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In his most recent mailbag, Michael Ausiello has given a HUGE scoop to fans of Nip/Tuck. He says, “Moving on, the Oct. 10 episode will feature the death of a fairly pivotal character, and it‘ll have Felicity fans flashing back to one of that show‘s darkest moments. Also, the Larry Hagman/Brooke Shields plots are about to intersect in a really kinky way.â€?Who will it be?  Read more »
Fall 2006 Returing Shows Rank: 20Nip/Tuck is freaking crazy. Graphic, soapy, trashy, expletive-filled, melodramatic, bad-ass. If I was only allowed one adjective to place upon Nip/Tuck I would go with “unbridledâ€?. It feels good to have a show like this on basic cable. It really does. Now entering it‘s fourth season of depicting the plastic surgery culture of Miami in the most dynamic and arresting of ways, Nip/Tuck continues to provide cutting-edge, preposterously staged drama. Leads Julian McMahon and Dylan Walsh are perfect foils to each other. McMahon is my favorite, oozing sleaze and personifying shamelessness. The content seemingly has no boundaries, and the gruesomeness of the surgeries to the plot U-turns mold every episode into a thrilling experience. -Oscar Dahl Read more »
Nip/Tuck will be hosting an astounding list of guest stars in the fourth season including Kathleen Turner, Richard Chamberlain, Rosie O‘Donnell, Brooke Shields, Catherine Deneuve, Melissa Gilbert, and Alanis Morissette.Rosie O‘Donnell is slated to appear as Dawn Budge, a woman who has plastic surgery after she wins the lottery, and has a fling with her surgeon. O‘Donnell was apparently shy about doing her sex scene with Julian McMahon (Dr Christian Troy.) Some rumors claim this plotline may be a lead-in to a spinoff starring O‘Donnell.Alanis Morisette will be playing a new love interest for lesbian anesthesiologist Liz (Roma Maffia.) Morisette will appear in three episodes beginning October 31.Season four of Nip/Tuck airs Tuesdays on the FX network. Read more »
An upcoming episode of Nip/Tuck will feature the troubled Kimber turning to Scientology as the answer to her problems. Scientology has been publicly bashed enough, right? Well, don‘t worry (maybe you were worried, I don‘t know), because Nip/Tuck isn‘t out to mock the controversial “religionâ€?. The story will show the machinations of Scientology in a completely objective light, simply allowing the layman a truthful glimpse of the secretive sect. Watch as Kimber and Matt take long saunas to free themselves of their worldly concerns. Characters “auditâ€? each other, bash the use of prescription drugs, discuss the human issue of “havingnessâ€? (you‘re guess is as good as mine), and view the phenomenon of silent births. Creator Dylan Murphy was interested in what Scientology was and doesn‘t want to cast it in a obviously negative light, so Nip/Tuck will focus on facts rather than opinions; a fresh approach for Hollywood on the touchy subject of Scientology.Now, I understand Murphy‘s motivations here, but I disagree with him. Scientology, for anyone who has researched it, is a terrible thing. This is pretty much indisputable. They have conned many fragile people into giving their life savings in return for the promised healing that Scientology won‘t bring. Scientology is a big business, a shady one, and something that is only given a shred of legitimacy by it‘s celebrity clientèle. Nip/Tuck might as well have an episode featuring the views and teachings of the Heaven‘s Gate cult, because that is exactly what Scientology is: a high-profile cult.-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer Read more »
Two months into the Fall Season, Networks are now announcing more series pick up. Michael Ausiello reported today that Nip/Tuck would be getting a fifth season. Kristin from E! just announced that her sources revealed that Men In Trees would not only get a full season order but also get a trial run on Thursdays at 10 p.m. on November 30 and December 7 and that, if the show performs well, it will remain in that timeslot. However, Kristin points out that some of her moles say that the show will remain in that timeslot permanently. This move will bench JJ Abrams‘ Six Degrees until January; this hiatus will be used to rework the show. Still according to Kristin, The CW‘s Veronica Mars would have received an order of three more episodes. It‘s still not a full pick up but at least a show of confidence. Nip/Tuck airs Tuesdays on FX. While Men in Tree and Six Degrees air on ABC. Veronica Mars airs at 9 p.m. on CW every Tuesdays.-Isabelle Read more »
Having a heavenly body makes Kelly Carlson one of the sought after celebrities in Hollywood. Listed on Tear Sheet Magazine‘s "50 Most Beautiful" list in 2003 justifies her ability to attract viewers worldwide. Ultimately, she earns her fame in the controversial television series Nip/Tuck. Read more »
Exceptionally endowed with talent and good looks, Julian McMahon takes a big leap in Hollywood. He continuously captures the hearts of the viewers in his inclusion in the popular series Nip/Tuck where he got nominated for the Golden Globe award for the "Best Actor in a Television Series - Drama" in 2005.  Read more »
Brooke Shields, now entrenched in what is likely the twilight of her career, currently finds herself playing the best role she‘s ever had. Never known for her acting chops, Shields is turning heads with her layered performance as Dr. Faith Wolper on Nip/Tuck. Wolper is Christian Troy‘s new psychiatrist who puts forth the theory that Christian may, in fact, be gay. Shortly after telling him about her suspicion, they have sex. Read more »
Fans of FX’s Nip/Tuck, which stars Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon, can expect to see many fresh faces when the show returns for its fifth season. Celebrities who are slated to appear in the upcoming season are Portia de Rossi (Ally McBeal, Arrested Development), Oliver Platt (Casanova, The West Wing) Lauren Hutton (Central Park West) and Paula Marshall (That Old Feeling, Out of Practice). Read more »