Articles for Lincoln Heights Season 2

Last week, ABC Family‘s Lincoln Heights returned for yet another run. The second season premiere, which aired on Tuesday, September 4, was deemed as a huge success as it surpassed the series freshman debut across all key targets.Compared to season 1, season 2 positively delivered with a significant increase of 14 percent in total viewers, 8 percent in adults 18-49, 6 percent in women 18-49, 35 percent in persons 12-34 and by 17 percent in females 12-34. Read more »
Lincoln Heights has taken television by storm with its freshmen debut, as well as its highly successful second season return.  Similar to other series, the show‘s drama centers on a family struggling to start a new life and deals with the typical issues involved with raising children.  But what sets this ABC Family series apart from other family dramas is its African-American central figure, which is often considered unsuccessful in Hollywood.Show executive producer Kathleen McGhee Anderson has decided to take on the show that was “seemingly tanking” and has made it her challenge to transform Lincoln Heights into a groundbreaking series. Read more »
Lincoln Heights, now in its second season, is gradually cementing a solid following with its intense family drama and its unique ensemble.  Among its principle cast, Robert Adamson has notably elevated his exposure from previous supporting guest roles to one of the lead stars of the series.  For those who are not familiar with the ABC Family series, here‘s what this newcomer has to say about the show and his character that will hopefully entice viewers to stick around its sophomore season.Following an appearance on Cold Case and It‘s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the 22-year-old actor has landed his TV breakthrough role as Charles Antoni, Cassie Sutton‘s (Erica Hubbard) love interest on Lincoln Heights.  Read more »
ABC Family has decided to pick up three of the networks big programs to join the slate of new originals this year.  Greek, the teen drama that centers on college freshman Rusty (Jacob Zachar) who‘s determined not to continue on his bookish geekiness from his high school days by entering the Greek system, returns for a second season in July with a dozen new installments. Kyle XY, on the other hand, has been renewed for a third season, consisting of 10 episodes.  The science fiction teen drama follows Kyle (Matt Dallas) as he tries to understand the mysteries of who he is or why he has no memory of being a child.  New episodes of Kyle XY are expected to air in early 2009. Read more »