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Here, we posed the question of what Ziva (Cote de Pablo) was doing in a Moroccan bar on the season premiere of NCIS.  The release of some pictures show Ziva in a body-hugging, backless number singing, it seems, in a dark bar.  Previously, NCIS executive producer Shane Brennan assured fans that this question will be answered in the premiere.  In a recent interview, de Pablo divulged that it was the whole singing-in-a-smoky-Moroccan-bar idea was a brainchild of Brennan himself. “They‘ve been toying with the idea for maybe two years of having Zita sing,” said de Pablo.  “From the beginning, I said, ‘No way.‘ I think literally you‘d be jumping the shark.  What else do we have left here? Let‘s make the character tap dance and sing ... Then Shane (Brennan) clearly put it in a way I couldn‘t resist.” Read more »
Almost 18 million people tuned in for the season premiere of NCIS Tuesday night, winning its 8 to 9pm timeslot.  Surely, the show may not be as hyped as, say, CSI, but time and again, it delivers, even egging CBS‘ new drama The Mentalist premiered to a whopping 15.6 million.  NCIS‘ strong debut numbers seemed to even further aggravate the case of the medical drama House, whose already dismal 14.4 million premiere numbers even dipped to 12.1 million on its second.For those who need a refresher, in “Last Man Standing,” Gibbs (Mark Harmon) had to find a mole inside his newly formed team.  Agent McGee (Sean Murray) helped, and Gibbs was able to trace some phone calls between Lee (Liza Lapira) and the dead Petty Officer.  Lee was cleared.  While Keating (Jonathan Mangum) was being interrogated, shots are heard, exposing Agent Langer (Jonathan LaPaglia) as the mole, at least to Gibbs and Vance (Rocky Carroll).  McGee and Ziva (Cote de Pablo) joined Gibbs while Lee scooted out.  In the end, Lee was revealed to be the mole, after all.Potential spoilers ahead. Read more »
"It‘s a great dynamic," Rocky Carroll said of the brewing Gibbs-Vance relationship.  "Now Harmon really has a rival and there‘s not the male-female thing."What surprised a lot of fans on the season premiere of NCIS last week was the fact that the new director Vance would turn out to be a “good guy” after all. He didn‘t have a good start, that‘s for sure.  He reassigned Gibbs‘ (Mark Harmon) original team to different places (and firing Ziva) and then handed him three envelopes marked confidential – introducing him to his new team. Read more »
According to Entertainment Weekly, Agent Lee, that conniving vixen, will be back in the future.  She earned the trust of Gibbs and Vance, after all, who appeared to have absolutely no idea what that girl was up to.Speaking of Vance, Rocky Carroll promises that NCIS will be the same show despite the myriad of changes it experienced going into this season.  For starters, NCIS fans have been very happy with the way last season‘s shakeup was resolved, that NCIS didn‘t wait long to bring the original team of Gibbs back together, but not without a few altercations (read: Lee). Read more »
After returning for a sixth season that attracted 18 million viewers, NCIS continues to reign in its Tuesday night timeslot.  Last week, the procedural drama was the number 1 program in both households and viewers, winning its time period in households (11.0/17), viewers (17.47m), while it finished second in adults 25-54 (5.0/13) and adults 18-49 (3.5/10).  The series was also deemed the most-watched show of the week despite going against FOX‘s House, which pulled in 13 million viewers. Seeing NCIS on top of the ratings chart doesn‘t really come as a surprise given that the Emmy Award nominated drama has become a top 10 program in its fifth season, averaging 15.65 million viewers despite the writers‘ strike.  Remarkably, the show is one of the few that has actually increased in viewership as it progresses, as opposed to most programs, which decrease in popularity as they fade. Read more »
Previously, we reported that an episode of NCIS this season will explore deeper into the character of Gibbs (Mark Harmon) when the NCIS team investigates the ambush of a pair of Marines and the probe leads them to the hometown of Gibbs."Taking Gibbs back to his roots was something we‘ve talked about doing for some time," executive producer Shane Brennan says.  "It was an easy creative decision to make, but a challenging story to tell." Read more »
On the last episode of NCIS, things got quite personal with the team as we got glimpses of Gibbs‘ family and childhood, something that does not normally happen.  We found out where his name came from, his first love, how he got those rules he lives by, yet all in all just got very human with the usually stern Gibbs.  Perhaps, we realized that he can get very sentimental when it comes to family. A piece of trivia: young Leroy Jethro was played by Mark Harmon‘s son Sean.Tonight, the NCIS got back to what it does best, in what would seem like a 180 from last week‘s tear-jerking few seconds between Jethro and his dad.  The brutal murder of a marine (Rob Brewer) in his garage will have the NCIS team and Gibbs find themselves working against FBI Agent Fornell, an old friend of his.  According to the promo, the episode called “Nine Lives” will pit two institutions against each other, the FBI and NCIS.  Meanwhile, someone described Gibbs going against Fornell as “Frasier [versus] Ali, Rocky versus everyone.” Read more »
On the last episode of NCIS, Gibbs (Mark Harmon) reluctantly joined forces with FBI and old friend Agent Fornell.  The FBI was after a Mafia Boss and the Marine who was a key witness was suspected by the NCIS of being responsible for the murder of two other Marines.  Indeed, some evidence cemented the link to the Mafia Boss.  Meanwhile, the Marine escaped from the FBI seeking revenge and eventually ended up killing the Mafia Boss.  Even the combined forces of Gibbs and Fornell were powerless to stop him.  Meanwhile, Ziva (Cote de Pablo) was planning a Tel Aviv vacation, while Tony (Michael Weatherly) found pictures of a shirtless man sailing on Ziva’s desk.Tonight’s episode of NCIS fits Halloween to a tee.  If you liked The Blair Witch Project, then you will surely enjoy “Murder 2.0.”  Apparently, YouTube is all the rage even on the high-rating CBS procedural.  During the week of Halloween, the team gets a murder case unlike any other.  Devoid of any obvious clues, they find a link to a website inside a container inserted on the victim’s mouth.  When they checked the website, they appear to be the first visitor to the site.  What did they find?Little spoilers ahead. Read more »
On the last episode of NCIS, which was called its Halloween episode despite having nothing to do with Halloween, we saw some McGee-Ziva action when the latter saw her pictures on the former‘s desktop.  However, McGee didn‘t seem to be scared of Ziva, who would see the incriminating pictures sooner or later.  As for the case, it was intriguing and unpredictable enough.  We learned that the suspect had been targeting Gibbs all along, leaving clues for the NCIS team, particularly a very creepy website that had the murder videotaped and broadcasted for everyone to see.  Finally, it turned out that the roommate of the first victim was the killer. He specifically wanted Gibbs to investigate the case – not the FBI – because he thought he‘d be famous if he did.  Too bad for him the team intentionally kept his name and photos away from any publicity.Meanwhile, since there is no new NCIS episode today and in the spirit of the elections, Pauley Perrette, the perky Goth forensics on the show, recently released a video advertising his support for Democratic presidential bet Barack Obama and against Proposition 8 that seeks to ban gay marriage on the state of California. Read more »
NCIS didn‘t have a new episode last week because of the election coverage, so the last we saw of Gibbs‘ team was on its supposedly Halloween episode.  On Murder 2.0, the team encountered a serial killer who inserts a scroll with an online link to the video of the murder on their victim‘s mouth.  After a third video was posted, a live stream from inside NCIS surprised everyone.  To make matters worse, a suspect is brought in but died during Interrogation.  Video of the death ends up on the web linking the crimes to a female singer. NCIS stormed a garage but Gibbs realized that it was a setup for them to kill the singer and a man who she appeared to have captive at gunpoint is the real killer.  Finally, Gibbs was given a Civil Service Award but was a no-show and Tony stands in to accept the award on his behalf.So two weeks after the last NCIS episode, CBS will air “Collateral Damage” tonight. On this episode, the most heavily guarded marine base in the world gets robbed.  There will be some sort of class between Gibbs and director Vance when the latter assigns a rookie to help them with their investigation. Read more »
On the last episode of NCIS, the investigation of what initially appeared as a bank robbery had Gibbs (Mark Harmon) questioning his intuition – except for the returning Lee, whom he stared at decisively several times throughout the episode.  He was made to accept a rookie on his team in the person of Dwayne Wilson, who turned out promising and therefore “recommended.”  We also found out that Tony‘s motives for joining NCIS were guns and babes – in jest or otherwise. Now regarding this NCIS episode after the national polls, it was reported that the CBS procedural recorded its highest ratings ever – 18.8 million viewers to be exact.  It certainly came back with a vengeance, increasing its viewership by 1.5 million from its last episode.  At 8pm, it was in serious competition with the hit Fox medical dramedy House, which finished second during the hour.  House‘s 12.9 million was down more than 500,000 viewers from its last episode. Read more »
If you‘re not already familiar with Liza Lapira, you should be. She‘s currently pulling double duty with recurring roles on the smash hit NCIS and the critically acclaimed Showtime drama Dexter. On NCIS, she‘s the murderous mole Michelle Lee, whose secret is about to be discovered by Gibbs, making tonight‘s all-new episode a big one for Lapira. On Dexter, she‘s the sulty Internal Affairs detective hounding Debra to turn on her partner, Quinn.If that wasn‘t enough action for you, Liza Lapria will also be starring in the fourth installment of the Fast and the Furious franchise this summer, and will have a recurring role on the new Joss Whedon series Dollhouse. BuddyTV spoke to Lapira about juggling all of these projects, and what fans can expect to see from her characters on NCIS and Dexter in the coming weeks. Continue reading to listen to our exclusive interview and to read the full transcript. Read more »
On last week‘s episode of NCIS, a shocking revelation came to light.  Gibbs tried to set up an intricate trap to try and catch the mole in NCIS, with the help of Ducky, Abby, DiNozzo, Ziva and the director.  Gibbs sent DiNozzo and Ziva to try and break into a top secret military facility only to discover that it‘s all a hoax, and that halfway through their attempt to break in, the mole set off the fire alarm and managed to gain access to the main computer, which had its keyboard laced with a radioactive substance.  After returning from the operation, the director asked all of the lead characters to join him as he explained that one of them is the mole.  He scanned the hands of everyone for radioactive trace and soon it was revealed that Abby has been in on the plan from the beginning, along with the fact that the team is monitoring Agent Lee, who was forced to trade secrets because her daughter had been kidnapped.  Read more »
NCIS is one of those odds-defying shows that has actually increased in viewership as the series progresses, as opposed to most programs, which decrease in popularity as they fade.  Despite the writers‘ strike, the show has managed to climb its way as one of the top 10 programs, averaging 15.65 million viewers in its fifth season.  To date, it has delivered its largest audience in the sixth season episode “Collateral Damage,” soaring to 18.8 million viewers. Following NCIS‘ progressive surge in the ratings this season, CBS has started to quietly develop a spin-off of the police procedural drama. CBS has yet to comment on the spin-off news, but Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello, who first reported the scoop, reveals that a new brood of naval sleuths will be likely introduced in an episode of NCIS later this season and launched into their own show as early as next fall. Read more »
Previously, we reported that an NCIS spin-off is in the works.  Entertainment Weekly said that a new brood of naval sleuths will be introduced in an episode later this season, and they will be launched into their own show as early as next fall.  "It‘s still in the early stages," a show insider said.  This looks like another CSI in the offing, as CBS might be looking to cash in on the 15.65 million viewers it has on the average this season.  The network, however, has yet to allay some fans‘ fears that the team will be broken up (again) if one or two will be taken out to star on his or her own series.On tonight‘s episode of the procedural, a petty officer dies in a car crash that leads the team‘s investigation into a violent world of underground street fighting reminiscent of Fight Club. Read more »
The year is almost over, and BuddyTV wants to know which shows were your absolute favorites from 2008. We have a huge Showdown featuring 48 of the top shows of the year, from reality staples like American Idol to smash hits like CSI. You can vote for your favorite cult shows like Supernatural, or a small comedy like It‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  We have shows still going strong like Grey‘s Anatomy and shows canceled before their time like Jericho.VOTE FOR YOUR FAVORITE SHOW OF 2008>> Read more »
On the last episode of NCIS, the team investigated the death of yet another petty officer who was killed in a car accident.  As it turned out, the fight was connected to an underground fight club, as he was killed by a man who was blackmailed by some online syndicate.  Now when the man was found dead at the petty officer‘s home, the evidence seemed to point to a fight club partner to be the main suspect.  As it turned out, it was the next door neighbor who was behind the scheme and the married man‘s murder.  Meanwhile, on the lighter side of things, Tony joins an online air guitar contest, which Ziva finds childish.  However, the episode ends with Ziva playing air guitar.Now in a recent interview with Rocky Carroll, who plays tough boss Leon Vance, he said that there really is no way to tell where his character and the show are headed.  "We‘re making up the character as we go along," he said.  Yet one thing‘s for sure: those who think they have the replacement director all figured out will find themselves surprised, he said. Read more »
Previously, we reported that the record-breaking ratings of NCIS has apparently dogged CBS to develop a spin-off and take advantage of this new-found popularity.  The whole thing‘s supposed to be a secret, even if filming the pilot is just around the corner in February.  According to some sources, a new lineup of NCIS will be introduced later this season and subsequently be launched with their own show set to premiere next fall.  Entertainment Weekly reports that this development has in the process derailed the long-gestating Criminal Minds spin-off, much to the latter‘s fans.When the news first exploded in late November, an insider told Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly that the NCIS spin-off was still in the early stages.  The good news for fans of the CBS procedural is that the spin-off is starting to take shape.  After all, CBS is due to shoot the pilot less than a couple of months from now.  According to reports, there is already a set of main characters for the proposed series.  Read on to get to know the new NCIS team. Read more »
On the Christmas episode of NCIS, it was, well, Christmas time but the NCIS team wasn‘t standing under mistletoes and exchanging presents.  The were dragged in to a Metro double homicide case, a very curious one because the fingerprints discovered matched up with those of Ned Quinn, a Vietnam veteran who Ducky pronounced dead over twenty years ago.  Apparently, the team found the very much alive Quinn at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Christmas Eve.  Yet just as it looked like they could just turn him over to Metro, as usual Gibbs being Gibbs sensed that there was more to the case. So no holiday break for the team as they worked through Christmas to discover that Quinn had been a meth addict after returning from Vietnam, faking his death after his house burned down so that his family – an ex-wife and baby daughter – would get full benefits.  He did odd jobs, including setting up Christmas decorations that preceded his being framed up at the scene of the crime.  Using his descriptions, meanwhile, the team was able to discover new evidence to bring them to the real murderers. Read more »
Secrets from ducky‘s clandestine past come to the forefront after he‘s attacked at a crime scene, on NCIS, Tuesday, January 13.David Dayan Fisher (Redline, National Treasure) reprises his role as Trent Kort. Torri Higginson (Stargate: Atlants) reprises her Role as Dr. Jordan Hampton. Read more »