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Tonight My Name is Earl returns to NBC for two back-to-back new episodes starting at 8pm. Earl spent last season in jail, in a coma, and then married, but this year’s goal seems to be getting back to the list. My Name is Earl is returning to its roots of having Earl help the people on his list, and the first two episodes back are as hilarious as ever, thanks to some brilliant guest stars.In the first episode, Seth Green stars as a would-be Ed Wood who asks Earl to help him film a movie. The result is movie-making mayhem with Earl as the producer, Green as the star and director, and the whole town of Camden as the cast and crew.Spoiler Warning: This article contains details about tonight‘s one-hour premiere. Read more »
It seems that Jason Priestley will be playing Brandon after all.  But it‘s not on the spin-off series spawned from the original teen drama that catapulted him to fame in the early 1990s.  At present, the 39-year-old actor is keeping himself behind the camera as the director of an episode of 90210.  Nevertheless, he hasn‘t denied himself playing Brandon all together.  According to Access Hollywood, the Beverly Hills 90210 alum will be making a guest appearance on NBC‘s My Name Is Earl.Best known as the virtuous Brandon Walsh on Beverly Hills 90210, Priestley will portray Brandon, Earl‘s (Jason Lee) more successful and attractive cousin, who we first meet in a flashback to Earl and Joy‘s first wedding anniversary.  On that memorable day, viewers will learn, Earl discovered that prior to his marriage, Joy had a steamy affair with his cousin. Read more »
We reported last time that Beverly Hills 90210 alum Jason Priestley will be playing Brandon – not on its supposedly modern and hip remake on the CW, but on the NBC sitcom My Name is Earl.  He will, however, direct an episode of 90210 so who‘s to say reprising his role as Brandon Walsh is not far behind?On tonight‘s episode of My Name is Earl called “Quit your Snitchin,” Earl (Jason Lee) discovers that he is no longer covered by the criminal code of ethics when someone steals Randy‘s (Ethan Suplee) birthday present from him.  He then struggles with the idea of going to the police, despite Joy‘s (Jaime Pressly) protests that snitches are the lowest of the low. Read more »
If you still haven‘t come up with a good outfit to go trick-or-treating in this year, BuddyTV offers our top 10 suggestions for TV-related Halloween costumes.<<PREVIOUS     |     NEXT>>Guys are generally lazy and like to do as little work as possible to prepare a Halloween costume. In that spirit, My Name is Earl‘s Earl Hickey is the perfect TV character to be. All you need are some blue jeans, a t-shirt, a flannel shirt, and a caterpillar to tape to your upper lip. Any excessively furry or hairy object will achieve Earl‘s trademark ‘stache, but a black caterpillar seems the most obvious choice. Read more »
When My Name is Earl premiered in 2005, it attracted 14.9 million viewers in the United States, earning a 6.6 rating.  By the airing of the third episode, it was apparent that the sitcom was one of NBC‘s highest rated new fall offerings.  Thus, a second full season was ordered.  Now, in its fourth season, the show continues to humor fans with its colorful characters and Earl‘s quest for self-betterment, all while sustaining favorable numbers.  And while the cast and crew have certainly worked hard to deliver such a hit show, lead star Jason can‘t help but feel that‘s probably because of good karma. Read more »
BuddyTV picks the top 15 places to grab a bite with our favorite TV restaurants.<<PREVIOUS     |     NEXT>>The people of Camden may not be that bright, but they love their beer and crabs. There‘s a danger of getting involved in a bar fight at the Crab Shack, but if not, you‘ll enjoy some delicious crustaceans served by the Crabman himself. Wash them down with a cold beer and you‘re guaranteed a fun night out. Read more »
Desperate Housewives‘ Fairview and All My Children‘s Pine Valley aren‘t the only towns that have been hit by a series of tornadoes.  Tonight on My Name is Earl, catastrophe strikes Camden County in the episode called “Nature‘s Game Show.”Read on to find out what‘s in store for tonight‘s installment. Read more »
BuddyTV‘s running a special feature on all of the wonderfully unique families on TV. Within the feature, there‘s a chance to win a flat-screen TV as well as a couple of Showtime prize packages with DVD sets for Dexter season 2, Penn & Teller: BS! season 5, Californication season 1, The L Word season 5, and The Tudors season 1. TV families always seem to be more interesting than our own. In fact, they‘re never normal. At one point or another, we‘ll all wished to be a part of some imaginary clan. Something deep inside draws us to the craziness, the tenderness or the drama. So we salute all these unique TV families. Read more »
My Name is Earl is back tonight with yet another new episode.  Last time we saw the Camden County gang, Earl found out that Joy has continued a scam they started years ago and has recruited her friends to be a part of it so he made it his mission to cross the conned man off his list.  This week, Earl gets a lesion in tough love in the episode called “Got the Babysitter Pregnant.” Read on for a preview of tonight‘s My Name is Earl. Read more »
As implied on the title of tonight‘s finale of My Name is Earl - "Dodge‘s Dad" - we will probably get to know who he is, as Earl (Jason Lee) searches for him, despite Joy‘s protests.  On a preview clip, this was explained as stemming of a career day gone bad.   Narrating, Earl says, "Every year, Dodge‘s school had a day where a few of the parents came in and talked about their careers.  They call it career day.  This year was Darnell‘s (Eddie Steeples) turn and he is a little nervous." In the dry run, he introduced himself as the crab man, which we know he is.  He also said he used to work for a clandestine government agency. Then Joy (Jaime Pressly) comes in and tells the three that Dodge wants Earl to go to career day because he says "everybody else is going to have their real daddies there" which means Dodge still doesn‘t know that Earl is not her real father.  The career day looks like it doesn‘t go as planned, with one British kid calling Earl‘s parenting as "bullocks."  "You have to tell Dodge the truth," Earl tells Joy. Read more »
After its initial announcement last month about the shows it would pick up, today NBC revealed its official 2009-2010 schedule and also made several official cancellations.My Name is Earl and Medium are both gone, though there are possibilities that both shows could be picked up by rival networks.  For My Name is Earl, it‘s especially difficult since the season ended with a cliffhanger.More Fall Lineups:FOXABCNBCCBSThe CW Read more »
It‘s surprisingly hard to find new updates on How I Met Your Mother nowadays so I‘ve decided to focus on what appears to be the next biggest brainchild of series creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas. Livin‘ on a Prayer, as reported previously, is a CBS comedy pilot about a couple, Tommy and Gina, who are dating and contemplating the next stage of their relationship. It‘s shot in the same manner of How I Met Your Mother but the setting takes place in Pittsburgh. Read more »
Looking for some tasty TV news in 300 words or less? Here you go -- now in available in bite-size! My Name is Earl Raises Hope Jason Lee, currently starring on TNT‘s Memphis Beat, is set to guest star on FOX‘s Raising Hope as Smokey Daniels, a has-been rock star hired as the headliner for "Grocery-Palooza." In the episode, "Burt Rocks," Burt will play backup for Smokey, one of his musical idols. And as an awesome little tie-in, creator of Raising Hope, Greg Garcia, also created Lee‘s former show My Name is Earl. Even more awesome tie-in: Did you catch the My Name is Earl reference in the Raising Hope premiere? A newscaster mentioned a "small-time criminal who completed his list of amendments." So subtle, so brilliant -- which is why we‘re stoked that Hope‘s been picked up for a full season. [Zap2It] Read more »
Simply put, there are few comedies on TV funnier than Raising Hope. And there hasn‘t been much of that particular kind of funny lately. Fortunately for the comedic level of our television experience, Raising Hope returns tonight. Read more »
Fox has made an early decision about shows for its 2011-2012 season. Five existing shows -- dramas Human Target, The Chicago Code, and Lie to Me, and comedies Traffic Light and Breaking In -- will not be returning in the fall. Taking their place will be two new dramas, The Finder and Alcatraz, as well as two comedies, I Hate My Teenage Daughter and The New Girl. Read more »