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Tonight finally marks the long-awaited premiere of Lost season 4.  We‘ve been waiting for months to see the return of our favorite castaways, and to find out who is coming on that mysterious freighter that‘s making its way to the island.  Tonight‘s hour marks the first of eight Lost episodes that we have to look forward to, which will act like a shining beacon of light during these dark, strike-inflicted times.To help pass the time until the premiere and make that long wait between episodes fly by, BuddyTV has developed the personality quiz:  What is Your Fate on Lost? Read more »
It seems like every single TV story over this past week has been about Lost.  In my local newspaper (seriously, the newspaper...made out of real paper, not electronic or anything) has been running a series of features about the different characters on Lost, giving fans a primer as they head into tonight‘s season four premiere.  Well, I‘m going to make it a little simpler than that.  If you‘re like me (which I assume, and hope, you‘re not) you will not be watching the one hour clip show that airs before Lost tonight.  I‘ve seen every episode of season 3 twice now and don‘t really need the refresher.  I thought what would be helpful is a simple look at exactly where each of our favorite Lost characters left off in the third season finale.  Read more »
Even with last season‘s Lost finale, which brilliantly introduced us to the flash forward, I still enjoyed the on-island action more.  Last night, for the first time I can remember, the off-island action was the best part of the episode.  The advantages the flash forwards have as opposed to flash backs is this: flash backs can only really answer questions, flash forwards can ask questions.  Within the first five minutes of Lost‘s season 4 premiere, we received a plethora of new knowledge: Jack, though still a drinker, was at one point content to be off the island.  Jack is well aware that Hurley is off the island.  Hurley is still prone to bouts of crazy.  There is an Oceanic 6 and they are famous.  The mysteries came fast and furious over the flash forward, and this allowed the writers to create a more methodical set-up to the on-island drama in the premiere.  Last night was about positioning on the island.  The conflicts of the finale were more or less resolved and now we have two clear factions and every one of the castaways had to make a decision that they will forever deal with.  The episode was pretty much a masterpiece.  That Lost was able to produce a satisfying premiere after the bar was set so astronomically high by last season‘s finale is an incredible achievement in and of itself. Read more »
"If you want to live, you need to come with me."With those words spoken by John Locke (Terry O‘Quinn) in the season premiere of Lost, the castaways found themselves divided.  Some went with Locke, believing that the mysterious "rescuers" coming to the island wanted to do them harm, while the rest of the gang stayed with Jack (Matthew Fox) in the hopes that they could finally get back home.  The particulars of this division left us with a lot of questions, mostly involving why certain people decided to stay or go.  Now it‘s time to examine the motivations of our favorite characters, and try to decide why some people chose survival and others chose rescue. Read more »
In a move that shows Lost is learning from past mistakes, the second episode of season 4 introduced us to all the new characters, as opposed to last season’s tactic of pretending they’ve been a part of it all along. This isn’t to say they don’t have any connection to the mythology of the island, because eagle-eyed viewers and literary connoisseurs may have spotted several key connections to past Lost mythology.Last week’s Easter Egg hunt was a mixed bag, mostly because my egg-hunting abilities have largely evaporated since childhood. This week, hopefully we’ve found some plastic eggs filled with the good stuff, and not breath mints and pennies. Read more »
TVGuide‘s Michael Ausiello has provided a very helpful chart today, with information about which series will likely return to production immediately after the strike ends, which shows will wait until the Fall and which shows are unlikely to ever return.  The beauty of the imminent resolution of the writers‘ strike is that, had it gone on a few weeks longer, it might have been impossible for any series to return to production.  We‘re not going to get full seasons out of our favorite shows, but it‘s better than the alternative.  Unfortunately for fans of any first year shows, it looks like your going to have to wait until Fall for their return. Read more »
In the immortal words of Steve Zissou, “this is an adventure.”  Any long time Lost watcher can‘t help but feel the same way.  We are on an epic journey, one that has been as entertaining and engrossing as any TV series has ever been.  I am constantly in awe of the scope of what Lost is doing and my appreciation only grows as new episodes come along.  Lost is probably, at the very least, the most ambitious show to ever grace the television medium.  I‘m prone to hyperbole, but I can‘t help myself – this stuff is just plain incredible.  It might not have been the best episode of Lost ever, but “Confirmed Dead” opened up a chest of mysteries and set up the remainder of season four in a way that I didn‘t think possible.  Tonight‘s four-headed flash back was a perfect introduction to the rescue squad (or whatever you want to call them) and, now, I have absolutely no idea as to how this will all be resolved.  Read more »
Each week, hardcore fans of Lost watch every episode carefully, attempting to spot any hidden clues or connections that might help them better understand just what is going on.  More than any other show, Lost loves putting in these little Easter Eggs, things especially placed in an episode for the eagle-eyed viewers.BuddyTV is here to help spot what you might have missed.  Every week we‘ll be giving you the small details and the thoughtful analysis of mysteries and connection to previous episodes.  Some you may not have seen, others you may have spotted immediately, but either way, these Easter Eggs are what make watching an episode of Lost the great experience that it is. Read more »
Here‘s a fun game: trick one of your friends who doesn‘t watch Lost (preferably someone who is indifferent about the whole thing) into watching one of the new season four episodes.  I did this last Thursday for “Confirmed Dead” and it was quite fun.  My friend was completely baffled by the epiusode – for a non-watcher, Lost is the most incomprehensible piece of television known to man.  No other show requires the depth of knowledge that Lost does just to even vaguely understand what‘s happening.  Anyway, “Confirmed Dead” was met with almost universal love from the Lost fan base, and it also opened up a whole new box of mysteries for us to chew on.  BuddyTV readers chimed in with their thoughts/theories/observations, and I‘ve chosen a few of my favorites to publish.  Read more »
Carlton Cuse has spoken.  Cuse, the co-show runner of Lost with writing partner Damon Lindelof, talked to The Hollywood Reporter and announced their plans for the remainder of Lost‘s fourth season.  Cuse and Lindelof are heading back into production with the hope of completing five more episodes.  There are eight episodes finished, and five additional would take the season 4 total to thirteen, one less than previously reported on BuddyTV and elsewhere.  Granted, this is Cuse and Lindelof‘s goal – it is possible that they won‘t get the five extra they‘re hoping for finished.  But, in possibly bigger news, Cuse said that they will end season 4 how they originally planned, which means that the season 4 story arc will have to be condensed. Read more »
Where the hell do you even begin after an episode like that?  Lost‘s third season 4 episode aired last night and it was one of those Lost episodes that kind of just leaves you numb.  Lost is the only show I can name where, after watching a particularly baffling episode, I‘m not sure if I liked the episode.  Generally, I suspect that I loved it and once I take a couple of days to digest the episode, this usually turns out to be the case.  There was a lot to love in last night‘s episode “The Economist,” but there was also a massive quantity of new stuff thrown in.  The episode was saturated with information.  And then, of course, there was the ending, which was the type of twist that makes both casual and hardcore throw up their hands in astonishment and ask a collective “What?!!?!?!?!” Read more »
On last week‘s episode of Lost we learned a lot of interesting things about our friend Ben.  The first came courtesy of a group of passports that Sayid found in Ben‘s secret room, which led us to believe that he may be leaving the island on a regular basis without anyone‘s knowledge.  The other interesting reveal was in the flash forward, where we learned that Ben was not only off the island, but using Sayid (Naveen Andrews) as his hired gun to commit a string of assassinations.  The Lost writers would like us to believe that Ben gets around a lot more than previously suspected.However, what if that‘s not the case?  I have a theory, and it‘s one that involves the possibility of two Bens.  Trust me, it‘s not as crazy as you might think. Read more »
It was only a few years ago when the ABC network looked a lot like NBC does now:  washed up and ready to be put out of its misery.  Then, starting with a couple of small shows known as Desperate Housewives and Lost, ABC experienced a creative resurgence that reinvigorated the network and led to them producing some of the most quirky and unique shows on television.  All of that creativity came to an abrupt halt thanks to the writers‘ strike, but now that the picket lines are empty ABC has finally announced when their hit shows will return with brand new episodes.  Read on for all the details. Read more »
The new Wolverine film from 20th Century FOX has cast an actor who has ties to Lost, but it might not be who you expected.  There has long been talk that Josh Holloway (Sawyer on Lost) would be cast as Gambit in either an X-Men or Wolverine movie.  Holloway appears to be perfect for the role, thought a long-standing rumor is that Holloway actually turned down the opportunity to play Gambit in a cameo role for X3: X-Men United.  Now that Taylor Kitsch (Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights) has been cast as Gambit in Wolverine, we can put the Holloway rumors to rest.  Today, however, it was announced that Dominic Monaghan (the now deceased Charlie on Lost) has been cast in Wolverine as Barnell Bohusk, aka Beak. Read more »
Lost is not messing around.  Never has a season began with such intensity and forward-momentum as this one.  Maybe that‘s just the natural progression of the Lost story – the more that‘s is revealed, the higher the stakes get and each episode benefits as a result.  Or, maybe the Lost team really has been freed up by the prescribed season 6 end date.  Whatever it is, these last four episodes have been propelled forward by a cavalcade of new mysteries, some answered questions and the continued fracturing of the Oceanic 815 survivors.  It‘s a sight to behold – the quantity of mind-blowing revelations contained in the first four episodes has been incredible.  Last night‘s Kate-centric episode brought the most shocking final moment (at least for me) of the season so far.  Yes, even more shocking than the Ben reveal in episode 3.  Read more »
We’ll get to some exciting Easter Eggs from last night’s episode of Lost, appropriately titled “Eggtown,” soon enough. But first, can we talk about this season for a bit?  Lost has always been fond of the big reveal at the end, the shocking final twist that leaves your mouth agape. But this season, the creators seem to be relying on that device as a crutch. For three straight episodes, they’ve ended with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger.If these episodes weren’t actually good, I could say the writers just wanted to end with a big finish to make you think the hour that preceded it was better than it actually was. The problem is, this season of Lost is actually very, very good, even without these shocking final twists. The new cast is great, the plot is moving in an interesting and different direction, it’s all very exciting. My point is this: Lost doesn’t need these big shocking twists, and by overusing them, audiences are just going to be that much more disappointed when an episode ends without one. Read more »
Last Thursday‘s episode of Lost raised many questions, with the biggest of them being the mystery behind Kate taking care of Aaron, which we already discussed here.  The other questions that have been rattling around my brain involve the massive conspiracy that is covering up the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.  In "Eggtown," we saw Jack (Matthew Fox) take the witness stand in Kate‘s trial and willingly perjure himself without remorse.  He stated that only eight people survived the plane crash, and that only six of those eight made it off the island.  The question is, why are the Oceanic Six being asked to lie about the fates of their fellow castaways?  And who are the two people they‘re officially claiming died on the island? Read more »
It‘s difficult enough trying to guess what‘s to come in the remainder of Lost‘s fourth season, but the men behind the scenes already have an idea what will happen in seasons 5 and 6 of the hit ABC series.  Lost showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse recently spoke to the New York Post, where they gave a few details about what fans can expect in the final two years of the show.  They also discussed what inspired them to set an end date for the series, and teased an episode later this season that will wrap up significant mysteries. Read more »
Last night’s episode of Lost provided another slew of “HOLY S***!” moments. It seems with each episode this season, we get one or two answers (Why are the “rescuers” here? Who is another member of the Oceanic 6?), but about 47 new questions come up in their place. It’s maddening, but great and highly addictive.With a return to Ben’s house in the barracks and several mysterious women’s fashion accessories, the details of “The Economist” might provide some clues as to who or what is going on. Read more »
Tomorrow night‘s episode of Lost, entitled "The Constant," will finally introduce us to the mysterious freighter people we‘ve been hearing so much about.  Showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have promised that the freighter crew will have their own unique mysteries and agendas, which should make for some fascinating viewing.  Now we have our hands on a few promo pics and an exciting clip from the episode, all of which reveal some enticing hints of what we can expect tomorrow night.  I think it goes without saying that these potentially dangerous strangers should not be trusted. Read more »
It‘s becoming somewhat of a cliché these days, but it still needs to be said: consider my mind blown after last night‘s episode of Lost.  Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof had a lot to live up to after last season‘s “Flashes Before Your Eyes.”  But, with the latest Desmond episode, they‘ve really outdone themselves.  After four episodes in a row featuring an episode ending twist, Lost did what it does so best - change gears midseason and deliver a unique, thought-provoking hour of television.  After watching “The Constant” I really didn‘t know what to say.  A whole new can of worms has been opened.  Read more »
Believe it or not, there are only three installments of Lost remaining before fans will be left with a month-long cliffhanger due to the writers‘ strike.  According to an article in The Honolulu Advertiser, Lost will resume production in Hawaii on March 10, just ten days before the air date of the final pre-strike episode.  There will be five more episodes shot to wrap up season 4, with new episodes set to begin airing on Thursday, April 24 in the new time slot of 10pm.  Losing a massive production like Lost during the 100-day strike definitely impacted Hawaii‘s local economy, which is just one reason why the Honolulu film office is thrilled to have the show return. Read more »
Watching Lost makes me wish I had pursued a degree in physics, or that I‘d at least put a little bit more effort into my high school science classes.  It also makes me wish I had read more books like Kurt Vonnegut‘s Slaughterhouse Five or Philip K. Dick‘s Valis, both of which are now on my short list of must read novels.  Surely I could have fit in such literary classics earlier in my life, instead of reading, say, that tie-in novel to the movie Jason X.  In other words, Lost makes me feel uneducated while simultaneously filling me with the desire to learn more about topics I previously had no interest in.  Episodes like last Thursday‘s time travel mind-boggler "The Constant" may fly a bit over my head, but that doesn‘t mean I can‘t come up with some interesting theories about what is happening on and off the island.  Today I have Daniel Faraday on the brain.  Is he really a time traveler, or is he merely going mad? Read more »
Michael Emerson is a god.  There‘s no getting around it.  Without Emerson as Ben, Lost would not be the series it‘s become.  When Emerson was originally cast as Henry Gale, Cuse and Lindelof famously left themselves some flexibility with the character.  Had Emerson not worked out, he‘d only have to be there for a few episodes – maybe he‘d be the leader of the Others, maybe he wouldn‘t. Of course, Emerson rocked it hard, and the rest is history.  While last night‘s Lost, “The Other Woman,” was ostensibly a Juliet episode, Ben‘s presence made a far bigger impression on me.  We saw Jealous Ben and Smitten Ben for the first time - it was frightening and enlightening and a little pathetic.  Read more »
“The Other Woman” (or as I like to call it, the worst episode of Lost season 4 so far) answered a few questions while, for the most part, not raising too many others. For this, it should be celebrated. However, it also followed the soap opera that is the romantic entanglements of the major players, which is not the reason most people love Lost.I get that there are Jaters and Skaters and maybe Jackiets (is that the right term?), but with so many mysteries surrounding the island, the love lives of these people seems trivial. What‘s more, “The Other Woman” committed a serious faux pas in my book by turning Ben (Michael Emerson) into a petulant child. Read more »
One of the big questions that will be answered on Thursday‘s episode of Lost is who Ben‘s man on the freighter is.  Readers have been theorizing about the identity of the freighter man for weeks, and while most of us think we have it all figured out, is it possible that Lost is planning to blow our minds with a giant surprise?  It certainly wouldn‘t be the first time the show has subverted our expectations and made our jaws drop.Based on nothing but my own crackpot theories, I have three completely spoiler-free ideas of who Ben‘s "man" might be.  In fact, what if the person on the boat isn‘t a man at all?  That idea may not be as crazy as you think. Read more »
This week‘s episode of Lost promises to be an exciting one.  The previews promised we‘re going to learn who Ben‘s man on the freighter is (probably Michael) and who the final two members of the Oceanic 6 are.  Originally the post-strike plan was to let this serve as the last new episode, then take a five week break before returning with the second half of the season, beginning with episode eight, which was actually filmed before the strike.  However, those plans changed and now the eighth episode will air next week, March 20, followed by a five week break, after which time the final five episodes of the season will continue Thursdays at 10pm, following the new episodes of Grey‘s Anatomy.WARNING: This article contains possible spoilers about this week‘s episode. Read more »
For the first time in the history of this show, Lost made me cry last night. I had a sneaking suspicion as to what was going to happen when Sun (Yunjin Kim) saw Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) walk by while delivering her baby, but I didn‘t want to believe it. I refused to accept what I knew was coming.Perhaps I‘m an idiot, because I didn‘t fully put it together until Hurley (Jorge Garcia) arrived. Lost got me. When Jin said he‘d only been married for two months, I had no idea what was happening. Honestly, I thought, for some reason, after getting off the island, Sun and Jin split up and he got remarried. Either I‘m that gullible, or the Lost writers have gotten that much better at deception. Read more »
Lost‘s willingness to break formula is something I‘ve discussed a lot in this space.  But, the show gives me no choice, especially after an episode like last night.  Lost, for the first time, unleashed a dual flash back/flash forward last night and I have to admit that they tricked me.  There‘s not been one Jin and Sun episode I haven‘t enjoyed, which is both a testament to the depth of those two characters and the abilities of Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim.  Yunjin, especially, gave a moving, Emmy-worthy performance throughout the episode, both on the island and off.  Considering how much us Lost fans tend to focus on huge twists, the extensive Lost mythology and baffling cliffhangers, it‘s nice to be reminded that it‘s the characters who make the series what it is.  If we didn‘t care about these people and their fates, Lost wouldn‘t amount to much of anything. Read more »
I‘ve heard from many people who broke down in tears upon learning of Jin‘s death at the end of last week‘s Lost episode, "Ji Yeon."  I should point out that these weepers weren‘t people who cry over every touching Maxwell House commercial they see on television, but mostly folks who never shed a tear in front of the tube.  Considering that I‘m someone who proudly admits to occasionally crying over touching TV shows, I was surprised that I was barely moved by the last few minutes of "Ji Yeon."  I thought the episode was fantastic, and I‘m often touched by any story involving Sun and Jin (Daniel Dae Kim), but I didn‘t get emotional due to one simple fact:  I didn‘t believe for a moment that Jin was actually dead. Read more »
The latest issue of TV Guide has an interview with Harold Perrineau regarding his long-awaited return to Lost.  Michael‘s appearance on the freighter in last week‘s installment was perhaps the worst kept surprise of the year, especially since Perrineau‘s name had been appearing in the opening credits since the season began.  Even if it wasn‘t a shocker, it should be interesting to see why Michael is going under an assumed name in Thursday‘s episode, "Meet Kevin Johnson."  The article offers some intriguing hints about what we can expect from Michael‘s return, and also lets us in on why it took so long for Perrineau to come back to the series. Read more »
Tonight brings the final pre-strike episode of Lost, after which the show takes a five-week break before returning with the final five episodes of season 4 on April 24 at 10pm (more likely, 10:02pm) following new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. This final episode, “Meet Kevin Johnson,” promises to inform viewers about what happened to Michael (Harold Perrineau) after he got off the island.In addition, the promos have promised that someone will die! Fans of Lost know this is not a show squeamish about killing off series regulars. To date, eight series regulars have been officially killed off, and in that spirit, we introduced our newest BuddyTV Personality Quiz: Which Dead Lost Character Are You? Read more »
Michael still bores me. Let‘s face it, when Lost first announced Harold Perrineau was returning, fans were excited, but only over the theoretical practice of bringing back a cast member who left two seasons ago. Lost fans are continuity gluttons, obsessing over how things fit and how things are connected. So even if you don‘t like Michael as a character, at least his return serves a purpose. Read more »
That was an insane episode.  My favorite part about Lost is its structural unpredictability.  Of course, the story is always unpredictable, but it‘s not just the “what” that‘s important.  It‘s the “how.” That‘s one of the (many) reasons I dislike procedural dramas, like CSI.  Maybe the story will be different every episode, but it‘s presented in exactly the same manner every week.  With Lost, even when we do know it‘s a Michael-centric episode and someone will die, how it presents that story is still a complete mystery. Last night‘s episode turned out to be a unique one, featuring a number of things that we‘ve never seen on Lost before.  Unfortunately, it wasn‘t a particularly great episode. Read more »
Lost returned to the air at the perfect time to wrangle in some new viewers.  When the fourth season of the series premiered back in January, the writers‘ strike was still going strong and the airwaves were littered with reruns and lame reality shows.  This dire television landscape surely helped Lost‘s return episode, "The Beginning of the End," dominate the ratings with 16.07 million viewers.  This was an increase of nearly three million compared to the third season finale, proving that a lot of people were starved for a scripted hit.  However, as Lost‘s fourth season continued, the ratings fell from week to week, eventually bottoming out at 11.28 million viewers for last Thursday‘s installment.  Why did nearly five million people abandon the show over those eight weeks? Read more »
We have an excruciatingly long time to wait before Lost returns with new episodes on April 24.  While we could spend that time worrying about the fates of Karl and Danielle Rousseau, I‘d rather spend it looking back at the first eight episodes of season 4.  Lost is famous for leaving viewers with questions to ponder, so over the next month we‘re going to look back at each episode and discuss five questions that are still remaining about that particular installment.  Today we‘re venturing all the way back to the season premiere, "The Beginning of the End."  We still want to know what was up with Charlie‘s apparition, who was in Jacob‘s cabin, as well as a few other things. Read more »
The character-centric episode structure of Lost is both a blessing and a curse. In the first two seasons, it was a brilliant way to slowly reveal secrets and connections among the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Fans and even the writers of Lost quickly realized this was getting stale, giving us sub-par, filler episodes like John Locke’s misadventures on a commune or Jack’s Thailand tattoo.Surely the flash forward shift helped alleviate some of the problems, but how will the writers deal with characters who don’t make it off the island? For the first part of season 4, they’ve carefully avoided seriously addressing that issue. Of the first eight episodes, four featured flash forwards, two filled in details of how people came (or came back) to the island, one played with the conception of time, and the final one simply featured flashbacks on the island. Read more »
A couple of days ago we focused on five lingering questions from Lost‘s season 4 premiere, "The Beginning of the End."  Today we‘re venturing back to the second episode, "Confirmed Dead," to explore the mysteries that remain from that installment.  "Confirmed Dead" was easily one of my favorite hours from Lost‘s first batch of new episodes.  It focused on the mysterious freighter folk, and while we did learn more about their motives, it‘s still impossible to know if we can trust them.  Like most of the characters on Lost, these new arrivals don‘t seem to mind telling a few lies.The questions that remain from this episode involve a blubbering Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies), some strange light patterns, and the identity of a dead grandson. Read more »
Lost‘s fourth season has been an unadulterated success.  You cannot convince me otherwise.  Aside from a few minor gripes (and one and a half mediocre episodes) the Lost team has conjured up a series of great episodes thus far in season 4.  The mythology has been expanded, the writers have added even more storytelling devices to their repertoire and I‘m still as confused as ever.  Ever since ABC and Lost agreed to a series end date, the story of Lost has been told at a furious pace.  Although the strike has forced Cuse and Lindelof to expedite season 4‘s ultimate story, we‘ll tackle that when the new episodes begin airing at the end of April.  While we‘re on this Lost hiatus, we thought it‘d be a good time to look back on the eight episodes which have aired so far, and see how they stack up to each other. Read more »
Last week, we took a look back at the first two episodes of Lost‘s fourth season, "The Beginning of the End" and "Confirmed Dead," and posed some of the burning questions that remain from those installments.  I was surprised by how many mysteries were still unanswered from those early episodes, but I guess Lost loves to keep our brains spinning.  After thinking about the questions I brought up, BuddyTV readers had their own theories about the mysterious happenings on the island.  Read on for some of the best responses, and get ready to have your mind blown all over again. Read more »
Not only was the third episode of Lost‘s fourth season a great showcase for Sayid, but it also played out like a Hitchcock film crossed with an hour of Alias.  We got the chance to see Sayid trotting the globe as a suave undercover agent, but the big twist at the end was that he was taking orders from Ben.  What drove the former Iraqi soldier to start working for one of his worst enemies?  It‘s a big question, and one that we probably won‘t get an answer to in the five remaining installments of the current season.Looking back on the episode, we‘ve managed to come up with five burning questions about "The Economist."  Read on for crazy theories involving such topics as teleportation and Billy Dee Williams. Read more »
For the most part, Lost has better continuity than nearly any other show. The show is constantly referencing past episodes down to the most minor detail, usually in the form of Easter eggs. Sayid’s love Nadia owned a house inspected by John Locke. Everyone from young Ben Linus to Hurley loves Apollo Bars. And twice now we’ve seen characters watching “Expose” on TV.So I doubt that the writers have completely forgotten about some of the minor characters who have played a role in several episodes. We all have our favorites, characters we obsessively would love to see again (much the same way I constantly pine for more Rose and Bernard). I have combed my knowledge of Lost and come up with a solid list of five characters I would love to see at least once more, in any way, shape or form. Read more »
When I think back to the fourth episode of Lost‘s current season, "Eggtown," the first thing I realize is that I still have no idea what that title means.  I guess it could be referring to Kate‘s (Evangeline Lilly) pregnancy scare, but it just makes me picture a tiny little Fisher Price village set up in her womb. Though the title is a bit of a mystery, it‘s meaning is not of the five questions that stuck with me when looking back on this episode.  There are much more interesting things to wonder about, such as Miles‘ blackmail demands, Jack‘s lies, and how Aaron came to be in Kate‘s care. Read more »
In the beginning, I was not a believer.  I remember being inundated with promos, seeing that dude who had cancer on Party of Five wearing a suit on an island and the mousy-hot chick wearing a bra and watching the tide roll in.  I remember the big explosions and the roar of the monster.  I remember being intrigued by the prospect of a new series from the guy who created Alias.  But, all this paled in comparison to the lame concept: people stranded on a desert island.  Cast Away had come out a few years earlier and, to my mind, played that concept out.  Nonetheless, I watched the first twenty or minutes or so of the Lost pilot from my college apartment (because, really, It‘s not like I was doing anything else) and then gave up.  Beer, or the gym, or video games were calling.  It wasn‘t until a year later that I finally caved and rented the first season DVD.  This was not an atypical path to Lost fandom.  Like countless others, once those DVDs were in my possession, it was game over.  I was hooked. Read more »
Last week, I posted a few questions that still remain from two of Lost‘s most interesting season 4 episodes: "The Economist" and "Eggtown."  Lost has so many intricacies, and so many little details to remember, that I often find the most obvious answers slipping my mind.  For example, many of you pointed out that Kate (Evangeline Lilly) never could have adopted Aaron due to her murderous past, which is something my taxed brain neglected to take into account.  With a show as wonderfully complicated as Lost, it helps to have these reminders from the dedicated fanbase.Continue on for more of what BuddyTV readers had to say about last week‘s questions. Read more »
Though the return of Lost‘s fourth season is slowly getting closer, we still have a couple of boring Thursdays ahead of us before April 24.  Today it‘s time to take a look back at one of Lost‘s most mind-blowing, brain-melting, time-tripping episodes of all time: "The Constant."  Most Lost fans agree that this was the most impressive episode of season 4, and a lot of that has to do with the emotional impact of Desmond‘s (Henry Ian Cusick) story.  Looking back on this installment, I was struck with a few questions that are still boggling my mind, such as:  Why did Widmore buy the Black Rock journal?  Is Daniel Faraday time traveling?  And just how do those satellite phones work anyway? Read more »
"The Other Woman" was looked down upon by many Lost fans, possibly because it followed "The Constant," which was one mind-blowing hour of television.  Juliet‘s on-island flashbacks couldn‘t quite live up to Desmond‘s time tripping, and the episode also didn‘t give us much in the way of new mythology. That aside, I was happy to see some gaps in Juliet‘s past filled in, and any episode that gives Elizabeth Mitchell and Michael Emerson a chance to shine is alright by me.For an episode that didn‘t bury us in new mythology, it certainly did raise a lot of questions.   Read on to see the five that I‘m dying to have answered. Read more »
When the plan for Lost‘s final three years was initially announced, each season was supposed to have 16 episodes.  However, the writers‘ strike soon came along and derailed this nice little idea.  The Lost producers were only able to complete eight episodes before the strike, and after it wrapped up they announced that five additional installments would be produced.  While the show‘s fourth season would be somewhat truncated, the writers would at least have enough time to tie up certain story threads.It‘s a lucky day for fans who were bemoaning the shortened schedule, as TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello has announced that one more episode has been added to the show‘s fourth season.  Not only does that bring the episode total to 14 for this year, but it allows Lost to wrap up with a huge two-hour event. Read more »
It comes as no surprise that my questions about one of the most complicated episodes in Lost‘s history, "The Constant," met with an abundance of interesting responses from BuddyTV readers.  CamaroHeed alone has been batting around enough interesting time travel theories to make my head spin.  As for "The Other Woman," our readers were dying to know the origin of the whispers, but also had some ideas on who was really trying to release the gas at the Tempest station.Read on to see some of the best theories about these two exciting episodes. Read more »
It‘s surprising that an episode about Sun and Jin ended up being one of the more divisive hours of Lost‘s fourth season, but that was the case with "Ji Yeon."  Some people loved the installment for its emotional power and tricky structure, while others felt the mixing of a flashback and a flash forward was a useless gimmick.  Personally, I loved the structure of the episode but found myself underwhelmed by the emotional impact, mainly because I think Jin‘s death is about as fake as Mr. Friendly‘s old beard.When making my list of five questions still remaining from "Ji Yeon," I thought it‘d be a good idea to start with the most obvious query first. Read more »
One of the most interesting aspects of Lost is how it inspires its viewers to swap thoughts, theories, and speculation about where the series is headed.  We all become amateur physicists as we try to make sense of the time discrepancies on the island, or armchair psychologists as we analyze which man would truly make Kate (Evangeline Lilly) happy.  Lost inspires us to think outside the box, and practically demands that we share those crazy thoughts with other people.Thanks to a new contest in USA Today, you can now win a chance to run your theories by the masterminds behind Lost, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.  If your entry is chosen, the executive producers will tell you whether your ideas are right, wrong, or spectacularly wrong. Read more »
Lost fans couldn‘t seem to agree on the merits of the show‘s final pre-strike installment, "Meet Kevin Johnson."  Some people thought it didn‘t show us enough of Michael‘s journey off the island, others thought it gave us too much of the character, and some thought it balanced things out perfectly.  I happen to be in the latter camp.  While I was never a big fan of Michael (Harold Perrineau) when he was originally on the show, I thought his return was fascinating and well-handled.While "Meet Kevin Johnson" may have given us a few answers, it certainly left us asking a lot of questions.  Read on for five mysteries that I simply can‘t get out of my head. Read more »
Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have to be two of the highest-profile show runners in the history of television.  They have the biggest cult show on television, one that owes a lot of its fandom to the internet and extra-curricular activities – Lost has just about as much life off-screen as it does on.  Lindelof and Cuse are under a lot of pressure from a lot of people, a number of whom are impossible to please.  It‘d be hard to blame them if they shriveled up and cut off communication with the media, but they haven‘t.  Today, the two held a media conference call to discuss all things Lost, including the season 4 finale, the fate of various survivors and what‘s in store for the finale scene of the series.  Read more »
We‘re now only a few days away from the long-awaited return of Lost‘s fourth season, which means we may finally get some answers to our burning questions.  Until then, it‘s time to ponder some of the mysteries still remaining from "Ji Yeon" and "Meet Kevin Johnson."  BuddyTV readers had a lot to say about Hurley‘s desire to avoid his friends, how the island stopped Michael (Harold Perrineau) from killing himself, and whether Ben knew about the attack on Karl and Rousseau.  Keep reading for some of the most interesting answers to the questions I posed last week. Read more »
Now that we‘re only a couple of days away from Lost‘s long-awaited return, news is starting to leak about what we can expect in the final six episodes of season 4.  The folks over at TV Guide recently had the chance to visit the set of Lost in Hawaii, and they came back with all sorts of interesting tidbits about the future of the series.  The big news involves an upcoming Ben-centric episode, the return of a favorite Other, and the meaning of the Eskimo painting that Hurley was working on in the season premiere.WARNING: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS! Read more »
Tomorrow night, the wait is finally over.  After five long weeks of enhanced repeats, Lost returns Thursday at 10pm with the first of six brand new episodes.  This week‘s installment, "The Shape of Things to Come," finds trouble coming to John Locke‘s camp while Jack (Matthew Fox) deals with a mystery on the beach.  Thursday nights just haven‘t been the same without our favorite castaways, so it should be exciting to see the series kick off the remainder of its fourth season.To get fans pumped for Lost‘s big return, we have some promo photos and two clips from the new episode. Read more »
There‘s a reason Michael Emerson already has an Emmy. In last night‘s episode of Lost, Emerson got a huge acting showcase, bigger than any one he‘s had before, and he nailed it. From the emotion seeing Alex killed to the rage and fury in the now immortal line, “He changed the rules,” it was a fantastic performance.Before we get into the Easter Eggs from last night, I‘d like to discuss what Lost is about. “The Shape of Things to Come” was an appropriate title, as the entire purpose of the series is beginning to take shape. Yes, I could talk about the shocking revelation that Ben controls Smokey, the Black Smoke Monster (the implications of which are massive) or the alleged fact that Danielle Rousseau is in fact dead (which I still refuse to buy). But what interests me more is what Lost is about. Read more »
There I am, on my couch, two friends and die-hard Lost fans next to me, watching last night‘s episode of Lost.  I can‘t say the episode is what I expected, but when that exact thought came to mind last night on the couch, I realized something: it‘s reached a point where I don‘t know how to react to Lost anymore.  We are so conditioned to be shocked and surprised by the actions on the island that this shock has been replaced by disbelief that Lost can keep shocking us.  Or, maybe that‘s just me.  That‘s not a negative rap either, it‘s actually beautiful.  I love coming into every Lost knowing that soon, I will be drop-kicked by the Unexpected, whatever that may be.  “The Shape of Things to Come” was the fastest-paced episode of Lost in a long while and, aside from a few minor reservations, it blew me away. Read more »
Lost is a show that demands repeat viewings, which is why the release of each new DVD set is such a big event.  If you‘re anxiously awaiting a chance to watch the fourth season of Lost multiple times on DVD, you‘ll have to be patient.  It was recently announced that the 14-episode season will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray on December 9, which is nearly seven months after the season finale is set to air on ABC.  However, now that Walt Disney Studios has released the box art and list of extra features for the set, it looks like the long wait may be worth it. Read more »
I‘ve been thinking about Lost.  You never want to do too much thinking about Lost – it‘s better to have people around for a discussion.  Merely thinking about Lost is only going to knot up your brain with hair-brained thoughts and outlandish theories.  Aside from any ideas I might have come up with, I also have some worries.  At this point, it doesn‘t make a whole lot of sense to worry about Lost – the writers have always delivered, the story has expanded at a rapid clip, and most every season 4 episode has been spectacular.  But, as much as I‘d like to not think about certain things, there they are, peskily unmovable.  There are certain aspects of Lost that, at this point, worry me.  Read more »
Dear Lost, Oh, Lost, you old sailor, you.  You‘ve done it again.  At 10 minutes into “Something Nice Back Home,” I was shocked and baffled, at twenty minutes in I was baffled and shocked and by the end of it, I had the same feeling I usually do at the end of your more mystifying episodes: exhaustion.  Post-episode, I sipped on a Tecate (Cinco de Mayo nears) wondering what the hell had just happened.  Wondering if I like the direction the series may be going.  Wondering if I‘ve loved you for so long that I‘ve convinced myself to love every episode, regardless of the quality or my relative level of comprehension.  A lot of stuff went down last night, Lost, and I expect some things to be explained by the end of the finale.  Read more »
Looking for Easter Eggs on Lost is not an easy task. It’s come to the point where I analyze every little detail to death, grasping to find some reason for a certain choice. In “Something Nice Back Home,” the difficulty came in the sheer volume of people introduced in the flash forward. There’s Dr. Eric Stevens, one of Jack’s co-workers, and two of his patients, Mrs. Berenberg and Ryan Laker.Who are these people? I have no idea, but this is nothing new. We still don’t know who Mrs. Gardner and her drug dealing grandson are. Is this just Lost’s way of tossing in countless red herrings? Or is it something more? Read more »
Jimmy Kimmel may be the highest-profile, most vocal fan of Lost around.  If you‘ve ever watched him on Jimmy Kimmel Live talking about the series, you know he‘s not just shilling for a product of his own network – he is a true fan, been one since the beginning.  The story goes, after filming the YouTube sensation “I‘m Effing Ben Affleck” Kimmel and Affleck, who had never met before that day, went back to Kimmel‘s house to watch that night‘s Lost.  His recent two part TV Guide interview with Lost show-runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (which you can find here and here) might be the best, most in-depth interview ever done with the pair.  Last Friday, Lindelof and Cuse returned to Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss once more.  Read more »
By the end of Lost‘s fourth season, a main character will die.  No one has confirmed this, but it just has to be true.  All hell is going to break loose on the island as the season finale approaches, and it wouldn‘t make sense if the body count at the end of it all was zero.  Who, then?  That‘s a difficult questions.  Lost is a merchant of shock and awe, specializing in surprise twists and surprise deaths.  With the advent of the flash forwards, we know a handful of our favorite Lost characters are safe – Hurley, Ben, Jack, Kate, Sayid and Sun.  In a story on E! Online yesterday, there was a spoiler regarding a character who doesn‘t make it off the island by the finale, but remains alive on the island.  Read on to find out who.  SPOILER WARNING!!! Read more »
Have the Lost writers known all this about John Locke since the beginning?  Was he the chosen one, the person who would be charged with saving the island all along?  One of my biggest hopes is that after season 6 has ended, and everything has been told, that Abrams, Cuse and Lindelof sit down and tell us where the Lost story started, which aspects they had planned all along, which were made up on the spot, and which were drastically changed.  That‘s a lot to ask for, but as a story/story structure buff, it would be endlessly fascinating.  Lost is a gigantic puzzle – did they have all the pieces in front of them in season one?  Season 2?  Locke‘s journey is fascinating, and he‘s definitely not your typical hero – somehow reluctant and willing at the same time, as we saw in the flashbacks last night.  Besides Locke‘s hero journey, everything else in “Cabin Fever” was mind-blowing and I‘m not sure how to respond, but here goes: Read more »
I honestly don’t know if last night’s episode of Lost successfully explained everything or totally jumped the shark. Only time will tell, and the way the series finishes up will most likely allow us to judge the merits or lack thereof for “Cabin Fever.”The fact that Richard Alpert and Matthew Abaddon both crossed paths with John Locke completely changes the way we must view his entire journey. This is the kind of revelation that will make repeat viewings of the entire series more compelling, like trying to piece together if Nina Myers being a mole actually made sense in the first season of 24. Read more »
Lost show runners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have done a lot of interviews lately.  And why not?  Lost has returned triumphantly to the air waves with their post-strike episodes, increasing the very scope of the series along the way.  Questions have been answered, mysteries yanked into the fold, and us fans are left enthralled, but scratching our heads.  In an interview with Kristin from E! Online following last week‘s mind-altering “Cabin Fever,” Damon and Carlton discussed the episode, the questions fans should be asking, and what we can all expect from the finale and the future of Lost.  The duo covered a lot of ground, so I‘m going to give you some small quotes, followed by my thoughts. Read more »
ABC, the number two network in all the land (and only behind FOX because of the Super Bowl and American Idol), had its upfront presentation early this morning.  The network unveiled its Fall schedule, and it‘s pretty hard to get excited about it.  Nothing against ABC – the schedule is good, probably the best, top to bottom, of any network – it‘s just that there weren‘t many openings this time around.  Last season ABC launched eight new shows in the Fall, the most of any network.  For the most part, ABC hit a homerun with Dirty Sexy Money, Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, Samantha Who?, and Eli Stone in the mid-season.Networks rarely have so many returning second-year shows.  Because of this, ABC had very little work to do this pilot season.  There are only two new shows on the Fall schedule, with two more targeted for the mid-season.  Continue reading for a detailed description of the schedule and new shows. Read more »
Last week, Lost gave us one of its best episodes ever while showing us the secret origins of John Locke.  It turns out that both Richard Alpert and Matthew Abaddon were trying to get Locke to the island long before he ever rolled on to Flight 815.  We also got another glimpse into Jacob‘s cabin, where Christian Shephard and a very creepy Claire (Emilie de Ravin) informed Locke that he needs to move the island.  Does that mean tying the island to a boat and stepping on the gas, or does he have to find a way to move it through time?  Like many things on Lost, that remains a mystery.Tonight, in part one of the three part season finale, we finally start to learn what happened to the Oceanic Six after leaving the island.  I‘ll be here with live thoughts throughout the episode. Read more »
Finding Easter Eggs on an episode Lost isn‘t easy. Sometimes the producers seem overly eager to fill every last frame with wondrous fun little extras. Other times, they‘re few and far between. In last night‘s first part of the three-part season 4 finale, it was the latter.Perhaps there‘s an inverse corrollation between the number of Easter Eggs and the number of answers in a given episode. “There‘s No Place Like Home, Part 1” answered so many questions raised earlier this season that there was no time or room for Easter Eggs. Read more »
Oceanic 815 castaways, the survivors, finally getting off their rescue plane, setting foot on the mainland, music swirling, loved ones embracing them in slow motion.  This was supposed to be how Lost ended.  This was the inevitable final scene of a series about ship-wrecked plane crash survivors.  Or, at least that was the thought in seasons one and two, and for most of three.  Once we saw the last scene of Lost‘s third season, however, with Jack and Kate outside the air strip, we knew that Lost would not end with 815ers stepping on the mainland for the first time.  Which is great – if Lost does anything, it‘s toy with story conventions.  I woudn‘t have it any other way. Read more »
The J.J. Abrams web continues to grow.  The new Abrams pilot, Fringe, which will debut in the Fall on FOX has named a show runner: Jeff Pinkner.  This being the case, it‘s a little bit of a misnomer that Fringe is a J.J. Abrams show.  His clout brought it to fruition, and he obviously had a lot to do with the creation of the pilot, but once it gets up and running, it will be Jeff Pinkner at the helm.  Who is Jeff Pinkner?  Well, if you‘re a Lost fan, then you know Pinker‘s work.  He‘s been a producer on Lost for some time now, and has also written four episodes of the series.  Fringe is a sci-fi series, starring Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv and John Noble.  The pilot has an exorbitant budget at $10 million, and it will be directed by Alex Graves. Read more »
Joshua Jackson is going to be big again.  I believe it, I really do.  All you have to do is look at J.J. Abrams‘ track record when casting the leads on his TV shows.  Keri Russel broke out, though somewhat modestly, after Felicity.  We all know what happened with Jennifer Garner and Alias.  With Lost, Abrams put a number of unknown actors on the map (Evangeline Lilly, Terry O‘Quinn, Josh Holloway, Naveen Andrews, et al) and, thankfully, revived the career of a man named Matthew Fox.  Now, Joshua Jackson (Pacey from Dawson‘s Creek) has landed one of the lead roles in the J.J‘s new sci-fi pilot Fringe.  Jackson will play the son of the institutionalized scientist, who Jackson‘s character will help break out of the mental hospital in the pilot episode. Read more »
If another month has gone by, it must be time for ABC to shake up Lost‘s time slot yet again.  It seems like every time the show goes away for a bit the network moves it somewhere else.  In the past, the show has aired Wednesdays at 8pm, then 9pm, then 10pm, until finally settling on its current home of Thursdays at 9pm.  Now, according to TV Guide‘s Michael Ausiello, the series will be kicking off its final batch of season 4 episodes in late April in yet another time slot:  Thursdays at 10pm, following brand new episodes of Grey‘s Anatomy.  The other big news is that the final arc for season 4 may have one more episode than we previously suspected. Read more »
There are some people who can keep secrets and some who cannot.  I have friends who are incapable of holding in a piece of gossip for more than a couple hours before they give in to their instinctual desire to spread their knowledge.  Of all the secrets currently tormenting TV fans, there is none greater than the ending of Lost.  What will the last episode of Lost hold, what will it mean, and who does it involve?  What happens in the final scene?  It was though that only Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, J.J. Abrams and maybe a member or two of the Lost writing team were privy to this information.  According to a recent piece by UK‘s The Daily Mirror, however, we can add another member to this Lost Series Finale Circle of Trust: Matthew Fox. Read more »
It‘s Lost finale Eve!  Do you have goosebumps yet?  You ready for your freakin‘ mind to get blown?  There‘s no doubt that all you Lost fans out there are going to have a difficult time sleeping tonight, that concentrating at work tomorrow is going to be impossible, that your thoughts will be monopolized by mystery coffin inhabitants, the fates of your favorite 815 survivors, and what Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have concocted for Lost‘s fourth season finale.  People will die, mysteries will be solved, questions asked.  When, during tomorrow‘s two-hour episode, will that epiphany hit you, the Jack and Kate at the airport moment?  Before the episode arrives, let‘s clear up where each of our favorite characters left us after the part one of “There‘s No Place Like Home.”  Read more »
Lost is a symphony.  The layers, the depth, the unexpected highs and heart-breaking lows, various instruments coming together to make beautiful music.  Lost‘s now-accomplished feat going into season 4 was to link up the final two Jack moments of the season 3 finale: his bearded conversation with Kate and his satellite phone call to the freighter.  Given that objective, which I think we can presume was the season 4 plan all along, Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse shepherded season 4 along excellently.  Despite what Lost fans may argue about seasons 1, 2 and 3, the fourth season of Lost was the show‘s highest degree-of-difficulty narrative yet.  Going from Point A (Jack talking to the freighter) to Point B (bearded, “We have to go back!” Jack) while keeping the audience guessing, introducing new characters, layering on the mysteries, expanding the story‘s scope to frighteningly epic proportions, and giving audiences a three-hour finale that gave answers, was full of action and set up season 5 perfectly, is an incredible feat.  And, remember, this was in two episodes less than planned, thanks to the writers‘ strike.  “There‘s No Place Like Home: Part 2” was a brilliant piece of television, a satisfying conclusion to an immaculately plotted season.  Read more »
The Lost season 4 finale was a bit like the preparation for a game of chess. All the pieces were placed on the board, the rules were agreed upon, but the opening gambit has yet to begin. There weren‘t nearly as many answers as you may think there were (unless you wanted to know more about time traveling bunnies). Yes, we found out who‘s in the coffin, but think for a second about how season 3 and season 4 ended.Season 3 left us with Jack needing to go back to the Island. Season 4 ended with…Jack needing to go back to the Island, with everyone else. While the story on the Island may have progressed, the story off the Island is still where we left it, just with some missing pieces filled in. The chess pieces were already on the board, season 4 just spent 14 episodes fidgeting with them, making sure every piece was perfectly in the center of the square. Read more »
The worst part of a Lost season finale is the day-after realization that we‘re now eight months away from the next new episode. Fans will be desperately seeking ways to remedy their Lost withdrawal. There are past seasons to rewatch (again) on DVD, expansive, comprehensive theories to postulate, and icy wheels to find so that you can jump into the future to start watching season 5 today.Or you can compete in an all-out battle for Lost dominance. If you‘re a big enough fan, then you undoubtedly think you know all there is to know about Lost. Do you know the names and purposes of all the DHARMA stations? Do you remember the name of Kelvin Inman‘s partner before Desmond arrived? Do you remember the name of Sawyer‘s daughter? For that matter, did you even remember that Sawyer HAS a daughter? Read more »
I feel for Harold Perrineau.  I really do.  The Lost bosses unveiled Perrineau at last summer‘s San Diego Comic-Con as the big off-season surprise.  Michael was returning to Lost.  When the dust settled on season 4, Michael‘s death was the culmination of a fairly lackluster story arc for the character.  Besides the one Michael flashback episode, “Meet Kevin Johnson” (which many fans, including myself, found somewhat disappointing), Perrineau had very little to do in his fourth season return.  His sacrificial death in the waning moments of Thursday‘s finale was an abrupt ending for the Michael character, though it was a nice way for the character to make up for the murders of Libby and Ana-Lucia.  However, Michael‘s death was a sore spot for Perrineau himself, as evidenced by a TV Guide interview conducted after the finale aired.  Among other things, Perrineau accused the Lost writers of pointlessly bringing Michael back and for furthering stereotypes regarding fatherless African-American children. Read more »
Sometimes it takes a death to make you popular.  Harold Perrineau, less than a week after perishing on the fourth season finale of Lost, has been all over the news, first for some pointed comments about his Lost character‘s departure, and now because he‘s already found another job.  Perrineau has joined the cast of The Unusuals, a CBS drama/comedy pilot set inside a New York City police precinct.  Harold will play Leo Banks, a detective so paranoid that he always wears his bullet-proof vest.  The series, being a pilot and all, has no guarantee that it will make it to series.  At best, The Unusuals may make a mid-season appearance.  Read more »
Lost is a show of moments.  There are scenes, from the first season on, that hit the audience so hard they become forever etched into the mind of the viewer.  Part of this is, of course, the format of the series.  There are cliffhangers and reveals that viewers could never see coming, and those moments are significant TV viewing moments.  The shock and awe routine that the Lost writers consistently employ make Lost what it is and, by and large, they are the result of diligent work.  The reveals are long in the offing, story seeds having been planted, in some cases, seasons before they are resolved.  You can argue all you want about how far in advance the writers know what‘s going to happen in the different stories, but all that matters is this: Lost earns their big moments, and that‘s why we love the show.  Read more »
Lost theorizing is the best and worst thing about the series.  With the way Lost is set up, with the way it‘s played out over its first four seasons, it allows fans to conjure up convoluted theories that never have any chance of materializing.  Not that a lot of those theories aren‘t creative, plausible or fun to think about, it‘s just that Lost is, by nature, an impossible show to predict.  There‘s no logical progression.  The audience knows the broad strokes, that Jack has now been given the task of bringing the Oceanic 6 back to the island for instance, but predicting how that happens, when it will occur in the time line, or what plot twists will be smacked down upon us in the interim isn‘t particularly reasonable, especially right now.  For instance, coming into season 4, no one would have ever even brought up the possibility of physically moving the island.  There was no foreshadowing of that event, not explicitly at least, and it‘s just the way Lost maneuvers its story, rendering specific plot predictions almost totally moot.  That doesn‘t make it any less fun, however.  Read more »
The Lost season 4 finale was the most-watched show on television last week.  Usually just breaking the top-twenty in weekly viewers according to the Nielsens, Lost had 12.3 million viewers tune in to the two-hour finale.  This is great news for Lost, which has dipped in the ratings ever since its much-hyped first season.  It has to be noted, however, that the season finale aired with little competition.  ABC opted to air the finale in the last week of May, after almost every other network series had aired their season finale.  Still, it never hurts to be number one. Read more »
It‘s been over a week since the Lost season finale aired and my mind is still spinning.  There was too much to take in over the two-hour final episode.  Making sense of it all takes time.  Even after this week and a half long gestating period, I still have an incredible amount of questions.  Some of these won‘t be answered until season 5, some not until season 6, and some probably will never be answered.  The Lost writers are juggling dozens of plot points in this period between seasons.  With that in mind (and considering it‘s been a slow news day), I thought I‘d pose some lingering Lost questions I had floating around in my brain and see if all you BuddyTV Lost fans could give me some answers. Read more »
In a recent interview, Joel McHale, the host of The Soup on E!, said, “Our mantra is that 90 percent of all television is bad, and ten percent has never been better.”  I couldn‘t put it any better.  While the worst shows on television used to be unfunny, yet harmless, sitcoms, we now have shows like Tila Tequila, the Kardashians, The Moment of Truth, etc.  However, while the nadir of TV has never been depressing, the cream of the crop has similarly “never been better.”  It seems that, finally, networks and TV writers have figured out that television provides a unique opportunity for long-form serial dramas.  The Sopranos, The Wire, 24, The Shield, Heroes, Lost and others have taken advantage of the serial format in ways older series never even attempted.  Despite the overwhelming amount of crap currently on our airwaves, it is a great time to be a TV fan.  One of the big reasons for this is Lost.  With The Wire and The Sopranos off the air, I can confidently say that Lost is the best drama on TV, or at least the most ambitious.  Film school students will be studying Lost for decades; never has a show experimented more with structure, broken formula, and used their rebelliousness in such a flawless manner.  Read more »
As a die hard fan of Lost, I hold out hope that one of these days we‘ll learn more about Libby.  During her character‘s run on the show in season 2, we learned that she stayed in a mental institution with Hurley and was somewhat responsible for Desmond‘s trip to the island.  However, Libby was shot and killed by Michael shortly after those mysteries were revealed, leaving her story without an ending.  The character showed up in a ghostly capacity in season 4‘s "Meet Kevin Johnson," but we‘re still no closer to knowing the secrets behind Libby‘s past.While Libby may be missing in action, actress Cynthia Watros is certainly keeping busy.  Later this summer she‘ll appear on TBS‘ The Bill Engvall Show, and tonight she stars in the second installment of NBC‘s horror anthology series, Fear Itself. Read more »
One of the cool things about Lost is the cast‘s anonymity.  Aside from Matthew Fox, the main cast is pretty much exclusively associated with Lost.  They don‘t have a recognizable public persona.  The stars stay out of the limelight, and as a result the audience can‘t separate the actors from the characters.  This helps the audience get completely immersed in the Lost story.  This being the case, it can be a tad jarring when you see an interview with a cast member and they say something unexpected.  Naveen Andrews, who I can‘t ever remember seeing in anything out-of-character, recently conducted an interview with a British on line publication, and he‘s surprisingly candid about Lost‘s past, present and future.  Read more »
Lost is a show of mysteries.  It‘s cruel, really, what us fans must go though in anticipation of Lost‘s mysteries being solved.  Imagine reading the best science fiction/mystery novel you‘ve ever read, getting to the last chapter, only to have that novel yanked from your hands and taken hostage for seven months.  The biggest mystery for me as we take that long walk to the January 2009 season 5 premiere is how the writers will structure the story for season 5.  I addressed this issue in depth last week in an article (Lost: What Will Season 5 Look Like?), giving five possibilities as to how the writers might present season 5.  BuddyTV readers, in turn, responded with some of their own ideas.  Below you can find some of the best ideas, theories and suggestions. Read more »
As we move further away from Lost‘s amazing three-part finale, I find myself tempted to analyze the season as a whole.  I truly believe that the show was firing on all cylinders in its fourth year.  The writers managed to strike a perfect balance between plot momentum and intriguing character dramas, while also broadening the show‘s mythology and juggling numerous timelines.  People will look back on Lost‘s fourth season as not only a great year of television, but one that completely changed the direction of the series.  After three years of teasing us with numerous sci-fi possibilities, Lost finally came bursting out of the science fiction closet in season 4.  The decision to embrace the sci-fi may have cost the series a few fans, but I think it‘s destined to make the final two years of the show even better. Read more »
During Lost‘s fourth season finale, attentive viewers noticed a strange commercial for a company called Octagon Global Recruiting.  There was something slightly off about the ad, which immediately reminded rabid Lost fans of the Hanso Foundation commercials that began airing during the show‘s second season.  The Octagon ad pointed to a website,, which was mostly devoid of content aside from a form where visitors could register for e-mail updates.  There was also a message stating that the company‘s recruitment drive would take place in San Diego, California from July 24 through 27.  Considering that these are the dates of the San Diego Comic-Con, it was immediately obvious this wasn‘t a coincidence. Read more »
J.J. Abrams is one of the busiest men in Hollywood.  He‘s currently working on the big re-invention of the Star Trek film franchise, he has a new series hitting FOX in the Fall (Fringe), and is slated to work on a feature film adaptation of Stephen King‘s Dark Tower book series. While his duties on Lost are minimal at this point, he‘s still technically the show‘s executive producer.  Late last week, Abrams heaped on another project to his already chock-full schedule.  Abrams and his production company Bad Robot have purchased the film rights to a recent New York Times article called “The Mystery on Fifth Avenue.”  The article is about a Manhattan couple who spent over eight million dollars remodeling their house to include an intense scavenger hunt (complete with puzzles, maps, and a soundtrack) for their four kids.  Read more »
Sometimes, life is a mystery.  The 34th Annual Saturn Awards were held earlier this week in Los Angeles.  The Saturn Awards honor the very best in fantasy and science fiction film and television as voted on by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films.  This week‘s awards honored the very best of 2007 and, not surprisingly, Lost cleaned up the television category.  What is surprising (well, earth-shattering, really) is that Jennifer Love-Hewitt won the Best Television Actress category for her work on Ghost Whisperer.  She beat out Evangeline Lilly from Lost, Lena Headey from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Holly Hunter from Saving Grace, Kyra Sedgwick from The Closer and Anna Friel from Pushing Daisies.  Those other actresses are, unequivocally, better at acting than Love-Hewitt.  So, how did she win?  I have my theories (plus the results from the Awards ceremony).  Read more »
It‘s rare that a television network or television show would encourage its audience to read a book.  TV and the written word are in direct opposition of each other, mortal enemies, and ever since the television was invented, the written word has waned in popularity.  Lost is not your typical television series, however, and today‘s announcement of a “Lost Book Club” only further proves this fact.  As any fan of Lost is well-aware, the series is filled to the brim with literary references and, literally, the appearance of classic books.  On Lost, characters read.  On Lost, what characters read can often inform the action on the series.  The Lost Book Club is an informal sort of thing, and can be found on ABC‘s Lost homepage, where a multitude of books are listed and categorized.  For each book, you‘ll be given its relevance within the Lost canon (i.e. where it actually popped up on the show), a synopsis of the book itself, and a link to a message board where you can discuss the book and its significance with other Lost fans. Read more »
On Thursday the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced the top 10 finalists for this year‘s Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama and Comedy Series. Now, though ATAS isn‘t talking, Gold Derby‘s Emmy guru Tom O‘Neil is slowly but surely getting his hands on the lists for the acting categories. In the world of TV awards shows, this is akin to O‘Neil scoring 50-yard-line tickets to the Super Bowl for all us Emmy aficionados.These lists are based on the popular vote of all eligible ATAS voters.  Now they will watch select episodes of each of their work, rank them, and a combination of the two voting methods will be used to determine the final nominees.  We‘ll be updating throughout the week as we get more of the top 10 lists.  For now, we have Supporting Actor in a Drama and Lead Actress in a Comedy. Read more »
Today, thanks to the hard work of Tom O‘Neill at Gold Derby, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences released the official top 10 lists for this year‘s Emmy Award nominations for Outstanding Comedy and Drama Series. The final top five nominations in every category will be announced July 18, but for the first time ever, ATAS is allowing its process to be transparent by revealing these top 10 lists so award lovers can get a preview of who‘s in the running.For these top races, the lists include a few favorites and some surprises. ABC has a strong showing in the Drama lineup with Lost, Grey‘s Anatomy and Boston Legal while HBO dominates the Comedy side with Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage and even Flight of the Conchords making the list. Keep reading to see who else made the short list for the Emmys. Read more »
We still have months to suffer in anticipation before the fifth season of Lost kicks off in 2009.  While we all patiently wait to find out where and when the island teleported, there‘s a variety of ways to rewatch the first four seasons of the series.  There are the DVDs, with the fourth season hitting stores on December 9, and you can also watch every episode through iTunes, or  However, if you long to rewatch Lost complete with commercial breaks and a lengthy wait between episodes, you‘ll be happy to hear that the Sci Fi Channel will begin rerunning the series on Monday, September 15.  According to, the network has scheduled its Fall line-up, which includes Lost as well as premiere dates for Ghost Hunters and other shows. Read more »
Josh Holloway could be a movie star.  There, I said it.  The man has ample charisma, he‘s got the looks, and there‘s nothing stopping him from being an action star.  It would be untrue to say that Lost has launched Holloway‘s career – Lost is all that there is of his career.  Unlike co-star Matthew Fox, Holloway has stayed away from Hollywood during his time on Lost.  Reportedly, Holloway even turned down a cameo in X-Men: The Last Stand as fan-favorite Gambit (which, by the way, is a character Holloway is perfect for).  So, what‘s the hold-up?  As a fan, you can‘t blame a television actor for not jumping full-on into the Hollywood machine.  The summer hiatus on Lost isn‘t terribly long, and that very much limits the available roles.  It‘s better to stay at home with your family and wait for the next season of Lost rather than take a crappy movie role.  Finally, however, it appears Josh Holloway has found a role to his liking.  Holloway has accepted a supporting role in the upcoming comedy “Stay Cool.”  Read more »
On Thursday, July 24 the biggest pop culture event of the year kicks off: the San Diego Comic-Con.  Over 125,000 people attended the convention last year and caught advance sneak peeks of shows like Lost, Heroes, Battlestar Galactica, Pushing Daisies, 24, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and dozens more.  The annual gathering is also where numerous movie studios hype their upcoming releases, with Iron Man and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull being big highlights in 2007.  For four days every summer, San Diego becomes the place to be for the latest pop culture bombshells.BuddyTV brought you news straight from the 2007 Comic-Con, and this year we‘re doubling our efforts to make sure every important moment of the convention is covered.  If you can‘t make it to San Diego this summer, all you need to do is visit BuddyTV for the latest updates. Read more »
The Lost lips aren‘t particularly loose.  Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are, as they should be, wary of giving up information during the summer.  Lost plies its trade with the tool of surprise, and anything that might ruin the surprise is a bad thing.  I fully support Darlton‘s “radio silence” approach; spoilers for Lost are as toxic as they come.  However, seeing that Lost fans are amongst the most rabid in the world, they have to talk about something during these summer months.  Thus, you get excessive analysis of the minutiae.  There was a piece in Michael Ausiello‘s first Entertainment Weekly mailbag regarding Lost that might give us some information about the final two seasons of the series.  It also might be faulty conjecture.  I‘ll let you decide. Read more »
It‘s absolutely impossible for one person to attend San Diego Comic-Con and see everything of interest.  The schedule is so jam-packed with panels, celebrities, special screenings and Q&As that things often overlap each other and create conflicts of interest.  For example, if you want to see the stars of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles you‘re going to have to miss the panels for Lost and Heroes.  Want to see the cast of Pushing Daisies?  Prepare to miss the cast of Chuck.  While Comic-Con is a TV fan‘s dream come true, it can also be a regular Sophie‘s Choice full of gut-wrenching decisions.The folks behind Comic-Con recently released the busy schedule for Friday, July 25 and Saturday the 26th.  Read on for all the important TV-related panels, and remember that BuddyTV will be reporting from the convention beginning next week. Read more »
This morning the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced the nominees for the 60th Annual Emmy Awards.On the Drama side, the big story is the dominance of cable, picking up the majority of the acting and series nominees with shows from TNT, FX, AMC, Showtime and HBO. Equally surprising is the absence of Grey‘s Anatomy in the Drama Series race, while Lost makes its triumphant return. For comedies, many old favorites are back with all five nominees for Outstanding Comedy Series having been nominated before. However, several new actors from Pushing Daisies and Samantha Who? were able to make it in.  And if you‘re a fan of smaller categories, Amy Poehler makes a shocking appearance in the Comedy Supporting Actress race for Saturday Night Live while "I‘m F***ing Matt Damon" is up for Best Original Song.Continue reading for all the nominees: Read more »
We here at BuddyTV are gearing up for our big trip to San Diego Comic-Con, which takes place July 24-27.  As we‘ve mentioned in previous articles, the convention will feature stars and creators from a number of hit shows, including Lost, Heroes, Smallville, Supernatural and Prison Break.  Now that the full schedule for the four-day event has been released, we‘ve been able to put together a list of which panels we‘ll be covering.  We‘ll be updating with news immediately after each panel wraps up, so be sure to check BuddyTV regularly for all the latest updates.  Read on to check out the list of shows we‘ll be focusing on as we battle the huge Comic-Con crowds. Read more »
One of the biggest questions regarding the future of Lost is how the show will be structured now that some castaways are off the island and others are stuck there.  Last month, one of my colleagues wrote an article listing five different ways the show could be structured to accommodate all the cast members next season, but we still don‘t know what showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have planned.  The executive producers have kept silent about the series since the season 4 finale aired, and don‘t plan to reveal much information until they appear at the San Diego Comic-Con this Saturday. Though we have to wait a few days to get any major scoop, Lindelof and Cuse did hint at what‘s in store for Lost‘s fifth season when they attended the recent TCA press tour. Read more »
Check out the rest of our coverage from San Diego Comic-Con.Entertainment Weekly is putting on a series of panels this year featuring “visionaries” from different mediums.  Today, they held their “TV Visionaries” panel.  The five-man panel featured some of the best and most well-known TV show runners working today: Josh Schwartz (The O.C., Chuck, Gossip Girl), Josh Friedman (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse (Lost), and Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies).  Moderated by Entertainment Weekly‘s Jeff Jensen, the panel took a light, introspective tone.  Or, at least that was the tone it took when Cuse and Lindelof weren‘t dodging specific Lost questions.  All five men showed a deep appreciation for the work of their peers.  It was a veritable love fest out there, the main link being Lost, which all three non-Lost show runners seem to love (especially Bryan Fuller).  But, mostly, the five smart men discussed television as a medium, what their influences are and gave a little inside info about their own shows. Read more »
Check out the rest of our coverage from San Diego Comic-Con.As anyone who has listened to their weekly podcast can attest to, Lost executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are extremely entertaining guys.  Though the duo rarely give out any major secrets or hints about their series, they evade questions with such humor that it‘s impossible not to enjoy their discussions.  Cuse and Lindelof were supposed to be the only folks attending today‘s Lost panel at the San Diego Comic-Con, but much like last year when Harold Perrineau dropped in, a special guest showed up unexpectedly.  This time it was Matthew Fox, who joined the team on stage to take questions from the audience.In addition to the Q&A session, the producers also unveiled a new video featuring DHARMA Initiative member Dr. Marvin Candle.  You can catch your first glimpse at the intriguing clip below. Read more »
When Lost executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse appeared at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con, they brought along a mysterious snippet from the Orchid Station orientation video.  Fans didn‘t know what to make of the magically appearing bunny rabbit in the clip, but it all made sense nearly a year later after the season 4 finale aired.  This year, the showrunners brought another video featuring Dr. Marvin Candle, and this one may be even more intriguing than the last.  Instead of seeing another message from the shady DHARMA Initiative, viewers were treated to a rare glimpse inside Candle‘s personal life.  Could this new clip also be filled with hints about what‘s to come in Lost‘s fifth season? Read more »
After four months and 12 amazing episodes, the grand finale of Lost season 4 is only hours away. As the last two episodes of the season grow closer, we‘ve compiled a list of some pressing questions raised this season that we need answered.Lost of course has dozens upon dozens of mysteries still up in the air, and we wouldn‘t have it any other way. But that doesn‘t mean we don‘t want the show‘s creators to throw us a bone before the big break between this season and the next. Will we be left satisfied or disappointed by what is revealed later tonight? Read on to see what we most want to see addressed by the time the Lost title card flashes on screen for the last time in 2008. Read more »
With the Lost season 4 finale come and gone, what‘s a TV fan to do during the long summer and fall months while waiting for Lost‘s return in 2009? Why, head to a cool air-conditioned theater and watch the Lost cast take on big movie roles, of course. Already this summer Jack (Matthew Fox) ditched the beach and took a break from fretting over the island‘s insistence that he return so that he could play Racer X in Speed Racer. Before that he could be seen in the twisty turvy thriller, Vantage Point. But Lost‘s grizzled doctor isn‘t only one who is taking the leap from small screen to big. Read more »
It could have been something out of an early Lost flashback. Almost three years ago a desperate young man broke into the Hawaii home of one of TV‘s biggest stars and robbed him at gunpoint before stealing his Mercedes and driving off into the night. Only in the real world, Lost‘s con man Sawyer (Josh Holloway) was the victim and not the devious swindler.What makes for thrilling drama on television isn‘t quite so exciting in real life, so it must have been with relief that Josh Holloway and his wife Yessica learned of the thief‘s sentencing this past Tuesday. Read more »
The San Diego Comic-Con has been a TV fan talking point for years now. Come each summer, our favorite TV show creators and TV stars gather in panels to answer fan questions, discuss behind the scenes goings on and, most excitingly, give sneak peeks of their new seasons. Also making appearances are those with brand new shows they want us to watch and love -- like new genre offerings from such famous talents as Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams. This year‘s Comic-Con is only a few weeks away and Kristin over at E! Online has the tentative panel schedule. With a potential actor strike looming and with the otherwise unpredictable nature of those in the business of show, nothing is set in stone, but it looks like the creators behind all of our favorite hit shows will be making appearances -- and letting slip the juicy advance news we all crave. Read more »
Last Thursday the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences unveiled the comedy and drama series up for Primetime Emmy nominations. Though those lists were made public, the nominations in the acting categories have been kept secret – though Gold Derby‘s Tom O‘Neil has tapped his sources and sifted through rumors to provide the unofficial top 10 lists of who made the cut. The Emmy nominations are a two step process. They begin with a popular vote of all eligible ATAS members that determines what actors and which series will be on the top 10 lists. Each of those 10 nominees then submits an episode that best highlights their work and the academy ranks them, with the popular votes and rankings determining which five will be up for an Emmy. Today O‘Neil unveiled the rumored top 10 lists of best lead actor and lead actress in a drama series. Read more »
Lost‘s Comic-Con panel was filled with rehearsed theatrics and little substance.  It‘s all forgivable, of course, considering that Lost needs its secrets and that filming has not yet begun on season 5.  Fans shouldn‘t have expected more than what the panel gave them, especially considering the surprise appearance by Matthew Fox and the minor tidbits that were put forth by Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.  There was one off-handed remark by Darlton that I would like to discuss, because it could be very telling as to how season 5 will play out.  Or, it could be a sleight of hand, the kind of which Lost is generally known for.  The deceit was this: the writers are no longer thinking in terms of flashbacks and flash forwards.  Those story devices are, for all intents and purposes, firmly in Lost‘s past.  What, if anything, does this mean? Read more »
Lost and the Internet go together like peanut butter and chocolate, Laverne and Shirley, or promiscuous fame whores and The Real World.  The masterminds behind the ABC series have created a lot of online content to keep fans busy over the years, with the alternate reality games The Lost Experience and Find 815 being the most popular.  These games sent fans scurrying around the Internet to uncover clues, and eventually rewarded determined players with intriguing tidbits of Lost mythology.  To keep viewers involved in the series until its return in 2009, ABC has unveiled a brand new ARG simply known as The Project.  Players can get started at, where they can take an aptitude test that will determine if they‘re worthy of joining the Dharma Initiative. Read more »
The people who handle the casting for Lost deserve every award imaginable.  Toss them Emmys, Oscars, Grammys, Tonys, Pulitzers, and whatever else is lying around.  The characters on the show are brilliantly written, but it‘s the flawless casting that helps make even the most minor characters memorable.  Lost is the type of show where a seemingly throwaway character from season 2 could show up again in season 5 and play an important role in the mythology.  Most fans would recognize that minor character in a heartbeat, because the actors always have a certain something that makes them stand out.According to Michael Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly, the brilliant casting people are currently trying to fill two important roles for season 5.  Read on for the descriptions of these new characters. Read more »
Back in the days when I was ridiculously obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I used to find out every episode title in advance and try to theorize what the actual episode could be about.  I find theorizing about a show a lot more fun than reading spoilers, and episode titles often provide an intriguing hint about what‘s to come.  The clever writers behind Lost never fail to give each installment a title that has a little bit of meaning, especially when it comes to the season premieres.  Season 2 began with "Man of Science, Man of Faith," the season 3 premiere was "A Tale of Two Cities," and season 4 fittingly started off with "The Beginning of the End."  Each of these titles not only summed up the first episode, but the themes of the entire season.Entertainment Weekly‘s Jeff Jensen recently unveiled the title for the premiere of Lost‘s fifth season.  Let the theorizing begin. Read more »
Poring over the salaries of television actors can be somewhat depressing.  The highest paid stars on the tube rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars per episode, which usually adds up to a mere seven or eight days of work.  Meanwhile, those of us who are average mortals must pinch every penny just to afford a gallon of gas.  Such harsh realities make me frown every time I check the contents of my bank account.  The obscene piles of cash are definitely a perk for those working in the entertainment industry, but there‘s no denying that they often deserve the money.  TV stars help networks and studios earn millions of dollars every year, so of course they tend to get whatever they ask for.  With only two seasons left before the series comes to an end, Lost stars Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly are now looking for a bigger slice of the financial pie.  Do both stars deserve the raise? Read more »
As season 5 of Lost approaches (who am I kidding, we‘re still months away from the season 5 premiere), there are questions to be pondered.  Because TV is a business, and actors sign contracts, not everything about Lost can be kept a secret.  We know, for a fact now, that Henry Ian Cusick will return for season 5 as Desmond Hume.  The last time we saw Desmond he was reunited (finally!) with his true love Penelope Widmore.  The way season 4 ended makes the return of Desmond a mystery.  There is no easy return for the man, no slam dunk opening.  Where, then, will he fit in?  At this point, we can only guess. Read more »
Ana Lucia was easily one of the most divisive characters in Lost‘s history.  After the Tailies crashed on the island in season 2, fans thought that the tough Los Angeles cop might be paired up with Jack due to their flirtatious interaction in the season 1 finale.  However, that relationship ended up going nowhere.  Just like the islanders themselves, not many fans warmed up to Ana Lucia.  Most found her to be sullen and obnoxious, and the fact that she accidentally killed Shannon certainly didn‘t help matters.  When Michael ended up murdering the character at the end of season 2, few fans felt the need to mourn for her loss or the absence of Michelle Rodriguez.No matter how you feel about Ana Lucia, there‘s no denying that she‘s an important piece of Lost‘s history.  The producers must think so too, as Michael Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the character will be returning for one episode in season 5. Read more »
Voting for the Emmys is an interesting process.  For the Best Drama and Best Comedy categories, all the potential nominees send one episode (one hour, so no two-parters) to the Academy members.  Once the final nominations come out, each nominated show then resubmits six hours of television.  They put those six hours on three two-hour tapes, and Academy members are sent only two of those tapes.  They are distributed randomly, meaning that different Academy members will see different episodes.  Why they do this, I have no idea.  They just do.  Today, our friends at Gold Derby released the episode submissions for each Best Drama nominee.  You can find those listed below, with commentary at the bottom.  Read more »
Lost might be my favorite show on television.  I say might, because making a declarative statement about a television show like Lost is both silly and pointless.  A TV series can be judged both as a whole and on the merits of individual episodes.  For comedies, it‘s much easier to say that The Office or 30 Rock or It‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is your favorite show because comedies don‘t rely on what might happen next.  Sure, there is the occasional cliffhanger, but we like comedies because they make us laugh, and generally we can peg the ones that make laugh the most and call them our favorites.  For Lost, our judgment has to constantly be updated.  Events that occur in every episode inform events that occurred in previous episodes, sometimes greatly altering their meaning and significance.  This is why, in this long and torturous Lost hiatus, I‘m starting to get a little bit scared. Read more »
Unless you‘ve been living under a rock this summer, you all know by now that Fringe, J.J. Abrams‘ new brainchild, will be premiering in exactly one week. This new science fiction drama stars Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson and John Noble, an unlikely trio who band together to investigate strange and often frightening events occurring on the fringes of traditional science. And as talented and as interesting as these actors are, I really have to give props to J.J. Abrams, who collaborated with Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci to come up with the whole thing.I got the chance to catch up with J.J. last week in New York at the Fringe red carpet premiere.  First, let me tell you about the red carpet. It was totally wild. I mean, for one thing, the “red” carpet was actually a nice, tasteful midnight blue. A FOX/Fringe backdrop was set up against a barbed wire-topped chain-link fence, and the various news outlets set up their crews along the carpet. The entire cast and creators were present and made their way along the assembly line of journalists, giving interview after interview. I was relegated along with the other online press at the end of the line, so I had to wait a long time before talking to Abrams. Read more »
When someone new is cast on Lost, fans cannot help but be excited.  There‘s no other show that inspires such immediate and intense speculation when a new character is announced.  Fans try to figure out how the new actor will fit into the overall Lost puzzle, who this character will interact with, and why they are popping up at this specific point in time.  Michael Ausiello has the exclusive scoop on Lost‘s newest addition to the cast.  Actress Zuleikha Robinson will play the important role of Illeana, a European femme fatale who‘s both smart and incredibly dangerous.  Robinson was previously seen on The X-Files spin-off The Lone Gunmen, as Nikolaj Coster-Waldau‘s sidekick on the now-canceled New Amsterdam and as Gaia on HBO‘s Rome.  Illeana will begin as a recurring character on Lost, but there is a possibility for her to become a regular on Lost‘s sixth and final season.  Read more »
Somehow the casting folks who work on Lost always manage to fill even the most minor roles with extremely memorable actors.  I‘m convinced that the show‘s stream of unforgettable guest stars is a key to its continued success.  Some of the bit players on the show have gone on to bigger things, such as Kevin Durand (the villainous Keamy), who will be playing The Blob in next summer‘s X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, while other actors stick to the tube.  It‘s recently been announced that three of Lost‘s most memorable guest stars have signed on to new projects, some of which sound much more exciting than others. Read more »
I‘m going to go out on a limb and guess that most of America doesn‘t care about the Creative Arts Emmys.  The ceremony, which will be held tomorrow night in Los Angeles, bestows awards for things like art direction, hairstyling, makeup and sound editing, among other categories.  All of these things are essential for bringing a quality television program to the screen, but the awards don‘t attract huge stars, so they‘re relegated to airing on the E! network before being condensed into a five minute snippet on the Emmy telecast.  It‘s sad, but that‘s the way it‘s been done for years.Lost is up for six awards at tomorrow night‘s ceremony, which gives the series a chance to rack up a handful of Emmys a week before the big show. Read more »
The Primetime Emmy Awards air this Sunday night.  It has kind of snuck up on you, hasn‘t it?  The biggest award of the night is probably the one for Best Drama.  The Sopranos, Lost, 24 – all recent winners of the Best Drama.  This year‘s batch of nominees is diverse and highly-acclaimed – Damages, Dexter, Lost, Boston Legal, House and Mad Men.  Who will win?  We take a look at which of the series have the best chance to win, and which don‘t, in our preview of the Emmys Best Drama category below.  Read more »
When the insanely thrilling Lost finale aired in May, I was surprised that there weren‘t an abundance of major deaths on the island.  Keamy got what was coming to him, Michael sacrificed himself, and Locke ended up in the coffin, but everyone else who wasn‘t a red shirt still had a shot at survival.  I‘m definitely not complaining about the lack of casualties, but it was unexpected considering the myriad of dangers on the island.However, not every character who made it through the finale will be returning for season 5 of the series.  Though new Lost episodes are still many months away, Kristin at E! Online already has some spoilers regarding who will and won‘t be returning next year.  Read on if you want to know more about the fates of two of Lost‘s most important characters.SPOILER WARNING!!!  GO NO FURTHER IF YOU HATE SPOILERS!!! Read more »
Below is the audio of our discussion, and the ten semi-finalists for the category and the episode they sent in for consideration. Read more »
The Lost season 5 information dispensers are difficult to get a handle on.  New spoiler-y info is notoriously difficult to find when it comes to Lost, and sometimes the things we think are true, end up being anything but.  Lost season 5 is still months away, but we know some things, and one big one.  It‘s something we‘d already suspected about Lost season 5, but now we have a rock solid confirmation from the actual cast member in question.  You probably have already guessed who I am speaking of, and I‘m not sure how big of a spoiler this is, but you might as well be safe than sorry when it comes to risking the vitriol of Lost fans.  So...LOST SPOILERS FOUND BELOW.!! ACTUALLY, MAYBE THEY AREN‘T SPOILERS AT ALL!!! Read more »
I don‘t know whether to jump up and down in excitement or cry into my beer now that the final Lost episode of 2008 is upon us.  As the credits rolled on the first part of "There‘s No Place Like Home," our castaways were split up and spread out all around the island.  Locke and Ben were attempting to bust into the Orchid station, while Jack and Sawyer were on their way to rescue Hurley.  Kate and Sayid were captured by the Others in the middle of the jungle.  Sun, Jin and Aaron were on the freighter, and everyone else was still stuck on the beach.  We were left wondering how the Oceanic 6 would possibly come together, and tonight we‘ll finally get our answer.One of Lost‘s best seasons ever is coming to a close tonight, and I‘ll be here during the entire two hour extravaganza with my live thoughts.  Just be warned that I might need comforting if anything terrible happens to Sawyer (Josh Holloway) or Jin. Read more »
We‘re less than one week away from Lost‘s two-hour season 4 finale.  Lost finales have been uniformly great and mind-blowing, and fans will surely expect nothing less from the conclusion of “There‘s No Place Like Home.”  Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, in recent interviews, have been trying (or so it seems) to temper audience expectations regarding a big twist.  There may not be one – which, given the lead up to the finale, makes sense.  There are questions to be answered.  Mainly, how and why are the Oceanic 6 taken off the island, and what happens to everyone else?  If there is no major twist, than perhaps we can better guess what might happen in the finale.  These are my five predictions for the finale.  Feel free to lend your own in the comments below.  Read more »
The actors of Lost live a decidedly different life than most TV actors.  Living in Hawaii, working in the jungle, being a part of a series that is incredibly unique and ground-breaking – it sounds like a whole lot of fun.  The isolation that Hawaii brings requires a certain Hollywood personality, someone who doesn‘t crave the “Hollywood life” and is perfectly content hanging out with the family or cast and crew members.  There are no premieres to attend at night, no parties in Malibu, no nights out at the new trendy club.  Over the past week, Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway and Evangeline Lilly all appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in anticipation of the Lost two-hour finale, which will air one week from today.  Regardless of these three actors‘ interview prowess, it‘s difficult not find them all exceedingly likable.  Read more »
The Lost three-part season finale starts this Thursday.  Get excited.  One hour will air Thursday, then the series will take a two week break and return for the final two hours of the season on Thursday, May 29.  The three-parter is called "There‘s No Place Like Home," an obvious reference to The Wizard of Oz.  Considering what we saw from last week‘s "scenes from next week" we can assume that the flash forwards will show the Oceanic 6‘s return to the mainland, why they are lying about the circumstances in which they left the island, and what exactly happened prior to their departure.  It almost feels like three hours of Lost won‘t be enough to tell that story – there‘s a lot of ground to cover.  ABC has released three preview videos for Thursday‘s Lost; one two-minute clip, and two 20 second snippets, all three of which you can view below. Read more »
Last week on Lost, the island mysteries were pushed to the background while Jack dealt with a bursting appendix.  In the flash-forward, we learned that Jack and Kate (Evangeline Lilly) eventually got together, but the ghost of Jack‘s dad, coupled with Kate‘s late night phone calls, eventually drove the good doctor into the comforting arms of booze and pills.  Speaking of ghosts, Christian Shephard appeared on the island and convinced Claire to follow him into the jungle.  Where she went and why she left Aaron behind remains a mystery.Tonight, Locke, Hurley, and Ben finally stop by Jacob‘s cabin for tea and scones.  I‘ll be updating with live thoughts throughout the episode. Read more »
We can‘t have a flash forward every week.  At this point, we‘ve had six flash forwards in season 4 of Lost, one for each of the adult Oceanic 6 (Hurley, Kate, Sayid, Sun and Sayid) and one for our man Ben.  Any subsequent flash forward this season would have to either involve a non-Oceanic 6 member who secretly made it back to the mainland, involve someone not in the main cast, or happen on the island.  Tomorrow night‘s Lost episode will key on Locke, and it looks like he will be featured in the episode‘s flash forward/back.  As we know, the Lost team keeps plot details a well-kept secret, so we don‘t have much to go on – but, that doesn‘t mean we can‘t guess. Read more »
Last week on Lost, Ben went on a globetrotting adventure that culminated in a riveting confrontation with his nemesis, Charles Widmore.  He let Charles know that he plans to kill Penny to get revenge for Alex‘s demise.  We also learned that Ben has the ability to unleash the smoke monster from a secret chamber inside his house, though it‘s unclear how much control he has over it.  On the beach, Jack came down with a case of stomach pain after figuring out that the freighter folk aren‘t on a rescue mission.Tonight, Jack‘s illness gets much worse, and the crew led by Sawyer runs into some trouble in the jungle.  I‘ll be updating with live thoughts throughout tonight‘s exciting episode. Read more »
Last week‘s episode of Lost was absolutely amazing, and I only hope that tomorrow night‘s "Something Nice Back Home" can keep the momentum going.  It‘s a Jack-centric episode, and I must admit that I get a little bit nervous whenever it‘s time for the good doctor to take center stage.  Sometimes we end up with something amazing like "Through the Looking Glass," and other times we end up with "Stranger in a Strange Land."  Jack (Matthew Fox) is a great character, but the writers occasionally struggle to craft an intriguing story around him.To get ready for tomorrow night‘s episode, we have some promo pics and an exciting clip from "Something Nice Back Home." Read more »
Previously on Lost:  Sun (Yunjin Kim) made it off the island in time to have her baby and catch a dubbed episode of "Exposé," but Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) wasn‘t so lucky.  Sayid and Desmond ran into Michael on the freighter, but for some reason he‘s posing as an innocent janitor named Kevin Johnson.  We also met the captain of the Kahana, who is getting really tired of his crew members going insane and killing themselves.Tonight‘s episode marks the final Lost installment until April 24, which is when the show moves to 10pm.  Let‘s hope it‘s filled with enough mind-blowing revelations to keep us all talking until then. Read more »
Waiting five weeks for a new episode of Lost kind of felt like being stuck in a time loop.  Technically it wasn‘t that long of a wait, but after the cliffhanger ending of "Meet Kevin Johnson," it certainly seemed like a thousand days went by before tonight‘s episode.  When we last left the castaways, Rousseau and Karl were shot by mystery men in the jungle, Locke was trying to plan his next move, and the Losties on the beach were still awaiting rescue.  Tonight, a giant battle breaks out and we learn more about "The Shape of Things to Come."We‘ll be updating throughout the episode with live thoughts, so keep hitting that refresh button. Read more »
Michael was probably one of my least favorite characters during the first two seasons of Lost.  He started off as judgmental and quick to anger, which was slightly bothersome, then became known for screaming Walt‘s name at the top of his lungs, which made him unbearable.  By the time he shot two women, betrayed everyone, and took off on a raft, I was relieved not to see or hear him any longer.That‘s why it‘s somewhat surprising that I‘m looking forward to Thursday‘s "Meet Kevin Johnson" more than I‘ve anticipated any episode of Lost since "The Constant."  I‘m dying to see what Michael (Harold Perrineau) experienced during his time away from the island, and I have faith that his character will be far less annoying than he was previously.  To get ready for tomorrow night‘s final pre-hiatus outing, we have some promo pictures and an exclusive clip from the episode. Read more »
Previously on Lost:  Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) went to The Tempest station and discovered that it‘s capable of releasing toxic gas on to the island.  Locke found out that Charles Widmore is the man who sent the freighter, and he also learned who Ben‘s man on the boat is.  In exchange for this meaty bit of information, Locke let Ben (Michael Emerson) out of the basement, much to the surprise of Sawyer and Hurley.Tonight‘s episode promises to clue us in on the identity of Ben‘s mole, while also informing us who the final members of the Oceanic Six are.  We‘ll be updating with live thoughts throughout tonight‘s island adventure. Read more »
Last week‘s episode of Lost, "The Other Woman," seemed to split the fanbase right down the middle.  Some people loved it for taking time out from the mythology to focus on filling in the blanks in Juliet‘s past, and others thought it was boring and pointless.  Tomorrow night‘s episode, entitled "Ji Yeon," looks to be getting back to the action on the freighter.  ABC has also promised that we‘ll discover the final members of the Oceanic Six and learn the identity of Ben‘s (Michael Emerson) man on the freighter.  It should be an action packed episode filled with answers and revelations, which is usually when Lost is at its best.To prepare for this Thursday‘s installment, we have some promo pictures and an exciting clip from "Ji Yeon." Read more »
Previously on Lost:  Desmond and Sayid (Naveen Andrews) finally arrived at the freighter, but we didn‘t get to know the freighter people very well because Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) was busy bouncing around time.  It turns out that Daniel might be a time tripper as well.  Back on the island, Locke still has Ben and Miles locked up in the barracks while most of the other castaways are packing their bags and preparing to go home.Tonight‘s episode focuses on Juliet, who may be willing to go to great lengths to stop Daniel and Charlotte from completing their mission.  Can "The Other Woman" possibly live up to the mind boggling events of last week‘s installment?  Read on and find out. Read more »
Considering that last week‘s episode of Lost blew all of our minds with its time tripping craziness, what can the show possibly do to top that hour?  We‘ll find out tomorrow night when the Juliet-centric "The Other Woman" airs.  ABC‘s official description of the episode says that Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) receives an unwelcome visit from someone from her past, and she‘s also given orders to track down Charlotte and Faraday to stop them from completing their mission.  Meanwhile, Ben (Michael Emerson) offers Locke an enticing deal. Who could be dropping in on Juliet?  What could Ben possibly offer Locke that would interest him in the least?  We have some promo pictures and a clip from tomorrow night‘s episode that might hold some clues to these mysteries. Read more »
Last week‘s episode of Lost ended with yet another jaw dropping shocker buried within a flash forward.  We learned that baby Aaron will eventually be under Kate‘s care, with Claire (Emilie de Ravin) apparently out of the picture for mysterious reasons.  The episode also answered the question of how Kate (Evangeline Lilly) managed to move on from her status as a wanted fugitive.  On the island, Jack discovered that the helicopter carrying Sayid and Desmond still hadn‘t reached the freighter, and Miles attempted to blackmail Ben for 3.2 million dollars.  The odd couple of Hurley and Sawyer almost took in a showing of the Olivia Newton-John "classic" Xanadu, but were spared at the last moment.On tonight‘s episode we finally get to meet the untrustworthy freighter people.  As always, we‘ll be here throughout tonight‘s show updating with live thoughts. Read more »
Last week on Lost, a flash forward revealed that Sayid is one of the Oceanic Six, and also showed us that he‘s a globetrotting assassin taking orders from Ben (Michael Emerson).  On the island, Kate and Miles ended up in Locke‘s group in exchange for Charlotte, while Sayid and Desmond finally jumped in the helicopter and headed toward the freighter.  Tonight we take a trip to "Eggtown," where we learn the identity of another member of the Oceanic Six while Kate and Sawyer play a little house. As always, we‘ll be here updating with live thoughts throughout tonight‘s exciting new episode. Read more »
On last week‘s fantastic episode of Lost, the freighter people finally arrived on the island and revealed why they were really there:  to find Benjamin Linus.  We also got tantalizing flashbacks from each new character involving the crash of Flight 815, the wreckage of which was found in the Sunda Trench off the coast of Bali.  Somehow, everyone on the flight was confirmed dead.  Also, a DHARMA polar bear ended up fossilized in the desert of Tunisia, which caused my head to explode from confusion.Tonight‘s episode promises to reveal another of the Oceanic Six, while a few of the castaways trek into the jungle to rescue Charlotte from Locke‘s grasp.  We‘ll be here tonight with live thoughts detailing all of the exciting twists on and off the island. Read more »
Like all great episodes of Lost, the season 4 premiere, "The Beginning of the End," left us overflowing with questions.  Now that we‘ve discussed why Hurley (Jorge Garcia) saw Charlie (Dominic Monaghan), who the Oceanic Six could be, and what the division of the castaways means for their futures, it‘s time to look ahead to the next new episode.  This Thursday at 9pm, the mysterious freighter people will arrive on the island to either help or hurt our favorite castaways.  Among this crew will be new characters played by Jeremy Davies, Rebecca Mader, Jeff Fahey, and Ken Leung.  We may have no clue what their intentions are, but that doesn‘t mean we can‘t speculate.ABC has released an exciting new promo trailer for the episode, which offers tantalizing glimpses of the new arrivals, as well as a quick look at wreckage of Flight 815. Read more »
Last week on Lost, the series kicked off its fourth season by showing us a flash forward of Hurley (Jorge Garcia) gone mad.  He was locked up in the mental ward, talking to a dead Charlie (Dominic Monaghan), and regretting the day he chose to go with Locke instead of Jack.  Back on the island, we saw the castaways split apart over the possible threat of the freighter people arriving.  Are they actually there to rescue them or do they plan to kill them all?  Maybe tonight‘s episode will provide the answers.As always, we‘ll be here throughout the hour with live updates about the crazy, mind boggling events on the island.  Feel free to comment below. Read more »
Months after one of the greatest cliffhangers in television history, Lost is back tonight with its long-awaited season 4 premiere.  When we last left the castaways, tensions were at an all time high.  Many of the Others had been wiped out, Ben had been captured by Jack, and Charlie (Dominic Monaghan) had sacrificed his life so the group could send out a distress call.  Most importantly, we also learned that the mysterious Naomi was not the person she said she was, and that the freighter that Jack called did not contain rescuers sent by Desmond‘s girlfriend, Penny.  We also caught a glimpse into the future in a flash-forward that changed everything we thought we knew about the series.We‘ll be here throughout tonight‘s episode with live updates about the exciting events on the island.  Feel free to comment below. Read more »
The Lost season 4 premiere, “The Beginning of the End,” aired on Thursday night and fans can‘t stop talking about it.  The beauty of Lost (or, if you‘re a hater, the worst thing about the series) is that one single episode can answer a bunch of questions while simultaneously raising countless new ones.  On Thursday, we learned that there is an Oceanic 6 and they are all famous.  We learned that Hurley gets off the island.  Naomi dies, Jack isn‘t depressed and bearded immediately after getting back home, and that a man who looks suspiciously like Christian Shepherd likes to sit in Jacob‘s rocking chair.  But, the new questions were plenty.  Whose eye popped up in Jacob‘s cabin?  Is Charlie somehow alive?  What the hell is going on with Lance Reddick‘s character?  Why does Hurley think they should go back to the island?  BuddyTV readers reacted in droves to the events of Thursday night, and here we have a handful of their best theories, opinions and insights on “The Beginning of the End.” Read more »
Is there anything better than time travel? That question is rhetorical, of course, because there isn‘t, and last night‘s episode of Lost proved that. In “The Constant,” Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) became “unstuck in time” once again and it provided the Lost team an opportunity to confirm many of our assumptions. Time is perceived differently on the island and the exploding Hatch and the release of the electromagnetic pulse is the cause of Desmond‘s visions.More importantly, the episode gave plenty of clues about many origins. We know more about the Widmore/Hanso connection, we learned about Daniel Faraday‘s experiments, and we finally got to visit the infamous freighter. Overall, for people who love to be challenged mentally while watching TV, this episode of Lost was the cat‘s meow. Read more »