Articles for Monk Season 6

Many consider Friday the 13th as bad luck, but actor Tony Shalhoub is convinced otherwise. The sixth season premiere of the hit reality series, Monk, will air tonight at 9pm on the USA Network, and as daunting as the ominous date may seem, Shalhoub feels it is just the right way to start off the season. Read more »
USA Network rolled out a double-shot of season premieres Friday night – Monk returned for its sixth season, while Psych was on tap for its sophomore season. Even though both shows are dramedy detective shows, they each have their own distinctive quirks that set them apart. Monk, the more senior show, kicked off its new season by bringing back one of their strongest guest stars – Sarah Silverman as the Monk-obsessed fan Marcy Maven. Marcy needs Monk‘s help when her dog Otto is accused of killing her neighbor‘s wife by mauling her to death. The tricky part is that her dog died three days before the lady died. Even trickier, Monk doesn‘t want her anywhere near him. Read more »
Jason Gray-Stanford will be marking his first big screen exposure after landing the role of Lieutenant Randy Disher on the television series Monk. He‘ll be featured in film written and directed by Jeffrey Daniel Phillips called Otis E.The Monk actor plays Officer Nelson, joining lead stars Kevin Durand, Tammy Trull, David Diaan and Michael Shamus Wiles. Read more »
Tony Shalhoub as Adrian Monk, the defective detective, suffers from insomnia on tonight‘s season finale entitled “Mr. Monk Is Up All Night.”  In typical Monk fashion, the REM-deprived Adrian manages to dive into another mystery as he struggles to regain his ability to slumber. When Monk collides with an unfamiliar woman on the street, his nocturnal habits are thrown into chaos and the obsessive-compulsive sleuth is unable to sleep for days.  Short of driving even a home shopping network host insane, Monk visits his shrink, Dr. Charles Kroger, played by Stanley Kamel. Read more »
USA‘s Monk may be on hiatus until January but that doesn‘t mean that the network can‘t give its fans a treat this holiday season.  Tonight, the Emmy Award-winning comedy drama will be airing a brand new episode entitled “Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa,” which is expected to deliver its usual brand of silly humor with a Christmas twist.In “Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa,” Monk becomes a social pariah when he finds himself in a showdown with Santa Claus.  Comedy ensues as he attempts to foil for a larger criminal plot just in time for Christmas. Read more »
NBC, the network in the worst shape going into the writers in regards to quantity of available original content, are bringing two of their cable series up to the big leagues.  USA, a member of the ever-expanding NBC Universal clan, will see both Monk and Psych move from the relative anonymity of basic cable to network television in March 2008.  The series will air on NBC Sunday nights.  Both Monk and Psych will be airing original episodes on USA beginning this January.  Those new episodes will the be re-purposed for NBC and re-aired on the mother network beginning in March.  Read more »
Tonight, Monk‘s sixth season resumes with an episode called "Mr. Monk Joins a Cult," and who better to guest star in a series about an obsessive-compulsive private investigator than Deal or No Deal host Howie Mandel, who, funnily enough, suffers from OCD in real life. For those who want to find out more about Monk‘s midseason premiere, read on for a preview and some mild spoilers. Read more »