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If you want proof that Law and Order: SVU has officially run out of good ideas, you only need to watch last night‘s episode, "Bully." It was the silliest, most ridiculous episode ever, centering on the death of a woman working for a wine company.  Read more »
On Tuesday evening, the FOX network went for all-out decimation with regard to its "bubble" shows. Every program not certain of renewal is gone. Before the cancellation bloodbath was over, Human Target, Lie to Me, Breaking In, The Chicago Code and Traffic Light all fell off the FOX schedule.So what does this mean for the fates of bubble shows on the other networks? Read more »
Even though NBC won‘t make its official announcements for the 2011-2012 season until Monday, the network has followed in the vein of FOX by announcing some early pilot pickups. It now looks like next year‘s lineup will include Prime Suspect, Whitney, Smash and Up All Night. Read more »
In a year when it seems like the networks are all rushing to get their next-season news out before each other, we probably shouldn‘t be surprised that NBC has chosen to announce its 2011-2012 season on a Sunday morning. The schedule has a few familiar names, a whole bunch of new stuff and a fair amount of shuffling. Read more »
Last night, FOX‘s American Idol rose even further, up slightly from last week, and is sure to soar even higher for the season finale next week. With many of Wednesday‘s big shows out for the summer, Idol had little to no competition going into last night‘s two-hour singing extravaganza. On last night‘s episode, the final three competitors sang three songs a piece -- one chosen by coach Jimmy Iovine, one chosen by the judges and one chosen by the contestants themselves. The episode absolutely dominated ratings, with 24.36 million viewers. Going into the results show tonight, it‘s anyone‘s game. Be sure and check BuddyTV tonight for our recap of Idol, and find out who‘s surviving into the final episodes of the season!  Read more »
Stars are dropping like flies from many of television‘s top-rated shows. And the latest casualty comes from NBC‘s newly-renewed Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. According to reports, star Christopher Meloni will not be returning for the series‘ 13th season in the fall. Read more »
With the news that Christopher Meloni would be leaving Law & Order: Special Victims Unit after the recently concluded season, the hunt was on for the actor who would replace him. It seems that the hit show has found its man: Danny Pino. Read more »
It‘s Friday again, which means it‘s time to look back (again!) on another crazy week of television. We learned of a blast-from-the-past twist on Big Brother this year. We had a winner on The Voice. And weird things happened on the So You Think You Can Dance stage. Oh, and yes, you‘re right, there is a challenge coming -- this week‘s What Happened on TV? quiz! Read more »
NBC is the final major network to announce its fall premiere dates, and there‘s good news and bad news. The bad news is that Chuck‘s final season won‘t premiere until October 21. The good news is that some shows are getting a special early debut ahead of other networks.  Read more »
The 2011 Emmy nominations were announced today, and as expected, last year‘s big winners, Mad Men and Modern Family, are the most nominated drama and comedy with 19 and 17 nominations, respectively. However, the nominees this year include a number of very pleasant surprises and big totals for HBO‘s freshman dramas Boardwalk Empire (18 nominations) and Game of Thrones (13 nominations).  Read more »
FOX put a lot of time and money into The X Factor, Simon Cowell‘s new singing competition show that he promises is nothing like American Idol, and when it comes to the ratings, he‘s right. The show got off to a slow start averaging just over 12 million viewers over its two-hour premiere.By comparison, American Idol‘s latest season premiered with over 26 million viewers and stayed above 20 million all season. In addition, The X Factor also did worse than America‘s Got Talent and was about on par with the premiere of The Voice. For The X Factor to do less than half that while giving away a $5 million prize is a bad start if FOX wants it to be the new face of the network. This looks like it could be a one-and-done experiment that goes horribly wrong.  Read more »
On the season premiere of Law & Order: SVU, the detectives investigate a case in which a hotel maid accuses an Italian diplomat of rape. The case isn‘t easy because the defense is wondering whether the woman has an ulterior motive. Read more »
This week on Law & Order: SVU, a high-profile local basketball coach is accused of sexually assaulting his players. But who is to trust: the father-figure coach who teaches the players life lessons or the former-player-turned-junkie who is making the accusations?  Read more »
Last season, on Law and Order: SVU season 12, Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni) got back together with his wife and, in an episode set on her college campus, his daughter helped him with a case. Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) thought she found her half-sister and ended up becoming close with the son of the woman who, it turned out, was not related to our favorite female TV cop. Maria Bello guest-starred as the mother, Jeremy Irons showed up as a suspect and then returned to help with a case and Marcia Gay Herndon returned when her FBI agent character Dana Lewis was raped. All of this while the squad continued to solve some of New York City‘s toughest sex crime cases, all "ripped from the headlines" and Law and Order: SVU remained the last of its franchise to continue to attract viewers.What‘s set to happen in Law and Order: SVU season 13?  Read more »
This week on Law & Order: SVU, when a 13-year-old girl is hesitant to say who impregnated her, the detectives believe she may have been raped. Read more »
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This week on Law & Order: SVU, the crime reminds Detective Rollins of similar incidents in Atlanta. Read more »
Law & Order: SVU is well into season 13! Yeah, it‘s pretty impressive. Mariska Hargitay, Danny Pino, Kelli Giddish, Richard Belzer, Ice-T and Dann Florek are all in attendance to solve those television crimes that keep viewers coming back for more. After 13 seasons, though, things have to become pretty mundane, right? Wrong! We‘ve got a bit of insight on what to look forward to this season.The Law & Order: SVU spoilers start here. If you would rather see what happens when it happens, feel free to turn back now.  Read more »
This week on Law & Order: SVU, Halloween comes early for the detectives.They‘re out trick-or-treating early in the evening, Amarro with his daughter (!) and Benson with Calvin (!!), only to be interrupted by the news that a car with a baby strapped in his car seat was supposedly stolen. Read more »
@ChalibooYahh said it best: "LAW AND ORDER TIME! EVERYBODY HUSH."From 3pm onward, the Twitterverse was abuzz with anticipation towards this week‘s episode of Law and Order: SVU, and once the hour rolled around, there was little relief. And, apparently, everyone misses Stabler/Munch/Benjamin Bratt/Chris Meloni:@sitcomofmylife says: "Dear SVU, I liked this episode better when it was the original Law and Order and Benjamin Bratt was the caring Latino cop chatting up the mom."@kelmay whines: "Dear SVU, you‘re just not the same without Chris Meloni."@MissPeach1 demands: "Bring back Stabler."However, a number of tears were shed over this episode‘s heavier moments:@AsiaWILLAMAZEYA admits: "This episode of Law and Order got me cryin‘."@Angela_rig says: "Law and Order: SVU breaks my heart Law and Order: Recap: Trick or Treat --> Read more »
Babies. Pedophiles. Young children dressed like prostitutes. Suspects talking their way into a corner. Clowns. Yep, must be Wednesday. In this week‘s installment of Law and Order: SVU, our rag-tag team of detectives investigate the kidnapping of a child on Halloween. There is a nice blend of humor and drama in this week‘s top quotes; the best are listed below.Law & Order: SVU Recap: Trick or Treat  Read more »
This week on Law & Order: SVU, a powerful defense attorney is on a mission to discredit the unit‘s latest case in true SVU style -- leaving us wondering about our justice system. Read more »
Wednesday is here again, if it pleases the court. And it should, because today marks the first new episode of Law and Order: SVU in two weeks! Have you been experiencing withdrawals? I know I have.  Read more »
It‘s Wednesday and it has been a whopping two weeks since the last new episode of Law and Order: SVU. My. God. It‘s been too long, SVU, it‘s been too long. This episode was wildly bipolar, and tonight‘s tweets were just as. The best of the bunch are listed below: Read more »
Here are the best tweets about this week‘s Law & Order: SVU episode: Read more »
Here are the best lines from this week‘s Law & Order: SVU episode, "Russian Brides": Read more »
NBC has released its mid-season lineup, and much like the network itself, it‘s a total mess. Shows are moving, getting delayed, starting and stopping, and fans will most likely have a hard time trying to find what they‘re looking for.  Read more »
The best tweets about "Educated Guess" are below: Read more »
The best quotes from "Educated Guess" are below: Read more »
This week on Law & Order: SVU, a man at a psychiatric hospital says he witnessed a rape in one of the rooms, but the alleged victim denies it ever happened. The detectives still investigate, trying figure out what‘s real and what isn‘t. Read more »
The top tweets about this week‘s Law and Order: SVU episode "Lost Traveler" are below: Read more »
The top quotes from this week‘s  Law and Order: SVU episode, "Lost Traveler," are below: Read more »
This week on Law & Order: SVU, the investigation of a woman found murdered -- fingers chopped off, teeth pulled and face unrecognizable -- leads to the Russian mafia. Captain Cragen goes undercover to bring them down. Read more »
This week on Law & Order: SVU, when a boy doesn‘t come home from school, the detectives question the influential leader of the Romanis. The case takes them to a lot of possible suspects -- not only the leader but a journalist and also a neighbor. Read more »
This week on Law & Order: SVU, an ex-star quarterback is arrested for soliciting a 14-year-old prostitute as part of a sting operation. But the case isn‘t black and white, as the aging athlete‘s mental state is brought into question after constant hits and injuries from playing football. Read more »
And you thought the winter break for most shows meant little news? Tonight‘s casting roundup features a lot of them -- from a new guy on Wisteria Lane to a new (former) partner for Fizbo the clown. But first, let‘s go to Broadway, shall we? Read more »
Now, a bunch of casting news for your favorite shows -- from a familiar figure circling Bon Temps to a new dad for the CW‘s Hart of Dixie. But first, something for you reality lovers out there... Read more »
There‘s a lot happening this week in casting news. A True Blood star is getting close to Zooey Deschanel, a couple of funny ladies will bring life to The Good Wife, and someone‘s dad is coming back to Gossip Girl. Read on!  Read more »
Today the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation and the NAACP both announced their annual awards nominations. While there are several gay and African-American characters on TV, these awards usually highlight the lack of diversity by picking out such obscure nominees. The effect only emphasizes how few roles for African-Americans there really are on mainstream television.  Read more »
Super Bowl XLVI puts the New York Giants against the New England Patriots, and while many fans are excited about the match-up, I‘m proud to admit that I‘m one of those people who watches the Super Bowl for the commercials. Oh sure, I‘m mildly interested in the actual football game, but that‘s just because, if the Giants lose, my brother will cry.  Read more »
This week‘s casting roundup includes a Broadway veteran, a Grammy winner, the arrival of a love rival and a reunion of sorts. Read on to find out more. Read more »
Ahh, pilot season -- that time in a TV fan‘s year when we hear about planned new shows, fall in love with it, and then get anxious about whether we‘ll even see them on our screens. And yet we fall in love with them anyway.Tonight‘s casting roundup kicks off with four pilot-y bits, and once that‘s done, we have a Big Love wife going to New York, a new head vampire in Bon Temps, and a purveyor of knowledge heading to Greendale. But yes, the pilot-y bits, yes. Read more »
Six seasons and a movie? Not quite, not yet. But at least we now have a return date for NBC‘s long-missing comedy, Community. The network has announced the dates for several returns and premieres, as well as some major scheduling changes to take place over the spring. Keep reading for the details. Read more »
NBC is still in love with Dick Wolf. The veteran producer behind the Law and Order franchise got a double dose of good news today when NBC renewed Law and Order: Special Victims Unit for its 14th season and picked up a new show from Wolf, Chicago Fire.  Read more »
The 2011-2012 TV season has officially come to a close,  the Nielsen ratings are in and for the first time in nine years, the most-watched show of the season isn‘t American Idol.The FOX reality juggernaut, which has been the highest-rated show in total viewers and the coveted 18-49 demographic for the past eight seasons, was dethroned in both categories by NBC‘s Sunday Night Football.  Read more »
I hope you like to laugh. Because that‘s what TV has in store for us this fall. NBC is the first major network to announce its schedule for Fall 2012, and comedy is everywhere. Check out the full schedule here! Read more »