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One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn took a big risk when he made the decision to jump the show four years into the future for season 5.  It‘s an unprecedented move in the realm of teen dramas, but it was a move that had to be made to keep the show creatively fresh as it heads toward its 100th episode.  Now that he has some free time due to the writers‘ strike, he‘s waiting to see how the fans react to the big changes in tonight‘s two-hour season premiere.  Mark was kind enough to speak to us at BuddyTV about where the characters are headed, what to expect in the big 100th episode, and what it was like to work with Kevin Federline.Below you will find the written transcript and full mp3 audio of the interview. Read more »
Filming One Tree Hill in Wilmington, North Carolina makes things convenient for the actors when other projects come to town.  Both Paul Johansson and Hilarie Burton will soon be appearing in productions that were shot around the picturesque area.  Outside of Wilmington, Sophia Bush recently shot a film in New York that should be hitting theaters sometime in 2008.  All of these projects ensure that even after One Tree Hill runs out of original episodes, fans will still be able to see their favorite actors in a number of different places. Read more »
Tomorrow night on One Tree Hill, Kevin Federline will begin his three-episode arc as Jason, the cocky, enigmatic wannabe rock star who Peyton (Hilarie Burton) hopes to sign to her new record label.  Considering his lack of musical talent and dearth of acting experience, one has to wonder what Federline could possibly add to such a tight-knit ensemble cast.  In fact, one has to wonder if there‘s a person in America who actually wants to see Federline on the hit drama, aside from those who long to fulfill a demented curiosity factor.  However, though no one has asked for more K-Fed on our television screens, the mastermind behind "Popozao" will be acting his heart out in "My Way Home Is Through You," airing tomorrow night at 9pm on the CW. Read more »
When it was first announced that One Tree Hill would head four years into the future for season 5, there was a bit of an uproar in the fan community.  Nobody knew what to expect from the revamped show, and not many people were fond of the idea of missing key moments in the lives of their favorite characters.  Would it still feel like the same show the fans fell in love with, or would making the characters older take away some of the fun? Now that we‘ve had three episodes to adjust to the big changes, it‘s time to weigh in on what we love and what we hate about the brand new version of One Tree Hill. Read more »
There‘s one important mystery that fans of One Tree Hill have been speculating about since the beginning of season 5:  what destroyed the relationship between Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Peyton?  When we last saw the duo in season 4, they had finally gotten together and things were going strong.  Now that it‘s four years later, they‘re broken apart and Lucas is dating his book editor, Lindsey.  There are a lot of things in that four year gap between seasons that fans are wondering about, but this is one question they‘ll soon get an answer to.  According to TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello, the real reason behind the break up will be revealed in the February 5 episode, entitled "Don‘t Dream It‘s Over." Read more »
Whitey is back!  For me, the return of Barry Corbin‘s wise old coach is the best thing to look forward to in the next episode of One Tree Hill, entitled "I Forgot to Remember to Forget."    However, it looks like he‘ll only be appearing in a flashback scene, which is what this episode will mostly be comprised of.   In another critical flashback, we‘ll witness a major turning point in Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Peyton‘s relationship.  Both clips are now online, so put on your "I Heart Whitey" shirt and get ready to catch a glimpse at the new episode. Read more »
As Haley James Scott on One Tree Hill, Bethany Joy Galeotti has had a chance to play many different sides of her character over the years.  Now that season 5 is set four years in the future, fans get to see Haley attempt to balance being both a high school teacher and a mom, as well as witnessing the ups and downs of her continuing marriage to Nathan (James Lafferty).  The CW Source recently caught up with Galeotti to discuss Haley‘s musical pursuits, what it was like to work with Kevin Federline, how it feels to portray a new mom, and the many layers of Haley‘s personality. Read more »
If there‘s one thing that no television show is capable of, it‘s pleasing all of the critics all of the time.  The television reviewer for The New York Times, Gina Bellafante, recently wrote a piece about the fifth season of One Tree Hill where she accused it of displaying "an almost aggressive aversion to moralizing about teenage pregnancy."  Referring to Haley‘s (Bethany Joy Galeotti) recent pregnancy, she claimed that by "refusing to lay out the grim consequences of premature motherhood, it seems as if [the series] wants to make fans on either end of the political spectrum stick their heads in fiery hampers."  With all of the discussion of teen pregnancy in the media thanks to films like Juno and the Jamie Lynn Spears controversy, is One Tree Hill being irresponsible by only showing the joyous side of young motherhood? Read more »
Now that the writers‘ strike is about to come to an end, the networks are figuring out how quickly they can return their shows to the airwaves.  The good news for fans is that many shows will be back with brand new episodes in April or May, which means that the wait for new content is nearly over.  The CW recently announced how many more episodes they plan to produce this season for their biggest hits, including Supernatural, Smallville, Gossip Girl, and One Tree Hill.  Read on for more details as to when these shows, and a few others, will be back with new installments. Read more »
One of the most satisfying and fascinating moments on last night‘s episode of One Tree Hill was seeing cocky musician Jason, played by Kevin Federline, get punched in the face.  This isn‘t the first time that the former Mr. Britney Spears has been beaten up for our national amusement.  We also laughed when he got decked in the stomach by Nick (George Eads) on CSI, and we fondly remember the time that John Cena kicked his butt on WWE RAW.  In fact, Federline‘s entire television career, aside from his best left forgotten reality show, has involved him getting his clock cleaned.  This begs the question, what is it about K-Fed that makes us long to see him doubled over in agony? Read more »
Read our recap of Episode 5.1 "4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days"Read our recap of Episode 5.2 "Racing Like a Pro"Read our recap of Episode 5.3  "My Way Home Is Through You"Read our recap of Episode 5.4 "It‘s Alright Ma (I‘m Only Bleeding)"Read our recap of Episode 5.5 "I Forgot To Remember To Forget"Read our recap of Episode 5.6 "Don‘t Dream It‘s Over"Read our recap of Episode 5.7 "In Da Club"Check out spoilers for the remainder of One Tree Hill Season 5 here.As Lucas, Nathan, and the rest of the One Tree Hill gang return for a fifth season, they‘ll be embarking on new adventures as their lives are “dramatically retooled and set four years into the future.”  Bit by bit, fans have been able to catch a glimpse of what the characters have been up to with The CW‘s Fast Forward previews, and while fans already have an idea of what to expect in the premiere episode of the new season, not much has been said about what‘s to follow.Meanwhile, here are some spoilers that will hopefully get you through seven more weeks of waiting.  Read on for to find out what‘s in store for the second episode of season 5 entitled “Racing Like a Pro.” Read more »
Read our recap of Episode 5.1 "4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days"Read our recap of Episode 5.2 "Racing Like a Pro"Read our recap of Episode 5.3  "My Way Home Is Through You"Read our recap of Episode 5.4 "It‘s Alright Ma (I‘m Only Bleeding)"Read our recap of Episode 5.5 "I Forgot To Remember To Forget"Read our recap of Episode 5.6 "Don‘t Dream It‘s Over"Read our recap of Episode 5.7 "In Da Club"Check out spoilers for the remainder of One Tree Hill Season 5 here.The fifth season of One Tree Hill commenced recently, shooting the storyline four years into the future from the end of last season.The retooling of the show means that when fans tune in to One Tree Hill’s fifth season, they will see their favorite characters leading post-college graduation lives.  As previously reported, the show’s fourth season finale presented a sense of finality, but because of  the unexpected renewal, some of the things that provided a feeling of closure will find a place again in this season‘s run. Read more »
Earlier in the week, the CW announced how many episodes they planned to produce for each of their hit shows for the remainder of the television season.  Today they announced exactly when the first post-strike episodes will begin airing.  This is great news for fans of shows such as Supernatural, One Tree Hill, and Gossip Girl, as the strike wrapped up just in time to ensure that the gap between new installments won‘t be too torturous.  Read on to discover when your favorite CW shows will be returning to wrap up their seasons. Read more »
One of the biggest shocks during this season of One Tree Hill came when Lucas, who was feeling distraught over an adulterous kiss with Peyton, proposed to his girlfriend, Lindsey.  She happily accepted, not knowing that the ring she slipped on her finger was the same one that Lucas proposed to Peyton with years earlier.  Peyton, who is still madly in love with the older Scott brother, was extremely upset over the engagement, despite the fact that she turned down Lucas‘ offer of marriage in the past.  This surprising turn of events suddenly made the formerly amusing love triangle extremely painful to watch.  Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) was torn up over his decision, Peyton was devastated, and Lindsey was blissfully oblivious to the fact that her boyfriend made out with another girl.This entire proposal debacle has led me to question who is truly responsible for the disastrous falling out between Peyton and Lucas.  Is it Lucas for not following his heart, or Peyton for turning him down in the first place? Read more »
On last night‘s episode of One Tree Hill, which was easily the best of the season, we saw an unlikely bond form between Peyton and Lindsey.  The two ladies had been constantly bickering and sniping at one another since the moment Peyton realized Lindsey was dating Lucas, and their cattiness reached an all time high when they were locked in the library together and forced to confront their issues.  After a battle of wits that culminated in the girls musically trashing one another while Mia strummed her guitar, they eventually found some common ground.  Peyton realized that Lindsey has a heart, and Lindsey realized that Peyton may not be the evil, bitter ex-girlfriend she‘s appeared to be.  Where will this unlikely friendship go, and is it ever a good idea to become pals with your ex‘s new girlfriend? Read more »
Though the CW has been struggling mightily in the ratings lately, it looks like they‘re going to be loyal to their most popular shows throughout the next season.  Today the network announced early renewals for six of their series, all of which will be returning next fall:  Supernatural, One Tree Hill, Smallville, America‘s Next Top Model, Gossip Girl, and Everybody Hates Chris.  Yes, fans of the Winchester brothers, who are always wary that Supernatural is on the verge of cancellation, can finally breathe a sigh of relief.  The network announced that all of these shows are essential to the network‘s identity and pull in solid ratings, especially among the important demographic of women 18-34. Read more »
There‘s been a lot of good news for One Tree Hill fans over the past week.  First we learned that the series will return for a sixth season in the fall, and then on Monday the cast and crew went back to work to film the final six post-strike episodes of the season.  However, the really big news is that those final installments will not be airing in the Tuesday at 9pm slot that fans have grown accustomed to.  Beginning on April 7, One Tree Hill will move to Mondays at 9pm following episodes of Gossip Girl.  Its former Tuesday time slot will then be taken over by Reaper, which originally aired at that time before running out of pre-strike episodes. Read more »
One of the interesting things about watching One Tree Hill is seeing how the relationships between the characters have changed over the years.  It‘s hard to believe that Nathan once dated Peyton before moving on to Haley, or that Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Brooke (Sophia Bush) once had a thing for each other.  We‘re so used to Nathan and Haley being married and Lucas and Peyton being on again, off again that it‘s strange to look back to the beginning.  Now, after the latest episode, the marriage between Nathan and Haley may finally be coming to an end, while Lucas is trying to move on from Peyton and settle down with Lindsey.  The question is, should either of these couples be together, or is time for One Tree Hill to shake things up? Read more »
Last night‘s episode of One Tree Hill finally saw Dan Scott getting out of prison after a four year stint for killing his brother.  The CW drama has had many fun and memorable villains over the years, but none of them can compare to the deliciously evil father of Lucas and Nathan.  Over the first four seasons of the series we witnessed Dan blackmail his wife, tell his son he should have been aborted, try to break up his other son‘s marriage, and pay a woman to crush his brother‘s heart.  He‘s been drugged, shot at, attempted suicide, had a heart attack, and nearly been burned alive, but nothing can keep a good villain down.Now that Dan (Paul Johansson) is out of prison and that pesky murder charge is behind him, it‘s time to ponder what role he‘ll play in the remainder of One Tree Hill‘s fifth season.  Will Dan return to town a changed man, or is he truly bad to the bone? Read more »
There are very few television shows that have the honor of making it to 100 episodes.  In fact, these days most shows are lucky if they even make it through an entire season without the network canning them and shipping them off to DVD.  Amongst the shows that have made it to the magical 100 mark, you‘ll find plenty of sitcoms, procedurals, and reality franchises, but very few teen dramas.  Most popular shows revolving around teenagers tend to blow up big and quickly fade away, always falling short of making it into the triple digits.This Tuesday at 9pm, One Tree Hill will enter the exclusive club of teen soaps that have made it to that very special episode.  The 100th hour of the CW series, entitled "Hundred," will center around the impending nuptials of Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Lindsey.  To get fans pumped for the big event, we have two preview clips from the episode. Read more »
Last night marked the 100th episode of One Tree Hill, which is a huge milestone for a show that has come close to cancellation a few times in its five season run.  The episode really pulled out all the stops, and included such big events as an aborted wedding and a Jamie-napping that brought Nathan (James Lafferty) and Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) closer together.  To celebrate the mind-blowing hour, Kristin at E!Online had the chance to sit down with Hilarie Burton to discuss her thoughts on the future of the series.  Is there any hope for fans of the on-again, off-again Peyton and Lucas romance when One Tree Hill‘s fifth season returns in April? Read more »
One Tree Hill covered a lot of ground in the first 12 episodes of its fifth season.  Not only did the series jump four years into the future, but over the course of the most recent episodes we‘ve seen Nathan (James Lafferty) and Haley break up, nanny Carrie go bonkers, Peyton make up with Lindsey, Dan get out of prison, and Lucas almost get married.  That‘s a lot to pack in to a season, and we still have six episodes remaining before the finale.  This begs the question, what do we want to see in those final installments?  I have five bright ideas for what the writers of One Tree Hill should do next. Read more »
From the moment he gained fame as basketball prodigy Nathan Scott on One Tree Hill, James Lafferty has been using his celebrity to help others.  During the first four seasons of the show, Lafferty hosted an annual charity basketball game to help raise money for various organizations around Wilmington, North Carolina, which is where the series is filmed.  The games have not only raised a ton of cash for some great causes, but they‘ve allowed One Tree Hill fans the chance to meet their favorite stars in person.On Saturday, March 29, tickets will go on sale for The 5th Annual James Lafferty/One Tree Hill Charity Basketball Game.  The game will take place on April 26 in Wilmington, and will feature stars such as Sophia Bush and Jackson Brundage competing against one another. Read more »
If you‘re a huge fan of One Tree Hill, chances are you‘ve had a debate at some point about who Lucas Scott should ultimately settle down with.  The people who are dedicated to one specific relationship on a series call themselves "shippers," and these shippers can be an extremely rabid bunch.  There are some fans who want Lucas with Peyton (Hilarie Burton), others who‘d like to see him go back to Brooke, and even a few who think that Lindsey was his perfect match.  Since the character himself can‘t seem to make up his mind, let‘s take a look at Lucas‘ women and decide who he should end up with. Read more »
It took me by surprise last night when series creator Mark Schwahn randomly dropped in on One Tree Hill to offer Peyton romantic advice.  Schwahn had been on the show once before in season 4, but it‘s still a little strange to me for the overlord of the series to cast himself in a minor role.  Even weirder, he played the role of the wise sage who helped Peyton get back on her never ending quest to snag Lucas.  Was Schwahn‘s role too self-indulgent and distracting, or is it perfectly normal for a creator to show up in front of the camera? Read more »
One Tree Hill doesn‘t have the best track record when it comes to introducing memorable new characters.  Chances are you‘ve already forgotten about such season 5 non-entities as Mia, Owen, K-Fed, and Mouth‘s ridiculously annoying boss.  You‘re also probably longing to push characters like Lindsey and Quentin from your mind, but the show insists on bringing them back and giving them storylines.  For every great new character that arrives on One Tree Hill, there seem to be five more that show up for a few episodes, make zero impact, and then disappear forever.Fantastic new characters are hard to come by, which is why I have to give praise to one of the most lovable, adorable additions in the history of the series:  Jamie Scott. Read more »
Though I‘m a huge fan of all the drama present on One Tree Hill, I have to be honest when certain storylines or characters are getting on my nerves.  In season 5, nothing is annoying me more than the seemingly endless love triangle between Lucas, Lindsey, and Peyton.  This particular story has been running in circles like a merry-go-round for 15 episodes, and I think last night I finally reached my breaking point.  I simply cannot handle another scene of Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) moping over his failed relationship to Lindsey while Peyton stands in the background pining over him.  After an entire season of this, I‘m about ready to toss my television out the window if the love triangle doesn‘t wrap up quickly. Read more »
Nathan Scott has certainly been involved in his share of drama during the fifth season of One Tree Hill.  He started off the year extremely bitter and angry due to an injury, then moved on to a storyline that found him flirting with the diabolical and dangerous nanny Carrie.  His marriage almost fell apart, and he nearly became the type of neglectful father he never wanted to be.  Even when Nathan is going through rough times, actor James Lafferty always finds a way to make his character seem likable, relatable, and down to earth.  He‘s the type of guy you can‘t help but root for, no matter how many mistakes he‘s made.We recently had a chance to sit down with James to discuss the future of his character, as well as the shocker that awaits fans in the season finale.  Read on for the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
I know that outlandish and sudsy storylines are definitely part of the appeal of watching primetime soaps such as One Tree Hill, but sometimes, you have just have to say enough is enough. Is it just me, or is anybody else having difficulty suspending disbelief that a social welfare agency would willingly hand over Angie – a real baby with actual health problems – over to Brooke, a young woman, barely out of her teenage years, without so much as a background check? Read more »
Last week on One Tree Hill, Dan dropped a bombshell on Nathan by telling him that he only has six months left to live.  Nathan didn‘t buy it, and I‘m not sure I do either.  Meanwhile, the love triangle that refuses to die continued on, with Lucas moping over Lindsey and Peyton pining over Lucas.  The good news is that Lindsey left Lucas his house key and took off back to New York.  Could she really be out of his life forever?On tonight‘s episode, Lucas investigates Dan‘s supposed heart condition, while Haley ponders letting Jamie see his evil grandpa. Read more »
This week on One Tree Hill, Jamie turned five!  He‘s a big boy now!  Peyton pined for Lucas, Lucas pined for Lindsey.  Oh yeah, and there was a really creepy clown at the party.In Monday‘s all-new episode, entitled "Cryin‘ Won‘t Help You Now," Dan‘s presence continues to create drama in the lives of the younger Scotts.  Hopefully, on Monday, we‘ll also find out whether Dan‘s heart condition is real, or if it‘s just a ploy to worm his way back into Nathan‘s life.  Also in the episode, baby Angie‘s presence deeply affects Brooke‘s life as well. Read more »
Last week on One Tree Hill, Brooke succeeded in gaining temporary custody of a baby, proving that Victoria‘s evil powers only extend so far.  Haley decided to pursue her music career with help from Peyton, while Nathan took the first steps to regaining his former glory as a basketball star.  Meanwhile, Mouth and Millicent took the plunge and decided to move in together, while Lucas moped around crying over Lindsey.On tonight‘s episode, which was directed by Paul Johansson, Dan and Deb have an extremely awkward confrontation.  Let me just say that there‘s a creepy clown named Bucko involved and let your imagination run wild. Read more »
Last week on One Tree Hill, the gang spent some time working out their issues.  Nathan and Haley went to couples counseling in an attempt to bring the spark back to their marriage, Lucas chatted with Andy about his desire to win back Lindsey, and Brooke was grilled by an adoption agent over her scandalous past.  In the best scenes of the episode, Dan (Paul Johansson) made his parole officer listen to stories about his adorable grandson, Jamie.  The entire hour was a lot of talk, but not a lot of action.Tonight, Lucas and Peyton finally discuss the wedding that wasn‘t, and Mouth and Millicent return to awe us with their adorableness. Read more »
Last Monday‘s highly anticipated return of One Tree Hill was, in my opinion, a bit of a snore.  The episode found the entire Tree Hill gang bouncing their issues off of random guest stars, and while many of them made psychological progress, the plot barely moved an inch.  I‘m hoping that next week‘s installment, "What Do You Go Home To," will kick the story back into high gear.  The episode will feature Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Peyton having a conversation about his failed wedding, a new step in the relationship between Mouth and Millicent, and both Haley and Nathan pursuing new professional goals.To get fans ready for Monday night‘s installment, we have two exciting clips from the episode. Read more »
This week‘s episode of One Tree Hill started to move things in interesting directions for many of the characters.  Nathan (James Lafferty) decided to return to the basketball court, Haley approached Peyton about recording a new album, and Mouth and Millicent decided to move in together.  Unfortunately for Lucas and Peyton, they‘re still stuck in boring storylines where they do nothing but pine over each other from a distance.Next Monday‘s episode, "Life Is Short," takes place at Jamie‘s fifth birthday bash, where there should be plenty of drama thanks to Dan‘s surprise appearance.  To prepare fans for the exciting installment, we have a trailer and a clip from the episode. Read more »
When we last left the world of One Tree Hill, Lindsey decided not to marry Lucas after figuring out that he‘s still deeply in love with Peyton.  In addition to the wedding disaster, Brooke randomly declared that she wants to have a baby, and Dan made his presence known by rescuing Jamie from the evil clutches of nanny Carrie.  It‘s been a long time since the show‘s 100th episode, but tonight it‘s finally back with the first of six brand new installments.In "Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace," Lucas and Nathan welcome their dad home with hugs, teary eyes, and a giant party thrown in his honor.  Nah, just kidding.  Their reaction to Dan‘s return is a lot more violent than that. Read more »
It feels like it‘s been ages since we‘ve witnessed the drama between the characters on One Tree Hill.  When we last left the gang, Lindsay ran out on Lucas before they could get married, Dan saved Jamie from a nanny-napping, and Nathan (James Lafferty) and Haley were slowly rebuilding their relationship.  The show finally returns with the first of six new episodes next week, now in the brand new time slot of Mondays at 9pm.  To get fans ready for the big return, we have some exciting clips from the new installment. Read more »
Previously on One Tree Hill:  Lucas and Lindsey prepared for their upcoming nuptials by throwing a big party, but their ploy to get Nathan and Haley back together bombed big time.  Dan got out of prison and immediately had a one night stand with a retail clerk on his way back to town.  Brooke continued her flirtation with Owen and finally fired Victoria from her company, while Peyton went out on a date with Clean Teen Chase.Tonight‘s installment marks the 100th episode of One Tree Hill.  It seems like just yesterday that Lucas was wandering naked through the halls of his high school with a conveniently placed basketball covering his bits, doesn‘t it?  Now he‘s facing his wedding day.  Will it go off without a hitch, or will complications abound? Read more »
Last week on One Tree Hill:  Nanny Carrie went crazier than ever and hopped into the shower with a naked and surprised Nathan.  This incident forced him to tell Haley about the kiss, at which point she threatened him with divorce.  Meanwhile, Peyton was stuck in a boring plotline while Brooke and Owen stumbled upon a drug addicted Rachel in New York.  Nathan and Lucas also went to Dan‘s parole hearing in an attempt to keep him locked up, but Dan‘s completely fake sob story won over the parole board.Tonight‘s episode finds Nathan and Haley dealing with their crumbling marriage while Peyton goes on a date with a familiar face.  However, the best news is that Dan (Paul Johansson) finally gets out of prison and heads back home to cause some trouble.  Alright, it‘s time for the old evil genius to come back and destroy some lives! Read more »
Previously on One Tree Hill:  The girls got locked in the school library and hashed out their differences, leaving Peyton and Lindsey with the realization that they have a few things in common after all.  Nathan vowed to tell Haley about his kiss with Carrie, but hasn‘t gotten around to fessing up just yet.  The nanny also put in her two weeks‘ notice, but will probably find a way to stir up trouble before she goes.  Mouth finally found a sappy angle for his big story, and the Ravens won the first basketball game of the season.On tonight‘s episode, Dan is up for parole and claims he‘s a changed man who truly regrets killing his brother.  I hope it‘s all another evil scheme, because a good Dan would be a boring Dan. Read more »
Last week on One Tree Hill, Peyton grappled with Lucas‘ proposal to Lindsey, but eventually put her feelings aside and vowed to become friends with her ex.  Brooke took it all off for bartender Owen, but denied him when he wanted to take things all the way.  Mouth‘s boss was fired for sleeping with every employee in sight, and he was finally offered a chance to cover a big story.  As for Nathan, he allowed nanny Carrie to plant a kiss on him and then neglected to tell his wife about it.  Apparently he doesn‘t know that secrets always come out on shows like this.Tonight‘s episode finds the girls of Tree Hill trapped in the library together.  Let the cattiness begin! Read more »
Last time on One Tree Hill, the entire gang took a one way trip down drama avenue after gathering at Tric to see Mia perform.  Nanny Carrie continued her pursuit of Nathan, and while he hasn‘t succumbed yet he also hasn‘t been protesting too much.  Mouth finally broke up with his boss and was promptly fired.  Haley witnessed a kiss between Lucas and Peyton, and the event was so traumatizing for Lucas that he immediately ran home and proposed to Lindsey.  Oh, and Quentin stopped by to punch K-Fed in the face, much to the delight of millions of viewers.Tonight‘s episode finds Peyton trying to be a home wrecker again while Haley struggles with her knowledge of the forbidden kiss.  I also predict that nanny Carrie will act totally skanky, but that‘s just a guess. Read more »
Last time on One Tree Hill, Carrie the devious nanny used some swimming pool antics as an attempt to seduce Nathan, but so far has been unsuccessful.  Dan (Paul Johansson) escaped from prison, became a vampire, and started haunting Jamie, but unfortunately that was only a dream sequence.  Lucas and Peyton had a huge argument over his past proposal and their subsequent break up, leaving the tension between them at an all time high.  As for Brooke, she got verbally beat down by her shrew of a mother, but it looks like she might finally find the strength to stand up for herself.On tonight‘s episode, the entire gang gathers at Tric to see Mia perform, but they‘re far too busy bickering and plotting against one another to listen to much music. Read more »
On One Tree Hill, the love triangle between Lucas, Lindsey, and Peyton has been getting pretty brutal.  It started out with Lindsey and Peyton attempting to be civil, but after Peyton let her true feelings about Lucas‘ new girlfriend be known, things have become increasingly ugly.  In tomorrow night‘s new episode, "In Da Club," the situation will get even more uncomfortable as the entire gang gathers at Tric to see a new band perform.  Not only do things with Peyton (Hilarie Burton) and Lindsey come to a head, but sexy nanny Carrie continues her seductive advances toward Nathan.The CW has provided two sneak peeks of the upcoming episode, which give fans a taste of all the juicy drama they can expect tomorrow night. Read more »
Previously on One Tree Hill:  We were treated to a number of flashbacks, all of which led us to discover that Lucas still has a thing for Peyton.  Nathan and Haley hired a hot nanny named Carrie, who was becoming a little bit too motherly to their son, Jamie.  Mouth (Lee Norris) was still having an affair with his boss, who is totally evil and obnoxious, but apparently "hot" if you‘re desperate enough.  Haley was still trying to save the soul of a young student named Quentin despite his cocky attitude, and Brooke‘s mom Victoria was successfully making her daughter feel like a loser.On tonight‘s episode, nanny Carrie kicks it up a notch and starts using the powers of bikinis and water fights to attempt to woo Nathan.  Will he fall for it? Read more »
Last Tuesday‘s episode of One Tree Hill was set three years in the past, and helped to explain some of the changes in the lives of Lucas (Chad Michael Murray), Peyton (Hilarie Burton), and Brooke (Sophia Bush).  The episode airing on February 5, entitled "Don‘t Dream It‘s Over" will drop the flashbacks and get back to the current storylines.  It looks like this installment will revolve heavily around Nathan and Haley‘s new nanny, Carrie, who may not be the sweet girl next door she first appeared to be.  The CW recently released a clip from the episode online which shows us the potential seductress in action. Read more »
Previously on One Tree Hill:  Peyton became obsessed with a bamboo plant given to her by Lindsey, only to realize that it was merely a gift for good luck.  She also moved in with Brooke, who bought her own house and got a visit from her mother, Victoria.  Nathan finally shaved his beard and dropped his anger after paying a visit to Dan (Paul Johansson), and Mouth made out with his evil shrew of a boss.  Apparently her frigid exterior was just a front to cover her lusty desires.  In addition to all that, Kevin Federline showed up as Jason, a musician who may have signed his career away by joining Peyton‘s new record label. Read more »
When we last left the One Tree Hill gang, Nathan was finally getting rid of some of his anger, Peyton (Hilarie Burton) was obsessing over the fact that Lucas has a new girlfriend, and Haley was trying to help out her troubled student, Quentin.  In the new episode airing this Tuesday, entitled "It‘s Alright Ma (I‘m Only Bleeding)," those plotlines will be moving forward as Peyton tries to make peace with Lindsey and Nathan begins to get his act together.  Now the CW has released two exclusive videos giving us a sneak peek at scenes from next week‘s episode, and it‘s easy to tell there are some big changes in store. Read more »
Last week on One Tree Hill, the show jumped four years into the future and re-introduced us to all of our favorite characters. Lucas was struggling with his second novel, coaching the Ravens, and dating his editor, Lindsey, much to Peyton‘s dismay.  However, she didn‘t have much time to sulk since she was busy with plans to start her own record label in Tree Hill. Brooke, who is now a famous fashion designer, decided to leave New York behind and do all of her work from her hometown.  Nathan is stuck in a wheelchair due to a nasty bar fight, and spent much time whining to Haley about his lack of a basketball career.  Meanwhile, Mouth (Lee Norris) landed a lowly job at a television station with a boss who makes Darth Vader seem sweet and cuddly.On tonight‘s episode, Kevin Federline shows up as an obnoxious wannabe rock star.  It‘s quite the stretch for him. Read more »
When we last saw the gang of One Tree Hill, there were relationship scandals all over the place.  Haley found a drawing from Jamie featuring the sexy nanny, leaving her a bit distressed.  Peyton went to the opening of Clothes Over Bro‘s with Lucas as an awkward friendly gesture, only for Lucas to butt in when she tried to flirt with the hot bartender.  Mouth (Lee Norris) continued to get it on with his Mussolini of a boss so he‘d have a chance of becoming a reporter, and Brooke‘s mom drove her to cry and eat ice cream. In this week‘s episode we get a cavalcade of flashbacks that help fill in the gaps between seasons 4 and 5. It‘s kind of like an episode of Lost, except nobody gets killed by a smoke monster and there are no mysterious hatches.  However, there is a wise old bald man, and while he may not slay boars he sure can stare you down and dispense Yoda-like advice. Yes, Whitey finally returns! Read more »
The first half of the two-hour One Tree Hill season premiere showed us how the character‘s lives had deteriorated over the past four years.  Lucas was struggling with writer‘s block, Nathan was an angry, drunken man in a wheelchair, Brooke was rich and miserable, and Peyton was learning the harsh realities of the record industry.  Now the gang is moving forward, piecing their lives back together and preparing to rekindle their friendships.  Can anything ever be the same when so much has changed between them, or are they destined to follow diverging paths? Read more »
When we last saw the gang on One Tree Hill, Nathan and Haley just had a baby, Lucas was planning to be Whitey‘s assistant coach, and Peyton and Brooke were off to Los Angeles together to fulfill their dreams.  Now the show is jumping four years into the future for tonight‘s two part season premiere, skipping all of that pesky college stuff and joining the characters as they‘re on the road to adulthood.  It‘s a big, risky leap for the series, but one that just might pay off and bring us even better storylines. Read more »