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No wonder Tony Shalhoub plays his role as detective Adrian Monk in the comedy Monk so well.  Like his character, he is also a perfectionist.Shalhoub talked to the Detroit Free Press about his early days working as a waiter.  “I was always on the verge of being fired because the manager kept saying, ‘You have to go faster!‘” he said.  “I wanted to make sure everything was right.  And you didn‘t want to throw food at these people.  I would say, ‘Are the people complaining?‘  They‘d say, ‘No, we just see you‘re not working too fast enough.‘  I just wanted to make sure I had it all right.” Read more »
Monk fans are well aware that fear is no obstacle to becoming an established genius.  Adrian Monk might not know it, but there are others who are vying for the same title of genius as well.  Airing tonight on the USA Network is the second episode of Monk‘s seventh season, entitled “Mr. Monk and the Genius.”  In tongith‘s installment, the brilliant detective Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) is set to go up against a chess genius, a character fashioned after Bobby Fisher.  This man seems to be trying Monk‘s patience, even being two steps ahead of our gifted protagonist.  However, what this chess master doesn‘t know is that Monk suspects him of killing Trudy, his wife.  The two also match wits against one another in a dirty game of chess. Read more »
Tony Shalhoub, as the title character on the USA series Monk, is no stranger to Emmy Awards.  He has won the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series three times in 2003, 2005, and 2006 (not to mention a Golden Globe and two SAG‘s).  For the sixth time, Shalhoub was once again nominated for an Emmy for his role as obsessive detective Adrian Monk.  This time, however, some say the competition is even tougher.The field includes Steve Carrel, The Office; Lee Pace, Pushing Daisies; Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock; and Charlie Sheen, Two and a Half Men. Read more »
While some celebrities like to get their names on tabloids for all the wrong reasons, a number of others are exerting their time and efforts towards meaningful causes such as charity fund-raisers and awareness events.  Such is the case for Hector Elizondo, who plays Dr. Neven Bell in the hit USA series, Monk.  In fact, the 71-year-old Emmy-award winning actor will join California’s second lady, Patricia Garamendi will be headlining an event called the 3rd National Concepts in Care Conference sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.  The event will take place in San Francisco on September 18.Elizondo, who also recently appeared in the series Cane as Pancho Duque, will be speaking to audiences about his experiences caring for his mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, a fact he shares with Garamendi. Read more »
When Monk returns with new episodes, viewers can expect several guest stars to add zing to the police procedural dramedy.  One of which is actor Steve Zahn, whose first big break came when he was cast in the 1994 film Reality Bites. But unlike the rest of Monk‘s guest actors this season, Zahn‘s appearance is quite special. Read on to find out what‘s in store for Steve Zahn on Monk.Warning: Spoilers ahead!!! Read more »
Sci Fi and USA networks welcome the New Year with new episodes of their signature series.  According to The Futon Critic, which has exclusively confirmed the networks‘ plans, Monk and Psych will resume their current seasons on Friday, January 9 at 9/8c and 10/9c, respectively.Psych, which stars James Roday a young crime consultant for the Santa Barbara, California Police Department whose "heightened observational skills" him to convince people that he is psychic, has recently been renewed by the USA network for a fourth season after a record-breaking summer.  Monk, on the other hand, is presently on its seventh season and has just reached the 100th episode milestone before the show went into a summer season hiatus. Read more »
The end is near for Adrian Monk.  The defective detective will soon solve his last case as USA network decided to put an end to the long-running comedy Monk for its eighth and final season, which will kick off next summer, according to The Hollywood Reporter.Starring Tony Shalhoub as a private detective who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder, Monk has won numerous awards, including an Emmy and Golden Globe for the lead star‘s performance, and continues to be one of the top programs on cable, averaging 5 million viewers in its most recent season. Read more »
From USA‘s official press release:While investigating a murder at a museum of oddities, Monk befriends a warm older woman, but he has trouble believing the friendship comes without a catch. Read more »
From USA Network‘s official press release:Monk has scored tickets to the biggest football game of the year, but he and Captain Stottlemeyer can‘t go inside until they figure out who tried to blow up a fan in the parking lot. Read more »
From USA Network‘s official press release:When a childhood bully who terrorized Monk hires the detective to trail his wife, whom he suspects of infidelity, Monk relishes the opportunity to prove him right -- and things get even sweeter when the bully is accused of murder. Noah Emmerich and Julie Bowen guest star in "Mr. Monk and the Bully" Friday, February 6 at 9/8C on USA Network. Read more »
From USA Network‘s official press release:Monk goes head-to-head with a magician he suspects of murder. Read more »
From USA Network‘s official press release:When the parking garage where Monk‘s wife was killed is set for demolition, Monk intervenes -- but soon finds himself investigating the disappearance of a city official key to preserving the site. Read more »
This summer, get ready to say goodbye to one of the most successful series in basic cable history.  As reported previously, the USA network decided to put an end to the long-running comedy Monk for its eighth and final season.  But before the defective detective solves his last case, he‘ll be reuniting with a long lost friend. According the network‘s press release, original cast member Bitty Schram will be reprising her role as Sharona for a guest appearance during the eighth and final season of Monk.  Read more »