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NBC revealed its summer programming plans via press release this morning. The network will bring back summer staple America‘s Got Talent as well as Jerry Seinfeld‘s The Marriage Ref, as well as unveil new game shows and reality series like It‘s Worth What? and Love in the Wild.Here are the available schedules and descriptions for NBC‘s new and returning summer shows. Personally, I‘m most excited about Love in the Wild, as I‘ve written about before. And after sitting in on an America‘s Got Talent auditions taping a couple weeks ago, I‘m excited to see if any of the insane acts I saw will make it to air when the competition series returns on May 31.  Read more »
What would happen if Survivor and Bachelor Pad had a love child, and that love child was raised by mankind‘s cruelest mistress of all, the jungle? Next summer we will find out, thanks to NBC, who are doing their part to make MILF Island a quasi-reality with their next reality show, Love in the Wild. The Hollywood Reporter reports from Hollywood:"Twenty men and women will pair up each week in the middle of the jungle. Each couple is dropped into a remote location with nothing but a map and each other to rely on. Along the way, they‘re put through challenges that test them emotionally and physically. At the end of the day, some of the couples will be treated to various romantic indulgences at a romantic oasis. After, they‘ll have the choice of staying with their partner or switching for the next challenge." Read more »
When Vampire Diaries and Supernatural Collide Here‘s some juicy Vampire Diaries casting news to sink your teeth into. The mysterious town of Mystic Falls is about to land a new sexy vampire (is there any other kind). The show has cast Lauren Cohan to play the role of 500 year old Rose. We don‘t know much about her character but her character but we can bet that this sexy "young" vamp will make a pass at Damon.Hardcore CW fans surely will remember Cohan as Bela Talbot from season 3 of Supernatural. Bela was a tough as nails character who got the best of both the brothers so she should have no trouble winning over Damon. She will first show up in the eighth episode titled "Rose." What do you think Vampire Diaries fans? Are you excited for Rose? [Zap2it] Read more »
What happens when you mix love and survival in one show? We‘ll find out soon enough as NBC takes viewers deep in the jungle of Costa Rica for an adventure of a lifetime through its new series, Love in the Wild. The hour-long reality program, which marries shows like The Bachelor, Bachelor Pad, Survivor and The Amazing Race, will attempt to debunk fluffy versions of the reality TV dating scene by putting single men and women into real-life situations. Read more »
Those of us jonesing to watch the premiere of Love in the Wild, NBC‘s new "extreme dating" series that puts 20 men and women in the Costa Rican jungle for a series of "exhilarating quests" with romantic rewards, now need to wait a little longer, as the network has pushed back the premiere to Wednesday, June 29 at 10pm. (The same night as the newly scheduled Voice finale.) The series was originally scheduled to debut last night, June 1. But the later premiere date hasn‘t kept NBC from releasing a series of rather odd preview videos and contestant diaries that give us a sneak peek at what the show will be like. Tree-top climbing challenges! Aquatic monsters! Lost maps! Kissing, bickering and bromances! We‘ll get all of this and more when Love in the Wild finally premieres. Let these bizarre clips satisfy your curiosity for the time being:  Read more »
A camera pans over a massive green mountain, hazy blue sky and surrounding valley. The footage looks like maybe it got cut from Jurassic Park for being too majestic. Two parallel planes dance together as they fly over a lush ravine. We see their smiling faces peering anxiously, hopefully out the tiny windows as an Australian voice says, "Inside these planes are ten single men and ten single women. They have one thing in common: They‘re all looking for love."Thus begins tonight‘s premiere episode of Love in the Wild, NBC‘s newest reality dating series that clearly wants us to believe that it considers itself a real-life romantic epic, grand in both its location and hopes for its contestants. At least in the beginning, the show‘s intentions sound reasoned and pure (at least to those who have never actually seen a reality dating show before): To put these young, attractive, single, mostly white people on dates in the most extreme of wilderness situations, reward the most successful male-female partners with romantic prize packages, and hope that the combination of thrilling adventure, gorgeous landscape and mandatory teamwork will result in a lasting love for at least one of these couples. "It‘s like speed dating meets Romancing the Stone!" a naive person might think to him- or herself. "An epic tale of risk, danger and romance!" Read more »
NBC won the night handily with the season finale of The Voice and a fresh episode of America‘s Got Talent. ABC‘s Love in the Wild also premiered, and did fairly well for its timeslot. On FOX, So You Think You Can Dance continued its slow, painful ratings decline, slipping even further down the slope. But with The Voice over, will the former summer giant regain some footing in its timeslot? Let‘s look at the numbers. Read more »
Previously on Love in the Wild: I reviewed the premiere instead of recapping it, and one commenter got sorta mad at me about it! Fair enough. I know my place (recapping, not opinion-ing). So here‘s a mini-recap that literally leaves out nothing relevant (because nothing is relevant on this show!): Twenty University of Arizona graduates were dropped into the remote Hilton Ropes Course of Costa Rica, where they paired into hetero super-duos to collect meaningless talismans and forcibly smooch each other. Couple-who-creepily-look-like-each-other Sam and Mike won, earning the prize of smooching some more by a waterfall, or something. Their babies will have big, bushy, beautiful, brunette eyebrows. A guy named Ben was a dick, but a guy named Steele existed, making him automatically worse. Girls named "Kym" and "Vanessa" acted like girls named "Kym" and "Vanessa." Someone had a chinstrap. Bossy Dawn and a guy named Jared couldn‘t build a raft, lost and were eliminated at the "Couples‘ Choice Ceremony," which sounds like a honeymoon dance you‘d do at a Hawaiian luau, but here it is an EMOTIONAL dance of SHAME AND HUMILIATION. Tonight on Love in the Wild: More of the same, but a little different. Instead of crocodiles, there are bats!  Read more »
As expected, the finale of The Voice left plenty of unclaimed viewer territory for FOX‘s So You Think You Can Dance, which saw a huge boost in ratings. The former summer giant might continue regaining ground over the next few weeks as viewers continue shifting, but only time will tell. Shows across the board dropped otherwise, with America‘s Got Talent dipping a surprising amount after last night‘s stellar ratings performance. Let‘s take a look at the numbers.   Read more »
Another week of television has passed, which means it‘s time for us to act like our beloved grandparents: we sit back, we relax, and we look back. And we take a quiz that determines if we paid attention all these years -- or, in this case, all this week. It‘s pretty much like the crossword. Or Sudoku. You get the idea. Read more »
I must admit, part of my motive for pushing Love in the Wild so hard in that headline is selfish: I‘m recapping this summertime sexy survival series, and like the buxom babes and doofy dudes who volunteered to be on the show, I don‘t want to go through this alone. It‘s like they always say, "If a pun falls in the recap, but no one is there to laugh at it, did it really happen?" (No. Because I am like the Tinkerbell of reality TV blogging. I need your laughter to survive!)But there are other, even better reasons to watch Love in the Wild, besides the resulting snark-fest that will be my recap every single week. And the teaser for this Wednesday‘s episode (10pm, NBC) illustrates one of them: As the dating pool dwindles, the show will inch ever closer to actually becoming MILF Island, putting the increasingly desperate daters in increasingly crazy situations. In other words: They‘re raising the stakes ... and THE SNAKES!Watch the preview for this week‘s Love in the Wild adventure to "Snake Island": Read more »
Last night, Big Brother 13 had its Wednesday-episode premiere, and boy did it ever. Big Brother enjoyed its best ratings for a Wednesday premiere since 2003. This supplied some stiff competition for NBC‘s America‘s Got Talent and FOX‘s So You Think You Can Dance. Love in the Wild too saw a considerable drop.Let‘s take a look at the numbers.  Read more »
Last Week on Love in the Wild: Bats, broken bridges and some real brats emerged. Ben and Brandee were mutually abusive, and liked it. Miles and Heather were cute to each other, and liked it. Peter (surfer) and Vanessa (soul-sucker) were eliminated. Tonight on Love in the Wild: Only two words really matter: SNAKE. ISLAND. Other than that (like anything else could compare!): More stupidity. It‘s been three weeks, so hopefully some sex? Definitely laughs. Let‘s go!  Read more »
You worked hard this year, and so did your brain. Summer is the perfect time for both of you to kick back and take it easy. Thankfully, the networks take the same approach to their summer programming, filling the primetime hours with delightfully fluffy fodder, like carnival cotton candy for your mind and soul. Light, delicious, undeniably good for you. So don‘t feel embarrassed. Instead, embrace the fun, let your brain take a breather and tune in (then tune out) with these five ridiculous reality shows coming our way this summer: Read more »
...Especially if you‘re unlovable to begin with.Hello. Is there anyone out there still watching this show with me? Have I Tom Hanks in Castaway‘d myself? Am I stranded on Summer Programming Island, yammering on and trying to survive but really just talking to myself and there‘s no one coming to rescue me? Are you guys still here? If you‘re still here, knock twice. No, just write "knock, knock" in the comments. That way I‘ll know and then I‘ll try harder not to write these recaps like they only get read by volleyballs.Anyway, for those of you still with me, let‘s review. Last week on Love in the Wild, a guy named Steele continued to act like a guy named Steele: He sucked at stealing a box from a bunch of snakes, and then he ditched a cocktail waitress named Kym for a hostess named Erica. Chinstrap and Kym got eliminated. I could say more, but just read the recap. It is just as (if not more so) delightful as the one you are about to experience. So buckle up ... your heart!  Read more »
As we approach the finale, I‘ve got to admit that I have developed a genuine affection for this show. It‘s stupid, but benignly so, unlike this other show I‘ve recently begun recapping. Compared to THAT show, this show is so... quaint. The people on it are so pretty and nice to each other (mostly) and ahhh-not-ahhh-sosmart, but they mean well and -- GET THIS -- the final three couples genuinely care about each other. One of the couples even toyed around with the "L word" tonight! Not to say that it‘s a good or smart or dignified idea to go on a reality dating show and fall in love (or convince yourself that you fell in love) with a person you met on that show, but it‘s refreshing and endearing that the lovers (in the wild) on Love in the Wild believe that is how they feel. Not only that, but it strikes me now that the six classiest, most likable people from the original cast (remember Kym? remember Vanessa? remember STEELE?) are the ones who made it to the finals. Well don‘t that beat all? Love in the Wild, my standards might be very, very low, and you might be very, very stupid, but you‘ve managed to burrow yourself into a tiny little crevice in my heart through your sheer earnestness. TONIGHT: The final three couples go on a nonsensical challenge that ends up not really mattering, but it‘s fun to watch nonetheless. Then their bonds are tested in a shocking(-ly bland) quiz game. And I try to spice up the following recap with the WILD-ness that the show seems to have forgotten it‘s promised us. Read more »
Last week, I was on real vacation, and that included brain vacation from Love in the Wild, and that means there was no recap. I hope you‘re not reading this as a ghost because you immediately took your own life after realizing there was no Love in the Wild recap last week. (But if you ARE a ghost, do me a favor and whisper some fun spooky stuff in a few small children‘s ears before your spirit leaves this earth. Maybe like, "BOOOOOooooop!" and then you poke them in the nose. Or "BOOOOOOoooooks ... are the key! Stay in school, kids!" I don‘t know. Make use of your situation, is what I‘m saying.) Point is, I‘m back now. And clearly as mentally stable as ever.I watched last week‘s LITW episode on HOOOooooo-loo, so let‘s do a mini-recap right now based purely on my days-old memories from between painting my nails and reading Facebook, because that is how this show is MEANT to be consumed.  Read more »
Here‘s a funny story for all my Love in the Wild-heads, those of you who have been here with me since the beginning (God bless ya): This morning I tried to write a piece tentatively titled, "X Things I Learned About Love From Love in the Wild" (wherein I would replace the letter "X" with the number of things I discovered I had learned) but I thought and thought and reread my recaps and thought some more, and I could really only come up with two things that I "learned":- Men really, really LIKE asses all of the time, and really, really ARE asses some of the time. (Which I already knew.)- Love (in the wild) means always needing to say you‘re sorry. But never doing it, because it‘s easier to just dump him/her for someone else.Not so revealing. So I didn‘t write the article. But I think that sets us up well for tonight‘s Love in the Wild finale, which begins with its own recap of this entire season, which reveals about as much. All we get out of it is that Heather and Miles and Samantha and Mike are the only two real, solid "couples" that came out of the show, so it‘s both shocking and fitting that they are the finalists here. These are four perfectly reasonable, tolerable human beings. And reality TV worked for them. Talk about WILD.  Read more »