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In a recent interview with, J.J Abrams had some very good news for LOST fans: they really do know where it is going -- for this season at least. Season Three of LOST, which starts tonight, picks up with Jack, Kate, and Sawyer now the captive "guests" of the mysterious "others" that inhabit the island and menace anyone hapless enough to stumble on the mysterious island.Fans of Abrams will also be pleased to know that he has apparently signed on for the duration of Season Three. Abrams, who mostly sat out Season Two of LOST to direct Mission: Impossible III, indicated that he will be doing more writing and possibly some directing for Season Three of LOST. Abrams told"For me, writing the first episode with Damon was just an absolute joy, getting to write those characters again and be inside the heads of those characters, as it goes on this season, especially where it goes, I‘m looking forward not to just directing an episode down the line but -- we have a structure in place for the remainder of the year, and I think when we get to the end of the season it‘s such an exciting an unbelievable conclusion ... I would love to be able to work on the finale." Read more »
Still trying to reconcile with the fans insatiable appetite for information, the producers of LOST have stuck their necks out a little and released a partial list of the mysteries that will be addressed in season three of LOST:1. Who are the others? We‘ll know where they came from, where they live, and what they are doing. Are they as central to the mystery of the island as we think they are? Or just another contingent of the LOST?2. Who does Kate have the hots for?Okay, maybe not so much of a mystery for all but she is going choose her man in season three, and word is very early.3. Why is Locke in the wheel chair?Yup, we will finally learn how Locke wound up paralyzed! 4. Who is the father of Sun‘s baby?Jin? Or some other LOST soul? Maybe somebody back home? We‘ll know for sure this season.5. What happened to the hatch?Bright lights, lots of noise, stuff falling from the sky, LOST producers promise to close the lid on the hatch once and for all.6. Did Michael and Walt escape?Nuff said! Will they be back to the island? We‘ll find out in season three.7. Who is Libby?She seems connected to everyone at this point. Was her presence more than coincidence?8. Is Claire Jack‘s half-sister?This will be revealed sometime in the first six episodes.9. Is LOST still cool?Okay, so I added this one in. Does LOST still have it in Season Three? Can‘t wait to find out! Read more »
Before landing the role of a lifetime as Sawyer in ABC‘s Lost, Josh Holloway was about as recognizable as a group of “Others” in a dense forest. Which is a nice way of saying he was a complete unknown. Although born is California, Holloway grew up in Georgia and considers himself a true Southern boy. He began his career as a model, but soon discovered a strong desire to act. It was tough going at first, but Josh eventually found parts in a number of TV series, including “Angel”, “Walker: Texas Ranger”, “The Lyon‘s Den”, and CSI.  Read more »
Tonight‘s all-new Lost will finally answer the question “What happened to the hatch and the people who were in it?” Lost is not afraid of hiding answers from its viewers (duh, right?), but the lack of information regarding the demise of the hatch has been particularly grating. Our only clue has been Charlie‘s bizarre behavior on the beach with Claire during last season‘s finale. The waiting is now over. Minor spoilers after the jump. Read more »
A vicious quake rocked Hawaii this week causing over $50million in damages. The impact on LOST production, however, is negligible. There was minor damage to the production offices, but all of the shooting locations are intact.No official comments from LOST cast members, but a somber looking Josh Holloway was caught by local cameras stocking up on water and toilet paper. Read more »
1. Locke is BackThe Tail Section explains this aspect better than I can, but the simple point is this: that was the most bad-ass Locke has been since season one of Lost. I can‘t think of any other TV characters who could‘ve believably done what Locke did (except, of course, Jack Bauer, who would‘ve tortured the polar bear until it gave up the ultimate secrets of the island.) Hopefully, this Locke is back for good. Read more »
If you didn‘t know, LOST has jumped networks in the UK going from Channel 4 to SKY. The upside is that LOST will now be available in HD, the downside is SKY is a satellite ONLY service so British viewers will be required to sign up if they want to stay in the slightly irregular shaped LOST loop.If the prospect of High Definition isn‘t enough to coax British viewers to SKY, the network is planning to nearly sync the broadcast schedule with the UK schedule. Channel 4 has been running one season behind American broadcaster, ABC, frustrating internet savvy LOST viewers trying to shield themselves from surprise-spoilers. Unfortunately for residents not equipped with SKY, the transfer also means an adjustment to the household budget if you want to stay tuned in. SKY programming,  Read more »
According to sources close to marketing at ABC, the network is very close to announcing the release of LOST Season One in Blu-Ray format. The set will be the flagship of a line of HDTV enhanced boxed sets the network plans to release in the coming summer. The LOST set will feature extras and extended scenes not included on the highly successful DVD release. The set, which is rumored to be priced at a whopping $199.99, may not be the norm for future ABC releases citing a daunting price as a possible stumbling block for consumers. The network has plans to release other shows in two episode disks for around $20. If you’re doing your math, that would mean collectors would pay an addition $280 to spread out the pain.By selecting the Blu-Ray format for this release, in the process shunning HD-DVD owners, Disney may be bearing a heavy influence on technophiles who have yet to decide on which machine to stick in their entertainment console. All I can say is I‘m happy I got my pre-buy in on that PS3! Read more »
LOST fans know that their favorite characters live in a dangerous world, a world the LOST producers treat with a level of realism uncommon to prime-time action adventure. There are no “red-shirts” in the world of LOST. Every character, no matter how popular, could be marked for death. Every season so far has contained the shocking and unexpected death of regulars and semi-regulars alike. Season Three is no exception… Read on to find out why (SPOILER WARNING!) Read more »
Critics of LOST, and viewers, noted a considerable decline in the coherence and quality of LOST after co-creator JJ Abrams left to pursue directing the big budget MI: III; well, he’s back! Abrams has returned to co-write the season premiere as well as to help shape the plot for season three (see ‘Abrams Returns to LOST’).  Read more »
Well, you can cross “they are all characters in a Stephen King novelâ€? off the list of LOST theories, maybe. The third season started off with a huge homage to the imminent horror novelist by having the mysterious “Othersâ€? gathering to discuss King’s CARRIE at a book club meeting.LOST Enthusiasts have pointed out several similarities to King story lines in the past including novels like Drawing of the Three, The Stand, Carrie, Tommyknockers, Cujo, and shorter works like Survivor Type, and Umney’s Last Case. Often times these connections are fleeting moments, sometimes they point to the overarching thematic elements of the series.A popular theory amongst fans, based on this evidence, has been that the characters are all characters in a Stephen King novel; a forgotten tome of the Dark Tower series famous for unifying the Stephen King universe. Including King’s work as a piece of fiction in the opening to season three seems to have diffused this theory once and for all. But don’t close that door too fast, remember that King wrote himself in as a character in final Dark Tower books, and the series itself exists as a work of fiction in the summers “LOST Experienceâ€? game. It could be yet another metafictional red herring. Read more »
Stars of cancelled-to-soon Firefly and movie Serenity keep making their way to the small screen. After it was announced Summer Glau was joining CBS‘ The Unit as a recurring character and that she would guest star in the October 19 episode of The CW‘s Supernatural, news comes that Captain Tightpants is getting Lost! As first reported by Kristin from E!, Nathan Fillion has landed an important role in at least two episodes of the current season. Fillion is set to play someone from Kate‘s past. Kristin hints that both characters may have been married... Fillion is set to make his first appearance in the Kate-centric episode that should air during November Sweeps. - Isabelle Read more »
After keeping their romance as private as possible for the last two years, Evangaline Lilly (Kate) and Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) of LOST have decided to publicly tie the knot sometime in the summer of 2007. The ceremony will take place in Hawaii.Dominic Monaghan has made it known several times that he is desperate to start a family. Lilly has remained pretty evasive about the relationship in general. Read more »
Make no mistake about it, the LOST deathwatch has officially begun. Sources close to the writing room have gone as far as to say that at least one death has been written. Last check, the writers were up to episode thirteen which was several weeks ago; this could mean the next LOST death won‘t happen until after LOST breaks for a thirteen week hiatus in October.Recent press statements would seem to support the rumor. LOST star Josh Holloway (Sawyer) recently told Men‘s Journal:“Everybody in the cast worries about being killed off, and we wouldn’t know until they handed us the script — three days before shooting. It’s a sensitive issue. People have houses here, kids in school. Most of us aren’t in our twenties anymore.â€?Who will be the next character that is killed off? Here‘s Lost‘s Deathwatch! Read more »
Seems like LOST actors need the freedom of information act to have the slightest clue where the show is going. Yunjin Kim spoke to the media recently and said sometimes they don’t even have their lines in advance of a filming date:“We have to call the producers, sometimes only a day before shooting, to get our lines.”Furthermore Kim, who plays Sun on LOST, goes on to say that even when they are given last minute scripts, the teleplays often look like a CIA Roswell document:"If a huge secret is about to be revealed they blank the lines out of our scripts.”So far it seems as though these tactics are working, since no-one seems to have a clue as to what is coming up as the first half of the shows third season, dubbed the mini-season, comes to end. Read more »
I’m a pretty down to earth guy, really; aside from the fact that I spend several hours a day devoted to this little television program titled LOST. I eat, I play with my cat, I tease my wife, teach my kids to read (phonetically), and do just about everything else you would expect a normal guy to do. But something happens to me when LOST goes on hiatus. I’m overcome by a feeling of mysterious emptiness. I’d rely on cliché’ and say it’s a “void” but it’s more like a soul sucking black hole of doom. Like most LOST-addicts a hiatus means that for a period of time I will not be teased with tenuous information, no more ‘new mysteries’ will be unleashed to test the conundrum-holding-capacity of my noggin. Instead, week after week of wild speculation; I’ll start to actually believe the internet theories; I may even start to have dreams of Dharma logos…Am I sick? Probably, but I’m not alone. In just two weeks, about fifteen-million people will know exactly what I’m talking about… give or take a million.November 8th is the last day of the LOST mini-season – a straight shot of six episodes which – supposedly – contain a complete story arc. If there is anything resembling the shape of an arc embedded in the four episodes that have gone by so far, I’ve yet to see it; unless, of course, Sawyer, Kate, and Jack were kidnapped for some other reason other than to sit in cages. (wink wink).Regardless of how the mini-season turns out, LOST fans who barely made it through the summer hiatus are faced with one horrifying conclusion: after November 8th, LOST is off the air for twelve-weeks. Now I, can handle it. My therapist has convinced me of this and my new meds are supposed to make me more accepting of circumstances I can’t control; but somewhere inside me, I feel that awful vacuum force beginning to collect again. To make it worse, the producers have stated that the final scene of the mini-season will be one that completely redefines our perception of the 815’rs and their island paradise in a way that will make us doubt everything we have thought before. Yippee. A lot of folks are starting to hedge their bets: every new season of LOST has started out a little lower in total viewers then the last; credited mostly to this imaginary factor of “stalling the story” (if the naysayers had their way, the mystery would have been solved in season one and we’d all be watching ‘Gilligan’s Island’ for the Y generation now…)Will another hiatus, so soon after opening a new chapter, and presumably ending it in another place, push the threshold of those already nearly desensitized to the shows tease-and-deny ways? Will the beginning of the second two-thirds of LOST’s third season – what a concept – be viewed as a ‘second season’ opener, giving the Nielsen’s another opportunity to cut a swath out of the already shrinking base of devoted viewers. Absence, in some cases, may make the heart grow fonder, but in the case of LOST… it’s another factor for the shows growing contingent of naysayers to draw inspiration from.Regardless of how you weigh it, the impact of these hiatuses, two this year, proves, if nothing else, that LOST continues to make a profound impact on its fans; albeit not always in desirable ways. Read more »
If you gave up on LOST after the nerve wracking cornucopia of plot-twists that was season two, the next two would be a good reason to poke your head back in as the producers promise a twist that will undo much of what we have learned about the island, the others, and even our beloved castaways. This could be good news for the contingent of fans still grumbling over the sci-fi heavy connotations of season two. There is no time-line for when this twist is to take place, but many expect it to be in this evening‘s episode.Tonight is the second to last episode of LOST before yet another twelve-week hiatus descends to jangle fans nerves. Locke, back to his mystical-MacGyver ways of season one, assembles a search party to begin the search for Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Eko, meanwhile, wrestles with his inner demons. Read more »
James “Sawyer” Ford, Played By Josh HollowayThe king of the nicknames, Sawyer may be "only" a comedy specialist, but it matters not. He makes me laugh and its my list.#10 / #9 / #8 / #7 / #6 / #5 / #4 / #3 / #2 / #1 Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of Lost has taken on a peculiar manifestation in my brain. I know something about the episode, something quite important, that angers me to no end. However, its Lost, and I love Lost. I‘m going to watch tonight‘s episode. That‘s a given. But, I don‘t think I‘ll enjoy it because I know what‘s coming.Lost has gotten to where it is by playing against formulas. It spits in the face of conventional TV. And, most of the time, I love that. ***Spoilers Ahead*** Read more »
In honor of Eko‘s passing, I will express my thoughts, wishes, dreams, nightmares, epiphanic moments, etc. in another “Six-Pack”. The six refers to the number of neatly bulleted thoughts I have about last night‘s action-packed episode of Lost. And, yes, I have exactly six thoughts. No more, no less, which is why the six-pack is perfect. Before we get to the “pack”, I‘ll say this. As the Good Doctor (DocArzt) has discussed, ABC is quite cruel for inflicting upon us the Lost hiatus that will occur after next week‘s episode. Over three months off? It‘s like Summer all over again. I like Taye Diggs (Day Break), don‘t get me wrong, but he alone cannot fill the cavernous void sure to be left by Lost.  Read more »
ABC claims that LOST finally tamed CBS to seize the hotly contested 9pm time slot for competitor Criminal Minds. In ABC‘s press release, the victory was not only solid but had a little ring of finality to it:“Lost” won its time period and ranked as the No. 1 TV program of the night in Adults 18-49 for the 5th straight week (on each of its telecasts this season), defeating second-place CBS’ “Criminal Minds” in the slot by 35% (6.6/16 vs. 4.9/12). However, Zap2it has an assessment of the Wednesday night battle that would warm CBS‘s heart: ‘CBS Tells ABC to get LOST‘. By their numbers both networks were up, but CBS again dominated the target demo as well as besting LOST, for the first time, in total number of viewers.So who has the right data? Read more »
Sure, LOST producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse say they planned it all along, but it now looks like LOST‘s latest to fall prey to the mysterious island may have had a hand in it himself. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, former LOST star Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje discussed his character‘s surprising death, and the equally surprising reasons behind it. Read more »
He may be a big star in Brazil, but Rodrigo Santoro is having a hard time securing a following with LOST fans, which may not bode well for his on-screen alter-ego Paulo. Fan reaction to the jarring inclusion of new characters Nikki and Paulo has been less than warm. Folks are quick to blame rough editing and the writing tactic of "just pretend they were there all along" for the latest fan-uprising.Who can forget the uproar over Michelle Rodriguez‘s tough girl shtick from season two? The appearance of a self-stereotyping character wore on fans nerves rapidly and probably led to her demise months later. Could the same fate be awaiting Paulo and Nikki? It may turn out that their fate has already been decided.Rodrigo, in particular, has been quite busy with new projects lately, including being cast opposite Shakira and Paz Vega in a new film called ‘Dare to Love Me‘, which tells the story of tango legend Carlos Gardel‘s life in Paris in the 1930s.It would be unlike LOST producers to just give up on a character based on extremely early fan feedback; so the reasonings for his being dismissed can only be guessed upon at this point. But his schedule looks nothing like someone who has a full time gig on LOST. Read more »
The good folks at ABC have given us our first look into the final LOST of 2006, ‘I Do‘. If everything is as it seems, this stands to be one of the best episodes of LOST ever! Will Kate, Sawyer, and Jack escape the clutches of the insidious others? What do the others want? Will Locke and his band of adventurers come face to face with the one eyed man, and what secrets does he hold? Prepare to be tantalized after the jump. Read more »
Fresh from the first-ever launch party for a novel in the popular online community "Second Life," the 7th Son podcast novel trilogy has achieved another "first" in podcast history: Actor Nathan Fillion, star of the TV sci-fi series "Firefly" and film "Serenity," will appear in the free audionovel 7th Son, Book Two: Deceit on Nov. 14 as a special guest reader.Fillion, whose current projects include appearances in this season of ABC‘s hit series "LOST" and the lead role in the supernatural thriller film "White Noise: The Light," will read a segment at the beginning of the Nov. 14 episode. Called "The Story So Far...", this segment recaps events of the novel‘s previous episode.This is the first time Fillion has appeared in a podcast novel, and may be the first time the actor has recorded original content for any podcast. Fillion is best known for his role as Capt. Malcolm Reynolds in the TV series "Firefly." 7th Son author J.C. Hutchins is thrilled to have Fillion appear on the podcast just one week after the actor‘s Nov. 8 guest role on "LOST.""It‘s an absolute honor to have Nathan on the podcast," Hutchins said. "Folks best know him as a well-grounded hero in a science-fiction epic ... and I‘m certain he‘ll bring those characteristics to ‘LOST.‘ 7th Son -- a reality-driven, conspiracy-laden thriller -- is a good fit for his cameo. Current listeners of 7th Son will love his ‘previously on‘ reading ... but this also provides a terrific reason for new listeners to hop aboard."Fillion‘s appearance is the latest in a series of "very special" guest readers for Book Two: Deceit. Best-selling science fiction, fantasy and comic book writers have also appeared on the podcast, including: Robert J. Sawyer (Mindscan, the Hugo-award winning Neanderthal Parallax trilogy), Mike Resnick (Santiago, the Starship series), Tracy R. Hickman (Dragonlance series), Jeph Loeb (writer/co-executive producer for NBC‘s "Heroes," Batman: The Long Halloween) and Mark Waid (Superman: Birthright, Kingdom Come). Patrick Lussier (film editor for the "Scream" horror trilogy, and film director for "Dracula 2000") also recently read a recap for the novel.7th Son, a free weekly podcast, is the most popular "podiobook" series in history. More than 11,000 listeners currently tune in each week to hear new chapters of the thriller. 7th Son is the #1 most popular program at the podcast directory, and is listed in iTunes as one of the Top 25 podcasts in its Literature category. The first novel in the series -- titled Descent -- was nominated for numerous awards for excellence in podcast fiction. The novel has also been featured on such popular blogs as and ABOUT 7th SON:7th Son is a free weekly podcast novel. The story chronicles the lives of seven strangers who have been brought together after the recent assassination of the U.S. president. These men quickly discover they all appear to be the same man, with identical childhood memories. Unwitting participants in a human cloning experiment, these "John Michael Smiths" have been assembled to catch the man who murdered the president. Their target? The man they were cloned from ... the original John Michael Smith, code-named "John Alpha."7th Son, Book Two: Deceit and Book One: Descent can be found at, and at to the novel‘s audio promo: more informaton, please contact J.C. Hutchins at for additional news about the 7th Son podiobook trilogy. Read more »
Here... disgruntled LOST fan, have a cookie. LOST fans who are still trying to figure out how they will weather a thirteen week hiatus have another reason to be tempted by short term fill-in Daybreak: LOST Nuggets, 30-second promotional clips of scenes from episodes not yet broadcast that will hint at what will become of the island castaways when the show returns.The “Nuggets” will be shown each week during Day Break, although ABC is not saying at what time, meaning LOST fans will have to watch the new show or fast-forward through their digitally recorded files to unearth the clues.ABC may be miscalculating a bit here, though; there is a huge percentage of LOST fans who are spoiler averse. These fans won‘t only not want to see the nuggets, the fact that they are so vigilant about avoiding spoilers - coupled with ABC‘s ‘surprise‘ placement tactic - virtually guarantees that those fans will avoid the show like the plague to avoid having any LOST twists revealed. Read more »
Preparing for a winter wasteland without the comforting presence of Lost by my side is a prospect that I‘m not looking forward to. As far as I know, this 13-week break in the middle of the season is unprecedented; I can‘t think of any other show whose attempted such a manuever. Thirteen weeks is an entire season, exactly one quarter of a year, and is more than just a “break”. We‘re really looking at two entirely different seasons. Which is why I expect tonight‘s episode of Lost to be absolutely spectacular.If you‘ve seen the previews, you know it‘s possible that tonight may go down as a classic. Something surprising and out of the blue and drastic will occur tonight. It‘s Lost, after all.  Read more »
Benjamin LinusActor: Michael EmersonShow: LostWhile the depths of his evil have not yet completely been mined, Ben, as the leader of The Others on Lost, is the most mysterious member on this list. How bad is he? Is he really that bad at all? Regardless, it‘s hard for me to get that picture of Ben shaking the hell out of that poor bunny out of my head.#10 / #9 / #8 / #7 / #6 / #5 / #4 / #3 / #2 / #1 Read more »
With a little less than thirteen weeks remaining before LOST returns, it‘s not too early for the gears of the spoiler community to start cranking. With so much time for loose lips to flap, one may wonder how much of what remains of LOST season three won‘t be spoiled when LOST returns in February. Beware! Don‘t follow the jump if you don‘t want to be spoiled. Read more »
Looking for something to do while LOST is, well, Lost? Check out the new features on and off the air courtesy of ABC:To keep fans enticed until the second half of LOST premieres in February 2007, ABC and will feature “Lost Moments.” Beginning Wednesday, Nov. 15, the first “Lost Moment” will premiere randomly during the new drama “Day Break.” Comprised of thirty seconds of never-before-seen footage of upcoming episodes, there will be a total of twelve “Lost Moments,” one during each airing of “Day Break.” After “Day Break” the “Lost Moments” will be available on you think you know how Locke ended up in a wheelchair? Will Sawyer be killed? Did Walt and Michael make it off the island? Now you and other fans of “Lost” can help create the ultimate LOST wiki with discussions on the latest episode, updates about season three or discussions about the previous seasons; definitions; mythology; message boards; profiles of the characters and how they’re connected; and even haiku! The “Lost” wiki is hosted and powered by Wetpaint.Also recently added to the LOST site on are the already popular “Lost Theories” board and weekly audio podcasts and regular video podcasts. All six complete episodes from season three will remain on the site available to viewers for free, to keep fans connected and allow new viewers to get caught up for the second half of the season.  Read more »
Terry O‘QuinnCharacter: John LockeShow: LostJohn Locke is my favorite character on Lost, so I‘m a little biased, but I can‘t imagine another actor playing him than Terry O‘Quinn. The character of Locke is so complicated, requires so many aspects to feel genuine that, in the wrong hands, Locke could have been a joke.Start Page / #10 / #9 / #8 / #7 / #6 / #5 / #4 / #3 / #2 / #1 Read more »
While LOST fans scratch their heads over what to do at 9:00 tonight, preview audiences of "We Are Marshall", which made some test screenings last night, have the perfect job in mind for LOST‘s leading man Matthew Fox: Movie Star. Read more »
Smokin hot Kimberly Estrada, billed by IMDB as a "melting pot" of flavors - a "china latina" will be joining the cast when LOST returns in February. Estrada will play the role of Sherry, a character described as athletic, aggressive, and sensual. Interestingly enough, she will be playing a character much older than herself, someone in the range of 40-50 years old. This, not surprisingly, could have surprising connotations for Estrada‘s role in the ‘future‘ of LOST. Read more »
Michael Ausiello has broken the news that Cheech Marin will be playing Hurley‘s father in an episode airing February 28th. The comedian was most recently seen on Simon Cowell‘s Celebrity Duets where he lasted to round four of eight. Best known as have of the comedy act "Cheech & Chong", Marin is one of the pioneers of pot-head humor.  Read more »
Looks like the scheduling folks at ABC are looking to give golden-show LOST a fighting chance when it returns in February moving the show out of the way of Fox‘s ratings magnet American Idol. But since LOST was recently determined to be the number one show in prime time for family viewing, is this a mistake? Is the move one of desperation? (As critics are sure to suggest.) Read more »
After author Stephen King gave his take on how he would end LOST, fans of the ABC cornerstone decided to take a shot at coming up with their own endings. Of course, a prize was at stake (an autographed LOST screenplay) to help get the creative juices flowing, and the results are nothing short of extraordinary. Read more »
LOST may be off the air, but that doesn‘t stop creative fans from pulling out all the stops to keep the show alive and kicking. December has seen the release of two fan films sure to keep any LOST fan grinning through the next nine (!) weeks of LOST-lessness. Click on to view them right here on BuddyTV! Read more »
Former LOST Supervising Producer and Lead Writer Javi Grillo-Marxuach is venturing into Cylon territory with his new project: Battlestar Galactica Apocalypse. Read more »
After months of comparing the two shows, it looks like there may be a definitive answer to the question of which is better: LOST or Heroes? Both shows have been nominated for Best Televised Drama Golden Globe by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Read on for our prediction on who will win... Read more »
LOST fanatics around the world are chomping at the bit for something, anything, to get them through the next seven weeks of the LOST hiatus. Day Break has not satiated their appetites; they‘ve watched all of our LOST-Ternatives in marathon viewing sessions, and still the hunger gnaws at their LOST-deprived cortex. Lament not! Help is on the way, we‘ve sent our intrepid LOST expert DocArzt into the withering landscape in search of new clues and exclusive tidbits on what LOST‘s February Return may hold in store. Beware: Spoilerness ensues. Read more »
For years, executives and producers would sweat the weekly Nielsen TV ratings, seeing as the ratings could make or break the revenue the show generated from advertising. However, the rise of uber-profitable TV series on DVD sales plus the decay of live TV advertising with the rise of Tivo and DVR is changing the profitability equation for TV shows. Now, smaller TV programs that are produced on a smaller budget have a chance to become money makers if their audience is rabid and buys the DVD in droves. This doesn‘t exclude the home runs of big budget shows like Lost that profit on the regular TV advertising plus DVD sales. So, with the omnipresent Nielsen ratings, we‘ve decided to look at the flip side to identify which programs can be the next big money making show because of the nature of their rabid audience and by looking at how popular they are in the online realm.Here‘s a look at the Top 10 Nielsen rated shows from December 4th through December 10th: Read more »
Yesterday, The Writers Guild of America announced its nominees for their annual end of the year awards. This is the season for awards and, while largely inconsequential, I‘m a sucker for all of it. I love awards, I love nominations. I like to intelligently discuss (read: argue incoherently) the nominations with my friends and foes. Whose deserving? Who got the shaft? All good topics.The Writers Guild are, obviously, concerned with the written aspects of television, so it‘s right up my alley. I‘m generally in agreement with the group‘s nominees this year, although I have a couple of minor nitpicks.The nominees are... Read more »
After analyzing the most recent two weeks of Nielsen television ratings and reviewing the BuddyTV FPR (Fan Popularity Rankings), many interesting observations and trends pop out. To begin, here are some quick hits from Nielsen television ratings from September 25, 2006 to October 1, 2006 and from October 2, 2006 to October 8, 2006: Read more »
Lost continues its reign in the top spot in the BuddyTV FPR (Fan Popularity Rankings) for this last week carrying over its lead from the last FPR. It‘ll be interesting to see if Lost can maintain its momentum as it goes into hiatus until February 7, 2007. But then again, the folks over at Lost seem to be masters of driving up anticipation and disseminating rumors to keep its viewers digging for more. Read more »
AFI (the American Film Institute) recently announced their top ten television programs of 2006. They do this every year, and the thing I like about it is that they don‘t feel the need to rank them. It is, simply, their top ten favorites. The list is good, but I‘d make a few changes. We‘ll get to that in a second. AFI takes into account every TV show that has been on the air since January 2006 and, therefore, can contain shows that ended last May. They also incorporate miniseries into their list, although they don‘t usually include many in their top ten. The full list is after the jump. Read more »
The numbers have come out and...they‘re pretty much what everyone expected. If you aren‘t familiar with the term, "Sweeps" are the bi-annual time periods where advertising rates are set based on the strength of ratings. During November sweeps, the networks roll out their best stuff, rarely show a rerun, and often resort to extreme measures to rope in viewers. As expected, ABC won sweeps, and pretty handily. NBC and CBS tied for second, however, and this is a pretty large upset. NBC had fallen into fourth place last year, but it looks as if it‘s new batch of shows has helped push them back to respectability. Another factor is NBC‘s new Sunday Night Football, which brings NBC ratings while hurting ABC, who had Monday Night Football last year.  Read more »
Show: LostLost is known for its plot twists, but there was no one (and I mean ABSOLUTELY NO ONE) who saw this one coming. What seemed like what had to be a flashback ended in the swift realization that this was the island and that this was the initial plane crash. It was a perfect introduction for the Elizabeth Mitchell character and put the Others into a brand new light.Start Page / #10 / #9 / #8 / #7 / #6 / #5 / #4 / #3 / #2 / #1 Read more »
A fire destroyed the Kailua home rented by Evangeline Lilly of LOST. Lilly was not home at 6:30 AM when a blaze leveled the home and incinerated her belongings. Lilly‘s alleged finance did show up at the scene a few hours later looking distraught, but had no comment. Read more »
LOST producers have added a comics heavyweight to their writing staff. Brian K. Vaughn whose prominent work with mainstream DC and Marvel characters is supplanted by his more quirky original titles such as Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, Runaways, and Pride of Baghdad.Ironically, in an interview with, Vaugn said he felt at his weakest when applying his "voice" to existing characters. None the less, the inclusion of a writer with a proven track record of telling stories with bizarre twists and stunning characters is only good news. Read more »
You read that correctly. In the spirit of giving, ABC has given up the goods on what to expect from the next four episodes of LOST. Beware the mighty spoilers behind the jump. Read more »
Fans haven‘t been too pleased with Lost‘s decision to go on such an enormously long hiatus. I feel like I‘m the only one who loves the idea. Just wait, Lost fans, you will love the fact that you waited for three months once episodes start airing. Sixteen straight weeks! Are you kidding me? I can‘t wait. Start Page / #10 / #9 / #8 / #7 / #6 / #5 / #4 / #3 / #2 / #1 Read more »
Yahoo has released it yearly top 10 searches for various areas including TV. The complete list can be found here. Did your favorite show make it? Read on to find out. Read more »
After the success of the first run of LOST action figures, McFarlane Toys is hard at work on the next series, with an eye on a May release.  Read more »
Only six-weeks remain until LOST‘s February 7th return and with the latest LOST Moments revealing ever more tantalizing glimpses into the goings on island-side, we figured it was time to put the clues and hunches against the spoilers and try to figure out what the fate will be of some of our favorite characters. The result? A spoilerific road-map of possibilities.  Read more »
Yesterday we gave you our predictions on the fate of LOST‘s Jack, Juliet, and Ben. Now in our second-half, we sift through the spoilers, previews, and listen to our hunches to bring you some possibilities regarding Kate, Sawyer, and Desmond. Read more »
There have been many rumors surrounding the fate of Jack: death, turning to the other side, escapes from the island... as it turns out none of them are true, exactly. Actually, the truth leaves room for even more speculation. Read more »
They promised us a revealing look inside the Other‘s inner-sanctum! They promised us romance! They promised us unparalleled action and adventure! Did the LOST producers deliver on their promise? Or has LOST finally jumped the shark? We sent our intrepid LOST explorer, DocArzt, on an expedition to bring back the truth: did the LOST mini-season edify, or are fans as LOST as ever? Read on for comprehensive episode by episode analysis as only BuddyTV can deliver. Read more »
DocArzt from here. LOST hiatus got your weird center feeling a little malnourished? Fear not! Doc is here to save the day with five shows guaranteed to revitalize your sense of unreality, cast you into a perilous search for understanding, and give you a little of what I like to call ‘the LOST state of mind‘. Before long, it‘ll be like LOST never left the air, you‘ll be rapt with the trials and tribulations of characters overcoming strange locales, vast conspiracies, battling mysterious strangers, and doing what it takes to stay alive.  Read more »
If the LOST hunger-pangs have become unbearable, relief is in site. Doc Jensen at Entertainment Weekly has returned from hiatus and is ready to pump you up with theories of a variety you can‘t miss! Read on for info on how you can pose your most burning question to the producers of LOST! Read more »
Contact Music recently ran some surprising quotes from Hotel-Heiress/Would-be-sex-symbol Paris Hilton. Seems the sultry mogul would rather tune in for a little Kate and Jack action then get between the sheets herself! "Guys see me as this public sex symbol, and then moan when I‘m not at all sexual at home. To be honest, I‘d rather just sit and watch ‘Lost‘ or stuff my face."I suppose this means we won‘t be seeing many Wednesday night videos of Paris on after February 7th - for sixteen weeks at least. Read more »
ABCMedianet has released the sound-bites for the remainder of LOST season three, which begins February 7th at its new time 10:00pm. As expected, it looks like the season will continue to twist and turn out of control. Some may consider the rest of this to be spoilers, so tread lightly.  Read more »
December is one of the more interesting TV months of the year. It‘s not the summer, when most shows are off the air, but it might as well be. With far more reruns than original episodes, December is a month that allows TV watchers to catch up with episodes of their favorite shows that they‘ve happened to miss. Viewers also want to prepare for the big shows that will be either premiering or returning in January.Our BuddyTV Fan Popularity Rankings (FPR) reflect this. Last month, we took the FPRs and juxtaposed them with Nielsen ratings to get a truer look at the actual popularity of a TV show. This month, we‘re going to look back at the weekly FPRs in December and see if we can decipher their meaning. Read more »
Disney‘s Bob Iger brought Matthew Fox and Evangaline Lilly along to the 2007 CES to talk about lost. According to the Ottowa Citizen a great part of that conversation, appropriately enough for CES, centered on the impact the show had in its multimedia ventures. Iger went as far as to say: ABC created this worldwide phenomena called Lost, It has become the most successful multi-platform show ever. has been overrun with fans coming to watch podcasts, discuss the show or view full length episodes." Read more »
...or Desperate Housewives, or Grey‘s Anatomy, or Ugly Betty, in fact, Charter cable customers will not be watching any ABC shows in HDTV as the company failed to reach a deal with area affiliates and the window has closed. According to the daily press Customers of the southern cable giant will have to utilize over the air antennas, or make a switch to satellite based services to receive the alphabet network in High Definition.  Read more »
At the recent CES gathering to discuss LOST‘s success as a multi-platform product, Matthew Fox indicated that he did not think that the love triangle was necessarily over. You can view the video here. When asked if Jack and Kate will be getting together Fox said "I think that eventually happens." Lilly decided to pose the question to the audience, and got a surprisingly mixed response. Read more »
Earlier this month, Jack Bauer was unable to avoid the roving band of pirates in the Torrent scene as the four part 24 Season Premiere hit the internet weeks ahead of its air-date. With screeners of LOST‘s hotly anticipated February 7th episode circulating around the media, is it possible that ABC‘s serial phenom could be next? Read more »
In less than four weeks LOST will finally resume its third season with sixteen back-to-back, rerun free weeks of forays into the islands deepest mysteries. What an opportune time to check the score-card! What vital mysteries remain from season one? Will these items be answered once and for all, or will the LOST producers continue to find clever ways to keep us away from the truth... Read more »
The latest LOST moment has hit the net and it seems to indicate what some of the earlier clips may have been leading to. Beware, the LOST moments are considered to be a bit on the spoilerish side.  Read more »
Matthew Fox‘s remarkable physique and astonishing talent in acting has placed his career far above the ground. This crowd-puller ultimately became part of the popular series Lost where he won the 2006 Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.  Read more »
Well, I suppose after watching re-caps and checking every online site I could find, I wasn‘t completely delusional and Lost really did lose. I‘m shocked they were only nominated for 2 categories in the 2007 Golden Globe Awards: Best actress in a drama (Evangeline Lilly) and Best series drama. Here is where my little tug of war starts... Grey‘s Anatomy beat out Lost. I want to be angry but they are both amazing shows and even I‘m not too sure which show I would pick if I had to pick one.  Read more »
Oh, Claire, how badly have the Lost writers neglected you? It‘s not your fault. You have potential, I know you do. However, Lost has no need to tell the story of you or your baby right now. They‘re all caught up with The Others, Jack, Sawyer and Kate. Your time will come.Start Page / #10 / #9 / #8 / #7 / #6 / #5 / #4 / #3 / #2 / #1 Read more »
The Philly reports that Rob McElhenney, creator and star of FX‘s It‘s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, will be appearing in an upcoming episode of LOST!McElhenney, who is a big fan of LOST, was greeted at his shows production by a couple of fans who also turned out to be writers of LOST. They informed McElhenney that LOST big wig Damon Lindelof was a fan of Philadelphia and invited the writer/actor to the LOST offices in Disney.After being given a tour of the facility by Lindelof himself, McElhenney moved in for the kill - telling Lindelof he would love to appear in an episode. The result?"I play an Other, first episode back from the hiatus." he said. "I will say I get beaten up pretty bad, by one of the... handsomer members of the cast."The actor doesn‘t see his character returning anytime soon... Read more »
Josh Holloway easily steals the spotlight with his rough and rugged looks. Scruffy yet tastefully gorgeous, his "bad boy" on screen image instantly became a favorite with the viewers. Named by In Touch Weekly as the "hottest hunk" on television and voted the 17th sexiest guy worldwide by OK! magazine, he definitely becomes an asset in the hit television series Lost.  Read more »
Distinctly beautiful, Yunjin Kim takes advantage of her stunning Korean beauty, not to mention her expertise in acting, to land a spot in the hit series Lost. Ranked #98 in Maxim‘s Hot 100 List and featured on the cover of Stuff magazine, she definitely proves that she can make it far in this industry.  Read more »
Evangeline LillyfromLostStart Page / #10 / #9 / #8 / #7 / #6 / #5 / #4 / #3 / #2 / #1 Read more »
Lost is the most intellectually taxing program on network television. It takes the full concentration of the viewer, who must recall information from the entire run of the show and actively attempt to figure out what the hell is going at least a couple of times per episode. Even then, the surprises and twists come out of nowhere and punch the viewer in the proverbial stomach. AND EVEN THEN, there are still nagging loose ends and thought-provoking cliffhangers to deal with. After an episode of Lost, you could use a stiff drink (or a cigarette or a trip to the opium den). After I watch Lost, I either want to keep watching Lost (DVDs are the best) or do nothing. What I especially don‘t want to do is switch gears and watch something else that stimulates me intellectually. This is why ABC is making a foolish decision in placing newcomer The Nine in the seemingly coveted post-Lost time slot. Read more »
Media Village recently had the privilege of speaking with Lost executive producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. Any new Lost information is worth acquiring and, while they may not gotten too specific, Cuse and Lindelof addressed the perceived downturn in quality that plagued the show in its six-episode Fall mini-season.Media Village‘s Ed Martin conducted the exclusive interview for MV. Here is an excerpt:  Read more »
LOST is finally returning and BuddyTV has the scoop on what is coming in ‘Not in Portland‘ and beyond! Can you believe a LOST / Star Wars connection? And which LOST character is going to be seeing a lot of time on video game consoles this summer? Read more »
It started with a crazy question: "Did ABC send you a copy of the new episode?" "The new episode of LOST?" I asked, just slightly incredulous. "Yeah...""Well, no... why would they give it to me?" I responded, my heart already filling with hope."Well... do you want to see it?"The rest is pure ecstasy. Read more »
The often bashed LOST Experience of last summer could not have ended with a more open ending leaving LOST fans everywhere with the certainty that a new LOST experience would follow the finale of LOST Season Three. A disturbing new development in Portland, Oregon may hold the answer... or does it? Read more »
Tonight LOST returns with all the action, mystery, and confusion that is known so well for.  We recently reviewed LOST Not in Portland here, gave you the latest spoilers here, and delivered up everything you would ever need to get caught up starting here.  Now we offer you LOST Not In Portland, Secrets Revealed, five items to be looking out for in tonights mythology packed episode. Read more »
The infamous LOST love triangle, Jack, Saywer, and Kate, has been a staple of LOST since the beginning.  Now, since LOST - I Do, it would seem that Kate has made her choice and is in love with the scruffy con man Sawyer.  Meanwhile, Jack has no intentions of letting go, just yet, no matter how bleak his situation looks.  Well, don‘t tell Sawyer, but our friends at firepig did a little celestial compatibility check and you might be surprised by who shows up as most compatible for the svelte brunette Kate. Read more »
Season 3, Episode 2, “The Glass Ballerina”This episode is one of the few in the first six eppies that showcases Losties other than Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Now we don’t get the whole island, but Sun, Jin, and Sayid give us initial hope that maybe they can save the captives. The show opens with those three on the boat, still waiting for the captives and Hurley. There’s a disagreement about whether or not they should continue looking, as Jin is worried about Sun’s pregnant condition. Sun tells Sayid that Jin is not the only one who can direct the boat, and they can keep going forward. Read more »
Season 3, Episode 4, "Every Man for Himself"This episode may have had the most shocking opening, at least for me. Initially, we see Sawyer fixing his cage so that he and Kate can escape. As Ben approaches him, he grabs him in an effort to electrocute him. The plan fails, and Ben beats him to a pulp. When he comes to, the Others have him strapped onto a table and shove a huge needle into his heart - he has no idea what it is, and I‘m completely terrified by the mind games. Ben then shows Sawyer a rabbit, scares it, and the bunny dies. Ben tells him that there was a pacemaker placed inside the animal, and that if his heart rate gets too high, the heart will explode. (Explode? Really?) He then tells Sawyer that this same contraption was placed into his heart. And that if he tells Kate what‘s happened, they‘ll put one in her, too.When he heads back to the cage, Kate is filled with questions, and gets frustrated with a Silent Sawyer. She tells him she found a way out by climbing through the bars at the top of the cage, but he insists that she not try it.  Read more »
Tonight LOST finally returned with the all new ‘Not In Portland‘.  Critical reaction to LOST‘s return has been universally ecstatic both from the hardened press and the LOST fanbase lucky enough to get a sneak peek.  Did LOST ‘Not in Portland‘ deliver?  Read on and judge for yourself. Read more »
ABC hyped the return LOST as the TV event Du Jour.  With an intense promotion campaign that included bringing LOST producers Cuse and Lindelof on to personally explain what has happend so far, in addition to a multitude of advertising spots including a Windows Vista tie-in, it was difficult to go anywhere or do anything without knowing that LOST was coming back.  Did all the hype lead to ratings payoff for LOST?  Did LOSTs return bring back some of the flock ? Read more »
Our friends over at Media Village have procured an exclusive interview with Lost executive producers and head writers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof.  It is the final part of a three-part interview, in which Cuse and Lindelof shed light on all things Lost.  Writing for a show like Lost has to be both an extremely difficult and unbelievably rewarding experience.  With Cuse and Lindelof at the helm, Lost fans are in good hands.  They seem both attune to the criticisms of fans, as well as their own needs as storytellers.  Here‘s an excerpt from the interview: Read more »
This week LOST touched down with universal praise, the obvious question now is:  how will they follow up?  LOST producers assure us it only gets better from here, and from what we‘ve been able to dig up, that seems like an understatement for LOST fans.  Beware,  reading any further will result in major spoiling of next weeks all new episode of LOST! Read more »
The return of LOST came with the promise of lots of the cool little inside tips and easter eggs that LOST is so well known for, and it did not disappoint.  LOST ‘Not in Portland‘ was packed with hints, clues, and just plain fun stuff along with possibly a few clues to the larger mystery of LOST.  Executive Producer Carlton Cuse said in a recent interview with that the episode would contain an anagram that would shed some light on the mysteries of LOST.  We think we found it...  Read more »
Initially, Wednesday numbers showed that LOST‘s uber-hyped return was handily smacked about by CBS contender CSI: NY.  Under normal circumstances, with any other show, that would not have been such a surprise.  The return of LOST, however, had been predicted to bring millions of LOST fans who had gone astray back to the tube.  Naturally, a short fused media with hunger for headlines was quick to trumpet LOST‘s ratings failure.  A press release from ABC paints a very different picture of the match up.  One in which LOST emerges a victor.  Is this just network spin, or does LOST deserve a re-inspection from the press? Read more »
Recently, LOST‘s producers fielded fan questions through Entertainment Weekly,  one of those questions was what would become of the characters of Michael and Walt, last seen on LOST boating off to what Ben assured them was their "rescue".  Cuse and Lindelof mentioned that their story would be revisited in Season Four.  That may have changed in the meantime, according to the Hollywood Reporter, leaving yet another LOST storyline flapping in the breeze. Read more »
Back at the 2006 San Diego Comic-Con,  Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof - facing a packed arena of rabid Lostonians - promised two things in the early episodes of LOST season three‘s second half:  one, we would learn something about a character that would absolutely blow our minds, and two, there would be a ‘game changer‘ of an episode with implications so wild many would say that LOST had finally ‘jumped the shark‘.First off, I think LOST producers are being overly accommodating even mentioning the sport of shark jumping.  In the right hands a series can last any length it wants, just look at Doctor Who.  Today‘s generation of TV watchers can be a little cynical, I think, this doesn‘t mean producers of ultra successful shows like LOST with throngs of dedicated fans need to pander to half-baked pop culture phenoms based in celebrating failure.  That said, we can‘t go back to San Diego and take the words out of Damon and Carlton‘s mouth, so let‘s examine, if we can,  just when these events may take place, or if they have even taken place already in the world of LOST.  Be warned,  while this article is mostly speculation, it does rely on some spoiler information to make its case. Read more »
Last week‘s LOST dazzled us with hints of a temporal conundrum, black-holes, eerie backwards messages, and surprising character turns with implications that still have LOST fans abuzz.  Will this week‘s LOST ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes‘ live up to LOST‘s mythos inducing return, or could it possibly surpass it?  I talked to several people who have seen it, and the word is Not In Portland was only the warm up for LOST fans,  prepare for Flashes Before Your Eyes to blow you away.  (Warning, slight spoilers exist below the fold.) Read more »
The news is in for ABC and LOST fans, and it isn‘t good.  LOST ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes‘ despite being a critical success, marked LOST‘s lowest ratings of any single episode.  It‘s a time like this that Damon Lindelof is wishing he never predicted that the episode might " them away for good..."ABC has yet publish a response to the disappointing numbers.  Last week, LOST pulled a distant second to CSI: NY and ABC went into full spin mode pointing out that LOST won the coveted 18-39 demo.  Little comfort for viewers who are concerned the LOST audience will shrink to a level that will end the show before its mysteries are solved.  Is this even a reality?  Should LOST fans be concerned that further slipping could lead to cancellation?  Read on to find out. Read more »
Next week comes a new LOST and more answers to some of LOST‘s biggest mysteries.  Being one that startles easy, I decided to find out ahead of time what shocking surprises await us LOST fans in "Stranger in a Strange Land". Read more »
As we promised last week, tonight‘s episode of Lost (3.08, entitled "Flashes Before Your Eyes") promises to reveal a lot more about Desmond‘s past, as Charlie and Hurley try to figure out what happened to Desmond after the hatch implosion. Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof told Entertainment Weekly that the flashback device used in this episode is used in a totally new way that the show hasn‘t used before "and never will again." Read more »
"T‘was Beauty that killed the beast..." is how the famous line goes, and according to ABC, it is also an apt contributor to LOST‘s notable decline in ratings this past Valentines.  According to the spin released by the Network,  Wednesday‘s all new episode of LOST ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes‘ was expected to take a hit from other-wise involved love-bugs.  Could it be that LOST fans are the most loved people in the world?  Well, at least two-million of them according to the press release put out by ABC this week. Read more »
After a week of zealous skewering at the hands of the press, LOST is finally seeing relief in the shape of rational observations.   Are fans buying the spin, or is LOST‘s dip last week easily explainable?  This weeks episode of LOST will tell for sure,  but at least a few corners of the internet think they have it figured out. Read more »
LOST‘s ratings have the been the center of conversation ever since its February 7th return ‘Not in Portland‘  failed to deliver the kind of LOST ratings ABC had come to rely on.  The following week brought even grimmer news for LOST execs.  Speculation world wide was that LOST was finally on its way out.  Everything seemed to hinge on the return of fan favorite Jack and the promise of solved mysteries.  So how did LOST perform?  Is it back in form, or further down the drain? Read more »
It was Mark Twain who said "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated", and if LOST had a voice it may be recalling those statements quite vividly these days.  With a steady stream of "LOST is LOST" pieces traveling across every wire service in the world.  If you didn‘t know better, you‘d swear the show which once garnered Emmy praise and dominated ratings was on its way out.  In fact LOST is nowhere near its coffin fitting,  so what can the show do to stop the swell of negative press?  We have a few suggestions... Read more »
March brings us more repeat free LOST action and we have some exclusive info on the twelfth LOST to air in season three ‘Par Avion‘.  On the not very spoilerish side of things, we can tell you that this is a Claire episode that shows us the petite Aussie as we‘ve never seen her,  NOT BLONDE!   Of course, there are quite a few more interesting things going on in this episode of LOST, and for the low-down including six revealing promo pics meet me after the link. Read more »
The marketing team behind LOST has taken a new approach to promoting the show with their latest trailers.  Instead of the grim, high adrenaline approach they‘ve come to be known for, they are trying for laughs.  This makes sense since the new LOST, ‘Tricia Tanaka is Dead‘, is a Hurley episode and his episodes are traditionally more light hearted, but seriously... the Lostcars?  Read on for the preview and more discussion on this weeks LOST. Read more »
It is the property that has slipped between the fingers of directors like Frank Darabont, Stephen King‘s epic "Dark Tower" series, chronicling the adventures of a mysterious yet noble gunfighter traversing a strange wasteland, plucking compatriots from ethereal doorways to join him on a journey through a world that has ‘moved on‘, to a mysterious Dark Tower that holds the key to everything.  For years, the story seemed just too large to pull off on the silver screen, but it has now been announced that LOST co-creator‘s Damon Lindelof and J.J. Abrams  will be doing just that.  And who could be more qualified for such a project, with LOST‘s increasingly ‘purple‘ story lines involving time travel and mysterious sicknesses,  LOST‘s beloved island itself almost seems like a locale from King‘s ‘moved on‘ world. Read more »
If the mildewed concrete and rusted diamond plate steel of LOST‘s third season has you feeling a little claustrophobic, good news... LOST is finally leaving Dharma behind - for now - for a little beach time.  The amount of time spent within Dharma facilities with the others this season is enough to give viewers a bad case of cabin fever,  with ‘Tricia Tanaka is Dead‘ LOST gets back to the lush jungles and powdery sands of the beach to kick off a new adventure for fan favorite Hurley.  And don‘t worry, save for a brief visit to ‘The Flame‘ later this season, the dank corridors of Dharma are pretty much a thing of the past.  Read on for a brief preview of what to expect from LOST in the month of march! Read more »
Evangeline Lilly, who plays ‘Kate’ on ABC’s hit show LOST, is dashing the hopes of fans of her on-screen romance with LOST bad-boy Sawyer. Among some LOST fans, there is a dividing line. On one side, the Kate and Jack contingent swoons for a hook-up. On the other, Kate and Sawyer are the fabric of romantic perfection. It’s a phenomenon called ‘shipping (for worshipping) and it even has a signature trademark, forming contractions of the would-be-lovers names, in this case Jaters (for Jack and Kate ‘shippers) and Skaters (you guessed it, Sawyer and Kate.) Whether you dig this trend, or not, the promise of Kate finally making her ‘choice’ was one of the overarching themes of LOST’s more ratings-successful first episodes of Season Three… and according to Ms. Lilly, the choice may not be final. Read more »
At long last. LOST has spent so much time in the corridors of Dharma this season, I’m smelling it on my clothes! Tonight, thankfully, it’s back to the sunshine and chlorophyll engorged foliage of the beach! Back to Hurley, Sun, Jin, Claire, Sayid, Locke, Paulo, and Nikki. Well, okay we can forget about Paulo and Nikki for right now… but back to the BEACH, where viewers originally fell in love with LOST and the natural beauty of Oahu. Add to that the fact that this is a Hurly episode and you’re almost guaranteed a good time. But don’t take that for granted, those who have seen tonight’s LOST ‘Tricia Tanaka is Dead’ say it would be a huge mistake to consider this episode ‘Mythology Lite’. For more of what to keep your eye on in tonight’s LOST… follow me. (SPOILER WARNING.) Read more »
The natural reaction to this episode is first to ask, “Who the hell is Tricia Tanaka?” LOST’s return to the beach is a perplexingly funny Hurley-centric episode that also marks a return to the most allegorical of LOST styles. “Tricia Tanaka is Dead” has a deceptively simple subtext that permeates its flashback sequence as well as the island real-time: when you make your own luck, you make your own hope.  Read more »
Last night‘s LOST, ‘Tricia Tanaka is Dead‘, was loaded with fun easter eggs.  Dharma road maps, new candy bars, strange brands, and more unbelievable goodies!  As usual, we‘ve gone through the episode frame by frame to find all the LOST goodness a fan could ever want!  Stay tuned for our top eight discoveries! Read more »
Despite the doomsy prognosticating that has fallen into fashion over LOST‘s ratings, ABC‘s once-golden-child has shown signs of a recovery for the second week in a row.  LOST is slowly picking up its missing viewership and converting its existing viewers into ratings gold according to Nielsen Media Reasearch.  The end of sweeps report published on LOST points out major wins despite what less enlightened factions of the media may have been reporting.  Read more »
LOST‘s headliners stepped up to the plate to help the Honolulu Theatre for Youth raise money by sitting in for selected readings from plays in the theaters upcoming season. Honolulu Theatre for Youth (HTY) is Hawaii’s only professional nonprofit theatre. Founded in 1955, HTY produces theatre and drama education programs that make a difference in the lives of young people, families, and educators in the state of Hawaii. Read more »
This Tuesday LOST Co-Creator and Executive Producer/Writer Damon Lindelof, and Executive Producer/Writer Carlton Cuse will be sitting down with BuddyTV to discuss LOST‘s past, present, and future!  Do you have the question that LOST fans everywhere want answered?  If so, visit our forums and post your question in this thread.  We can‘t promise how many questions we‘ll be able to ask Damon and Carlton, but we promise to consider them all, and if we ask your question we‘ll definitely give you credit! Read more »
I know, I‘m woefully out of fashion here not falling immediately into the "bash LOST" groove that much of the mainstream is dancing to these days.  Luckily, I‘m in the company of millions of fans world wide who continue to be completely satisfied with LOST‘s novel like approach to telling its story.   (By novel I mean the ones with pages.)  I‘ve used this analogy on TheTailsection before,  if LOST is planned to end in season four or five, then we are roughly in the second third of the story.  What book worth a read gives up it secrets at this early stage?  If on page four-hundred of The Stand, Stu and company met up with a gypsy psychic who told them they‘d be sacrificing themselves to stop Flagg in the end, how pissed would we be when exactly that happened?  The fact of the matter is,  the LOST bashers have missed the fact that LOST is in fact progressing its story in an extremely compelling fashion, and March will be one of the most revealing months to date.  Beware,  minor spoilers lurk ahead. Read more »
Elizabeth Mitchell gives new meaning to the words “meek and mild.” She appears gentle and sweet, yet she has a very stern presence when it comes to portraying tough character roles. Sophisticated and classy, she amazingly blends in well in the popular award-winning serial drama Lost.  Read more »
Exotically handsome, Henry Ian Cusick launches himself as an excellent stage actor, and a credible television and movie actor as well. This Emmy nominated celebrity, takes advantage of his Peruvian and Scottish roots in landing distinct roles, which makes him a center of attraction. Gifted with creativity and artistic presence, he lands a spot on the hit series Lost. Read more »
While it is not the gushing influx of viewers the network - or die hard fans - would like to see, LOST did manage to improve on its performance once more this week in the final numbers.  Particularly, LOST seems to be bringing a stronger base of viewers in the advertiser friendly 18-49 age group.  There is little doubt that ABC is anything less than committed to allowing the quirky island adventure to play out on their real-estate, but the continued improvement after a hiatus plagued with media bashing over the six-episode pod is a clear indication that viewers that were wooed away by a disenchanted press have started to come back, despite the time slot.   Rebuilding now is vital as LOST fans face a grueling eight-month hiatus between the finale of Season three and the beginning of Season Four of LOST, an arduous period that threatens to erode the fan base even further. Read more »
It has captured imaginations, and frustrated viewers for three seasons now, it is ABC‘s monolithic smash hit LOST.  Lately, the show has been beseiged with complaints that there are no answers, so we sent our intrepid LOST guru Jon "DocArzt" Lachonis in search of some of the details LOST fans crave.  He sat down with LOST executive producers and writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse to get some insight on the island‘s biggest mysteries. Will there be another LOST Experience?  Will Marvin Candle ever escape the confines of gritty 16mm orientation films?  Are there twins among the others?  What does the forthcoming game from UbiSoft hold in store for fans?  When will season four premiere?  And, what is up with that mysterious cable?  The answers are here. Read more »
Having a drop dead gorgeous body isn‘t the only reason why Evangeline Lilly is well-received in the industry. Her luminance on camera backed with her generous heart off cam makes her very pleasing and attractive in the eyes of her fans. Placed 2nd on Maxim‘s Hot 100 list of 2005 and ranked 8th in the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World of 2006, she definitely earns the right to be called a "hottie". Moreover, her inclusion in the television series Lost has given her career the perfect boost.  Read more »
ABC marketing has come under fire from fans for LOST spots that blow answers out of proportion, or edit in scenes from future episodes of LOST to make the next seem more  ‘packed‘ with story.  It‘s a very common complaint of TV fans in general.  For much of the season, NBC has committed similar infarctions with its Heroes spots that would promise story lines to be resolved, or, gasp, character deaths, only to fall sort in delivering them.  A more disturbing trend with LOST has arisen with its web based clips.  Visit the front page of and prepare to have a major revelation from this weeks "Par Avion" spoiled before your very eyes.  Not just a factoid that impacts this one episode, mind you, but an answer to a big question that has plagued LOST fans since the middle of season two.  Read on for the super spoilerish details. Read more »
Lost actor Josh Holloway, who plays James “Sawyer” Ford on the Emmy award-winning show, expresses his sentiments on the “Lost curse” months after receiving a speeding ticket in Hawaii last September. In addition, the actor attempts to explore the hives of police activity surrounding other cast members of the ABC hit show.So what is the “Lost curse” all about? Apart from Holloway, three other cast members have been involved in auto-related incidents. In addition, six others were cited for car-related incidents. Previous incidents, which prompted the speculations of a “Lost curse”, included the arrest of Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, who portrayed Mr. Eko on Lost, on September 2006 for driving without a license and disobeying a police officer. After spending six hours in jail, he posted a $500 bail. Prior to this, Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros were also arrested on December 2005 over drunken-driving charges. At present, Rodriguez wears an alcohol-detecting ankle bracelet even after serving 65 hours in jail. She wrote on her website, "[the bracelet] is like a freaking VCR, and why do they care if I drink, what am I gonna do, drink and walk over someone, I have no license."  Read more »
Today brings a tidal wave of hints and clues of what to expect from this months newest episodes of LOST, and beyond!   What will happen when we turn back the clock to see the entire LOST adventure from the perspective of Nikki and Paulo?  In April, prepare for betrayal and danger as Kate get‘s ‘Left Behind‘ on another brand new LOST!  What Losty will turn on our heroine, and what other surprises await us in April? Read on for the spoilers! Read more »
LOST‘s Naveen Andrews, who has often decried the struggle for screen time on ABC‘s hit LOST, will have no shortage of screen time on April 6th, BIG screen time, that is.  The LOST star, who plays Iraqi Sayid on the show, has two feature films seeing light that day, the first is the pulp extravaganza "GrindHouse" from directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.  The second is the independent ‘Provoked‘ from acclaimed Bollywood director Jag Mundhra.  Read more »
One of People Magazine’s “World’s Most Beautiful People” in 2006, Naveen Andrews uniquely emerges in the limelight with his apparent Indian roots. His tenacity to rise from his drug addiction makes him an inspiration to his fans all over the world. A natural artist, he shows potential and much promise not only in acting but as well as in singing and playing the guitar. His versatility to handle a variety of roles lands him a spot on the hit show Lost. Read more »
Ranked #47 on Maxim magazine’s Hot 100 list, Emilie De Ravin radiates her graceful presence, as she became part of the popular television series Lost. She exudes sophistication and splendor with her blond locks and soulful eyes. Oozing with charm, she stands out in the limelight with her French and British roots. Read more »
LOST returns with another trip to the beach, this time to catch up on the lives of Charlie and Claire.  Seems Claire has a little plan that might bring rescue to the 815rs, or is it just a flight of fancy? The plan involves attaching little notes to migratory birds.  Okay, so it isn’t the brightest plan going,  but at least someone on the island is still thinking about rescue.  This LOST doesn’t completely go to the birds though, there is plenty of time to touch on Charlie’s fate as foretold by Desmond, find out a startling connection between two 815r’s, and catch up with Jack’s rescue party as it closes in on the others village.  Read on for all the details of this fantastic LOST episode.  Read more »
His sinister gaze and duplicity made him one of television‘s most frightening villains overnight, he is Ben Linus, AKA Henry Gale, better known as Michael Emerson of LOST.  Debuting in Season Two of LOST, fan reaction to Emerson‘s startling performance was so strong that the three episode stint that was originally planned was turned first into six, then into a regular recurring role on LOST.Having transformed from hatch prisoner Henry Gale to Ben Linus, leader of the mysterious others, Emerson has taken his character through an odyssey of transformations. We sat down with Mr. Emerson to discuss the future of LOST, the things you don‘t know about his character (he‘s a romantic!), and what changes might be in store on LOST‘s mysterious island. Read more »
If you’re hungry for more revelations then Lost’s upcoming episode “The Man From Tallahassee” might just satisfy your craving. Like other episodes of Lost, "The Man From Tallahassee" entails a lot of flashbacks. But what’s interesting in this segment is that there would be a lot of eye-openers, specifically pertaining to Locke’s wheelchair. Finally, there’s an explanation to the ever-baffling cause of his disability. This 13th episode of Lost’s season three can be described as “Locke-centric.” Apart from the plot focusing much on Locke’s wheelchair exposure, the story lines also touches on Ben’s offer to give Locke some of the island’s secrets in exchange to call off Locke’s destructive plan. More importantly, this episode makes you understand why Locke is so engrossed with the island. Read more »
One of the issues with LOST that reappears over and over again is terrible fathers, and the worst may be yet to come.  This past week we found out that Jack‘s father was a philanderer in addition to everything else, having sired at least one other child in Australia, namely Claire.  At least he knew well enough to keep it out of the back yard.  Kate‘s dad was a drunken possible molester, Locke‘s pappy was a conman, Sawyer‘s dad killed his mother then shot himself after she got grifted by Locke‘s dad (not 100% proven, but close enough), Hurley‘s dad was a restless bum who came back for his dough, it goes on and on.  So far the only good fathers on LOST are the ones we know nothing about. Read more »
Ever since LOST returned an hour later, a move ABC knew would result in a ratings decline (how couldn‘t they?),  the internet has been on fire with journalists and bloggers using the show‘s title to denote its status.  It has been plain fashionable to bash LOST, everyone from major newspapers to respected online e-zines like Zap2it have gotten into the ring to take a few wild swings at the show that once dominated like no other.  There is just one thing wrong with the logic, and I‘m repeating myself here for very good reason.  ABC knew LOST would lose viewers with the time slot change, but it just didn‘t matter. Read more »
It‘s that time of the week.  Time to polish our freeze frame buttons, get out the screen  grabbers, and sift through another action packed episode of LOST for clues, connections, and hidden images!  This week it was LOST ‘Par Avion‘. Claire‘s scheme to get the 815‘rs saved by tying notes to tagged birds may not be the smartest idea to hit the show,  but the sub plot involving the search party and their pursuit of the others is astonishing, and filled with at least a couple can‘t be missed moments! Read more »
You‘ve got to hand it to the LOST spoiler community, this week has been a boon for fans who just refuse to be surprised by anything from the ABC mega hit!  Not so much of a spoiler is the fact that The Others have a submarine named Galaga, it is how a lot of them got there and it is how our heroes could potentially escape LOST‘s mysterious island.  With just a day to spare before LOST‘s ‘Man from Tallahassee‘ is set to expose the submarine, internet spies have beat the show to the punch with clear daylight pictures, photos of the interior, and even film shot from the bushes of an actual LOST shoot! Read more »
After her highly publicized DUI incident in Kailua, Hawaii in December of 2005, Cynthia Watros, a former cast member on Lost, re-emerges on the television circuit with her inclusion on a new comedy series on CBS.Although Watros’ role on Lost as Libby was short-lived, having been killed off in the Season 2, she regains her existence on television with the comedy entitled The Rich Inner Life of Penelope Cloud where she plays the best friend of a writer, played by Marisa Tomei. Read more »
LOST fans will be seeing a lot of familiar faces from days gone by with next weeks LOST, Expose’. The episode rewinds the clock to the fateful day that saw Oceanic flight 815 pulled apart by mysterious forces and brought down on even more mysterious island. Fans will be reliving the fateful crash from the perspective of an entirely new group of characters, but this trip down memory lane won’t come without a startling price. Beware of minor spoilers ahead.  Read more »
Lost star, Evangeline Lily, is fascinated with men who are in touch with their feminine side. In fact, she admits to liking “metrosexual" men.She explained, "I tend to like metrosexual men. I like men who have a little woman and a little man in there. I don‘t know if that‘s just because I‘m a little man and a little woman. I don‘t mind getting my hands greasy fixing a car or tearing down a wall. So if he‘s willing to go shop for me and buy me new clothes...I don‘t mind a man in high heels.” Read more »
The LA Times is reporting that LOST fans will have to wait five long weeks before they see John Locke or his dad again!  After last night‘s stunning reveal that Locke‘s father caused his paralysis by pushing him out an eighth story window, then having the scoundrel turn up ON the island, LOST creators  will be putting both characters on ice.  But don‘t fret, according to the LA Times, LOST co-creator Damon Lindelof has stated that when Locke and dad return, it will be to kick the story into finale mode. Read more »
The future of LOST may be its past! So far LOST has made two trips back to catch up with plane crash characters, ‘The Other 48 days’ chronicled the adventures of the tail section survivors, and this week’s ‘Expose’ will flashback to overview newcomers Nikki and Paulo’s misadventures since Oceanic 815 first broke apart and scattered itself over the mysterious island. The latest rumors circulating indicate that LOST will be going even further back in time, on and off the island, before the season is done. Read on for the who, what, where, and when. Read more »
Rumors of Harold Perrineau returning to LOST as ‘Michael‘ are alive yet again.  Up to this point the scuttle was that Perrineau was upset with ABC‘s plan to write his character out for an entire season, only to bring him back later.  This is understandable since no actor is going to keep their slate clean for an entire year.  Perrineau quickly set about making use of his post-LOST time, turning up in the forthcoming ‘28 Weeks Later‘, and costarring in the pilot to CBS‘s supernatural outing ‘Demons‘.  At one point, rumors had Perrineau furious with LOST producers, refusing exorbiant amounts of money to reprise his role on LOST.  Now, those rumors have vaporized. Read more »
Tonight‘s episode of LOST is is a love letter to fans who have missed the likes of Boone, Shannon, and of course, the beloved Dr. Arzt.  If you‘re saying, "Who the heck is Dr. Arzt?", I‘ve got one word for you.  Dynamite.  Not that anyone should have have trouble remembering Daniel Roebuck.   The modern day epitome of the character actor,  Dan‘s 100+ credits on IMDB (Internet Movie Database) don‘t begin to do justice to his versatility.  Besides his numerous appearances as an actor, Daniel is a writer, documentary producer, and award winning aficionado of classic horror films.  His impressive collection of horror movie memorabilia can be seen at his official site,  We were delighted to have the opportunity to sit down and talk to Dan about his unlikely resurrection on tonight‘s expisode of LOST Expose‘. Read more »
Thanks to spoiler sleuth extraordinaire, we have an advance look at what the rest of LOST season three will look like.  Who will be the major players?  What will happen with John Locke?  Will the others and the 815‘rs finally lock horns?  Read on for the details! Read more »
Naveen Andrews, cast member of the sci-fi series Lost, stars in the double feature thriller, Grind House, from The Weinstein Company. The double feature consists of one zombie film entitled Planet Terror, written and directed by Robert Rodriguez, and a slasher film entitled Death Proof, written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. According to Variety, Andrews will be part of Planet Terror, and will star as Abby, a grisly military scientist. Read more »
At the end of LOST‘s first season, young Walt was kidnapped at sea while Jack (Matthew Fox), Locke (Terry O‘Quinn), Kate (Evangaline Lilly), and Hurley (Jorge Garcia) peered into the mysterious depths of the newly blasted-open hatch.  Season two of LOST took the excitement to a whole new level as Sawyer (Josh Holloway), Jack, and Kate were abducted by the mysterious ‘Others‘, while the hatch went into melt down mode, and who can forget the kicker with those mysterious dudes shivering in some arctic tundra somewhere, waiting for, and receiving, a signal that apparently gave away the location of the island.  With season three‘s finale merely a couple of months away, speculation over what the LOST producers might have in store to top all of this is already become the buzz of discussion boards from coast to coast.   One detail recently slipped out in the official LOST magazine that is sure to narrow down that speculation considerably. Read more »
Surely, one of the most controversial moves that ABC made with LOST this year was moving it to 10:00pm est on Wednesday.  Partly, the reason for this lay in that fact that LOST was being crushed by American Idol last year, so the move was thought to give LOST a little more growing room.  Later,  when LOST‘s ratings dropped, ABC feigned that they knew this would happen all along and that the move was really done to secure a piece of ratings real estate that has long eluded them,  the Wednesday 10:00pm est slot to be precise.  Regardless of which version you buy, the move has put LOST‘s traditional two hour finale in a nasty position.  For its first hour, on May 23rd, LOST will be duking it out with American Idol‘s final night of competition.  Can John Locke take on Sanjaya?  Will Sanjaya wear the infamous Jack mullet doo from last year? Read more »
LOST fans should prepare for big reveals in every single episode leading up to the finale, according to the buzz.  Everyone from E!Online‘s spoiler queen Kristin, to the LOST producers themselves are claiming that huge answers are on the way as LOST picks up its down hill momentum towards it‘s May 23rd finale.  What mysteries will be explained?  What character meets up can we look forward to? Read on for some exclusive spoilers and hints. Read more »
In just seven weeks LOST will end its third season with a two hour finale that promises to deliver the series‘ biggest twists and turns ever.  The bad news is, LOST fans will be waiting as many as nine months for new material to follow.  Will a fan base as demanding for input as the LOST crowd seems to be, nine months might as well be an eternity.  What, if anything, does ABC have planned to keep LOST fans interested? Read more »
If you‘ve been watching LOST closely lately, have you noticed something a little different about the episodes? It‘s that feeling that something big is about to happen, something on the level that only LOST can deliver.   We‘ve seen Locke‘s father apparently manifest on the island.  We‘ve seen Smokey stopped by a mysterious magnetic fence.  Allegiances have changed with Locke joining the others, and now Juliet joining the 815r‘s.  The naysayers are full of predictions that LOST will once again pull the rug out from under it‘s viewers.  The truth is, LOST has just been getting warmed up.  Prepare for a month of episodes that will further your understanding, and at the same time annihilate any notions you ever had about just what the heck is going on with LOST. Read more »
Having daydreams of strolling the Hawaiian beaches with (insert your favorite LOST star here) at your side?  Does the idea of touching the fuselage give you goose bumps?  Right now, Hollywood Charity Auctions is making that all possible by offering a complete LOST set tour to the highest bidder, with all of the proceeds to go to charity.  For more information, read on. Read more »
Entertainment Weekly‘s Jeff Jensen has produced some bold theories in his never-ending quest to decode the mysteries of LOST, a daunting and often controversial task - depending on the reactions of the sometimes-cruel fans of the island mystery.  Don‘t feel bad for Jeff, though, what better job could a writer ask for than to spend the bulk of his time pondering the nature of time and space, dreaming up angry ghosts pining for fetal hosts, and equating the characters and events of LOST to living breathing metaphors for the lines of a folk hymn. When he is not testing the bounds of credibility, however, Doc Jensen is delivering some of the most well thought out analysis on LOST anywhere on the web.  (Just check out his latest column here.)  So, what does Doc Jensen predict for the end of season three? Read more »
Many LOST fans are celebrating what they consider to be LOST‘s definitive return to form.  It isn‘t a fluke anymore, LOST is definitely on a roll and that roll isn‘t going to stop until the season finale.  Tonight‘s episode "One of Us"  was full of shocking revelations, and answers to questions we thought we‘d never get.  Above all, the episode set up what equates to basically a seven part lead up to the season finale.  So this is your chance to speak!  Did you love tonight‘s LOST, is it back in form?  Are you still watching?  Are you thinking about coming back?  Here is what some of you had to say: Read more »
It‘s no secret that LOST‘s move to 10pm est cost the show viewers, every muckraker with a zeal for bad news was all over LOST‘s sharp decline after the show returned to the new time slot.  Since that time, however, new research has shown that those mysterious disappearing viewers didn‘t stop watching the show at all, they just changed when they watched it.  In the end it would appear most of LOST‘s audience is intact. Read more »
First Matthew Fox (Jack)  coached his way across the silver screen in McG‘s ‘We are Marshall", then Naveen Andrews (Sayid) appeared in the struggling schlockfest ‘Grindhouse‘, now LOST actress Evangaline Lilly (Kate) is preparing to her shot at big screen success with the French/Canadian thriller ‘Afterwards‘.  LOST‘s Lilly will play the neglected ex-wife of the films star French actor Romain Duris.  Read more »
It has been rumored for sometime and now it has been confirmed directly from the source:  Matthew Fox of LOST is trying to quit.  The star, who has shot to mega hunk status since appearing on the quirky island drama, has gone public with his desire to quit... smoking that is.  (And it‘s not even April first yet, right?)  Snippets about Fox‘s inability to kick the cigs have been circulating for a couple of days now, just waiting for someone like me to exploit into a cheekily misleading LOST headline.  But seriously, Matthew Fox, LOST, smoking?  These just don‘t go together for me mentally.  As an Ex-Smoker myself though,  I figured I‘d jump in and lend a hand with some of my own quit smoking tips, just for you Foxy. Read more »
LOST is picking up steam as it heads for it‘s stunning two hour finale in May.  Locke has joined the Others and the Others - via Juliet - have joined the beach people.  We finally know a little bit more about what LOST‘s mysterious baddies are after, but their intentions, as well as their history with the Dharma Initiative, still remain a mystery.  Just how much can we expect to be revealed before LOST leaves the air for another season? Punch on through for an episode by episode break down of what to expect for the remainder of LOST season three! Read more »
Only six episodes remain of LOST season three and fans are as excited as ever to see where the LOST team is going to take them.Will the secret behind the others be revealed?  Is there more to Locke‘s father than meets the eye?  Will Desmond‘s beloved Penny show up to rescue them all?   Read on for spoilers and speculation leading right up to the shocking conclusion of LOST season three! Read more »
It has been almost a year since millions of fans came together to take part in an on line alternate reality game that took place within the universe of ‘LOST‘.  Now, after all this time, the facts about the making of the game are finally coming to light.  In our interview with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, the veracity of the information within the game was canonized once and for all, but little was still known about how the game was put together.   Now channel 4 in the UK has put together a short film documenting the phenomenon that was known as The LOST experience. Read more »
Last summer, Rachel Blake became the object of obsession (and affection) for practically any LOST fan with an internet connection.  LOST fans spent hours chasing the clues, cracking the codes, and collecting the glyphs that Blake scattered over The Lost Experiences various websites. tracked down the actress behind Rachel Blake, Jamie Silberhartz, and got the lowdown on what it was like to be involved in The LOST Experience.DocArzt: How did you wind up getting the role of Rachel?Jamie Silberhartz:  This was a three-week audition process for the role of Rachel.  The third callback was actually for the comic-con confrontation.  Of course, I didn’t know that when I auditioned.  They asked me if I would be comfortable speaking in front of 2,000 people…I thought they meant set extras! Read more »
Upon starring on Lost, Matthew Fox has gained much popularity and attention, which eventually led to his venture in the film industry. Despite the lukewarm financial success of his first movie since his inclusion on Lost, We Are Marshall, the actor has positively earned roles in movies like Smokin’ Aces and Vantage Point, which doesn’t hit screens until October 2007. On top of that, Fox is set to star in the movie Speed Racer and will take on a role quite different from his usual good-natured and “man of science” central character on Lost. Fox, a 40-year old native of Abington, Pennsylvania, appeared on the series Party of Five prior to his inclusion on Lost. His acting credits included, Wings, Freshman Dorm, If I Die Before I Wake, My Boyfriend’s Back, and Melrose Place. Read more »
Just over a year ago, LOST fans were grappling with the revelations of just what "was inside the hatch."  A manic, sleep deprived Scotsman with a proclivity for button pushing, some old music, a lava lamp, and a busted Apple II wired to a bank of ancient tape drives.  LOST fans had waited all summer for the hatch‘s secrets to be revealed, and three episodes in they were still wrestling with the unlikely combination of sixties styling and steam punkish technology.  Thankfully, there was a film to explain it all.  The man on that film, Dr. Marvin Candle, would soon become a household name for LOST fans as he narrated to us through a tortured 16mm ‘orientation‘ film that gave us a capsule history of LOST‘s now infamous ‘Dharma Initiative‘.  We sent our intrepid LOST explorer Jon ‘DocArzt‘ Lachonis on a mission to find out the secrets behind the man who breathed life into Dr. Marvin Candle, and cemented himself as part of the LOST legacy, Francois Chau. Read more »
According to LOST‘s hardened core of fans, the show has continued to outdo itself in recent weeks delivering thrilling new episodes with shocking new information that has shaken the reality of the island to the core.  This week, we learned our beloved LOST survivors shouldn‘t even exist when the mysterious new visitor to the island informed them, eerily, that their plane had been found, and all on board had died!   How did fans respond?  Did LOST jump the shark?  Read on for some of YOUR reactions to this weeks wild episode of LOST. Read more »
As the third season LOST comes to an end rumors of a major Character death are beginning to surface.  With the early expiration of Mr. Eko the bulk of LOST season three has been fairly death-free with regards to characters with any street cred, but with Desmond‘s proclamation that Charlie would soon die - backed by a future flash - it would seem at least one death is certain.  Here‘s what we know about who‘s staying and who‘s going. Read more »
A couple of days back we ran the LOST death pool and posed the question:  who would you kill if you had to take out a major character on LOST?   The response was rabid.   There are certainly some characters on LOST who have worn out there welcome, and others that fans can‘t live without.  Here‘s a small sampling of what you, the fans, had to say. Read more »
The future of LOST‘s story can be predicted by ancient mythological archetypes?  Leave it to the fan boards, sheesh.  Actually when I‘m not writing her you can find me slipping on my labcoat and hanging out at the LOST fansite TheTailsection.  We like to call it the "fringe" dumping ground for all things emanating from LOST‘s far-side.  You‘ve heard the legends, LOST fans stooped over their DVR‘s watching the latest issue one frame at a time for missed clues or connections, only to report to their local fan board with theories like "The show is all a dream that the dog is having", or "Jack is Jacob". Here‘s a sampling of some of the craziness creeping across the LOST fan sites this week. Read more »
LOST show runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse literally toured the country by phone yesterday appearing on morning radio shows across the country appearing on shows like Preston & Steve to discuss what remains of LOST season three, and what lay ahead for show. Read more »
USAToday has reported that LOST will end in 2010 after three more sixteen episode seasons.  And yes, to answer the first question that came to your mind, this does mean longer hiatuses.   Here comes the details. Read more »
The preeminent LOST podcast "Jay and Jack‘s Lost Podcast" is holding it‘s second annual "Hugo Cup" award.  The contest is described as a by the fans, for the fans ‘just for fun‘ venture designed to recognize those por souls who spend countless hours tracking down clues, dissecting various theories, and keeping LOST fans in the loop for the latest LOST news and Spoilers.  Jay and Jack themselves have risen to celebrity status amongst LOST fans, and their casual and good natured ramblings have become a regular haunt for Jorge Garcia, who plays Hurley on LOST, who frequently calls to check in with fans and share his insight. Read more »
The grim reaper is working overtime on the set of ABC‘s LOST!  Already we‘ve witnessed the brutal death of John Locke‘s father Anthony Cooper at the hands of the smooth southern conman Sawyer.  This week "The Man Behind the Curtain" ended with fan favorite taking one to the gut from the ominous Ben Linus.  The reformed addict Charlie has been dodging the reaper ever since the liberated hatch hermit Desmond took a spin through time and witnessed the rock stars impending demise.  The harvester of souls did have one misfire this month though when Mikhail A.K.A "Patchy" unexpectedly returned from the dead.  Could more death be ahead? Scoops and Spoilers ahead. Read more »
With only nine days to go until LOST’s third season ends rumors about what mysteries the finale will hold have reached a fevered pitch.  As is the modus operandi, fan’s suspect much of the information that claims to spoil the finale is manufactured by the producers themselves to throw us off course.  The conspiracy could go even deeper, some people are claiming that LOST is planning a con on the level of Battlestar Galactica’s faux Star Buck death from earlier this year.  Here are the top five rumors for what will go down in the LOST season three finale. Read more »
ABC‘s press department was glowing today over the overnight ratings data on LOST - The Man Behind the Curtain.  The episode promised to give answers on an unparalleled level, telling us how Ben came to be in charge of the others, who the mysterious Jacob was that supposedly controlled him, what became of the Dharma Initiative, and much more.  LOST fans reacted, of course, by tuning in.  While failing to win its hour in total viewers, LOST still generated enough numbers in the right demos to give ABC something to toot their horn over. Read more »
ABC announced its fall schedule to day and LOST fans hoping for word of a time-slot change were left out in the cold.  Since LOST will be returning midseason, a new show, “Dirty Sexy Money” has been scheduled in its Wednesday, 10pm est slot.   Currently the Monday through Friday line-up for ABC is full.   New shows will fail, all is always the case, leaving plenty of openings for LOST, but does this mean that a solid plan for LOST doesn’t exist?  Read more »
Even though LOST is an ABC show, CBS‘ upfronts held some interesting news for fans of the island drama.  Harold Perrineau, who played Michael on LOST, was set to costar in the proposed series "Demons" about rogue priests on a road trip to destroy evil.  When it was reported that Perrineau had been approached to rejoin the cast of LOST for its fourth season, Perrineau initially declined due to his commitments to the CBS show, which at the time was still in development.  As it turns out, Demons is not being picked up by CBS.  Could this mean an announcement on Perrineau returning to LOST will be coming soon? Read more »
Another action packed LOST, the last before the third season finale, aired with the usual round of freeze frame bait and hidden connections.  Were you counting bunnies?  Did you spot the familiar face from Sayid‘s past?  What about that new Dharma station, we do love Dharma stations!  Read on for a small sampling of the hidden bits and new locales offered in lost 3.21 "Greatest Hits." Read more »
Whether you are a LOST straggler who has ‘lost’ their way, or a tempted potential viewer intimidated by LOST’s nebulous mythos and ‘too smart for TV’ rep, you are in luck!  LOST Executive Producer Carlton Cuse and Executive Producer/Co-Creator Damon Lindelof will be on the air tonight following Grey’s Anatomy’s season finale to give fans a crash course in LOSTology!  Literally everything fans need to know to start at the end with next weeks highly anticipated season three finale. Read more »
They call them spoilers.  Little bits of info that reveal a plot detail in an upcoming book, movie, or TV Show that negates any authentic surprise for the viewer, or spoileree.  LOST has certainly been one of the most spoiler plagued shows of recent memory.  It‘s murky characters and slow plot advancement has sent zealous fans searching for any scrap of info they can find to piece together the puzzle.  During season one, it was not uncommon to visit mainstream sites like or E!Online and find vital pieces of upcoming plot lines baldly revealed. The second season fared much better.  Instead of spoilers, many of these sites, mostly through the relationship with the producers of the shows (who are persuasively nice guys, believe me) have tempered their wares from being outright spoilers to intriguing teasers.  Those days, sadly, have come to an end. Read more »
The pressure is on for LOST to shine in a week where several top shows end for the season.  Tonight alone saw Heroes and 24 deliver hotly anticipated season closers designed to keep fans talking through the off-season.  LOST has set the bar for the last two TV seasons when it comes to keeping fans buzzing.  With the first season, it was the kidnapping of Walt, and the long unrevealing look into the abyss of the hatch.  Season two left us with the uncertain fate of Locke, Desmond, and Mr. Eko, capped by the bizarre scene of mysterious individuals seemingly discovering the location of the island on behalf of Penny Widmore.  Will season three of LOST deliver the goods? Read more »
LOST is, without question, the driving force behind the renaissance of the Twilight Zone-esque denouement; those moments where the story takes such an unexpected turn that you leap from your seat, and blurt out profanity like a Tourette’s afflicted couch potato.   The show‘s critics have taken aim at the island mystery by saying that LOST is really nothing more than a loosely bundled package of joy-buzzers and whoopee cushions, all surprise and no substance.  Fans, of course, are a little more cognizant of the carefully planned twists and turns that make up LOST’s weirdness saturated plot.  Read more »
Lost is the kind of show that continuously brings forth an element of mystery in its story lines and its characters. Consequently, the enigma that has piled up since the series premiered in 2004 has left viewers curious about the baffling plot. Surprisingly, even the actors on the show have the same sentiments as the viewers, admitting that the cast is also kept in the dark when it comes to the truth behind the mysteries.Marsha Thomason, British-born actress who plays Naomi, the woman who parachuted into the island, admits that she is lost on Lost. “We’re as in the dark as the audience, really – maybe half a step ahead. We spend our whole time waxing about ‘What’s that about? What does that mean?’ We don’t have a clue; we only know from episode to episode… That’s kind of difficult as an actor, but also freeing in a way, because you just have to play the scenes as they’re written. And then if you find out if you’re a big villain or whatever, then you play that,” she has told Digital Spy. Read more »
Although the shows critics often highlight its murky approach to storytelling, LOST has defied the ‘Making it up as they go along‘ accusations and provided reams of solid information on the islands mysteries.  Will LOST deliver even more answers tonight when it brings it‘s third season to an explosive Finale?  That, unfortunately, is a question we can‘t answer until tonight.  In the meantime, here are some of the things that we did learn in this third season of LOST. Read more »
The LOST season three finale left fans with more questions than answers, but was chuck full of interesting allusions, bloopers, and of course, easter eggs!  We‘ve collected a few pieces of the mystery here for you.  What have you found?  Be sure to Chime in! Read more »
The LOST season finale was a ratings heavyweight, and actually managed to take a little swagger from American Idol’s step.  While not coming anywhere near the estimated 30-plus million that tuned in for Idol’s finale, LOST seems to have prevented the ‘talent’ show from reaching its usual apex.  As for the question of how many people came back to LOST to see the series off, somewhere in the neighborhood of two to three million additional viewers tuned in for the critically lauded finale. Read more »
If you’re wondering what’s in store for LOST’s fourth season, wonder no more.  Aint It Cool News has apparently confirmed that the series will contain both Flash Forwards, as well as Flash Backs.  Most fans had assumed ‘the game changer’ (code named “The Snake in the Mailbox”) would either fade away like Season two’s arctic listening excursion, or would become the dominant theme.  Some even feared that the flash forward would represent the biggest stall tactic in LOST history and transport the action to the present, telling the island story in flash backs. Read more »
Lost has already aired its season three finale, which left its solid fan base hungry for more mind-boggling mysteries. But while waiting for season four to air in 2008, fans can download the newest Lost video game, which is now available for iPods.Gameloft, an international publisher and developer of video games for mobile devices, is credited for games such as Tom Clancy‘s Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow 3D, Vans Skate and Slam Feat. Geoff Rowley, The O.C., The Promise, Desperate Housewives, and now the Lost video game. It has also received numerous awards and a positive reviews for its comprehensive themes and latest approaches in 3D-3G technologies. Read more »
Aside from movies like The Fast and the Furious, S.W.A.T. and Resident Evil, Michelle Rodriguez cemented her status as one of the toughest characters in Hollywood as a cast member on Lost. She first appeared on the episode “Exodus,” which consisted of the two-hour first season finale. As the character Ana Lucia Cortez, she was one of the plane crash survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. Throughout the show, she took a strong initiative in rescuing and ensuring the well being of other survivors. Apart from assuming a leader role, she was known as the person responsible for the death of Shannon. Although she gained fame as an actress on Lost, Rodriguez drew attention when she was pulled over by the Honolulu police several times for speeding and driving under the influence. While some fans believed that her arrests caused her character to get killed off on the show, producers said that her departure from the series had been planned prior to the season and her arrest. She lasted on the show for a year until her character was killed off through Michael’s gunshot. Read more »
Maggie Grace got her break when she landed the role of the lazy and self-centered Shannon Rutherford on the television series Lost. Her role, which earned her a nomination for Teen Choice Award Choice TV Breakout Performance by a Female, first appeared on the pilot episode and continued to appear until episode eight of season two and one episode of season three. She spent most of her time growing up with her stepbrother Boon Carlyle, who is in love with her. As one of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, she kept everyone at arm’s length, often behaving selfishly and being manipulative to get what she wants. She had a romantic affair with Sayid Jarrah but unfortunately got killed by Ana Lucia Cortez. Despite her character getting killed off on the series, Grace recurrently appeared in the form of flashbacks. Read more »
Here at BuddyTV we have DocArzt, perhaps the most comprehensive Lost expert on the internet.  Doc‘s knowledge of Lost is altogether overwhelming, knowledge which has inspired incredible amounts of discussion and speculation about the show, both here and at  Doc‘s Lost coverage has been incredible and, for anyone who wants to delve deep and read some serious, thoughtful and insightful analysis of Lost, Doc has you covered.On the other end of the spectrum is someone like me, who loves Lost, considers it one of the best shows on television (maybe ever), but is far from an expert.  I‘m just a dude who tunes in every Wednesday, maybe discusses the episode with friends, and then waits till next week.  I have no theories, no intelligent insights, and sometimes the show confuses me (not often, but I‘m an adult and am secure in my bafflement).  This is the beauty of Lost.   Read more »
With LOST season three behind them, the creative team is taking a much needed breather before assembling the frame-work for season for.  Even though season four of LOST is just whimsy for the creators at this point, some details are apparently carved in stone and have begun leaking their way out to the LOST fan site community and forums. Read more »
The third season of Lost already aired its final episode, in which rocker Charlie Pace, played by Dominic Monaghan, has been killed off. And with his departure, the 30-year old actor has expressed his sentiments on the award-winning show the catapulted him to stardom.Monaghan has been working as a cast member on Lost since 2004 until his character met his untimely death while attempting to save other islanders in 2007. He has felt mixed emotions of relief, sadness and hope upon learning the death of his character. "My initial feeling was one of relief. And then there was a lot of excitement along with that, and then there‘s a lot of sadness. I mean, you‘re leaving things that you love. But my over-riding feeling was one of relief," he has told Entertainment Weekly. Read more »
LOST fans already struggling to get through an eight month hiatus have something else to wait for as well, the third season DVD set.  Dubbed ‘LOST – The Unexplored Third Season,’ the set will remain unexplored until December 11th at the latest when the network announced it will release the set.  The unusually late release date has LOST fans bristling all over the LOST fan communities. Read more »
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje had numerous acting credits but became a household name when he was cast on ABC’s Lost. He played the role of Mr. Eko, first appearing on the episode “Adrift,” the second episode of season two. Due to his tremendous guilt over the death of his priest brother, he decided to carry on his brother’s priest duties while struggling to put behind his own past as a ruthless and vicious warlord in Nigeria. He had a notable stick, which he adorned with carvings in reference to Biblical passages and referred to them as “things I need to remember.” Following a dispute with Locke regarding the rationale of pushing the button in the hatch, Mr. Eko ended up unconscious as a result of an explosion in the hatch. Somehow, he survived the disaster but was believed to be dragged onto a polar bear’s lair. He was rescued to by Locke but soon encountered the “monster” of black smoke, which finally led to his death on the episode entitled “The Cost of Living.” Read more »
Ian Somerhalder was most famous for playing Boone Carlyle on the television series Lost. Due to his fondness for his stepsister Shannon, he was often gullible to her concocted scams to get his attention and money. Throughout the show, he maintained a generally helpful attitude towards other survivors and remained to be protective of Shannon. Drawn to Locke’s survival and hunting skills, he eventually became his protégé, but unfortunately sustained severe injuries and died on the episode entitled “Do No Harm” near the end of Season 1.  However, since his death on the show, he had appeared five times in forms of flashbacks and dreams sequences in episodes entitled “Exodus: Part 1 & 2,” “Abandoned,” “Further Instructions,” and “Exposé.” Read more »
Despite sharing many of the same fans, the LOST vs Heroes debate is alive and well in the netlands.  Fans of Heroes cite its shorter arcs and quicker delivery of revelations as the marks of superior story telling, while LOST fans point to Heroes panned finale as evidence that its competitor is operating at a ‘he who burns brightest, burns out first’ pace.   From a critical standpoint, LOST’s cinematic pacing and mind bending ending left fans with nothing but stunned curiosity to hold them over.  Heroes, on the other hand, suffered from one of LOST’s most frequent criticisms by offering a final show down that failed to resolve any major conflicts, and a final twist that was a head scratcher, at best. Read more »
LOST star  Matthew Fox appeared at a press conference this week to unveil the geek-friendly design of the nearly mythical Mach Five speedster from the upcoming feature film version of Speed Racer. Written and Directed by the legendary Wachowski brothers, the $100million dollar live action adaptation of the popular cartoon will feature Fox as the enigmatic ‘Racer X,’ foil to the shows eponymous lead characters Speed. Read more »
Last year LOST was famously snubbed at the Emmys in most of the major dramatic award categories.  Some blamed it on LOST outing itself with more straight sci-fi elements, others noted the unevenness of the season, most, however, blamed a new voting system that seemed to favor newcomers over consistency.   In the blogosphere, the debate raged that LOST’s descent into formula and the mishandling of major reveals validated its omission from the major characters, while stalwart fans were incredulous over the Emmy snub.   With a redeeming third season behind it, many considering it the best season of LOST ever, the fan’s, as well as the creator’s, hopes are galvanized once again. We have some early word on what LOST producers may be submitting for Emmy consideration, and the selection looks diverse, and good. Read more »
Several of LOST‘s stars will be either working on or appearing in various theatrical efforts while the show is on hiatus.  With projects ranging from violent revenge thrillers, political intrigue, and suspenseful horror, LOST stars Matthew Fox,  Evangeline Lilly,  Naveen Andrews, and Josh Holloway shouldn‘t be too concerned about having been typecast by ABC‘s  island drama. Read more »
LOST star Terry O‘Quinn (John Locke) filmed an episode of Masters of Science Fiction, from the producers of Masters of Horror, but ABC has now announced it is trimming the limited run series from six to four episodes.  O’Quinn’s LOST pedigree will no doubt make his installment “The General Zapped an Angel” a shoe-in for the airings, which will begin Saturdays in August at 10:00pm est. Read more »
Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof are two men who are definitely feeling the pressure when it comes to formulating the ends to television shows.  They have 48 episodes to go before they close the book on LOST forever.  Even though the end is three years away, LOST fans are already debating how the show should end; conclusively, or open ended.  The debate, as you probably guessed, is far from over.  In the end, of course, we’ll be left with whatever the LOST producers decide, and if the ending follows suit with the rest of the show it will be something that none of us will expect.  (Unless we read those nasty spoilers.) Read more »
LOST producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof have announced that the ending of LOST has been conceived.  Recently the LOST creative staff held a top-secret summit and mapped out the next three seasons of the show including the moment that will bring LOST to a close forever. Don’t worry, it won’t be a Sopranos cut away.  Read more »
The LOST mobisodes have been one of the shows most elusive mysteries;  promised for almost three years, the mobisode project has been pushed back so many times fans had practically given up.   Finally, when LOST fans need them most, the mobisodes are on their way to give LOST fans some much needed island mystery stimulus through the torturous eight month wait.  The only question is, what the heck is a mobisode? Read more »
With season four of LOST still a forbidding seven-eight months away, fans have taken to remixing episodes to amuse themselves.  The most infamous LOST remix so far, the plane crash from all possible angles, even made the national news, popping up everywhere from Attack of the Show to Headline news, in addition to topping Digg and - of course - LOST fan sites everywhere. Read more »
LOST fans are an eclectic creed, some are along for the ride, some are casually caught up in the mystery, and at the hardened core are the fans that will leave no stone unturned in the quest to find a theory that will "explain it all."  Who knows who coined the term "Unified Theory of LOST,"  but the quest to define a scientific and philosophical context that explains the relationship between LOST‘s many mysterious conundrums has attracted a diverse and highly qualified set of individuals. Read more »
Regardless of how well you do or do not understand what is going on while watching Lost – the Season 3 finale should have flipped you out.  And if you are a Lost Theorist, it should have taught you to never write your theories in ink.  I‘m not sure "game changer" is a strong enough definition for what was dropped upon us in "Through the Looking Glass."  Lost has never really followed the proverbial television rulebook as it is, but making the Jack-centric flashes scenes from the future, rather than from the past, broke some kind of Lost rulebook.   So maybe the real lesson learned is that the Lost universe, as conjured up by Lost Labs, has no rules.  At least, none that are restricted from eventually being broken.   Read more »
LOST co-creators J.J Abrams and Damon Lindelof have begun discussing their joint production of the 11th Star Trek film, currently working under the conspicuous working title of Star trek XI.   The film is a touchy subject among the series’ vast and diverse fan base.  One wrong move with the Star Trek mythology and a nation of Star Trek fans could converge, spewing fluent Klingon and packing Vulcan nerve pinches. Is all the worry amongst Trek fans warranted? Read more »
Rumors are flying that the LOST video game developed by UBISoft’s Montreal studio has been put on hold, for the time being.  So far, however, there has been no official announcement to this effect.   In fact, the last report to surface on the LOST game was that a sample had been shown to producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse and they were pleased with UBISoft’s progress. Read more »
Two years ago, Lost won the Emmy award for Outstanding Drama Series. Last year, it was snubbed in all the major categories, the lone holdout being Henry Ian Cusick’s Guest Actor nomination for playing Desmond. This year, with even newer rules changes in the nomination process, Lost’s Emmy chances are much improved and it could make a big comeback for the way it returned to its early levels of greatness.When Lost won the Emmy, the nomination process was simple: all the voters pick their favorites, and whatever shows get the five most votes are the nominees. For Lost’s first season, this worked well as it was the hot new show with huge ratings that everyone loved. Read more »
Anxious Lost fans and creators can forget the Emmy awards for the moment, Lost has swept the major categories for the 2007 Teen Choice awards and the trophy is something Lost cast and crew could actually put to use, a genuine life size surfboard.   While Lost’s cast and crew wait nervously to hear whether or not they will be avenged for the infamous season two Emmy snub, public voting has opened on FOX’s award program that accepts votes only from teenagers. Read more »
When word circulated that some of Lost’s finale was filmed in Los Angeles, rumors spread quickly that season four may bring even more mainland filming.  The studio, producers, actors, and probably the guys who sweep the floors are all locked down in radio silence at this point, so the rumors have been free to thrive. Read more »
Transformers audiences got a peek at a mysterious new project from Lost co-creator J.J. Abrams.  Known as Untitled J.J. Abrams Project on, and rumored to be shot under the faux working titles of Clover and Cloverfield, the trailer circulating with prints of Transformers begins at a going away party and is shot entirely on camcorder.  At first it seems like just another happening New York gig, then things get really weird. Read more »
Of all the mysteries related to the ABC television behemoth Lost, one that may never be revealed is how someone as nice and engaging as William Mapother can play a character as duplicitous and sometimes terrifying as Ethan Rom on the show. Sure, our glimpses of Ethan in Juliet‘s flashbacks may soften his edges a bit. But there are few Lost fans out there who will ever forget the moment at the end of "Raised by Another" when Hurley tells Jack that there is one person who‘s name is not on the manifest – then we screen cut to Ethan with Charlie and Claire. Yikes!This week, BuddyTV had an opportunity to talk to William Mapother in "his own skin," rather than Ethan‘s. In the interview, he talks about how he got into acting, getting the role of Ethan, as well as about the new show K-Ville, that is coming to Fox this Fall and on which he had a role in the pilot episode. Read more »
The information drought is about to end for Lost fans.  Not only has the Lost panel finally been officially booked for the San Diego comic-con, it has been conspicuously advertised as the “Lost Season Four” panel, meaning impatient fans might be in store for an information overload.  Here are a few items to look out for in particular. Read more »
Evangeline Lilly set the world on fire when she entered the TV world as Kate Austen on the mega-hit ABC drama Lost. Prior to being cast on Lost, Evangeline was about as unknown as an actress can get. Her only speaking part of note came in the form of commercials for a late-night dating hot line. Read more »
I not only write for BuddyTV, I‘m also a proud customer.DocArzt, a man who lives and breathes Lost, has broken an incredibly major, earth shattering spoiler regarding next week‘s episode and it‘s left me a tad distraught. The revelation of the spoiler is, well, unexpected. Don‘t go past the jump if you don‘t want to ruin next week‘s surprise.  Read more »
That was a worthy end to Lost‘s truncated Fall season. There‘s no other way to say it. Exciting, tense, with cliffhangers galore. I know fans are now going to be in withdrawal for the next 13 weeks, but at least Lost left us on a high note. I mean, that episode was incredible. Jack was as pro-active a protagonist as you could ask for in the episode, and I thoroughly enjoyed everything that had to do with Kate. Ben was as creepy and mysterious as ever and I still have no idea where Juliet stands. Let‘s ponder the main events of last night‘s episode with another Lost Six-Pack: Read more »
Lost co-creator J.J. Abrams is messing with our heads again.  This time, it is the mysterious bit of trailer that preceded the box office hit film Transformers.  At first, the untitled bit of candid footage that appears to depict the beginning of some sort of giant monster attack was a completely unexpected and unknown commodity.  Godzilla?  Lost?  Voltron? Cthulu?  Even Paramount, the company thought to be backing it, wasn‘t talking.  Now details have slowly began to leak out about the mysterious flick. Read more »
Over the next few weeks a flood of Lost information will hit the net exciting die hard fans, and enticing the unconverted.  The urge to join the story may be stalled by one fact:  the uninitiated have three seasons of story to catch up on if they decide to board Lost‘s magical mystery train to island adventure.  A daunting task, for sure, but perhaps not a necessary one.  If your fear of joining the Lost ride is that you may find yourself, well, lost, don‘t despair.  Punching your ticket may be more painless than you think. Read more »
After three years as the leading lady on ABC‘s hit Lost, Evangeline Lilly could probably have her pick of Hollywood blockbusters.  Instead, the artistically inclined Lilly has chosen a small independent thriller to launch her big screen career, and doesn‘t hesitate to speak her mind when it comes to her aversion to “blockbusters.” Read more »
Matthew Fox, who portrays Jack on Lost, is currently filming the big-screen adaptation of Speed Racer over in Germany.  Fox plays Speed‘s nemesis, the evil Racer X.  Now, Racer X has a love interest.  Nayo Wallace (The Brothers, Sleeper Cell) has been cast as Minx, Racer X‘s girlfriend.  She joins an already high-profile cast that includes Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci, Susan Sarandon, John Goodman, Scott Porter and Shaft himself, Richard Roundtree.Speed Racer, before one makes negative judgments on a live-action remake of an old Japanese cartoon, is a project that is being made by some legitimate filmmakers.  The Wachowski Brothers, the enigmatic team behind the Matrix films and Bound, are directing the project.  This is their first movie since finishing the Matrix trilogy.  Read more »
According to Emmy forecasters, Lost and Heroes are vying for each other‘s slot in the Best Drama category.  No analysts are predicting room enough for both of the fantasy infused title in this vital category.   While no one is saying it, it seems the voters favor a more ‘serious‘ majority in the categories five slots.  Despite making the shortlist, Heroes is considered a darkhorse at this year‘s Emmy awards.  A few weeks ago when the shortlist‘s leaked, Heroes fans were emboldened by the shows inclusion in the top ten.  Predictors are now favoring against Heroes collecting any significant number of nominations. Read more »
Zap2it readers are picking Lost to win in the Outstanding Drama Series category at this years Emmy awards.  This data comes on the heels of prediction data that says that either Heroes or Lost will get a nomination in the category, but not both.   While the race may be tight amongst the actual Emmy voters, entertainment media, and various other armchair Emmy forecasters, there was no contest where Zap2it‘s readership was concerned. Read more »
The CBS press tour is probably the last place anyone would expect to receive Lost news, but it happened anyway.  Or not.   During the panel for the Jimmy Smits led Cane, costar Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert on Lost) was asked if he would be returning to Lost in season four to resume his character‘s story.  He answered with a resounding ‘I don‘t know‘ that will echo in the Lost community for months. Read more »
Frequent Lost director, and fan favorite, Stephen Williams has signed on for the duration of the show, and received a new title as well.  The director of twelve of Lost‘s most pivotal episodes, the auteur has risen to the role of Co-Executive Producer on the show.  The new deal means Williams will be continuing to cast his directorial magic on the show right through to Lost‘s final season, which will air in 2010. Read more »
Lost Producer JJ Abrams‘ top-secret monster movie has been the talk of  the net ever since the mysterious, title less trailer premiered with “Transformers.”  Over the last few days some startling new information has popped up on the net, including what appears to be some voyeuristically captured behind the scenes video on YouTube, as well as what very well could be a shot of the poster from the new movie, complete with title. Read more »
Lost was looking for payback this year over its 2006 Emmy snub, and instead got more of the same.   The ABC show that many critics and fans alike feel hit its high point in its third season evaded the top tier of the Emmy nominations, Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series, and Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series, but did manage to snag a handful of respectable nominations none the less.Adding to this year‘s disappointment is the fact that Lost received fewer nominations than it did last year, which was the year that coined the term ‘snub.‘   So, not only did Lost fail to rebound to its season one glory, as far as the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences is concerned, it didn‘t even live up to its second season. Read more »
So, Lost did not achieve the Outstanding Drama Series Nomination and you‘re bummed out.  Maybe, it is because you have missed the point.   Critics and fans are aghast at Lost‘s apparent ‘snub,‘ but in reality, what happened was not necessarily a snub.  In fact, Lost‘s meager nominations were in highly important categories and may have been an affirmation that the momentum fans felt going up to the Emmy announcements was, while a little misguided, very justified. Read more »
The big news for Lost fans this week was the show‘s failure to gain an Outstanding Drama Series nomination at the Emmys.   Some fans were heartbroken, others expected it, some were outraged, and still some disregarded the idea of a ‘snub‘ and chose to celebrate the important and highly relevant nominations the show did receive.  Here is a sampling of what Lost fans had to say from all around the internet. Read more »
Forget all of those rumors about Ubisoft’s Lost game being shelved, word came today that the closely guarded game will finally make its first live appearance at the San Diego Comic Con Lost panel later this month.   Besides giving fans a peek at the elusive game, the Lost creators and cast will be on hand to discuss the upcoming season three Dvd box set, season four of Lost, and yes, even the much anticipated series finale. Read more »
Both Heroes and Lost will be making high stakes appearances at the fast approaching San Diego Comic-Con. Heroes will be introducing clips from its forthcoming season as well as unveiling its high definition HD-DVD season one box set. Lost will be breaking months of radio silence to shed light on the shocking revelations of its season three finale, giving the first public look at the top secret Lost video game in development at Ubi Soft, will discuss the fourth season, and share some bits of info on the upcoming season three DVD box set and Verizon Mobisode campaign. Which show will walk away with the most post convention buzz?  Read more »
The next two weeks will be big ones for Lost fans.  The studio press tours will no doubt bring some new information, perhaps word on a new time slot.  Thursday will bring the  Emmy award nominations, and next week fans will receive what is expected to be a huge download of information from the Lost Season Four panel at the San Diego Comic Con.   Lost fans should savor every moment, though.  It looks like once the Comic Con panel has passed, the Lost creative team will be going back into information lock down as the fourth season begins filming. Read more »
The Television Critics Press Tour moved on to ABC this morning, and nervous Lost fans remaining glued to the web were initially shut out by ABC exec Stephen McPherson‘s refusal to make any announcements in advance of the crew‘s annual Comic Con appearance.  As the reporters in attendance continued to press, however, McPherson got passed a note and was given the go ahead to reveal one surprising bit of information.  Actor Harold Perrineau has officially rejoined the Lost cast for season four. Read more »
Months ago the rumor circulated that ABC’s hit Lost would be coming to Blu Ray High Definition disk with the release of its third season.  The network quickly denied the rumor, dashing the hopes of Lost-philes everywhere.  The increased resolution of Blu Ray, 1080 lines vs Lost’s 720 HD broadcast standard, coupled with the formats superior bandwidth – less noise, more clarity – would be a boon for fans obsessed with examining the often obscure and hazy hidden images and text scattered throughout Lost.  Of course, the improved resolution would be just fine for casual viewers as well.  Today, despite Disney’s previous denial that the set exists, began taking pre-orders for the Blu Ray set.  Is it on, or not? Read more »
The ballroom was standing room only for the Lost: Season 4 presentation, and it‘s not hard to see why.  The last half of Lost‘s third season was, arguably, the best creative stretch the show has ever seen.  The final scene game-changer with Jack and Kate put fans in a tizzy and increased both the anticipation and expectations going into season 4.  Couple that with the announcement of an end date (only 48 more episodes) and it‘s an exciting time to be a Lost fan.  They kept it simple this year at Comicon, giving us a basic, hour-long Q & A.  Read more »
Comicon brought copious revelations for Lost fans who have been suffering through months of ‘radio silence‘ since the series ended its third season on an enigmatic note.  Probably the most talked about revelation of the night was the short clipped played at the end of the panel as Lost‘s Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof, and Harold Perrineau exited stage left.  The clip featured an iconic figure in the Lost mythology, and revealed some new information which may, or may not, be of huge importance to those trying to decode just what is going on with the island. Read more »
What happens in the future stays in the future, according to Lost‘s co-producer Carlton Cuse.  Even though the question of Lost‘s flash-forward device was answered somewhat conclusively at the San Diego Comicon, some fans are still trying to grasp the implications within the context of the story, as well as the flow of the story.  Since we know that Lost does not end with our beloved castaways getting off the island, will the show‘s present tense eventually take place off the island? Read more »
Details on two new recurring Lost characters have leaked out onto the internet sending news starved fans into a tizzy of speculation.  The first real news about what sort of people may possibly be on the approaching freighter, or a different group of people are together, are outlined, but Lost fans would do well to remember that last year Lost‘s clever creative staff used bogus character information to send fans in the wrong direction. Read more »
Comicon brought a number of thought provoking tidbits for Lost fans, but one important detail is still unknown.  When will Lost air?   The later timeslot of Lost‘s third season proved to be a pet peeve for change averse fans.  Many argued that the change, from 9pm to 10pm, contributed to the ratings attrition Lost suffered last season.  With that in mind, many fans are growing more and more anxious over the fact that Lost has yet to be given a place on ABC‘s midseason schedule.  Read more »
Just when you thought Lost was reentering its news blackout comes word of two new characters and one potential addition to the regular cast that may come as a huge surprise to Lost fans.  With a boatload – literally – of new characters arriving on the shores of Lost‘s mysterious island when the series returns in February, it‘s a safe bet at least some of this new characters represent the mysterious force that looms off shore.  For more information, and possible spoilers, read on. Read more »
Chicago Magazine ran an article on a piece of Lost‘s past you may not be familiar with.  Then again, you should be familiar with it since this particular piece is featured in the opening credits of each and every episode of Lost.  The piece of Lost‘s past is a show called Nowhere, and the man who wrote it is Jeffrey Lieber.  The story of how Nowhere ceased to exist, and Lost took its place is something most in the entertainment press talk about with professional sterility.  How Jeffrey Lieber‘s rejected pilot for Nowhere allowed him to strong arm a piece of the Lost pie, along with top billing in the ‘Created By‘ credit is something a lot of people would rather not discuss at all. Read more »
Harold Perrineau‘s return to Lost was planned, according to the actor himself.  In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Perrineau talked a great deal about what his time was like away from Lost and how he feels about coming back to the show.  In the process he dropped at least one subtle hint as to what the future of his character may be when Lost returns in February.The word of Harold‘s return broke into the internet spoiler outlets in season 3.  The rumor floating around at that point was that Lost‘s producers were negotiating furiously for Harold to return for a part in the finale.  Instead, we were treated to another ghostly appearance of Walt. Read more »
Former Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell may not be out of work for long.  TV Guide is reporting the spunky starlet may be up for the role of a new possible season regular in ABC‘s mega hit Lost.  Bell joining the cast of Lost would be ironic, since Veronica Mars‘ first season had the misfortune of being positioned against Lost in its first season. Be careful, minor spoilers are ahead. Read more »
“I heard it on the internet, so it must be true.” Famous last words of anyone at the water cooler trying to dish spoilers on their favorite shows.  All too often, spoilers, rumors, and conjectures published on the internet prove to be far from true, a fact that Lost fans know better than anybody else.  The vast and imaginative Lost scene has developed a sort of environmentally induced reasoning capacity that results in wild speculation from even the most concise material. Thanks to Doc Jensen at Entertainment Weekly, we have a few examples to share, and some hit close to home. Read more »
Lost star Terry O‘Quinn, who received an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of mystical survivalist John Locke, will headline this weekend‘s latest episode of Masters of Science Fiction.  ABC has been receiving some friction from critics for placing the short run anthology in the curious Saturday 10pm time slot.  The series features stories adapted from legendary science fiction authors, directed by genre heavies, star an ensemble of veteran actors, and is narrated by the smartest man on the planet, Stephen Hawkings. Read more »
Lost fandom was gushing last week with the news that former Veronica Mars‘ lead Kristin Bell was being considered for a regular part on the island, however it was not to be.  No sooner had the rumor made its rounds through the fan community, it was shot down again by the source.  It appears that Kristin Bell has declined the invitation to appear on Lost. Read more »
Lost withdrawal can be a savage thing, and five or six months is a long time to wait for a fix.  Sure, you can always watch the series over from the beginning, several times.  You could read Bad Twin until your eyes bleed.  Commiserate with the thousands of other fans on the forums, or tap into the steady flow of totally bogus rumors being generated by fan sites desperate to keep their adsense checks plump.  What‘s a fan to do? Diversify.  Read more »
Welcome to part two of Lostalikes.  Part of our ongoing series of suggested works of television, literature, or cinema that may satiate your thirst for Lost.  Sure, you could sit and watch the whole series over again, and wind up just deepening your despair, or you could take the opportunity to charge your intellectual batteries with comparable mind bending outlets.   Not only will Lostalikes keep your brain nimble for the mysteries of season 4, it may load you full of new brain kata  to battle the puzzles that commence when ‘not penny‘s boat‘ pulls ashore. Read more »
It was an artist‘s nightmare.  In the weeks running up to the premiere of the Lost season 3 finale, a shady info-thief by the name of Lostfan108 leaked a complete synopsis of the pivotal episode, shocking conclusion and all, to the internet.  The site where the synopsis initially appeared, AintItCoolNews, reacted slowly to censor the information, which appeared without a disclaimer.  Within hours, the culmination of a Herculean production and creative effort was being judged by thousands of fans on the basis of a few paragraphs of sloppy exposition. If an episode can be spoiled within a few weeks of release, imagine what is at stake this season as Lost attempts to keep as many as a dozen or more episodes under wraps as the six-month hiatus passes. Read more »
With the announcement of Veronica Mars‘ Kristen Bell appearing on Heroes coming hot on the heels of her declining an alleged regular role on Lost, its not surprising that some outlets are running with the notion that Heroes stole, or somehow won, Bell away from the Lost gang.  The rivalry between the shows exists almost entirely in the minds of overzealous fans, and there are many news blogs and even mainstream media sites that waste no time exploiting it.  In this case, though, the truth reveals a much different scenario. Read more »
TV Guide is reporting that a former The Sopranos guest star is joining the regular cast of Lost.  Scoopmaster Michael Ausiello broke the news exclusively today of both the identity of the actor as well as the part he will likely play.  His nationality makes room for some very interesting speculation as well.  Since this is the first news to prove true outside of vague character descriptions and the sad let down last week from Kristen Bell, you can definitely consider the information to be somewhere near spoilerish in nature. You are warned. Read more »
The Lost Blu Ray set finally has a box design.  Not strikingly different from the season 3 standard definition DVD box set,  the Blu Ray counterpart essentially adds some of the signature Blu Ray gradients to the border and replaces most of the green on the spine.  As for the set itself, still no word on whether or not Disney has included any additional High Definition materials for the set.When we spoke to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse several months ago, the market for High Definition series sets was still an unknown arena.  With the proliferation of consumer hardware picking up rapidly, thanks mostly to Microsoft‘s HD-DVD add on for the Xbox 360, and Sony‘s Blu Ray compatible Playstation 3, a lot of studios are entering the high definition market at the eleventh hour. Read more »
Yet, another Lost casting scoop has made its way onto the internet.  This time it concerns a mysterious Tall and Thin man that was described in a recent casting notice for ABC‘s hit drama.  In addition to who will be playing this mysterious character, a new twist has arisen concerning some Lost casting news that was broken earlier this week.  Read on, but be aware of minor spoilers. Read more »
Lost may have missed out on Kristen Bell, but it looks like the fans may have won out in the end!  More casting scoops have been reported today that give us a peek at who Lost‘s casting hounds may have chosen to fill the role that was originally offered to Kristen Bell.  If you‘ve been watching Lost‘s latest additions closely, you‘ve probably noticed a certain quality to hit opposite extremes of charisma and creepiness.  This addition is no exception.  Also, another new casting move, and some healthy speculation.  Beware of minor spoilers. Read more »
So where is the radio silence?  That was a question I heard as I was sitting at my desk groping desperately for any little bit of Lost rumorage to weave some excitement around. “Good question.” I said to myself, and went back to the interwebs, im, and emails hoping to shake something loose.  The fact is, the latest crop of Lost casting leaks may seem like something special, but the reality is they are not.  In fact, they could be much ado about nothing. Read more »
More details are emerging concerning the Lost Blu Ray edition that will be hitting stores later this year.   Since Touchstone/BV Home Entertainment have yet to release the technical specs for the set, fans have been pre-ordering the set in the blind.  We‘ve been on the hunt for details, and yesterday received words from Lost maestro Carlton Cuse that the Blu Ray set will definitely give Lost the quality treatment it deserves.  Did we ever doubt it? Read more »
Lost fans in Hawaii will be given a rare treat when the shows soundtrack composer Michael Giacchino and star Terry O‘Quinn join the Honolulu Symphony for a concert performance of the show‘s haunting and dynamic score. Giacchino will provide the score while O‘Quinn, who plays John Locke on Lost, will read passages over the symphony. The Lost score has been an integral part of the show‘s immerse nature.  It raises and falls with the emotional cues, and emphasizing the beauty, mystery, and danger of the island in an organic way that fuses with the story-telling nature of Lost. Read more »
Lost has secured the talents of yet another intense screen presence.  Entertainment Weekly broke the news today that Jeff Fahey (The Lawnmower Man, Psycho 3, Grindhouse) will be joining the cast in a role that is, according to producers, a custom fit for the actor.  Known in his early career for his piercing blue eyes and chiseled physique, Fahey has become more of a menacing screen presence with his weathered good looks and gruff elocution.  Like so many of Lost‘s recent additions, Fahey exhibits this sort of coiled tension.  He can be a very scary man. Read more »
In case you missed part one and two of our Lost hiatus relief story: Lostalikes is that last bastion of hope for those weirdness-starved Lost fans whose hearts are about to implode at the thought of the slowly  shrinking vacuum between season 3 and 4 of their favorite show, Lost.   Here we try to uncover obscure movies and television shows from yesteryear with the capacity to evoke a little of that feeling you get when a mysterious hatch is found in the ground, or you discover your abandoned island is occupied by disembodied voices and sentient clouds of smoke.  This week we throw obscurity to the wind and dig into the closets of Lost‘s kingpins of the bizarre themselves to see what freaky skeletons hide amongst the lava lamps, Louis L‘Amour novels, and Star Wars lunch boxes. Read more »
Last week we asked, “Are the ‘Lost‘ Casting Scoops Much Ado About Nothing?”  This morning, via an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lost producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof gave the definitive answer to that question as they discussed the five new actors coming to Lost in season 4.The scope of our piece was not so much are the casting announcements newsworthy, as much as do they reveal anything of consequence about the show.  As information began to dribble out, imaginations were fired across the web and before you knew it fan sites were dripping with story details and character names all derived from the casting sheets.  As it turns out, none of that is true. Read more »
Lost star Henry Ian Cusick may be stepping in to replace Mandy Patinkin in a new made-for-DVD Dead Like Me movie.  Depending on who you ask, the film is either currently filming or will be shortly.  No word on how filming may impact Cusick‘s commitments to Lost, but being that this is a direct-to-video venture and not a mainstream theatrical production the impact could be virtually non-existent, particularly since the Lost gang has so much lead time to play around with. Read more »
The Lost producers have broken radio silence yet again, this time to Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) magazine.  Lost showrunners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof entertained a sidebar interview with the eminent gaming magazine to answer some pressing questions about the upcoming Lost video game from Ubisoft.  Simple stuff like, are the numbers involved, do you have to play the game to understand the show, and so on.  Read on for a little bit of what they had to say. Read more »
Lost may be off the air, but there are still plenty of opportunities to catch some of your favorite Lost stars on both the small screen, and the big screen.  Here is an overview of some upcoming projects featuring the Lost thespians flexing their considerable acting chops. Read more »
The fall television season is rapidly approaching.  The official kick-off is, kind of, tonight when NBC‘s The Biggest Loser premieres, but the real action starts next week.  It‘s exciting, gearing up for the new season, but I couldn‘t help but feel an aching emptiness to the proceedings.  It wasn‘t major, but I knew something was missing, though I couldn‘t tell what.  Then, while watching the pilot for the new CBS drama Cane, I saw Nestor Carbonell and realized what it was.  There‘s no Lost this fall.  Read more »
Lost remains in “radio silence,” but that does not mean that the rumor mill has slowed down.  The latest, and perhaps most provocative rumor to surface concerning ABC‘s island mystery is that a time slot has finely been eyeballed for the show.  Fans famously kvetched about the later 10pm est slot Lost took during the final leg of its third season.  Ever the fan pleasers, ABC‘s execs and Lost creators alike have given subtle hints to addressing the concerns of the disgruntled masses.  If this latest rumble proves true, it could lead to the creation of a television “super night.” Read more »
One of Lost‘s latest additions, Rebecca Mader, dropped a few interesting hints regarding her character in a British radio interview.  So far, the Lost producers have said very little regarding the new stable of characters joining the show.  The only thing known about Mader‘s character, until now, is that the role was made British after they met Mader.  Beware, some might consider some of Mader‘s comments to be spoilers. Read more »
When the Emmy nominations were announced earlier this summer, Lost fans came away bitter and angry for the second straight year.  The show had been snubbed again in most of the major categories.  Remember, Lost won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series in its first season, a category in which it hasn‘t been nominated since. This year, the show was nominated for writing, directing, editing, sound editing and twice in the supporting actor category.  With the 2007 Emmys coming up on Sunday, I figured it be worth it to take a look at Lost‘s chances of taking home a statue or two.  Before we analyze the individual categories, I want to make it clear that this is not what I want to happen, but what I believe will happen.  If it were up to me, I‘d give Lost every Emmy in every drama category and The Office every comedy category and call it a day. Read more »
It was a long time coming, but Lost‘s own John Locke, Terry O‘Quinn, finally brought home one of those lightening winged ladies with the atom in her grasp.  It was the second Emmy nomination of O‘Quinn‘s career, the first going out for his incredible Lost season 1 performance as the mystical survivalist. O‘Quinn‘s season 3 performance, however, truly demonstrated O‘Quinn‘s command over a vast and nuanced palette of emotions. Read more »
More Lost casting rumors are making the rounds, along with some new character descriptions.  As usual, it should be pointed out that casting/character info is carefully released into casting channels to prevent any deep story elements from being revealed.  However, the character descriptions usually represent some aspect of personality that may be present in the ‘real‘ character.  With that in mind, let‘s analyze some of the casting rumors currently circulating the net. Read more »
Look at what we have here.  The picture that accompanies this article is the first glimpse of Lost: Season 4.  You can clearly see Jack Shepard there, with a gun pointed at him by a fallen parachuter.  What are we to make of this?  There is clearly much speculation to be had and although such speculation will almost certainly prove itself to be false, we might as well have a go.  What kind of Lost fans would we be if we didn‘t create false hypotheses? Read more »
A few months back we began a series of articles dedicated to helping jonzin‘ Lost fans find a bit of the show‘s flavor in lesser known works of Television, Film, and virtually any other entertainment medium. Along the way, we wrestled with decoding just what the ‘Lost‘ sensibilities were.  After a while, the notion arose to turn the question of what Lost‘s recipe contained back to the very people who create it.  The find folks at Lost were all too happy to oblige, so over the next few weeks we will bring you profiles of some of the amazingly talented writers that work behind the scenes to ensure Lost keeps moving to its tell-tale rhythm.  In their own words, several of Lost‘s finest word=smiths will let fans feel their creative pulse as they share what inspires them to write, what they are interested in right now, and what they would recommend Lost fans sample while they wait for a return to “The Island.” Read more »
Producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof celebrated the anniversary of Lost‘s impetus, the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, by temporarily breaking radio silence and talking directly to fans.  The result was a special Lost podcast that was released on the ABC website on Friday.  During the show, Cuse and Lindelof called fans who had submitted questions and chatted with them by phone.  The answers were far from earth shattering but did address a few dangling issues. Read more »
This past weekend, a promo for Lost celebrating the anniversary of the crash of Oceanic flight 815 aired on ABC.  The promo itself is unspectacular.   Text over rolling surf.  No new footage.  No return date.  Nothing of any extreme consequence.  Or is there?   Eagle eyed fans noticed something hidden in the final frame of the promo.  A message from ABC‘s marketing department? Read on for the promo and some speculation on what this latest Lost easter egg may mean. Read more »
Lost star Jorge Garcia appeared on the “Jay & Jack Ramblecast” as a co-host this week.  The pod cast is not the duo‘s award winning “Lost Pod cast,” ironically; it is a podcast devoted to discussing pop culture in general.  But with Garcia‘s proximity to the two Lost geeks, it wasn‘t long before the discussion turned, briefly, to matters of a mysterious island nature. Read more »
With a few months to go before the Lost season 3 box set arrives on US shelves, foreign press sites have begun to publish details on their version of the set, which is hitting retail shelves next month.  The general outlook for Lost fans is good, but will the set necessarily be identical in both markets?   More than likely, it will.  For more details read ahead. Read more »
Last we week we profiled Lost‘s Brian K. Vaughan (Ex Machina) for our series on ‘Getting Lost.‘  Next up is Lost‘s dynamic duo of Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.  Interviewing them was a little schizophrenic at first, because they tend to answer as one person.  When I dug a little deeper, I found this wasn‘t just an idiosyncrasy for the day.  The two have been writing together since they met at the University of Wisconsin – go Badgers. Read more »
Alright, let‘s just pretend the “radio silence” thing never happened.  Every time we think that the Lost bunch has dialed us out, they leap out of nowhere with a few interesting tidbits to keep us thinking until February.   Granted the latest round may not, at first, seem so earth shattering, there may be a few extremely revelatory statements hidden below the surface.  For some spoilerish analysis, read on. Read more »
Lost is well known for its Easter Eggs.  Little bits of info, shout outs, literary name dropping, hidden in the minutiae of the show.  This past Monday, NBC‘s Chuck, even though on a totally different network, contained a Lost Easter Egg of its own, and while the shout out to the guys at ABC may have been done in good spirits, it did cause a momentary furor amongst fans.  Some thought it was part of Lost‘s canon. Read more »
Former Oz star Harold Perrineau may be returning to Lost when the show returns, but impatient fans can get a glimpse of his acting chops in next week‘s episode of CSI, “Go To Hell.”  Perrineau will play Rev. Rhodes in the creepy episode involving devil worship.  Strangely enough, Perrineau had co-starred as an evil fighting priest in the so far unaired horror pilot “Demons,” which CBS had passed on, fortuitously paving the way for Perrineau to return to ABC. Read more »
It‘s difficult for me to try and discuss Lost.  Just the mere though of Lost still being months away from premiering makes me curl up into the fetal position.  It‘s sickening.  I want Lost.  I need Lost.  This being the case, I‘ve found that the best route to go is to ignore the show altogether.  Pretend like it doesn‘t exist.  If I can do that, then everything is OK.  However, this is difficult to do when Lost news begins to arrive, especially when said news is about the direction the writers are taking with season four.  Today, I read this quote from Damon Lindelof discussing the flash forwards and flash backs they‘ll use for season 4: “Every week will hopefully be a guessing game as to not just who will be focused on, but when we‘re focusing on them.”  Read more »
Has anybody noticed that there are only four months left before the return of Lost?  It‘s true.  Sure there is the minor question of what day - a lot of people are starting to say good old Wednesday - but as the days tick by, the wait begins to resemble a more ‘normal‘ hiatus.  As the wait grows shorter, the drip of information grows longer, and it won‘t be long until the powers of ABC are rolling out Lost hype on an industrial scale. When will it all begin?  Maybe sooner than you think. Read more »
The first week of the year is always full of television anticipation. Everyone‘s favorite shows are returning or preparing to do so. The big mid-season programs are just around the corner and viewers are patiently awaiting their premieres. Our Fan Popularity Rankings for last week are entirely indicative of the viewers‘ state of mind. Less than half of the shows on our FPR top ten had original episodes during the week.This further proves that interest in the high level shows is sustained even when they‘re off the air. Although the Nielsen Ratings are a great barometer for pure ratings numbers, we feel the FPR does a better job of ranking TV shows based on the rabidness of their fans. For instance, although CSI may have an extremely high number of viewers, its fans aren‘t out there searching the internet or buying the DVDs. Last week‘s rankings are after the jump. Read more »
Finally.After a month of holidays, egg nog, and more Snoopy and Ralphie Parker than one knows what to do with, we‘re finally back to normal. January is upon us, 2007 has begun its tyrannical, 300-plus day reign, and our favorite TV shows will no longer bludgeon us with repeats. Tomorrow, January 3rd, brings the return of a couple of our favorites, as well as two brand new shows.After that, the flood begins, and over the next month virtually every original program will air new episodes. A full list of the returning dates for most every show on television is after the jump. Read more »
How will Lost end?  It‘s the question that has most of Lost‘s hardened core enlisted for the duration.  However, is it a question we really want answered?  What shape will the answer come in?  What comes after Lost?  In the grand scheme of television, Lost sits on a mantle that is host to similar paradigm shifts.  There is a reason why nearly fifty years on, the most definable comparative is The Twilight Zone.  In the interim, there are similar pleasant knots in the fabric of television entertainment: The Fugitive, The Prisoner, Twin Peaks, Nowhere Man, shows that mate high art with high concept and defy the cookie cutter mentality of the industries focus group-driven corporate culture. Read more »
The recent comments from Lost producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse on the end of The Sopranos stirred the otherwise fading Lost fan community into a frenzy of discussion this week; at the center of the discussion, just how will Lost end?  The varied viewpoint of fans on the topic is a testament to Lindelof‘s stark pragmatism that you cannot please everyone. Read more »
Read our recap of Lost‘s season 4 premiere, "The Beginning of the End."With the total lack of news (or in Damon Lindelof‘s words, an abundance of "Radio Silence"), Lost fans can do little but speculate at this point.  We know that Lost‘s show runners got the team together for a brain-storming session and laid out the contours of the next 48 episodes, we know that flash-forwards will now be used in addition to flashbacks, but we know little more than that.  What‘s a Lost fan to do?  Speculate, of course! Read more »
When Lost’s season 3 finale twist was revealed weeks in advance, the vast internet fan community for ABC’s hit show was divided between those who thought such information was an entitlement, and those who felt it shouldn’t exist at all.  As Lost season 4 looms on the horizon, the backlash from the production end of things has finally reared its head. How did the producers react to the leak, and what plans do they have to keep Lost season 4 under wraps? Read more »
Lost was renewed for a fourth season this week, who didn‘t see that coming?  Despite being cast as ailing, (in fact, the drop-off in viewers was about what ABC had predicted for the time change),  Lost‘s twisty-turny plot continues to dominate water-cooler conversations as its story begins to unfold in some exciting new directions.  Time travel, other Others, and now Locke‘s dad mysteriously appearing on the island?  Where is all this going?  How will it end?  Read on for our best guesses at what Lost season 4 might look like! Read more »
FOX hopes it has found it‘s next X-Files in the form of Lost co-creator J.J. Abrams‘ Fringe.  Reuters is reporting that the script for the science fiction pilot has been at the center of an intense bidding war in Hollywood for the past few months, and FOX has emerged as the winner of the property.  Abrams‘ Bad Robot Productions will produce the pilot at Warner Brothers with a budge of $10 million.  Yes that rivals the budget of Lost, but with the U.S. dollar now actually worth less than the Canadian dollar, maybe not so much. Read more »
TVGuide recently released their list for Best and Worst television shows of the year. Their choices are relatively solid, as far as these end of the year lists go. As always, and what proves to be the point of these lists, I have some disagreements, and I‘m sure anyone with a pulse does also.TVGuide chooses not to rank their lists, just listing them in random order. I‘m so used to the clear-cut rankings made by the modern-day list maker that those of the "in no particular" variety feel chaotic. I need order. Nonetheless, their choices are after the jump, followed by some commentary. Read more »
The great thing about the LOST season finale was the sheer number of ‘oh my god‘ moments.  Fans seem to be polarized over the finale‘s revelation that the conundrum continues beyond rescue, but no one can argue that the LOST Season Three finale was pacing at its best, and that it had a plot overflowing with stunning reveals.  Here are a few of our favorite moments from the LOST Season Three finale. Read more »
LOST season finales are expected to leave us with twists that will keep us scratching our heads as to what will come next.  As far as the third season finale is concerned, tonight’s “Through the Looking Glass” was no exception, yet there were further implications.  After tonight’s shocking ending, we’re not just left to wonder what we saw, we’re left in doubt of just how LOST will continue when it returns eight long months from now!  We can only hope that the context of what we have seen will be given between now and then, and if you do not know what I’m talking about, just wait until you hear it! Read more »
So LOST changed the game tonight, or did it?  What everybody wants to know is, was this a one time thing?  Or will this be how things go from here on out?  After all, last year they showed us a couple of guys in an arctic listening post discovering the location of the island, and we haven’t seen hide nor hair of them since.  Don’t know what I’m even referring to?  Skip on through for a quick update, or if you prefer to be surprised… don’t.  Spoilers ahead. Read more »
The creative team has always touted LOST as a show about people, as much as a mysterious island.  That point has never been clearer than in the episodes where characters who have grown weary in the eyes of the fans are given a little fictional resuscitation.  Unfortunately, this seasons newbies, Paulo and Nikki, weren’t around long enough so they got treated to a parable of being buried alive by the fans.  Their seemingly lifeless, but actually paralyzed, bodies being covered over by the sand of the Boone hill.  Other character turn that was extremely successful was that of Maggie Grace’s Shannon in the second season’s “Abandoned.”   Many of the same fans who expressed nothing but annoyance at the seemingly spoiled rich kid expressed sorrow after learning her past.  Redeemed posthumously. Read more »
Tonight was LOST “Greatest Hits” AKA “The Last LOST Before the Finale!”  If it was done right, it was merely an elaborate setup for the goodness that will come in next weeks two hour series finale.  If it is done wrong, it will be a self-contained episode with no connective tissue to hold us over.  Would LOST dare do that?  Read on to find out the high points, and low points of tonight’s “Greatest Hits!” Read more »
ABC has released several high resolution shots from last nights critically lauded episode of LOST "The Man Behind the Curtain."  Some are mundane, some are worth looking at for various reasons.  Have a peek after the jump. Read more »
LOST took a trip back to the day of Dharma tonight, and where there is Dharma there is sure to be plenty of easter eggs! Our investigation turned up some surprising twins, more literary references, and a creepy guy named Jacob whose ominous silhouette looks a lot like Kris Kristofferson! Read more »
LOST takes a trip back to clarify Ben’s nebulous past and reveal the long awaited connection between the others and the cornerstone of LOST mythology: The Dharma Initiative.   The episode also promised the revelation of the mysterious Jacob, the consequences of Juliet’s tape that Sawyer now possesses, and a shattering ending that will leave fans in a tailspin for the rest of the season. Read more »
Another story intensive LOST, so not much in the way of easter eggs.  Seems whenever the writers are focusing on getting some info out there they hold back on the little background references.  Probably for the better, how could we have truly enjoyed that awesome story last night if we were freeze framing every five minutes.   None the less,  we have rounded up some goodies for you so cruise on through to the LOST 3.19 The Brig Easter Egg update. Read more »
In case you’re out of the loop, let me bring you up to speed:  LOST IS BACK.  After a shaky, and for some an unfulfilling, start to season three of LOST followed by a hiatus that shifted attention away from LOST’s slow plotting to the lightening quick story telling of rival Heroes, LOST had to come back strong and sustain it.  Arguably, the beginning of the second, and largest, segment of the third season was not as huge an improvement as the show needed to reclaim its position at the top of pop TV.  Then somewhere around “Flashes Before Your Eyes” something happened. Read more »
LOST comes baring answers tonight, albeit answers relating to a narrow bit of mythology; in particular, what the heck is going on with John Locke.  First, the dude was a whiner all last season, then he briefly returns to his mystical hunter roots, now he is running all over the place blowing everything up.  Just what is up with this guy?  In a word:  Plenty, and LOST “The Brig” brings them at a break neck pace.  If you’re coming into the episode expecting a huge download of info on island mysteries and the newly invigorated “purgatory” theory, forget it; this episode is all about the mysterious Mr. Locke.  So buckle in as we review some of the “Live Thoughts” from tonight’s episode of LOST! Read more »
The preview for LOST Season 3 Episode 19 “The Brig” implies that Locke has captured Ben and is leading Sawyer into the jungle to execute him, but is that the real story?  Moreover, what About LOST’s mysterious newcomer from last week, could the information she left us with possibly be true?  Why is she on the island?  Will Jack’s allegiance with Juliet cost him the trust of his fellow crash survivors?  Read on for more hints and spoilers. Read more »
Actually, let‘s try a slightly different approach here;  how about LOST 3.18 ‘points of interest‘.  When it comes down to it, ‘D.O.C.‘ was more about telling the story then planting tiny little nuggets for us to obsess over.   As far as LOST episodes go, ‘D.O.C‘ was fairly barren when it comes to Easter Eggs, which is not to say it didn‘t pack in some interesting reveals.   Join me as we examine LOST 3.18‘s ‘points of interest.‘ Read more »
Of all of the LOST mysteries ‘Who fathered Sun’s Baby’ doesn’t even show up on my ‘need to know radar’, so naturally I was under whelmed that it would become the focus of an entire episode.  Thankfully we have the overlapping mystery of LOST’s newest addition, parachute girl, to break up the melodrama.   Of course, with what we’ve come to know about pregnancy and the island over the last couple of months there could be a lot more at stake, but at the same time that makes it all a little, well, predictable. Read more »
LOST 3.17 ‘Catch-22‘ was not only a fantastic episode, it was overflowing with those signature visual clues known to LOST fans everywhere as ‘Easter Eggs‘.  (They didn‘t coin the term, but they‘ve sure come to own it!)We limbered up our freeze frame thumbs and threw on our jewler‘s caps to scour Catch-22 for every last visual clue, hidden image, and fan shout out we could find.  Did you find any of your own that you want to share?  Let us know! Read more »
Famed comic writer Brian K. Vaughn made his LOST debut tonight with the episode “Catch-22”, co-written by LOST producer and writer Jeff Pinkner.  Was Vaughn’s presence palpable?  In a word, no. But, in this case, that is a the right word.  Catch-22 Was an amazing ‘diversionary’ episode with fantastically executed thematic elements, and one heck of a pulp ending that ranks with LOST’s best old school cliff hanger hits. Read more »
LOST returns and this time it is a Desmond tale as he leads a party consisting of Jin, Charlie, and Hurley to meet up with a mysterious newcomer.  His past reveals his time at a monastary.  And back on the beach, romantic entanglements begin to untangle. Read more »
LOST returns tomorrow with the all new Catch 22.  This time we revisit a segment of Desmond‘s past as he leads Charlie, Jin, and Hurley towards a fate known only to him.  After last weeks revealing ‘One of us‘ was hailed by many as the best episode of LOST this season, can LOST keep up the momentum?Beware, minor spoiler after the jump! Read more »
Last night‘s LOST sent shock waves through the LOST fan community with its story of Juliet‘s betrayal.  Who could have seen that final scene coming?  But aside from that, did you happen to notice that Juliet was giving a certain LOST favorite the hairy eyeball?  Who was the object of Juliet‘s disdain?  Don‘t worry!  Amongst solving the various anagrams, decoding the cryptic symbols, and researching Eastern mysticism, we‘ve gotten to the bottom of that sadistic stare and telemeterized just who it is that seems to be attracting Juliet‘s wrath. Read more »
LOST is all-new, with another look into the past of the nefarious Juliet.  What, you question my use of the word ‘nefarious’ to describe LOST’s latest heroine?  Well, let me just that I went on the record on April 5th over at thetailsection that I wasn’t buying Juliet’s story for one second, and guess what?  My instincts were dead on.  Now, with the horn tooting out of the way, onto the show. Read more »
I am telling you right now, without reservation, that “One of us” is perhaps the most perfect episode of LOST ever produced, bar none.  For those of you who were upset with how inelegantly Expose squandered its flashback opportunities, prepare for a huge apology from the producers.  For those LOST fans who stuck around knowing that the show would obtain that mythical level of greatness that seemed to come so natural, here is your pay-off.  Part of why I love this episode is that it counters some of the biggest critical pitfalls the show is facing right now.  Paulo and Nikki prove that LOST cannot introduce compelling new characters.  WRONG?  Tonight we get another compelling glance the mysterious Mr. Alpert, Patchy is illuminated, and do I need to mention Juliet?  Hat’s off to Elizabeth Mitchell, between her sensitive, enigmatic portrayal and writing that is at the height of LOST’s legendary serendipity, her ‘Juliet’ has now risen to rival even Ben Linus himself. Read more »
It‘s that time again!  Another glorious episode of LOST has gone by leaving a plethora of questions in its wake.  Was Juliet really gassed?   How come Jack slept a day longer than everybody else?  Why did the monster take pictures of Juliet and Kate?  Is Locke now ‘one of them‘?  In addition to deepening the mystery, LOST ‘Left Behind‘  was loaded with tantalizing visual clues and curiosities.  Read more »
Two weeks ago, LOST cruelly left us with thoughts of magic boxes and extremely out of place kidney thieves dancing in our imaginations.  Part of the genius of LOST is how they keep you wanting more, then completely deny you for as long as possible.  So naturally, last week‘s episode of LOST,  Exposé, did nothing to catch us up on what went down after John Locke came face to face with “What came out of the box”.  Sadly, neither did tonight’s ‘Left Behind’.  But at least it satisfied one question:  what are relations like between ‘The Monster’ and ‘The Others’?  Read more »
Last night, LOST‘s Exposé uncovered the mysterious history of Nikki and Paulo.  Today, we uncover the mysterious  hidden messages of LOST Exposé!   Is there a real life cross over character?  How does Juliet look in the latest Hillbilly fashions.  What was Sawyer reading?   And on the non--visual side of things, reader ‘Ryan‘ asks, is LOST‘s Expose taking its cue from an irreverent take on Shakespeare‘s own intrusive duo of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? All that and more ahead! Read more »
Expose’ is probably one of the most anticipated episodes of LOST for season three, maybe it is the trip back to visit familiar characters like Boone, and Shannon.  Maybe it is the promise of a piece of LOST mythology being solved.  Maybe It was the expectation that this episode, this coveted episode, would bring the demise of the universally loathed Paulo and Nikki?  Yeah, I’ll go with that.  On the other hand, as much as we can’t wait to get rid of them, this doesn’t let the LOST producers off the hook so easily.  It still has to be interesting end for the ditsy duo.  So was it?  As a matter of fact… it was beyond interesting. Read more »
LOST fans with a big of nostalgia for the simpler times of season one are in for a treat with tomorrow‘s all new episode, Expose‘.   This time, LOST flashes back to reveal the history of controversial newcomers Paulo and Nikki beginning shortly before the crash.  Amongst the LOST characters to return:  Boone, Shannon, and the explosive Doctor Arzt.  The characters of Paulo and Nikki (dubbed Pikki by bored LOST fans) were generally rejected by fans who had trouble accepting fresh faces who everyone else regarded as being there all along.  Not that LOST fans aren‘t creative, but it was one leap of faith they just weren‘t willing to take.   With Expose‘, Lost producers hope to ‘redeem‘ the terrible twosome, but how can that be possible?  Read on for theories and spoilers galore. Read more »
Last night, LOST revealed one of its most critical mysteries: what happened to John Locke to cost him the use of his legs?  However, did you also notice that it revealed that Ben is a Stephen King fan?  Or that the long running question of whether or not it was John Locke falling by Hurley‘s accountant‘s window was finally settled?  What about the portrait on Ben‘s living room wall?  Those answers are just ahead, after the link! Read more »
It’s time to put another LOST mystery to rest:  just how did John Locke wind up in the wheel chair?  The better question is, can it be made relevant to the overall story?   I’ve always thought of the fact that John Locke got out of the wheelchair to be a more important LOST mystery then how he got in it.  That, sadly, is not a mystery that is solved this time around, but we do make some surprising progress towards understanding this that will blow peoples minds, entirely.  ‘The man from Tallahassee’ is easily one of the best episodes LOST ever.  Bar none. Read more »
It is one of LOST‘s most coveted mysteries,  how did John Locke wind up in the wheel chair?  In this weeks all new episode of LOST,  ‘The Man From Tallahassee‘ the answer will finally be revealed!  What other answers could this all new episode of LOST hold in store for us?  What about the aftermath of last weeks revelation of Jack looking quite at home with ‘The Others‘?  For more details on what to expect from this week‘s LOST, with minor spoilers, follow the link. Read more »
Here we are again with an in depth investigation of the hidden images and connections from LOST ‘Enter 77‘.  This episode offered some incredible challenges, among them a language riddle that holds a ton of meaning to the characters on the episode.  So let‘s dive right in with that, shall we? Read more »
LOST ‘Enter 77’ continued the progression away from the claustrophobic mini-season arc back into the open, flowing mystery of the island and its cloistered inhabitants, primarily the mysterious eye patch man. ‘Enter 77’ was LOST at top form with pervasive mysteries, cryptic yet revealing answers, and plenty of reasons to tune in next week. Read more »
LOST returns and this time it is Sayid under the flash-back microscope as the Iraqi with the twisted past, Kate, Locke, and Danielle, make their way through the jungle in search of the Others‘ compound.  What will they find?  What surprising revelations await?  Read on for the shocking details.  (Be careful, minor spoilers ahead.) Read more »
Next week LOST returns to the beach as Hurley, Charlie, Jin, and Sawyer make a startling discovery in the jungle.  Meanwhile, Kate enlists Sayid and Locke to help her rescue Jack.  Click through for our eight part preview for LOST - Tricia Tanaka is dead including explosive pictures revealing a secret discovery you won‘t believe!  Beware,  spoilers ahead! Read more »
Another week, another LOST, another basket full of colorful, super-secret Easter Eggs! BuddyTV is on the case with all the goods you may not have seen in LOST last night!  Was that REALLY what Jack‘s Tattoos mean?  What was that strange symbol on Juliet‘s back?  Was that Michael and Walt‘s boat?  What is so special about Jack‘s kite?  Read more »
It’s LOST night, and with ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ we return to hydra island and unfinished business. Juliet has been arrested for shooting Danny Pickett, Jack has fallen out of favor with Ben after double crossing him in the operating room, and a new ‘other’ has appeared on the scene as a judge, jury, and possibly executioner. LOST has been struggling to find its audience lately, if ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’ doesn’t bring them back, perhaps knowing what they missed out on will. Read on for all the goods from tonight’s LOST.  Read more »
It‘s LOST night!  If you‘re one of the people who have dropped out of the LOST experience,  don‘t worry... not only is your once-favorite show back to form, but you‘ve picked the best possible time to drop back in!  Tonight, LOST delivers again on a level that ups the ante from previous episodes,  this time returning to Hydra island to close the book on Jack, Ben, and Juliet‘s predicament.  If your not content to wait, read on for a spoilerish breakdown of what to expect from tonight‘s LOST ‘Stranger in a Strange Land‘ including EXCLUSIVE pics! Read more »
Last night ABC unleashed yet another engrossing episode of LOST with the time twisting ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes‘.  As usual the episode was over flowing with secret images, hidden connections, hidden numbers, mysterious symbols, and everything else that makes for an entertaining LOST easter egg hunt.  We found seven items of interest, read on for ‘Flashes Before Your Eyes‘ - Secretes Revealed! Read more »
See, this is why I love LOST:  these people are totally unafraid to introduce plots that will take the audience into a completely different room.  LOST ‘Flashes Before your Eyes’ was that kind of episode.  Fans who thought Lost ‘Not in Portland‘ was coy with its insinuations of time and space will be blown away with the bluntness that those issues are dealt with.  It’s disclosure on a level unknown to LOST fans, I think.  Certainly if ‘Not in Portland‘ was the first line in the conversation of time and space, ‘Flashes Before your Eyes’ is the long string of exclamation points at the end. ‘Flashes’ starts out as a conventional episode of LOST, quick recap on Desmond’s mysterious precognitive strokes and the fact that he was nekkid after the hatch went ker-blooey, or is that bloo-kery?  Then smack dab into island time as Charlie and Hurley poke around through Sawyer’s stash.  Desmond pops up and summons the boys to the deep jungle where Sayid and Locke await to announce Eko’s demise.  Read more »
Season 3, Episode 6, “I Do”The last episode in the opening of Lost‘s season three…and what an episode it is. It starts of with Jack telling Ben that his tumor will be inoperable within the week. He goes into details about the disease spreading in his body, and then tells him that he refuses to operate – he just wanted him to know how he was going to die. Locke tells some of the Losties that Eko was killed by an animal. Naturally, Sayid doesn’t believe him and wants to know the truth. All Locke  can tell him is that Eko didn’t die in vain – he believes his death brought them to where they are for a reason. Read more »
Season 3, Episode 5, “The Cost of Living”So remember when I said Eko was dead? Gotcha! He was just unconscious! He played a very small role (read: non-existent) in the last few eppie’s, but here’s where he gets his comeback. The show opens with him dreaming of a memory with his brother, Yemi, who became a priest before he was shot and killed due to a selfish Eko. When he wakes up, he runs off into the jungles of the island, alone. At some point, he pauses, delirious, and sees that Smoke Monster Thing. Sayid, Jin, and Sun return to the Losties, and tell them what they know. (Which, really, isn’t much.) Locke decides to go to another station/hatch/secret place and try to communicate with the Others. After much hemming and hawing, Sayid decides it won’t work, there’s no way to communicate with other stations. However, towards the end of this, in one of the cameras they see a figure reaching up and turning off the camera. Read more »
As Lost, our favorite mystery show veers its fascinating head around the corner (remember folks, SIXTEEN new episodes in a row - I think that might be a record), we thought it might be a good idea to do some recapping for you all. With a show of this caliber, it can be hard to follow plot lines from week to week, let alone after having a 2 month hiatus. So here you go, full recaps on all the episodes thus far: Season 3, Episode 1, "A Tale of Two Cities"The season opens on what we might assume to initially be a flashback, as it‘s set in a house with people who look as though they‘ve been able to shower and eat full meals in recent memory. We hear a loud sound, and everyone runs outside, where we see a huge plane crash - sound familiar? There‘s a brief appearance by everyone‘s favorite manipulative liar, Henry Gale, who orders everyone around. We see Jack locked in a room somewhere with no way out, Sawyer is stuck in a cage outside, and Kate gets a locker room, and is told to freshen up by Mr. Friendly.  Read more »
Season 3, Episode 3, "Further Instructions"So last time we saw Locke, he had been in the midst of the explosion in the hatch. In this episode we open with him in the middle of the jungle, lacking the ability to talk which, to be honest, doesn‘t bother me in the slightest. He sees Desmond run by naked - a little odd. He gets back to the other Losties, and builds a "sweat lodge," a tent that basically captures heat and smells, and lets him meditate. In the midst of this ‘meditation,‘ he sees Boone, who takes him to the airport. He sees several of the Losties there and knows he has to help one pf them, but he can‘t figure out who. His vision ends with Mr. Eko‘s stick covered in blood, and a polar bear chasing him. Naturally, this means he has to save Eko from the polar bear on the island. Right. Read more »
The might gods of YouTube have bestowed upon us a clip from tonights episode of LOST: The Cost of Living. On the spoiler scale with one being non-revealing and ten being no-reason-to-watch-now, this is probably a two. So no reason to hide behind the "spoiler veil"Eko‘s Visitor Read more »
December is the worst non-Summer month for TV. I‘m sorry, it‘s true. After this week, most shows will go into some sort of hiatus, some for a month, some for a few weeks, some longer. The reasons are perfectly valid: the holidays are a busy time for the average American, and in turn, people have less time to watch TV. Christmas parties, family gatherings, Egg Nog-related hospital visits; all things that deter the networks from providing us new episodes of our favorite shows.However, there are still things that can be found on television to keep us warm during the relatively barren month of December. Here‘s a short list. Read more »