Articles for Medium Season 4

The fourth season of NBC‘s supernaturally endowed crime-solving drama, Medium, returns at 10 tonight.  As previously reported, Academy Award winner Angelica Huston will be a featured guest in a six-episode story arc, where she will play an investigator looking into the case of a missing boy.As Medium returns to its original Monday night time slot after a year spent airing on Wednesdays, it‘s lead star, Patricia Arquette, also has cause to celebrate with a nomination at the upcoming Golden Globe Awards.  Despite the honor however, the actress likely won‘t be around for the awards show as she chooses to express her solidarity with the still-striking writers. Read more »
Last week, we reported that Medium star Patricia Arquette had decided to skip this year‘s Golden Globe Awards in light of the ongoing writers‘ strike.  Since then, the awarding ceremonies have been called off anyway, along with the glitzy and star-studded afterparties that follow. "I‘m so glad I didn‘t have to worry about a dress," Arquette, herself one of the nominees, said in an interview with NBC News.  The actress joked that she‘d be just as happy to be in sweats, sitting on her couch, watching last night‘s considerably downsized awards telecast. Read more »
With the writers‘ guild still holding out on the picket line, the current season of Medium will last just nine episodes before it follows the majority of shows that have either gone on repeats or completely off the air due to lack of original material.  For now, the current reservoir of Medium scripts will take us through to early March. Medium‘s Patricia Arquette spoke to CanMag about this current season and the new struggles that her character, Allison DuBois, and the rest of the DuBois household must face. Read more »
<<PREVIOUS          NEXT>>Sometimes the hottest dads are the best dads, as is the case with Medium‘s Joe Dubois. Played by British actor Jake Weber, Joe is as supportive a husband and father as you‘ll find. He puts up with his psychic wife Allison (Patricia Arquette) and helps raise their three daughters while desperately trying to keep the family together. At the end of the third season, Joe lost his job and has been struggling ever since, but he remains optimistic for his family. Read more »
After portraying Isabelle “Izzy” Huffstodt on the Showtime drama Huff, two-time Emmy winner Blythe Danner returns to the small screen to appear on the upcoming season of Medium.  The drama, which is based on the experiences from self-proclaimed spiritual medium Allison DuBois, was one of the first series to be renewed by NBC back in April after its fourth season pulled in strong ratings. According to TV Guide, Danner will play Sarah Leaming, the mother of an MIA nurse, whose chronically ill stepdaughter is subjected to "unconventional" treatment. Read more »