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Yay! It‘s here -- the fifth season opener of Mad Men! Plus, it‘s two hours and two episodes at once. I am so excited, it‘s crazy. At the beginning of the first episode tonight, I have to admit I was a little disappointed because the tone seemed too happy and fun -- not like the deep, brooding, intense Mad Men I know and love. But then things started hitting more familiar ground with Don‘s personality. Read more »
Episode 2 of the Mad Men season 5 opener was awesome. I think the season is off to a good start. There‘s really nothing else I would want to see as far as starting storylines, so that‘s saying a lot. Read more »
Some things are enjoyed best when they‘re over. Like Mad Men.Don‘t get me wrong, Mad Men is a great show. But you have to admit it is kind of slow. As the story unfolds -- at whatever pace it wants -- we have to wait for the show‘s overall meaning and payoff. Sometimes we only get those rewards after Mad Men ends.That‘s OK. Because **Mad Men, like a classic novel, gives us more when it‘s over. Read more »
This week‘s Buddy Bites is a mix of good, bad and weird news. Read on to find out more.  Read more »
I was glad to see Betty back in this episode of Mad Men. January Jones was very pregnant during the filming, so the writers came up with a thyroid condition for Betty to explain the weight gain. Rather than the real belly lump, there‘s a thyroid lump in Betty‘s storyline and I loved Jones‘ acting tonight as Betty waits to see if the tumor is malignant or benign. She really made the show for me! Read more »
"When is everything going to get back to normal?"With that one question, Roger Sterling may have summed up the theme of Mad Men season 5. Stability is gone, changes are forcing their way in and the establishment is losing its security. But what is "normal," and when can the world of Mad Men reach it again? Read more »
I hope it‘s a dream. I hope it‘s a dream. I‘m still repeating this to myself after watching this week‘s Mad Men. Don snaps when one of his former bed buddies, Andrea, won‘t leave him alone. We see him strangle her and put her under his bed. Before that, he was napping as he left work early because he was feeling sick and coughing a lot. I‘m hoping that Don dreamed this because of this episode‘s mention of a murder story in the news involving nine young women that shocked all of the characters. I don‘t want Don to be a strangler! I love the rest of the episode, though. Read more »
It‘s About Time Someone Socked Pete in the FaceIt was nice to see Pete get taken down a few notches this episode, even if it had to get physical. Sure, Pete‘s always been a sort of obnoxious character, but since he made junior partner, he‘s been acting like he‘s the only one who does anything good for the ad firm. It was nice to see the focus on Pete‘s character tonight in terms of both his home and work life and how the two are beginning to merge. Read more »
Mad Men has always enjoyed emasculating Pete Campbell, but in "Signal 30," that was taken to a whole new level. He failed to fix the kitchen sink, he couldn‘t seduce a high school girl and he got punched out by the most effete man at the company, Lane Pryce. The episode ended with a bloodied Pete telling Don Draper "I have nothing."  Read more »
This was one weird episode of Mad Men! It wasn‘t all psychedelic and trippy, though, despite the fact that Roger took LSD. But it just all tied in with the theme of the episode title: "Far Away Places." Peggy is in her own little far away place when she‘s put in charge of the Heinz presentation and feels a lot like a work-pressured man. Don and Megan drift apart emotionally and then physically. It was a good, but haunting, episode. I wish there would have been another hour of it as it felt like a movie! Read more »
Did you know that Howard Johnson hotels still exist? Well they do -- and not just on Mad Men. In addition to existing, Howard Johnson apparently has a great sense of humor: For a limited time, any visitor legally named Don Draper gets one night free at a Howard Johnson hotel.Seriously. Read more »
This season of Saturday Night Live will end with three consecutive new episodes. On May 5, football star Eli Manning will host with musical guest Rihanna, while SNL alum Will Ferrell hosts the May 12 episode with musical guest Usher. But who will host the season finale on May 19? That‘s still up for debate.  Read more »
This was an okay episode of Mad Men that just drove the plots along. Sally was in it, but Betty wasn‘t. I miss Betty, but it‘s nice to see Sally‘s character growing and learning, even though it seems like she‘s always learning the wrong thing, such as seeing one of her married grandmas making out with her dad‘s business partner, Roger! Read more »
I liked the growth in Megan‘s character tonight as she finally takes the plunge to follow her Broadway acting dreams. Of course, half the fun was Megan at first trying to hide her acting ambitions and advertising hate from Don and having Peggy add her two cents worth! In other happenings, Pete has a one night fling with his train commuting buddy‘s wife, Beth, but he wants a longer affair. Read more »
This week on Mad Men, everyone is trying desperately not to be replaced by a younger and better model. Betty fights her feeling of inferiority against Megan by dropping the Anna Draper bomb on poor unsuspecting Sally and her color pencil family tree. Don fights the million idea machine that is new hire Ginsberg and his own fears he might be irrelevant. Roger continues his fight against Pete with Jane as collateral damage. Meanwhile, Pete‘s coup de grace with the Sunday New York Times fails him. Read more »
Things are looking rosy in Chatswin. When the season finale of Suburgatory airs, the show doesn‘t have to worry about the future. ABC recently renewed the suburbs-set comedy for a second season. This is great news for Parker Young, who plays sweet and dim-witted jock Ryan Shay. Young has been having a good year overall though. Between washing cars shirtless on Suburgatory, Parker found time to drop in on the Madison Avenue denizens of Mad Men to steal Pete Campbell‘s girl in a recent episode. This summer he‘ll be spending some time in the hot seat as a contestant on FOX‘s The Voice knock-off dating show, The Choice. Just like in Chatswin, everything is coming up roses for Young. Read more »
This week on Mad Men, Paul Kinsey returns as a Hare Krishna, Lane has money issues and Don and Joan bond over fast cars and failed marriages. Read more »
This week on Mad Men, Joan sells herself for Jaguar, Peggy leaves SCDP for a rival agency and Don is the moral voice of reason in almost every situation. Let that sink in for a second. Don Draper, voice of reason. You know a situation is really out of control when it grosses out Don Draper. Read more »
This week on Mad Men, SCDP lose one of their own, Sally gets a few visitors, and Don pitches a big account. The theme of the penultimate episode of season five was happiness: the never-ending quest to attain it and what happens when it disappears from sight.  Read more »
When award nominations go out, Community gets ignored. That‘s how it works, right? Apparently that‘s not precisely true anymore -- Community leads all shows in the Critics‘ Choice Television Award nominations with a total of six nominations. Check out all the nominees here! Read more »
This week on the season 5 finale of Mad Men, everyone confronts the reality of their dreams with differing results. For Don, the suicide of Lane throws him into a bit of a tailspin. Not only is there the guilt of Lane‘s firing -- only known to Don -- but there‘s also the phantom of his own brother‘s suicide haunting him. In both cases, the desperate acts came on the heels of money and Don‘s withdrawal, so it‘s not surprising to see Adam come for a visit. Read more »
If you‘ve been too cheap to get HBO and instead spent the last two and a half months illegally downloading episodes of Game of Thrones, you are not alone.  Read more »
It‘s not an Emmy, but it‘s a start. On Monday, June 18, the Broadcast Television Journalists Association awarded their Best Drama and Best Comedy Series Critics‘ Choice Awards to Homeland and Community, respectively. Keep reading for all of the award winners. Read more »
The 2012 Emmy Award nominations will be announced Thursday morning at 8:40am ET (5:40am PT) by Scandal‘s Kerry Washington and Parks and Recreation‘s Nick Offerman.There are plenty of shows and actors that don‘t need to worry about scoring a nomination. Shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad and Modern Family are sure to rake in a ton of nominations, as should Showtime‘s freshman drama Homeland. Odds are also good that past winners like Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) and Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife) will hear their names announced.  Read more »
The 2012 Emmy nominations were announced Thursday morning, and while it‘s easy to point out huge nubs (no Parks and Recreation for Comedy Series?) or embarrassingly awful nominations (Jon Cryer for Two and a Half Men?), I‘m going to focus on the positive.  Read more »
It‘s good to be the king. The 2012 Emmy Award nominations were announced Thursday morning and four-time Drama Series winner Mad Men and two-time Comedy Series winner Modern Family remained the top nominees.  Read more »
Now that everyone has had a day to study the oddly diverse 2012 Emmy Award nominations, it‘s time to look to Sunday, September 23. Who will win?Comedy Predictions: Who Will Win?>>On the Drama side, there‘s so much greatness that it almost doesn‘t matter who wins. All six nominees for Outstanding Drama Series are huge critical successes and they all have at least nine Emmy nominations this year. In fact, in all categories, there are only a handful of nominees I wouldn‘t want to see win.  Read more »
Mad Men is taking a little vacation for season 6. In the first official photo from AMC, we get a glimpse of Don Draper and wife Megan vacationing in Hawaii.  Read more »
The awards season is in full swing and this morning the nominations were announced for the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. Honoring the best in film and television, the SAG Awards tend to be quite conservative, recognizing big names over smaller, more deserving shows.  Read more »
The nominations for the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards were announced Thursday morning, and as always, it‘s a mix of old favorites and wacky new entries. Sure shows like Homeland, Downton Abbey and Modern Family got multiple nominations, but so did ABC‘s Nashville. And somehow NBC‘s Smash got nominated for Best Comedy/Musical Series.  Read more »