unlike faux-Derek, who got off easy with a trip to prison, Carrie ended up with a bullet to the face courtesy of a very pissed off Dan Scott.  Carrie was good at a great many things, including swimming topless, jumping in the shower with strangers, abducting children and bunnies, and reenacting scenes from at least a half a dozen different horror movies.  What she wasn‘t good at was squaring off with Dan and dying hair, the latter of which was proven last season when she attempted to turn Jamie‘s hair black and failed miserably.  I‘ll miss Nanny Carrie and her shameless ripping off of Stephen King‘s Misery, but there‘s no doubt that her storyline had run its course.Now that Carrie is gone, is there any chance that the Scott family will welcome Dan with open arms?  I‘m not betting on it. Read more »
I take a fair amount of flack here at the BuddyTV office for not being a big fan of Lucas on One Tree Hill.  I‘ve written lengthy articles about how I find the character boring, and I‘ve argued passionately that he needs something interesting to do, but not everyone agrees with me.  Not only do I work alongside a few Lucas supporters, but there are thousands of people out there who would consider him one of the best television characters of all time.  We‘re all entitled to our opinions, but now I‘ve thought of a way to determine which One Tree Hill character is actually most beloved by the fans.  Is it Lucas?  Bevin?  Tim?  Peyton?  Read on to find out how you can vote for your favorite. Read more »
With no One Tree Hill to look forward to tonight, I thought it‘d be fun to allow fans to vote for the greatest OTH character of all time.  It may not be as thrilling as a new episode of the show, but arguing the merits of certain characters is always a good way to pass the time.  Last week I created a showdown that allowed everyone to vote for their favorites, and now the results are finally in.  This may be the only election more important than that presidential thing happening in November, so read on to see who has been chosen as the most awesome Tree Hill resident ever. Read more »
It seems that everyone of a certain age has an unexplainable affection for the stars of the late, arguably great teen drama Dawson‘s Creek.  I shook my head in disbelief when Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise, cheered when Michelle Williams earned an Oscar nomination for Brokeback Mountain, and tuned into shows like Fringe and Justice just to see stars from the Creek try something new.  Unfortunately, Dawson himself, James Van Der Beek, hasn‘t had much luck shaking his teen idol image.  He‘s had memorable guest-starring stints on How I Met Your Mother and Criminal Minds, as well as a great turn on the big screen in The Rules of Attraction, but aside from that the Beek has been MIA.Van Der Beek may never be able to shake the Dawson image, so why not embrace it?  Entertainment Weekly has announced that the actor will be returning to his teen drama roots with an appearance on One Tree Hill later this season. Read more »
<<PREVIOUS | NEXT>> Little kids often get attached to stuffed animals, imaginary friends or special pieces of clothing, and One Tree Hill‘s Jamie Scott is no different. The ridiculously adorable youngster, who‘s obviously seen one too many superhero movies, has been inseparable from his bright red cape since he first appeared on the series. There are some fashion accessories that are perfect for everything from Rock Band competitions to basketball games. Jamie is so attached to his cape that he even promised to make another one for his friend Quentin. After Quentin was shot and killed in a robbery attempt, Jamie proved what it really means to be a superhero. He finished the cape, with his mom‘s help, of course, and draped it over Quentin‘s coffin at his funeral. Sometimes it takes a five-year-old to show us that great fashion can bridge the gap between life and death. Read more »
It doesn‘t take long for rumors to swirl around the Internet.  About two weeks ago The Hollywood Reporter announced that One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn had signed on for a seventh season of the hit drama.  The CW hasn‘t officially renewed the series for another year, but the network is currently weighing the decision and negotiating with cast members to sign on for season 7.  The rumor, which may or may not be true, is that every cast member aside from Chad Michael Murray has signed on the dotted line.  This raises the question: Could One Tree Hill survive without Lucas? Read more »
The latest episodes of One Tree Hill have featured some nice scenes between Nathan and Brooke.  The characters don‘t get a chance to interact often, but when they do they have a certain brand of undeniable chemistry.  Nathan was there for Brooke after her violent attack earlier this season, and in the most recent episode he helped her reconnect with Owen.  Every time I see the two characters on screen, I find myself wishing they had more scenes together.The chemistry between Nathan and Brooke could be due to the real life romance between actors James Lafferty and Sophia Bush.  We wrote about the rumors surrounding the two way back in January, but now Kristin at E!Online has officially confirmed the relationship.  Not only are James and Sophia dating, but her ex-husband Chad Michael Murray approves of the pairing. Read more »
Last season, the writers‘ strike led to the shutdown of all of our favorite scripted television shows, forcing many of them to wrap up their seasons with less than 22 episodes.  A few shows bounced back from the strike and went on to ratings gold, but others have found their numbers plummeting since the new season began.  Viewers are a fickle bunch, and if a show disappears for too long it‘s likely many people will forget about it and move on. The CW has struggled to court viewers since its inception, and their latest plan ensures that fickle audience members won‘t have time to forget their shows.  According to Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello, the network has ordered additional episodes of Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill and 90210, allowing each series to have an extra long season. Read more »
Just in time for the election, BuddyTV brings you our list of the 15 worst politicians from TV.<<PREVIOUS   |   HOME>>It‘s fitting that Dan Scott, who is easily the most evil and morally corrupt character on One Tree Hill, would dabble in politics. Dan successfully convinced the citizens of Tree Hill to elect him mayor, but only after running a smear campaign against his opponent/ex-girlfriend, and producing some fake tears to make the people feel sorry for him. After clawing his way to power, Dan had his brother arrested for a crime he didn‘t commit, then ended up killing the man after he was acquitted and released from prison. With his twisted determination and ability to manipulate others, Dan could have run for president one day. Too bad those pesky murder charges got in the way. Read more »
BuddyTV interviews James Lafferty, who plays Nathan Scott on One Tree Hill.Even when he‘s kissing evil nannies or simmering in rage due to temporary paralysis, Nathan remains one of the most grounded, relatable characters on One Tree Hill.  His relationship with Haley forms the emotional backbone of the show, and the Scott family only became more interesting with the addition of Jamie in season 5.  The next few episodes of the series will find Nathan joining a Slamball team, which he hopes will get him back on the path toward NBA glory.I recently had a chance to sit down with James Lafferty to discuss what‘s coming up for his character.  He talked about filming the Slamball scenes, what‘s in the future for Nathan and Haley, and whether Dan‘s recent heroics will get him back in his son‘s good graces.  Read on for the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
BuddyTV interviews Austin Nichols, who plays Julian Baker on One Tree Hill.Lucas‘ small-town life will be shaken up in a big way on this Monday‘s episode of One Tree Hill.  The new installment, fittingly titled "Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe," finds an interesting character named Julian Baker coming to town.  Julian is a hotshot movie producer looking to turn An Unkindness of Ravens into a major motion picture, but the fact that he has a past connection with Peyton may lead to trouble.  Actor Austin Nichols (John from Cincinnati, Friday Night Lights) plays the snarky Hollywood bigwig, and he‘s currently contracted to appear in 10 episodes this season.I recently had a chance to sit down with Austin to discuss his role on the show, as well as his thoughts on the upcoming noir episode written by Chad Michael Murray. Read more »
If there‘s one thing constant on One Tree Hill, it‘s the show‘s great choice in music.  Last night‘s episode, “Even Fairy Tale Characters Would Be Jealous,” featured a concert which recalled what the series is known for: its top-rate music acts.  Thanks to Peyton‘s (Hilarie Burton) character, the quiet little town of Tree Hill has achieved its fair share of feel-good noise.  Joining forces for the episode are The CW Network executives and The USO, giving fans of One Tree Hill and the Marines a treat they won‘t easily forget.  With alternative rock band Angels and Airwaves headlining the live concert, there‘s no doubt that it was packed with thrilled and enthusiastic audiences.  Military personnel were in attendance, and the show was held at the Marine Corps Air Station New River in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Read more »
It seems that One Tree Hill introduces a new character to stir things up every few episodes.  Last season brought us the likes of Mia, Millicent and Quentin, while this year we‘ve met Mick, Julian and Sam, among others.  Despite the abundance of new additions, I try to stay open-minded and give each character a shot at winning me over.  Unfortunately, not all characters are created equal, and some end up being less lovable than others.My biggest issue with season 6 of One Tree Hill, aside from the ridiculously annoying Gigi, is the character of Sam.  She‘s gone from being a cookie-cutter rebel to a boring, sardonic teen.  Last night‘s episode left us with hope that Brooke might ship her away so she can finally get a baby, but will it actually happen? Read more »
Few things excite me more than the prospect of a One Tree Hill episode set in the 1940s.  It‘s rare that OTH steps away from reality to present a dream episode, but that‘s the setup for next week‘s "We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)."  The fabulous ‘40s extravaganza was penned by series star Chad Michael Murray, who will also be moving behind the scenes to direct an installment later this season.  Fans will get a chance to see all of their favorite OTH actors playing retro versions of their characters, complete with old-timey outfits and, in at least one person‘s case, some very bizarre facial hair.To get fans ready for next week‘s One Tree Hill, we have photos of the actors in costume, as well as a special behind the scenes video. Read more »
Chad Michael Murray is a very busy man these days.  The One Tree Hill star can now be billed as an actor, writer and director thanks to all the work he‘s been doing behind the scenes of the hit CW series.  Murray wrote next week‘s special 1940s-themed episode, entitled "We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)," and has also been hard at work directing an installment that will air later this season.  Though he‘s been busy calling the shots on his directorial debut this week, Murray‘s found some time to sit down and speak with us about his work on One Tree Hill.Read on to find out how you can submit a question for Chad Michael Murray. Read more »
Chad Michael Murray has been wowing fans of One Tree Hill for years as Lucas Scott, but only recently has the actor stepped behind the scenes to try his hand at writing and directing.  Murray wrote tonight‘s special 1940s-themed episode, which transports the characters back to a time when mobsters ruled the streets and movies were still in black and white.  He‘s also spent the past week directing his first installment of the series, which will air sometime in January.  Murray may be best known for his acting, but fans will soon learn that his work behind the camera is equally fascinating.Chad stepped away from his directorial duties this morning to speak with us about what‘s coming up on One Tree Hill.  Read on for his thoughts on tonight‘s episode, his script ideas that didn‘t make the cut, and who he thinks Lucas should ultimately end up with. Read more »
The relationship between Lucas and Peyton has been going strong throughout One Tree Hill‘s sixth season, which leads me to believe the couple is headed for some sort of major disaster.  Even the appearance of Julian, who just happens to be Peyton‘s ex-boyfriend, didn‘t throw much of a wrench into their happy engagement.  There isn‘t a couple on television that can go an entire season without some sort of major complications, and Lucas and Peyton are no exception.  Monday‘s episode of One Tree Hill ended with Peyton clutching her stomach and collapsing in pain, leaving us to speculate about what sort of health problem is plaguing her. Read more »
Last Monday‘s special 1940s-themed episode of One Tree Hill was one of the lowest rated installments of the season.  Maybe viewers were turned off by the time period, or maybe they wanted to spend the hour mocking Heroes instead of checking out Chad Michael Murray‘s scripting debut.  Viewers who skipped the noir outing will definitely want to return for next week‘s episode, which features Dawson‘s Creek star James Van Der Beek as a wild, coke-snorting film director.  I don‘t want to wait for my life to be over before seeing the Beek from the Creek on OTH.To get fans ready for Monday‘s One Tree Hill, we have a hilarious clip from the episode. Read more »
Fans of the Lucas and Peyton relationship on One Tree Hill are probably loving season 6 of the series.  After numerous stops and starts and on-again, off-again shenanigans, Lucas and Peyton have finally settled down and gotten engaged.  Peyton may be going through an unspecified health crisis at the moment, but that doesn‘t seem like it‘ll be enough to derail their eventual wedded bliss.  Lucas and Peyton, or Leyton as the fans call them, are having a stellar year.While Leyton fans rejoice over the happy couple, those hoping for an eventual reunion between Lucas and Brooke anxiously stand by and twiddle their thumbs.  Brucas fans have yet to give up hope that the couple may one day end up together, but in a recent interview with Zap2It, One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn basically crushed the idea.  It seems that another Brucas storyline is highly unlikely at this point in the show‘s run. Read more »
Brooke (Sophia Bush), for some One Tree Hill fans, has been stripped of everything while everyone else on Tree Hill seems to be happy.  On top of that, season 6 ultimately crushed the idea of a Brucas reunion, especially now that Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Peyton (Hilarie Burton) are expected to walk down the aisle.So what‘s next for Brooke Davis?  In an interview with, series creator Mark Schwahn weighs in on what‘s in store for the feisty gal, without giving up too much hints to spoil what could be an interesting storyline. Read more »
In a recent interview with Zap2It, One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn revealed that there‘s little chance of a relationship between Lucas and Brooke in the show‘s future.  Fans have long debated whether Lucas ultimately belongs with Peyton or Brooke, and it looks like Schwahn has finally answered the question.  He wants to explore the Leyton relationship from this point on, and though he‘ll "never say never" about a Brucas reunion, the chances are slim.This interesting development got me thinking about the numerous relationships in One Tree Hill‘s history.  Which pairings have been the best and which are better left forgotten?  Read on to see how you can vote for OTH‘s most memorable couples. Read more »
As our favorite shows take short breaks for the holidays, most of them are leaving us with stress-inducing cliffhangers to ponder.  One Tree Hill is certainly no exception.  Last week‘s episode showed Peyton receiving news about her recent health woes, but viewers were left in the dark as to what‘s actually wrong with her.  Is she pregnant?  Does she have cancer?  We‘ll have to wait until the series returns on January 5 to know for sure.We may not have a definite answer as to what‘s plaguing Peyton, but recent spoilers from Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello and Kristin at E!Online shed some interesting light on the situation.  Read on for some juicy One Tree Hill spoilers! Read more »
It‘s been interesting to witness the variety of romantic pairings on One Tree Hill over the years.  The show has never been afraid to mix people up and try new things, and while some couples haven‘t been particularly exciting, at least the romances never get stale.  Someone watching the first few seasons of the series would never guess that Skills and Deb would settle down one day, just as someone who‘s only seen season 6 would be shocked that Nathan and Peyton were once a hot item.One Tree Hill has paired up all sorts of people in its first six seasons, but which romance is the greatest of them all?  BuddyTV readers voted in a showdown this week to answer that question, and the couple that dominated the poll may surprise you. Read more »
The year is almost over, and BuddyTV wants to know which shows were your absolute favorites from 2008. We have a huge Showdown featuring 48 of the top shows of the year, from reality staples like American Idol to smash hits like CSI. You can vote for your favorite cult shows like Supernatural, or a small comedy like It‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  We have shows still going strong like Grey‘s Anatomy and shows canceled before their time like Jericho.VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE SHOW OF 2008>> Read more »
Even though the shows are taking a breather from their regular runs, the fans are adamant at keeping track of them.  This is the case with the series One Tree Hill, which has some of the most determined audiences who are thirsty for some information.  With its return on January 5 next year, there has been plenty of speculation regarding what’s coming.  EW’s Michael Ausiello may not have any news on the upcoming episodes, but he does regarding the future of the series as a whole, offering up some news on the possibility of future seasons. Read more »
Mark Schwahn has spent most of his time being the brains behind the teen drama One Tree Hill, but is the show enough work for him?  It appears as though the creator of the series is all set to move on, or at least pursue other projects for the time being.  Though there haven‘t been any finalized deals, it‘s been reported that Schwahn is in negotiations to pen the script for the CW‘s incarnation of Melrose Place.  Last October, the network and CBS Paramount TV announced that they were planning on reviving the old Beverly Hills, 90210 spinoff.  They were hoping for a contemporary take on the 1990s hit Melrose Place, and Schwahn emerged as the top choice to write the project.  Read more »
Chad Michael Murray already tried his hand with the One Tree Hill episode “We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me) for the series sixth season.  Next year, fans will get another taste of the actor‘s directorial efforts with yet another episode of the hit series.  TV Guide answered a viewer‘s question about Murray‘s work on the show.  A fan named Teddi asked, “What can you tell me about the One Tree Hill episode that Chad Michael Murray is directing?”  Of course, other admirers of the guy are probably wondering the same thing. Read more »
It feels like forever since One Tree Hill last aired a new episode, though it‘s actually been six weeks. Tonight at 9pm on the CW, One Tree Hill resumes season 6 with the first new episode of 2009.When we last left the residents of Tree Hill, Peyton received some shocking news from her doctor which is almost certainly either cancer or a pregnancy (or both!), Lucas was enjoying massages with the cokehead director of his movie, Nathan tried out for the pros, and Sam got into a car with some bad people after we learned her friend was the one who attacked Brooke. Read more »
BuddyTV‘s running a special feature on all of the wonderfully unique families on TV. Within the feature, there‘s a chance to win a flat-screen TV as well as a couple of Showtime prize packages with DVD sets for Dexter season 2, Penn & Teller: BS! season 5, Californication season 1, The L Word season 5, and The Tudors season 1. TV families always seem to be more interesting than our own. In fact, they‘re never normal. At one point or another, we‘ll all wished to be a part of some imaginary clan. Something deep inside draws us to the craziness, the tenderness or the drama. So we salute all these unique TV families. Read more »
Now being a “shipper” is a very serious thing. I mean, as your characters fall in love, you do too. 2008 was full of great television relationships. We had to narrow it down to a lucky 20 for BuddyTV users to choose from.Any shipper fanatic knows their “ship” inside and out. I, for one, will always be a LoVe shipper. That is - Logan and Veronica of Veronica Mars. 2008 saw the development of new ships, the crumble of others, and the long lasting tension of our older ships. Overall, it‘s been a great year for most shippers.The competition will be fierce as there are a lot of fans out there. When we did our “Which One Tree Hill Couple is Best” showdown, Brook and Lucas pulled out the win from underneath Leyton and Naley fans. MiSa (Michael and Sara from Prison Break) fans have been known to be a powerful force. Read more »
College admissions time—it‘s a stressful time for any high school senior. It‘s also a time when you‘re forced to make choices that will change the course of your entire life. On last night‘s episode, “You‘ve Got Yale,” Blair, Serena and Dan all grapple with big anxieties about the changes that go along with college: Blair‘s got a case of Senioritis (and a tad of an entitlement issue) that threaten her dead-set hopes on Yale, Serena tries to decide which Ivy is the best fit for her, and she and Dan both worry about how choosing different colleges will affect—or possibly end—their relationship. Read more »
Fans excited about James Lafferty’s annual charity basketball game received some bad news this week when the One Tree Hill star announced that the game will be canceled this year.In a statement Lafferty sent to the site, he said that various forms of harassment he, his friends and family have received have forced him to cancel the annual event, which helps raise money for charity’s such as the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Read more »
One Tree Hill has always opened its arms to musical guests, and this season they’re adding another as Nick Lachey will be coming to the show. According to Kristin at E!Online, Lachey is set to appear as himself in an upcoming episode of One Tree Hill.As you might expect, Lachey’s guest spot will revolve around Haley, the former music superstar, who is conflicted about selling a song she’s written to be on Nick’s new album. Desperately wanting the song, the former Mr. Jessica Simpson will make a personal stop in Tree Hill to convince her otherwise. Read more »
In today’s society, women are still objectified as sexual playthings. From Hooters to strip clubs and prostitution to Super Bowl ads, depicting women as nothing more than sexual objects is sadly still around.Thankfully, One Tree Hill shines as a beacon of feminism in an otherwise male-dominated society. It might seem odd, but looking back at the history of the series, it’s always been a place where it’s the male stars who are made into sexual objects. Read more »
Previously on One Tree Hill: Reese was chosen as the director for Lucas‘ movie while Brooke got down and dirty with Julian.Things begin in Peyton‘s office where Reese and Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) are holding casting calls for the roles of Nathan and Haley. The real Nathan and Haley are on hand, and he‘s wondering why all the actors auditioning for him are shirtless. Clearly he hasn‘t been watching One Tree Hill, where James Lafferty is almost always shirtless himself. Read more »
Are you ready for hilarious meta jokes and half-naked guys? One Tree Hill‘s newest episode, “Screenwriter‘s Blues,” airs this Monday at 9pm, and it marks the start of casting for An Unkindness of Ravens, the movie within the show based on Lucas Scott‘s book.The CW released two clips from Monday‘s episode, and both feature Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) squealing with delight over hot guys and the promise of meeting herself. Continue reading for more details and to watch the video preview. Read more »
Is there any hope for Dan Scott? In last night’s episode of One Tree Hill, he got on the waiting list for a new heart, took his grandson out for ice cream and offered some words of encouragement to his son. If this were the only episode of One Tree Hill you’d ever seen, you might think Dan is a good guy.But we know different, and it’s that knowledge about his past misdeeds that colors our perception of him. Can he ever escape the monster he once was, and can fans ever look at Dan and feel sympathy and compassion for a man who once murdered his own brother in cold blood? Read more »
Previously on One Tree Hill: Julian and Brooke got their freak on, as did Mia and Chase. Millie and Mouth called it quits while Lucas and Peyton got used to the fact that they‘re going to be parents.Nathan (James Lafferty)  is riding the pine at a Charleston Chiefs game, angering Jamie (Jackson Brundage). Fox, the hot dog player who hazed Nathan, misses a last-minute shot costing the team the game. Fox is still quite happy that he scored 33 points, not caring that basketball is a team sport. Jamie is adorably furious. Read more »
No relationship is safe on One Tree Hill. Lucas and Peyton only just got back together this season, and as happy as Nathan and Haley are, even they had to go to marriage counseling last season. If those great romances of this show are filled with struggles, what hope is there for anyone else?Last night’s episode show some relationships beginning and some ending, but one thing’s for certain: things can always get worse, and they almost certainly will. Chase and Mia shared their first date and it was incredibly sweet and adorable, but things were a little too happy and loving for them. Something bad will happen, the only question is what. Read more »
Previously on One Tree Hill: Brooke got her attacker arrested, Millie and Mouth fought, Nathan played basketball, Chase flirted with Mia after taking over Tric, and Peyton found out she‘s pregnant.Julian shows up at the B. Davis household to go over costume ideas, but that gets sidelined by discussions of Jack and the tabloids, which apparently think Brooke‘s vengeance is worthy of a cover. I guess Lindsay and Samantha weren‘t fighting that week. Julian reschedules their meeting for that night, and Sam thinks it‘s a date, or as she puts it, a meeting with Julian‘s junk and Brooke‘s lady business. The debate over Sam‘s awesomeness should be put to rest with that great line. Read more »
Last night’s episode of One Tree Hill dealt almost entirely with how children affect their parents. Sam’s love kept Brooke from murder, Andre’s love woke up Quentin’s mom from her stupor, and Lucas’ unborn child allowed him to have compassion for Julian.That last one was the big shocking twist of the night, as we learned that Peyton’s doctor visit wasn’t for ovarian cancer, but because she’s pregnant. Now she and Lucas have an even bigger reason to hurry up and get married. Read more »
Previously on One Tree Hill: Lucas flew off to L.A. to meet with Julian about the movie, Peyton got some news from her doctor, Brooke learned the identity of her attacker, Sam ran away, Nathan tried out for the pros, and Millie and Owen found themselves looking for some sexual healing.Peyton (Hilarie Burton) tearfully calls Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) late at night and says she can‘t call him her fiancé, because now she has to call him her baby daddy. Peyton‘s preggers! Nathan (James Lafferty) gets a call of his own letting him know he is now a player for the Charleston Chiefs. Good news for everyone. Read more »
Whenever the creator of a TV series steps in to write and direct an episode, it‘s guaranteed that some very big things are going to happen.  That was the case with last night‘s shocking installment of One Tree Hill, which was the work of creator Mark Schwahn.  "You Have to Be Joking (Autopsy of the Devil‘s Brain)" was an extremely important episode that gave us a few answers and left us asking plenty of questions.  We now have an idea of who mugged Brooke and killed Quentin, but we still don‘t know what‘s wrong with Peyton, whether Millicent and Owen will sleep together, and what will become of Nathan‘s basketball dreams.  Unfortunately, we‘re going to be left hanging until One Tree Hill returns on January 5. Read more »
One of my favorite plot lines during this season of One Tree Hill has been the attempt to turn An Unkindness of Ravens into a movie.  It‘s nice to see Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) in a story that doesn‘t involve a love triangle for a change, and I‘m hoping the show has the guts to cast other actors to play the film versions of the One Tree Hill characters.  Tonight‘s awkwardly titled episode sends Lucas to Hollywood to meet with a potential director, played by the one and only James Van Der Beek.  The former Dawson‘s Creek star is set for a three-episode arc, so expect him to continue bringing his coke-fueled manic energy to the series for at least a little while. Read more »
It doesn‘t matter if you missed One Tree Hill last week, because tonight‘s dream episode is transporting us back to the 1940s!  Send that mook that‘s been rattling your cage out on the streets with a bindle, then sit down with your favorite dame and prepare for an episode unlike anything you‘ve ever seen.  This moving picture was dreamed up by that brilliant wiseacre Chad Michael Murray, and it‘s sure to rock your socks more than a speakeasy on a Sunday.  The hep cats in the audience are bound to dig this jazzy trip, but the squares will probably flap their lips until things return to normal next week.Now that I‘ve got the old-timey slang out of my system, let‘s jump into tonight‘s very special One Tree Hill. Read more »
Last night‘s Casablanca-inspired One Tree Hill had almost no point in the context of the season, but that doesn‘t mean it was a worthless hour of television.  The trip back to the 1940s allowed the actors to wow us with different spins on their usual characters, providing a welcome change from the usual OTH antics.  In Lucas‘ bizarre dream world, Dan was a mobster, Julian was a thug, Brooke was a femme fatale, Peyton was a kept woman, Mouth was a hard drinking reporter, and Nathan and Haley were star-crossed lovers.  Chad Michael Murray‘s script impressed me with its stylized dialogue and references to episodes past, but not all viewers felt the same way.  Many fans had a negative reaction to the episode, with some calling it unintentionally hilarious and the worst of the season.  Should Chad Michael Murray stick to his day job, or does he have what it takes to make it as a writer? Read more »
This week Forbes Magazine released its list of the most reliable box office stars. The magazine sent out forms to entertainment insiders to rank more than 1,400 actors based on their merits and potential to make a movie a hit.The top of the list reads as you might expect, with stars like Will Smith, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the top. But the bottom is where things get slightly muddled, and some of the stars of the CW‘s top shows are extremely low on the list, including Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles and Smallville‘s Kristin Kreuk. Read more »
Last week‘s episode of One Tree Hill filled us in on the past relationship between Peyton and Julian, which was more epic than we initially suspected.  Lucas, who is nothing if not a modern day Nancy Drew, also discovered the romance, and he immediately confronted his fiancee about it.  Aside from that drama, Nathan vowed to quit Slamball after a brutal injury, Brooke refused to melt at the sight of a naked Owen, and Sam taught Jamie how to deal drugs. . .er, Twinkies.  I‘m sure he‘ll move up to drugs soon enough.A rocking USO show is the centerpiece of tonight‘s One Tree Hill. There‘s singing, there‘s dancing, and there‘s at least one appearance from an otherworldly spirit. Read more »
In the middle of September, the cast of One Tree Hill teamed up with the USO to put on a special concert for the Marine Corps Air Station New River.  The rocking event, cleverly titled "USOTH," featured performances from Angels & Airwaves, Bethany Joy Galeotti and Kate Voegele, who plays Mia on the CW series.  The concert footage will be integrated into next week‘s episode, which finds Peyton (Hilarie Burton) organizing a USO show at her brother‘s Marine base.To get fans ready for Monday‘s One Tree Hill episode, we have some photos from the installment, as well as a behind the scenes look at the big concert. Read more »
Every relationship on television needs some sort of conflict to remain interesting, but it‘s up to clever writers to make sure the conflict doesn‘t feel contrived.  Fans often react violently when a new variable is introduced simply to keep a couple apart, such as the additions of April on Gilmore Girls or Rose on Grey‘s Anatomy.  Both characters were obviously brought in with no other purpose than to cause problems for couples who otherwise had none, which is a surefire sign of lazy writing.One Tree Hill recently brought in two characters to stir up romantic drama for the show‘s primary couples.  Are these roadblocks to happiness organic and intriguing, or contrived and annoying? Read more »
One Tree Hill has a knack for creating characters viewers love to hate.  The latest person who may fall into that category is hotshot movie producer Julian Baker, who was introduced in last week‘s episode.  Julian came to town and convinced Lucas to sell his novel to Hollywood, but he failed to mention that he has a romantic past with Peyton.  While Julian was wooing Lucas, Sam was corrupting Jamie (Jackson Brundage) by inviting him to a big party inside Brooke‘s store.  Peyton‘s wedding dress got ruined during the shindig, forcing B. Davis to lay the smackdown on her newly acquired teenage delinquent.On tonight‘s One Tree Hill, Jamie learns how to sell sugar like it‘s cocaine, and Lucas discovers that it‘s never wise to trust a movie producer. Read more »
Last night‘s episode of One Tree Hill was my favorite of the season by far.  I‘ve often complained that Lucas is rarely given anything interesting to do, but "Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe" finally sent the character in an exciting new direction.  The episode found charming movie producer Julian coming to town to convince Lucas to turn An Unkindness of Ravens into a major motion picture.  Not only does Julian have a mysterious connection to Peyton, but his movie pitch allowed the characters to make plenty of brilliant meta references that poked fun at the series itself.  For the first time in ages, Lucas‘ plot line was actually the best part of a One Tree Hill episode. Read more »
Last week‘s episode of One Tree Hill taught us that adopting a wayward teenager isn‘t as easy as adopting a new hairstyle.  Brooke‘s first days living with Sam were more difficult than she expected thanks to the teen‘s desire to sneak out at night.  While the battle raged on in Brooke‘s household, Lucas and Peyton indulged in their own domestic wars.  Peyton worried that things would change between them after they moved in together, but everything was fine once they stopped paying attention to B. Davis magazine.  Aside from that drama, Jamie dealt with a bully at school, Mouth got his old job back, and Haley rocked out at the waterfront.Tonight on One Tree Hill, a hotshot movie producer comes to town with the plan to turn An Unkindness of Ravens into a major motion picture.  He also has an interesting secret that‘s bound to stir up some drama. Read more »
One of the best episodes of One Tree Hill‘s fifth season was "For Tonight You‘re Only Here to Know," which found Brooke, Peyton, Haley, Lindsey and Mia getting locked in the school library.  Not only did all the action in the episode take place in one location, but it allowed us the opportunity to see interesting character interactions that the series previously hadn‘t taken advantage of.  It was a blast watching Peyton (Hilarie Burton) and Haley throw down with Lindsey, and it was even fun seeing Brooke chat with Mia.  The episode proved that One Tree Hill is at its best when it shakes off its usual formula and allows for odd character pairings.After watching last night‘s episode, I‘m more convinced than ever that the Tree Hill twentysomethings need some fresh interactions. Read more »
Last week‘s episode of One Tree Hill found Dan and Jamie sharing some bonding time, Brooke opening up to Peyton about her mugging, and Lucas starting and ending his book tour.  The only person who showed up to see Lucas promote The Comet was Mouth, who promptly decided to move back to Tree Hill to be near Millicent and his friends.  While Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) experienced a major professional setback, Nathan pondered a future career as a Slamball player.On tonight‘s One Tree Hill, Jamie faces off with a school bully who dares to insult his cape, and Lucas and Peyton adjust to living together. Read more »
Nothing annoys me more than watching characters on TV shows turn down fantastic opportunities due to pride or other misplaced romantic notions.  Last week on Brothers & Sisters, the character of Rebecca got all huffy when her mother offered to hand over her two million dollar trust fund years before she‘s supposed to have access to it.  Why did Rebecca get upset, you ask?  Because she thought her mom was trying to buy her love.  Maybe I‘m just slightly amoral, but I‘d happily sell my love for a couple million bucks.  Who wouldn‘t?A similar situation popped up during last night‘s episode of One Tree Hill.  Despite landing his dream job in Omaha and becoming a local celebrity, Mouth decided to give it all up to be with his friends and girlfriend in Tree Hill.  He realized that personal relationships are more important than money, fame and a great career.  I guess that sounds touching if you‘re a naïve youngster, but in reality it‘s a pretty stupid move. Read more »
One Tree Hill may have taken a week off between new episodes, but at least the previous installment was jam-packed with big events.  The best twist was the resolution to the Nanny Carrie storyline, which finally came to an end after Dan shot her in the face.  He even saved the lives of Haley and Jamie in the process, which just might win him points with Nathan.  Aside from that hilarity, Mick let Peyton down by ditching their dinner date, Lucas wrapped things up with Lindsey, and Brooke bonded with Rebel Sam.On tonight‘s One Tree Hill, Dan teaches Jamie why ice cream is better than vegetables, and Nathan considers a future as a Slamball player. Read more »
As tough as it‘s been to wait a week between new episodes of One Tree Hill, at least the previous installment went out with a bang.  Seeing Nanny Carrie get a champagne bottle to the face and a bullet to the head brought me great joy.  Now that Dan‘s crazy Misery redux is all wrapped up, Monday‘s new episode of One Tree Hill is free to get back to more down to earth storylines.  The upcoming episode, entitled "Choosing My Own Way of Life," finds Haley bonding with Sam, Nathan attending a Slamball game, and Dan finding out about Skills and Deb.To get fans ready for "Choosing My Own Way of Life," we have three exciting clips from the episode. Read more »
Aside from Lucas delivering an endless slew of inspirational speeches and Sam being a rebel without a cause, last week‘s episode of One Tree Hill was pretty entertaining.  Nathan kicked Deb out of the house for hooking up with Skills, but eventually forgave her after receiving a sensible pep talk from Jamie.  Peyton chatted up a rocker named Mick Wolf, who‘s most likely her long lost daddy even if he refuses to admit it.  Brooke handed control of her company over to Victoria in an effort to cease the drama between them, and crazy Nanny Carrie bunny-napped Chester.  If the bunny gets hurt, I‘m writing Mark Schwahn an angry letter.On tonight‘s One Tree Hill, Haley and Jamie finally have their final confrontation with the nanny from Hell. Read more »
The horror fan in me thinks that Monday‘s new episode of One Tree Hill, entitled "You‘ve Dug Your Own Grave, Now Lie In It," looks absolutely hilarious.  Some One Tree Hill fans are undoubtedly tired of seeing Nanny Carrie‘s evil machinations, and it looks like this installment will finally wrap up her storyline.  Will she get the grisly comeuppance we‘re all hoping for, or will she merely get sent to prison and put in a cell next to Psycho Derek?To get fans excited for the final confrontation with Carrie, we have a clip and an extended promo from the episode. Read more »
Lucas Scott may be a mildly successful writer, an extremely indecisive romantic dreamer, and in desperate need of a shave, but I‘m beginning to think he‘s not the smartest tool in the shed.  As coach of the Ravens, it‘s his job to lead his team to victory.  In last night‘s episode, he not only allowed them to play with one missing teammate to honor Quentin, but he approved their request to play that way for the rest of the basketball season.  I knew Quentin Fields, at least as much as I could know any TV character who kind of annoyed me, and I‘m fairly certain he would want the Ravens to win.  If One Tree Hill resembled reality, the team would likely lose every game for the rest of the season thanks to their inspirational ode to Quentin.  Q would not be pleased.In addition to the ridiculous basketball shenanigans, last night‘s episode of One Tree Hill proved that Lucas is in desperate need of an interesting storyline.  Come on Mark Schwahn, throw the guy a bone! Read more »
Last week‘s episode of One Tree Hill contained a shocking tragedy, and I‘m not talking about the fact that Dan (Paul Johannson) didn‘t get enough screen time.  Quentin went into a gas station in the middle of a robbery and got shot in the back of the head, which killed him instantly.  Meanwhile, Peyton was dumb enough to believe that Brooke sustained horrible injuries while doing laundry, while Brooke was actually confiding in Deb and learning how to shoot a gun.  I hope Brooke nicknames herself Dirty Harriet and starts dispensing vigilante justice around town.On tonight‘s episode of One Tree Hill, Quentin‘s funeral brings everyone together, and Jamie breaks all of our hearts by reacting to the news. Read more »
Last week on One Tree Hill, it was finally revealed that Lucas picked Peyton to head to Vegas with him for a quickie wedding.  The two have yet to get married, but they did exchange rings in a romantic moment that made Brucas fans throw things at their televisions.  While none of that interested me in the least, I was excited to see Dan fall into the most over the top plot line of all time.  It turns out that evil Nanny Carrie ran him over, stole his wallet, wheeled him out of the ER when no one was looking, then drove him to a house in the middle of the boonies to torment him by reenacting Misery.  It‘s all completely plausible if you shut your brain off.  Also, Brooke got the crap beat out of her by a random mugger.On tonight‘s laboriously titled episode, Brooke struggles to deal with her injuries, and Jamie witnesses something that no five-year-old should see. Read more »
About two weeks ago, SOAPNet started reairing One Tree Hill from the beginning, and a latecomer to the series, I decided to check it out. I‘ll admit that I only started watching after the four year time jump, so all I know about their high school days is what I‘ve read online and what I can gather from context clues.However, watching One Tree Hill from the start is fascinating for a latecomer. My only knowledge of Haley and Nathan is their marriage. All I know about Lucas is that he‘s a writer in love with Peyton. And all I know about Brooke is that she‘s unlucky in love. Oh how times have changed. Read more »
One Tree Hill returns March 16 but we have the preview of the suspenseful new episode, “You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three Tonight.” According to the official press release Peyton receives a surprise about the pregnancy. Are we perhaps talking about two surprises - fraternal or identical? Is Peyton seriously ready to have a baby? How far is Dan and Deb‘s relationship going to disintegrate? Is Millie going to beg? Is Mouth going to take her back? Could he ever really forgive her? I mean, really? Has Julian been doing a little extra-curricular filmmaking? And is Haley going to convince Nathan to leave One Tree Hill and, if so, is this really it? Come on. I want to hear it from you guys, the experts. What‘s going to break loose on March 16? Check out the trailer below. Read more »
This week the CW officially renewed One Tree Hill for season 7, but immediately rumors started that stars Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton would not be returning for another year. Yesterday on the website for her production company Southern Gothic, Burton posted a video that essentially confirms those rumors (Watch Hilarie Burton‘s video here.).In the two-minute video, Burton never explicitly says she’s leaving the show, but references to how excited she is for everyone that it was renewed clearly suggest that Burton won’t be back after the end of season 6. Read more »
UPDATE: Hilarie Burton has posted a video message to fans that essentially confirms her leaving the show.  Click here to read more>>The CW has officially picked up One Tree Hill for season 7, but the big mystery surrounds the show’s two stars, Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton. There has been no official word on whether the two will renew their contracts and show up for season 7 in any capacity.Now comes word from the fan site that Murray and Burton have not renewed their contracts, nor will they. According to the site’s anonymous sources, both stars have decided to leave the series after this season. Read more »
Today the CW announced it will pick up six of its most popular shows for next season. The list includes all the top shows you‘d expect like Supernatural and Smallville as well as popular teen dramas Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill. Freshman drama 90210 also made the list, as did two more cycles of America‘s Next Top Model.Details are still unclear for many of the pick-ups, leaving some burning questions. Will Tom Welling and Chad Michael Murray stick around? What about the Gossip Girl spin-off about Lily‘s early years? What will happen to great shows like Privileged, Reaper and Everybody Hates Chris? Read more »
Last week The CW renewed One Tree Hill for another season but rumors quickly started swirling that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton were leaving the show. Since then, Hilarie Burton has posted a video message to her fans where she clearly implies her exit is already a done deal. Fans of the show made their voices heard. What percentage of One Tree Hill‘s audience are specifically Leyton fans? In our poll asking “Would you watch OTH without Chad and Peyton?” a devastating 43% vowed not to. Other fans have taken a wait and see approach or even approved. Here‘s a slice of the discussion. Read more »
Matt Barr, a former recurring actor on One Tree Hill, will star in the upcoming Gossip Girl spin-off. He will play Keith van der Woodsen, a wealthy and beautiful prince of Malibu. Barr previously portrayed Psycho Derek, Peyton‘s supposed half-brother, during One Tree Hill‘s fourth season. The spin-off follows 1980s Los Angeles teenager Lily Rhodes. Rhodes will grow up to become Lily van der Woodsen, the divorcee mother of Gossip Girl protagonist Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively.) Virtually nothing has been specifically announced about Barr‘s role as Keith van der Woodsen except that he will play a love interest to Lily. The last names strongly suggest that Lily will go on to marry a member of the van der Woodsen family. However, since Serena‘s father has never been named or seen on the series the possibility certainly remains for a revelation that Keith is not Lily‘s future husband. Read more »
Your world can change in an instant. Perhaps worse than that, Lucas and Peyton‘s can. That‘s the message sent in a new clip The CW released from next Monday‘s One Tree Hill, which may deliver thrills but may also deliver chills. In recent weeks speculation has abounded regarding the possible departures of Hilarie Burton and Chad Michael Murray from One Tree Hill. But how will they depart? And how will Peyton‘s current pregnancy play into this? The producers‘ lips are sealed but they will gladly ruffle viewers‘ feathers will clues bound to induce further speculation. Take a look. Read more »
One Tree Hill returns tonight with “You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three Tonight.” As a last minute primer The CW released three new video clips today. In the first, Mark Schwahn talks about his vision for tonight‘s episode. In the latter two the cast have fun talking about everything from Slamball to actor-turned-directors. Read more »
Welcome back!  One Tree Hill returns after a very long hiatus that saw the show get picked up for a seventh season and rumors that said season 7 would NOT include Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton.  So soak up every last moment of Leyton action that you can.Last time, the movie began production, Mouth and Millie broke up, Skills was MIA, Dan needed a heart, Brooke was boinking Julian, Peyton was preggers, Nathan was on the road, Chase and Mia were an item, Sam was snarky, Haley wanted back into the music biz, Deb was boffing Skills, and Jamie was awesome.  Wow, I forgot how many characters this show has. Read more »
One Tree Hill came back with a delightful little amuse bouche of an episode last night. Some major events certainly transpired, but mostly it was a nifty little chance to see five completely separate vignettes to catch fans up on what‘s going on with everyone. There were laughs, tears and sadly yawns, but overall, it was cute.The obvious question from this episode is: what was your favorite scene? The deconstruction of One Tree Hill allowed fans to carefully weigh the merits of each of the five primary couples. Some came through with flying colors, others proved that they don‘t deserve a place in our hearts. Let‘s rank the five scenes. Read more »
Following on the momentum begun by “You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three Tonight,“ The CW released two new videos today pertaining to this Monday‘s new episode of One Tree Hill. Last week‘s episode was intense, with Peyton facing the real possibility of death rather than getting an abortion. "Searching For a Former Clarity" looks less weighty but still very dramatic. Read more »
Earlier this month Hilarie Burton released an official video which essentially confirmed the rumors that she was leaving One Tree Hill at the end of this season.  Now the other shoe has dropped as another video has surfaced where Chad Michael Murray states in no uncertain terms that he too is leaving, though the video isn‘t quite so official.Murray was caught on a camcorder confirming for a group of fans that he will not return to One Tree Hill for season 7. While it had been rumored and suspected that Murray was leaving, his verbal confirmation will still no doubt be a tough pill to swallow for many fans of One Tree Hill. The way the news was released - in an amateur YouTube video - feels a bit like breaking up with someone in a Post It note. But what really may come as a shock are the circumstances under which he‘sleaving and what he had to say about it. Read more »
Previously on One Tree Hill: Dan learned he was getting a heart, Peyton learned she might die if she has the baby and Brooke learned that Julian is in love with her.  Only one of those was good news, and that depeneds on how you feel about murderers getting organs.A Sims version of Dan walks into the hospital as Mia sings a song. The emergency transplant team rushes to get Dan Scott his heart. To make Dan seem sympathetic by comparison, a man in the hospital accidentally let his dog eat three ounces of Lebanese hash. Lucas and Peyton show up for their own issues. Read more »
The metaphor of Dan Scott’s heart on One Tree Hill reached its apex in last night’s episode. After waiting for more than a year to get a donor heart, a search stalled by Nanny Carrie kidnaping him, Dan finally got a heart,. Only to have it snatched away at the last minute.In a scene that straddled the line between comedy and tragedy, a stoned dog ate Dan’s donor heart. My initial reaction was laughter, but the more I think about it, the more I realize it was the perfect move in this storyline. Read more »
Monday morning a viral video was uploaded onto YouTube in which One Tree Hill star Chad Michael Murray told a crowd of fans, "[The producers are] not bringing me back because they want to save money. No, actually. I‘m not kidding. I won‘t be back next year. They‘re not having me back. I‘m actually not joking.” Judging from the reactions on our site no one was laughing. Read more »
Monday brings a very special episode of One Tree Hill.  After Chad Michael Murray and Bethany Joy Galeotti have already stepped behind the camera to direct episodes this season, now it‘s Paul Johansson‘s turn.  The actor who plays Dan Scott directed this Monday‘s new episode.The CW released a video clip from the episode as well as creator Mark Schwahn‘s own personal preview. Read more »
Previously on One Tree Hill: A dog ate Dan‘s heart, so he gave up on trying to get a new one.  Haley quit her job and Lucas‘ movie went belly-up, causing the posible end to Julian and Brooke‘s romance.  Jack moved in with Brooke and Sam while Deb dumped Skills.Lucas has nightmares about Peyton’s health, but he’s woken up by Nathan, wanting to go play some basketball at the River Court. Jamie scores a ton of baskets as Nathan complains about how hard being a dad is because Jamie’s asking questions about Keith. Read more »
All fans enjoy different relationship pairings on One Tree Hill. Some think Lucas should’ve wound up with Brooke, others are happy with Peyton, and a very small percent probably wish Lindsey was still around. However, I hope all One Tree Hill fans agree with me on this one relationship: Mouth and Millie are boring.At first it was kind of cute that they fell in love, the two dorky outsiders. But then they got dull, and even Gigi and Owen the hunky bartender couldn’t spice them up. Their goodbye lasted forever, but at least it was the end of this snoozefest of a relationship. Apparently, that wasn’t the case. Read more »
After still another maddening break, One Tree Hill returns Monday April 20 with “I Would For You.” The way the backstage drama has unfolded there‘s no way around the fact that fans are going to hold their breath and release it based on every contraction of Peyton‘s pregnancy, and perhaps that‘s how the producers want it. Nathan and Haley are having more problems. Most of the storylines seem destined to get darker rather than brighter from now until the finale, and likely the fall. In a new episode clip released today from the next One Tree Hill we get a taste of that. Read more »
He always seemed like such a nice young man, but it turns out Antwon Tanner has more ‘skills’ than we realized. The actor who portrays basketball player and cougar wrangler Antwon ‘Skills’ Taylor on One Tree Hill was indicted today in Brooklyn, New York for trafficking fake Social Security cards and numbers. He surrendered peacefully to authorities and faced a court on Thursday.There are two charges, and neither a very specific. The first is that he “knowingly and intentionally” transferred Social Security numbers with the intent to commit fraud in order to secure items valued at over $1,000. The other is that he used at least one of the numbers personally. Read more »
What is she up to?  Much like One Tree Hill‘s other evil parent, Victoria Davis has proven herself untrustworthy, so when she showed up to make amends and beg Brooke to come back to the company, even offering her a 51 percent share, something was fishy.A few episodes ago, this same woman told her own daughter that she wished she was never born.  Now she shows up from out of nowhere, apologizing for her mistakes and showing kindness to teen runaway Sam.  These may be things that a mother does, but when Victoria Davis does them, there has to be more to the story.  Read more »
Previously on One Tree Hill: Nathan was un Charleston playing basketball, Jack kissed Sam, Brookefought with her mom and dumped Julian, Millie and Mouth got backtogether, and Deb broke up with Skills.  There‘s a really tastelessjoke somewhere in there about dating a senior citizen and socialsecurity fraud, but out of respect for Antwon Tanner, I refuse to makeit and that‘s the last I‘ll say on the matter.The morning is full of good and bad news.  On the good front, Jamie isbeing considered for a prestigious school for the gifted, Nathan (JamesLafferty) becomes a team leader and Mouth and Millie have finally hadsex.  Wait, the presence of Mouth and Millie, TV‘s most boring coupleever, might actually count as a bad thing.  Other bad news: Victoria isin town to wake up Brooke and Skills sulks over his break-up with Deb Read more »
Tonight on a new episode of One Tree Hill - "A Kiss To Build a Dream On" - Mia and Chase, well, share a kiss to build a dream on. There‘s just one problem. Mia‘s dreams may or may not be the same as Chase‘s. In a new clip from tonight‘s episode released today by The CW Mia is ecstatic to tell Peyton everything about her time with Chase. What she isn‘t ready for is to hear everything about Peyton‘s time with the same fella and all she knows about One Tree Hill‘s resident clean cut hottie. Tough one. According to the official press release, "Brooke (Sophia Bush) discovers something that could change Sam‘s (gueststar Ashley Rickards, "Ugly Betty") life.  Nathan (James Lafferty)questions his dreams of playing in the NBA while Haley (Bethany JoyGaleotti) receives an unexpected offer from Nick Lachey (appearing ashimself).  Jamie (Jackson Brundage) and Skills (Antwon Tanner) mendtheir broken hearts at Jamie‘s first school dance.  Meanwhile, Lucas(Chad Michael Murray) and Peyton (Hilarie Burton) have a road trip toremember." Read more »
Previously on One Tree Hill: Victoria Davis returned acting suspiciously nice, Mouth and Millie returned to a life of monotonous monogamy, Skills returned to the dating pool with his eyes set on Jamie‘s teacher Miss Lauren, and Peyton returned home from the hospital safe and sound.But more importantly, Nick Lachey comes to Tree Hill!  For my money, 98 Degrees was the superior ‘90s boy band thanks to smooth ballads and hunky dudes, as opposed to those little boys in N*Sync or the Backstreet Boys.  But to be honest, I‘d still take O-Town and LFO over both of them, because I want a girl with Janet Jackson‘s smile who wears Abercrombie and Fitch. Read more »
One Tree Hill seems to be coasting right now, biding its time until the big Lucas and Peyton wedding/birth.  The only problem with that scenario is the likely but still officially unconfirmed report that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton will be MIA from next season.If they‘re really leaving, then now is when One Tree Hill needs to start setting the stage for what the show will look like next season.  In theory, Nathan and Haley are the next logical choices to put front and center, elevating James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Galeotti from supporting players to leading stars. Read more »
Last week on One Tree Hill Nathan turned down what many would say was the opportunity of a lifetime - the chance to play pro basketball. Rather than heading off to Europe he‘ll take his chances on getting signed by an NBA team. He‘s either really perceptive of his own value or he‘s going to crash and burn. Since this is One Tree Hill he‘ll probably do some of the first and a lot of the second. Sam, meanwhile, was reunited with her mother, finally finding closure and answering one of the hanging questions about her life. Read more »
One Tree Hill returns tonight with a new episode. "Show Me How to Live" Based on trailers and press releases for the episode expect the girls to get the gang together for one last One Tree Hill hurrah at Peyton‘s baby shower, Nathan to battle for his dreams in front of NBA scouts, Sam to bond with Victoria and Jamie to have a soulful talk with Lucas. If you feel your heart warming that‘s not the Pace Picante Sauce. It sounds like a sweet episode. Read more »
Previously on One Tree Hill: Peyton was still pregnant, Nathan was still trying to get to the NBA, Lucas was still fixing the Comet, Brooke was still feuding with her mom, Skills was still trying to get with Miss Lauren and, most importantly, Nick Lachey didn‘t know when to stay out of other people‘s businessWARNING: This episode of One Tree Hill should not be viewed whileoperating heavy machinery.  If you manage to make it through the entireepisode without dozing off, you may have a severe sleep disorder. James Lafferty directed this episode, and while he may be skilled atbasketball, he knows nothing about pacing an episode. Read more »
This season on One Tree Hill, the cast has decided to take turns going behind the camera.  Earlier in the year, Chad Michael Murray, Bethany Joy Galeotti and Paul Johansson all directed episodes, and last night, James Lafferty joined them.Thus far this year, the actor/directors have all produced strong episodes.  Murray gave us the classic "Bust a Move" karaoke scene, Galeotti directed all of the potential shirtless Nathans during the casting of An Unkindness of Ravens, and Johansson directed Mouth and Skills‘ road trip to Gigi.  But now the streak is over.  Read more »
Previously on One Tree Hill: Julian left, Nick Lachey wouldn‘t stay out of it, an NBA scout checked out Nathan, Skills got to first base with Miss Lauren and Lucas agreed to have a quickie wedding with Peyton in case she dies during childbirth.It‘s wedding day!  Lucas isn‘t so freaked out because Haley did themarriage and pregnancy before graduation instead of after, so thisshould be a piece of cake.  The minister drops out, but luckily Lucascan ordain Haley on his cell phone in 30 seconds. Read more »
The One Tree Hill season 6 finale comes this Monday at 9pm on the CW, and with it comes the end of the series as we know it.  There‘s already news that Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton will not be returning for next season, so even though One Tree Hill was already renewed for season 7, this will serve as a pseudo-series finale for Lucas and Peyton.In many other ways, the finale also feels like a series ending instead of just a season.  If you‘re looking for a huge cliffhanger like last season, wondering who Lucas called and asked to marry him in Las Vegas, you will be sorely disappointed.  But if you want intense emotions, lots of crying and a sense of finality, One Tree Hill has plenty to go around.WARNING: This article may contain slight spoilers about the One Tree Hill season finale.> Read more »
One Tree Hill aired a fantastic series finale last night, only it wasn‘t actually a series finale.  The CW renewed One Tree Hill for a seventh season, and after seeing the season 6 finale, I‘m pretty sure creator Mark Schwahn didn‘t want the network to dot hat.The finale achieved everything a great series finale should do, specifically wrapping up everyone‘s stories and giving them a proper goodbye.  Lucas and Peyton were a happy family with their cute but poorly named baby Sawyer Brooke Scott, driving off into the sunset.  Victoria Davis atoned for her bad parenting and helped Brooke heal her emotional wounds, allowing B. Davis to fly to L.A. to tell Julian that she loved him. Read more »
Previously on One Tree Hill: Lucas and Peyton got married, but shecollapsed on their wedding night.  Julian vowed to win Brooke Davisonce and for all and Nathan was rejected by the L.A. Clippers.      The finale picks up right where we left off with Lucas rushing Peytonto the hospital to the haunting tunes of Wakey! Wakey!‘s "War Sweater." Read more »
UPDATE: It looks like we have our answer.  According to, it‘s Smallville that will be moving to Friday nights at 8pm, paving the way for exactly what I wanted: a Vampire Diaries/Supernatural one-two punch.Tomorrow morning the CW officially announces its Fall schedule, but most of it is already determined.  Six shows were renewed earlier in the season, and now it‘s been confirmed that three new shows are being added.  That leaves one hour of open primetime, but given the network‘s track record, that will most likely be filled with an America‘s Next Top Model repeat.The six returning shows are: America‘s Next Top Model, 90210, Smallville, Supernatural, Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill.  The three new sdows are the modeling world drama The Beautiful Life, the vampire brothers drama The Vampire Diaries and the new Melrose Place.  The much-hyped Gossip Girl prequel spin-off was not picked up. Read more »
At yesterday‘s upfront presentation for the Fall schedule, CW President Dawn Ostroff had the difficult task of being optimistic about some of the struggling network‘s long-running shows.One Tree Hill has lost stars Chad Michael Murray, and Hilarie Burton, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke has repeatedly said that season 5 will be the last one, and Smallville is entering season 9 abandoned on Fridays.  That recipe might spell disaster for some who could see all three major shows endings after this year, but Ostroff thinks differently. Read more »
The CW‘s Fall lineup was officially announced today, and as expected, most of the schedule remains in tact with the three new shows fitting in exactly where they belong.  The decision to only schedule nine hours of original programming each week is a bit unusual for a growing network, but perhaps a more focused strategy will help the CW succeed.The only major upheaval is Smallville, about to enter season 9, is moving to Fridays at 8pm to make way for the new drama The Vampire Diaries.  However, since Smallville is at the end of its run, it makes sense to prioritize the growth and development of new shows.More Fall Lineups:FOXABCNBCCBS Read more »
One Tree Hill has introduced me to many new concepts such as Fantasy Boy drafts and the website  Now we can add the concept of "slutty wedding sex" to that list.I‘ve heard of people hooking up at weddings, but I never knew the sex was slutty or that it took place in women‘s bathrooms.  Yet somehow every single character seemed to know about it.  I‘m guessing it‘s a Tree Hill thing that probably has a lot to do with Brooke Davis. Read more »
Say hello to Fan Contributor, Carla Raftery. Here is her recap on "You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three Tonight" If you would like to submit an article to BuddyTV learn more here.This week, One Tree Hill has taken a break from the movie storyline, and we find our main characters at strong, emotional points in terms of relationships. Each couple are on their own path and facing their own ups and downs.We open with Brulian, initially led to believe something truly intimate has occurred, but soon find out Julian has told Brooke that he loves her, to which she has freaked out and shut herself in the bathroom. It does not take long for an argument to break out due to Brooke‘s stubbornness for admitting how she truly feels about Julian. She will not open her heart to him completely after having it broken by Lucas. Unfortunately for Brooke, the audience is privy to Julian‘s hurt regarding this. While she is left oblivious, it looks like Julian maybe reconsidering his relationship with Brooke. Read more »
Last week‘s episode of One Tree Hill was one of the more gut-wrenching installments of the series.  We watched each of the characters deal with Quentin‘s unexpected demise, and the already depressing episode reached true Debbie Downer levels when Jamie draped Q‘s cape over his coffin at the funeral.  Aside from that, Dan discovered that Nanny Carrie is crazy because her son died, but we don‘t really care.  We just want to see the poor man‘s Annie Wilkes get a grisly comeuppance, which can‘t come soon enough.On tonight‘s One Tree Hill, Nathan reacts to the relationship between Skills and Deb, and Haley decides to look into Dan‘s disappearance. Read more »
It seems like we‘ve been waiting ages for One Tree Hill to return, but now the big night is finally here.  When we last left the Tree Hill gang, Dan was run down by a car outside the hospital, throwing my world into a tizzy.  While I stressed over Dan‘s fate all summer long, most fans were debating whether Lucas invited Peyton, Brooke or Lindsey to marry him in Vegas.  As for Nathan and Haley, they were busy repairing their relationship and pondering their future career goals.*NEW* One Tree Hill Photos*NEW* One Tree Hill Trivia*NEW* One Tree Hill Spoilers Read more »