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Tomorrow’s episode of Miami Ink will feature nursing student Angela Schommer, a mermaid at Weeki Wachee Springs in Spring Hill, Florida.  The 23-year-old traveled five hours to the famous tattoo shop, where she spent two grueling hours getting her desired body art. “It hurt like hell,” Schommer said of her experience.  “I’m sure my face didn’t look good at all.” Read more »
Thanks to TLC‘s reality series, Miami Ink, Yoji Harada is presently one of the most well-known tattoo artists.  However, it may surprise many to know that when Harada was growing up, he never dreamed of becoming a high-profile tattoo artist.  Rather, he wanted to make it big as a musician in the United States. “When the radio started playing The Clash, I was just in complete and total shock. I really liked it and I thought, ‘This is something I can do,‘” Harada said in an article he wrote for Orato, an online magazine.  “I was in a band in Japan, but I really wanted to make music in the United States.  That was my dream.” Read more »
As reported earlier, female tattoo artist Kat Von D will star in her own reality series, LA INK.  The new show, a spin-off of TLC’s Miami Ink, was created after Kat Von D moved back to Los Angeles following months of fighting with co-star and shop owner Ami James. Recently, the cable network released more information regarding the upcoming Miami Ink spin-off.  Joining Kat Von D in her own LA-based tattoo shop are renowned tattoo artists Kim Saigh, Hannah Aitchinson and Corey Miller, Von D’s mentor.  The shop will be managed by Von D‘s good friend, Pixie. Read more »
Kat Von D recently appeared as a guest on Tom Green‘s online talk show, The Channel, in order to promote her new reality series, LA INK.  The 25-year-old tattoo artist also discussed her non-firing from Miami Ink, shared some stories about her tattoos and got herself inked by the Canadian comedian. Von D‘s departure from Miami Ink was a result of her constant clashing with shop owner, Ami James.  She happily moved back to Los Angeles and recently opened her own tattoo shop, which will be the center of LA INK. Read more »
During the second season finale of Miami Ink, viewers watched as Kat Von D stormed out of the tattoo shop following a dramatic fight with fellow tattoo artist and shop owner, Ami James. The episodes leading up to the finale showed the tension between the two escalating, with brusque words being thrown left and right. Kat Von D’s departure from Miami Ink has forced the remaining artists to look for a replacement for the lone female tattoo artist, a task which was featured during the third season premiere of the show on June 12th. However, fans of Kat Von D need not fret about her exit from the show, because come August, she will star in her own reality series, aptly named LA Ink. Read more »
Starring in the TLC reality series, Miami Ink, has made Kat Von D a prominent television figure in America, but not everything associated with her success has been good. "I feel like I have a lot more responsibility as far as showing tattooing in a good light," Von D told the New York Daily News.  "The tattooing industry, they love me or hate me.  It‘s different when you‘re on TV, everything you‘re doing is overanalyzed by your peers." Read more »
A company in New York, Freedom-2 Inc., has come up with a new technology that makes the removal of tattoos much easier.  Although this may be perceived as good news by people who regret having their bodies inked, those who value the permanent nature of tattoos see the innovation as an insult.  One of them is Ana Gonzales, an employee at the featured tattoo shop in TLC‘s reality series, Miami Ink. "If you hate your tattoo cover it up but at least you‘ve given the artist the benefit of the doubt," Gonzales, a secretary and personal assistant to the tattoo artists who regularly appear on Miami Ink, told in a telephone interview from Miami, Florida. Read more »
For many, becoming a celebrity means living a more fast-paced and eventful life, but the same cannot be said for Yojiro “Yoji” Harada, a featured tattoo artist on TLC‘s Miami Ink.  Being stopped in the streets by fans desperate for an autograph has not made Harada more desirous of fame.  In fact, he often shies away from the attention. “Before he met me, he partied every night,” Bridget, Harada‘s wife, told AAJA Voices.  “Now, he would prefer to stay home.  A typical family night is going to get sushi, renting a Blockbuster movie, or going to the beach with [our daughter] Sidney.  He likes to keep it simple.” Read more »
It‘s certainly no secret that there aren‘t a lot of warm feelings between Kat Von D and Ami James. In fact, the difficulties between the two, which culminated in Kat leaving the show Miami Ink and its eponymous shop, were a central plot point of the final episodes of the second season of Miami Ink.Kat has since moved on to open her own shop and start her own show, LA Ink. Since Kat‘s presence in his shop appeared to be a discordant element for Ami, it would seem that her absence would be nothing but good news. But, some sources close to the show say, he‘s apparently just as bothered by her current success as he was by her time in his own shop. Read more »
Yojiro Harada, popularly known as the humble apprentice on TLC’s Miami Ink, is trying to make a name in both the music circuit and the tattoo industry. But while these goals often compete and clash with each other, the Japanese native still continues to pursue both passions. “When people ask me what I love more, tattooing or music, it’s a very difficult question for me. I love music. I love tattooing. Music was my first passion, but I love all art too. I don‘t know,” heThough Harada’s eagerness to become a full-time tattoo artist is often featured on Miami Ink, his first love, which is punk rock music, is what he wants everyone to know about. said. Read more »
The Love Hate Lounge, the latest venture from the boys of Miami Ink, has become a social pad where fans can hang out and most likely catch their favorite tattoo artists.  Chris Nunez, one of the owners of the nightclub, talks about the inspiration behind the bar and reveals just what sets his new bar apart from the rest of Miami‘s club scene. Located in South Beach, Miami Florida, Love Hate Lounge features tattoo designs inspired by Miami Ink artists, Ami James and Chris Nunez.  It is described as a relaxed bar with a variety of drinks that conveys a fun atmosphere where people can enjoy hits from the 90‘s, hip hop, rock and a mix of top 40. Read more »
Undoubtedly, getting inked is a painful experience, which is why a lot of people shy away from the art.  Tattoo artists, however, have ways of making their clients feel more comfortable as they are getting tattooed, and for Miami Ink star Chris Nunez, it‘s injecting some humor into the experience. “Trying to make them laugh, trying to keep it lighthearted, and then painkillers… painkillers help,” Nunez told when asked how he makes his customers feel more at ease.  “I try to take their mind off it by chit-chatting with them once I get through the beginning… once we get to the color we just try to have fun and kick it.” Read more »
Growing up in Tel Aviv, Israel, tattoo artist and Miami Ink star Ami James knew that he would someday serve in the Israeli Army, and naturally dreamed of becoming a soldier.  He also developed an affinity for playing with action figures, particularly GI Joe, but such toys were not available in his homeland.  He instead had to get his GI Joe figures and equipment from his grandparents who lived in the United States. "In Israel, you usually just play with marbles, so for us to have GI Joes, it was pretty cool," James told Brian Truitt for USA Weekend.  He also admitted to having blown up some of the figures with firecrackers.  "I always used to do it to my friends‘ GI Joes.  Definitely not mine." Read more »
As a tattoo artist, Darren Brass is accustomed to handling needles. However, the Miami Ink star is also very familiar with needles of another variety, particularly the ones that have to do with diabetes. Brass is a type 1 diabetic, and has been since he was only 18 months old.  His diagnosis came as a shock because there was no history of the disease in his family whatsoever. Read more »
Chris Nuñez, one of the tattoo artists featured in TLC‘s Miami Ink, graced the 14th annual South Padre Island BikeFest on Saturday, October 13.  The event, which is the Island‘s largest motorcycle festival, kicked off last Thursday, October 11, at the SPI Convention Center and Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark. Nuñez‘s appearance at SPI BikeFest proved to be one of the event‘s highlights.  SPI BikeFest coordinator Mark Lacy expected as much, as “these guys from the cable channels bring in a lot of fans. Read more »
Ami James has become quite a television celebrity thanks to the TLC reality series, Miami Ink.  However, the 35-year-old tattoo artist, who claims to be a “private person” has been wise enough not to let all the fame and glamour get to his head. "I am a very private person and I do not have the tendency to kiss-and-tell about other people. I do not flaunt what I have but I am very content with my life," James told the New Straits Times.  "Every day I wake up and think about another plan to be successful and to be more positive. I am fortunate enough to be able to use my success to do better things.” Read more »
Tattoo artist Ami James and the Miami Ink crew were at Brevard County, Florida on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 23 and 24, to watch the Shuttle Discovery Launch at Cape Canaveral and to immerse themselves in the Space Coast culture, which includes shuttles, shooting ranges and airboat rides. "I was surprised how cool it was to actually see [the shuttle]," James told Florida Today.  "I don‘t think you can really grasp it until you see it. It‘s kind of like seeing an elephant for the first time.  You can‘t believe how big it is." Read more »
This November, the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA) will finally open its doors after nearly seven years of building renovation and expansion to bring forth a fresh perspective of its world-class art collection.  Many exciting events will be marking this long-anticipated celebration, including the Arts Alive! fundraising gala which includes Miami Ink‘s Chris Nuñez.The fundraising event will commence this Saturday, November 10, prior to the grand opening of the DIA, which will officially launch on November 23.  Those who will be attending the occasion will have the chance to preview the new DIA as they enjoy and experience art on many levels. Read more »
Although Ami James and Chris Nuñez own the Florida tattoo shop featured on the TLC reality series, it doesn‘t mean that they hold the rights to the name Miami Ink.  At present, the two co-owners are facing the future with much uncertainty, worried that their business will soon fade from the limelight once that series ends it run on cable TV. For those who are not familiar, Miami Ink is a series that follows the events that take place at a tattoo store in Miami Beach.  The shop, which shares the same name as the title of the show, has rapidly become a tourist spot and has generated much profit with the help of some notable guest celebrities plus a little drama from its resident tattoo artists, James, Nuñez, Chris Garver, Darren Brass, and Yoji Harada.  Now, the show draws more than one million viewers a night with dozens of fans showing up daily for a glimpse of their idols. Read more »
Last week, TLC took viewers to the intriguing world of tattoo artistry in Miami Ink as the motley crew worked on a bunch of new clients, including several artists, a tourist, a musician and a basketball player, while tattoo shop co-owner Ami James stressed out on the business.“Through Thick and Thin” opens with an attractive young lady who enters the tattoo shop to ask Chris Nunez and James if they can serve as judges for a bikini fashion show, and obviously, the boys agree to do it.  Read more »
On Tuesday, December 18, tattoo enthusiasts can enjoy back-to-back-to-back episodes, along with the first-ever Battle of the Inks as TLC launches the “ultimate showdown” of Miami Ink, L.A. Ink and London Ink, three popular reality series that showcase the art of tattooing through tattoo shops run by some of the most respected artists in the world.Though each of the three series have earned much acclaim and popularity, this face-off will determine if the original series, its spin-off or the new import will prevail and capture the crowd‘s attention the most.  For one night only, viewers will be given the opportunity to support their favorite shop by casting their votes through TLC‘s official website, with the declaration of the winner announced the following day at 10am on Battle of the Ink‘s website. Read more »