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ABC has ordered 13 episodes of the new sitcom created by actor and Punk’d host Ashton Kutcher called Miss/Guided. The said show will serve as a mid-season replacement in the network’s fall lineup.Miss/Guided follows the life of Becky Freekley as she returns to her alma mater as a guidance counselor. From the dorky and geeky underachiever, she has grown to be more confident and attractive. Now, she tries to help her students have an easier high school life than she did, only to discover that she hasn’t changed as much as she thought she had. Read on to find out more about the cast. Read more »
ABC has set a premiere date for its upcoming comedy series, Miss/Guided, which stars Judy Greer (Arrested Development) as a former braces-wearing wallflower who returns to her old high school as the new guidance counselor.  The show will debut with a special premiere on Tuesday, March 18 at 10:30pm, with a 90-minute episode of Dancing with the Stars serving as its lead in.  The show will then move to its regular night on Thursday, March 20, with back-to-back episodes, filling in the void left by Ugly Betty. Apart from Judy Greer, who recently appeared alongside Grey‘s Anatomy‘s Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses, Miss/Guided also stars Brooke Burns (Pepper Dennis, North Shore), Kristoffer Polaha (Mad Men, Close to Home, Bones), Earl Billings (How I Met Your Mother, ER) and Chris Parnell (30 Rock, Saturday Night Live). Read more »
Fans of Jamie Lynn Spears should mark March 20 on their calendars, as that is the day the pregnant Zoey 101 star will be making her debut on broadcast television. According to ABC, Spears, who announced her pregnancy late last year, will guest-star in the second episode of ABC‘s new comedy series, Miss Guided.   The network‘s press release states that the 16-year-old teen actress will appear as Mandy Ferner, a troubled high school student who receives exciting news from college, but considers throwing it all away if it interferes with her romantic life. Read more »
Tonight, ABC will be giving fans of Miss Guided a double treat once again by airing two episodes of the “cute and embraceable” comedy series. However, tonight‘s installments are considered extra special as they mark the conclusion of the pilot season. To give you an overview, Miss Guided centers on Becky Freeley (Judy Greer), a geek who attended high school at Glen Ellen and her sort of triumphant return as the school‘s guidance counselor.  Now, she is determined to help out all the high school kids with the patient, sage advice she never got. There a few twists, however.  Becky finds herself attracted to the mechanic-turned-Spanish teacher, Tim (Kristoffer Polaha), who also becomes the object of affection of Lisa Germain (Brooke Burns), the newly hired English teacher who was Becky‘s classmate in high school and the homecoming queen at Glen Ellen.  Clearly, not much has changed at the old alma mater as Becky feels as if she‘s back in high school. Read more »
Miss Guided may not have made the cut for ABC‘s 2008-2009 season schedule but that doesn‘t it mean it‘s over for lead star Judy Greer.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 32-year-old actress has just been tapped to play the lead role in HBO‘s half-hour pilot Suburban Shootout.Based on a series from Britain‘s Five, Suburban Shootout puts the Miss Guided actress in a dark comedy where she plays a woman who escapes the city for suburban bliss. Unfortunately, she finds out that her new home is caught in a gang war between homicidal armed wives vying for control of the idyllic town. Read more »