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After two years off the air, Last Comic Standing returns refreshed and revamped with a new host in tow. Craig Robinson from NBC‘s The Office will be taking the helm on the stage tonight, giving way to hopefuls who are on their way to becoming the next famous funnyman. But nothing much has changed; it‘s still hilarious, and that‘s why we‘re still watching.Take A Look Back at Last Comic StandingAmerica has a lot to offer in terms of comedy, and the judges have scouted far and wide to find the ones who have the talent for it. On the panel, we have comedians Greg Giraldo, Andy Kindler and Natasha Leggero.  Read more »
Tonight on the season 7 premiere of Last Comic Standing, we watched the two-day Los Angeles auditions.Of course, there were the usual people in crazy outfits that felt that was the way to make it on the show. But none of those acts like the "talking" dog, the alien warrior in full armor or the 8-foot tall Sasquatch wannabee even made it to the evening‘s performances in front of a live audience. Thank goodness! Read more »
After watching last night‘s season premiere of Last Comic Standing, I have some good jokes for you and some bad jokes. I‘ll start with the bad. The five worst jokes of the evening: Read more »
If you‘re like me and love Last Comic Standing, you probably already know that Monday‘s episode will show us the New York auditions. I can‘t wait to see it; the funny, the not-so-funny and the tragically bad jokes. It‘s all good, right?In the LA auditions, we had several people show up for auditions wearing crazy costumes. Clowns seemed like a bit of a theme, and none of them were good enough to make the semi-finals. In fact, none of the crazy outfits made it to the Showcase. So check out the comics that showed up in New York: Read more »
This week‘s episode of Last Comic Standing showed us the New York auditions on the first day. Yet again, there were the usual weirdos wearing strange costumes or using some other sort of prop. The list included a goblin, an elf, a clown, a ventriloquist & dummy & the dummy‘s dummy, another ventriloquist with Bernie the bird dummy, and yet another ventriloquist with an old man dummy, and believe it or not, another ventriloquist with soul brother Ricky the dummy, then a ventriloquist with Dangerous the duck dummy...and none of them were funny.The comics sent through to the semifinals this time were Alycia Cooper, Mike DeStefano, Claudia Cogan, Kurt Metzger, Tommy Johnagin, Jamie Lee, Roy Wood, Jr., Amanda Melson and Jesse Joyce. I think it‘s fair to say that the season is already shaping up o be fantastic. Read more »
In an ever-changing world, it‘s strangely comforting to know that some things, even if they are trite and stupid and aggressive and needless (all rolled into one!) things, will always stay the same.I‘m talking, as you can tell by the headline (unless you are a reality TV contestant, in which case we can assume you‘re a little slow), about how, no matter what they‘re competing for and whom they‘re competing against, reality TV competition contestants will always say "I‘m not here to make friends." It‘s a rule.Last year, blogger Rich FourFour noticed this rule and compiled the supercut to top all supercuts: an "I‘m Not Here to Make Friends" montage for the 2008 TV season. For reality TV fanatics (that‘s me) and general fans of awesomeness alike, it was a game-changer. They even did a little segment about it on This American Life. (That‘s legit!) And then he made another one for the 2009 season. These reality stars just cannot keep from saying how not there to make friends they are, and, in turn, these videos just cannot keep from being hilarious. Read more »
Stand-up comedian Greg Giraldo, well known for his work on Comedy Central and as a judge on Last Comic Standing, has died at the age of 44 after being hospitalized for an accidental drug overdose on Saturday.Reports initially said Giraldo was in stable but critical condition after paramedics found him unresponsive in his hotel room after performing at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick, N.J. Giraldo had overdosed on prescription medications. His representative said it was not a suicide attempt. Read more »
I almost fell out of my chair after hearing NBC‘s announcement that they‘re bringing back Last Comic Standing, an American Idol-like competition series to find the best comedian in the country -- and even more surprised to find out one of my favorite comics, Wanda Sykes, will be an executive producer. Read more »
If you love to discover hilarious comedians, you should definitely check out Last Comic Standing when season 8 premieres on Thursday, May 22 with a two-hour opener at 9pm. The series will continue every Thursday at 10pm for a total of 13 episodes.NBC has announced the new judges and host of the revival that‘s executive produced by Wanda Sykes: Roseanne Barr, Keenan Ivory Wayans and Russell Peters. The host is JB Smoove. It should be noted that the network didn‘t take any of my 15 suggestions into consideration. Read more »
NBC has announced summer 2014 premiere dates, and it looks like the schedule will be packed with a lot of new shows, along with a few returning reality series. Read more »

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