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It‘s Sunday, which may mean a day rest for some, but for me it means one thing: Mad Men! The season 4 premiere is tonight, and while AMC‘s promo doesn‘t do much in the way of giving us any real insight into the fourth season, offering up such conflicting statements as, "Anything can happen," "We have no idea where it‘s going," and "It‘s much of the same," it still makes me giddy for the first episode.  Read more »
Who is Don Draper? I suspect the people over at Mad Men have been provoking their audience with this question and will continue addressing it until series end.  I doubt we‘ll ever know since Don has no idea himself.  His trouble begins in this episode when he can‘t define himself to a reporter to promote his advertising company during November of 1964, almost a year after last season‘s finale.  Throughout the episode, we‘re given updates as to what most of the Mad Men crew is up to and we‘re shown their growth or backwards slides in typical subtextually significant moments.  What better way to show us how everyone is doing than an episode that takes place around Thanksgiving, a holiday that makes you stop and take stock of what you have, who makes you happy, and the family you have to share it with.  Read more »
This week‘s Mad Men was surprise, surprise about keeping up appearances.  In order to impress the face of Lucky Strike, Lee Garner Jr., SCDP needed to throw a splashy Christmas party complete with bunny hop (thank you Joan).  While I was excited about another holiday themed episode, I can‘t say I loved this one as much as last week‘s premiere, although I know with a series like Mad Men, getting the establishing shots of the characters is equally as important as story and plot.   Read more »
Happy New Year.  Usually there is an exclamation point after that sentence, but after all our favorite characters were raked over the coals this year, no exclamation is needed or wanted.  Joan is dealing with the unknown which drives her crazy, Don is also in unfamiliar territory (relatively) spending New Year‘s with prostitutes and Lane is just getting his first real welcome to America.  Who‘s ready for a New Year‘s cocktail?  Round up all the usual drinks.   Read more »
Rejection isn‘t easy and how we cope with it makes us who we are.  This was the case in last night‘s episode of Mad Men--artfully directed by John Slattery--where we watched as numerous characters were faced with circumstances that were less than favorable and everyone was forced to deal with their own sometimes surprising reactions.Head BangThe title of the episode, "The Rejected," gave viewers insight to the theme of the episode.  Pete had to deal with telling his father-in-law SDCP no longer needed Clearasil.  Allison had to face Don and make him understand that something did happen between them, only to be told by Don that she should write her own letter or recommendation after she had to stoop to even ask him for one.  Peggy‘s feeling of rejection came when she realized Pete had chosen a life with Trudy over pursuing her in the slightest.  Both her and Pete banged their heads against a desk and a wall respectively, showing their collective frustration over very different situations.     Read more »
This year the Creative Arts ceremony for the Emmy Awards may be as exciting as the main ceremony with a ton of interesting categories with big stars. The Creative Arts Emmys will be presented Saturday, August 21 and Conan O‘Brien could be the big winner.  Read more »
The Creative Arts Emmy Award were handed out Saturday night and HBO‘s 10-part World War II miniseries The Pacific was the big winner, picking up seven Emmys. However, the biggest winner of all may be Neil Patrick Harris, who won two awards for his guest performance on Glee and hosting the Tony Awards. And he‘s not done, as Harris has a chance at a third Emmy this year next week where he‘s nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy for How I Met Your Mother.  Read more »
Is it me or is Mad Men getting funnier?  It‘s also possible that against the dark scenes, you just need to laugh.  I love Don‘s secretary!  I‘m sure she would call herself a hoot.  This week‘s episode was all about wooing the Japanese motorcycle makers, Honda, and included some of my favorite characters, Betty and Sally."How does she not fall over?"Know your market.  Rule number one of advertising.  In order to pitch the Japanese, Don had to read a book, bow down, and obviously go to Benihana. What else could there possibly be to learn about the Japanese?  I loved Joan‘s attempt at modesty and the obvious leering of the Japanese men.  Getting checked out crosses the language barrier with little to no effort.  And Pete, is the cantaloupe supposed to be exotic fruit to the Japanese?  If only they had Bert‘s old office at Sterling Cooper!  That would have been perfect for their guests!   Peggy driving in circles on the Honda was priceless.  Elizabeth Moss is certainly getting some great material this season.   Read more »
The 2010 Emmys are coming up on Sunday! The popcorn‘s purchased, the champagne‘s chilling in the fridge, and our DVRs are set (for reliving the best acceptance speeches). Plus, our Emmy picks are in!See who our editorial staff members have selected to win in this year‘s big drama and comedy categories, and see how your picks stack up.See Complete List of Nominees >>  Read more »
What did you think of the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmys hosted by Jimmy Fallon? Did you laugh? Did you cry? Did you cheer? (Or jeer?) Or did you skip the whole thing altogether? No worries--we watched it all for you! Here‘s the complete list of winners as they were announced during the show. Read more »
The beginning of tonight‘s Mad Men threw me for a loop.  Flashbacks are regularly used in Mad Men, but I was a bit confused when we were thrown into one with only a handshake as a transitional device.  After twenty minutes of watching the episode, I still didn‘t know what direction or path I was being led down. One thing I can tip my hat to is the excellent timing of coinciding award shows. Tune in to NBC and get Mad Men winning best drama. Tune in to AMC and get Don Draper winning his CLIO. Either way, Mad Men wins. However, it was only towards the end of the episode did I understand why we were given Don Draper‘s second origin story which coincidentally was a major glimpse into a milestone moment for Roger Sterling. "Award or no award, you‘re still Don Draper."The next line of this dialogue, of course is another one of Don‘s attempts to play coy, but all it really did was show us his ultimate uncertainty about his own identity.  He says, "Whatever that means," to which I muttered, "duh." Yes, Don. We‘re all aware you don‘t know who you are.  I only wish that the mystery was less appealing to all the women falling at your feet.  Was anyone else confused when he woke up with a different woman than he went to sleep with?  Betty was actually in the right when she chewed him out on the phone and I raise a glass to Dr. Faye who has rejected him twice now.  Keep it up, Faye. And by the way, what was with all the under the table shady business with the hand holding? And that kiss Don laid on Joan certainly raised my eyebrow. Probably rattled Sterling in retrospect too. Joan certainly looked like she enjoyed herself.  Read more »
Just because they walked away with a statue doesn‘t make someone a winner, nor does their lack of award make them a loser. I‘m talking about who (and what) won and lost the night overall. Let‘s take a closer look at the best and worst moments of the 2010 Emmys.Best: The totally epic Glee-style intro. Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, the kids from Glee, and others managed to satirize Glee while still maintaining the show‘s joyous spirit. Also, the Kate Gosselin moment was glorious.  Read more »
Last night‘s episode of Mad Men blew me away.  The way it starts is similar to any other episode. The boys are going to the Ali/Liston fight.  The episode starts with a pitch about a Samsonite suitcase to Don from Peggy and the boys.  Epic failure as Don blames Peggy for the poor idea and requires her to continue plugging away at the idea on her birthday.  What she didn‘t realize was that she was in for a revealing all-nighter with Don that could change the course of their relationship to come.  Loyal viewers of the show were rewarded for their devotion as we were witness to a long-time-coming exchange of everything Peggy and Don have ever needed to say to one another.  This episode‘s relevancy is due in part to the series creator penning this episode and of course to Moss‘ and Hamm‘s superior performances.  If anything, Peggy and Don‘s dynamic relationship has just been turned up to eleven and from here until season‘s end, Peggy will no doubt be tested where Don is concerned since she is now the sole person Don can really count on.  Read more »
Be a man. Seems like a simple enough instruction, but as Don Draper is slowly figuring out, it entails a lot more than drinking and one night stands.  In "The Summer Man" we find Don self-reflecting. Aloud. In voice-over form.  Even he mocks himself about it seeming like a little girl‘s diary entry.  I‘ll let him do the mocking since I think Jon Hamm‘s voice is so easy on the ears.  No wonder Mercedes Benz chose him.   Rather than drown himself in alcohol during this week‘s episode, Don instead immerses himself in water.  All the swimming shots reminded me of Hockney paintings.  There‘s something about a man emerged in water with just his thoughts that can not only appear Freudian, but lonely and provocative.   Because Don has a new lease on life and is trying to reinvent himself (again), I‘m glad we got some insight to his thoughts.  Especially since many times, we have no idea what he‘s thinking.  But there was far more to this episode than a sole journey into Don Draper‘s psyche, although that was a large part of it.  This one was for the ladies too, who also had to grow some balls, so to speak, but of course maintain their femininity while literally not breaking a sweat.    Read more »
40 minutes into last night‘s episode of Mad Men and all I could do was throw my hands in the air in complete bafflement.  I had to keep pausing the episode to gather my thoughts.  Miss Blankenship is dead?  Roger and Joan were robbed?  Roger and Joan had alleyway sex?  Sally ran away and made rum french toast?  Luckily, the last 30 seconds of the episode and the title, "The Beautiful Girls" solidified the theme.  It‘s all about the women.  It was done with subtlety.  We weren‘t given voice-overs and we still got plenty of the male perspective, but when those elevator doors closed on Joan, Faye, and Peggy, we knew we had just gotten a rather bizarre day in the life. With each woman, including Sally, something dramatic happened to change the course of their actions.  SallyRemember the episode when Sally got slapped?  "Poor Sally" actually became a trending topic on twitter that evening.  While that moment made me sympathize with Sally and wish her a better life, it was only in tonight‘s episode that we realize just how unhappy Sally is.  And why wouldn‘t she be?  How upsetting is it that neither of her parents can have an honest conversation with her?  Anytime Sally expresses an emotion that is outside of "happy," they grab on to the nearest psychologist, or in Faye‘s case, consumer-researcher.  Sally had to break at some point.  My heart broke for her when she was running down the hall and fell face first.  I‘m with her; it won‘t be okay and I‘m hoping that Don will make a concerted effort to try to correct that fact. Sally clinging on to the secretary demonstrated nearly anyone is better than her parents at this point.  By the way, why did all the women of the office follow Sally and Don into reception?     Read more »
As fans of the show Mad Men, we come to accept the slow burn of the series.  Always more character development over plot with a strong payoff in the end.  This was not the case in tonight‘s episode where within the first minute of the show, I was already gasping out loud.  Do I start with Joan‘s allegedly short-term pregnancy, Lane‘s nightmarish father and surprising choice for a girlfriend, or Don‘s shockingly honest confession to Faye about his former life?   Matthew Weiner spoke in an interview about how actions have consequences.  In tonight‘s episode, this is true for nearly everyone that sits around the conference table at SCDP and there was no end to each character‘s desperate attempts to put their broken lives back together.Joan/RogerAs soon as Joan locked the door to speak to Roger, we were in trouble.  She‘s late.  And she‘s apologetic.  As Roger and Joan try to talk through what to do, Joan characteristically takes it all upon herself and barely leaves Roger with the task of paying for her now third abortion.  The abortion clinic scene was upsetting, but I loved seeing someone from Center Stage show up on a show like Mad Men.  Joan lies to deflect her sad truth.  I‘m willing to wager she didn‘t have the abortion.  Well, at the very least, it wouldn‘t be surprising if she decided to keep it.  When is Joan‘s facade going to crack?  Don and Joan need a support group to keep their lies and identities intact.     Read more »
In the case of quality TV shows, it seems that four is the magic number. Shows like: The Wire, Dexter, Friday Night Lights, and The X-Files all experienced creative highs in their fourth season. With only two episodes left of this season‘s Mad Men, season 4 is shaping up to be the series best season ever.But that‘s not to say what came before it was chopped liver. In fact, Mad Men season 4 wouldn‘t be anywhere near as good without the character and story groundwork laid before it. All of the drama in the fourth season wouldn‘t mean much if we hadn‘t already spent so much time with these characters in the universe concocted by creator Matthew Weiner.  Read more »
I lost count of how many times I rolled my eyes during tonight‘s Mad Men. All the characters were doing a righteous job of being extra pathetic, with a few exceptions, of course.Ranging from making Pete into the company‘s scapegoat to Don deciding to branch out and cheat on his girlfriend, this episode was especially rich in character flaws. "The Chinese Wall" seemed to be a response to the episode "The Beautiful Girls," which aired two weeks ago. In that episode, Peggy, Faye and Joan were thrown into some rough situations and by the end, we got a shot of them on the elevator, with the door closing, all three looking pensive. Last night, we were thrown a couple of new curve balls for the women, and it wouldn‘t be Mad Men if the men weren‘t also striking out. Lucky Strike 1Lucky Strike is out! In an adult game of "Telephone," word got around to each member of the SCDP team, and when it got back to Roger, he did the courageous thing and lied to all the men about knowing Lee‘s plan to leave all along. Was anyone else praying for the phone to ring in Roger‘s hand? Roger hasn‘t taken responsibility for anything in awhile. Why start now?  His nonchalance used to be charming but is now getting him into trouble. Joan‘s over it, Lee‘s done with it, and even Cooper called Roger out: "Lee Garner Jr. never took you seriously because you never took yourself seriously." Amen, brother. Surprisingly throughout this episode, the only male character who didn‘t annoy me was Pete. He was sympathetic because everything he was being blamed for wasn‘t his fault. His resolve to stick with his own company was admirable, but who knows what Pete is really thinking. Things must be topsy-turvy when Pete is more likable than Roger.  Read more »
This week‘s Mad Men felt largely transitional, as though the main point of the episode was to get us into next week‘s finale, which will no doubt be a powerful ending to a great season. In comparison to other episodes, it wasn‘t as strong and it served to reinforce that SCDP is in major trouble and Don‘s heroic measures aren‘t working (potentially) in the same way they did before. Perception is everything in this business and to their clients, SCDP is a sinking ship.  The Return of MidgeMidge‘s reappearance in Don‘s life looks to be just the refresher he needs after all his work problems, but of course, Midge has ulterior motives. She was always a starving artist, but she definitely wasn‘t always a heroin addict. When Don and her were together in 1960, she represented the beginning of Bohemian living and was full of art and life. She‘s still got some of the same spunk, but we realize quickly it‘s all a front and rather than just happening upon Don as she claims, we find out she searched for him in desperation for her next score. Her desperation in combination with her husband‘s not-so-subtle bartering agreement (money for sex with Midge) are enough to turn Don off -- who knew that was possible -- and send him on his way, wallet a little lighter, abstract "Number 4" in tow.  Midge‘s line, "Glad you haven‘t changed," to Don was significant in that the audience knows exactly how much Don has changed in the last five years since Midge was a part of his life.    Read more »
Have a quick bite of some TV news in 300 words.NBC goes Mad for Mad MenSomeone at NBC must really love them some Mad Men. It has been announced the John Slattery who plays the lovable/pitiful Roger on Mad Men has been tapped to play a candidate running for congress on an upcoming episode of 30 Rock. This is great news for Mad Men fans who after last night‘s finale will have to wait until next summer to check in on their favorite show. In the meantime NBC seems to be a great place for mad men and women. Jon Hamm has really etched out a name for himself with his 30 Rock appearances and his two-going-on-three SNL hosting gigs. January Jones also hosted (if you could call it that) an episode of SNL last year. Also, Rich Sommers who plays Harry Crane appeared on a few episodes of The Office a few seasons back. Now that Roger is making his way over to 30 Rock lets hope NBC finds something to do with Pete, Peggy and Joanie in the off season. [Ausiello] Read more »
Sesame Street exists on the premise that kids watch TV -- a lot of TV. The show merely takes advantage of couch potato-tendencies in order to educate and inform. It makes sense then that Sesame Street would parody just about everything already appearing on television for the education of the children.Related: Banksy‘s Simpsons Intro: 5 More Epic Couch Gags from Episodes Past Read more »
With Mad Men season 4 now in the books, I find myself more at a loss than ever before. Mad Men season finales are always terrific, and every year they set up cliff hangers that leave us pining for its late summer return. In past season finales we‘ve been left to mull over unwanted pregnancies, marriages, breakups and the uncertainty of the ad agency. In the season 4 finale, we‘ve experienced all four. When the lights went out on season 4 with Don and Megan in bed together (I still can‘t believe it) the show left so many things up in the air that it physically hurts we won‘t be able to pick back up with these stories until next July.     I wrote a few weeks back that Mad Men season 4 may be the best season of the series yet. After seeing the events that transpired in the ensuing weeks I stand behind that statement. But the reason Mad Men season 4 is so exceptional is because of all that came before it paved the way for a great season. Would we really be as interested in Don Draper‘s fall from grace if we had never seen him give that fantastic "carousel speech" in season 1? Would the ice queen Betty has become be as hard to watch if there wasn‘t a season when we were actually rooting for her? Would Joan‘s decision to keep her baby be as powerful if we hadn‘t seen the hell she‘s been through in her marriage?Check out our fan columnist‘s recap of the Mad Men season 4 finale "Tomorrowland" Read more »
In the premiere of season 4, a reporter asked, "Who is Don Draper?"  This finale did a bang-up job of answering it, although it was hard to hear the dialogue over the audible groaning and screaming at the television in my household.  The answer is complex, while simultaneously simple.  Don is Dick.  Dick is Don.  Don has not only become engaged to his secretary--excuse me while I retch--but he has also finally married his two identities.  The result?  Don has skipped "Tomorrowland" and gone right back to "Frontierland," that warm feeling of what‘s familiar and deceptively easy.  "Who‘s Dick?"One of Don‘s first stops in California was Anna‘s house.  Sally soon asked the inevitable question about the writing on the wall: "who‘s Dick?"  Good question.  We‘d also be interested in Don‘s answer and he delivered.  "Well, that‘s me."  Really?  You‘re not denying it anymore?  Fabulous!  With an episode entitled "Tomorrowland," we can only assume Don is moving forward and making fabulous progress with Faye, a strong woman who knows Don‘s secrets and accepts him despite his enormous flaws, right?  Of course not.  Don has been given a sign from beyond Anna‘s grave: the engagement ring Don Draper (the first) gave her.  Well, by all means, Dick/Don, clearly this means you must propose to the nearest and youngest warm body.           Read more »
This morning the Golden Glode Award nominations were announced, and the TV side featured some truly outrageous nominations. While shows like Glee and 30 Rock picked up many expected nominations, who could‘ve seen someone like Scott Caan getting nominated for Hawaii Five-0? Or Piper Perabo for USA‘s Covert Affairs?The Golden Globes also gave love to new shows like Boardwalk Empire, The Walking Dead and The Big C. Read more »
Just two days after the Golden Globe nominations were announced, the Screen Actors Guild unveiled their nominations. While the drama side is rather predictable, the comedy line-up is full of surprises, including two nominations for TV Land‘s Hot in Cleveland.  Read more »
This week marked Larry King‘s last week on Larry King Live (but watch out for his next career in standup comedy!), and this week is also a barren wasteland when it comes to new TV.Luckily, there‘s a fun way to pass the time, honor Larry King‘s passing (...out of the cable world) and say hi to some of your favorite TV stars: "The Larry King Game"! A little context: Kevin Pollak (host of Million Dollar Money Drop) is also the host of "The Kevin Pollak Chat Show," and he has a tradition with his celebrity guests called "The Larry King Game," in which they do an impression of Larry King. That usually means at least three things: Leaning over and doing the husky Larry King voice, making up a gross or weird anecdote (usually about being really old), and then "taking a call" from a weird-sounding town. It‘s really funny. It‘s also an ART. And so many of our favorite TV stars have done it! Check out some of my favorites, and let them bring out the King in you:  Read more »
It was a big night for Glee as members of the foreign press kicked off awards season with the Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles.The Fox musical series was named Best TV Series - Comedy or Musical for a second year in a row, with Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch taking home Best Supporting Actor and Actress, respectively. HBO‘s Prohibition-era drama Boardwalk Empire was named Best TV Series - Drama, with Steve Buscemi named Best Actor - Drama. Katey Sagal was finally recognized as Best Actress - Drama for her work in FX‘s Sons of Anarchy, while Jim Parsons and Laura Linney were similarly feted.The Facebook drama The Social Network emerged as the big winner on the film front, winning four awards, including Best Motion Picture - Drama and honors for director David Fincher and writer Aaron Sorkin. The quirky comedy The Kids Are All Right went home with two awards, including Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical. Natalie Portman was named Best Actress - Drama for Black Swan, while The Fighter‘s Christian Bale and Melissa Leo took nods for Best Supporting Actor and Actress.The nominees for this year‘s major awards are listed below, with the winners in bold. The full list of winners can be found here. Read more »
Life is complicated. TV can help. "What Would TV Do?" attempts to explore life‘s mysteries, problems and everyday situations with the assistance of the life lessons offered by television. Read more »
Mad Men fans are certainly living up the show‘s title over the extended hiatus and the fact that the show won‘t return for season 5 until March 2012, but now there‘s reason to be glad instead of mad. Creator Matt Weiner and AMC have reached a deal on a new contract. Weiner will stick around for three more seasons.UPDATE: In an interview with TV Guide, Weiner revealed that he has a firm end date for the show, and that Mad Men will end after season 7.The deal follows negotiations that dealt primarily with two issues: squeezing more commercials into episodes to increase advertising revenue and trying to keep the cast‘s salaries down to avoid the high cost of maintaining the series.  Read more »
Today Time Magazine released its annual list of the 100 most influential people of the world. The list includes a lot of the people you‘d expect (President Obama, Oprah, Bieber, Zuckerberg), but there are also some strange pop culture inclusions.  Read more »
Do you remember when AMC used to show award-winning dramas? Those were good times.The network has finally reached a deal for the fifth season of the Emmy-winning series Mad Men, which ended season 4 in the fall, but audiences won‘t get to see it until early 2012. Typically the show has always premiered in the summer, but this new extension means fans will have to suffer through a 15-month break.  Read more »
Single-serving sites are all the rage these days, and great TV shows never go out of style. Here are 15 sites that blend the internet trend with their love of television in all sorts of hilarious, awesome and unique ways. Enjoy. Don‘t spoil your dinner.Emotions with Jon Hamm: Jon Hamm‘s face is the best face. Or, as this site that posts photos of the Mad Men star‘s seemingly infinite range of emotions says, "One day Jon Hamm realized he is the best human in the universe in the Having a Face department. So he decided to bless us all by becoming an actor. Emotions with Jon Hamm is a celebration of his craft." Read more »
TV really gets going at Comic-Con on Friday, July 22. Some of the biggest TV shows and stars will be on hand throughout the day to answer questions, show exclusive clips and more! Read more »
The Emmys often get a bad rap for nominating the same shows and actors over and over again, but this year, the Drama field is wide open. In the five major categories, 10 of the 30 nominees from last year aren‘t even eligible thanks to the end of Lost and extended hiatuses for Breaking Bad and Damages. To put that in perspective, the comedy side only has four nominees from last year who aren‘t eligible.  Read more »
The 2011 Emmy nominations were announced today, and as expected, last year‘s big winners, Mad Men and Modern Family, are the most nominated drama and comedy with 19 and 17 nominations, respectively. However, the nominees this year include a number of very pleasant surprises and big totals for HBO‘s freshman dramas Boardwalk Empire (18 nominations) and Game of Thrones (13 nominations).  Read more »
Some of the smaller Emmy categories are usually my favorites, and this year, the races for Guest Actor and Actress are filled with some superb performances. Glee scored three nominations for its guest actresses, including a surprising but deserving one for Dot-Marie Jones as Coach Beiste. And Saturday Night Live also dominated with three hosts scoring nominations.  Read more »
Does anybody like January Jones these days? The actress, who came to fame as Betty Draper on Mad Men, has gotten her fair share of bad press in the past several months. First, Zach Galifianakis grumbled in May that Jones had been rude to him at a party. Now, the complaints have come from a more innocent source: Jared Gilmore, the 11-year-old actor who played her son on Mad Men. Read more »
Each week we scour the internet for the latest and greatest photos of our favorite TV stars. From the latest photos for upcoming episodes to the hottest red carpet events to just walking down the street. It‘s clear that celebrities are working hard this summer. Read more »
And they‘re actually pretty good.Like everybody who spends way too much time watching or thinking about television, I am continuously irritated by most major TV awards. When the same, arguably-inferior shows get nominated year after year, irritation is hard to avoid. But sometimes an award listing gets it right. This year‘s nominations for the Critics Choice Television Awards get it very right. Read more »
The biggest night in TV is here, the 2011 Emmy Awards! Will Modern Family and Mad Men win the top awards once again, or will newcomers like Boardwalk Empire and Parks and Recreation dethrone them? And how will Jane Lynch serve as host?  Read more »
Saturday marked the 2011 Creative Arts Emmy Award ceremony, where technical awards were given out prior to the primetime ceremony on Sunday, September 18 on FOX.The big winner was HBO‘s freshman drama Boardwalk Empire, which picked up seven awards. The record for most Emmy wins by a series in one year is nine by The West Wing for its first season, and with four more categories at the primetime ceremony, Boardwalk Empire could easily beat it.  Read more »
I‘m very proud to be a member of the Television Critic Association, especially on days like today, when the nominations for the organization‘s 27th annual TCA Awards are announced.Television critics often look beyond the traditional shows you might see in other awards to honor the programs and actors who truly represent the best TV has to offer. This year‘s nominations are led by FX‘s Justified, HBO‘s Game of Thrones and NBC‘s Parks and Recreation, but there are also nominations for strong underdog shows like Community, Louie, Terriers.  Read more »