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Starting tonight, models will be invading your television and controlling your Wednesday evenings. The only thing to do is give in to their fierce, fabulous, fashion charms and fall prey to their poses and sob-stories. Tonight the biggest modeling shows on television both debut their latest batch of hopeful models, with three hours filled to the brim with Tyra-isms and the ever hot Tyson Beckford.First up is the premiere of the 12th Cycle of America‘s Next Top Model. Thanks to a pushed back debut date, you will be treated to two back-to-back hours of Tyra and her latest batch of Top Model hopefuls. The two hour debut is sure to be filled with sob stories, awkward auditions, and hopefully a completely crazy Tyra entrance. (Can she out-crazy last years Tyra-bot? I can only hope.) After Tyra‘s first declaration of "you are no longer in the running to be America‘s Next Top Model," there is an hour long fashion-free lull before Bravo‘s take on the modeling show, Make Me A Supermodel. In comparison to ANTM, Make Me A Supermodel is still in it‘s infancy as modeling--but it has also learned from ANTM‘s mistakes. Make Me A Supermodel is more modeling and less reality TV filler and for the second season in a row, they have a much stronger looking cast of high-fashion hopefuls. Read more »
Welcome back Make Me A Supermodel, I have missed you! I have missed watching a modeling show that actually features models and not just reality TV contestants. While America‘s Next Top Model is still trying to figure out the formula to finding a successful high fashion model 12 cycles in, Make Me A Supermodel has perfected the equation and we‘re just starting Season Two. And of course, I have missed looking at Tyson Beckford once a week, though I have to admit, this season there are some models who could distract me away from even Tyson‘s gorgeousness.The second season begins with the 16 finalists and near perfect specimens of humanity, descending upon New York. And holy cow--who are these jaw droppingly gorgeous people? The promo photos of this season‘s contestants, which had left me unimpressed, did absolutely no justice to the finalists--they are all ridiculously good looking. Hopefully that doesn‘t mean they are all ridiculously good looking people who take really sub-par photos, but we will find out soon enough Read more »
Picture yourself in a reality show as the focal point, the vital element holding all of the contestants together.  After watching each of them suffer the brutal challenges you‘ve imposed, you now take hold of one great power: the responsibility of elimination.  Like some omnipotent being, you find yourself able to do away with species that do not conform to your standards.  Rid the earth of its scum, if you will. But unless you really auditioned for a reality series, this will never happen.  That‘s why BuddyTV is bringing you lucky users a new feature we like to call the Fantasy League.Now, for the Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy League, fans can pick out which contestants they want to eliminate in an upcoming episode.  It‘s pretty simple, and can be done in 3 steps, unlike showing up for a casting call.  Read more »
It‘s make over madness on all of the modeling shows this week. Not only is America‘s Next Top Model doing it‘s earliest make over ever, Make Me A Supermodel is also bringing in the big guns to make over the supermodel hopefuls. If you had any doubt that ANTM and Make Me A Supermodel were in a ratings battle to the death for the model reality TV market, the dueling make over shows should convince you. Read more »
On last week‘s premiere episode of Make Me A Supermodel, we met this season‘s 16 supermodel hopefuls. While red-headed stunner Jordan excelled and won immunity, the handsome but bulky Ken was sent home. This week the remaining 15 contestants get makeovers courtesy of Bravo‘s own Tabatha Coffey, have a a candy themed photo shoot, and their weekly runway challenge. The episode begins with Clark Kent‘s more handsome brother, Colin, practicing his runway walk. Colin, our early favorite to win it all, narrowly avoided elimination last week due to a ghastly runway walk, that one judge described as "looking like a dog with his head stuck out a car window." While he may not have been a natural on the runway, the fact that Colin is practicing so diligently makes me love him even more...the show is called Make Me A Supermodel after all. Read more »
There‘s all kinds of tension at play in the Make Me A Supermodel house this week. Sexual tension abounds between the 21-year-old virgin Colin and his female housemates, who vows he will no longer be chaste when he leaves the competition. Meanwhile tension of a less pleasant kind plagues CJ, who feels that her fellow contestants are constantly talking about her behind her back. See what drama unfolds in its entirety tomorrow night on Bravo, but for now enjoy these video teasers: Read more »
Previously on Make Me A Supermodel, Jordan won the candy photo shoot, and Tabitha Coffey made over all the modelettes. Chris was sent home, and now there are only 14 wannabes left.Early in the morning, the modelettes get a message that a bus will be picking them up in 45 minutes to take them to their photo shoot. Everyone is sending negative vibes directed toward CJ for how she behaved last week, resulting in Chris getting the boot. Read more »
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of chatting with Karen the latest contestant eliminated from Make Me A Supermodel. Karen and I talked about her time in the model house, being a triplet, and how the girls are totally kicking butt this season on Make Me A Supermodel. Read more »
This morning I had the pleasure of chatting with Chris, Make Me A Supermodel‘s androgynous star. Chris and I discussed his unique look, his fashion background, who he thinks will take this year‘s title and his similarities to Madonna. Read more »
This morning I had the pleasure of chatting with Ken, the first model hopeful to be sent home from Make Me A Supermodel.Ken and I talked about what it‘s like to have a supermodel compliment you on your behind on national television, his favorites to win Make Me a Supermodel, and why he would never try out for a music related reality show. Read more »
The search for a supermodel continues on this week‘s Make Me A Supermodel. Just three episodes in and this season is already shaping up to be great. There are strong personalities, sexual chemistry, battling egos, and a few really good models. While last week was all about movement and grace, this week seems to be more about theatrics and drama and I for one, can‘t wait. Read more »
Editor‘s Note: This is a weekly guest post from the TV staff at Check back here on Wednesdays for more stories about your favorite shows: Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor, American Idol and America‘s Next Top Model.By Susan Young, Film.comAnd the survey says…almost 25 percent of women 18 to 34 polled would rather win America’s Next Top Model than the Nobel Peace Prize.Well, they probably figure they can always grab that prize when the blush is off the rose, so why waste the beauty years, right? Read more »
Last week‘s Make Me A Supermodel was all about movement and action, while this week is all about personality and drama. Considering there‘s plenty of personality and drama in the house, this week‘s theme should suit the Supermodel hopeful. Though last week saw the first female elimination; with Karen being sent home for her mediocre performances and scary-eyes at the end of the runway, it‘ll be back to the boys in the bottom two this week. Read more »
Make Me A Supermodel is turning out to be quite a battle this season. Each week, someone new shows that they too have what it takes to succeed in the competition. Though the girls have been dominating this season‘s go-see and runway challenges, the guys really stepped it up in this week‘s episode and proved they won‘t be making it easy for the girls to get win back-to-back seasons. I guarantee you right now the guy‘s mantra is: "it‘s not how you start, it‘s how you finish." The guys may have started out weak, but they are coming back with a vengeance. Read more »
Yesterday I chatted with Shawn, the latest model to be eliminated from Make Me A Supermodel. The 31 year old Supermodel hopeful and I shared his thoughts on living with a house full of straight 20-somethings, his favorite photo shoot, and how he wished he‘d taken a cue from the stoic Gabriel during his most recent photo shoot and runway walk. Shawn frankly discussed what‘s next for him, after his final attempt of becoming a supermodel failed, what he thought of his semi-disastrous mirror photo shoot, and how he should have studied up on fashion before starting the show. Read more »
Every week BuddyTV offers expert analysis on who will be eliminated on Make Me A Supermodel. See who BuddyTV users and our own experts think will get booted this week, then make your own picks at Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV. Read more »
Here are the current standings for Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV. Read more »
After last week‘s hot and heavy menage a trois photo shoot, it‘s time for the Supermodel hopefuls to cool down in an underwater photo shoot. While most of the models are excited for the new challenge of posing underwater, Salome struggles with the photo shoot. Turns out Salome is this season‘s Supermodel hopeful who can‘t swim, though there always seems to be one when there‘s water involved in a photo shoot. While the rest of the models take the the assignment like a fish to water, Salome just tries not to drown fashionably. Read more »
Every week BuddyTV offers expert analysis on who will be eliminated on Make Me A Supermodel. See who BuddyTV users and our own experts think will get booted this week, then make your own picks at Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV.BuddyTV Users’ Picks:1. 27% of users think Gabriel will be eliminated2. 15% of users think Colin will be eliminated3. 12% of users think Branden will be eliminated  Read more »
Here are the current standings for Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV.Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV Leaderboard:1.TheLatestGirl 72502. ReneeCharlotte2 70003. AbbeySimmons2 65004. jeanettemarlier2 60005. BostonMikee 52506. Anastasia_Falling 47507. AprilCronenberg2 47508. jprausch 47509. mjcc64 400010. Mayzzie 4000 Read more »
This morning I had the chance to sit and chat with Gabriel, the latest contestant to be eliminated from Make Me A Supermodel. Gabe and I chatted about life in the Make Me A Supermodel house, if his budding romance with Amanda continued after the cameras stopped rolling, and his thoughts on the 2(x)ist underwear incident. Read more »
After last week‘s hot and steamy photo shoot, it was time for the remaining Supermodel hopefuls to cool off this week with an underwater photo shoot. But before the models take a dip in the pool, there is some serious celebrating going on over CJ‘s dismissal. It seems everyone is glad that CJ was sent home over Gabriel, most especially Amanda and Gabriel himself. Amanda is just glad she has another week to explore her budding romance with Gabriel, while Gabriel is just excited he gets to show off his smarmy attitude for another week. When discussing CJ, Gabe mockingly says, "We really treasured her, she‘s going to be missed. I‘m just kidding she‘s not going to be missed." Guess what Gabriel? Other than Amanda, no one‘s going to miss you when you‘re gone either.After gloating about CJ, the models receive an email about their next photo shoot. It says the shoot will be about submerging themselves in the photo and facing their biggest fears. The models quickly deduce they‘ll be having an underwater photo shoot. This thrills Sandhurst, who is positive his Island boy heritage means this is the perfect photo shoot for him. Salome, on the other hand, is petrified about the shoot. It turns out that "facing your biggest fears" line was meant especially for Salome, who can‘t swim. This seems cruel and unfair to me, unless the rest of the photo shoots are somehow going to involve the remaining models biggest fears. Afraid of heights? You‘ll be posing on top of skyscraper. Don‘t like snakes? Guess what you‘ll be wearing when you strut down the runway...the latest in Cobra fashion! Read more »
We were sadly lacking Supermodels last week, thanks to Bravo‘s "A List Awards." But this week, Make Me A Supermodel is back with a vengeance and a double elimination! With the promise of two models going home, the mood is tense in Supermodel land. Even a 60‘s themed mod party photo shoot, doesn‘t seem to lighten the mood. Especially for Amanda and Laury, who seem to be battling for the sourest Supermodel of the week.For this week‘s shoot the models get to pick their partners, which results in the adorable pairing of burgeoning couple Colin and Kerryn. Surprisingly, Branden chooses to work with Sandhurst, which seems like a dangerous pick. While Branden is struggling, Sandhurst is soaring. Branden may have picked a partner that will out perform him and remind the the judges how little Branden is improving week-to-week. Lastly, the preeminent favorites for the final two: Jonathan and Jordan  choose to work together. I, for one, am excited to see the season‘s most talented models battle head-to-head. Read more »
Every week BuddyTV offers expert analysis on who will be eliminated on Make Me A Supermodel.  See who BuddyTV users and our own experts think will get booted this week, then make your own picks at Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV.BuddyTV Users‘ Picks:1. 32% of users think Laury will be eliminated2. 11% of users think Branden will be eliminated3. 10% of users think Colin or Amanda will be eliminated  Read more »
Last week Make Me a Supermodel was bumped for Bravo‘s A-List Awards (Note: Any show that gives Tori Spelling an award is definitively NOT A-List).  So this week we get a double elimination, just like on American Idol.  Make Me a Supermodel is a lot like Idol, only instead of being criticized for men shopping in the women‘s department, this show encourages it.The morning after the elimination, Amanda is sad that Gabriel is gone. She claims it‘s because she now has no one to talk to, but I suspectit‘s because she didn‘t tap that yet.  They get their assignment, andSalome doesn‘t know who Yves St. Laurent and Andy Warhol are.  Thatmakes me sad for her Mennonite upbringing. Read more »
This morning I had the pleasure of talking with Kerryn, one of two models who were eliminated on last night‘s Make Me A Supermodel. Throughout the season Kerryn impressed the judges with her strong runway performances and her stunning photos. Thanks to her strong performances, Kerryn was the first model to win immunity twice. When Kerryn wasn‘t ruling the runway, she spent much of her time flirting with the house virgin, Colin. This morning Kerryn and I chatted about her favorite photo shoot and runway challenge, what exactly a Christian modeling school is, and of course, her very own Clark Kent, Colin.  Read more »
Here are the current standings for Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV: Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV Leaderboard:  1. AbbeySimmons2 (9250)(tied). TheLatestGirl  (9250)3. ReneeCharlotte2 (9000)4. jeanettemarlier2  (8000)5. Mayzzie (6000)(tied). k9car (6000)(tied). jprausch(6000)(tied). lafdoc (6000)(tied). nmputnam (6000)10. TheEditor   5750  Read more »
Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting with Laury, one of two models who was eliminated during this week‘s shocking Make Me A Supermodel double elimination. Laury and I chatted about how coming from a large family prepared her for living in the Supermodel house, her favorite partner during the many group challenges, and what she thought about Jenny Shimizu telling her she should have "brought the bitch" to the competition.  Read more »
It‘s down to the elite eight on Season Two of Make Me A Supermodel and the stakes are higher than ever. With the blossoming romances in the house obliterated by the last two eliminations, the only thing afoot in the Supermodel house is competition.On this week‘s episode the models have to pose with livestock for their photo shoot. If Jordan thought working with Amanda was difficult, just wait until she tries to work with a brood mare or a goat! When the model aren‘t posing with cows and horses, one of them apparently still smells like a barnyard. While Jonathan is teasing Sandhurst for his apparently unquenchable appetite for ice cream, the boys notice a nasty smell permeating the Supermodel house. And sorry to say it America, because I know you have a burgeoning crush on the guy, just like me: the smell seems to be coming from Colin. On the other hand, how cute is Sandhurst saying that ice cream is better for you than candy because it has milk?  Read more »
Every week BuddyTV offers expert analysis on who will be eliminated on Make Me A Supermodel.  See who BuddyTV users and our own experts think will get booted this week, then make your own picks at Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV.BuddyTV Users‘ Picks:1. 28% of users think Colin will be eliminated2. 25% of users think Amanda will be eliminated3. 20% of users think Branden will be eliminated Read more »
Here are the current standings for Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV.Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV Leaderboard:1. ReneeCharlotte2  (10250 points)2. jeanettemarlier2    (10000 points)(tied). AbbeySimmons2   (10000 points)4. TheLatestGirl     (9250 points)5. Mayzzie  (8000 points)(tied). k9car   (8000 points)(tied). lafdoc   (8000 points)(tied). nmputnam  (8000 points)9. mjcc64   (7250 points)(tied). leilenreveley2   (7250 points)  Read more »
It‘s down to the elite eight on Season Two of Make Me A Supermodel after last week‘s shocking double elimination. The battle of the sexes is even again, with four girls and four guys remaining. Of course, after tonight‘s elimination the balance of power will swing in favor of one of the sexes again. Who will it be? The guys or the girls?While last week‘s competition pitted the models against each other in a runway style wars, this week the models will be paired with their most difficult partner yet: a ban yard animal. The models are notified of their unique partner with a typical cryptic email: "Modeling is all about being able to work with others, even if they can‘t understand a word you‘re saying." Branden is convinced this means they‘ll be working with deaf people. This makes me wonder if Branden can utter a single thing that does not come across as completely douchey.  Read more »
Recently, I had the nerve-wracking pleasure of chatting with Colin, the latest contestant to be eliminated from Make Me A Supermodel and my unabashed reality TV crush.Talking with Colin only reaffirmed why he was a fan favorite this season: he‘s witty, self-effacing, earnest, charming, and adorably nerdy. Also, he looks like Clark Kent‘s more handsome twin brother. Colin amiably chatted with me about his closest friends in the house ("The Giants"), his flirtation and friendship with Kerryn, his growing self-confidence, if he is in fact the smelly culprit of the last episode, and what‘s next for him. Of course, I had to ask Colin about being America‘s hottest 21-year-old virgin, and if he took Tyson‘s last words of advice to heart. If you had a crush on Colin before, get ready to swoon, America...I certainly did!  Read more »
Things are heating up nicely on Make Me A Supermodel and this week‘s nude photo shoot should only continue to make the temperature rise. And it‘s not just the hot bodies in the house that‘s bringing the heat, the competition for the title for Supermodel is reaching a boiling point. While it seemed the final two were predetermined since day one, competitors whose names don‘t start with the letter "J" are starting to prove this is much more than a two horse race. In recent weeks the international models of the house, Sandhurst and Mountaha, have really stepped up the level of competition and they have us wondering if the finale will be a completely international affair, Jonathan is a Brit after all.  Read more »
Every week BuddyTV offers expert analysis on who will be eliminated on Make Me A Supermodel.  See who BuddyTV users and our own experts think will get booted this week, then make your own picks at Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV.BuddyTV Users‘ Picks:1. 44% of users think Amanda will be eliminated2. 23% percent of users think Branden will be eliminated3. 8% percent of users think Salome will be eliminated  Read more »
Admit it America, you are so looking forward to the naked photo shoot on this week‘s Make Me A Supermodel. It‘s nothing to be embarrassed about, I most certainly am looking forward to some supermodel skin, and lots of it. That‘s right, I‘m loud and proud about lusting after supermodel flesh and tonight is my night to revel. You should too. My excitement for almost Supermodel nudity is only dampened by one thing: Amanda. Why oh why did they not send Amanda home last week? Raise your hand if you would rather have seen Colin naked tonight instead of Amanda. All hands up? I thought so.  Read more »
Here are the current standings for Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV.Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV Leaderboard:1. ReneeCharlotte2 (12250 points)2. AbbeySimmons2 (12000 points)3. jeanettemarlier2     (10750 points)4. Mayzzie (10000 points)5. lafdoc (10000 points)6. nmputnam (10000 points)7. mjcc64 (9250 points)8. k9car     (9250 points)9. leilenreveley2 (9250 points)10. jprausch (9250 points)  Read more »
Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting with Amanda, the latest contestant to be eliminated from Make Me A Supermodel. Amanda and I discussed her tumultuous time on Make Me A Supermodel, how she didn‘t realize she was in a protracted battle with Jordan, on the strange coincidences and special bond she  shared with Jonathan and about what‘s next for her. Amanda also cleared the air about being naked around her infant son to prevent possible "gayness," a quote she has no recollection of saying.  Read more »
We‘re down to six Supermodel contenders and the stress of the competition is starting to wear on even the strongest contestants. While the models bared their bodies in last week‘s naked photo shoot, this week they‘ll be baring even more as they all struggle with the growing pressure to win. The closer we get to crowning a winner, the more you can see each model wanting to win. None of them are just there for the experience any more, the final six are in it to win it, which should up the ante and the level of competition in the final weeks.  Read more »
Every week BuddyTV offers expert analysis on who will be eliminated on Make Me A Supermodel.  See who BuddyTV users and our own experts think will get booted this week, watch the video preview for this week, then make your own picks at Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV.BuddyTV Users‘ Picks:1. 47% of users think Branden will be eliminated2. 19% of users think Mountaha will be eliminated3. 12% of users think Salome will be eliminated  Read more »
We‘ve cut the stragglers and we‘re down to six solid contestants on Make Me A Supermodel. All of the remaining contestants have what it takes to become successful in the fashion industry. But this show is about being more than successful, it‘s about who is super and it‘s time for one of the models to step up and show they are capable of that.Make Me A Supermodel donned it‘s leather jacket this week and tackled an edgy rock‘n‘roll theme. For their photo challenge, the models are taken to a New York City rooftop to shoot a campaign for Dallas Austin‘s clothing line called "Rowdy." Tyson and Nicole tell the models that their assignment is about pleasing a customer and representing the feel of a brand. And no surprises here, seeing that it‘s its name, the feel of the brand is "rowdy." Dallas Austin tells the models that he wants them to come across as bold and punk rock. Mountaha is especially excited about the theme of the photo shoot, because she is a self-described punk rocker. Branden is also excited because he thinks today‘s photo shoot will somehow involve humping. Oh, Branden...the world is filled with BOOBIES! when you‘re 18.  Read more »
Here are the current standings for Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV. Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV Leaderboard:1. ReneeCharlotte2 (13500 points) 2. AbbeySimmons2  (13250 points)3. Mayzzie  (10750 points) 4. jeanettemarlier2  (10750 points) 5. jprausch  (10500 points)6. k9car (10000 points) 7. LizPeters2  (10000 points)8. TheLatestGirl  (10000 points)9. lafdoc (10000 points)10. nmputnam  (10000 points)  Read more »
Recently I had the pleasure of chatting with Jordan, the latest model to be eliminated from Make Me A Supermodel.It came as a shock to all of us watching Make Me A Supermodel that Jordan was eliminated this week. And it would seem the elimination came as a shock to Jordan herself. Jordan had all the makings of an editorial "It Girl:" she was transformed by make-up, took stunning photos, and had a strong signature runway strut. Throughout the season, Jordan has been the strongest female competitor and was considered a near shoe-in for the finale. Jordan wowed the judges with her chameleon qualities, consistently gorgeous photos, and powerful runway performances. In a shocking elimination that left much of America scratching their heads, Jordan was eliminated for a single poor runway performance.Jordan and I chatted about her made for reality TV battle with Amanda, her favorite photo shoot, her dream modeling job, and who she is rooting for to win Make Me A Supermodel.  Read more »
We‘re down to the final fabulous five on Make Me A Supermodel. While we‘re still reeling from Jordan‘s shocking elimination last week, we‘ve got a unique cast of characters left vying for the title of Supermodel: Branden,Jonathan, Mountaha, Salome, and Sandhurst. Each of the remaining models have a little something special going that could help propel them to the finale. Branden has youth on his side and a look the judges seem to love; Jonathan has a "million dollar face" and a body that could sell just about anything; Mountaha is edgy with a memorable face and strong runway strut; the camera and photographers love Salome; and Sandhurst is a force to be reckoned with on the runway and seems to be getting better every week. However, last week‘s shocking elimination should prove to the remaining models that no one is safe and they all have to bring their A game if they want to remain in the competition. Read more »
After Jordan‘s shocking elimination last week, everyone (save Mountaha who has immunity) should be quaking in their boots this week. And they are. Sandhurst says, "If the judges wanted to send a message with eliminating Jordan, they definitely did. Any slip up and you can go."The models worries are only amplified by the arrival of this week‘s photo shoot assignment. "Put on some warm clothes because you‘re about to be polar bears." Right away, Salome clues in to what this means. "Do you know what polar bears do? They go into cold water and get fish." For the first time all season, one of the models hits the nail on the head perfectly about the photo assignment. Despite the near freezing temperatures, the models will be having a swimsuit photo shoot and they‘re posing with some less than lovely sea creatures.   Read more »
Here are the current standings for Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV.Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV Leaderboard:1. AbbeySimmons2 (15250 points)2. ReneeCharlotte2 (14750 points)3. Mayzzie (12000 points)(tied) jeanettemarlier2  (12000 points)(tied) TheLatestGirl (12000 points)6. The Editor (11750 points)7. samabbr (11250 points)(tied) k9car (11250 points)(tied) LizPeters2 (11250 points)(tied) leilenreveley2 (11250 points)  Read more »
Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting with Salome, the latest model to be eliminated from Make Me A Supermodel. Salome was an unlikely contestant on a reality television show, considering her strict Mennonite background. Despite struggling at times with the cultural cues referenced for inspiration during the challenges, Salome dominated the photo shoots this season, winning five out of 11 challenges  during her time on the show.Salome and I chatted about how an "almost Amish" girl decides to become a model, her favorite of her winning photo shoots, and who she‘s rooting for to be this season‘s Supermodel.  Read more »
After the shocking challenge last week, it‘s no surprise that Make Me A Supermodel is such a success.  However, its models aren‘t too thrilled with where the competition is going.  The elimination of Salome was a real eye-opener to the rest of the contenders, but it was also something to talk about with the show‘s host, Tyson Beckford.When asked by Bravo about the recent episode, Beckford went through the performance of all the models and voiced out his thoughts.  Read more »
There are just four contestants left on the second season of Make Me A Supermodel, and the challenges are getting tougher.  With the appalling elimination of Salome on the last episode, the remaining models are even more unsure of their standing in the competition.  It takes more than just amazing photographs to stay safe, but here‘s hoping that one of the four contenders will take a risk and truly stand out.Tonight, Branden, Jonathan, Mountaha, Sandhurst and everyone else will finally find out who the top 3 will be.  Last week we saw the group brave the freezing weather in a swimsuit photo shoot.  The recent challenge will bring them to more stress, since they‘ll really be made aware of what‘s at stake.  Read more »
The penultimate episode of Make Me a Supermodel was a no-brainer.  The final four consisted of two guys with amazing bodies, one woman who outshined all the others, and a dude who loves boobies and cut his testicles.  Everyone knew exactly what would happen.  Jonathan, Sandhurst and Mountaha would make it to the finals and Branden, the lone American, would finally be eliminated after landing in the bottom for most of the season.But that‘s not what happened.  And I was as shocked as the person who was eliminated. Read more »
Every week BuddyTV offers expert analysis on who will be eliminated on Make Me A Supermodel.  See who BuddyTV users and our own experts think will get booted this week, then make your own picks at Make Me A Supermodel Fantasy TV.BuddyTV Users‘ Picks:1. 58% of users think Branden will be eliminated2. 22% of users think Jonathan will be eliminated3. 20% of users think Sandhurst will be eliminated  Read more »
It‘s finale time folks! From the initial sweet 16, only three remain: Branden, Jonathan, and Sandhurst. While the girls dominated the season early on, it was the men of Make Me A Supermodel who had the staying power to make it to the finale.While 2/3rds of the final three are no surprise--we‘ve been calling a Jonathan versus Sandhurst finale for weeks and weeks now--we have to admit we‘re still a bit shocked that  the baby of the house, Branden, has  lasted all the way to the finale. We‘re also surprised that Jonathan isn‘t strutting into this finale the clear winner. Three episodes or so ago, we would‘ve said, just hand Jonathan the contract. But Sandhurst has come on strong in the last few weeks, with a string of winning performances. It should doubtlessly come down to Jonathan or Sandhurst for the win, but who of those two would walk away the winner, all rides on their performance tonight.  Read more »
It‘s finale time! It seems like just yesterday there were 16 semi-finalists and here we are, down to the final three and just an hour away from finding out who will win Season Two of Make Me A Supermodel. Vying for the title of Supermodel we have: Jonathan--the struggling golden boy and family man with the million dollar face and body; Sandhurst--the man with the momentum, global appeal, a quirky personality, dancer‘s grace, and "thunda thunda thunda thighs;" and Branden--the dark horse, who has recently proved he‘s not just about BOOBIES, transforming from high school jock to high fashion goth. Since it‘s the big finale, I‘ll be watching (and reporting) live along with you, as we discover together whether Branden, Jonathan, or Sandhurst will be this season‘s Supermodel. Remember to tweet me your questions for all Three Finalists, who I will be interviewing tomorrow morning!  Read more »
Yesterday I had the pleasure of chatting with Jonathan Waud, the second runner up on Make Me A Supermodel.From day one of the competition, Johnathan established himself as the model to beat with consistently strong photo and runway performances. Not only did the judges and male underwear designers adore Jonathan, so did the viewers. Though he didn‘t win the contract with New York Model Management or the $100,000, Jonathan was voted Fan Favorite and awarded $10,000.While doing my best not to melt over his English accent and charm, Jonathan I talked about his burgeoning underwear modeling career, how winning fan favorite was sweeter than winning the show, and how he and his wife have differing views on his best photo from the show. Read the highlights of the interview after the jump, but be sure to listen to the interview in it‘s entirety, because it‘s really not the same without that lovely accent!  Read more »
The dark horse of the season, Branden Rickman won Make Me a Supermodel and pleasantly shocked the fans.  The young and struggling model went home with all the prizes, from the cash to the contract, in addition to plenty of experience in the modeling industry.  On his interview with TV Guide, the 18-year-old discussed his time on the reality competition and why he was surprised by his win."I was so excited!" Rickman said.  "It was just crazy.  I did not think I was going to win at all.  I really underestimated myself, but it all turned out great in the end." Read more »
Last week, I had the pleasure of chatting with Sandhurst Tacama, the runner-up of Make Me A Supermodel. During my talk with Sandhurst, his larger than life personality and awesome Tobagan accent were on full display, as we chatted about his love of the runway, his favorite photo, the ironic way he came to be on the show, and how he read BuddyTV‘s Make Me A Supermodel coverage all season.Throughout his time on Make Me A Supermodel, Sandhurst ruled the runway, with a dancer‘s grace and performer‘s ease. Though he occasionally struggled with the sample sizes and his thunda thighs, Sandhurst impressed the judges with his statuesque physique, winning personality, and week-to-week improvement. Going into the finale with winning momentum, Sandhurst thought he had won Make Me A Supermodel, and truthfully so did we. While he didn‘t walk away the winner, Sandhurst is confident big things will still come from his time on Make Me A Supermodel, and again, so are we.  Read more »
Even though the second season of Make Me a Supermodel is over, it still managed to garner up some attention for its aftermath.  Renowned model Tyson Beckford, who hosts the series, gave his words on the final three contestants of the show.  One of them already took home the prize and the glory, but this celebrity still has things to say about Branden, Sandhurst and Jonathan.On an interview with Bravo, Tyson Beckford talked about what he thought of this season‘s winner and how far he thinks the finalists will go.  "They‘ve made it this far," he said. "They‘re definitely models." Read more »
Shortly after Season 2 of Make Me A Supermodel ended, we chatted withShari Levine, Vice President of Production at Bravo to discuss what shelooks for in potential contestants. While it might seem simple enough--be absolutely gorgeous and about 6 feet tall--Shari shared with us the otherimportant factors in becoming the next Make Me A Supermodel star. Wechatted about the importance of personality, real world modelingpotential, the possibility of a plus-sized contestant, and whatseparates Make Me A Supermodel from other reality TV modeling shows.  Read more »
Despite failing to take the prized title on Make Me a Supermodel‘s second season, runner-up Sandhurst Tacama Miggins knows he made his mark on the industry.  With the attention he‘s received from just being on the show, there‘s no doubt that he‘ll be using that experience to gain even more success in his career. The aspiring model took to his blog to express his thoughts on the final elimination, as well as the entire duration of his stay on the show.  He also believes that whatever happened on camera will be enough to get him places. Read more »
This morning I had the pleasure of chatting with Branden, the newly crowned winner of Make Me A Supermodel.Branden and I chatted about his victory, which shocked everyone but Branden himself. The 18-year-old Oregonian said he knew "something good was coming his way" after his strong performances. Branden and I talked about how he plans to spend his $100,000 prize, how his Mama is bursting with pride, how his favorite and least favorite photo shoot were one in the same, and how he finally got Nicole‘s number after winning.  Read more »
Fashion and Reality Television have formed a special bond over the past television seasons. America‘s Next Top Model just finished cycle 12, Project Runway will be airing its sixth season later this year. TLC, Bravo and Oxygen have dominated our fashion-centric television for years. So how do we navigate our way through the fashion genre?We‘ve put together a list of fashion-centric television that might strike your interest. Within the list, we discuss the type, description and "watchability" of each show to help you better navigate the fashion realm. We‘ve limited to reality TV sorts of fashion shows because including Gossip Girl, American Idol (they have talked about fashion a lot more this season, haven‘t they?) and other quality primetime programming would just get too confusing. Read more »