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Medium is a drama television series created by the acclaimed Glenn Gordon Caron. The chilling drama is stimulated by the life of Allison DuBois which touches themes on criminal law and investigation, paranormal abilities and family relations. Read more »
Having hit its mid-season stride, Medium has had a patch of some of its most interesting episodes ever.  The return of fellow Medium push in last weeks ‘Apocalypse, Push‘ upped the antic on psychic mayhem to follow.  What insidious ethereal forces await in the upcoming string of Medium episodes?  We were able to dig up a few things, and the future is dark indeed. Read more »
After the glory of “Apocalypse, Push” and this weeks incredible “The One Behind the Wheel”, how will Medium cap its February sweeps run? Season three has been a landslide of edgy story-lines for Medium. Last week we spilled the beans on next weeks ultra dramatic ‘Second Opinion’, if your thinking Medium can’t possibly outdo itself in February, I’ve got two words for you: E___ S____. Want to know what they are? Meet me after the cut. Read more »
Medium will turn into a family affair this month as star Patricia Arquette prepares to take direction from little brother David Arquette.  David, who is married to ‘Dirt‘ star Courtney Cox, is no stranger to directing having just completed his first feature film ‘The Tripper‘, which will be released this fall.  This will not be the first time an actor will be directing an episode of Medium this season though,  the next star to take the reigns of Medium will come from within the production itself. Read more »
David Cubitt gives new meaning to the word husky. He exudes a tough presence yet he is very sociable and friendly. A sports enthusiast, he keeps his body well trimmed by playing soccer, tennis and squash. Handsome and strikingly manly, he humbly launches himself as an admirable actor endowed with Dutch and British roots. His fine acting proficiency has earned him numerous awards and recognitions from various award-giving bodies. At present, he stars on the drama series Medium. Read more »
Patricia Arquette has established herself as one of the most popular household names with her triumphant lead on the drama series Medium. Don’t let her fierce presence fool you because underneath her compelling exterior is a naturally sweet and amiable woman. Although she comes from an acting dynasty, she has outstandingly established herself in the entertainment scene with her versatile and artistic acting. Spunky and stupendous, she has refined her acting skills, which enables her to portray provocative and exceptional character roles. She gives her utmost effort in all her acting endeavors, evident in her numerous award nominations and acquisition of an Emmy Award. Read more »
Medium is down to its final two episodes, which marks the culmination of season three. But fans don’t need to worry. Due to the positive reception of the show, NBC has announced an early renewal for its paranormal drama. "Medium is a quality show with an outstanding star that has always delivered a very loyal audience," said Kevin Reilly, President, NBC Entertainment. "We are pleased to know that we can look forward to more of its unique storytelling next year under executive producer Glenn Gordon Caron‘s superb creative vision."  Read more »
There is no doubt in anyone‘s mind that the NBC show Medium is centered around the Allison DuBois (Patricia Arquette) character, who is, of course, the "Medium" that the show‘s title refers to.  But try to imagine Medium without the presence of her husband Joe.  It‘s tough to do.  Joe, played fantastically by Jake Weber, has redefined the role of TV "background husband."  His unflagging support of and belief in Allison is a key contributing factor to the audience‘s support and belief in her.  He is the everyman – the voice of reason and logic when things are teetering on the ledge of the freak-a-deak abyss.  When Allison wakes up in the middle of the night from her most recent psych-adelic trip in dreamscape and immediately wants to call D.A. Devalos, it is Joe who asks: "Is this really something that can‘t wait until morning?"  Even though it never really can wait, it is still the logical question to ask. Read more »
While filming for NBC‘s Medium, lead actress Patricia Arquette became so involved with her role that she felt physically ill and grew “afraid of everything.” On the show, Arquette portrays Allison Dubois, a devoted wife and mother who discovers she has the gift of communicating with the dead.  Her ability not only allows her to converse with the deceased, but also lets her see into the future through her dreams and read other people‘s thoughts. Read more »
Patricia Arquette returns to the big screen in 2013.  While the Medium star may still acquire more film projects in the coming months, fans will at least have something to look forward to for the far-off future.  As one of the principle cast members of the movie Boyhood, she‘ll be featured as part of director Richard Linklater‘s 12 years in-the-making project.In an attempt to leave behind a legacy of a sundry body of work than a barrage of blockbusters, Linklater, who is credited for cult classics and comedies like Dazed and Confused and The School of Rock, is working on an ambitious project that will vividly chronicle and depict the stages of life. Read more »