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A lot of NCIS fans are probably expecting fireworks between Ziva (Cote de Pablo) and Tony (Michael Weatherly).  After all, the two have amazing chemistry and the promo for last night‘s episode said Tony would be forced to question Ziva‘s loyalty to NCIS after discovering a connection between her and Michael Rivkin.  In an interview, de Pablo tells Entertainment Weekly that things are about to get intense all the way to the May 19 finale."We could not be farther away from kissing," de Pablo says.  "I‘m telling you, it‘s not ‘I hate you‘ anger; it‘s ‘I want to kill you‘ anger.  Like, ‘I want to shoot you in the head, but instead I‘m gonna put my gun on your knee‘ anger....  He does something to her that is almost unforgivable. However, the reason he does it is because he truly believes it‘s going to help her.  Little does he know that he almost kills her." Read more »
Fears from NCIS fans that someone from the team was heading off to do the spin-off was allayed when an entirely new team was introduced in the "Legend" episodes.  There are, however, still rumors that Michael Weatherly, who plays Tony, might leave NCIS, and show runner Shane Brennan neither confirmed nor denied such speculation."That‘s not correct ... but that‘s not wrong, either," he tells TV Guide, letting out a laugh.  "It‘s one of those things that people are going to have to watch to figure out." Read more »
As we all know, the NCIS team will be off to Tel Aviv, Israel in the procedural‘s sixth season finale - and if the promo is to be trusted, one of the team will not come home.  True to form, the NCIS fandom is already abuzz with speculations on who is staying in Israel to possibly not see the light of season 7. If there is any doubt if NCIS executive producer Shane Brennan is indeed capable of such harsh character-centered decisions, let me point you to last season‘s finale, when all three - McGee (Sean Murray), Tony (Michael Weatherly), and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) - were given different assignments and Gibbs (Mark Harmon) himself was introduced to a new team.  And speaking of last season‘s finale, Brennan said he plans to top last year‘s finale with the introduction of a "trouble-making  newcomer." Read more »
On tonight‘s NCIS finale - "Aliyah" - the team flies to Tel Aviv, Israel for a "final showdown" during the aftermath of Tony‘s (Michael Weatherly) confrontation with Michael Rivkin.   The finale of the top-rated CBS procedural will also feature Ziva‘s (Cote de Pablo) reunion with her father, the enigmatic and powerful head of Mossad (guest star Michael Nouri of Damages).  As tensions rise, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) will reportedly be faced to make a decision that will "send shockwaves" through NCIS.NCIS executive producer Shane Brennan already promised the finale is going to be both "jaw-dropping" and "stunning." Read more »
As NCIS wraps up its sixth season with a purportedly very secret ending, recent addition Rocky Carroll, who plays Director Vance on the top-rating procedural, hinted that Tiva fans may be riled up by the finale, which executive producer Shane Brennan previously described as both "jaw-dropping" and "stunning.""That‘s what I said on my blog," Carroll said. "My statement to the Tiva fans was, ‘Be careful what you wish for!‘ Because now you‘re getting Tiva to the tenth power." Read more »
Having been nominated for a Primetime Emmy for his guest appearance on NCIS is quite a merit for actor Charles Durning.  However, there are greater honors than that.  On National Memorial Day today, he will be recognized for his work during World War II.The annual event will be a special tribute to "the veterans of World War II, Korea and Vietnam and the sacred war memorials built in their honor in the Nation‘s Capital," according to PBS.  Charles Durning is one of them, as he is a highly decorated World War II veteran.  In addition to that, he‘s been participating at the National Memorial Day Concert for 14 years. Read more »
On top of a season finale that reeled in a staggering 16.09 million viewers, CBS has greenlit the NCIS spin-off that was introduced several weeks back, which means our favorite procedural is set to have a younger cousin in sunny Los Angeles.  Perhaps reminiscent of CSI and its New York and Miami franchises, NCIS: Los Angeles will air after the original on its sturdy Tuesday night schedule. Completing the lineup is the new drama featuring Julianna Margulies called The Good Wife at 10pm.NCIS: Los Angeles focuses on paramilitary investigators who hunt down especially dangerous criminals by using the latest whizbang technology, starring LL Cool J, Chris O‘Donnell and Louise Lombard. Read more »
While the return of NCIS and its seventh season is still a good four months away, Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo recently talked to ET Online about their team-up, and how it has further boosted the popularity of the already highly rated show.  Their on-screen chemistry, after all, is one of the reasons why the series is such a hit."They want to know how hot [she is], says Weatherly, when asked about the one thing that he is asked most often about his partner.  "I had a guy at the airport and he was all about the Ziva.  He wanted to know if Ziva is dangerous and sexually charged." Read more »
Continuing in this exciting week of Fall schedules, CBS revealed its lineup today, and while many shows remain fixed, there are some big moves.  The Mentalist, this past season‘s top new show, will get the coveted post-CSI timeslot Thursdays at 10pm.And one day after NBC officially cancelled Medium, CBS scooped it up and Patricia Arquette will now see ghosts right after Jennifer Love Hewitt does the same thing on Ghost Whisperer.More Fall Lineups:FOXABCNBCCBSThe CW  Read more »
Celebrities are finding the downside to the existence of social networking, because it‘s getting easier to track them down.  But in Pauley Perrette‘s case, people think it‘s easy to steal her identity.  The NCIS star has been a victim of impostors, who have been pretending to be her on the websites Twitter and MySpace.  Upon finding out, she took action immediately."I am NOT on I am NOT on," Perrette exclaimed.  She went on to say that she does have a MySpace page for her music but that it doesn‘t really add anyone as friends. Read more »
With the seventh season of NCIS not returning until late 2009, on top of that secretly filmed torture scene involving her, TV Guide reports that Ziva, played by Cote De Pablo, doused rumors that the MOSSAD operative will not be returning next season.NCIS big boss Shane Brennan said that come September when NCIS returns, "all will be revealed and you will be surprised. It will come at you from left field."  In a nutshell, yes, the other half of the Tiva tandem will be back. Read more »
Today CBS announced when its fall shows will premiere, and many of thedates are easy to remember because CBS is essentially launching all ofits shows in a single week.  From Monday, September 21 to Sunday,September 27, CBS will premiere all but two of its shows.Those exceptions include the newest season of Survivor, which premieresone week early to allow a two-hour premiere on Thursday. September 17,and the series premiere of Three Rivers starring Moonlight‘s AlexO‘Loughlin which comes Sunday, October 4, one week late to allow TheAmazing Race to have a two-hour premiere. Read more »
While NCIS‘ strong performance in the ratings is already a given for most fans, the CBS procedural is also quite formidable force in during rerun season, which recently went underway in June.  CBS recently ranked as the most popular network for the first week of summer, but not because of its original programming, but thanks to reruns from top-rated NCIS and The Mentalist.  This, despite the relatively strong showing of original Fox and ABC shows So You Think You Can Dance and Wipeout.For the week at hand, CBS averaged 8 million viewers, around 2.5 mil more than runner-up Fox (5.5 mil) and NBC (5.3 mil).  For its part, NCIS has had a strong showing in the ratings since its debut, but it was in season 5 when it became a top 10 program, averaging 15.65 million viewers per episode.  It bucked the trend of decreasing television viewership in season 6, when its ratings showed a slight upgrade in ratings to 17.89, good enough for the TV‘s fifth spot. Read more »
If you‘re a fan of NCIS director Leon Vance, then you‘re in for a real treat next season. Rocky Carroll revealed he will be appearing on both NCIS and its spin off NCIS: Los Angeles next season, TV Guide reports. And judging from the number of episodes, it won‘t be a minor gig for the actor."I‘ll be keeping my normal routine on the ‘mother ship,‘ and I‘ll be doing at least six of the first 13 episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles," Carroll said. Read more »
Entertainment Weekly reports that CBS procedural NCIS is currently hunting for a new agent to include on its roster of operatives. The producers are reportedly introducing a new male agent in his 30s to appear on NCIS early next season in possibly recurring capacity.Names floated by fans include Milo Ventimiglia of Heroes fame, David James Elliott from JAG, Eric Close from Without a Trace, Kirk Acevedo from Fringe, Sean Maher from Firefly, or maybe even Gale Harold, who played Brian Kinney on Showtime gay drama Queer as Folk. Read more »
From the looks of things, it‘s not just Rocky Carroll who‘ll be doing duty when NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles return this fall. Goth forensic specialist Abby, played by Pauley Perrette, will also drop by the NCIS spin-off, showrunner Shane Brennan confirms."She does a crossover and she‘s directly involved with helping us solve the case. It‘s a fun little cameo for her," Brennan said. "We have plans for her to perhaps be in more episodes. And perhaps not just her. I can‘t tell you yet." Read more »
For eight seasons, American Idol has had a steady stranglehold on the top spot of the ratings totem pole. ABC reality competition Dancing with the Stars tried to give Idol some competition last season, but its efforts fell short, notching a few million viewers below the Fox juggernaut.This season, one show will once again try to pierce through Idol‘s mighty armor, and judging from the show‘s ratings history, it just might do so. Read more »
As September 22 draws nearer and nearer, I‘m sure a lot of people are anxious to see how NCIS: Los Angeles will look up. I say a lot, because judging from the ratings alone, there are a lot of NCIS fans who are looking forward to the spin-off of their favorite show and are no doubt hoping that it will be good. But how can you go wrong? After all, NCIS: Los Angeles also came from creator Shane Brennan, who revealed a lot of juicy bits of info about the cast.For starters, Brennan said that the whole show was based on one character: Special Agent G. Callen, played by Chris O‘Donnell. But as we can probably surmise from the original NCIS, it‘s unlikely for a show like this to revolve purely around just one character. NCIS has never been just about Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon. Read more »
But what about Ziva (Cote de Pablo), you ask.Entertainment Weekly reports that NCIS is on a lookout for another female federal agent by the name of Agent Ruiz - someone attractive, athletic, and competent. Ziva, anyone? The character is in her late 20s to mid 30s who "tends to put her foot in her mouth." OK, that part doesn‘t sound Ziva at all. Read more »
Of course, Ziva (Cote de Pablo) survives even if Abbey proclaimed that she‘s "universally absent." I mean, she had to survive right, there‘s simply no way the NCIS team‘s going to break up - again - following the bashing that they got when they toyed with the idea last season. But more importantly on the NCIS season 7 premiere - more important than the absolutely insane 20 million that tuned in - is that it shed light and perhaps pushed the dreaded/adored Tiva storyline.To get you up to speed, trapped in a prison cell, Tony - under the effect of a sort of truth serum or not - asked Ziva how her summer was. Ziva said, rather grimly and with absolutely no clue she was sounding cheesy, "Out of everyone in the world to find me, it had to be you." Read more »
Of course, Ziva (Cote de Pablo) was back, and while it wasn‘t explicitly made clear if she‘s back to the NCIS team, we all know it‘s going in that direction. On this episode, we get the usual murder mystery that involved a cop who was out for revenge - although there was also something going on behind the shadows here.We realize early on that the rescue mission that took the team to North Africa was only the first step of this thing with Ziva; getting her to be back to NCIS was another matter entirely. Eventually, it‘s up to Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to decide if Ziva would be back or not. At least she aced Vance‘s (Rocky Carroll) psych evaluation. But trying to rebuild ties with the McGee (Sean Murray) and Tony (Michael Weatherly) were more complicated. Abby (Pauley Perrette), meanwhile, kind of blasted Ziva since she doubted Tony‘s motives in shooting Rivkin, but then again, she admitted she couldn‘t blame Ziva for reacting the way she did. These two are amazing. Read more »
Looks like Gibbs is still giving Ziva the cold shoulder at the start of NCIS tonight. Poor Ziva is still not given the clearance to do field work so she‘s stuck in the NCIS office. It‘s obvious she isn‘t too fond of staying indoors but since the case is about a blogger, maybe it‘s time to rethink the uselessness of being in your desk.When the Ziva is away, the DiNozzo will play. And Tony espies a lovely detective in the crime scene, and she‘s wearing a scarf. Soon, someone joins in on the "awkward" conversation and raises the possibility of an NCIS cover-up because the blogger released an expose alleging an NCIS cover-up of a murder (that they concluded to be an accident).  Read more »
NCIS tonight opened with a fishing boat inadvertently uncovering the mangled body of a Marine off the coast of Tanzania. It was wrapped in plastic and the only things discernable were a dog tag and, well, the skeleton of the dude. After some checking with state of the art machines and technology, it turns out that the body was aboard the Damacles, the same ship where Ziva was on prior to Somalia. Not only that, the death wasn‘t caused by drowning but gunshots. Plus, 18 more bodies were recovered in the cargo space of the sunken ship which means the entire crew was executed - and Ziva survived.Oohhh, how the plot thickens right, and how convenient for this to surface now, when doubts are being cast on Ziva. Read more »
Still not watching NCIS: Los Angeles? As if its ratings aren‘t awesome enough, CBS looks like it‘s going to try to further bolster the two NCIS duo‘s hold of Tuesday night and maybe convince a few converts from the original NCIS camp by sending Abby (Pauley Perrette) to their West Coast counterpart this November, reports Entertainment Weekly.CBS is still hush-hush over most details of the crossover, but one thing‘s for sure: it won‘t be just a phone call this time, and NCIS‘ dependable lab rat will indeed fly to Los Angeles. But sources said Abby might not exactly have a grand time in LA, since someone‘s going to abduct herThe episode is set to air on November 24. Read more »
We previously reported that NCIS‘ Abby (Pauley Perrette) is dropping by their Los Angeles counterpart NCIS: LA in what some fans think is move to sort of convince more of the original‘s 20 million average viewers to sample the spin-off, which is by no means doing shabby for a rookie show with some 18 million viewers.One of the stars of NCIS: Los Angeles said he was not at all surprised with how his show is doing very well in the ratings, and it‘s all because of the NCIS name.Don‘t forget to catch: Pauley Perrette to Do ‘NCIS: LA‘ - But That‘s Not All  Read more »
You knew something was up with NCIS back in summer when its repeats were tramping new episodes of something as big as America‘s Got Talent. Indeed, while the trend for most television shows is to go downhill after the first few seasons, the reverse had been true for NCIS, now on its seventh season.What‘s the secret? Shane Brennan, who took the reins as NCIS showrunner in season 5, tells The Hollywood Reporter that it‘s a combination of good strategy, persistence, and sheer quality. Read more »
NCIS fans may already know too much about Ziva‘s (Cote de Pablo) daddy and last season we were introduced to Jackson Gibbs, father of, well, Gibbs (Mark Harmon). What about the other people? Entertainment Weekly reports that this season, we will get to know the father of another NCIS agent - Tony‘s (Michael Weatherly).Tony‘s dad is set to grace NCIS for the procedural‘s upcoming 150th episode, airing sometime in January. The character will be played by veteran actor Robert Wagner, best known for playing super rich private eye Jonathan Hart on the 80s crime drama Hart to Hart. The two will reportedly reunite for this milestone NCIS episode. Read more »
Of course the focal point of tonight‘s NCIS is Gibbs‘ (Mark Harmon) returning mentor Mike Franks (Muse Watson). Even Ducky (David McCallum), who is normally nice and all, says he isn‘t comfortable with the "psychological make-up" of Franks and thinks he‘s lying. At first we thought it was something horrible, but later on, Ducky turns out to be right, and he is indeed lying, but the intention is something else, something we didn‘t quite foresee.Somehow, Gibbs‘ boat was found with two dead bodies, and according to evidence, the bodies have been dead for at least three days, the bodies may have been dragged to the boat, and there are bullets lodged on bullets. So there‘s another shooter? The people dragged into the accident include: the head of a private military company where the two worked for and possibly Mike or even Vance. Read more »
On the show and in real life, that is.We previously reported that we‘ll meet Tony‘s (Michael Weatherly) daddy on the 150th episode of NCIS, airing sometime in January. This, of course, is a follow-up to the return of Gibbs‘ (Mark Harmon) mentor Mike Franks this week (which according to critics turned out to be quite an awesome episode).  Read more »
Both Mark Harmon and Rocky Carroll, who play Gibbs and Vance respectively on NCIS, agree that the success of the CBS procedural is due in large part to it being not your typical procedural."You‘ve got to have a thick skin to work here. This is a group who likes to have fun," says Harmon, while Carroll credits the fact that the NCIS characters are three-dimensional, including their quirks and idiosyncrasies. Read more »
This morning the People‘s Choice Award nominations were revealed, andas always, it‘s populism at its best.  On the TV side, the nomineesoften look like the top of the Nielsen ratings list, with a few notableand surprising exceptions.  Shows like True Blood and Gossip Girl crept into the Favorite TV Actress categories while Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show features Lost, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.However, those are the very cool exceptions.  For the most part, the list is full of CSI, NCIS, Grey‘s Anatomy, Two and a Half Men and other top-rated shows.  Here are the major television nominees for this year‘s People‘s Choice Awards. To vote for the People‘s Choice Awards, CLICK HERE. Read more »
The fact that NCIS is currently the highest rated series today apparently doesn‘t escape even the powers-that-be. TV Guide reports that Ray Mabus, the US Secretary of the Navy is appearing on NCIS, although he‘s not playing the Secretary of the Navy, but an NCIS agent. Apparently, Sec. Mabus is a big fan of the CBS procedural, and, judging from the ratings, he‘s one of a multitude.The Navy officer is set to appear on the show‘s Thanksgiving episode called "Child‘s Play" where Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the rest of the team hold off Thanksgiving festivities when a dead Marine comes up. The investigation leads them into the life of a 12-year-old prodigy (Madeline Carroll), who may be the killer‘s next target. Read more »
BuddyTV would like to introduce Jacky Jackman, our NCIS Fan Columnist. This week Jacky is weighing in on McGee and Abby‘s chemistry. If you‘d like to become a fan contributor, click here.I sail the USS McAbby and am proud to say so. I prefer TAbby to McAbby. That can be confusing with Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, Michael Weatherly, and Special Agent Timothy McGee, Sean Murray. It is cute, like this pair of computer crime fighters. I like the course they‘ve set. I can hear all of you Tivas moaning.  There are several website communities devoted to McAbby going on ad infinitum. McAbby is a popular coupling. The pairing of sweet nerd Tim McGee and the gothic Forensic Specialist, Abigail ‘Abby‘ Sciuto, Pauley Perrette, is wonderful to contemplate.  Read more »
Jacky Jackman, our BuddyTV NCIS FanColumnist is sharing her thoughts on what this week‘s episode means for these characters. If you‘d like to become a fan contributor, click here.This week a woman from Director Vance‘s (Rocky Carroll) past shows up in his present. She would just kill to see him again. Vance shot her once in the chest. She got up again. You can‘t keep this girl down. Let‘s get ready to rumble!McGee (Sean Murray) has met a woman too. She likes him and agrees to have coffee the next morning. They are on the fast track to the main event. Well, Tim is a nice guy. Read more »
Jacky Jackman, our NCIS FanColumnist is back. If you‘d like to become a fan contributor, click here.The friendship between Special Agent Jethro Gibbs, (Mark Harmon) and Mike Franks (Muse Watson) is the stuff of legend.This week‘s episode, "Outlaws and In-Laws", examines the things that matter most in life. Things like family, friendship and cowboys. Well, I live in Texas and that‘s what matters here.  Read more »
Jacky Jackman, our BuddyTV NCIS FanColumnist talks about what you can do in the Dark. Or rather what can‘t be done. If you‘d like to become a fan contributor, click here.The folks at NCIS are ‘doing it in the dark‘. Excuse me?The opening credits of NCIS have us looking down a road at the capitol dome. It‘s at the very end of the sequence. Last night we see the capitol as usual when snap the lights go out. It‘s very quick and sets up the episode "Power Down".  Read more »
Jacky Jackman, our BuddyTV NCIS FanColumnist is thankful for the NCIS funny. If you‘d like to become a fan contributor, click here.NCIS reminds me of The Three Stooges.  I‘m not ashamed to say I love the head slapping, mangled phrases and the in-jokes. I‘m not comparing NCIS to the stooges, exactly. I‘m just saying there are a few similarities.Let‘s start with the head slapping. Special Agent Jethro Gibbs dispenses these as needed. The recipient is usually Agent Tony DiNozzo but agents Tim McGee and Ziva David have received a few as well. Nyuk nyuk nyuk.  Read more »
Jacky Jackman, our BuddyTV NCIS FanColumnist returns to talk more NCIS. If you‘d like to become a fan contributor, click here.I know how Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs gets those 25-foot hand-made sailboats out of his basement!Okay I really don‘t know, but it would be fun to speculate.For the longest time I held the belief these boats were just torn apart and rebuilt a bit differently. In the episode "Tribes", FBI agent Langer asks if Gibbs is still working on the same boat. Gibbs tells him he had finished twice and was on number three. Seemed logical he was just rebuilding them again and again. Read more »
There wasn‘t a new episode of NCIS last week or this one, but from the looks of things, people are OK with watching repeats and can do nothing else on Tuesday night. According to ratings figures courtesy of Nielsen Media, an NCIS repeat placed third last week, and even came close to eclipsing Desperate Housewives‘ much-ballyhooed midseason finale that featured that plane crash.For the week of November 30 to December 6, Sunday Night Football was tops with 20.89 mil. Desperate Housewives was second with 14.86 mil, while NCIS attracted some 14.28 million, just half a mil less than Desperate, which in turn registered a notch below its 15.3 mil average this season so far. Read more »
The actress who played Nathan‘s formerly wheelchair-bound wife Heidi on Heroes is set to join the CBS procedural NCIS, where she‘ll have a potentially recurring, long-time guest role as hard-nosed, no nonsense lawyer Margaret Allison Hart, reports TV Guide.Rena Sofer, who was also on 24 as Jack‘s sister-in-law Marilyn, will visit NCIS starting on the show‘s first post-holiday episode on January 5, and her character will reportedly have an ex to grind against Gibbs (Mark Harmon). She‘ll cross paths with the team when her client is suspected in the death of a Navy pilot. Read more »
Jacky Jackman, our BuddyTV NCIS FanColumnist, analyzes Abby. If you‘d like to become a fan contributor, click here.Can you think of a cooler character then Abby Sciuto? No? Neither can I. After I re-watched "Toxic" I‘m recalling what makes her both awesome and adorable.Abby (Pauley Perrette) is a Goth gal from New Orleans. She dyes her hair black, wears red and black clothes and chains or a studded collar. She is a canvas for the art of tattooing sporting a spider web on her neck and a large cross on her back. She has numerous tattoos. Where? You‘ll have to ask Tim McGee. Read more »
As you all know, tonight‘s NCIS episode is a tad bit more special for Pauley Perrette. After an interesting time on NCIS: Los Angeles, her character goth forensic Abby will welcome her best friend, who will be played by her real-life best friend Meredith Eaton.Talking to ET, both Perrette and Eaton talked about how emotional the ride had been, and somehow, the NCIS episode is the fruition of their journey going full circle. Read more »
OK, that‘s a little misleading right there, but from the looks of it, superficially speaking of course, Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) are going on what looks to be a very honeymoon-ish trip somewhere on the January 26 episode of NCIS.This, of course, follows reports that the two are headed out of the country to do some work. Needless, the more enthusiastic (and anxious) Tiva fans are sure they have more than work on their minds. Read more »
Choosing nine great episodes from NCIS is like being told to pick up lunch for the entire office from a great deli. Everything looks so good but you have to narrow the menu. You choose the best on the list with the full knowledge that some people will be disappointed.I‘m here with my top nine episodes of 2009. I did try to take your orders earlier with a poll question on your favorite NCIS moments. So just saying if you don‘t care for the corned beef, well I did ask.  Read more »
‘NCIS makes America look bad to the rest of the world.‘That was a note posted to me by a woman in Italy.‘NCIS makes it look like America is superior to all other nations‘, she went on to say.Okay, I will concede on NCIS some of the bad guys are from other countries. But many times the evildoer is American and part of the military. So I got my feathers a bit ruffled. She clearly had not seen several episodes.  Read more »
Here at BuddyTV, we really like ships. We get invested in the relationships or potential relationships of our favorite characters and we definitely get a bit obsessed. We‘ve already told you our rankings for the Best Ships of 2009, but we want you to be able to convince us otherwise. We decided to put together a video contest for the best (relation)ship of 2009. Simply watch the video below for the rules and then submit your entry.UPDATE: Due to the large number of entries winners will be announced Friday January 15! Thank you to everyone who submitted. Read more »
Were you watching?You may not have noticed but "Flesh and Blood" was a significant episode for NCIS. We met Tony DiNozzo‘s father, the forever-cool Robert Wagner. But there was another reason the episode was noteworthy."Flesh and Blood" marked the 150th NCIS episode. This is no small feat. This is the top rated show‘s seventh season. Many shows never make it that far and are shuffled around to other time slots. (Just ask Conan O‘Brien.) Sometimes cast members find themselves replaced for the sake of ratings. (Again, ask Conan.)  Read more »
On NCIS, we know that Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is made of pretty strong stuff, but will the arrival of his mother-in-law bring him pain?Entertainment Weekly reports that NCIS has cast three-time Emmy winner Gene Rowlands for the potentially recurring role of Joanna, Gibbs‘ "upscale" mother-in-law who is reportedly bringing him a slightly unwanted blast from the past. The mother of one of his ex-wives will shed light on "what happened in his past." Read more »
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Can you believe Mark Harmon?He‘s 58 and looking great while playing NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the top rated CBS drama.So what makes Harmon so sexy? Is it his blue eyes or his silver hair? Maybe it‘s his ageless handsome face? Well to skew Potter Stewart‘s quote, I may not be able to define what makes Mark Harmon sexy but I know it when I see it.  Read more »
It‘s a sort of Tiva-centric episode tonight on NCIS. Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) are sent to Paris on assignment. They have to escort a government witness back to the US, but they encounter turbulence when they learn a hit man may be on their flight home.NCIS executive producer Shane Brennan teased to Entertainment Weekly that "the spark is still there." Read more »
Is American Idol really on its way out? This early in the season, the ratings juggernaut is showing chinks in its previously infallible armor, as rival procedural NCIS is starting to gain ground against it.While Idol still won the night on Tuesday last week, its Los Angeles audition episode was down 12 percent, resulting to 24.2 million viewers. NCIS, meanwhile, while also slightly down, reeled in 20.2 mil, resulting in the closest margin yet between the two shows. Read more »
The verdict is in. At least as far as ratings are concerned, romance on NCIS isn‘t exactly a crowd-drawer, after the sort of Tiva-centric episode last week brought in the lowest numbers for NCIS this season. A measly 20.15 million (measly in NCIS standards) tuned in to watch Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) exchange meaningful looks and lines in Paris, in what was eventually deemed a cop-out for the writers who didn‘t want to anger either side in the Tiva shippers divide.That being said, Entertainment Weekly reports that a romance may be up for Gibbs (Mark Harmon) this season. This early, in fact, they have "started laying the bread crumbs" for the big storyline that will reportedly happen on the second half of this season. Read more »
The only question is when.And if the wait period for the NCIS episode that featured DiNozzo‘s family were any indication, don‘t expect to be introduced to Abby‘s in the near future. Points out NCIS executive producer Shane Brennan: "We waited seven seasons to meet DiNozzo‘s father."Good point. Read more »
Beware! The following article contains spoilers and you may not like it. But then again, you may already know everything. So what‘s going on at NCIS?Plenty and it is good with the fans. In the world of NCIS the watchword seems to be ‘relationships‘."Jet Lag"gave Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) a possible rendezvous in a Paris hotel room. Did we read too much into both Tony and Ziva lying about their sleeping arrangements? We didn‘t according to what executive producer Shane Brennan told   Read more »
We reported previously that three-time Emmy winner Gena Rowlands was cast to bring hell to Gibbs (Mark Harmon) on NCIS as one of his mothers-in-law. Rowlands is set to play "upscale" Joanna, who will bring not-so-pleasant memories to Gibbs‘ very colorful love life sometime in March.TV Guide reports that soap star Leann Hunley will piggyback on Rowlands‘ role, as the Days of our Lives star was cast to play young Joanna in flashback set in the 1980s. Both will reportedly appear on NCIS‘ March 2 episode that will also - get this - feature Harmon‘s own son Sean, playing a younger version of Gibbs. Read more »
It‘s still a good three months or so before the NCIS season 7 finale, but already fans like to know what‘s in store for their favorite show when things come to a close in May. And for good reason, since last year‘s season finale packed a mean punch, the repercussions of which we can still feel up to the present. This, of course, is just a testament to NCIS‘ formula-defying season finales.In any case, NCIS Executive Producer Shane Brennan tells Entertainment Weekly that we can at least rule out one thing from the upcoming season finale: no Tiva-centricity. Read more »
That face. That figure. That knife?Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) is a killer all right. A well trained killer as well as an interrogator with ‘special‘ methods.So what do we know about Ziva?   Read more »
There are very few NCIS fans who love Rena Sofer‘s Attorney Hart character on the CBS show, with most just not liking the way she stood so close to Gibbs (Mark Harmon) in the end of "Masquerade."Entertainment Weekly reports that Hart is set to resurface in the March 2 episode "Mother‘s Day" which is also when NCIS returns. After that, she‘ll be back for at least one more episode. Apparently, even she is kept in the dark as to both how long she will be staying and whether or not there will be something more between her character and Gibbs. She‘s not complaining, though, she says. Read more »
Criminal Minds fans still aren‘t fully accustomed to the idea of a spin-off for their favorite show, but from the looks of things it‘s a go for the Forest Whitaker-led Criminal Minds spin-off as CBS unveils its 11 drama pilots for 2010. It‘s also obvious that the network wants to take advantage of its procedural boom, with the spin-off taking the cake.Other than Whitaker, the Criminal Minds spin-off will also star Matt Ryan, Michael Kelly, Beau Garrett and Jason Wiles. It will be introduced via backdoor pilot this season on the mothership as a special two-hour episode. Skeptical fans of the top-rating procedural can take comfort in the fact that the original‘s writing and executive producing team will be onboard to oversee things; that, and that no one from the original team will jump the fence. Read more »
You NCIS fans must be sick and tired of Rena Sofer news, but from the looks of things she‘s not going anywhere - at least for the mean time.Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Sofer‘s Mr. Gibbs-calling feisty lawyer character will not only be making a return on Tuesday‘s episode "Mother‘s Day" she will be back for "multiple episodes" in May.Is that the sound of groaning? It gets worse. Read more »
He died in her arms."Mother‘s Day" introduces us to Leroy Jethro Gibbs‘ (Mark Harmon) ex-mother-in-law Joanne Fielding (Gena Rowlands). She was present at the fatal shooting of a Navy Captain. Now Gibbs and his team have to determine who shot him and to what extent was a member of Gibbs‘ family involved.I was musing on a few questions myself. Here are some things that struck me.  Read more »
NCIS was making the scene in Los Angeles.The Paley Center for Media, named for television pioneer William S. Paley, welcomed the cast of NCIS for Paleyfest 2010. The Paley Center offers a venue for discussions on the social impact of television, radio and other platforms.   Read more »
It‘s not like we‘re counting votes, but if it did come down to numbers, count Rocky Carroll, who plays Director Vance on NCIS, on the anti-Tiva bandwagon.Don‘t forget to catch: ‘NCIS‘ Fan Columnist: Double Identity RecapActually, scratch that. He‘s not exactly anti-Tiva. In fact, Carroll admits to TV Guide that he does enjoy the "intriguing" aspect of their relationship, but he professes that he rather see things end there. Read more »
The Tiva war is still very much alive on NCIS, more so after both Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo revealed what they thought of the pairing, and from the looks of things, NCIS is determined to take advantage of all the attention by creating even more drama for the divisive couple.Entertainment Weekly reports that Jericho alum Ashley Scott has been cast for an upcoming May episode of NCIS, and Tony (Weatherly) will reportedly take a "special interest" in her case. Read more »
Play by his rules or sit on the bench.Leroy Jethro Gibbs has about 50 rules that he teaches his team. Even though they aren‘t written down Tony DiNozzo can tick them off pretty well. If you want to be on the team you‘ve got to learn the rules.Sometimes one number is assigned to two different rules. There are gaps. Presumably Gibbs will fill those in when needed.   Read more »
We know he‘s joking, but we also see what he means.NCIS star Michael Weatherly has joked to the UK Press Association that NCIS is so popular that is has started rivaling cheese.Don‘t forget to catch: ‘NCIS‘ Fan Columnist: Gibbs‘ Rules"We are, right now, we are challenging cheese for popularity, and cheese is pretty popular - so I don‘t know, I don‘t know if we are going to beat cheese or not." Read more »
Can NCIS Director Leon Vance be trusted? What is he hiding? What is in the CIA file about him? What is his connection to Eli David?Vance is an enigma with more questions than answers. That‘s what keeps his character interesting according to Rocky Carroll in an interview with Blast Magazine.  Read more »
After some Tiva on this season of NCIS, Cote de Pablo tells TV Guide that enough of Tiva, the season finale will be about NCIS leader Gibbs (Mark Harmon).Don‘t forget to catch: Michael Weatherly on ‘NCIS‘ Fame: ‘Watch Out, Cheese‘"It‘s going to have to do with something that he‘s going to be struggling with at the beginning of the next season." Read more »
Pauley Perrette is all that!Perrette is a woman of many talents. Sure she‘s awesome as Abby Sciuto on NCIS. But she has abilities in other areas as well.Pauley‘s written and performed her own music. She‘s had books of poetry published. Been a photographer and a writer. She produces and directs. What can‘t this gal do?  Read more »
Let‘s get this straight. NCIS returns tonight after three weeks, then goes away again for three weeks and returns April 27? "Guilty Pleasure" better be a good one.Tonight on NCIS, D.C. Madam Holly Snow, last seen on the other side of the fence on "Jet Lag" returns and helps Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the team investigate a murder of a Navy officer in the world of high-priced call girls. In the process, tensions erupt within the team, especially when one of them - Tony (Michael Weatherly) - has to go undercover. Yes, this is going to be a good one.Promo and photos after the jump: Read more »
"Jurisdiction" is a trip through the looking glass.It‘s said everyone has a double somewhere. Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) has met his.The investigation involves Navy Master Diver Lt. Michael Jensen who washes up on a beach. The body isn‘t Jensen, however. It‘s a famous financially embattled heart surgeon. The desperate doctor skimmed millions from his corporate accounts. He hired Jensen to dive for Spanish gold. Jensen killed him so that he and the doctor‘s duplicitous wife could take the money. Jericho alum joins NCIS  Read more »
Relish this NCIS episode, folks, because after "Jurisdiction" the next new episode won‘t air until April 6.But before we get there, don‘t forget to catch: NCIS: What Do Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly Think of Tiva?But as usual it promises to be a good one, with the humor that is trademark NCIS. Tonight on the procedural, the team and Coast Guard Investigative Services join forces when a Navy diver seeking sunken treasure is murdered. Yes, it‘s safe to say we should expect a lot of pirate humor and sea-related puns. Diane Neal guest stars as Special Agent Abigail Borin, who spends a lot of time with Gibbs (Mark Harmon).Promo after the jump: Read more »
Can you kill two men with one shot?It helps if it‘s the same guy.A former Marine has been living two lives. Supposed dead in Afghanistan, former Marine First Lieutenant John Mayne has a wife collecting his pension. He‘s been missing for six years. NCIS cast chats about the show at The Paley Center  Read more »
As is perhaps readily obvious from the title, there‘s a case of double identity on tonight‘s episode of NCIS. A Marine gets shot, but it appears that he‘s either living a double life or else is very playful with the women. Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and the team investigate the shooting and uncovers more to his life than anyone would have ever imagined.Promo after the jump: Read more »
The good news for NCIS fans is, their favorite show returns tonight with an episode that will possibly give a little sneak peek into Gibbs‘ (Mark Harmon) love life, albeit a past one. The bad news is, Rena Sofer‘s antagonistic, hard-nosed attorney M. Allison Hart is still on deck. Not only will she stay around until the finale, the Mr. Gibbs-calling lawyer will also "impact the team."On "Mother‘s Day" Gibbs former mother-in-law becomes a witness in a murder investigation, prompting some secrets to arise. In the process, Gibbs must revisit a horrible chapter in his life, with some blaming and pointing of fingers and maybe even tears from the "rock" of NCIS. The promo, mostly depressing, after the jump: Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of NCIS, a Marine is found dead, and the team, plus Tobias Fornell (Joe Spano), sporting some facial hair, hit the open road to bust an illegal trucking operation. So if last week we dealt with a slightly radioactive car with dirty bombs, this week, get ready for a convoy of big trucks.Catch the promo for "Jack Knife" and episode photos after the jump. Read more »
Are you interested in writing about your favorite show? We‘re currently looking for fan writers. Click here for the details. But first, check out Jacky‘s recap of NCIS!"Get Tony and Ziva out of bed."That‘s what Gibbs told McGee to do. Did you ask the same question Tim McGee asked? I did.Of course Leroy Jethro Gibbs meant their separate beds, in separate rooms, in separate apartments. What were we thinking? What do the writers want us to think? Ah that is the question for this part of the season.Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David, will the sparks every fly? So far we have some smoke coming from them. The better to screen what‘s going on between them, if there is anything going on.  Read more »
Are you interested in writing about your favorite show? We‘re currently looking for fan writers. Click here for the detailsAt NCIS they‘re talking dirty.Is it my imagination or are things at NCIS getting a bit hot? Whew. There were some very intense looks exchanged in "Masquerade."Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs has attorney M. Allison Hart in his face again. That‘s very noticeable later in the episode. She calls him MISTER Gibbs. (That makes me think of In The Heat Of The Night, 1967, Sidney Poitier, ‘They call me MISTER Tibbs!‘) Tony DiNozzo would understand.   Read more »
Here‘s how the Paris café scene worked out on NCIS: Ziva (Cote de Pablo) is waiting for Tony (Michael Weatherly). Tony arrives, and says one day is just not enough for Paris and that he gets it why artists thrive on the city.Ziva: This is not a vacation, Tony.Tony: *looks at her directly* But it is a beautiful day.Ziva: Why are you in such a pleasant mood? What‘s wrong with you?Tony: I slept well last night. Didn‘t you? You looked comfy enough.*The two exchange knowing smiles then proceed to hop on to Tony‘s motorbike* Read more »
Are you interested in writing about your favorite show? We‘re currently looking for fan writers. Click here for the details. Look up in the sky! It‘s a bird. It‘s a plane. It‘s...Tiva?Ah Paris. The city of a thousand lights is hosting two NCIS agents. What a terrible assignment. Who‘d want to spend time in Paris stuck with Tony DiNozzo?Not Ziva David. Just ask Tim McGee he‘ll tell you. Tony and Ziva can barely stand each other. They argue and criticize each other all the time. This is far from the perfect assignment for them.  Read more »
Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) are in Paris to retrieve a corporate whistle-blower. Nora Williams knows her boss is scamming the Navy by billing for unneeded repairs to their ships. She intends to see him arrested. Good girl.How awkward for Tony and Ziva to be stuck with this assignment. They‘re in Paris together and forced to share one hotel room.   Read more »
Tonight on NCIS, we get to meet Tony‘s (Michael Weatherly) very naughty daddy - or as they referred to him, "the original Tony DiNozzo" - and we see him making some lightly lewd passes at poor, unsuspecting Abby (Pauley Perrette). On the serious side though, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is worried about Tony‘s ability to do his job when his dad returns and may or may not be linked to their newest investigation which involves an assassination attempt on a foreign prince.Of course, playing Tony‘s father on this NCIS episode is Robert Wagner, best known for his role on the late 70s and early 80s lighthearted crime drama Hart to Hart. More recently, he became known as the eyepatched Number Two in the Austin Powers films. Just a piece of potentially useless trivia: Michael Weatherly played Robert Wagner in The Mystery of Natalie Wood. Talk about going full-circle! Read more »
How about a little jetpack technology to start off the year on NCIS? On "Ignition" a Navy pilot is found dead in a secluded area, and the team must battle a no-nonsense attorney with a hidden agenda. This attorney in question has reportedly an axe to grind with Gibbs (Mark Harmon), so we‘ll know how that will develop. As for the case, the Navy pilot may or may not have been tinkering with some jetpack (hence the title of the episode), so that makes things just a little trickier.Catch the two previews here: Read more »
It‘s the Christmas episode of NCIS tonight, and when the Halloween episode didn‘t appeal well to critics, you hope tonight‘s "Faith" is better. For a couple of things, Gibbs‘ (Mark Harmon) father is making another appearance, and so is Abby‘s best friend Carol Wilson, to be played by her real-life best friend Meredith Eaton. Don‘t you like it already?On the episode, the team tries to solve a case involving a Reverend‘s son and they soon figure out he may be involved in a hate crime. Gibbs, meanwhile, tries to figure out why his father has a sudden change in behavior right before the holidays. Uh oh. As for Abby, who is obsessed with Christmas, her best friend Carol is on NCIS to grant a child a Christmas wish. Read more »
There‘s a city-wide blackout on tonight‘s episode of NCIS, so when the team literally finds themselves in the dark, quite literally. They‘re investigating the death of a lieutenant and an attempted robbery, and somehow, this is connected to the power outage.What does this mean? This means, all of Abby‘s (Pauley Perrette) high-tech gadgets are for naught, and everyone‘s trying to approach the case just like they do in the olden times - of course, reference to Gibbs‘ (Mark Harmon) age will be a running joke. Read more »
If last week‘s episode was all about Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and his legendary mentor, tonight on NCIS, it‘s all about Vance (Rocky Carroll). So for those who like him, it‘s your lucky week. For those who don‘t like him (and there are a lot, judging from the comments), maybe this can change your mind?On "Endgame" Vance‘s family is once again put into danger when an assassin from his past returns to threaten their safety, and the team works on helping Vance face his troubled past. The assassin in question, however, is not just your typical assassin. It‘s the number one assassin the world, the type who‘d dip bullets into lethal poison just to be on the safe side. As if that wasn‘t bad enough, she‘s also a knockout. And she‘s after Vance, his family, or both. Read more »
Missed NCIS last week? At least tonight‘s episode looks to be a good one, when Gibbs‘ (Mark Harmon) job appears to be in jeopardy with his former mentor Mike Franks is involved in a murder investigation - although we know they can‘t fire Gibbs right? Would they dare? On "Outlaws and In-Laws" the team must play family counselor to Franks in order to prevent a bloody international conflict.On the last episode of NCIS, which was also its Halloween episode sans a costume for Abby (Pauley Perrette), some fans thought it was a little letdown procedural- and everything else-wise. The case was that of a prankster who was killed, and somehow Abby‘s lab was turned into a some sort of dumping ground for all of the victim‘s prank paraphernalia.  Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of NCIS, it‘s Halloween already, and a Marine known for his practical jokes is found dead on Halloween eve. During their probe, the team discovers that the victim‘s "good-natured" pranks may have inspired ghoulish retribution. Yes, a little message before Halloween, when the practical joke goes horribly wrong. But that won‘t stop the NCIS people themselves on doing pranks on each other. Oh, and we also see Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen). Read more »
To sign or not to sign?That is what we‘ll find out on tonight‘s episode of NCIS. And to make things more exciting, "Good Cop, Bad Copy" is another Ziva-centric episode. An investigation forces Ziva (Cote de Pablo) to dig up a lost chapter of her life, which currently hangs in the balance depending on whether or not Gibbs (Mark Harmon) will sign up her clearance to return to NCIS or not (of course, there‘s another signature that is oh-so-important in the current proceedings, by the way, lest we forget). Read more »
The big news about tonight‘s NCIS episode is our boys supposedly getting into legal trouble because of a case. I‘ll give you a moment to savor the picture above.On "The Inside Man" a blogger accuses the NCIS team of mishandling its investigation of the murder of a lieutenant, going as far as accusing them of covering up the real crime altogether. To make matters worse, the blogger ends up dead, so the team is forced to reopen the old case to clear the name of NCIS. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of NCIS, it looks like we‘re back to business after last week‘s harrowing affair as the team investigates the bizarre death of a Marine, to which his friends may be linked. However, not everyone‘s in the clear yet as Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is given the final word on Ziva‘s (Cote de Pablo) future with NCIS, although I highly doubt it if it‘s going to be anything drastic.On last week‘s kick-off, Tony (Michael Weatherly) was captured by a Sudanese terrorist and was interrogated on how did exactly he get there (perfect time for a sort of reintroduction and a refresher in one for the whole NCIS experience). He essentially told the story of the how the team worked after Ziva went back to Mossad, how he and McGee (Sean Murray) tried to find a replacement, and how the team finally realized that Ziva was in danger and was therefore need of rescuing. Read more »
Fans of the much talked-about Tiva (that would be Tony and Ziva in NCIS speak) won‘t be pleased with tonight‘s season 7 premiere of CBS procedural NCIS. Tony (Michael Weatherly) and McGee (Sean Murray) are instructed by Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to search for a replacement for Ziva (Cote de Pablo), whose homecoming to Israel had not exactly been the most pleasant last season. From what we know, she was captured by the terrorists in Somalia that Rivkin had been investigating.And true to form, Ziva is a no-show on tonight‘s premiere. Instead, we get a sort of Ziva, same willowy hair, same no-frills demeanor, and wouldn‘t you know it, Tony likes her too! The NCIS team heads back to work, despite the past still weighing heavily on their minds. In one clip, the two special agents interview one Clair Connell from the DEA as a potential replacement for Ziva. She has a firm grip and we know that she had a personal relationship that interfered with her performance in her previous agency. Sounds familiar? Read more »
Tony DiNozzo breaking up with Tim McGee? Say it isn‘t so!Ziva David thinks their ‘man-mance‘ has hit the ‘seven-year bitch‘. Uh, that‘s itch Ziva. Tony is annoyed by Tim‘s little habits. He picks every sprinkle off his donut and blows on his coffee three times before he drinks. A little obsessive-compulsive are you Timmy?A Navy journalist writing an expose on call girls is stabbed to death. Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs brings D.C. Madame Holly Snow (Dina Meyer) in for some help. Holly leads Gibbs to a former employee. Other men killed by multiple stabbings were her clients. Check out photos from this episode  Read more »
NCIS is smoking hot."Ignition" begins with a forest fire. Two forest rangers discover a half burned corps. They flip it over and see he was in the military. ‘Well done‘. Navy pilot Brad ‘Hondo‘ Sayers presumably went out in a blaze of glory.Tim McGee has found an interesting article for his boss Leroy Jethro Gibbs to read. That will have to wait for now. The team is off to the forest.They scout the area and find parts of a jet pack. McGee is giddy with excitement. This is so cool! I saw one fly around Tomorrowland at Disneyland once. Okay maybe I‘m a bit of a McGeek too. Trust me, it was neat-o.  Read more »
Jacky Jackman, our BuddyTV NCIS FanColumnist, recaps Faith. If you‘d like to become a fan contributor, click here.The holidays are a time for family, friends and murder.In "Faith" the NCIS team discover Marine First Lieutenant Thomas Ellis a converted Muslim was kneeling on his prayer rug when he was killed. Some people are called cold-blooded but ‘icing‘ a marine during prayer? Now that‘s cold!Lieutenant Ellis‘ father George Ellis was a Marine Colonel but now saves souls as an ordained minister. Why is a Muslim Marine the ‘son of a preacher man‘?  Read more »
Jacky Jackman, our BuddyTV NCIS FanColumnist recaps last night‘s episode. Or rather what can‘t be done. If you‘d like to become a fan contributor, click here.Dr. ‘Ducky‘ Mallard‘s bird is cooked, or at least it will be.In "Child‘s Play" it‘s two days before Thanksgiving and Ducky has handed out invitations for his traditional feast at Mallard Manor. Unfortunately everyone has plans.  Read more »
Jacky Jackman, our BuddyTV NCIS FanColumnist is sharing her thoughts on this week‘s episode. If you‘d like to become a fan contributor, click here.Last night on NCIS Tony comes into work and hears from M.E. Assistant Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) that Ziva and McGee have spent the night together. Zim? GeeZee? McDavid?Fortunately we don‘t have to think up new shipper names. They were stuck in the elevator at NCIS headquarters due to a power outage effecting all of Washington DC. No power means no technology to help them solve the case. This should be fun. Read more »
Jacky Jackman, our BuddyTV NCIS FanColumnist recaps "Endgame." If you‘d like to become a fan Columnist, click here.What is it about the guys at NCIS that make women want to shoot them? I can understand Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) but Director Vance and nice guy incarnate Tim McGee (Sean Murray)?In "Endgame" Director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) is the target of an assassin. She is young, beautiful and very deadly. No it‘s not Ziva (Cote de Pablo).  Read more »
To be completely honest, I expected a way funnier NCIS Halloween episode. Though "Code of Conduct" was light and had nice moments - for one, Tony and Gibbs repeatedly calling Ziva "probie" - it could‘ve been funnier. Like Abby, for instance, yes, her lab was turned into a some sort of dumping ground for all of the victim‘s prank paraphernalia (and she‘s not wearing costumes because of Vance and McGee and skinny jeans), but other than, what? OK there‘s one - Gibbs had to suddenly slow down impatiently because there were a lot of motion-sensitive stuff in the room.The case this week on NCIS was the death/suicide/murder of a Marine who was notoriously known - in his own neighborhood and even while deployed in overseas combat - as a prankster. In a weird turn of events, his body was discovered by a bunch of young pranksters, his princes of pranks, while doing a prank of their own. It looked suicide at first glance, but after multiple examination of evidence, it turned out that it was something else other than the first clues pointed to. Read more »
You two guys make a cute couple.There are many guy pal duos on television. There‘s House and Wilson on House, Sam and Michael of Burn Notice, Callen and Hanna on NCIS Los Angeles. All buddies who could share a beer, watch a football game and talk about chicks.   Read more »
If you find yourself grimacing or groaning at your television set whenever a girl would lean a little too close to Gibbs (Mark Harmon), you‘re not alone. Rena Sofer, in fact, tells TV Guide that she‘s getting the backlash of an NCIS fandom that is not exactly receptive of the sort of romantic storylines NCIS has set up for Gibbs this season.‘NCIS‘ Fan Columnist: Is The Relationship Over? "One morning, the guard who stands at the front gate of my daughter‘s school said, ‘I don‘t like you,‘ out of nowhere. I said, ‘What are you talking about?‘ He‘s like, ‘What are you doing to Gibbs?‘" Read more »
How do you rate?So you know everything there is to know about NCIS huh.Care to prove it?It‘s a fact NCIS is the number one drama on TV. If you‘re a BIG fan you probably watch rebroadcasts on cable. I do. So here‘s a ‘little‘ quiz to challenge your knowledge. The questions vary from super easy to ‘You‘ve got to be kidding?‘ Most deal with the characters, two are trivia about the actors. (My thanks to super fan Karen Smith.)  Read more »
Entertainment Weekly is reporting that a sequel to the much-discussed Tony (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) excursion to Paris is in the offing, but, fortunately or otherwise, the people involved will not be Tiva.Gibbs‘ Girls Sound Off on ‘NCIS‘ RomanceAs it turns out, it‘s Abby (Pauley Perrette) and McGee (Sean Murray) who are set to take a trip. They‘ll go across the border to Mexico on an NCIS episode set to air later this season. Of course, we need not remind you how close the two are ("You told me it was a box sofa."). Read more »
Why watch NCIS?Besides you and me, over 19 to 21 million people catch it each week. That is million with a capital M. NCIS consistently beats other scripted dramas such as House, Lost and Law & Order SVU in over-all ratings. Why?Let‘s be honest here, the show isn‘t exactly breaking new ground. It uses the same formula week after week.  Read more »
Three great reasons to celebrate at NCIS!Charles Schultz the creator of Charlie Brown said "Happiness is a warm puppy."I‘ve been a little ‘snoopy‘ and discovered that three of our favorite NCIS cast members have reason to be happy.  Read more »
I‘m not lying!Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) walked out on a polygraph test. Director Vance was present. Do you think he‘ll wonder why? You know he will.The NCIS cast members earn awards, honors, and welcome a babyA marine comes to the aid of a person yelling for help. He is shot dead for his trouble. Poor guy walked in on a mob hit. His body is found in the ocean and he isn‘t alone.  A mob informant bound in chains was taken for a dip off a pier. Not your average day at the beach.   Read more »
Beware. NCIS has set sail into the season finale.Ye be warned me hearties. Here there be spoilers.We are traveling into uncharted waters with Brian Dietzen and Pauley Perrette. They‘ve shared a bounty of information. Yeah right, over Shane Brennan‘s dead body. But they did hand out a few hints.  Read more »
We may be looking at different faces in the fall.It‘s almost summer time and that rustling you hear isn‘t leaves in a gentle breeze. These are different kinds of leafy greens. The kinds that make Hollywood grow. Money.   Read more »
Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) is a fanatic.Tony is definitely a fan of ZNN reporter Dana Hutton.In "Obsession" the cold war is heating up again. Dana has disappeared and her Naval Lieutenant brother is dead. The siblings were each investigating past KGB agents. The brother died in a car accident and Dana‘s dear friend Charlie Bascom, a bookstore owner also died in an accident. Coincidence?  Read more »
Will lightning strike on NCIS?Michael Weatherly has made the morning talk show circuits in New York. He appeared on The Early Show and Live With Regis and Kelly. He also sat down with Entertainment Weekly to talk about his contract and the fate of one of the characters.On The Early Show Michael sported a bit of scruff, which wasn‘t bad looking at all. Dressed in a suit and looking very DiNozzo he told Harry Smith season eight was like a dream. The show has become more popular each season. He was afraid he‘ll wake up and they would be filming season two.  Read more »
Abby Sciuto knows a secret.That‘s not good for her hero Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon).There was a murdered Marine who was an assassin for hire killing drug runners. In turn the owner of a biker bar who dealt the drugs killed the Marine. The drug runners had their feet removed and their bodies dissolved in acid. The Marine was killed for killing the others. Gruesome. But for this episode the murder is secondary.  Read more »
It‘s T minus two weeks before NCIS wraps up season 7, and it‘s going to be an explosive finale, we‘ve been promised. We already know that Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is headed south of the border to Mexico to "face his demons."We‘re told that NCIS fans ought to watch out for bits and pieces related to the finale that will be obvious before May 25. Read on to find out! Read more »
Charity begins at NCIS.If you were watching "Borderland", (you were watching weren‘t you?) you may have noticed Abby Sciuto trying to stay out of trouble. Abs was using government bandwidth to make voice over IP phone calls for charity. You did what with what Abby?   Written into the script of "Borderland" Abby tells Director Leon Vance‘s assistant her calls were for Save The Children. Abby was trying to help Save The Children prevent four million newborn deaths every year.  That is a staggering number.   Read more »
Summer is upon us and that means it‘s time to mark our calendars and bid farewell to some of our favorite shows, including Lost, Grey‘s Anatomy, Glee, and 24, just to name a few. To help you plan your TV schedule, here‘s a rundown of shows that are about to wrap up and their respective finale dates. Read more »
Leroy Jethro Gibbs is guilty.And someone is trying to prove it. I hope you didn‘t miss a moment of NCIS last night. You didn‘t sneeze or go for a drink. If you did then you missed Gibbs, as we have never seen him. He is experiencing a situation outside of his control. And he isn‘t confiding in his team.  Mark Harmon is intense playing a tormented Gibbs. He shows the storm brewing just beneath the surface, a hurricane that Gibbs is trying to control. But things are out of his hands. His past is the catalyst for his future.  Read more »
TV saves child!Oh what you can learn from television.The next time your kid asks if they can stay up to watch NCIS, you might just be wise to say yes.Little Nathan Kuhns was on vacation with his family from Australia. It was just a family holiday to the United States of America. They probably went to a large amusement park somewhere in the southeast. I know I would have. Read more »
So what exactly is rule 51? Tonight on the NCIS season finale, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) heads to Mexico to face his demons and makes a startling decision. Gibbs had not been himself lately on the CBS procedural -- guilty, some would say, and tormented about something that happened 20 years ago. And someone is trying to prove it.‘NCIS‘ Finale Spoilers and NewsPromo after the jump: Read more »
Leroy Jethro Gibbs is in his 40s.That‘s not good. Two weeks ago in "Borderland" Gibbs (Mark Harmon) told Abby Sciuto, ‘rule 40‘.  "If it seems like someone is out to get you, they are," Abby responded. Now we know who‘s out to get him. Paloma Reynosa, head of the Reynosa drug cartel, daughter of Pedro Hernandez. Hernandez was the murderer of Gibbs‘ family.Review Gibbs‘ Rules Here>>> Read more »
Mark Harmon is not Leroy Jethro Gibbs. But he is a team player. Mark Harmon sat down with PBS syndicated talk show host Tavis Smiley to discuss NCIS. He talked about the show being a team effort.  Harmon isn‘t like Gibbs. He doesn‘t have the sharp edge. He isn‘t closed preferring to play his cards close to his vest. He‘s open and instantly likeable. He doesn‘t dole out head slaps. Read more »
Today CBS announced its plans for the fall, and while the vast majority of the schedule comes from returning shows, some of the biggest series are getting new timeslots.  CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Survivor and The Big Bang Theory are all moving to new nights.See More:The CW‘s Fall Lineup>>ABC‘s Fall Lineup>>FOX‘s Fall Lineup>>NBC‘s Fall Lineup>> Read more »