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On Nashville Star tonight, the final four contestants performed original songs. It was Original Song Night.  This was a scary thought, at least for me, going into the episode, but Nashville Star brought the goods tonight.  All five contestants pulled off radio-ready country songs, and there was nothing cringe-worthy – not even in the lyrics.  Does this mean it‘s easy to write country songs?  One contestant, for instance, had only been writing songs for a few months, yet produced a solid country ballad.  Impressive, to say the least.  Five singers performed, one was eliminated, and the dust will settle for good next week on Nashville Star. Read more »
Nashville Star held its final performance episode tonight, and after two performances from each of the top three finalists, there is no clear-cut favorite to win it all.  Gabe Garcia, Melissa Lawson, Shawn Mayer and Coffey walked into the night, all hoping to sing two songs on the show.  Each of the top four sang one song, but only the top three sang a second one.  We got to see video of each of the finalists taking a trip back home and playing a show in front of adoring crowds.  In addition, John Rich wore a flashy as all hell red jacket tonight. Here is how Nashville Star went down tonight: Read more »
Grab your cowboy boots and a good set of earplugs, because Nashville Star is back with a new crop of performers ready to sing dance-worthy diddies or horribly butcher country music classics on national television.  With the new season comes a new host, new judges, a new stage and 12 fantastic new contestants as the whole party moves from cable to the big league: NBC primetime.  We‘ll be here with you the whole way through as the contestants fight to win a recording contract and earn the opportunity to perform at the Summer Olympics in Beijing.The judges traveled from Pennsylvania to Florida to Oregon in search of new country stars, and this year we get to see their cross country journey as the auditions are aired for the first time, American Idol-style.  Young country star Taylor Swift is also stopping by for a performance.  We‘ve got two hours ahead of us full of off-key warbling and songbirds singing sweetly before the Top 12 contestants are revealed, so grab a cool drink, kick back and watch along with us Nashville Star bursts into the limelight. Read more »
The brand new season of Nashville Star boot scooted and boogied onto the airwaves Monday night with 12 new contestants and groups competing for a recording contract, the chance to perform at the Summer Olympics in Beijing and, of course, a brand new truck. There‘s no denying that while the finalists are all talented, on Monday some definitely shined while others didn‘t put their best foot forward.Voting on the Top 11 already went down after Monday‘s episode, with one performer to be ousted during next week‘s first live episode. Here we rank who we think is going to sail through the next round and who is currently on shaky ground. Read more »
The stakes get even higher this week on Nashville Star as the show goes live for the first time this season. In last week‘s pre-recorded episode, the judges watched all 12 acts perform and chose overly energetic Garth Brooks-wannabe Charley Jenkins as the unfortunate country singer who would have to pack up his guitar and head back to the ranch from whence he came.Last week also marked the first time America got to vote for its favorite performances, and tonight the contestants will be called one by one to perform until one unfortunate warbler -- or group of warblers -- is given the heave ho. Also stopping by is singer Trace Adkins, who will be performing his hit single "You‘re Gonna Miss This" with the remaining 11 acts. Read more »
This week on Nashville Star, I was stunned to see that 32-year-old mother of five Melissa Lawson had landed in the bottom two alongside Third Town. While Third Town – a mess of a group that insisted on all three members singing lead and with one member looking like a reject from A Nightmare Before Christmas – more than deserved to be voted off after their low rent county fair rendition of “Elvira,” it was shocking to see big voiced and big boned Melissa standing next to them.Meanwhile, earlier in the episode, male model Justin Gaston appeared to easily move on to the next round despite a thin voice that inspired judge John Rich to exclaim that he shouldn‘t be on the show at all. And yet, with his good looks and sweet smile, there‘s no doubt in my mind that Justin‘s pretty face will keep him around for at least a couple more weeks. Read more »
It‘s pop goes country week on Nashville Star, meaning the remaining ten acts are going to countrify pop hits for our listening pleasure. Let‘s hope they do it better than Kristy Lee Cook did with “Eight Days A Week” on American Idol. Since it‘s pop night, R&B girl group Danity Kane is going to stop by to perform their hit single “Damaged.”Last week I shed no tears when the group Third Town was eliminated, but was roundly shocked when talented mom Melissa Lawson was revealed to be in the bottom two.  After that unpleasant surprise, I can honestly say that I have no idea how America voted at the end of last week‘s episode, but we‘ll find out tonight when the bottom two acts are revealed and one is sent packing. Read more »
Nashville Star gave pop songs a country spin last night, and the results were nothing if not interesting. Any night of music that includes covers of songs by Britney Spears, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and others is bound to be dance-worthy. Throw in a distinct country twang and a bevvy of beautiful – if unnecessary – backup dancers, and you end up with a crazily entertaining night of television.While some of the Nashville Star finalists took classic bubblegum pop songs and owned the stage, others were not quite so successful and left us wondering why they were even this far along in the finals. So who came out on top? And who merely popped? Read more »
Last week on Nashville Star the competing acts took on pop songs and made them country in performances that ranged from surprisingly entertaining to horrible on every front (Coffey, I‘m looking at you).  Despite showing some growth, pretty boy Justin Gaston was given the heave ho by Nashville Star voters.Nine acts remain and tonight each of them will be performing twice.  We‘ll also get to see into their home lives as the performers are treated with surprise visits from their families, and singer Blake Shelton will be stopping by to perform his hit single "Home."  With over 18 performances, this evening‘s episode is just packed with wholesome country goodness. Read more »
Last night on Nashville Star, cantankerous judge John Rich dug into contestant Coffey by saying that he doesn‘t think the singer is country at all. He wondered snarkily if perhaps Coffey had gone to the wrong auditions and instead had meant to go to that other reality singing competition, American Idol.John Rich‘s obsessive compulsive need to bash American Idol aside, it‘s not an invalid criticism. This is supposed to be Nashville Star not Pop Star, after all. However, this same show a week ago invited pure pop act Danity Kane to perform on their stage, and one of the judges is a former pop singer who herself only recently acquired a faux country accent. The modern country sound is more pop than ever before, but how much pop is too much when it comes to country music? Read more »
It was family week last week on Nashville Star, and so the family of Alyson Gilbert got to see her reamed by the judges on live national television before being sent off to languish in the loser‘s pile along with Justin Gaston, Third Town and Charley Jenkins.  I‘m sure that made for a rather uncomfortable family gathering after the show.Tonight, we‘re finally down to an hour of show and Nashville Star isn‘t going to pull any punches -- according to the end of last week‘s episode, one unlucky performer will be kicked off the show within the first five minutes.  This after a whole week of preparing to perform, too, and after probably yet another uncomfortably long pause by host Billy Ray Cyrus -- harsh!  The remaining seven acts will then get to perform before the other lowest vote getter from last week is also told to pack his, her or their bags and get the heck out of Nashville. Read more »
Last night on Nashville Star, two acts were eliminated from the competition. Right at the start of the show, Tommy Stanley was pulled front and center along with front runner Melissa Lawson. It was clear that the Navy boy with the rock edge was a goner.What was more surprising was the end of the show when the two finalists up for elimination were Ashlee Hewitt and Pearl Heart, both solid performers that no one wanted to see leave. After giving one of the best performances of the season, it was Pearl Heart that was told to leave the show, much to the chagrin of the studio audience and the judges. This morning, Tommy Stanley and Pearl Heart sat down for a conference call with reporters, and BuddyTV was there to hear all about how they feel the morning after. Read more »
On Nashville Star, Jeffrey Steele along with John Rich and Jewel has been tasked with not only judging the contestant performances, but with mentoring the acts each week to help with song choice, arrangement, and on how to improve their performance style.  Jeffrey Steele is more than qualified to help find the next big country superstar, as he is an award-winning and hit-making producer that has helped produce music for such huge country stars as Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, LeAnn Rimes and Rascall Flatts, among many others.  He is even a performer himself, having hit the road to perform with such artists as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Keith Urban and Brad Paisley.Yesterday we sat down with Jeffrey to discuss the current season of Nashville Star, how he felt seeing one of the groups he‘s mentoring kicked off the show, his frank thoughts on the remaining performers, and who he thinks will ultimately win.  Read on for a full transcript and audio of the candid interview. Read more »
On Monday‘s episode of Nashville Star, we were shown a behind the scenes video of the duo Laura and Sophie having an emotional argument during a mentoring session with judge Jeffrey Steele.  Despite the backstage troubles, the two teenage best friends came out and performed Patsy Cline‘s "Walking After Midnight" while holding hands.  Later in the episode when the other girl group, Pearl Heart, was eliminated, judge Jewel said that she wished it was Laura and Sophie that were the ones leaving instead.This morning we sat down with both Laura Fedor and Sophie Zalokar to discuss what really went on backstage, how they felt about Jewel‘s comments, and their plans for future Nashville Star performances.  Read on for a full transcript and audio of their interview. Read more »
There has been a lot of criticism this season about Nashville Star with viewers saying that the show lost its country feel with the move to NBC.  It‘s no surprise, then, that one of the biggest frontrunners at this point is Gabe Garcia -- judge Jeffrey Steele even told us in an interview last week that he thinks Gabe will win the whole thing.  Despite being criticized for his lack of movement on stage, there‘s no denying that Gabe seems country to the bone.We sat down with Gabe Garcia on Friday to discuss his experience on the show, how it is working with judge Jewel as his mentor, and what we can expect from him tonight and in upcoming episodes.  Read on for a full transcript and audio of his interview. Read more »
Last week‘s Nashville Star was full of drama and intrigue when we got a behind the scenes peek at the meltdowns of a few of the contestants. Things are heating up, and some contestants aren‘t able to handle the fire.So who was able to dance with the flame this week, and who found themselves toast? Last night the remaining six Nashville Star finalists performed love songs, and most rocked it. Though we were told previously that two more acts would be leaving, in the end only one act flamed out and the remaining five were left to blaze for at least another week. Read more »
Although Melissa Lawson gave it her all on the reality competition show Nashville Star, she didn‘t expect to be crowned as the sixth season champ over Gabe Garcia during Monday‘s live finale.  As the winner, she was awarded a recording contract with Warner Bros. Records, a Toyota Tundra pickup truck, and the opportunity to perform at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing."We‘re standing there and of course it‘s that horrible music that they‘re playing.  I‘m standing next to Gabe and was just telling myself, ‘Gosh, I made it to the Top 2.  This is unbelievable,‘" Lawson told Reality TV World of her unexpected victory. Read more »
On tonight’s season finale of Nashville Star, it was down to the final three singers: Melissa, Shawn, and Gabe. First, Billy Ray Cyrus performed his 90s hit, “Achy Breaky Heart” and the three finalists joined in with him. Afterwards, each took the stage for their encore performances. Jewel tells Gabe that it’s been a pleasure getting to know him and says that she’s very proud of the growth he’s made over the course of the competition. John says that it’s very possible that tomorrow morning, she’ll have a single on ITunes and have her song played on every country station in America. Jeffrey tells Shawn that she’s come a long way in the last few weeks and calls her the dark horse tonight! Read more »
Laura Fedor may not have won the sixth season of NBC‘s Nashville Star but that doesn‘t mean that she doesn‘t have a promising singing career ahead of her.  In fact, the 18-year-old finalist on the reality talent competition series will soon be performing at Colebrook Township‘s annual Homecoming celebration.The much awaited event, which will commence on August 23, will not only feature Fedor, but will also feature her best friend and fellow Nashville Star contestant, Sophie Zalokar.  Fedor was initially offered a spot as a solo artist on the TV show America‘s Got Talent.  But since the timelines of both shows would not permit her to do both, she chose to take the spot with Nashville Star, hoping for better exposure.  Both were eliminated from the series on the sixth week, specifically on July 14. Read more »