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Bravo will soon be launching yet another competitive reality series that will give model wannabes a chance to launch their modeling career.  Make Me a Supermodel, one of the latest offerings of the network, is scheduled to premiere in the first quarter of 2008.Based on the hit UK series, Make Me a Supermodel brings together a group of 14 aspiring models, consisting of seven women and seven men, who will compete for $100,000 in cash and a contract with a distinguished modeling agency.  Unlike other modeling contests, this reality show gives viewers the opportunity to vote to determine who stays on the catwalk and who goes home. Read more »
Make Me a Supermodel, the new Bravo reality series from the minds that brought us Project Runway and Top Chef, is bringing viewer participation to a new level.  The reality show, which will be hosted by super models Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford, is a reality competition program in which aspiring models attempt to launch a super star career.  The series doesn‘t premiere January 2008, but the competition begins now.  Internet users can head over to and vote for who they think should be the final two Make Me a Supermodel contestants.  There are six finalists for the two spots, three girls and three guys, and people are allowed to vote for one girl and one guy. The voting period has already begun and the polls will close on November 26 and 4PM ET. Read more »
During last night‘s episode of Project Runway, Bravo announced that their new reality series, Make Me a Supermodel, will premiere on Thursday, January 10 at 10pm.  Make Me a Supermodel is a reality competition series (it does not, despite the title, involve extensive plastic surgery) that pits both male and female wannabe supermodels against each other in a competition to see who has the most supermodel potential.  The winner receives $100,000 and a modeling contract.  Although it may sound like a blatant rip-off of America‘s Next Top Model (it still kind of is), the big difference is that the competition is co-ed and will have viewers vote on the outcome, as opposed to the eliminations being decided by a panel of judges.  In addition, Bravo also announced that they‘ve green lit second seasons of both Top Design and Shear Genius.  Read more »
A week after announcing the premiere date of Make Me A Supermodel, Bravo reveals the top 24 finalists who will be competing for a spot on its latest reality TV offering.  These contestants consists of beautiful and talented men and women who have been sifted from the top 35 applicants who auditioned and were brought to New York to go through a series of challenges that tested their posing skills and runway walk. Soon, they‘ll be facing more tests as the show narrows its search down to the final 14 models who will vie for a chance to win $100,000 and a modeling contract with New York Model Management.Read on to find out more about the 24 finalist of Make Me A Supermodel. Read more »
Proving to the world that his capabilities go beyond the boundaries of the catwalk, Tyson Beckford has just been added to a star-studded lineup of presenters for the 12th Annual Urban Wheel Awards (UWA).  This much-awaited event will commence on January 15, 2008, five days after the premiere of his newest competitive reality series, Make Me A Supermodel, where he also serves as a co-host.Set to take place at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan, the Urban Wheels Awards will honor those revolutionary automotive industry leaders who rise above the conventional and embrace diversity to generate and improve products and services that appeal to a larger customer base. Read more »
On January 10, Bravo will unveil its latest reality show, Make Me A Supermodel.  The show will be hosted by two supermodels themselves, Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford.  Taylor burst onto the fashion scene at the age of 17 when she appeared on the cover of Seventeen magazine.  She was also the first model under the age of 18 to sign a major deal with Cover Girl and is well known for her many appearance in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues in the late 90s.  Beckford has had an extremely successful modeling career which he has parlayed into an acting career, having been featured in a dozen movies.  The reality show may be new to us in the states but is already a popular show in the UK.  Let‘s see if we can get some clues as to what we can look forward to by looking back at the hit from across the pond. Read more »
Welcome to Bravo‘s newest reality show, Make Me A Supermodel. It‘s the competitive modeling show that will pit men against women. Throughout the season, viewers at home will get to decide who stays and who goes. Gee, if they had done this for America‘s Next Top Model, then maybe Heather would have won.Tyson Beckford and Niki Taylor traveled across the country to find the top male and female wannabe models. They chose 35 finalists and brought them to New York to narrow the field down to just 14 models. Tonight‘s casting special will show us just how they did it. Read more »
While Bravo‘s new series Make Me a Supermodel puts control of the show in the hands of the public, that doesn‘t mean there won‘t be some guidance from professionals there as well. Hosts Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford have already compared their roles to those of Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell, respectively, of American Idol. Beyond the input of the two hosts, however, there will be two actual judges participating in the process as well.One will be Jennifer Starr, “most prominent print fashion casting director in the country,” and Cory Bautista, who is pictured at left with Niki and Tyson. So who is Cory Bautista and why should we listen to his input when casting our votes for our faves on Make Me a Supermodel? Read more »
In the female corner: we have former Victoria‘s Secret vixen and Sports Illustrated cover girl, Tyra Banks, who was able to start an impressive second career in reality and talk show television as she transitioned from modeling. In the dude corner: we have Tyson Beckford, Ralph Lauren model, film actor, music video star, and now host of Make Me a Supermodel.From a sheer dollar perspective, Tyra would seem to be outgunning Tyson in a big way. However, the Make Me a Supermodel host thinks that he‘s got something much more valuable: relevance in the modeling industry. And he‘s not afraid to tell you all about it.Tyson recently unleashed with his opinion about Ms. Banks and a little show called Ameica‘s Next Top Model. Read more »
Blonde beauty, Sarah Swartz, was the first eliminee to be voted off on Bravo‘s Make Me A Supermodel.  The judges deemed her too "girlfriend pretty" to be a high fashion supermodel, but she still has high hopes of making it in the international modeling world.  Sarah spoke to BuddyTV today about getting cast on Make Me A Supermodel as well as her opinion of what it means to be high fashion.  Below, you will find an audiofile and a complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
Make Me a Supermodel deviates from the usual model competition by putting the final fates of the contestants in the hands of the viewers. While the judges might decide who gets put up for consideration, it‘s your vote that ultimately can save a model. Because of this, the judges on Make Me a Supermodel can be extremely candid in their public comments. On a pre-taped show like America‘s Next Top Model, where the suspense is dependent on all participants keeping the results mum, the judges can usually only offer up some vague comments when asked during the show about the strengths and weaknesses of the contestants. Not so for Mr. Tyson Beckford! He has really committed to the Simon Cowell persona he‘s adopted for the show, and recently delivered an extremely frank assessment of the models.  Read more »
Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford are back again with Bravo‘s latest reality show, Make Me A Supermodel. Last week, the models had to do a photo shoot wearing summer clothes in the freezing cold, and then they had a swimwear runway show. The bottom three were Dominic the weak-backed, Sarah the long-torsoed, and Katy the flabby-thighed. Their fates were left in the hands of America.The bottom three pack their suitcases to prepare for their possible elimination. They assemble in front of the judges: Niki, Tyson, Jennifer Starr and Cory Bautista. Niki announces the outcome of the vote. Katy and Dominic are safe, so Sarah must go home. Looks like her torso was much too long to overcome. It‘s odd to have the eliminations at the beginning of the episode. Read more »
We begin the maiden voyage of Make Me A Supermodel with shots of the final 14 at home, getting notified that they will be on Bravo‘s newest reality show. There are six guys and six girls who got letters, and the final guy and the final girl were chosen by online vote.The final 14 are Aryn, Ben, Casey, Dominic, Frankie, Holly, Jacki, Jay, Katy, Perry, Ronnie, Sarah, Shannon and Stephanie.Niki Taylor explains that the winner of Make Me A Supermodel will receive $100,000, a contract with New York Models and a fashion spread in GQ magazine. Joining her on the judges‘ panel are male supermodel Tyson Beckford, Jennifer Starr, and Cory Bautista. Read more »
Last week on Make Me A Supermodel, Katy Caswell, Dominic Prietto and Ben DiChiara made up the bottom three of all the supermodel hopefuls, and their fates were placed into the hands of the voting public.Tonight‘s episode of Make Me A Supermodel right after Katy, Dominic and Ben found out that they were in the bottom three. Dominic is taking his failures out on all of his housemates. He‘s insecure that everyone is trash-talking behind his back. By the way, Frankie Godoy is very, very pretty. He‘s prettier than any of the other girls, actually. The next morning, Ben, Katy and Dominic prepare for their possible elimination, packing their bags and saying good-bye to their roommates. Read more »
Jacki Hydock might have refused to wear a thong in the premiere episode of Make Me A Supermodel, but her look and style have still won her some major points with host Tyson Beckford, who has said she is among his favorites.She recently opened up about being on the show, and what she‘s feeling about the experience so far. The best part, she says? The exposure and contacts. The worst? Not having a phone. Read more »
We‘ve got America‘s Next Top Model and, for those less interested in a show that wants to be taken seriously, America‘s Most Smartest Model.  This month, Bravo unveils a modeling show of their own, Make Me A Supermodel.  The show was a hit in England and Bravo has decided to bring it to the states.  Last night, the network aired a casting special in anticipation of the season premiere, which airs next Thursday, January 10th.  The show will be hosted by two supermodels themselves, Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford.  The main question surrounding the show is: can a supermodel really emerge out of a reality television show?  Taylor and Beckford say yes and talked about a whole lot more in today‘s press conference call. Read more »
During Dominic Prietto‘s short stay on Make Me A Supermodel, he managed to rub some of his competitors the wrong way, but he did impress the photographers when it counted at the photoshoots.  Unfortunately, the judges took issue with his stiff runway walk and put him up for the vote.  Last Thursday, he became the second model hopeful on Make Me A Supermodel to be eliminated.Dominic talked to BuddyTV about his take on the tensions that arose between himself and some of the other contestants, how he started in the modeling business and his future career goals, both in the fashion industry as well as his other pursuits.  Below, you will find an audiofile and a summary of the interview. Read more »
Last week on Make Me A Supermodel, Holly Kiser, Aryn Livingston and Jay McGee found themselves in the bottom three and their fate was left in the hands of America. If you remember, Holly was tentative and fearful in her sexy poses, and Aryn and Jay lacked chemistry with each other. Last week‘s Make Me A Supermodel was also the hottest hour of TV that I have seen in a long time, and the title of tonight‘s episode is making me hopeful for more titillating action.The morning after last week‘s judging, Jay, Holly and Aryn pack their belongings in preparation for the elimination ceremony. Ronnie Kroell and Ben DiChiara hope that Aryn will come back. At panel, Niki Taylor announces the result of the vote: Holly is safe. Tyson Beckford gets to be the barer of bad news and tells Aryn that her time on Make Me A Supermodel is over. This is a real shame, especially for her homeboys Ronnie and Ben. I think she is a really good model, and if the judges had their druthers, they would have booted Jay. Read more »
Any model who wants to work in high fashion will eventually have to make a decision about how far to go in their photo shoots. Whether it‘s actual nudity or simply the portrayal of sexuality, certain shoots might push the boundaries of those who are modest or simply not especially exhibitionistic. The judges on Make Me A Supermodel are all industry veterans, who‘ve worked behind the scenes – as in the case of Cory Bautista, an agent, and Jennifer Starr, a casting agent – or in front of the camera – as in the case of models Tyson Beckford and Niki Taylor. They recently weighed in on the challenging shoots that the models have faced so far on Make Me a Supermodel. Read more »
Last Thursday, Aryn Livingston became the third model to be voted off of Bravo‘s new reality series Make Me A Supermodel.  During her time on the show, she managed to raise some eyebrows with her close friendship with fellow models Ronnie Kroell and Ben DiChiara.  Aryn spoke to BuddyTV today about what really went on in the house with Ronnie and Ben, some of the challenges she faced in trying to manufacture sexual chemistry in her photoshoot with Jay McGee, and how she got her start in the modeling business.  Below, you will find an audiofile and a transcript of the interview. Read more »
While beauty, a great body, and the ability to take a great picture are key to becoming a great model, no one can ascend to the rank of supermodel without a fierce runway walk. This seems to be an area where many of the model hopefuls – especially the guys – have had some difficulty on Make Me A Supermodel. And that‘s where Debbie Dietering comes in.A “successful runway and print model in the ‘90‘s,” Debbie started coaching other models after, as she puts it “retir[ing] her stilettos.” She follows a specific method to help make the runway walk as stable and graceful as possible. She recently weighed in on what some common beginner walk problems, and what she thinks of this batch of models on Make Me A Supermodel. Read more »
Last week on Make Me A Supermodel, Jay McGee, Katy Caswell and Casey Skinner were cruelly put up for the vote by hosts Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford. This marks both Jay‘s and Katy‘s third time being in the bottom three. Do they have enough fans voting for them to keep them around?The three models get ready for the elimination ceremony in the morning. Casey‘s personal hygiene frightens me, as he wakes up in a pile of potato chip crumbs on his bed. How is that even comfortable? Anyway, the models assemble at the end of the catwalk in front of Niki, Tyson, Cory Bautista and Jennifer Starr. The judges announce that Katy and Casey are safe, but Jay must now pack his bags and go home. Behind his back, the judges agree that America made the right decision. Read more »
Jay McGee became the fourth hopeful to be voted off of Bravo‘s Make Me A Supermodel after being in the bottom three twice before.  Week after week, he struggled with photo shoots, enduring criticism from the judges that he was too stiff.  Jay spoke to BuddyTV today about his experience on the show, what he‘s doing to improve his photos, and the song he uses to inspire him during fashion shows.  Below, you will find an audiofile and a complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
While an outside observer to the world of reality television might think that all of the shows are equally déclassé, the savvy reality fans know that in this world, like any other, there are different levels of status. At the bottom of the feeding pool, you have a show like Paradise Hotel. Questionable people doing some presumably trashy things on a reality-segregated network. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have some of the (relatively) classier fare. If the reality world were high school, a show like Survivor or The Amazing Race is like the captain of the football team, American Idol is the class president who also stars in the school musical, and most of the Bravo offerings are like the rich kids with the great taste and all the access to the coolest events. Case in point: Project Runway and Make Me A Supermodel at Fashion Week this week.  Read more »
Last week on Make Me A Supermodel, Ronnie Kroell, Katy Caswell and Frankie Godoy were put up for the vote by the judges. Frankie and Ronnie were both too stiff in their Fashion Week runway show to earn the judges‘ praise. This is Katy‘s fourth time being in the bottom three. She had to endure several rounds of tough criticism by her fellow models, the trainer and the judges just to get there. Does she have enough fans to keep her around for another week?The bottom three models appear before Niki Taylor, Tyson Beckford and Cory Bautista to hear America‘s verdict. Ronnie and Frankie are safe, but Katy must go home. After the models leave, the judges agree that America made the right decision. Cory says that Katy is a beautiful girl, even hot, but she is not supermodel material. The models at home are happy to see the boys are back, but are quickly distracted by Perry Ullmann‘s self-entitlement complex. Read more »
Katy Caswell, a 21-year-old Alabama native, achieved her dream of making it to Fashion Week on Bravo‘s Make Me A Supermodel last week.  However, she continually received the critique that she doesn‘t look high fashion enough to make it as a supermodel, and as a result, found herself up for the vote four times.Katy spoke to BuddyTV today and addressed the criticism she got from the judges and fellow models on Make Me A Supermodel concerning her weight and eating habits.  She also talked about the amazing experience she had at Fashion Week, and about which designers she would love to walk for if she got the chance.  Below you will find an audiofile and a complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
Last week on Make Me A Supermodel, Stephanie Bulger, Frankie Godoy and Ronnie Kroell were put up for the vote because they failed to impress the judges in their acting abilities.Ben DiChiara wakes Ronnie up on the day of the elimination and gives his special guy pal a lucky blue pendant to ensure that he‘ll be safe. In the other boys‘ room, Casey Skinner and Perry Ullmann want Ronnie to get the boot, and they both just want their boy Frankie to make it through to next week. Read more »
Cory Bautista, Jennifer Starr and Debbie Dietering all bring their own unique professional perspective to Make Me A Supermodel. Cory has been a top modeling agent for years, Jennifer is a fashion casting director, and Debbie has modeling and is now a runway coach.As the competition gets even more intense, they all have their own perspectives on what qualities it really takes to make any one of the contestants a true supermodel. Read more »
Niki Taylor, host and judge of Make Me A Supermodel, has gone the Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum route of re-inventing herself as a reality show star to kickstart a new career in the entertainment industry after a successful run as a supermodel herself.What else is Niki up to when she‘s not busy assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the model hopefuls on Make Me A Supermodel? She‘s helping out a charitable cause, and saying goodbye to a business venture. Read more »
Stephanie Bulger was the resident artist in this season‘s batch of hopefuls on Make Me A Supermodel.  She excelled in the fourth episode of the season in which her artistic eye propelled her past the her competitors and earned her high praise from the judges and photographers.  Unfortunately, she wasn‘t able to translate her passion for art into a passion for acting, and was eliminated after performing poorly in the acting challenge.Stephanie spoke to BuddyTV today about her time on Make Me A Supermodel, about the various challenges she performed on the show and about her favorite performance artist, the inimitable Matthew Barney.  Below, you will find an audiofile and a transcript of the interview. Read more »
It‘s down to only eight models on Make Me A Supermodel, five males and three females.  This makes sense, considering that Bravo‘s primary viewing audience is largely made up of women and gay men, and they are the ones responsible for deciding who goes and who stays on the show.  The three models who were put up for the vote are Ben DiChiara, Jacki Hydock and golden boy Perry Ullmann, the latter of whom unexpectedly found himself at the bottom because the judges were fed up with his arrogant attitude and wanted to serve him up a slice of humble pie.  The judges have not been impressed with Ben‘s or Jacki‘s unexceptional performances either, but it was left in the hands of Bravo viewers to decide who gets axed tonight.  Will the men continue to dominate over the women?  Or will the gender balance on Make Me A Supermodel shift towards equilibrium? Read more »
Jacki Hydock started off the season of Make Me A Supermodel as the one to beat.  She immediately wowed everyone with her runway walk and her fierce look.  She proved herself to be a very hard worker, persevering in last week‘s photoshoot with the snake in the water tank in order to get a decent shot.  However, the judges decided that she was not living up to the potential that they knew she had and put her up for the vote.Jacki spoke to BuddyTV today and shared her opinion on why the female competitors are falling behind their male counterparts on Make Me A Supermodel, about her most challenging photo shoot, and she also brought to light the tensions she had been having with fellow model Perry Ullmann.  Below, you will find an audiofile and a transcript of the interview. Read more »
Although Jacki Hydock put in great efforts to become successful on the catwalk, she still became the most recently axed contestant on Bravo‘s Make Me A Supermodel.  And while she enjoyed her reality TV stint, she says that nothing beats being at home. "I‘m back to a real life," Hydock, who returned to her hometown in Cleveland last Friday, said.  "It was so hard not having contact with the world.  You can‘t talk to family, friends.  You can‘t watch TV…you‘re really in a vacuum." Read more »
Last week on Make Me A Supermodel, Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford put Ben DiChiara, Casey Skinner and Frankie Godoy up for the vote. Ben has been continually disappointing the judges with his lack of self-confidence. Casey, too, faltered in the runway show on last week‘s Make Me A Supermodel, performing only two instead of the required three poses on the spinning turntable. Frankie also had a bad week last week, performing the worst at the snowy photoshoot at the Windham Mountain Ski Resort. This is the first all-male bottom three, perhaps in an attempt by the producers to even out the boy/girl ratio on the house. But the Bravo promo guy assures us that the battle of the sexes has only just begun! Read more »
Frankie Godoy was the eighth contestant to be eliminated from Bravo‘s new reality show, Make Me A Supermodel. Frankie was often criticized by the judges for having a stiff walk, but there were times when he shined, notably in the seventh episode, "Into the Wild," in which he had to model with both a snake and a duck. He also formed strong friendships with his fellow male models Perry Ullmann and Casey Skinner.Frankie spoke to BuddyTV today about his performance in his last photo shoot and runway show before being voted off Make Me A Supermodel, about the strained relationship he had with fellow model Holly Kiser and about how he likes his new look, post-haircut.  Below you will find an audiofile and a complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
At present, there are six remaining contestants vying for the top prize on Bravo‘s Make Me A Supermodel. Out of the six left, four are men, which means that the male contestants are gradually dominating the competition.  This, however, doesn‘t come as a surprise to host Tyson Beckford.In an interview with OK! Magazine, Beckford admits to having gender bias when it comes to the hopefuls of Make Me A Supermodel. Read more »
Last week‘s Make Me A Supermodel saw the second all-male bottom three in a row. What‘s going on, men? Casey Skinner, Ben DiChiara and Ronnie Kroell put their fates in the hands of America, and tonight we will see which must immediately end his quest toward becoming a supermodel. Casey has not proven to the judges yet that he has the confidence and poise to become the next Tyson Beckford. Ben has not yet let go of his fish-out-of-water attitude and has continued to have lackluster performances. Ronnie, however, is probably the most talented model of the three, but this far into the competition, even the slightest slip-up could cost him. Who will be going home next? Read more »
Casey Skinner nearly made it to the top five on Bravo‘s Make Me A Supermodel, but unfortunately, he was voted off the show last week.  Although the judges liked to criticize him for being too stiff and not confident enough, he really proved to audiences that he has the potential to become a great model, even overcoming a paralyzing fear of snakes to take a great photo.Casey spoke to BuddyTV today about his time on the show, and during our conversation, I learned that there is more to him than just a pretty face.  He‘s also a musician, involved in several music projects along with his modeling.  Below, you will find an audiofile and a complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
Last week on Make Me A Supermodel, Shannon Pallay found herself in the bottom two for the first time all season. The other model up for vote, Ronnie Kroell, is old hat with the elimination ceremony, as this is his fourth time appealing to America‘s heartstrings.On the morning of the elimination, Shannon and Ronnie get up and pack. Shannon thinks that she has more of a right to stay in the competition because this is only her first time in the bottom. Downstairs, the girls discover that the boys have turned their photos around to face the wall, which only fuels both of their desires to stay. The battle of the sexes is most certainly heating up. Read more »
Shannon Pallay almost made it to the final four on Make Me A Supermodel.  This tall, dark-haired beauty consistently brought a high-fashion quality to her photos and to the runway.  Even while she was sick, she gave it her all in the competition.  There were times during Make Me A Supermodel when it looked that she and fellow model Perry Ullmann were at each other‘s throats, but Shannon assures us that their relationship was more amicable than what it appeared to be on TV.  Shannon spoke to BuddyTV today about what her own personal fashion style is, what it‘s like behind the scenes at a runway show and the best way to break into the modeling business.Below, you will find an audiofile as well as a transcript of the interview. Read more »
One of the reasons why Bravo‘s Make Me A Supermodel continues to experience a huge surge in the ratings is because of its nearly live show format that has made it possible for viewers to participate in the voting process and significantly affect the outcome of the competition.Thanks to the program‘s crew that works round the clock, Make Me A Supermodel has become one of the closest shows you can get to going live.  Unlike Project Runway or Top Chef, which are filmed in one month, Make Me A Supermodel is being filmed over 12 weeks. Editors are reportedly working around the clock, six days a week, to deliver a show that was filmed just days earlier. Read more »
Make Me A Supermodel has finally found its top four contenders who will ultimately compete for $100,000 and a coveted modeling contract with New York Model Management.  But before the last showdown takes place, fans will get to see the final four as they reunite with previous contestants for a reunion special, which airs tonight at 10pm on Bravo.Based on the U.K. series of the same name, Make Me A Supermodel follows aspiring models as they live together in a New York loft and explore friendships, romance and ambition while undergoing a series of creative challenges designed to test their professional modeling potential. Read more »
Last week, the final four contenders reunited with eliminated models to relive some of the highlights of the season and discuss what the previous contestants have been up to since leaving Make Me A Supermodel.  Seeing all the models together again, judge Jennifer Starr couldn‘t help but wish that Casey Skinner and Shannon Pallay, who were eliminated respectively in episode 9 and 10, had gone farther in the competition.When asked about her favorite moment, looking back over the entire competition, Starr reveals that there are a lot of memorable episodes but what‘s etched in her mind is whenever the models do something that they didn‘t think was possible. Read more »
The season finale of Make Me A Supermodel is nearly upon us. Tonight, we‘ll be able to find out which of the four remaining models will win the grand prize of $100,000, a modeling contract with New York Model Management and a spread in GQ Magazine, as well as the right to call him or herself a supermodel. Will it be Ben, the prison guard from Nashville? Holly, the squirrel-eating model from the heart of Appalachia? Ronnie, America‘s darling? Or, will it be Perry, the overly-confident natural-born leader?I have analyzed each of these four models‘ strengths and weaknesses in order to make my predictions for the season finale. Read on, and then share your analysis too! Read more »
It‘s down to the final four models, but only one will be made super.Twelve weeks ago, 14 models were selected from across the country to compete on Bravo‘s Make Me A Supermodel. Along the way, they‘ve had to suspend themselves on cables from the ceiling, share a tank of water with a giant yellow snake named Lemon, pose in pairs in what amounted to a soft-core porn photo shoot and much more. It‘s been a long journey, and now we‘ve finally come upon the season finale in which we will find out who will win $100,000, a contract with New York Model Management and a fashion pictorial in GQ Magazine. Will it be Ben DiChiara, Holly Kiser, Ronnie Kroell, or Perry Ullmann? Read more »
After 12 long weeks of "model boot camp," it was Holly Kiser who emerged the winner of Make Me A Supermodel last night.  This 21-year-old model from southwest Virginia overcame many obstacles on her journey toward becoming a supermodel, including surviving a photoshoot with a giant snake in the middle of winter while afflicted with bronchitis.  The only female in the final four, Holly proved that despite the criticism that she lacked a vibrant personality, she really made a connection with Make Me A Supermodel viewers who buoyed her toward victory.Holly spoke to BuddyTV today and talked about how it feels to be a supermodel, about the best moments on the show and what it was like working with Niki Taylor and Tyson Beckford.  Below, you will find an audiofile and a complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
Ronnie Kroell was the runner-up on Bravo‘s Make Me A Supermodel, right behind winner Holly Kiser. All season long, Ronnie was a strong contender, despite enduring the criticism that he is too all-American to be a high-fashion model. He was also one of the more entertaining models to watch on the show, establishing almost immediately his crush on fellow male model Ben DiChiara.Ronnie spoke to BuddyTV about what it was like to be sequestered on the show for three months, and about his opinion of Make Me A Supermodel compared to that other modeling show on the CW. He talked about his crush on Ben that blossomed into a beautiful friendship, and he also revealed that his lifelong aspirations reach far beyond modeling, as he hopes to get more involved in politics and legislation. Below, you will find an audiofile and a complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
Ben DiChiara, the prison guard from Nashville, Tennessee, was arguably the most improved model on this first season of Make Me A Supermodel. He came into the competition with little experience, and lacked the ease and comfort being in front of the camera or walking down the runway that some of his competitors enjoyed. However, he quickly became a fan favorite and made it all the way to the final vote.Ben spoke to BuddyTV and assured us that he and his wife, April, are doing great together, despite being apart for three months. He plans to head back to New York as soon as April graduates from college to get started on his dream of becoming a model. Below you will find an audiofile and a complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
Among the final four models who made to the finals on Make Me A Supermodel, Perry Ullmann was unfortunately the first model to be eliminated. However, over the course of the season, he really proved to be a versatile model, as well as a natural-born leader among the competitors on Make Me A Supermodel. This talented model excelled in almost every challenge, especially the ones involving acting.Perry was also tangentially targeted by the tabloids when his girlfriend was alleged to have begun a relationship with Britney Spears‘ ex-boyfriend. Perry spoke to BuddyTV and made it clear that he and his girlfriend have worked through their struggles and are happy together. He also spoke about the appeal of acting versus modeling, and about how great it is to have gotten a modeling mentor in Tyson Beckford, "the biggest male supermodel that ever walked this planet." Below, you will find an audiofile and a complete transcript of the interview. Read more »
Bravo‘s Make Me A Supermodel has finally crowned its winner in the form of Holly Kiser.  But while her triumph on the competitive reality series paves the way for more exposure in the limelight and more opportunities in the catwalk, the 21-year-old native of the Appalachian Mountains doesn‘t seem to be keen on following the footsteps of some of the most notable names in the fashion industry.“Well, I made it through week 12!  It‘s been a long and hard 12 weeks, and I‘ve had my ups and downs, but this experience has changed my life forever,” the newly crowned Make Me A Supermodel  winner said. Read more »
The United States version of Make Me A Supermodel will soon be airing in the United Kingdom through Living.  The competitive reality series, which originated in Britain in 2005, has captivated various audiences in America and has earned strong ratings for Bravo."Living truly is the home of modeling on U.K. television as we know from the success of the Next Top Model  brands on the channel,” Amy Barham, head of acquisitions for Virgin Television‘s Living and Virgin1 channels, said in a statement.  "Make Me A Supermodel U.S. is a brand that will sit perfectly in Living‘s summertime schedule.  It is sexy and controversial and there are not many shows that can be described as ‘a televised aphrodisiac‘!" Read more »
Real women have curves.  This is what Make Me A Supermodel host Niki Taylor wants to convey in the new issue of Fitness magazine, which hit newsstands today.  As someone who started modeling professionally at a very tender age, she has quickly become a millionaire and has established her own company in her teens.  And after spending 19 years in the modeling circuit, Taylor has proved to be knowledgeable in her craft and has proved herself worthy of being called a supermodel."I was only 14 when I began modeling, and I was skinny too," Taylor said in the magazine.  "I started working with a trainer at age 16 to help my body get more definition; I had my babies when I was 19.  Now I‘m in my 30s and I‘ve got curves. So my body has gone through many changes.  Yes, there is a lot of pressure from the industry, but I think women are prettiest when they look like women." Read more »
While fans of Tyson Beckford are waiting for the new season of Make Me A Supermodel to air, they can catch the supermodel turned actor in his new movie Hotel California, which will be released early this year. The movie, which is currently shopping for a distributor, has been filmed throughout Los Angeles in early 2007.  It is produced by Alliance Group Entertainment and is directed by first time director Geo Santini. Read more »
Though Bravo will be losing Project Runway to Lifetime after the current season ends, the network still has a huge arsenal of reality shows on tap for the next year, including several new and returning competition series.Among the new entries are two new seasons of Top Chef, four different incarnations of the Real Housewives franchise, two new competition reality shows and sophomore seasons of two Bravo reality shows. Read more »
The wait is over for the nationwide contestant search for the second season for Make Me A Supermodel.  As mentioned previously, Bravo will be bringing back the modeling competition series for yet another run in 2009.  In line with this announcement, the network is presently on the lookout for beautiful and talented men and women who will be selected to compete for a chance to launch their modeling career in the hopes of becoming the next big supermodel.Based on the U.K. reality series of the same name, Make Me A Supermodel follows aspiring models as they live together in New York City, while they explore friendships and undergo a string of creative challenges intended to test their professional modeling potential.  The show is hosted by supermodels Tyson Beckford and Niki Taylor. Read more »
Niki Taylor, renowned supermodel who now serves as the host of Bravo‘s Make Me A Supermodel competitive reality series, is expecting her first child with NASCAR driver husband Burney Lamar.  A representative of the 33-year-old model informed People magazine about the pregnancy yesterday although the couple has yet to pick out a name for the baby, who is due to be born in early March.  The sex of the forthcoming baby hasn‘t been disclosed as well.While this pregnancy is a first for husband Lamar, this will be Niki Taylor‘s third bundle of joy.  Previously, she had twin boys, Jake and Hunter, from her first marriage to Arena football player Matt Martinez. Read more »