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The seventh season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent kicks off tonight.  The opening episode, "Amends," will delve into the past of one of the show‘s lead characters. Detective Alexandra Eames (Kathryn Erbe) is forced to re-examine her husband‘s murder following the death of his partner, who is killed on the job.  In the process of re-opening the case, she finds herself thrust into the life she thought she had left behind. Read more »
Law & Order: Criminal Intent‘s Vincent D‘Onofrio is about to become a dad again.  He and his wife, Carin Van Der Donk, are expecting their second child this winter. D‘Onofrio and the rest of his Law & Order: Criminal Intent co-stars have just started their seventh season on a new network.  The series has been moved from its original home at NBC to the network‘s sister station, USA. Read more »
Law and Order is back from the dead.  It was never really dead, I know, but after a full season of banishment into a dreaded Friday night time slot, and another half of the year completely off the air, it kind of felt like Law & Order was gone for good.  Thankfully for fans of the ageless procedural, Law & Order is returning to air waves for its eighteenth season on Wednesday, January 2 for a two hour premiere.  The following week, Law & Order will settle back into its long time Wednesday 10pm ET/PT time slot. Starting on that Wednesday, January 9, Law and Order: Criminal Intent will act as the original L&O‘s lead in, airing at 9pm.  Criminal Intent had been banished to the purgatory of basic cable on the USA Network, where new episodes have been airing.  NBC will start from the beginning of Criminal Intent‘s new season, and re-air the episodes on NBC. Read more »
Tonight marks the return of Law & Order: Criminal Intent to NBC, following a season spent banished to NBC‘s sister cable company, USA Network.  The Law & Order spin-off will take the 9pm timeslot and serve as lead-in for the returning parent show, which opened its 18th season last week with a two-hour premiere.In a desperate move, major networks have had to resort to some last-minute repurposing in order to fill in the vacuum that‘s been left by a running out of original scripted episodes due to the two-month long writers‘ strike.  So while Law & Order: Criminal Intent‘s seventh season has been airing on USA since October, NBC will still begin with the season opener tonight, before proceeding with the rest of the seventh season in weeks to come. Read more »
Last week, Law & Order: Criminal Intent returned to the NBC lineup after a season spent in airing on the network‘s sister cable station, USA.  Viewers with access to cable programming have already witnessed Law & Order: Criminal Intent‘s seventh season.  However, those without cable service will now get a chance to savor the show‘s latest season, with this special encore screening to fill in regular network programming that‘s been thrown into chaos by the writers‘ walkout. For its debut back on NBC last week, Law & Order: Criminal Intent scored 2.5 in the ratings, 38 percent lower than its showing during its premiere last year.  Its parent program, Law & Order, also took an 18 percent dip from last week‘s first episode at 3.1. Read more »
Law & Order: Criminal Intent continues its run of remaining new season 7 episodes tonight, picking up six months following the December episode called “Untethered” where Det. Bobby Goren (Vincent D‘Onofrio) faced suspension for going against order by going undercover in a mental institution where he came dreadfully close to losing his mind. Production of the seventh season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent was halted due to the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike when executive producer Warren Leight and the rest of the writing staff participated in the work stoppage.  Because of this, only 10 out of the 22 episodes ordered were produced prior to the strike, with the first of the remaining season 7 episodes to be broadcast beginning tonight at 9pm on the USA network. Read more »
Chris Noth has been with the Law & Order franchise since the original Law & Order first premiered 1990. From 1990 to 1995, Noth portrayed Detective Mike Logan before leaving the series to star in a string of TV movies – including a Law & Order movie in 1998.Bolstered by his high profile role as Mr. Big on Sex and the City, Chris Noth returned as Detective Mike Logan on Law & Order: Criminal Intent in 2005. After another three year stint with an L&O series, news has come out today that Chris Noth will once again be leaving Mike Logan behind so as to take on new movie roles. The new actor cast to play his replacement? Film star Jeff Goldblum. Read more »
A lot of changes are bound to happen when Law & Order: Criminal Intent returns for an eighth season in November on USA Network.  As reported previously, the show has signed on Jeff Goldblum as replacement for cast member Chris North, who will be departing from his character Detective Mike Logan to take on new movie roles.  Additionally, the police procedural has enlisted a new production team that will hopefully give the series a fresh perspective. Walon Green, Robert Nathan, John Coles, Michael S. Chernuchin, Andrew Lipsitz and Timothy J. Lea will be the new production team of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, the series that takes viewers into the minds of its criminals while following the psychological approaches the Major Case Squad uses to solve the crimes.  The entire production team will work with show creator Dick Wolf and executive producer Peter Jankowski, who serves as executive producer of all three Law & Order series, as well as president and chief operating officer of Wolf Films, Inc. Read more »
Last week‘s episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent marked Mike Logan‘s (Chris North) final appearance on the police procedural series. Tonight, fans will have to temporarily bid farewell to the rest of the cast as the show concludes its seventh season at 9pm on the USA Network.Previously on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Logan jeopardized his and Wheeler‘s careers when a priest convinced him to re-open a murder case that‘s over a decade old which involves a politically-aspiring ADA who will stop at nothing to keep the truth buried. Warning: May contain spoilers. Read more »
Fans of Law and Order: Criminal Intent will have to wait a little longer before they can enjoy new episodes of the crime procedural series.  USA network has decided to push back the premiere of season 8 to 2009, just days before it was scheduled to kick off.  This marks the second time the cable channel has shifted the show‘s return date.  Originally, the network announced that the show would come back on Thursday, November 6 at 10/9c before opting to use it as a lead-in to The Starter Wife on Friday nights.While no reason was given for any of the aforementioned changes, a spokesperson for Law and Order: Criminal Intent assured TV Guide that the show is in good shape but “based on the overall TV landscape and in this economy, it made sense to maximize the value" of the series by airing all 16 episodes in an uninterrupted run during the first quarter of 2009. Read more »