Articles for Nip/Tuck Season 7

After seven seasons of scandalous surgeries and outrageous storylines, Nip/Tuck airs its final episode, "Hiro Yoshimura," this week which also serves as its milestone 100th installment. SPOILER WARNING: If you want to go into the series ender completely blind, don‘t read any further.  Read more »
Now that the Olympics are over and we‘re back to regular programming, there‘s lots to take in this week. For starters: Jake takes his pick, Jim and Pam have a baby and Oscar night‘s comedy duo are just a few reasons to tune in. Also of note: American Idol‘s Top 10 contestants perform on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, for those of you following the young hopefuls every inch of the way.  Read more »
An era comes to an end with the series finale of the cutting edge cable series Nip/Tuckon Wednesday, March 3 at 10pm on FX.  The show about hot shot plasticsurgeons pushed the boundaries of TV every week with graphic surgeryscenes and over-the-top storylines that would shock even the most mature audiences into submission.  Read more »
With a show like Nip/Tuck, it‘s hard to imagine what kind of outrageous storyline will take place as the series officially comes to a close. After all, we‘ve witnessed Sean, Christian and most especially Matt get involve in some of the weirdest scenarios season after season, just when you thought things couldn‘t get any crazier. And so tonight‘s series finale entitled "Hiro Yoshimura" should be no different. Read more »
Fringe‘s season finale is getting a little bit clearer now.Entertainment Weekly reports that Seth Gabel, previously of Dirty Sexy Money and Nip/Tuck, is joining the Fox series‘ cast for its two-part season finale, and could possibly be a recurring character in the upcoming third season. Spoilers after this paragraph, kids!  Read more »
We love our doctors on TV. Recently we created a list of our favorite ER Doctors in other roles because while they‘re great in their new roles, they will forever be in our hearts as County General‘s finest. I should also mention that tonight is also the season finale of Nurse Jackie, and this season has been a rocky road to recovery (if you want to call it that). Read more »
Although it will still be months and months (two or so months anyway) until Bones returns for season 7, work has already begun on the show‘s production. This means guest stars. And one of those guest stars will be Morgan Fairchild. Read more »
Can any killer, real or fictional, match up to the killer of killers, Dexter Morgan? In this series, we seek to find out, one murderous showdown at a time. Previously: Jack the Ripper.I noted in my last Dexter recap that the show‘s producers and writers are going a bit overboard withtheir twists, which is also what made Nip/Tuck become unwatchable. This got me tothinking about The Carver, Nip/Tuck‘s psychopathic serial rapist and killer. If you put Dexter up against him, who would win? You have one guy who is trying to rid the world of evil, and another who is tryingto rid the world of beauty. Read more »