Articles for Love in the Wild Season 2

It‘s back! Love in the Wild, the revolutionary summer reality dating show that puts 14 sexy American singles in a beautiful paradise and asks, "What do you THINK will happen, duhhhh?" And this year, the show has some exciting new changes: They‘ve upgraded to Jenny McCarthy as host, and so many years after Singled Out, she‘s still a well-oiled dating show hosting machine... maybe because she‘s now 50% plastic. And the show has moved to the gorgeous Dominican Republic, which will be host to their even "wilder adventures" than last season.The episode begins with two separate batches of men and women entering the island on boats, with the wind in their extensions and hope in their hearts. Later this season, there will be snakes, rock climbing, rope courses and tarantulas, all of which will lead to rippling muscles being exposed, and budding romances between this diverse array of spray-tanned, petty white people. Every week, two undesirables -- one man, one woman -- will be sent home, and the others will get one step closer to the big prize: A trip around the world with their final partner. So they better HOPE they‘re in love by then, or else that ultimate prize package will be one long, regrettable nightmare.  Read more »
The adventure kicked off to a more than surprising start as seven of 14 men were sent packing. Tonight‘s episode of Love in the Wild will find our contestants jumping off of a 40-foot cliff. Will the couples fall hand-in-hand in love? Or will that come splattering down, horribly?  Read more »
Last week on Love in the Wild, our couples grew comfortable as couples. Jenny felt as though her connection with Ben was one that could not be broken. Well, brace yourself for this week because the girls are in for a wake-up call!That‘s right, folks! There are six new women moving in on our couples, creating another round of trios. Who will be named a home-wrecker and who will lose her chance at love? Six women will go home tonight, so let the cat fights begin! Read more »
Ah, young love ... while running wild in a hot and sticky jungle. You guessed it! It is time for another installment of Love in the Wild! Last week, Jenny McCarthy helped the men ditch six women. What could we possibly look forward to tonight?Every episode features a gauntlet challenge, scavenging across the island for specific items and racing towards the finish line. Yet tonight is going to be a lot different, folks. Tonight there are MACHETES! Get excited because here we go!  Read more »
When we last left the wild, Jason and Vanessa were heading home and Ken was trying to decide whether to focus his attention on Yanina or Jesse. It appears from the preview that he has decided on Jesse. Poor Yanina.  Read more »
It‘s that time again for another episode of Love in the Wild! After all the drama that‘s sprouted from the heartfelt and strategic couplings, the producers may need to rethink their show‘s title. Unfortunately for those of you who enjoy good dogfights, Jesse has now left the competition. Does this mean we can get back to feeling the love in paradise? Let‘s get through the quicksand and scorpions and find out. Wait ... SCORPIONS?!  Read more »
The competition of Love in the Wild has come down to three remaining couples Ben and Michelle, Ken and Yanina and Chase and Summer. Jenny McCarthy kept the last couple around last week for the Couples Compatibility Test. The cutest of the couples, Ben and Michelle, won the most points. Tonight the gauntlet adventure might still bring you to the edge of your seats but not for the same reasons. Whoever wins this round will decide what couple will be going home!  Read more »
This is it! The finale of Love in the Wild season two is now underway. Who will hop a plane for a romantic trip around the world? Will it be the staple couple Ken and Yanina who hit it off right from the get go? Or will Ben and Michelle, two unsuspecting lovers, grab hold of the title? On tonight‘s finale episode, the two remaining couples will endure their last adventure. There will be moments of frustration as they scurry through open fields, pedal along dirt roads on a bicycle made for two, row up stream in kayaks and finally race to the finish line.  Read more »