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Following the earlier leads of NBC and FOX, ABC has announced its TV broadcast schedule for the fall of 2012. Much of the schedule does look familiar -- only 5 new series will debut in the fall -- but there are some big changes to watch for. Get the ABC fall 2012 schedule scoop here! Read more »
ABC‘s 2012-2013 schedule is full of an odd mix of styles. There are aliens in the suburbs, a Stephen King-esque apartment building, a nuclear sub going rogue, and a pair of shows about country singers, one a soapy drama, the other a broad family comedy.  Read more »
ABC is the latest network to pick up new shows, and its crop is a wide variety of serious dramas, primetime soaps, sci-fi thrillers and comedies. There are shows starring ER‘s Anthony Edwards, Men of a Certain Age‘s Andre Braugher, Lost‘s Terry O‘Quinn and Friday Night Lights‘ Connie Britton.  Read more »
Better late than never!ABC has finally gotten around to announcing its fall 2012 premiere dates. Keep reading to find out when your favorite ABC shows will be back on the air! Read more »
The new show, Nashville, presents the rivalry between Queen of Country Music Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton) and the hot chart-topping crossover singer Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere). While they don‘t respect each other, they are more alike then they realize. The show premieres on ABC next week, but you can watch it early online now. Read more »
The biggest cat fight of the fall hits your television screen tonight. Nashville is about the city, country music, and the struggle to make it in this world. Queen of Country, Rayna Jaymes (Connie Britton), is fighting irrelevance, while Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panettiere) is racing to the top of the charts. Read more »
Nashville, the story of two country stars: one a legend and the other an auto-tuned chart topper. At least on the surface, that‘s what the show appears to be, but it is so much more. There are two rival singers, but there‘s also a mayoral race, dysfunctional family issues, romance, country singer newcomers, and of course the music. Read more »
The other day I wrote about how the CW is a dying network, pulling in pathetic ratings. Well, it turns out all the network needed was a superhero named Green Arrow to save it.  Read more »
Nashville premiered last week and stole the hearts of millions with the gorgeous rendition of The Civil Wars‘ "If I Didn‘t Know Better." It was the perfect song for Scarlett (Clare Bowen) and Gunnar (Sam Palladio) to write together and then sing on stage. Read more »
Nashville‘s second episode, appropriately titled, "I Can‘t Help It (If I‘m Still in Love with You)" picked up right where the premiere left off with romantic and business entanglements, good music, and questionable politics. Most importantly, we got a deeper understanding of the characters and the relationships in play. Read more »
The first two episodes of Nashville were filled with soapy goodness and this week‘s "Someday You‘ll Call My Name" provides deeper insight into the characters, why they have acted like they have, and finally moves the story forward in unexpected ways. Read more »
After a couple episodes establishing the Nashville world, we finally got a glimpse inside what makes these characters and pairings click in "Someday You‘ll Call My Name." The biggest surprise of the night came from Avery and it was pleasant outcome. Read more »
Nashville sure knows how to stir up conflict. Even the one happy moment, in "We Live in Two Different Worlds," when Gunnar and Scarlett got their writing deal ended in a fight. Though, Gunnar did hook up with Hailey and she was all for it being a casual thing. Win for him!This was the first Nashville episode that didn‘t revolve around the music. Rayna‘s performance with Deacon was the only song and it didn‘t take place until around 45 minutes into the episode. I missed the music a little, but all the stories were strong enough that it worked. Read more »
On Nashville, Juliette‘s life and career hit a snag when she was publicly ridiculed for stealing nail polish and then bombed her GMA interview. Will she be able to recover? Meanwhile, Rayna‘s relationship with Deacon and upcoming tour are now up in the air. How will these two country stars deal with the upheavals in their lives? Read more »
Relationships were tested on this week‘s Nashville. On "Move It on Over," whether it was a romance, friendship, familial, business or political partnership there were strains all around. Both Rayna and Juliette struggled with when to let go and when to hold on tight. Read more »
Nashville‘s "You‘re Gonna Change (Or, I‘m Gonna Leave)" was a transitional episode for most of the characters. In each of the main storylines, the character made a decision that will propel them forward in their career, personal life or both. Read more »
The People‘s Choice Award nominations for 2013 have been revealed, and oddly enough, the People‘s Choices have very little in common with actual ratings.  Read more »
The fact that Nashville happens to be my new favorite show on TV this year has surprised me as much as anyone. I‘m not a country music fan and never really have been. I‘ve also tended to stay away from prime time soap operas: I‘m not so big on the whole everyone-sleeping-with-everyone format that shows like Grey‘s Anatomy adhere to. But Nashville has quickly nestled it‘s way into my cold TV heart where usually only Real Housewives and NBC sitcoms reside.  Read more »
Like many Connie Britton fans, I couldn‘t wait for Nashville to premiere. With Thelma and Louise writer and producer Callie Khouri in charge, it promised to be cutting edge, engrossing, unique...the perfect vehicle to showcase Britton‘s talents and give Hayden Panettiere another feather in her acting cap. It was apparent from the first episode the promise would not be fulfilled. Every imaginable pitfall and pothole plagued the script, mistakes so glaring it‘s amazing no one from the director to the actors or set maintenance crew caught any of them and/or had the guts to say, "That really sucks. Viewers won‘t like that." Here‘s the top 10 reasons Nashville won‘t ever become a classic: Read more »
Finally, someone acknowledged that Rayna would be a good influence for Juliette on Nashville. Deacon may have once been a divisive force between the two women, but he could be the glue that brings them together for the long haul. Of course, Juliette responded that Rayna could learn from her too, which is also true. While forcing the two country stars to sing a duet together in "Lovesick Blues" was a strategic move, it worked. Read more »
Nashville blew the roof off the Ryman Auditorium when Rayna Jaymes and Juliette Barnes put their differences aside and wrote a song to perform together, "Wrong Song." It‘s a catchy tune that both country and non-country fans can enjoy. Read more »
By the end of the Nashville winter finale, "Where He Leads Me," everyone had their lives shaken up. Some were presented new and exciting opportunities, while others were left with a messy situation they will have to address. Plus, the big Rayna James and Juliette Barnes tour that Rayna fervently dismissed in the premiere came back up again. Read more »
The Nashville winter finale was full of personal dramas for the characters. New loves were blossoming, while old ones were crumbling. We‘ll have to wait until January to find out what comes next, but in the meantime, we can enjoy the musical performances from "Where He Leads Me."‘Nashville‘ Winter Finale Recap: A Scandal, an Overdose, a Proposal, and Difficult Decisions >>> Read more »
Nashville closed out 2012 with quite a few cliffhangers. Will Rayna and Juliette go out on an arena tour together now that their duet "Wrong Song" is a big hit? Their record label certainly wants them to do it. It‘s all about the money! Both of their personal lives will probably play a role in the decision. As Rayna‘s marriage to Teddy is falling apart over his embezzlement, Juliette proposed to Sean! Read more »
The nominations for the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards were announced Thursday morning, and as always, it‘s a mix of old favorites and wacky new entries. Sure shows like Homeland, Downton Abbey and Modern Family got multiple nominations, but so did ABC‘s Nashville. And somehow NBC‘s Smash got nominated for Best Comedy/Musical Series.  Read more »
It‘s been a long month waiting to find out what would happen next on Nashville, but the wait is coming to an end next week. "Be Careful of Stones That You Throw" is an intriguing title. One stone we will definitely be seeing is Juliette‘s new engagement ring. Nice look of skepticism on Rayna‘s face as she looks at the ring. The comparison of these two singers‘ lives makes this show such a fun ride. Read more »
The 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards will honor the best in film and television from the past year. Hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, the ceremony will air on NBC Sunday, January 13 at 8pm ET (5pm PT).  Read more »
I kept waiting for Nashville to get better with each episode but it‘s still a real yawner, which is rather shocking considering the show‘s creator, writers and cavalcade of seasoned actors. Making Nashville a star could easily be accomplished with some basic, easy revisions.  Read more »
Nashville‘s started 2013 with a bit of a whimper rather than a big bang. While there was movement, "Be Careful of Stones That You Throw" was more of a transitional episode in that it positioned characters on the starting line of their next journey. Now that people are in place, the drama is sure to explode. Read more »
The Nashville winter premiere "Be Careful of Stones That You Throw" was a transitional episode before the big Rayna and Juliette tour starts next week. Scarlett briefly reunited with Avery, but quickly dismissed him after finding out he betrayed his long time friends and band mates. His actions provided the push she needed to recommit to her musical path. Read more »
Nashville is coming back y‘all! After weeks of shallow stories and way too much time wasted on Juliette‘s ill-conceived nuptials, last week‘s episode planted some juicy seeds in the plot that, with the proper nurturing, could add just enough soapy drama to make it a "can‘t miss" weekly treat. Read more »
Changes are coming swiftly on Nashville. On "I‘m Sorry For You, My Friend," the much anticipated Rayna Jaymes and Juliette Barnes arena tour finally kicked off in San Diego and with that will come drama, drama, and more drama.  Read more »
"You Win Again" was by far the best episode of Nashville of the season. It had heart. Rayna and Juliette released a hit record, are on a nationwide arena tour, but they are much more than singers on a stage. They struggle with their families, friends, and business associates. The same could be said of Deacon, Scarlett, Gunnar and Avery. They are still trying to make it professionally, which just compounds their challenges. Read more »
There are potential romances happening all over Nashville regardless of marital status. On "I‘ve Been Down That Road Before," will one of these unrequited loves be consummated with at least a kiss? Scarlett and Gunnar look cozy on the bed in the picture even if they are fully clothed and on their own sides. Now that Rayna will be on the road with Deacon, their relationship is sure to get complicated. And, with Teddy at home alone, will Peggy make her move? Read more »
After a few weeks off, Nashville returns tonight in one of the most anticipated episodes, "I‘ve Been Down That Road Before." Will Scarlett finally succumb to Gunnar‘s charms? And, what about her uncle, Deacon, could he reignite the fire between him and his true love, Rayna? Televisions may blow up across the nation if both of those fiery connections are made   Read more »
Every Nashville episode so far has built up to "I‘ve Been Done That Road Before," when people started taking responsibility for their lives, moved forward, and took action. There were kisses, fights, risks taken, moves made, and hearts broken. The hour was also filled with tons of music and all of it amazing.  Read more »
One of the highlights of watching Nashville each week is hearing new songs and amazing performances. Country fan or not, the music hits the hearts of the show‘s fans. This week on "I‘ve Been Down That Road Before," Juliette Barnes (Hayden Panetierre) sang two very different songs. The first was a highly coordinated act with dancers and sparkles,while the second was a beautiful song she wrote and performed with Deacon. ABC has released the music videos for both songs. Whether you liked both or only one, you can enjoy them over and over again!  Read more »
On Nashville, Rayna and Juliette deal with the ramifications of the decisions they made or were made on their behalf in "There‘ll Be No Teardrops Tonight." Will they make things better or worse for themselves? Back in Nashville, Gunnar gets an unexpected guest and Avery struggles with his career decisions. Read more »
On Nashville, Rayna continued to deal with the aftermath of troubles with the two loves of her life, Teddy and Deacon. The first wanted a divorce, the other wanted her. It would seem like perfect timing, but in "There‘ll Be No Teardrops Tonight" it definitely wasn‘t. While Rayna had personal issues to contend with, Juliette‘s issues were professional. It‘s probably a good thing the tour was headed on a hiatus. Read more »
On hiatus from the tour, Rayna and Juliette have plenty to deal with in their personal lives back in Nashville. On "Dear Brother," that includes a big birthday bash for Deacon. With his friends and family there, it should be full of incredible music and heartening moments. Read more »
Everyone‘s back in Nashville and it‘s party time! On "Dear Brother," Juliette decided to throw Deacon a birthday party at The Bluebird Cafe and recruited Scarlett to help get him there. It was happening night with a full house with musicians, friends, and family. Elsewhere, there was plenty of trouble to be had with a divorce, a gun, a lonely guy, and a death. Read more »
ABC may not be in last place, ratings-wise, among the networks (that dishonor goes to NBC), but they‘re closing out the announcements for this spring‘s season finale dates. Most of their shows end in May, as usual, with The Neighbors and Suburgatory ending in March and April, respectively. Read more »
Nashville returns from hiatus this week with an episode called "When You‘re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts." BuddyTV spoke to showrunner Dee Johnson at this month‘s Paleyfest event about what fans can expect to see in the rest of the season.   Read more »
Nashville continues this week after a short hiatus, with an episode called "When You‘re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts." BuddyTV spoke to star Charles (though he said he prefers "Chip") Esten at this month‘s Paleyfest event   Read more »
Nashville returned from a short hiatus this week with an episode that saw most of the characters taking steps forward in their lives. Earlier this month, BuddyTV spoke to stars Clare Bowen and Jonathan Jackson about the challenges their characters are going to face the rest of this season.   Read more »
Nashville returned with "When You‘re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts" after a hiatus that seemed to last forever. Even though time passed in the real world, the show picked up right where it left off. Gunnar‘s grieving for his brother. Rayna and Teddy are working through their divorce. Juliette continues to have trouble communicating with her mother and is dissatified with her career. And, Deacon has a dog ... with no name. Read more »
Nashville ended "I Saw the Light" in rare fashion with all the main characters in a relatively good spot. Well, discounting Lamar‘s situation of course, though that at least left this viewer happy. After a short break, Rayna and Juliette were back on tour in New York for three shows and had their families with them. Read more »
In the aftermath of Lamar‘s heart attack on Nashville, Rayna‘s tour and relationships were thrown into turmoil. Meanwhile, Juliette reverted back to making questionable decisions regarding her personal relationships and on the tour. "My Heart Would Know" was full of revealed secrets and new beginnings. Read more »
Nashville returns with the first of its last three episodes of the season tonight in "Take These Chains from My Heart." Romance is in the air on the tour! Juliette and Dante continue their personal and professional relationship, even though it creates a divide on her tour. Meanwhile, Rayna‘s heart is free, but who will take it? Read more »
Love and heartbreak were in the air on Nashville this week in "Take These Chains from My Heart." The heart wants what the hearts wants, right? Truths were revealed and some lead to romance, while others caused pain, but did everyone make the right decision? Read more »
On Nashville, it‘s the morning after Rayna declared her feelings for Deacon and it really happened. They slept together! Though based on the episode‘s title, "Why Don‘t You Love Me," it may be premature to get overly excited about the reunited couple. Or, could it be referring to another pair of non-lovebirds? Perhaps, it‘s a reference to the awkward situation between Will and Gunnar. Read more »
Shout it from the roof, Rayna and Deacon are absolutely adorable together on Nashville. Not that there was ever a question about that. They have oozed chemistry since the show‘s premiere and when they woke up the morning after, they didn‘t disappoint. Meanwhile, Juliette‘s life spiraled out of control, as she asked, "Why Don‘t You Love Me?"  Read more »
ABC has been a little late to the game in terms of announcements for the 2013-2014 TV season. While the other four major networks have revealed almost all of their renewals, cancellations and new pick-ups, ABC has been completely silent. Until now.The network has officially renewed many returning shows, including freshman hit Nashville and bubble comedy Suburgatory. Sadly, it also cancelled one of the funniest shows on TV, the low-rated Happy Endings, as well as five other shows. It has also picked up the high-profile series Marvel‘s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. produced by Joss Whedon, the Rebel Wilson comedy Super Fun Night and more. Read more »
On Nashville, Rayna and Deacon reunited after over a decade apart. The question is whether or not they can sustain their romance or if they will let outside factors interfere in their happiness. While they bask in the glow of their renewed relationship, Juliette continues to struggle with the aftermath of her relationship with Dante. Read more »
Good fortune seems to come with knockdowns on Nashville. No one is allowed to be too happy, while the level of despair has no bottom. In "A Picture From Life‘s Other Side." Rayna‘s happiness with Deacon was too good to be true, right? While Juliette‘s current troubles were made permanent when a sacrifice was made. Read more »
ABC is the third network to announce its schedule for Fall 2013, featuring eight new shows and nearly all of its current ones staying in the same time slots. However, there‘s one giant show missing: Dancing with the Stars: The Results.  Read more »
Oftentimes, a television show will drag out a secret well past the expiration date, but that‘s definitely not the case on Nashville. On the season finale, "I‘ll Never Get Out of This World Alive," the 13-year secret of Maddie‘s paternity will be exposed when she goes searching for her real father. Read more »
It doesn‘t matter whether they‘re on television or in movies -- teenagers love vampires. Though it shouldn‘t come as a surprise, it‘s now made official. In the first set of surfboard nominations for the Teen Choice Awards, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 leads the field with seven, and The Vampire Diaries is not far behind with five. Read more »
Nashville crashed in its first season finale ... literally and figuratively. "I‘ll Never Get Out of This World Alive" pulled out plenty of cliffhangers, but none of them were original. Instead, the show took the easy path and ended with typical tropes: a pregnancy, a proposal, and a car crash. Read more »
While the Nashville season finale was filled with tragedy and heartbreak, the episode offered up a couple gorgeous songs to fit the tone. ABC has released the full performances for Avery and Scarlett‘s duet "Moon in High" and the heartwrenching song from Juliette that accompanied the closing montage, "Nothing In This World." Read more »