Articles for Law and Order: SVU Season 8

We don‘t much cover the Law & Order franchises here on BuddyTV, but that‘s not for a lack of interest. Frankly, there‘s not much demand for coverage on an episode to episode basis. This is not to say that Law & Order fans don‘t use the internet (I‘m pretty sure they do), but it‘s mostly the consequence of the shows being the procedurals they are. Every episode exists as a separate entity, therefore any discussion of an episode has no repercussions going forward in the season. The franchise of Law & Order is so established that, if you‘re not already a fan, I‘m not sure what will persuade you now. Likewise, if you are a fan, nothing I say will have any effect on your continued viewing. Nonetheless, when a big story regarding the behind-the-scenes action presents itself, it certainly is worthy of coverage. It appears that Law & Order: SVU may be in the midst of a major cast shake-up. We have a scoop from Michael Ausiello of TVGuide fame after the jump. Read more »
Law & Order SUV headed for trouble as Hargitay and Meloni request a higher pay increase. The show has aired for eight seasons and the future of the ninth season hangs on the two Emmy winning stars in dispute over contracts. The show became a spin off from the original Law & Order eight years ago and has remained in the top running television shows along with Law & Order.  Read more »
The nominees for the Screen Actors Guild awards were announced today and, as always, prove to be a nice barometer of who really deserves these end-of-the-year acting nominations. Since SAG is comprised of actors, there is no group more qualified to dole out acting awards than them. Therefore, I trusts these awards and nominations more than any other acting nominations.This is not to say I don‘t disagree with some of their choices. I do. My biggest qualms actually come from their film nominees, but we won‘t get into to that. The nominations in each TV category are after the jump, with commentary.  Read more »
Chris "Ludacris" Bridges returns to Law and Order: SVU in the season finale, which is set to air on May 22.  He will reprise his role as Darius Parker, an accused murderer who will bring out some skeletons in the cast‘s closet.  Bridges has been in three feature films including "Crash," for which he won the Best Ensemble award from the Screen Actors Guild.  He is also a Grammy Award winning musician, most recently receiving awards for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Song.  Chris and Law and Order: SVU executive producer Dr. Neal Baer held a press conference that BuddyTV was fortunate to be a part of.  The following is a recap of what transpired: Read more »
Finally.After a month of holidays, egg nog, and more Snoopy and Ralphie Parker than one knows what to do with, we‘re finally back to normal. January is upon us, 2007 has begun its tyrannical, 300-plus day reign, and our favorite TV shows will no longer bludgeon us with repeats. Tomorrow, January 3rd, brings the return of a couple of our favorites, as well as two brand new shows.After that, the flood begins, and over the next month virtually every original program will air new episodes. A full list of the returning dates for most every show on television is after the jump. Read more »