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After nearly a year since its last episode, Nip/Tuck finally makes its return with a new office, new city and new supporting cast. In its fifth season premiere, we get appearances by Jennifer Coolridge, Tia Carrere, Daphne Zuniga, Oliver Platt and more, with promises of even more to come in the upcoming year. For those who may have forgotten, last season‘s finale had the two star surgeons, Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (Julian McMahon), decide to leave their practice and problems behind in Miami as they packed up and moved to Los Angeles. Read more »
Previously on Nip/Tuck: McNamara and Troy moved to Los Angeles and became advisers on the most awesomely terrible TV show ever, Hearts ‘N‘ Scalpels. In a nice role reversal, Sean became a huge star and Christian became increasingly jealous."Tell me what you don‘t like about yourself...Miss Monroe"  It‘s a Marilyn impersonator whose first name is Joyce, and Christian (Julian McMahon)  gets off to a chauvinistic start by saying he usually doesn‘t like big girls, but he had a thing for Marilyn Monroe.  She wants bigger breasts to compete with a fellow Marilyn impersonator named Sharon.  Feeding Christian‘s inferiority, Joyce wants Sean (Dylan Walsh) to do it because he‘s now a big TV star. Read more »
Nip/Tuck‘s new, Los Angeles-based fifth season got off to a favorable start at the end of last month when it drew 4.3 million viewers for its first episode.  While the numbers were down from their opener last year, which was seen by 4.9 million, this season‘s premiere did tally network highs among adults aged 18 to 34. For Nip/Tuck star, Dylan Walsh, working on the show this time around has a completely different feeling. Read more »
As hinted previously, Tiffany Pollard, who is popularly known as New York, will be gracing a medical drama series while she continues her quest for love in the second season of her reality show, I Love New York.  According to VH1, the feisty reality TV star will be playing herself on the award-winning cable series, Nip/Tuck.Apart from I Love New York, Pollard has appeared on the first and second season of the reality dating series Flavor of Love, where she was both rejected by notorious rapper Flavor Flav. She has also made guest appearances on The Maury Povich Show, Flavor of Love: Charm School and The Tyra Banks Show.  So far, all her TV exposures have been for non-scripted shows. Read more »
Playing someone of the same sexual orientation on Nip/Tuck has been an emotional experience for openly gay actress Portia de Rossi, who found herself reliving some early traumas as she was reading some of the show‘s scripts. "It makes me remember all the people I had to come out to and how often I had to come out," de Rossi told TV Guide.  “People think you just hold a press conference, but you don‘t — you tell individuals.  And you cross your fingers with every single person you care about, hoping that they‘ll love you just the same." Read more »
Rosie O‘Donnell‘s return to Nip/Tuck was anything but glamorous.  For the large part of “Dawn Budge II,” the actress-comedienne had her mouth sewn shut and her face covered with ugly scrapes, cuts and bruises.  She, or rather Dawn, also had to endure a terrible anal probe from a man pretending to be a doctor to satisfy his strange fetish. Despite such unpleasantries, O‘Donnell says she doesn‘t mind playing the role. Read more »
Previously on Nip/Tuck: Sean had a fight with actress girlfriend Kate because she wanted to participate in group sex. Olivia‘s daughter Eden was a total tramp who tried to seduce Sean and blackmail Christian for sleeping with Julia, her mom‘s girlfriend.  Christian tricked her and made it look like she was a drug addict, so her mom had her thrown into rehab.  Also, Christian dabbled in male prostitution.Tonight‘s very special episode of Nip/Tuck features a reality TV crew filming Plastic Fantastic, a new plastic surgery reality show starring the surgeons at McNamara/Troy. Seeing as how the highlight of this season has been Hearts ‘n‘ Scalpels and the way Nip/Tuck creator Ryan Murphy skewered his own show, I suspect tonight he‘ll have reality television in his crosshairs.  Tonight also brings special guest stars Leslie Grossman (Mary Cherry from Popular) and I Love New York star Tiffany "New York" Pollard. Read more »
Joely Richardson‘s lesbian affair on FX‘s Nip/Tuck has been getting a lot of media attention, and this has come as a surprise to the English actress, especially since this isn‘t exactly the first time that she has had a same sex experience on screen. "I have filmed lesbian scenes before with [openly gay actress] Saffron Burrows, so it wasn‘t exactly new for me,” Richardson is quoted as saying.  “It‘s hard to say whether I enjoyed it or not.  I don‘t know if you can enjoy filming an intimate scene with so many people around." Read more »
On the previous season of Nip/Tuck, openly gay actress and television personality Rosie O‘Donnell had an onscreen romp with Julian McMahon, who plays Dr. Christian Troy, and while the scene was anything but steamy, O‘Donnell was so pleased with her performance that she would "love to do that show again and again and again."  However, Maxim, one of the country‘s leading men‘s magazines, begs to disagree. Recently, the magazine released a list of what it believes are the worse love scenes of all time, and Rosie O‘Donnell and Julian McMahon‘s coupling earned the top spot. Read more »
Plastic surgery is very big among Hollywood stars today, and even television star Dylan Walsh, who plays a cosmetic surgeon on FX‘s Nip/Tuck, admits to feeling the pressure to go under the knife. “It is nothing to be embarrassed about,” Walsh said in an interview with  “You feel the pressures of looking good because that is the business.  Let‘s face it, it is not radio.” Read more »
It has been awhile since FX aired a new episode of Nip/Tuck, but the wait is nearly over, as the network is serving up a fresh installment of the hit drama series on Tuesday, January 15.  However, those who can‘t wait another week to know what‘s in store for their favorite TV plastic surgeons are in luck.  Details regarding the upcoming new episode have been released on the web. Read on only if you want to be spoiled. Read more »
Just like most networks, FX is being cautious about leaking out details that might spoil upcoming storylines for its primetime series, Nip/Tuck.  But that hasn‘t stopped several media outlets from revealing upcoming guest stars that are about to make an appearance on the show in the near future. Read on to find out who‘s gracing Nip/Tuck in its 10th episode of the season. Read more »
Tonight, FX will be airing Nip/Tuck‘s "Rachel Ben Natan" episode in which Rosie O‘Donnell reprises her role as Dawn Budge, who returns to the clinic after an unfortunate incident at a gay-pride parade leaves her needing more plastic surgery.  Subsequently, fans will be treated to new episodes of the medical drama series on January 22 and 29.Read on for more spoilers on the upcoming episodes of Nip/Tuck. Read more »
Nip/Tuck kicks off the month of February with an exciting new episode called “Lulu Grandiron.  This installment is the 12th episode of season 5, following “Kyle McKenzie,” the episode that features a "high-end" funeral, which is preceded by tonight‘s “Magda and Jeff.” Read on for to find out what‘s in store for this upcoming episode of Nip/Tuck airing on February 6. Read more »
John Hensley is a familiar face to television viewers as Matt, the somewhat dysfunctional and constantly conflicted son of Nip/Tuck‘s two plastic surgeons, Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (Julian McMahon).  As his character on the popular medical drama, Hensley has found himself in storylines that are often both tragically disturbed, yet inevitably laced with a fair amount of humor. In his soon-to-be-released movie, Teeth, the Nip/Tuck co-star once again takes on a quirky and hysterical storyline, not far from some of the circumstances he‘s found himself in as his Nip/Tuck character. Read more »
Tonight‘s Nip/Tuck marks the return of one of the celebrated heroines of primetime serial drama from the 1980s.  Joan Van Ark, who made a living out of portraying the ever-enduring, long-suffering meek and mild Valene Ewing on Knots Landing, guest stars in tonight‘s episode entitled “Lulu Grandiron.”Van Ark reunites with fellow Knots Landing alumna, Donna Mills.  They play two women who share more than just Dr. Christian Troy‘s (Julian McMahon) surgical expertise. Read more »
With the three-month long writers‘ strike seemingly about to come to a close, viewers are just eager to see an end to the drought in fresh material in primetime television.  In the case of Nip/Tuck, hopefully, the much-awaited resolution of the writers‘ guild conflict will also mean the completion of Nip/Tuck‘s current, prematurely shortened season.Prior to the start of the strike, FX had already received part of its order for Nip/Tuck.  The network has since been airing the completed installments and is reportedly all set to resume working on new episodes once the writers‘ walkout ends. Read more »
Last week on Nip/Tuck, Sean experienced the ugly side of Hollywood in the form of a television critic, Matt experienced a special bond with one of Christian‘s patients who turned out to be his sister, and the cause of Julia‘s poor health was finally discovered. The drama continues on tonight‘s episode called “Candy Richards,” which is also the fifth season ender on Nip/Tuck.  Read on for a preview.Warning: May contain spoilers. Read more »
FX’s controversial medical drama, Nip/Tuck, has just wrapped up its fifth season yesterday.  But production for the sixth season has already been slated for this summer, according to TV Guide.  No airdate has been set, but with the writers’ strike in the can, everything should move along as scheduled. Meanwhile, fans can relive the drama as the network launches the complete season 5 of Nip/Tuck in DVD on May 20.For those who are not familiar, Nip/Tuck is an Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning television series that follows the lives of , Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (Julian McMahon), two plastic surgeons, close friends and business partners who own an overwhelmingly successful plastic surgery practice.  Seasons 1 to 4 was set in Miami, Florida, where the doctors attempted to bring inner peace and contentment to their patients through external cosmetic procedures.  Season 5, however, followed the doctors relocating their business to Los Angeles where they struggled for success in a city where they are professionally unknown and where residents yearn for fame. Read more »
Last Tuesday, Nip/Tuck aired its season ender, at least for the first part of season 5 since there are still eight remaining episodes to air in fall.  The controversial medical drama averaged just under 3 million total viewers, making the episode “Candy Richards” the least-watched finale of the series in its five-season history, according to Nielsen Media Research. While many viewers were pleased with the ender, some were disappointed given that it left many cliffhangers. Read more »
Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon are not only making controversial waves on television as the lead stars of Nip/Tuck, but are also gradually creating buzz with their upcoming movies.  Walsh‘s film is currently filming, so fans can expect the movie to hit the theaters later this year.  Meanwhile, McMahon‘s project is still in pre-production stages but will most likely come up in 2009.Walsh, who starts as Dr. Sean McNamara on Nip/Tuck, is working on The Stepfather, the remake of the 1987 thriller film of the same name.  The movie centers on a teenage boy who discovers that his soon-to-be stepfather isn‘t all he appears to be.  He then speculates that the man who fell in love with his mother might be a psycho who murdered his previous family. Read more »
John Hensley, who plays Matt McNamara on Nip/Tuck, will be gracing yet another horror film this month.  This time, however, he‘ll be part of Shutter a remake of a 2004 movie that has been nominated for the 2005 Golden Kinnaree Award at the Bangkok International Film Festival and has been especially well-received in Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Brazil. The remake of Shutter will follow the story of a young couple who begins to see ghostly images in their photographs.  It is being directed by Masayuki Ochiai, and is expected to be released on March 21. Read more »
The cast of Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica spin-off prequel, keeps getting better and better.  We previously announced that Paula Malcomson (Deadwood) and Esai Morales (Jericho) had joined the cast, and now Polly Walker (Cane, Rome) and veteran film actor Eric Stoltz have also signed on.  Walker will play Sister Clarice Willow, a duplicitous headmistress of a private religious school, while Stoltz will play computer engineer Daniel Graystone, the husband of Malcomson‘s character and the man who helps create the first Cylon.Before Caprica launches as a TV-movie in 2009, Battlestar Galactica will wrap up its fourth and final season. Now that shooting on the final episodes of BSG is nearly completed, TV Guide has announced that Katee Sackhoff will be scrubbing in on Nip/Tuck for at least four episodes. Read more »
As Eden Lord, AnnaLynne McCord has established herself as the “disturbed sociopath" on the fifth season of Nip/Tuck.  Now, she‘ll be presenting viewers with another TV character as she stars on the much-awaited series 90210.90210, the spin-off series of Beverly Hills 90210, features McCord as the character Naomi Bennett, who is quite comparable to Jennie Garth‘s Kelly Taylor.  McCord will be portraying a high school girl who is filthy rich, very attractive and very popular.  And although her new role is less bitchy than that of her Nip/Tuck character, viewers can expect plenty of naughty action ahead for her.  According to, there may even be a bit of angry sexual tension between Naomi and her 20-something teacher played by Ryan Eggold (Dirt). Read more »
FX president John Landgraf made multiple programming and casting announcements about some of the network‘s critically acclaimed series at the Tuesday‘s Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour, including some news about the dark medical drama Nip/Tuck.The network announced that the series that follows the lives of two plastic surgeons, Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Christian Troy (Julian McMahon), will bow out after 100 episodes.  On the other hand, fans will have enough time to come to terms with that since the final episode isn‘t slated to air until early 2011. Read more »
Last week, Los Angeles‘s Cinerama Dome movie theater was host to a screening of Battlestar Galactica‘s mid-season finale and a Q&A session with some of the actors. Though we weren‘t able to attend, IGN got to sit down with Six (Tricia Helfer) and Starbuck (Katee Sackhoff) to discuss the impending Battlestar Galactica series finale and what their plans are now that the show is finishing up.It‘s not surprising that both of the talented actresses are in high demand, and both discussed their new roles on Nip/Tuck, for Sackhoff, and Burn Notice, for Helfer. They also revealed their reactions to reading the finale script for the first time – and what they have to say may surprise you. Read more »
Nip/Tuck fans will shout for joy as the series‘ creator, Ryan Murphy, takes on a new project, Glee.  The FOX network has announced the production of this musical comedy, which could potentially be launched March of next year. The hour-long new series will highlight a bit of Murphy‘s lighter side, as he sets the show in the cutthroat world of high school glee clubs.  The network gave it a green light once the script was viewed and four additional scripts had been requested.  They‘ve also been targeting to shoot a pilot for the end of the year. Murphy says that Glee is “a very optimistic, uplifting show for a very dark time.”  Read more »
It seems that Nip/Tuck has earned quite a following, which happens to include other writers and producers who look up to creator Ryan Murphy for his brilliant ideas.  The creator of the dark medical series recently announced that he will be working on another project, which sees him working with FOX’s umbrella company to work on new shows for the FOX and FX networks.  Recently, we reported that Murphy is currently working on Glee, an hour-long musical comedy which will air on FOX.  Nip/Tuck, on the other hand, was also reported to come to a close in 2011.  That’s a good three years to keep the man busy.However, it doesn’t end there.  In fact, Murphy will be working on another show, this time for the NBC network, based on the novel Hyper-chondriac: One Man’s Quest to Hurry Up and Calm Down, a 2007 memoir written by Brian Frazer. Read more »
Adhir Kalyan has performed a number of productions in South Africa, including theatrical adaptations of Charles Dickens‘ Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol, an adaptation of Salman Rushdie‘s The Ground Beneath Her Feet, and the classical Shakespearean play Macbeth.  But in the United States, he is popularly known for portraying exchange student Raja on Aliens in America, a sitcom that has won critical praise despite few viewers this season. Soon, however, the 25-year-old actor will be expanding his TV credits as he appears on yet another sitcom. According to Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello, the Aliens in America star will be gracing the CBS series Rules of Engagement, the comedy from the writers of the Emmy Award-winning show Everybody Loves Raymond that looks at different relationship stages through the characters played by Patrick Warburton, Megyn Price, Oliver Hudson, Bianca Kajlich, and David Spade. Read more »
As Nip/Tuck heads to its sixth season, lead stars Julian McMahon (Christian Troy) and Dylan Walsh (Sean McNamara), as well as series regulars Joely Richardson (Julia McNamara), Kelly Carlson (Kimber Henry) and Roma Maffia (Liz Cruz), are asking FX for a hefty pay raise. Discussions have been ongoing for weeks but no one has reportedly had their request granted. When production on Nip/Tuck‘s fifth season began in the summer of 2007, McMahon and Walsh saw their compensation upped to about $125,000 an episode, with Richardson following closely behind at about $100,000. Now, Richardson is reportedly seeking a rather considerable increase while McMahon and Walsh are asking to double their salaries. Read more »
Several months ago, BuddyTV reported that Katee Sackhoff, who is perhaps best known for playing Captain Kara "Starbuck" Thrace on the Sci Fi series Battlestar Galactica, will be scrubbing in on Nip/Tuck for at least four episodes.  Recently, however, producers have decided to give the FX drama a casting makeover, which leaves Sackhoff out of the picture. Nip/Tuck has already set its eyes on Sackhoff‘s substitute.  To find out about the actress, read on. Read more »