Articles for Meadowlands Season 1

Showtime‘s newest original eight-episode summer drama series, Meadowlands, premiered this past Sunday to favorable reviews. Meadowlands centers on a family struggling to break away from its past while dealing with the future. The show features the Brogan family, Danny and Evelyn, and their two teenage kids, Zoe and Mark, who were placed in a witness protection program. They move to a rural and peaceful neighborhood called Meadowlands to start a new life. Initially, the suburban vicinity seems to be the perfect place to hide. However, they soon discover that their sanctuary entails a world of paranoia and psychological intrigue. Read on to find out more about the family and the rest of the cast. Read more »
“A slightly dressed up prison” is how David Morrissey described the plot of his new television series Meadowlands, which premiered on June 17 on Showtime.  For spectators who don‘t have a clue on what the show is about, the 43-year-old actor has more than a few things to say about suspenseful drama that taps on fear and paranoia. Meadowlands revolves around the Brogan family, consisting of patriarch Danny (Morrissey), wife Evelyn (Lucy Cohu), and twins Zoe (Felicity Jones) and Mark (Harry Treadaway), who moves to a seemingly crime-free town as part of a witness protection program. Read more »