Articles for Numb3rs Season 4

The fourth season of Numb3rs heads back under the supervision of big-screen director.  Tony Scott, whose credits include Top Gun, Crimson Tide and Man on Fire, has already tapped into blockbuster movies but doesn‘t mind heading back to the small screen to give television viewers a dose of his ‘‘major signature pieces.‘‘While working on the premiere episode entitled “Trust Metric,” Scott didn‘t limit himself for his first time behind the camera on CBS‘ drama.  In fact, he even gave some styling advice to the cast, and dismantled some parts of the set for a more interesting camera angle. Read more »
Numb3rs, the FBI centric show that proves that mathematics can also be used to help catch criminals and solve crimes, counts on a real-life math specialist so that the show will be as authentic as possible.  Serving as a consultant to the series is California Institute of Technology (Caltech) professor Gary Lorden, who works out the actual numbers behind Numb3rs.According to Lorden, most of the math used on the show is based on actual experiences he has encountered with lawyers on legal cases and with other classified research projects involving the government. Read more »
In case you haven‘t heard, Numb3rs – The Third Season DVD has already been released earlier this month.  Fans can now grab a copy of the much awaited set and relive last season‘s episodes that posed much challenge to FBI Special Agent Don Eppes and his mathematical genius brother Charlie.Read on to find out what‘s in store in the Season 3 DVD. Read more »
As many forensic, crime-solving and other police procedural dramas go, CBS‘ Numb3rs continues to post strong performances every week, helping boost the network in overall standing last Friday.CBS received a 5.8 rating/10 share during primetime, with NBC and ABC tied in second place with 4.4/8 apiece. The CW came in fourth with 2.8/5 while FOX managed a fifth-place finish with 2.1/4. Read more »
Last week, viewers got taste of the onscreen chemistry of real-life brothers Dylan and Chris Bruno as Numb3rs featured the episode “Chinese Box.”  Chris, who is popularly known as Sheriff Bannerman on The Dead Zone, guest starred on the police drama where Dylan plays FBI agent Colby Granger.  Chris joined the cast as a SWAT captain named Tim Kring in a plot that finds the team under pressure when a former FBI subcontractor shoots an agent inside the FBI headquarters.  Though the team was left with a severely restricted plan of action, he saves the day just as David (Alimi Ballard) was taken hostage inside the FBI building. The Bruno brothers may not get along on screen but certainly enjoys every opportunity to work together.  Producers of Numb3rs have been joking around for quite some time in having Dylan convince his brother Chris for a guest spot on the show and the chance finally came in the 10th episode of season 4. Read more »
The countdown for new episodes of Numb3rs is finally over. After three months of hiatus due to the writers‘ strike, Numb3rs resumes broadcast of fresh installments to show viewers how mathematics provide unexpected revelations and answers to the most perplexing criminal questions. Special Agent Don and his mathematical genius brother Charlie attempt to solve yet another mystery tonight with the episode “Black Swan.”Read on to find out what‘s in store for tonight‘s episode. Read more »
Tonight, fans will not only say goodbye to the fourth season of Numb3rs, but will also bid farewell to yet another cast member.  After Sabrina Lloyd left the show in the first season, Diane Farr has stepped in to fill the void as FBI agent and psychological profiler Megan Reeves.  But after three years on the police procedural drama, however, the female lead has opted not to renew her contract. In tonight‘s season ender called "When Worlds Collide,” Don (Rob Morrow) and Charlie (David Krumholtz) clashes over their conflicting beliefs as they look into a case involving national security.  At the same time, Megan faces a crisis of conscience and leaves the team to pursue another occupation. Read more »