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Imagine if the inimitable characters on the CW hit Gossip Girl are breathing, living people. Imagine that Blair (Leighton Meester) is really a conniving vixen and Chuck (Ed Westwick) is a hot wicked thing who perpetually speaks in whispers.Imagine no more.   Bravo has a reality show that follows the lives of the so-called key players in Manhattan‘s elite high school scene. Set against New York‘s Upper East Side, NYC Prep is the reality series version of Gossip Girl, and like the series, it involves exclusive midnight parties, shopping sprees, and gaudy relationships.  Viewers will get to know the prep‘s families, their entourage, and the their guys/girls at the moment. Read more »
En route to its June 23 premiere, NYC Prep, touted to be the reality genre‘s answer to the CW hit Gossip Girl, already ranks as among the most anticipated shows on Bravo.  Second only to the current gossip fountain otherwise known as The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the show set to follow the lives of six real-life Upper East Siders already has a lot of fans abuzz with excitement.The so-called "key players in Manhattan‘s elite high school scene" may appear to be carbon copies of Serena, Blair, Nate, and Chuck, but look again, since Bravo says they are the real thing. Read more »
Less than a week before its June 23 premiere, the school where one of the NYC Prep kids go is not exactly thrilled about their unwitting involvement on the Bravo reality show.A school administrator for Nightingale-Bamford, an Upper Eastern academy not very different from Gossip Girl‘s Constance-Billard, is crying foul over the decision of one of its students, 17-year-old Camille Hughes, to appear on the show. Some say Nightingale-Bamford is the real-life basis of Constance-Billard since its author Cecily von Ziegesar actually graduated from there. Read more »
While New York City private schools are upset about Bravo‘s new docu-drama, NYC Prep, which premieres tomorrow, some of the show‘s cast members are also upset about being compared to Gossip Girl. It‘s actually hard to draw a thin line between these two shows. After all, NYC Prep, even though it‘s billed as a reality series, is still a program that‘s intended for good TV and will likely expose some of the scandalous lives of wealthy teenagers at an elite prep school on New York City‘s Upper East Side--- the exact premise of the CW teen drama. However, Jessie, one of the cast members of NYC Prep, detests the association.  Read more »
NYC Prep is already attracting a lot of controversy ahead of its premiere but can the docu-drama really live up to all the hype? Tonight, we find out as Bravo introduces six teenagers and take us to the lavish world of Manhattan where these kids indulge in weekend parties, shopping sprees, and classy dinners---think Gossip Girl without the fictional characters.  Read more »
When NYC Prep kicked off last night, we met the six teenagers who would take us to the lavish world of Manhattan all season. We also witnessed some of the brewing tension between some of the girls on the show. Jessica "Jessie" Leavitt, in particular, stood out as the fashionista who takes pride in establishing herself as the Queen of the NYC prep school scene, while the talkative and academically driven Camille Hughes just found her to be a total snob. Read more »
Will Sebastian ever stop flipping his hair? Perhaps that‘s not likely to happen, especially since the second episode of NYC Prep is fittingly called "Flip of the Hair." Expect romantic dramas to erupt tonight at 9pm on Bravo. Read more »
On NYC Prep, PC is one of the most popular kids in the Upper East Side. He‘s wealthy and attractive (though not exactly my type) and has clearly put himself on the pedestal of the prep school scene. And since money, women and life‘s spoils are all he‘s ever known, he often comes across jaded and egotistical. However, NYC Prep executive producer Lenid Rolov says that PC is the kind of person who might just grow on you.  Read more »
It‘s Winter Break in New York City and that means more parties for Manhattan‘s elite. So far, we‘ve already witnessed the clubbing, dining and dating habits of the six prep school teenagers but we‘ll get to know them even better in the third episode of NYC Prep. Last week on NYC Prep, Jessie‘s best friend Zoe celebrated her 18th birthday --- a party that was pretty much the talk of the town. However, when Jessie asked for PC‘s help with the exclusive Operation Smile charity event, sparks started to fly. PC then decided to skip Zoe‘s bash and go on a blind date that ended up taking an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Camille witnessed a love triangle blossomed in front of her. Sebastian, on the other hand, thought that he‘s the king of Zoe‘s party as he pursued both Kelli and Taylor. But the tables were turned when Taylor‘s ex-boyfriend Cole arrived and cramped his style.  Read more »
Just a couple of episodes in, NYC Prep has already earned quite a nasty reputation, especially among prep schoolers, their parents and reputable schools in Manhattan. The show that follows six teenagers as they attend weekend parties, shopping sprees, charity events and dinner parties as part of the elite high school scene has been described as "absolute garbage" and "like a bad Dynasty episode" Read more »
It seems that things are getting just a little bit more intriguing on NYC Prep as the show puts the spotlight on Taylor, Sebastian and Cole. While there‘s nothing really special about the love triangle, Taylor‘s choice remains to be the burning question that lingers on viewers‘ mind each time they watch this docu-drama. When we last saw NYC Prep, our Upper East Siders celebrated Winter Break. Jessie went to Florida for vacation but couldn‘t stop thinking about PC, who was partying around in Cancun, Mexico. At the same time, Kelli went to the Hamptons to mourn a death, while Camille and Taylor stayed in the City. Cole, on the other hand, surprised Taylor after the holidays at her public school, and pressured her to make a decision. Read more »
If you‘ve been following NYC Prep, you‘d know that there are just a few standouts worth looking forward to in each episode. There‘s PC and Jessie, who may not be as pleasant as the others but are sure to bring life in every party. Then there‘s Taylor, a 15-year-old student at Stuyvesant High School who is the only cast member who does not attend a private high school. While she still navigates the elite high school social scene, she has that distinctive charm that separates her from the rest of the pack. Read more »
The idea of life after high school is becoming less of an elusive dream and more of a hard reality for our controversial Upper East Siders so it‘s only fitting that tonight‘s episode of NYC Prep is "all about the future." It seems that these students will do everything in their power to secure a good life after graduating high school. Find out more tonight at 9pm on Bravo. Read more »
Among all the cast members of NYC Prep, I‘ve always been puzzled about PC. Aside from being the most notorious and flashy, he seems to be struggling with something ---something that I‘ve been trying to hold back until various other websites have reported it as well. Word on the street is that PC is gay!I guess it all started in the first episode, where viewers were introduced to PC as someone obsessed with fashion and shopping. On top of that, viewers also learned that he has several effeminate mannerisms. While these things make PC potentially gay, that might not be enough to prove that he is. However, as NYC Prep heads further into the season, it seems that more and more viewers are getting convinced.  Read more »
After an episode filled with humiliating moments, NYC Prep is ready to bounce back and celebrate Fashion Week in New York City! Buckle up because tons of drama is about to unfold as our NYC Prepsters get full access backstage and primo seats in the front row. Last week on NYC Prep, everyone was talking about the future. Kelli decided to jumpstart her singing career by meeting with vocal coaches in the city; Taylor tried to juggle her love life with her grades and dance classes but, in the process, had a wardrobe malfunction; and Jessie sent out her resume to fashion designers and worked on the benefit for Operation Smile. After being rejected by Taylor, Sebastian tried his luck with school cutie Angel, whom he met at a party, while Camille tried to get involved with Jessie‘s charity in attempt increase her chances of getting into Harvard but ended up insulting the Queen Bee. As for PC, he landed a photography internship but ended up in front of the camera and out of his shirt.  Read more »
As someone who takes her studies very seriously, Camille has always struggled to improve her social life. She‘s also constantly on the lookout for a boyfriend even though no one seems to meet her impossibly high standards, despite the bevy of suitors knocking on her door.In the fourth episode of NYC Prep, viewers witnessed Camille as she tried to jump into the dating scene and go out with Dan, one of PC‘s senior buddies. But as you all know, the date didn‘t exactly go as expected. Camille struggled to find conversational topics and her frustration escalated when she found out that Dan doesn‘t know what he wants to major in and is only into partying when it comes to college.  Read more »