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Robert aka Bob Allen (James Wolk) - or whatever he prefers to call himself - is a con man. More than that, he‘s a brilliant one who always has a scheme up his sleeve. FOX‘s provocative soap opera Lonestar follows his lying and treacherous deeds throughout Texas, where this con artist splits his time between two identities. Using his charisma and know-how, he‘s manipulating the oil industry while keeping it a secret from his women. But he wants to quit. Read more »
This morning FOX announced its fall and mid-season schedule, complete with  seven new shows and some notable changes to the channel‘s biggest shows. Joining the network will be four new comedies and three new dramas, including Running Wilde, a romantic comedy starring Will Arnett (of Arrested Development) and Keri Russell (of Felicity fame). See More:The CW‘s Fall Lineup>>CBS‘ Fall Lineup>>ABC‘s Fall Lineup>>NBC‘s Fall Lineup>>In spite of the exciting news that Gob Bluth will be returning to FOX, we think the most interesting tidbits that came out of the FOX announcements have to do with the network‘s established shows. American Idol will be getting rid of some of the guest performers and cutting down the results show to 30 minutes, Glee will get the coveted post-Super Bowl slot and there will blessedly not be a fall season of So You Think You Can Dance. Here are the full fall and mid-season schedules from FOX, complete with new show synopses: Read more »
Today FOX announced its premiere dates for the fall and the network is putting almost everything into one week, starting Monday, September 20. Nearly every show on the fall schedule will premiere that week including Glee, Bones, Human Target and the new drama Lone Star.The one major wrinkle is Lie to Me. Currently airing its second season Mondays at 8pm, the third season won‘t begin until Wednesday, November 10 at 8pm.  Read more »
Meghan 1: Wow. Lone Star! What a great pilot, right?Meghan 2: Yes, objectively it was a great pilot. Very well made. But I‘ve got some concerns.Meghan 1: Concerns? How could you have concerns? I‘m not sure I‘ve seen a better scripted, acted or musically scored pilot this season. Plus, Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights)! And Jon Voight! And the storyline. A conman in the Texas oil business leading two separate lives with two different women he loves, constantly trying to keep his secrets under wraps and his long and short cons in motion, all while grasping for anything that feels true and real ... So much at stake. So many lives to juggle. It felt like a mini-movie.  Read more »
Lone Star Already in TroubleOne of my favorite pilots this season is FOX‘s Lone Star, and I am sorry to report that the show is in trouble. The show is about a con man in Texas, who after a series of long cons, is determined to live out both of his lives, with both of his wives. The pilot, directed by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) promised an original series with shades of Big Love, Dallas, and the Sawyer storylines in Lost. Unfortunately, no one watched. The premier episode, which aired on Monday after a solid House lead-in, debuted to only 4.1 million people. Start your campaign! [THR]Jorge Garcia Back on ABC Jorge Garcia has snagged his first post-Lost gig. Garcia has signed on to guest-star in the new Matthew Perry show Mr. Sunshine. The show, which will air midseason on ABC, is about a sports arena owner and Garcia will play a staffer at the arena. Mr. Sunshine also stars Lost alum (albeit a one-timer) Allison Janey. Looks like Garcia is on a roll. His friendly mug is the cover of Weezer‘s latest album, and now he‘s going to be on a show with Matthew Perry! Way to go Hurley. [Ausiello]  Read more »
Monday was the official start of the fall season with 12 shows premiering on the major networks. With all networks going head-to-head, the ratings can predict what shows will succeed and which will fail.  Read more »
The ratings for premiere week are always a little inflated due to the excitement of a return, but the second Monday of the fall TV season paints a more accurate picture. Most shows fell in the ratings for week 2, including new shows like The Event, Hawaii Five-0 and even Lone Star.  Read more »
Lone Star, the new FOX drama about a con man in Texas, has been given the death penalty. After two low-rated episodes, FOX has axed the critical darling and will replace it with new episodes of Lie to Me starting this Monday, October 4, at 9pm.  Read more »
Start your day off with a bite of the latest TV news in 300 words. Brennan‘s POVHere is a Bones spoiler to wrap your head around. An upcoming episode of Bones will be told primarily from Brennan‘s point of view. Executive producer, Stephen Nathan, says "It‘s a very stylized episode where Brennan is investigating a murder of someone who appears to be her." This storytelling device has been used before, most recently in an episode of House when Mos Def suffered from Locked-in Syndrome. It is a fascinating way to see a different perspective, but I have one issue. If the whole thing is from Brennan‘s POV, does that mean we don‘t get to see our girl the entire episode? Let‘s hope not! [Ausiello]  Read more »
Much has been said recently about the importance of the Internet when it comes to TV watching. Today‘s viewers don‘t simply tune in to a show and then forget about it until next week. Instead, many will watch the show... And then re-watch the show online... And post to a show message board... And search for spoilers... And... Read more »
We‘re counting down the days until Christmas, and it just takes too long to send a handwritten note these days. We thought we‘d streamline the process for Santa a bit and put all our e-mails to Santa here so he can access them on the go with his iPhone. If he doesn‘t have an iPhone by now, the elves aren‘t doing their job. So here are BuddyTV‘s Christmas wishes for television.  Read more »
Welcome to The GBU, a weekly column coming every Monday where I look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly on TV.   I watch more TV than anyone I know, between 60 and 70 hours each week, every week. Doing the math, that amounts to roughly 3,500 hours, or nearly 40 percent of my life, spent watching TV in 2010.  Read more »
A few weeks ago, The Event fizzled its way to a well-deserved cancellation grave. The sci-fi/action series had started off strong, but both ratings and plots swiftly took a nosedive. While there may have been a few diehard fans out there mourning its loss, the end of The Event seemed final and unlamented.Apparently not. According to new reports, the show may be back, this time on SyFy. Read more »
Showtime is busy gearing up for its new and returning shows, and it has hit the TV jackpot. The brilliant drama Shameless has secured Lone Star‘s James Wolk for its second season, while the new Kristen Bell comedy House of Lies has added two more stars to its cast.  Read more »
Sigourney Weaver is coming to a TV near you this summer. The Alien and Avatar star was joined the cast of the six-episode new USA drama Political Animals from Greg Berlanti (Jack and Bobby).  Read more »