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The gun-wielding sleuth action has been brought back by NBC, as it premieres the second season of its acclaimed detective series, Life.  A new face steals the scene, a murderous plot dominates the story, and Detective Charlie Crews has to get to the bottom of things once more.  In this episode, we are all told to “Find Your Happy Place,” and we definitely will with the re-launching of the series.  Detectives Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) and Dani Reese (Sarah Shahi) are once again on the trail of a serial killer.  There’s slaughter afoot, and the pair finds three numbered trunks containing suffocated bodies.  They try to discover the perpetrator of the crime, and their clues lead them to suspect John Armstrong (guest star Noel Fisher).   Read more »
A lot of its disappointed fans were happy when NBC decided to bring back its acclaimed detective series Life, which went off the air December of last year.  The series, which aired Wednesdays on its debut season, premiered September and was cut short by the Writers‘ Strike causing only 11 of the 22 episodes to air.As it turned out, however, not a lot of people missed Life during its nine-month hiatus.  Its September 29 premiere attracted a mere 6.9 million viewers, a staggering 30 percent drop from its first season pilot.  It was another story altogether during its second week, when it debuted in its new Friday timeslot at 10pm, when it hooked 5.4 million, finishing third in its hour. Read more »
With this fall season being a tough and low-rated one, networks are busy trying to figure out the best mix of shows to deliver the best ratings.  In fact, NBC has gone ahead and tossed around a few shows for their midweek schedules.  They’re tagging their Wednesday nights as crime night, in which they will feature their new lineup composed of Knight Rider, Life and Law and Order’s 19th season, which was originally set to return early next year.Apparently, the network is treating fans of Law and Order to an early Christmas offering with the premiere of the new season and the rest of the lineup beginning on November 5. Read more »
As reported previously, NBC has decided to bring back Life on Wednesday nights after several weeks of cancellation-level ratings on Fridays at 10pm.  As part of its last ditch effort to save Life, the network is putting the show after Knight Rider, and leading into the return of Law and Order.Life centers on Detective Charlie Crews, who at the start of the first season, is released from Pelican Bay State Prison after serving twelve years of a life sentence.  Exonerated after DNA evidence proves that he‘s innocent, he emerges with an obsession with solving the murder that nearly cost him his life and exposing the conspiracy that framed him for it. Read more »
Life‘s move to Wednesday nights seems to have saved it for this season, at the very least.  The ratings for NBC‘s newest police drama has shown a considerable improvement after seeing it grapple with cancellation-level ratings during its Friday time slot.  (Then again, what else do you expect for shows that are aired on Fridays?)  Now, the series is assured to last for an entire season, as the network has ordered a full season for the freshman drama.The question, of course, is whether the rating spikes will be enough.  Sure, NBC has given Life a second chance, but it serves as a wake-up call for the producers of the series.  The detective drama‘s first Wednesday ratings showed it getting fourth place on its time slot, but it is a marked improvement over its average performance on its Friday slot.  There‘s also a lot of viewers outside the time slot—DVR viewing, for instance, or online viewing. Read more »
Hauling it away from the dark Friday pit it got stuck in, NBC‘s Life is back on track.  In the hopes of shooting up the ratings, the series received a full-season order to boot.  Last year it registered 8 million viewers, but it went a couple steps low on the scale.  It obtained an average of 6 million this season, but NBC is surely sticking by its side.  As it centers on the life of Detective Charlie Crews (Damien Lewis), there are more stories to tell.  He‘s waited twelve years in prison for freedom, and it‘s doubtless he‘ll bring on the cop thrills. Read more »
Earlier this morning, NBC issued a press release announcing their mid-season schedule for January 2009.  The biggest omissions for January are Chuck, Heroes, Life and My Own Worst Enemy.  All of those shows, except for the recently canceled My Own Worst Enemy, will return in February. NBC was very clear in making this point.  In addition to a brand new Monday night slate for the month of January, there are also some new NBC specials poised to hit the air, including two new Saturday Night Live prime-time specials.  Friday Night Lights, which has been airing its third season exclusively on DirecTV, will make its return to Fridays on NBC in January, as we reported earlier.  Read more »