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Following the earlier leads of NBC and FOX, ABC has announced its TV broadcast schedule for the fall of 2012. Much of the schedule does look familiar -- only 5 new series will debut in the fall -- but there are some big changes to watch for. Get the ABC fall 2012 schedule scoop here! Read more »
ABC‘s 2012-2013 schedule is full of an odd mix of styles. There are aliens in the suburbs, a Stephen King-esque apartment building, a nuclear sub going rogue, and a pair of shows about country singers, one a soapy drama, the other a broad family comedy.  Read more »
Better late than never!ABC has finally gotten around to announcing its fall 2012 premiere dates. Keep reading to find out when your favorite ABC shows will be back on the air! Read more »
ABC is targeting women this summer with a double dose of sexy, salacious shows Monday nights.The Bachelorette will begin season 9 on Monday, May 20 from 9-11pm, most likely following the final performance show of Dancing with the Stars. It will move to its regular time slot, 8-10pm, starting May 27.  Read more »
A week from today, ABC will launch its new summer series, Mistresses, about the lives and loves of four beautiful, intelligent women. I was fortunate enough to speak with one of the show‘s stars, Rochelle Aytes, who answered our questions about her character and what viewers can expect from the new ABC drama.  Read more »
It needs to be pointed out how ABC has been portraying women in their shows by the show‘s title: Desperate Housewives. Scandal. Red Widow. Now, there‘s Mistresses. One only lasted for one season, another has become the most-watched primetime drama and the other had an eight-year run. Where will Mistresses fall? A long montage of clips might clue us in on the answer, as we get a closer look at the characters and the plot lines that they‘ll be thrown into. Read more »
Sex, sex and more sex! Everyone except April is shown having sex in the series premiere of Mistresses, but that doesn‘t mean she doesn‘t have her hands full with juggling a possible love interest, her kid and her dead husband calling her on her phone from the dead.Eye roll? Totally, but this isn‘t a show that should be taken very seriously, even though infidelity is a pretty serious issue. Mistresses won‘t win many (or any) awards -- it won‘t even be nominated for them. But for a summer show, it does turn up the heat. Let‘s take a look at the main ladies and see what the rest of the summer has in store for them. Read more »
It was probably a good thing Mistresses‘ post-pilot episode "The Morning After" didn‘t deal with just the morning for the full hour since an entire day couldn‘t make the episode all that interesting. The plot crawled along.The morning after, Savi deals with her guilt of cheating on her husband. April has to deal with the realities of her husband having had an affair. How long can Karen keep Sam away from her? And what the heck is Josslyn‘s purpose on this show? Read more »
Mistresses‘ latest episode, "Breaking and Entering," sees Karen break into her dead lover‘s apartment, the one he kept a secret from his family. What will she find there? But more important, will someone find her?Meanwhile, Josslyn‘s new boss is the complete opposite of the old one, meaning she can‘t string him along like a puppet because he doesn‘t seem to want her sexually (which really confuses her), and Savi continues to deal with her guilt. Read more »
April gets served in this week‘s episode of Mistresses, "A Kiss is Just a Kiss?" -- with paternity results that prove the kid is her dead husband‘s, but that still doesn‘t mean things aren‘t fishy when it comes to that whole situation. Meanwhile, Karen is drawn to Sam while Josslyn is drawn to April. And Savi deals with her pregnancy. Read more »
If there‘s one thing that Mistresses is doing well, it‘s moving storylines along. They could‘ve done a better job with the teasers, though, because some of the situations happened long after one would‘ve assumed they would happen. But you can‘t win ‘em all.In this week‘s episode, "Decisions, Decisions," all four ladies come to a crossroads (separately) and must decide whether she‘ll do A or B that may lay out what‘ll happen to them, whether good or bad, from now on. Read more »
At the end of last week‘s episode, Savi came clean with Harry about her one-night stand, her pregnancy and not knowing who the father is. In "Payback," she struggles to get Harry to talk to her and tries to do something to fix it. Meanwhile, Karen‘s office is broken into, and she‘s positive her computer‘s been accessed -- is it connected with Thomas‘ death? Does someone know the truth? On top of that, April and Miranda butt heads again. Read more »
Several TV series will be making room for more characters this fall, including Castle, The Good Wife, New Girl, Growing Up Fisher, Royal Pains and Witches of East End. Read on to find out more.  Read more »
April‘s had a rough time trying to move on from her husband‘s death. It helps now to know that he cheated on her during their marriage, so in the this week‘s episode, "All In," we see her wrestle with moving things further with Richard. Meanwhile, the rest of the ladies deal with their own issues -- largely without each other. Read more »
This week‘s episode of Mistresses, "Ultimatum," centers around confessions. April learns the truth about her husband, and it isn‘t pretty. He wins -- hands down -- the worst father/husband of the year award. The plot line is so ridiculous, it‘s laughable. Aren‘t primetime shows supposed to be better than this? It really is a soap opera because it‘s preposterous. Then there‘s Savi, who actually doesn‘t seem to want to know the truth. Alex finally tells Josslyn about how she feels, and Karen gets caught in the most uncomfortable position. Read more »
This week‘s episode of Mistresses, "Guess Who‘s Coming for Dinner," sees Savi‘s mother make a surprise visit into her daughters‘ lives. One minute with her, and it‘s obvious which daughter got her mom‘s genes. Meanwhile, Paul unexpectedly pays Karen a visit, hoping to get closer to April. Read more »
I never thought I‘d ever think or say this, but I kinda missed Mistresses during the hiatus! In this week‘s episode, "Indecent Proposals," it‘s all about the men and how their actions directly affect the women. Savi hits rock bottom thanks to Harry, April is caught in the middle of Richard and Paul, and Karen finally faces Sam with the truth. Read more »
With just three episodes left in the season, ABC‘s summer soap, Mistresses, moves to an earlier time slot. Now you can get your fix of sexy women doing bad things and find out who Savi‘s baby daddy is -- if we ever find out -- at 9pm on Mondays.  Read more »
In this week‘s episode of Mistresses, "Full Disclosure," all the ladies face coming clean about the thing that‘s most important in their lives: Karen faces her lies -- and Elizabeth. Savi admits to her feelings for Dom. April weighs whether she should tell Lucy her father is alive. And Joss realizes she needs a man. Read more »
"When One Door Closes..." another one does open for everyone on Mistresses. There‘s a moment of "Woe is me" when April, Savi and Karen gather for a drinking game of "Whose life sucks more?" (Savi takes shots of water.) But yes, even though their lives suck, the pieces are in place for them to pick themselves right back up. Read more »
The future of Mistresses isn‘t yet known beyond this season 1 finale. If it ends where it did, it‘s quite cruel because there are one too many cliffhangers (not that networks care about anything like that -- case in point, A&E‘s The Glades, a series that got canceled after the season finale had the main character getting shot). Read more »
Alyssa Milano is set to make a huge comeback this year on the small screen. Not only is she appearing as one of the cast members of the new drama series Mistresses, which premieres tonight at 10pm on ABC, she‘s also joining Project Runway All Stars as the host of season 3. According to The Hollywood Reporter,  the 40-year-old actress will be joining  returning judges Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman for the upcoming season, which is expected to kick off production in June. Read more »
Fringe‘s Lance Reddick is set to guest star on The Blacklist. And another Lost alum is heading to Once Upon a Time as a young Prince Leopold. Read on for all the details, including casting news for Two and a Half Men, Mistresses, The Millers, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Under the Dome and Teen Wolf. Read more »