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So, Lost is back.  That‘s pretty cool.  My colleague, John Jacob Jingleheimer Kubicek, has been typing his hands numb with Lost coverage over the past week in anticipation of last night‘s premiere.  Lost is a heavy burden, and it should not be his alone to bear.  That means I, Oscar Dahl, will be writing Lost Aftergasms this season, which just tickles me sideways.  I love this damn show, and I am shameless in that love.  The two-hour premiere felt like vintage Lost, even though the show is fundamentally different from previous seasons, especially in narrative structure.  Mysteries are being answered, questions are being asked, and the story is advancing at a rapid clip.  The premiere did spark a few concerns, but the good far surpassed the bad.  Read more »
It‘s 2009, which means it is time to unveil the BuddyTV Podcast of Glory.  Every week, on Thursday, you the BuddyTV reader will be treated to audio goodness, in the form of BuddyTV personalities bickering and waxing poetic about your favorite shows.  Today, we talk about the first two weeks of American Idol, last night‘s two-hour premiere of Lost and debate the merits of out Top 100 Shows of the Past 20 Years list.  You can listen to the mp3 audio below, or sign up to our podcast feed and have our podcasts automatically downloaded into your iTunes. Read more »
The season 5 premiere of Lost brilliantly introduced time travel as a major component of the storytelling. The people left behind on the Island are randomly jumping through time. There’s a mystery about whether the points in time they jump to is random or pre-ordained, but other rules have been established.Dr. Marvin Candle and Daniel Faraday both explained that people can’t change the past, and that any attempts to do so will fail. However, Faraday also revealed that, for unknown reasons, Desmond is special and immune from this rule. Read more »
Chuck returns next week with a very special 3D episode called “Chuck vs. The Third Dimension.” To make things even more exciting, Dominic Monaghan will be guest starring as rock star Tyler Martin. Monaghan, who played Charlie Pace on Lost, will be reprising his role as a rock star, but this time on a comedy. I‘m sure Martin will be nothing like washed up and tortured Pace of Drive Shaft. Five preview clips have been released and I can already tell this episode is going to be amazing. First, there‘s the Willy Wonka reference. Tyler Martin decides to place a golden ticket in one of his CD covers for one lucky fan. Morgan, who doesn‘t even like Martin, is obsessed with getting it. I hope they have one or two more references to Wonka in the episode to top it all off. Also, there‘s a new, slightly intimidating, employee at the BuyMore named Mr. Butterman. What could be better? Read more »
I don‘t know who Daniel Faraday‘s mother is.  I also don‘t know when he was born, if he has kids, if he knows Charlotte from some other time period, if he‘s related to Charlotte, if he‘s related to Charles Widmore, if Ellie, the annoying gun-toting Other, is his mother, if he was born on the island, if this is his second time on the island, if he‘s still working for Widmore, what exactly he did to Theresa, or what his overall motivations are.  Daniel Faraday is a mystery.  A big, wonderful, bearded, twitchy mystery.  In only the first three episodes of Lost‘s fifth season, Mr. Daniel Faraday has shown himself to be a huge part of the Lost story.  Which makes me wonder: When was the character of Faraday concocted by the Lost writers?  Guessing what the Lost writers have had planned since early in the series and what they‘ve made up on the fly has always been a fan pastime, but it is especially important in the case of Faraday, because he‘s basically the character embodiment of the whole time travel aspect of Lost. Read more »
John Kubicek and Oscar Dahl from BuddyTV podcast about Lost and American Idol.  American Idol and Lost might seem like a peculiar pair, but really, they fit the same bill.  Both are shows with devoted fan bases, both are shows which spark much debate.  Fortunately, my colleague John Kubicek and I faithfully watch both programs and, for better or worse, fancy ourselves experts on them.  In our second Podcast of Glory (podcast title is still in limbo), John and I discuss the on going American Idol auditions and last night‘s eye-opening episode of Lost, “Jughead.”  Although we aren‘t really competing at this point, it certainly felt like I took John to the ol‘ woodshed during our debate, but that‘s a determination you can make on your own.  You can find the full mp3 audio of the podcast below. Read more »
The world of Lost is growing deeper with the recent revelation that Charles Widmore was once an Other. This twist dramatically changed everything we knew about Widmore, his quest to find the Island, and his feud with Ben. Now all of that makes sense.It also opens the world to a host of new theories about the show. Since Widmore was an Other, his entire family history is open for interpretation. Was he somehow related to Richard Alpert or even Jacob? And does Ellie, his fellow Other, have a deeper connection to other characters? I have a ton of new theories now, and if true, there’s a good chance that more people are related than we first thought. Read more »
Another week, another excellent episode of Lost.  Another week, another two episodes of American Idol worthy of intense discussion.  Idol and Lost are the two most water-cooler appropriate series on TV these days, and it‘s really not even close.  While some Lost fans might completely disregard American Idol as a mess of trifling silliness, they shouldn‘t.  Even if you don‘t like the types of music on display, even if you can‘t stand the oppressive Seacrestian reign, even if Paula Abdul rankles you to the core, American Idol is worth watching if only for the pure spectacle of the proceedings.  It is a monstrous endeavor, full of real human drama, rags to riches stories, underdogs triumphing in a grand forum, and chock full of inspiring performances.  When it comes to quality, however, Lost triumphs all these days.  After watching the first four episodes of the season, all you can really do is throw your hands up in the air and scream, “Uncle!  You win, Darlton.”  Once again, I, Oscar Dahl, have joined fellow BuddyTV savant John "Kubla Khan" Kubicek for another round of the BuddyTV Podcast of Glory.  Please listen to the soothing sounds of two TV fans discussing the pressing matters of Bikini Girl, time travel, Noop Dog, and French scientists.  Enjoy.You can listen to the full podcast below.  Read more »
You just have to stand in awe of what Lost has accomplished in its four-plus seasons of existence.  Lost has paved the way for hyper-intelligent serialized TV, in ways unimaginable five years ago.  Prior to Lost‘s success, was there ever anything like it on network television?  A series completely and utterly serial in nature, no episode self-contained, featuring subtle call-backs to episodes all the way back to season one?  Nothing this dense has ever existed on network TV, but even more than that, no show has ever trusted its audience more than Lost.  In a world where most every form of media treats us like mental patients with massive head wounds, it‘s refreshing that Lost can air an episode like last night‘s.  This is what struck me about “The Little Prince:” This was an episode that matter-of-factly intercut between two wildly different timelines as if they were happening concurrently, and felt no particular need to spell out the timelines to the audience.  I understand that with the island folk being “unstuck in time,” the idea of timelines is more or less rendered moot, but still – it‘s cool stuff.  The best part, however, was traveling to the night Aaron was born.  When Locke saw the light in the sky, Lost fans immediately knew when the island was. BuddyTV Podcast of Glory: Braving the Waters of ‘American Idol‘ and ‘Lost‘ Read more »
The Oceanic 6 are nearly all back together and Jin has been rescued by Danielle Rousseau. Lost is getting better with every passing week, and this Wednesday’s all new episode, “This Place is Death,” looks to continue that streak.The episode picks up where the last one left off, with Jin and Rousseau’s French science expedition and the Oceanic 6 at the marina. Continue reading for more details about this week’s episode and to watch two video clips. Read more »
Previously on Lost: Lawyers came for Aaron, Jack revived Sayid, and Charlotte had a massive seizure.The episode starts back on the Searcher, Penny‘s boat, shortly after the Oceanic 6 made it off the Island. Kate (Evangeline Lilly) asks Jack what they should do about Aaron and she comes up with the idea of pretending Aaron is hers, and while Jack (Matthew Fox) is skeptical, he agrees so long as she‘s willing to go along with him in The Lie. Read more »
Lost heads back to the Oceanic 6 this week with Wednesday’s new episode, “The Little Prince.” The majority of the action centers on Kate as she tries to figure out who the mystery client is that wants Aaron.The Island will also be back as John Locke continues his quest to get off the Island even if it kills him. Continue reading for more details and to watch four video clips from this week’s episode of Lost. Read more »
Previously on Lost: Faraday told Desmond to find his mother while the people stuck on the Island were attacked by flaming arrows of death.Lost begins with Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) running like a mad man through an Asian fishing village looking for “Salonga.” He finds the man, a doctor, and begs him to come back to his boat, where Penny (Sonya Walger) is in labor. After a few quick pushes, she gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. Read more »
If you thought there were a lot of shocking revelations on last week’s season 5 premiere of Lost, you ain’t seen nothing yet. ABC released three video clips from this Wednesdays episode, “Jughead,” and they provide a surprisingly large number of big plot twists from the episode.“Jughead” leaves the Oceanic 6 and focuses entirely on the Island and Desmond. In fact, Ben, Jack, Kate, Aaron, Hurley, Sayid and Sun don’t even make an appearance. However, we do get to see what Desmond has been up to since he left the Island and his search for Faraday’s mother. On the Island, we’ll see the castaways find out who attacked them with flaming arrows.SPOILER WARNING: This article contains videos that give away some big plot twists in this episode. Read more »
Read our Recap of Episode 5.1 “Because You Left”The second hour of tonight‘s Lost season 5 premiere begins shortly after the Oceanic 6 got picked up by Penny‘s boat. They call it “three years ago,” which implies the show‘s future is now it‘s present, and what used to be the present is now the past. If you‘re already confused, don‘t worry, so am I.The Oceanic 6 are debating what they should tell people when they get back. Jack (Matthew Fox) is pushing the lie about there being no other survivors to protect them from Charles Widmore. Lapidus is willing to go along with whatever the others decide. Hurley (Jorge Garcia) doesn‘t want to lie, asking Penny if she can just call off her dad. Read more »
Previously on Lost: The Oceanic 6 made it off the Island, which Ben moved by pushing a frozen donkey wheel. Locke was given control of the Others and he was also the man in the coffin the future.A clock turns 8:14am and the alarm goes off. A man wakes up, but his Asian wife tells him to get the baby. He sets about his morning routine while playing a record of Willie Nelson‘s “Shotgun Willie.” The whole scene is virtually identical to the opening of season 2 with Desmond in the Hatch. Read more »
Previously on Lost: The Islanders vowed to go to the Orchid, Jack, Kate, Sayid, Ben and Sun met up at the marina, and Jin was rescued by a young, pregnant Danielle Rousseau and her French scientific expedition.At the marina, right as she‘s ready to kill Ben, Sun (Yunjin Kim) gets a call from her mom, who‘s busy watching Ji Yeon. Sun‘s daughter gets on the phone and says “Come home, mama. I miss you.” It‘s absolutely adorable, as is the moment when Sun says goodbye. As a huge fan of Arrested Development, I love it whenever anyone says “annyong.” Sun gets out of the car and tries to kill Ben (Michael Emerson), but he vows that he can prove Jin is alive. Read more »
You sit on your couch, it‘s minutes after Lost has ended, and all you can really do is glance at your viewing partners, make some guttural noises of disbelief, and try to wrap your brain around what you just witnessed.  There are more than enough experts out here in the internet wilderness, delving deep into the mysteries of Lost, pondering the meaning of the minutiae, examining the Easter Eggs, and that‘s why I try, as best I can, to discuss the experience of viewing Lost as opposed to the nitty-gritty of the details.  It gets really easy to repeat yourself, however.  How many different ways can you say, “Lost is awesome?”  This season, especially, has been an embarrassment of riches, every episode dense, entertaining and revelatory.  Last night was no different. Read more »
When we last saw Lost, Sun, Jack, Desmond and Ben arrived at the church to see Ms. Eloise Hawking, aka Faraday’s mother. She promised to get things started, and that’s exactly what happens in tomorrow’s brand new episode, “316.”ABC released two clips from the episode, and we learn a lot about what Ms. Hawking is up to and Kate’s decision about possibly returning to the Island. Continue reading for more details and to watch the video clips. Read more »
“They are playing some kind of game and we are just the pieces.”That‘s how I feel sometimes while watching Lost, like the writers are just pulling a massive prank on us all, watching and laughing as we search for meaning in absolute nonsense.  The general consensus online is that last night‘s episode of Lost, “316,” was an instant classic.  I‘m not going to disagree with that.  It must be said, however, that Lost has gone insane.  “316” was, on a number of levels, complete and utter nonsense.  As long as you can nod your head and agree that “Yes, that was absolute madness and that‘s just fine,” then we can continue to be friends.  It became apparent last season, but this is the season where Lost has outed itself as a fantasy/sci-fi story of the highest order, no longer masquerading itself as a show with any basis in reality.  Which, again, is fine.  I must admit that, yes, I occasionally struggle with this, but I actually think this internal struggle is actually a product of Lost‘s greatness.  It means that I care for the characters on Lost, as if they existed in the real world, a real world.  An episode like “316” only works because the characters are dear to us and we are invested in them.  Read more »
Previously on Lost: John Locke made it off the Island while Jack, Ben, Sun and Desmond made it to Ms. Hawking‘s church of time travel.This episode goes old school, opening on an eye. It‘s Jack‘s eye, and he wakes up in a suit in the middle of the jungle. Is this a flashback to the “Pilot”? He hears Hurley (Jorge Garcia) screaming for help and Jack (Matthew Fox) rushes to help him. He finds Hurley nearly drowning by the waterfall, so he jumps in to save him. OK, this is definitely not a flashback. Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Lost, “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham,” is sure to answer plenty of questions about John Locke. The entire episode will focus on what happened to Locke after he got off the Island up to his death. Along the way, fans will see plenty of familiar faces.The episode was originally supposed to air last week, but was swapped with “316.” If you’re hoping to find out what happened when Jin found Jack, Kate and Hurley, you’ll have to keep waiting. Continue reading for more details about the episode and to watch three video clips from the episode. Read more »
Previously on Lost: John Locke pushed the donkey wheel and magically left the Island with some help from Christian Shephard.The episode begins with a man sneaking into a room looking for something. It’s Caesar, the guy on Ajira Airways flight 316. After finding some maps, a woman enters. It’s Ilana, the federal marshal who was also on the plane. She claims that she found a mystery man who appeared in the water. Read more »
Usually, for a dramatic work to succeed, we need the characters to have clear motivations.  Whether it‘s a TV show, a movie, a novel, anything, the audience has to understand, at some point, why the characters are doing the things they are doing.  Now, sometimes these motivations remain a mystery until the end of the dramatic work in question.  However, these mysterious motivations are almost always reserved for the antagonist(s) of the story.  Protagonists, on the other hand, though they may have their flaws, typically know exactly what they want and why they want it.  In bad stories, bad movies, bad TV shows, we know what the bad guys want, but the why might be a tad bit unclear.  When it really comes down to it, in great drama, the what isn‘t nearly important as the why, hence the import placed on motivations.  But, as we all know, Lost is a different beast than most.  A different beast altogether. Read more »
The Lost rumor mills are in overdrive today ever since Korbi at reported the possibility of Evangeline Lilly‘s exit for the series. According to Korbi‘s “solid” sources, Lilly is currently auditioning for pilots for next Fall, suggesting that her schedule may be open next season.However,‘s Michael Ausiello reports that his sources at ABC say the rumors are false and that Lilly already has a contract extending her stay with the show through the end of season 6. Read more »
Everyone has pet peeves. For fans of most TV shows, a few tired clichés can ruin a whole story arc the way a few crumbs can ruin a comfortable bed. Pet peeves are neural pathways that have frayed like old telephone wires. Every time two contentious office mates almost share their first kiss only to be interrupted by a door opening, a baby crying or a Blackberry buzzing, little sparks just shoot out of those frayed wires somewhere up in my noggin and my teeth start grinding all by themselves. It‘s just spooky. That’s what happened Wednesday night on Lost when typically brilliant producers David Lindelof and Carlton Cuse tried to draw on a little island magic to make me forgive them for stepping right on top of my biggest TV pet peeve. Sure, I can forgive my dad for always leaving the tab popped out of the slot on top of the cereal box. But this is the same pet peeve that turned me off of one-time favorites Buffy the Vampire Slayer and 24. Normal0falsefalsefalseEN-USX-NONEX-NONE/* Style Definitions */table.MsoNormalTable{mso-style-name:"Table Normal";mso-tstyle-rowband-size:0;mso-tstyle-colband-size:0;mso-style-noshow:yes;mso-style-priority:99;mso-style-qformat:yes;mso-style-parent:"";mso-padding-alt:0in 5.4pt 0in 5.4pt;mso-para-margin-top:0in;mso-para-margin-right:0in;mso-para-margin-bottom:10.0pt;mso-para-margin-left:0in;line-height:115%;mso-pagination:widow-orphan;font-size:11.0pt;font-family:"Calibri","sans-serif";mso-ascii-font-family:Calibri;mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin;mso-fareast-font-family:"Times New Roman";mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-fareast;mso-hansi-font-family:Calibri;mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin;} Read more »
After two consecutive episodes full of off-Island exploits, things turn back to Sawyer, Juliet and the others on this week’s Lost. In “Lafleur,” Faraday copes with the death of Charlotte while the survivors deal with an entirely new dilemma regarding the time jumps.ABC released two video clips from this week’s episode, and they include some pretty vital information that could spoil exactly what will happen with some of the characters. Continue reading at your own risk for more details and to watch the video clips. Read more »
Plot contrivances don‘t work nearly as well with poorly sketched characters.  Lost has rolled out mind-blowing episode after mind-blowing episode this season, and the natural inclination is to step back and gaze bright-eyed into the maze of plot twists that Lindelof and Cuse have thrust upon us.  Wonderful and epiphanic as the story of Lost has been this season, we should not ignore the character work being done.  “LaFleur” was my favorite episode of the season, and it‘s not particularly close.  The big reason was that, on top of all the story aspects, the episode contained beautiful character moments, poignant events that will inform how we view not only the next few episodes, not only the rest of the season, but the rest of the series.  I‘ve always considered Sawyer to be my favorite character on Lost, though I had become unsure of his place in the overall story arch during the last couple seasons.  It felt like Sawyer had served his purpose.  “LaFleur” proved otherwise.  Read more »
Previously on Lost: Charlotte died and John Locke left the Island by putting the frozen donkey wheel back on its axis.  Also, the Oceanic 6 and Locke made it back to the Island, in various times, places and states of being.This episode begins right where “This Place is Death” ended, with Sawyer (Josh Holloway) freaking out over John Locke being buried alive in the well. But there‘s a bigger problem as Miles (Ken Leung) notices a giant statue in the distance. Unfortunately, we don‘t see how many toes it has, but I think we could all guess. Read more »
An online video captures a television channel surfing through the advertisements and news footage of an alternate reality in which superheroes are a central domestic and international policy issue; a travel site allows you to set destinations, times and passengers for Oceanic flights but warns that the business has been shut down. Movies like Watchmen and series like Lost have made their reputation by being more than they appear – not just a graphic novel or a television series but interests and areas of study.In a conversation with the New York Observer, Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof rambled disconnectedly about online viral marketing – what worked, what didn’t and whether it really mattered. Few people understand the subject better than Lindelof but he revisits and contradicts his core beliefs on the subject inside of one interview.  Read more »
The Count Dracula Society has spoken. Lost dominated the competition when the nominations were announced this morning for the 35th Annual Saturn Awards, voted on by members of The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. The ABC network series racked up eleven nominations in all, including Best Network Television Series, along with Heroes, Supernatural, Life on Mars, Fringe and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The Saturn Awards were founded in 1972 by Dr. Donald A. Reed and The Count Dracula Society of USC. They were conceived as a means of fighting back against an Academy Awards establishment they saw as ignoring or undermining genre movies. Robert Zemeckis, who went on to direct the Back to the Future trilogy among other works, was a member during his undergraduate days. Television was later added. Read more »
After taking last week off, Lost returns tonight at 9pm on ABC with a brand new episode, “Namaste.” The last time we saw the Island, Sawyer and Jin met up with Jack, Kate and Hurley after spending three years living as part of DHARMA.Today ABC released four video clips from this episode that show what fans can expect to see tonight, including what happened to Frank Lapidus, how Sawyer will get his friends into DHARMA, and we’ll finally put a face to a very familiar name. Read more »
Previously on Lost: Sawyer, Juliet, Miles and Jin set up shop as members of the DHARMA Initiative in the 1970s for three whole years before Jack, Kate and Hurley suddenly popped in out of the sky from the future.  Lapidus landed Ajira 316 on the Island in the present along with an injured Ben, a living John Locke and a new crop of castaways.  God only knows where (or when) Faraday, Sun, Sayid, Rose and Bernard are. There is no “Previously on Lost,” instead we’re back on Ajira 316. The plane undergoes some turbulence and Lapidus isn’t happy with what he knows is about to happen. Things get rough and there’s a giant flash of white light. Read more »
You’ve just splashed down in shallow water. It’s 1977. Okay, go! Hurley, who perhaps isn’t the public intellectual of the group but isn’t that much dumber than most people, either, had trouble with this one. He didn’t know who was president in 1977. Obviously that’s just scratching the surface. Anyone over 40 may scoff but someone who isn’t old enough to have lived through the period or to recall it well might feel awkward talking around such subjects as, say, what movies were big or what sports teams were doing well - not exactly quiz bowl stuff. Even the things you think you remember can be held to a pretty tough standard when you’re talking to people who take them for granted. Read more »
Warning: The following story regards a fairly major spoiler for the Lost season finale. It‘s sizable pieces of a puzzle rather than the answer to everything. But if you think having the pieces would ruin your ability to look at the whole with fresh eyes you may prefer not to know.Everyone has a Lost theory, but a few people‘s guesses are a little more educated than others. Entertainment Weekly‘s master of spoilers, Michael Ausiello, posted a real chin-scratcher about Lost today. The meaning of his tip is certainly murky, which only makes the news more interesting as Ausiello raises more new questions than he answers. Read more »
Lost has always required some thought in order to make sense of some of its twists and turns. But the Alphabet Network serial returns tonight with an episode whose very name demands careful analysis. “He’s Our You.” Who is he? Who is our - or, should I say, who is we? Who we is? Who we are? Who is you? Oh, and who’s our you? Or is that implied by the other answers? In order to crack the most mysterious code since season one we could put a team of linguists, a team of Lost theorists and a team of monkeys banging on typewriters in a room and see what they come up with. But they would only be guessing. Alternatively we could simply watch the new clips from tonight’s new episode of Lost. Read more »
Previously on Lost: Jack, Kate and Hurley set up shop as the newest members of the DHARMA Initiative while Sayid was arrested under suspicion of being a Hostile.  A young Ben brought Sayid a mustard-less sandwich.This episode of Lost is brought to you by pronouns: why use just one when three can make your episode title thrice as confusing. It starts in Iraq as a young boy is ordered by his father to kill a chicken. He can’t do it, but the boy’s younger brother walks over and chokes the chicken without a second thought. As you might have guessed, the boy who killed the chicken is Sayid. Read more »
We‘ve come to expect the end of a Lost episode to shock and awe us.  The hour-ending twist has been utilized over and over.  It is to Lost‘s credit that the twists remain surprising, even if their general existence isn‘t anymore.  What Sayid went and did last night in Lost‘s waning moments was (for me) completely unexpected and harder than hardcore.  Who goes and shoots a kid in the chest, no matter how evil they might turn out to be?  There‘s a forgotten little 90‘s film called “The Last Supper,” where a group of graduate students invite notable locals over for dinner, and ultimately ask them one question: “If you traveled back in time to Germany and ran into a young Hitler, before he was Hitler, would you kill him?”  It‘s a good little movie, all about free speech and fate and tolerance, whose moral, if you will, is espoused at the end by the great Ron Pearlman.  When posed with the Hitler question, Pearlman says no, he would not kill a young Hitler if he had the chance.  Instead, he would sit down with him, talk to him, try to change his mind, alter his worldview while he was still impressionable.  For obvious reasons, “The Last Supper” came to mind during “He‘s Our You.”  Sayid, clearly, would not have hesitated in killing a young Hitler.  Read more »
Juliet and Sawyer were really happy together. Then Kate came back. Sawyer wants Kate and Kate wants Sawyer. But Kate had been in a very serious relationship with Jack back on they still have unresolved issues together (or at least he does with her.) Jack, though, had once been very close with Juliet. No, I‘m not talking about an episode of Days of Our Lives. I‘m talking about Lost.Fans regularly analyze Lost as though it were a literature assignment, drawing out themes, subtext and foreshadowing to reveal that the show is really about and what‘s really going on. But even the geekiest of Lost scholars must have an opinion about the world‘s oldest, most basic questions. Is Juliet right for Sawyer? Are Kate and Jack meant to be together, or are Kate and Sawyer? Wasn‘t Jack better off with Juliet? With the earnestness of a mock trial attorney I‘ll argue all four cases. You, however, will be the judge. Read more »
Every year, the Peabody Awards honor excellence in television, and this year’s recipients represent a broad range of genres. From news to satire, from the Olympics to a period miniseries, from sci-fi to animation, the Peabodys are honoring a little bit of everything.The winners this year include the time-traveling exploits of Lost, the majesty of Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender, HBO’s wild Entourage, AMC’s quietly beautiful Breaking Bad, the political sketches from Saturday Night Live, and everyone’s favorite video sharing outpost, YouTube. Read more »
Previously on Lost: Sayid escaped from DHARMA-Ville and shot Young Ben.  In the chest.  At point blank range.  Anything other than Young Ben‘s death had better come with a really good explanation.The “Previously on Lost” package includes Cassidy telling Sawyer that he has a daughter named Clementine, Kate helping Cassidy, and Sawyer whispering something into Kate’s ear. It’s pretty easy to connect the dots based solely on the clips they chose to show. Read more »
"Every relationship is fundamentally a power struggle, and the individual in power is whoever likes the other person less." - Chuck KlostermanNow and then, Lost serves up an episode that hearkens back to its character-based beginnings, where the mythology of the island plays second fiddle to a specific character and his or her personal journey.  These episodes have become less and less common in recent seasons, as Lost has become plot-heavy (and wonderfully so, in my opinion).  “Kate Episodes” tend to get their fair share of flak from Lost die-hards, and oftentimes rightly so.  Kate episodes are the lima beans before the apple pie.  As the “Scenes from Next Week” showed, last night‘s Lost was a little breather before the season‘s home stretch.  As a character study, “Whatever Happened, Happened” was a mild success, and one that I more or less enjoyed, even if I‘m a little fearful of the spiritual mumbo-jumbo that Richard Alpert spouted prior to taking Little Ben Linus into the Temple of Doom.  But, forget about that - let‘s talk about Kate and Sawyer and Jack. Read more »
There’s no such thing as a throwaway line on Lost, every bit of dialogue is important. In “Whatever Happened, Happened,” a random Hostile mentioned to Richard Alpert that Ellie and Charles wouldn’t like what he was doing with Young Ben.This perked up the ears of any true Lost fan. Ellie and Charles were two of the Hostiles seen in “Jughead” when the time jumpers traveled back to 1954. While it was never explicitly mentioned, the generally accepted theory among Lost fans is that Ellie is the same person as Eloise Hawking, Faraday’s mother who helped the Oceanic 6 get back to the Island. And Charles is, of course, Charles Widmore. Read more »
For the past several weeks the folks at TV Guide Online have held a contest allowing fans to submit possible names for the shocking twist at the end of Lost’s fifth season finale. Obviously no one knows how the season will end outside of a small circle of sworn blood brothers on a beach in Hawaii and their agents, so coming up with the perfect words to describe this game-changing event was hard. In fact, it was absurdist comedy. The possibilities were endless -The Birdie in the Mailbox; Death on Mars; The Howler Monkey in My Bed; Captain Obvious Comes to Dinner. But as of today we can officially go back to being serious because a winner has been crowned.Lost executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse chose “The Fork in the Outlet,” a submission by super fan Spindrift Beck. Unfortunately since Spindrift obviously entered under his online name rather than his actual name the prize winning check is invalid and he gets nothing. Okay, actually there was never a cash prize, just bragging rights among other Lost fans. Read more »
Benjamin Linus, we know you pretty well at this point.  Ever since we met Ben, he‘s always seemingly been both the only person who knows the “truth” and completely full of crap.  His greatest strength is his ability to manipulate anyone and everyone to achieve his own ends.  Now that much of Ben‘s history has been filled in, the mystique is gone.  He‘s not the genius leader we may have suspected.  He‘s just a little man, hell-bent on gaining power, often a wolf in sheep‘s clothing, keeping the 815ers on their toes through riddles and empty promises, all the while hiding the real truth – he‘s as clueless as they are.  Locke and Ben‘s interactions last night, aside from being very enjoyable on a surface level, represented the final and ultimate power shift in their relationship.  Locke now has the upper hand, and Ben is going to have a really hard time getting it back.  Read more »
Previously on Lost: Ben got whacked in the back of the head by Sun and woke up in a cot on the Island face-to-face with John Locke, the man he killed.  In 1977, Richard Alpert took a dying Young Ben to the Temple to be healed.A man rides through the jungle on a horse, settling in a Hostile camp. The mystery man accosts Richard Alpert, wanting to know why he brought the boy to the Temple. They fight, the man talks to Young Ben about how the little boy is now one of them, and as every single Lost fan guessed well before it’s revealed, the man is Charles Widmore. Is there anyone Ben didn’t meet as a young boy? Read more »
I can’t shake the feeling that John Locke is different, and I keep asking myself why. Did he part his hair on the opposite side than usual? No, that can’t be it. New brand of soap, maybe? No, I‘m sure it‘s still the generic DHARMA brand. Not a lot of good buys on the sandpit. Did he switch to Burma Shave? Or start seeing a new Hostile? Did the Earth move for him last night? Perhaps it did. Ever since John Locke came back from the dead he’s seemed more relaxed, confident and in control. John often seems to feel a responsibility to do things on his own like a father who‘s responsible for doing what‘s best for his family, even if they don‘t like it; and all the while he struggles to keep Benjamin Linus from getting in his way. He’s wryly funny but in a somewhat introverted way, guarded, serious. He’s rarely whimsical or easy going. Even in his most easy going moments he‘s the Bob Newhart of Lost. Read more »
The times they are a changing. As industry watchers are well aware the television networks have been deeply concerned for some time about the encroachment of newer media onto their turf. Every new cable or premium channel, video game console or website that draws attention and excitement potentially does so at their expense. Part of the solution they’ve gravitated towards is going digital themselves, making series available online through a variety of channels, some free and some pay. But two news bulletins released today about Lost illustrate the reasons it’s growing more complicated to assess or describe how well a series is doing. The good news, according to World Screen, is that ABC’s online expansion has so far been a success. Last month nine out of the ten most commonly downloaded television series online were furnished by  Dancing with the Stars was March’s top earner, garnering twice the numbers of any other series with three million unique viewers. But Lost finished second in the country with 1.4 million. That may not sound like a lot when compared with Nielson rating figures in the tens of millions, but it’s more than you think. Read more »
Previously on Lost: Juliet, Kate and Sawyer conspired to save Young Ben‘s life by taking him to the Hostiles while Miles and Hurley engaged in hilarious time travel speculation.Tonight‘s episode of Lost pleases me not only because it‘s the first Miles-centric episode of the series, but because the title is a pun, and I love puns.  It combines the brilliant Marilyn Monroe film with a Star Wars reference.  Will Miles and Hurley dress up like women before taking shelter in the carcass of a tauntaun? Read more »
What improvements are you really going to make to Empire Strikes Back, Hurley?  Empire might be the best genre movie of the past thirty years.  It‘d make more sense to give George Lucas some help on Return of the Jedi because, as you yourself stated, no one likes Ewoks.  The actual reason Hurley was writing Empire, I imagine, is so the Lost writers could use that cutesy play on words in the episode title (“Some Like it Hoth”).  Last night was your patented “Let‘s take a breather before the stretch run” episode.  Lost needs these and, while right now some viewers might be a little disappointed, it makes watching the DVDs much more palatable.  You can‘t be in fifth gear all the time.  I also liked that they didn‘t beat around the bush – Miles was obviously Dr. Chang‘s son.  No need to stretch that mystery out.  Besides the very last scene, which brought an old friend back into the fold (finally!), “Some Like it Hoth” was a simple character study.  And the Miles-Hurley Comedy Hour.  Read more »
Only three episodes remain as Lost‘s fifth season heads into the stretch, gaining speed on a collision course for what‘s sure to be a gobsmacking season finale May 13. When last we spent time on the island in "Some Like it Hoth" Daniel Faraday returned from Ann Arbor, where he had been working at a DHARMA research center.  Read more »
Tonight Lost returns with a shocking, thrilling and provocative all new special entitled "The Story of the Oceanic 6." Okay, you caught me. It‘s a clip show. But the trailer featured explosions, gunfire and people jumping off of cliffs, not to mention very dramatic music. Those hardworking trailer editors and marketing people do what they can, of course, to get fans revved up for a big old bowl of reheated island goulash that‘s likely to be hot on the surface but ice cold and hard as a rock once you get into it. That doesn‘t sound so special to me. It sounds like Wednesday night on a budget.As you can see from the photo on the left Juliet isn‘t amused either.  Read more »
In a 14 page lawsuit released Saturday, Chelsea Stone, a former Lost crew member, accused Henry Ian Cusick of sexual harassment and sexual battery. She‘s also named ABC and Grass Skirt Entertainment in the lawsuit for wrongfully terminating her when she threatened to speak up. Read more »
Previously on Lost: 99 episodes of excitement, mystery, drama and brilliance.  Also, Daniel Faraday returned to the Island in 1977.  It‘s also important to remember that Faraday‘s mother is Mrs. Hawking, his research benefactor was Charles Widmore, his lab assistant Theresa was mysteriously injured and Desmond is his Constant.Picking up where we left off with Desmond, Penny rushes him to thehospital where the doctors promise to take good care of him.  In thewaiting room, a familiar face shows up: Mrs. Hawking.  She apologizesfor the fact that her son was the one who led Desmond to this fate. More importantly, how did Mrs. Hawking get to the hospital so quickly? Read more »
Daniel Faraday took center stage on Lost last night and, if it indeed was his send-off, Ol‘ Twitchy went out in a blaze of glory.  "The Variable" was great television, at once exciting and thoughtful, plot-driven and deeply philosophical.  Lost has juggled their stable of characters and multiple story-lines with ease, once more inspiring faith in a writing staff that deserves to be commended.  Lost cynics have been waiting for the other shoe to drop, for the writers to finally paint themselves into an insurmountable corner.  The time travel aspect of season five appeared risky, plot-wise, but it appears that Lindelof and Cuse were in control all along.  Looking back on "The Variable," there is much to discuss, so let‘s get into it.  Read more »
What?... What?... What?... What?... What?! Eloise Hawking knew for most her life that one day she would shoot her son. Unless Baby Daniel was at camp the day that Big Daniel was shot it‘s very likely that from time Eloise sent out the birth notifications she knew just what the death notifications would say. When she named her son Daniel she knew she was marking him - telling Death in a quiet whisper, "Take this one." When she took him to see H.G. Wells‘ The Time Machine at the retro theater she knew she was planting the seeds of his destruction and that one day he would be harvested. She wiped his snotty nose and helped him with his homework and paid for his college education in the same way that a farmer would feed his young pigs well in the hopes of fattening them up. She is Mother Death, the Nursemaid of the Dark Voyage.  Read more »
There are two overall theories of time travel.  One states that time is a fixed constant and that, in the words of Daniel Faraday, "whatever happened, happened."  The other is that the past can be changed, creating alternate futures.  For an example of this, see Back to the Future and the disappearing photograph.The question on Lost is: which time travel theory does the show adopt?  Initially Faraday seemed convinced that time was fixed and that the survivors who traveled back to 1977 couldn‘t change the future even if they wanted to.  However, he almost immediately put a hole in that theory by talking to Desmond, who is somehow immune from the fixed constant theory. Read more »
Two episodes of Lost season five remain.  Faraday is dead, factored out by a Niffeneggerian twist. LaFleur and Juliet‘s blissfully dull life has been ruined, all of their friendships severed and their lives put on the line because Kate and Jack had to rush to the rescue. There‘s a warhead underneath the island and it‘s getting ready to blow. And the absolute truth that whatever happened happened has been called into question just in time for the finale. "Follow the Leader" airs tomorrow night. But there‘s a dilemma. Six clips from the episode are now available. So do you want a fresh banquet on Wednesday or a series of delicious tastes on Tuesday? We‘ll leave that to you to decide. But here are the clips with our commentary. Read more »
Previously on Lost: Faraday was killed by his own mother while trying to stop the Incident at the Swan Station and alter the course of history.  In the future, Ben agreed to follow John Locke while Ilana and Bram were revealed to be working for...someone.  Not Charles Widmore, and probably not Ben.Lost is especially cruel this week as we are forced to rewatch DanielFaraday‘s death, this time through the eyes of Jack and Kate.  After ithappens they try to run, but Charles Widmore rides up on his horse andputs a severe beatdown on Jack.  They‘re brought to the camp whereEllie, haunted by killing her future son, has them put in her tent. Read more »
"Follow the Leader" is an episode that cannot be judged out of context.  It may as well have been considered part one of a three-part finale, seeing as its main purpose was to position all the pieces for the two-hour finale.  And holy crap what a finale it might be.  As opposed to last season, where we more or less knew the direction Lost was going, I really don‘t have a clue what will go down next week.  We don‘t know where the castaways will end up, we don‘t if the the two timelines will merge, who will live, who will die, who will be reanimated, who‘s full of crap, who will turn on whom, or what in the hell the inevitable final game-changer will be.   Read more »
If you thought you‘d have to wait until around this time next year to  long running Lost mysteries like  what the numbers really mean, why the DHARMA Initiative was founded and where Libby really came from you were wrong. If you expected to be thrown out of your seat next spring by the discovery that Lost has an open-ended, smash-cut-to-black ending that resolves nothing - or, more shocking still, an ending that resolves everything - you don‘t need to be so surprised. Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof attended the Comics on Comics event at Meltdown on Sunset earlier this week and apparently he was in the mood to share with the class, revealing, among other things, whether the series finale will be open or closed-ended. It‘s not as though he didn‘t leave the vast majority of Lost‘s key questions a secret. There‘s still no known answer to whether or not the past can be changed, for example, or what will eventually become of the Oceanic 815 survivors. But the information he did share - whether the ending will be open or closed ended, what questions will never be resolved, what the DHARMA Initiative‘s real purpose is, the origin and meaning of the numbers and the story of Libby - isn‘t exactly dime store paperback trivia. Read more »
It‘s going to be a night of sweet mysteries when Ace of Cakes and Lost join forces this Saturday in honor of Lost‘s 100th Episode. To celebrate Lost‘s 100th mind-blowing, time traveling episode Charm City Cakes has been hired to create a celebratory cake for the Lost cast. The whole cast of characters from Charm City Cakes will be leaving Baltimore and heading for the Island, in what‘s sure to be a fun, mystery filled episode. Seeing that just about everything can go wrong transporting a cake between Baltimore and Hawaii, and there‘s that whole Lost "curse" thing, expect things to go awry in some delicious way.  Read more »
It‘s finally here, the two-hour season 5 finale of Lost.  It seems like just yesterday when the Island started time jumping, the Oceanic 6 worked with Mrs. Hawking to come back and everyone landed in 1977 working for the DHARMA Initiative.  Tonight at 9pm on ABC, Lost has its two-hour finale, "The Incident."Last week‘s episode put all of these pieces in place.  Jack and Sayid are working with Ellie and Richard to detonate the hydrogen bomb and stop the future from happening.  Sawyer, Juliet and Kate are on the submarine, Hurley, Miles and Jin are back in DHARMA-Ville, and John Locke is leading an expedition to Jacob‘s cabin to kill the mysterious Island leader. Read more »
Here we go, the season 5 finale of Lost.  Sawyer, Juliet and Kate are in the sub, Sayid, Jack, Ellie and Richard are with the hydrogen bomb, Miles, Hurley and Jin are in DHARMA-Ville and John Locke is going over the river and through the woods to Jacob‘s kill Jacob.Before the episode started I had two theories: either this entire series is Jack‘s dream while he‘s on a space shuttle to become the first man to walk on Mars or Mr. Spock is controlling everything from his office in an alternate universe World Trade Center.  Congratulations to anyone who gets both references.SlideshowLost: Easter Eggs for the Season 5 Finale "The Incident" Read more »
The Lost season 5 finale may have ended with the Island being blown up by a hydrogen bomb, but what has fans even more intrigued was the opening scene between Jacob and a new, even more mysterious character.  Played by Deadwood alum Titus Welliver and credited in the official ABC press release as "Man #2," who is this man who went to such extreme lengths to kill Jacob?The short answer is: He‘s the Devil. Read more »
I don‘t know. That‘s my simple reaction to last night‘s mostly entertaining season five finale of Lost.  Once the first scene was over and done with, you knew that the next two hours would be rife with mythology and big ideas.  Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have always claimed that Lost was more about the characters than the plot, but despite some clunky attempts at inter-character gravitas, Lost was all about the mythology last night which, depending on your point of view, was either great or merely confusing.  The matter-of-fact introduction of Jacob as a real player in all of our favorite characters‘ lives shielded the fact that we still don‘t really know anything about Jacob at all.  What has occurred in the last 24 hours in the Lost community is speculation and extrapolation based on the show‘s previous sub-textual themes.  Good vs. Evil.  God vs. the Devil.  Fate vs. Free Will.  Jacob, to many, now represents Good, God, and Free Will in those conflicts.   Read more »
In "The Incident," Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet all had different views on changing the past. Jack was obsessed with ‘fixing‘ the present by erasing it; Kate passionately did not want him to erase the past, and she was hurt that he would prefer never to have met her; Sawyer was indifferent to Jack‘s mission and wanted to make a new life with Juliet in 1970s America; and Juliet thought she wanted to go with him until she realized he would always come running when Kate whistled. But as Jack admitted his desire to leave was based on a desire to forget Kate. And as Juliet admitted her eventual decision to go along with him was based on her desire to never have to lose Sawyer, not her desire, say, to save Sayid, who was bleeding to death for most of the episode. There was actually a lot at stake in the decision, and it was made more complicated by the fact that everyone on the island or buried beneath it had something significant to be won or lost by preventing The Incident. Locke would definitely have been alive but he would have been in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Faraday, Ana Lucia, Libby, Shannon and Boone would be saved (not to mention the dozen or so DHARMA members that Jack shot at the Swan site.) But Aaron would never have known his mother. Read more »
After three years of marriage, Lost star Emilie de Ravin and her husband Josh Janowicz are seeking a divorce.  A representative for the actress told People magazine that the two remain friends despite the development. Read more »
The ballotsare out, the race is on, and soon we will know which lucky shows andactors will be nominated for this year‘s Emmy Awards.  This year themain categories have been expanded to six nominees due to theincreasing volume of shows produced.  The official Emmy ballot forOutstanding Drama Series lists 76 eligible shows, but that includeseverything from last year‘s winner, Mad Men, to "no chance in Hell:submissions like The Secret Life of the American Teenager.Sowho is actually in the hunt?  Last year proved that cable networks havefinally broken through as it was the first time a cable network otherthan HBO scored a nomination in this category. Read more »
So what exactly was Charlie Pace doing on that promo for ABC?  He‘s died in Lost ways back, so unless they decide to revive him (pretty much like what they‘re doing to Emilie de Ravin, or so it seems), that appearance on the network‘s fall promo, alongside Grey‘s Anatomy‘s Patrick Dempsey, Cougar Town‘s Courteney Cox and Modern Family‘s Ed O‘Neill, would be pretty weird.  Or a stunt decision.  But it can‘t be there for nothing, right?Well, turns out Dominic Monaghan isn‘t returning to Lost, which will air its final season next year.  But, it was confirmed that he is returning to ABC, in a brand new series.  Suddenly, the world lit up with questions.  Which one?  There are lots of new shows on that network, right?  Well, if you‘ll listen to the folks at IGN, they might have an answer: Flash Forward. Read more »
I know you all have been dying to hear who will be at this year‘s Comic Con. I have some good news for all the Twilight and Supernatural fans out there. Although guest lists haven‘t been confirmed yet, both camps will be present for panels, which is no surprise. Other Comic Con essentials confirmed are Chuck, Lost, Fringe, True Blood, Smallville, Vampire Diaries, and the new Peter Jackson flick District 9. Check out our tentative TV panel schedule and our confirmed show list:  Read more »
In less than twelve hours, the world‘s eyes lit up.  Well, at least those of Lost fans who are still watching out for what‘s going to happen when the show‘s sixth and final season kicks off next year.  There goes the line: the whole thing‘s still roughly six months away, but things have been pretty much in overdrive.Here‘s what we‘ve seen lately: Emilie de Ravin is confirmed to be returning for the upcoming season, after disappearing for the entirety of the last one.  Then there‘s the matter of Dominic Monaghan showing up in an ABC promo, which led people to think Charlie‘s returning to the series despite being dead--turns out he‘s appearing on a different show entirely, Flash Forward. Read more »
I call this the Lost-is-going-to-end-next-year-so-we‘re-a-little-too-excited-than-usual phenomenon.  I think this is the third time in the same number of weeks that we‘re asking the same question: will they bring Charlie Pace back to life for the show‘s sixth and final season?Let‘s backtrack, then.  The rumors started flying when Dominic Monaghan suddenly popped up on a promotional trailer for ABC‘s new fall shows.  What‘s he doing there?  Isn‘t he dead on-screen already?  Is he being brought back to life?  Turns out he‘s snagged a role on a different show entirely, Flash Forward, which is being touted as Lost‘s cousin-slash-replacement (and which I still think is a snazzy bit of casting). Read more »
Benjamin Linus confuses me, which is perhaps a good thing.  Oh, if only because of what he‘s done since he first showed up on Lost--now you don‘t know what he‘s actually up to, with all those false details, and leaving the island, and returning to the island, and all that.  So it‘s a pretty interesting question, now that the series is going to end--what exactly will happen to him?  (That, and this provided a good break from all those will-Charlie-Pace-be-back? questions.)Michael Emerson told E! Online that he thinks he‘ll have a pretty important part in the final season of the show next year.  "My feeling is that [Ben] will have a role to play in the next season," he said.  "And I hope he survives until almost the end at least." Read more »
Oh, would you just stop teasing everyone and say that they‘re returning, please!  It‘s been a while since that tweet half-rocked the world of Lost fans, and sure, it‘s been taken back for being "false", but just like a good mystery, things are looking oddly more interesting by the minute.  We had word that Dominic Monaghan might be returning to the show‘s final season after all--"almost but not quite" is perhaps the best way to say it--and now, another one of those floating names comes forward: Maggie Grace‘s. Read more »
While everything may look set for The Vampire Diaries‘ premiere in the fall, one of its stars may need to head over from Mystic Falls to Hawaii to revisit an old show.Ian Somerhalder, who plays evil vampire brother Damon Salvatore on the upcoming CW series, tells TV Guide that there‘s a "large or decent" chance that he‘ll be back on the ABC series Lost for its final season.  He starred on the hit sci-fi series‘ debut season as Boone Carlyle, stepbrother of Maggie Grace‘s Shannon Rutherford, who is also rumored to be making a return. Read more »
Season 4 of Supernatural ended with Lucifer rising, and now, he‘s here.  Michael Ausiello from has confirmed that actor Mark Pellegrino will join Supernatural as the Devil.  Who is Mark Pellegrino, you ask?Well, if you‘re a Lost fan, you certainly know him as Jacob, the shadowy ruler of the Island who finally appeared in the season5 finale, only to be killed off by Ben.  On that show I actually predicted that Jacob was the Devil, so it looks like I was right, only with the wrong show. Read more »
Seventeen episodes are left in Lost‘s life, and then we all bid farewell to it.  To make things more confusing in the show‘s tradition, a representative for ABC told Zap2it that the final season of the show will run not for seventeen hours, but for eighteen.Well, yeah, this discussion might not make a lot of sense, because it‘s almost certain that we‘ll have a two-hour season premiere and a two-hour series finale.  But usually that sort of episode‘s actually made up of two hour-long episodes aired back-to-back.  Then again, the writers do need some time to explain the final stretch of the show, considering all that happened at the end of season 5. Read more »
Work on the final season of Lost finally gets underway next week, with the writers getting down and out to finalize those plot details, before production begins the following month.  But one of those writers won‘t be showing up: Brian K. Vaughan is confirmed to be leaving the show, according to ABC."Unfortunately, he‘s leaving for greener pastures," executive producer Damon Lindelof told fans at a recent Q&A session, although he didn‘t elaborate what that exactly meant. Read more »
And no, not the Village People sort, because funnily enough, that‘s what came to mind when I typed that headline down.  You know, the "we want you!" sort.But yes, the folks behind Lost are really looking for a theme tune.  Oh, but they‘re not really going to use it in the show‘s final episodes--for that, the eerie opening titles with floating white text on a black background still works best.  But lots of fans like you have done this sort of YouTube, right?  Stitch scenes together, throw in some music, upload, discuss. Read more »
Let‘s put in mind first the many ways Lost crew will utilize to keep things cryptic.  So we‘re all on their tail at this time, perhaps looking outright for some spoilers, or at the very least, guarantees.  And yet they remain confusing.So it was quite a laugh to see that this has bled out to another aspect of Lost living: who‘s leaving and who‘s going behind the scenes.  In this case, the departure of writer Brian K. Vaughan, for what creator Damon Lindelof simply described as "greener pastures".  No more, no less. Read more »
Looks like these kids have had waaaay too much Lost.Not that it‘s a bad thing, but... anyway, two Lost child actors have taken on seemingly more, uhm... creepy, perhaps?  That sort of role on A&E‘s The Cleaner. Read more »
Lost has been on for so many years.  We all know this run of flashback and plot twists is finally coming to an end this year.  So think about this: why is it only now, after a successful run and a very dedicated fan base, that someone comes out and says the entire show was ripped off his idea?I don‘t have an answer.  Go ask Anthony Spinner. Read more »
When Lost ends, that‘s it for Matthew Fox‘s television career.No, I didn‘t say he‘s screwed.  Where did you get the idea?  Actually, it‘s something that Fox himself said--that, once Lost finally wraps up in the middle of next year, he won‘t be returning to television. Read more »
Thankfully I am still awake at this time.  This just in: SpoilerTV reports that Lost‘s Dominic Monaghan is indeed joining the cast of ABC‘s new series, Flash Forward.Speculation that Monaghan is joining the series began when he popped up on a network promo plugging ABC‘s fall lineup.  While initially network reps denied that he is returning to Lost, it was confirmed that he is joining a new show on the network, which turned out to be Flash Forward, a series where people around the world deal with the catastrophic effects of a two-minute blackout--and is touted as a successor to Lost, which is wrapping up its run next year. Read more »
It‘s Emmy nomination eve as TV fans are looking forward to tomorrowmorning‘s Emmy nominations, announced at 8:35am ET by Grey‘;s Anatomy‘sChandra Wilson and The Big Bang Theory‘s Jim Parsons.This year there are plenty of interesting changes and storylines goinginto the announcement.  As always, Grey‘s Anatomy has plenty of drama,with Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight‘s behind-the-scenes decisions andPatrick Dempsey‘s choice to submit himself as a supporting actor forthe first time.  Expanding the major acting and series categories tosix nominees each should also add some extra spice into the morning.  Read more »
The Emmy nominations were announced this morning, and there were sometruly out-of-the-box nominees.  Sarah Silverman for Lead Actress in aComedy for her Comedy Central show?  Flight of the Conchords for ComedySeries and Jemaine Clement for Lead Actor?  Simon Baker from TheMentalist?  And Family Guy for Outstanding Comedy Series?  Yeah, thesearen‘t your daddy‘s Emmys.Complete List of Nominees >>Emmy Fun Facts>> Read more »
Comic-Con this year is going to be huge. I mean huge. More TV shows and movies are premiering than ever before. After Twilight‘s huge success last year, marketers are starting to take notice. Comic-Con equals an intense fan base and everyone knows how help die-hard fans are.The people over at San Diego Comic-Con headquarters just released Thursday‘s schedule. There‘s a lot going on down there this year, so if you want to see the whole list, head to the official site. Below are our picks for the must haves: Check out the other schedules: Friday Saturday Sunday Read more »
The Saturday and Sunday Comic-Con schedules were released over the weekend. I thought things would get really good on Saturday, but the list is less than impressive. I suppose with four full days of Comic-Con, you can spread out the really big panels. Once again, below is a list of our picks for the day. Check it out and if you see anything missing, check the full list here.One thing I‘m curious about is the Chuck panel. Why is it at 10am? Doesn‘t Chuck deserve one of the better time slots? Wouldn‘t NBC push for a better panel time? Chuck already had some struggles last season, but this season promises to kick-ass and the new kung fu twist is perfect for the Comic-Con fans. I stand perplexed. Either way, it looks like I‘ll be spending my morning with a donut, cup of coffee and my favorite show Chuck.Check out our list of picks below. Check out the other schedules: Thursday Friday Sunday Read more »
It is going to be over, this Lost thing.  Eighteen hours more, in fact, which definitely makes their panel at this year‘s Comic-Con all the more special."As Carlton [Cuse] says, it‘s ‘the Cher farewell tour,‘" executive producer Damon Lindelof told  "So he will be performing ‘Believe‘ in a unitard."Cuse even promised hair extensions.  No, really. Read more »
The Lost panel at Comic-Con is always a big deal, which is somewhatsurprising given the relatively small amount of information theyactually give out.  Masterminds Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof don‘tsay much and they don‘t give away any huge secrets, so the trick is toread between the lines.For instance, during the panel they showed a montage of memorable deadcharacters, ending with Charlie.  After it was over, Dominic Monaghanstepped on stage to wave hello.  Is this just a coincidence?  Afterall, Monaghan was already at Comic-Con because he‘s the newest castmember of ABC‘s Flash Forward.  Read more »
4     8     15     16     23     42Lost at Comic-Con>>Lost returned January 21 with the start of season 5, and it was one heck of a ride. The show introduced time travel as a major component of the series as the people left behind on the Island began jumping throughout time while Ben and Jack plotted to get the Oceanic 6 back to the Island.BuddyTV has plenty of coverage for all your Lost season 5 needs, from recaps to Easter Eggs to spoilers, we offer everything you could possibly need to satisfy your Lost appetite.Continue reading for all the great BuddyTV Lost season 5 coverage.SlideshowLost: Easter Eggs for the Season 5 Finale "The Incident" Read more »
And she‘s returned to Lost because of the fans, she thinks.Elizabeth Mitchell‘s one of those names tossed into the pot that says "former Lost stars that will appear in the final season", and while the other names are still a slight secret, the one we know as Juliet has confirmed that she‘s doing at least two more episodes--and thanks the fans for it. Read more »
Oddly enough, one of the worst-kept secrets in television at the moment--at least from where I am--came from Lost, from the very same people who‘ve earned a notoriety for not spilling anything when a new season comes by.  Yes, it‘s the one about Dominic Monaghan‘s return to the series, which began as a fan base wish that become more and more apparent within the coming weeks.I mean, after that ABC promo--which apparently was about him joining Lost‘s "successor", Flash Forward--everyone was abuzz with whether he is coming back.  He drowned, he had that note in his palm, and he was spotted having breakfast with the show runners, which just triggered more talk of a return.  I think the Lost folks eventually gave up, judging from what happened at the Comic-Con last week, when Dominic popped up at the end of their final panel. Read more »
The Lost panel was a huge hit at this year‘s International Comic-Con in San Diego. The producers shocked us all with multiple surprises, including several principle actors. On hand to help with a "we swear this isn‘t made up" bit was the island‘s biggest rebel and resident hottie Josh Holloway. We had an opportunity to chat with our favorite Southern gentleman about Sawyer‘s transformation last season and what he expects for him this last season.   Read more »
Mr. Eko wants to return?  Oh, sure, we‘ll see about that.But with the final season of Lost getting a little closer, and a handful of those supposedly dead characters returning or rumored to be returning, the possibility of seeing just anyone on the last 17 episodes (if I‘m still counting correctly) is pretty much up there.  Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje wants to do the same, too.  Read more »
Now, that was quick.I only spotted the Lost casting call for a new recurring character yesterday, and one day after, they‘ve already taken someone to play the role.  John Hawkes is set to join the sixth and final season of the ABC series, which premieres next year.  Read more »
The sixth and final season of Lost really is shaping up, and another name gets thrown into the fore: Japanese superstar Hiroyuki Sanada is joining the series as, well, someone.  Read more »
So, sure, we all know that Elizabeth Mitchell is returning to Lost‘s sixth and final season (and I‘ll never tire of saying those five words because it rolls nicely) and we‘ve got an idea of how exactly it‘ll go, but what about the other guy?  Sawyer, yep, I‘m talking to you."Maybe she‘ll be this beautiful angel that appears and you can have this erotic scene," Josh Holloway told E! Online.  Read more »
Here we go with all these rumors about who will, and won‘t, be returning to Lost for its sixth and final season.  Some names are confirmed (Dominic Monaghan, Ian Somerhalder, Emilie de Ravin, Elizabeth Mitchell, who else?) and some names are still floating (Maggie Grace, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje... I absolutely cannot keep track).But one name‘s not been getting the rumor treatment yet--Harold Perrineau, also known as Vincent-searching Michael Dawson.  He‘s dead, or he‘s supposed to be.  Is he returning?  He doesn‘t have many answers... except for a big fat no.  Read more »
Oh, hello there.  My name is Henrik, and, believe it or not, I have never watched Lost.Here‘s how it went.  When the show premiered five years ago, I wasn‘t really interested, dismissing it as being just a show about plane crash survivors living on a secluded island.  Time passed by, and friends tried to convince me that it‘s waaay beyond that.  I tried watching some time during the third season, but decided that I can‘t pick up from there because, as we all know now, the show can be quite confusing at times.  I could‘ve started catching up earlier, but I didn‘t have any time to just sit back and watch from the very start.  Read more »
Surely you have more Lost-related questions than I do.  And surely you‘ll be disappointed just a bit.The folks at Pop Distillery went to the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, and caught up with Lost executive producers Carlton Cuse, Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.  Actually, more of a panel.  And, well, the one guarantee that they have is this: when the sixth and final season finally ends, not all questions will be answered.  Read more »
The "Getting Lost" series is about a Lost newbie‘s attempts to watch all five seasons of the show for the first time, just as the sixth (and final) one rolls along.What I Watched in Week 2: Season 1, Episodes 7-12 ("The Moth", "Confidence Man", "Solitary", "Raised by Another", "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues", "Whatever the Case May Be")"You‘re moving too slow!" my friend, Alyssa, told me.  She‘s the one who lent me the season 1 box set, and was checking up on my progress.  Read more »
Locke better suit up for a reunion of some sort.Lost executive producer Carlton Cuse confirmed to TV Guide Magazine that Katey Sagal is returning to the show‘s final season--a stark departure, perhaps, when you think that the character she plays, Helen Norwood, is supposedly dead already.  Then again, this is Lost, and death is, well...  Read more »
The "Getting Lost" series is about a Lost newbie‘s attempts to watch all five seasons of the show for the first time, just as the sixth (and final) one rolls along.What I Watched on Week 3: Season 1, Episodes 13-19 ("Hearts and Minds", "Special", "Homecoming", "Outlaws", "...In Translation", "Numbers", "Deus Ex Machina")After writing the last installment of this series--remember, I was getting frustrated at the time--I sat down and watched two more episodes.  Good ones, I must say.  Claire finally returned, albeit with unnecessary amnesia, and Locke just proceeded to become, uhh, more odd with that paste on Boone‘s head.  Read more »
The 61st Primetime Emmy Awards are this Sunday at 8pm on CBS.  Hostedby Neil Patrick Harris, it looks like two shows will have astranglehold on the night: Mad Men for Drama and 30 Rock for Comedy,both coming in with an overwhelming lead in total nominations.But will they really prevail.  Check out the nominees for the majorEmmy Drama categories below and who I think will win, then make yourown picks and watch along with me Sunday night. Read More: Comedy Category Predictions>> Read more »
It‘s my favorite night of the year, Emmy night!  Some people wait for the Oscars or the Super Bowl, but for me, there‘s nothing better than seeing if my favorite shows and actors take home the Emmy.Making tonight‘s Emmy Award celebration even better is the fact that it‘s hosted by Neil Patrick Harris, and there are rumors that he‘ll do a Dr. Horrible-inspired musical number.  So stick with me as I‘ll be posting updates all night along about the winners and the major events that everyone will be talking about tomorrow.  Let‘s just hope no one invited Kanye. Read more »
The "Getting Lost" series is about a Lost newbie‘s attempts to watch all five seasons of the show for the first time, just as the sixth (and final) one rolls along.What I Watched on Week 4: Season 1, Episodes 20-25 ("Do No Harm", "The Greater Good", "Born to Run" and "Exodus"); Season 2, Episodes 1-3 ("Man of Science, Man of Faith", "Adrift" and "Orientation")I‘ve been catching up on Lost (and writing this series) for the past four weeks now, and for the most part, it‘s been a weird experience: speculating about things where answers have already been given, and asking for clarification to people who‘d encourage you instead to fish further.  Well, it‘s been fun anyway, so thank you. Read more »
The "Getting Lost" series is about a Lost newbie‘s attempts to watch all five seasons of the show for the first time, just as the sixth (and final) one rolls along.What I Watched on Week 5: Season 2, Episodes 4-8 ("Everybody Hates Hugo", "...And Found", "Abandoned", "The Other 48 Days" and "Collision")For the few people who are still following my progress, I‘d first like to report that I‘ve gone down to watching five episodes this week.  It was one hell of a frantic weekend for me, not to mention most of the shows I watch have returned to air.  I‘m hell bent on trying to squeeze in more episodes per week, just to get to January with Lost‘s fifth season covered.  Read more »
The "Getting Lost" series is about a Lost newbie‘s attempts to watch all five seasons of the show for the first time, just as the sixth (and final) one rolls along.What I Watched on Week 6: Season 2, Episodes 9-15 ("What Kate Did", "The 23rd Psalm", "The Hunting Party", "Fire + Water", "The Long Con", "One of Them" and "Maternity Leave")At many points in the past few weeks I thought destiny is playing a hand with my Lost watching.  Fine, I still am not able to keep track of all of the small details, but honestly that isn‘t the priority right now.  I‘m thinking of the way the episodes I watch always immediately answer the questions I leave floating when I write my weekly dispatches on this side of the Internet.  Read more »