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Little People, Big World is a reality series that follows the life of the Roloff family, a family of six living in Portland, Oregon. The show focuses on the family’s lifestyle and daily activities, being little people or midgets. Read more »
Martin Klebba, one of the Roloff’s closest friends who appear regularly on the reality show Little People, Big World, has been cast in the upcoming computer-animated film Foodfight!  Distributed by Lions Gate Films, the movie is scheduled to premiere on April 11, 2008.In the movie Foodfight!, the Little People, Big World star will be providing the voice of Captain Krispy/General X.  The film also features the voices of Charlie Sheen as Dex Dogtective, Hilary Duff as Sunshine Goodness, Wayne Brady as Daredevil Dan, Eva Longoria as Lady X, Greg Ellis as Hairy Hold, Haylie Duff as Sweet Cakes, Chris Kattan as Polar Penguin, Christopher Lloyd as Mr. Clipboard, Daniel Franzese as Twinkleton, and Karen Gallo Messore as Blue. Read more »
The positive reception of viewers to the show Little People, Big World has now become visibly widespread, at least for one hotel chain.  Carlson, a privately owned international corporation in the service, travel and hospitality industry, has taken a big leap to accommodate little people who find themselves in rooms intended for average-sized guests. Carlson’s effort, which started on July 1, entails the provision of an easy to use tool kit to make the little people more comfortable.  The $315-accessibility kit offers five different tools.  It includes a step tool, an extension poker, a security latch adapter, a rod adapter and a grabber. Read more »
From the stars of the acclaimed TLC reality series Little People, Big World, comes a new book filled with heartfelt advice aimed to help other families become closer and overcome life’s challenges.  The book is entitled Little Family Big Values and is available for order on the Roloff’s official website, as well as on other online book stores.As a family composed of both little and average-sized members, the Roloff family experiences many obstacles even with the simplest everyday task.  But despite the hurdles, they are able to face life’s challenges, as featured on their series Little People, Big World, through their shared values and unique bond.  Though most of the situations encountered by the Roloffs are common to most families, what’s unique about the show is that it comes from the perspective of little people. Read more »
FOX‘s Portland affiliate, KPTV-TV, reported last Tuesday that Matthew Roloff, star of TLC‘s Little People, Big World, has pleaded not guilty to a charge of driving under the influence of intoxicants. On June 19, the 45-year-old was stopped at 11:52pm by a deputy for failing to drive within his designated lane.  At the time of his traffic stop, Roloff was apparently driving a 2005 Chevrolet van through an incorporated area of Washington County, Oregon. Read more »
Despite the controversy surrounding his DUI arrest in June, Matthew Roloff, who stars on The Learning Channel‘s reality series Little People, Big World, was still warmly welcomed when he came to Paducah, Kentucky just last week. Along with Paducah natives, Eric Streit, Little People, Big World field producer, and Jeff Weaver, its executive producer, Roloff cruised the city to film several material for future use on his television series. Read more »
Good news for Matt Roloff fans.  Residents of Kansas will be able to catch the patriarch of the Oregon family featured on the TLC reality show Little People, Big World, as he gives a motivational speech at the 2007 Kansas State Fair, which runs from September 7-16. "We‘re real excited about that," Denny Stoecklein, the fair‘s general manager, said during the media preview of the fair last Tuesday. "That‘s something really different for the fair.  It‘s not your traditional fair entertainment, but with the appeal of the show, we think it‘s something that‘s going to be a hit." Read more »
On Tuesday, January 8, Matt Roloff, star of the TLC reality program Little People, Big World, began to fight charges of driving under the influence.  The charges are the result of his June arrest. Both the arresting officer and the defense gave opening statements.  As part of the testimony, a sheriff‘s deputy from Washington county offered details regarding Roloff‘s failed sobriety test.  Read more »
The third season premiere of the TLC reality series Little People, Big World earned impressive ratings for the cable network last Monday, with the 2-part opener averaging 3.06 million viewers in its 8-9pm timeslot.The first episode earned 2.65 million viewers, 35 percent higher than viewership numbers for last season‘s premiere, and an average of 1.33 million adults 25-54, which is an increase of 48 percent.  The following episode performed even better, gaining 3.46 million viewers and 1.77 million adults 25-54, according to Nielsen Media Research data. Read more »
Following three successful seasons of Little People, Big World, the award-winning docu-series returns with new adventures beginning Monday, October 13 at 8pm ET/PT.  According to TLC, the show, which follows the lives of the Roloff family, comprised of both little and average height people, will kick off with a one-hour premiere that features dad Matt Roloff traveling to Iraq to help a family with three dwarf children in desperate need of medical attention. The special will then roll into 20 new episodes that find the entire Roloff family as they get involved in life-changing experiences. Read more »
Matt Roloff is currently the subject of numerous media outlets since his show, Little People, Big World, concluded its fifth season tonight with an episode that found him collapsing at his desk after numerous references about how he "wouldn‘t be around much longer." Though Matt Roloff‘s present condition hasn‘t been disclosed, it appears that all is well considering TLC has just renewed Little People, Big World for yet another season. Read more »
Remember when TLC stood for "The Learning Channel," and their motto was "a place for learning minds," and they featured documentary programs about everything from nature to technology to medicine, all with the goal of education?Yeah, me neither. Maybe because it‘s been years since the channel featured anything even remotely educational, unless you consider the tantrums on [Jon and] Kate Plus 8 to be abstinence lessons. Or I Didn‘t Know I Was Pregnant to be an extended seminar on how to have the world‘s most terrifying nightmares.Well, now the "Life Surprises" network has surprised no one by announcing they‘ll debut a brand new series, Sextuplets Take New York, on September 14. The series will follow the Carpio babies, whom TLC is calling "America‘s first Latino sextuplets," along with their parents and 9-year-old brother. "Another show about multiples? YES!" I can hear you all yelling in ecstasy. "Honey, we‘re gonna need a bigger DVR! Maybe even multiple DVRs ... get it?" Alright, enough sarcasm. It‘s time for a reality check on TLC‘s bizarre niche of reality programming. Let‘s take a look at the programs that have become their bread and butter.  Read more »