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In the world of competitive gymnastics, training is the key.  A group of teen Olympic hopefuls prepare themselves for the ultimate test of skill to find out if they can Make It or Break It.  The tension isn‘t all on the mat, with the drama escalating between team members as they make their way through everyday battles.  This one-hour scripted drama was created and written by Holly Sorenson, following what goes on behind every display of agility and grace in gymnastics.  Make It or Break It is the story of Emily Kmetko (Chelsea Hobbs), a newcomer to the aspiring winners.  She tries to fit in to their world, but it‘s proving to be difficult when practicing is as cutthroat as the competition itself. Read more »
The little girl known as DJ Tanner on Full House is truly all grown up, and she‘s taking over television once more.  Candace Cameron Bure has been slated for a role on ABC Family‘s new drama Make It or Break It.  The new series revolves on the competitive lives of aspiring young gymnasts who are struggling to make it through to the Olympics. Even though audiences of Make It or Break It are probably too young to remember the star of the 1990s hit show, they might as well get used to her.  Candace Cameron Bure booked the role of Summer on the new series, playing a stepmother to one of the female gymnasts. Read more »
Following the success of The Secret Life of the American Teenager, ABC Family has another series which it hopes will conquer the same demo that Secret Life has. Make It or Break It, premiering tonight 9pm, is a brand new series set against the backdrop of competitive gymnastics.  It follows a group of teen Olympic hopefuls as they prepare for their day in the spotlight. Frasier‘s Peri Gilpin stars the team‘s coach, with the cast including Chelsea Hobbs as Emily Kmetco, Ayla Kell as top gymnast Payson Keeler, Josie Loren as Kaylie Cruz and Zachary Burr Abel as Carter Anderson.  Make It or Break It also marks the return to television of Full House child star Candace Cameron Bure. Read more »
For some reason, there was this oddly funny moment when the Rock girls decided to finally clear the air--nine episodes overdue!--on last week‘s Make It or Break It.  It took a couple of car keys being thrown to the stream, and only then did they all talk about cortisone shots, shared boyfriends and addicted mothers.  And then, turns out, Emily threw Kaylie‘s house keys rather than her car keys--and Lauren‘s got a spare car key somewhere.  So much for trusting each other.  Read more »
For those of you that don‘t know, we here at BuddyTV are running a video contest for the best relationship of 2009. We already gave you our rankings, but we‘d like to hear from you. What couple do you think was the best relationship of 2009? And to prove your case, we‘ve asked that people submit fan videos based on their favorite couple of the year.The contest has been running for several weeks and there are already nearly 50 entries. We‘ve been keeping tabs on the videos and wanted to share our favorites with the community. These are not necessarily the front runners but a handful of the videos that caught our attention. The contest runs for another week and there‘s still plenty of time to enter. Check out the details and enter as soon as you can. I know I‘m a bit upset that there haven‘t been any Glee submissions yet but I‘m hoping for some in the 4th quarter. Read more »
Winning the National Gymnastics competition during the mid-season finale of Make It or Break It spells celebration for the girls, and even more excitement for fans who have been waiting for the show‘s return.  But on tonight‘s episode, things aren‘t as clear as the ice. "The Eleventh Hour" has the girls facing the aftermath of the competition.  Payson (Ayla Kell) is struggling with the back injury she sustained, and finds herself troubled by how detached she‘s become from her family and friends. Read more »