Articles for Miami Social Season 1

The social scene is twice as fun under the South Beach sun, but the city never fails to hand out its fair share of drama on the Bravo series Miami Social.  Seven young professionals will find their lives entangled in one another‘s as they navigate their careers by day and party wild at night. Miami Social is a docu-series which will explore how these corporate individuals attempt to balance their office works with their social lives.  The city is an international melting pot of culture, where the gorgeous and the wealthy thrive.  Many of them are looking for a taste of what‘s good in the world, believing that the grass is greener on this side of the fence.   Read more »
Bravo will start exploring the lives of seven young professionals as they navigate the murky waters of Miami‘s hottest locales tonight at 10pm ET/PT. Unlike other docu-reality series, Miami Social will focus on a successful group of friends who are deemed the "most connected and interesting young professionals in South Beach" who work hard during the day and party even harder by night. Read more »
Miami Social was supposed to fill that void in between The Hills and The Real Housewives franchise by focusing the cameras on seven people who are deemed the "most connected and interesting young professionals in South Beach." However, the season opener of Bravo‘s newest docu-drama series, which premiered Tuesday night, didn‘t live up to most people‘s expectations. According to Miami Herald‘s Glenn Garvin, Miami Social isn‘t the type of series that is "so bad it‘s good."  Read more »
No one could care less about the shallow happenings on Miami Social but the truth is, the show is here to stay whether we like it or not. On the other hand, if you enjoy hot bodies, beaches and drama, whether it‘s surrounding gays, straight people and relationships, then this show is for you.In the season premiere of Miami Social, George‘s new girlfriend Lina got caught in a big fib so he turned to his ex-wife Sorah for comfort. Michael and Maria pondered on Botox while Katrina and her husband Ben announced to the group that they are calling it quits.  Read more »
Hardy and Trixia have been dating for six years now but hearing her biological clock ticking on Tuesday‘s episode of Miami Social has suddenly put a lot of pressure on Hardy, who is struggling to balance his career and the pressures of the nightlife with the thought of settling down with the right woman. Miami Social has only aired two episodes so far but viewers, as well as their co-stars, are quick to observe that their relationship is clearly heading downhill.   Read more »