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Last Comic Standing is the reality show for stand-up comics.  It is not as popular as other reality shows.  Therefore, we must assume that stand-up comedy isn‘t all that popular.  If A=B, and B=C, then A=C, right?  Sure, Last Comic Standing is relatively popular, it has a loyal base of viewers, and remains in the select group of primetime network series that have been canceled and later resurrected.  This is nothing to scoff at.  But, taking a step back and putting Last Comic Standing into perspective, it has not reached the kind of exposure that the big reality shows receive.  In NBC‘s eyes, Last Comic Standing is summer filler: cheap to produce, will take up a lot of hours, and whatever sort of ratings they get are a bonus.  Expectations are not high.  Read more »
Season five of the stand-up comedy reality show Last Comic Standing debuts Wednesday, June 13th on NBC and fans should prepare for some big changes.  New host Bill Bellamy, who we all remember from “Booty Call” and MTV, will take the reins as Last Comic Standing goes international.  The initial tryouts for the show ventured to Montreal, Canada, London, England and Sydney, Australia.  Comedy does have distinctive regional sensibilities, and looking across the globe for new talent should be a breath of fresh air for Last Comic Standing.  There aren‘t too many well-known Australian comics known here in the United States, so it‘ll be interesting to see what kind of talent comes from Down Under.  Will they have a style all their own? Read more »
Last Comic Standing, that stalwart of summer shows, with its revolving door of hosts and judges, created by the man who brought us Zach Morris, AC Slater and Kelly Kapowski, a show that was once canceled and then revived, a reality series who saw its validity called into question by one of its own judges (Drew Carey), a program that despite its controversial history has been nominated for Emmys, returns tonight with Bill Bellamy as its host and its biggest championship payday to date ($250,000).  Last Comic Standing goes international this season, with its new talent scouts (former Last Comic Standing contestants Alonzo Bodden, Ant and Kathleen Madigan) heading to Canada, England and Australia.  Get ready for some accents! Read more »
Season 5 of Last Comic Standing kicked off last night with an epic two hour premiere that began in New York City, visited our neighbor to the north in Montreal, and ended the night in San Antonio.  The new host is former MTV VJ and, proprietor of the phrase "booty call", Bill Bellamy.  The new talent scouts are former Last Comic Standing contestants Kathleen Madigan, Alonzo Bodden, and Ant.  The international feel didn‘t work out quite as well as producers may have hoped, at least last night: Montreal didn‘t produce a whole bunch of winners.  New York did the best, of course, and San Antonio produced some solid comedic potential.  Here‘s what went down over the two hour episode last night: Read more »
Comedian Alonzo Bodden, the third winner of the reality series Last Comic Standing, is serving as one of the talent scouts for the show’s current season.  The show is responsible for launching Alonzo Bodden’s career, as well as the careers of other previous winners. "The biggest change is you become a name," he told USA Today.  "Before, I was working the clubs. People laughed, but they didn‘t know who I was. I‘ve gone from club headliner to being a nationally known act." Read more »
Last Friday, Last Comic Standing winner Alonzo Bodden performed at the Rialto Theater in Tucson, Arizona.  The comedian entertained several hundred people, sharing with them his thoughts about a variety of issues that are currently facing the nation. During his hour-long set, Bodden humorously talked about celebrities who have recently been caught displaying bad behavior. Hotel heiress Paris Hilton was the first to be placed on the receiving end of the 44-year-old comedian’s jokes. Read more »
Last Comic Standing has finally revealed its top 10 finalists. On last week‘s July 25 broadcast, season five‘s judging panel, which includes Alonzo Bodden, Ant and Kathleen Madigan and special guest judge Tom Arnold, have narrowed the second group of 16 semifinalists down to five. This rounds up the finalists to 10, along with the initial five semifinalists declared on July 18.The top 10 finalists will be taking on Hollywood to compete in a stand-up challenge called "The Heckle."  This will require the finalists to take turns performing for a studio audience while another finalist tries to heckle them.  After the performance of the 10 finalists, the audience will choose their favorite comic and favorite heckler, which will give them immunity for the season‘s first head-to-head challenge.  All these and more will be featured on tonight‘s episode of Last Comic Standing. Read on to find out more about the top 10 comics. Read more »
While most of the models of Deal or No Deal are known for their exposure on the NBC game show, several of these models will be showcased on yet another competitive reality series.  Tomorrow night, six Deal or No Deal models will be featured on a laugh-fest where male and female stand-up comics engage in a sidesplitting fast-paced competition called Last Comic Standing.Last week‘s Last Comic Standing challenge number one featured the top 10 finalist from the semi-finals as they took on the The Heckle challenge for a spot in the gala of Howie Mandel, who is also the host of Deal or No Deal, at the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. Read more »
Last Comic Standing is already more than halfway through its fifth season, but fans will be able to catch more of their favorite show next year as NBC has decided to renew the series for another season. Hosted by Bill Bellamy, the reality competition‘s current edition has drawn in an average of 6.7 million total viewers and a 2.8/8 rating/share among adults 18-49 in its Wednesday 9pm ET/PT timeslot.  The two-hour fifth season finale of Last Comic Standing will air live on Wednesday, September 19, during which one comedian will win the $250,000 cash prize, an exclusive contract with NBC Universal and a half-hour comedy special on Bravo.  Read more »
On the brink of poverty, Dat Phan entered NBC‘s Last Comic Standing in 2003 and ended up as a finalist in the reality stand-up comedy competition.  Although some disliked his eccentric behavior and his relative inexperience in professional comedy, this did not hindered him from beating out veteran comedians such as Rich Vos, Cory Kahaney, Tess Drake, and Ralphie May, ending up as the winner of the first season of Last Comic Standing.  At present, the 32-year-old Vietnamese American remains active in the comedy loop. Read more »
Rich Ira Vos was known as a finalist of NBC‘s Last Comic Standing.  Having extensive experience in stand-up comedy, he was often referred to as “The Don” by host Jay Mohr.  Although his comedic efforts did not earn him the winning spot, he still ranked 3rd place in the first season and also appeared in the third season of the reality stand-up comedy competition.  In the coming days, the 50-year-old comic will be performing in various clubs in cities across the country. Read more »
Funny man Doug Benson may have just been eliminated on Last Comic Standing, but he‘d rather be known as "The Sixth Funniest Comic In The World".  A comedy veteran, he has been seen on episodes of Friends and Curb Your Enthusiasm and recently, a regular on VH1 clip shows, particularly Best Week Ever.  He will return to the show this fall but also plans to get out on the road.  Doug sits down with BuddyTV to talk about his comedy career and who might win this season of Last Comic Standing. Below, you will find the mp3 and complete transcript of the interview Read more »
On NBC‘s Last Comic Standing, Canadian comic Debra DiGiovanni made it as a finalist but her time on the show was cut short.  On last week‘s episode, for their challenge, the comics had to dress up as jesters and perform a routine at Medieval Times.  Afterwards, when they had to name their challenger, the comics chose Debra and fellow comic, Matt Kirshen.  Matt ended up winning over the crowd and Debra was sent packing.  Intelligent and funny, Debra called in to BuddyTV from Toronto today to talk about her time on the show.Below, you will find an mp3 of the interview as well as a complete transcript Read more »
Matt Kirshen traveled all the way from England to compete on this season‘s Last Comic Standing.  He was chosen in the London round (along with fellow finalist Gina Yashere) by scouts Ant, Alonzo Bodden, and Kathleen Madigan.  Targeted by the other comics for being one of the few with the least experience, Kirshen put up a good fight and made it to top 8.Kirshen got started in comedy when he was still a college student.  In an exclusive interview with BuddyTV, he tells us about the early part of his career.  "I had wanted to do it for a while.  I kept my eye on open mics and my friend James got me to do it.  Both of us started together and we‘re both still going. Read more »
Ralph Harris is one hot  comedian.  A stand up veteran, he has been seen on many tv shows from Seinfeld to In Living Color and even had his own show for a while on ABC called On Our Own.  Recently, he made him film debut in Dreamgirls and followed that up with an appearance in Evan Almighty.  Harris made it to the final five on this season of Last Comic Standing up against Amy Schumer, Lavell Crawford, Gerry Dee, and Jon Reep.  This fall, he‘ll head out on tour with his fellow finalists to perform live and meet his fans.  Ralph took time to talk to BuddyTV today about who he blames for his elimination on Last Comic Standing.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview Read more »
Funny girl Amy Schumer may not have the most experience, but she advanced a lot further than most seasoned comedians could ever dream of on NBC‘s Last Comic Standing.  She had the judges in the palm of her hand from the minute she brought up her CATS the musical sweatshirt and quickly advanced through the show.  Schumer shined in the challenges and never found herself to be a target, forming solid friendships with her fellow comics.  She made it far, placing fourth, and many doors are opening for the young comedian these days.  Amy takes some time to talk to BuddyTV about her time on Last Comic Standing and her upcoming national tour.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
On tonight‘s finale of Last Comic Standing, it all came down to the final two: Lavell Crawford and Jon Reep. During the two hour episode, the finalists were roasted by fellow comics, including Jeffrey Ross, top 10 finalist Doug Benson, and one of this season‘s talent scouts, Alonzo Bodden.  Dane Cook also made a special appearance on the show to wish the contestants good luck.  How convenient since the name of his new movie is called Good Luck Chuck!  After a parade of special guests and montages, the winner was announced.  Minutes after the results, the winner of NBC‘s Last Comic Standing stepped off stage and called BuddyTV first to talk about his big win.** SPOILER ALERT **Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
For Canadian comic Gerry Dee, the road to the final few on NBC‘s Last Comic Standing was not an easy one.  He tried out last season only to get cut in the semi-finals.  He returned a year later, more prepared and funnier, and made it to the final three comics.  Tonight, either Jon Reep or Lavell Crawford will win the title of Last Comic Standing.  As for Gerry Dee, he‘s happy for the exposure and looks forward to the upcoming tour which kicks off this Friday.  Gerry spoke to BuddyTV today about tonight‘s finale and who he thinks is going to win it all.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
This past Wednesday, Last Comic Standing crowned Jon Reep the winner.  He received $250,000 as well as an exclusive talent contract with NBC and his own half-hour comedy special on Bravo.  The two-hour finale was jam packed with special appearances, a roast of the final two comics, and performances.  The top five comics, who were at the finale, had no time to relax as they immediately headed out on their tour.Ralph Harris, Amy Schumer, Gerry Dee, Lavell Crawford, and Jon Reep have a busy fall and winter ahead of them.  The tour kicked off this weekend in Connecticut and runs all the way through December, wrapping up in Ohio.  The average price for tickets is $45 and I‘m happy to say it was worth the price.  I was invited to attend opening night and here‘s what happened. Read more »
Last Comic Standing isn‘t a series I watch very often.  The world of stand-up comedy is a difficult nut to crack, and there are very few stand-up comics who I can honestly say I enjoy.  The reason for this is that stand-up comedy is incredibly hard.  After watching Jerry Seinfeld‘s stand-up documentary Comedian I got a real sense of just what these guys do and how technical the job is.  I‘m fascinated by the process, even if I‘m not often pleased by the end result.  Which is why I love the first few audition episodes of Last Comic Standing every year.  I love seeing the different approaches of the wannabe comics and the personas they‘ve created, off-set by their off-stage demeanors.  NBC announced today that these nationwide (plus Toronto) audition episodes for the upcoming sixth season of Last Comic Standing are getting the star treatment: a number of current and former NBC personalities will act as guest judges during the auditions.  Read more »
Last Comic Standing is back for a sixth run.  The search for the next funny-man/woman begins anew Thursday at 9:30pm on Global and NBC.  Bill Bellamy (formerly of MTV Jams and Fastlane, as well as the voice of Nickelodeon‘s Cousin Skeeter) is back on his second season as host of the show.  Joining him is British Fearne Cotton as special correspondent.  Cotton was one of the final hosts of the legendary, 42-year old Top of the Pops before it finally popped off the air two years ago. Bellamy spoke to the Winnipeg Sun about his duties on Last Comic Standing and the differences and similarities of having contestants from all over the world. Read more »
Stand-up comedy is unfathomably difficult.  I know this because about 99% of all stand-up comedians are terrible.  I laugh easily, and it‘s hard to find a theatrical comedy that I won‘t squeeze at least a few chuckles out of, but watching stand-up comedy, for me, is often painful.  Last Comic Standing kicked off its sixth season tonight with auditions from New York City and Tempe, Arizona.  I‘m coming into this season of Last Comic Standing with an open mind.  When stand-up comedy is good, it tends to be really good.  Here‘s to hoping that NBC found some diamonds in the rough this year. Read more »
The sixth edition of NBC‘s Last Comic Standing officially went off the ground Thursday, with Bill Bellamy back in command as host for a second straight season.  One thing that was different was the addition of the segment called “Last Comic Driving.” Thanks to this nifty little new inclusion, viewers and comics alike stand a chance of driving home a brand-new car courtesy of Honda, which is providing one of the major prizes this season. Read more »
With the sixth season of NBC’s Last Comic Standing premiering a couple of weeks ago, we have host Bill Bellamy speaking about what else is up and coming in the wacky stand-up comedy-meets-reality series.The 43-year-old Bellamy, who began his career in acting and stand-up comedy, familiarized the term “booty call,” and subsequently appeared on MTV as a VJ and host.  Later on, he appeared in films Fled, Love Jones, How to Be a Player and Any Given Sunday. Coming back to stand up comedy, he appeared Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes and NBC’s Last Comic Standing.  Recently, he talked to TV Guide to reveal what is in store for the sixth season of the NBC series. Read more »
After a series of auditions in various cities including New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, Houston, and Miami, among others, plus a semi-final round held in Las Vegas, Nevada, Last Comic Standing finally revealed its final 12 contestants.  Read on to learn something new about the newest batch of people who will try to make America laugh, either at them or with them. Read more »
Though she may seem young, this wasn‘t Esther Ku‘s first time trying out for Last Comic Standing.  She actually first auditioned during season 1 but the talent scouts felt that she didn‘t have enough experience to land a spot on the show.  Season 6 proved be the lucky one for Ku and she made the final 12, getting to showcase her standup on national television for millions of viewers.  Unfortunately, she only lasted a week and was knocked out early by fellow comedian Iliza Schlesinger.  After her elimination, Esther sat down to talk with BuddyTV in an exclusive interview and spilled some dirt about her competitors, God‘s Pottery!Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
God‘s Pottery certainly was an interesting choice to add to the list of finalists on this season‘s Last Comic Standing.  The show has never taken a comedy duo to the finals and standup audiences have not seen anything like Gideon and Jeremiah, who preach to today‘s youth about the powerful love of Jesus.  They were not greeted so warmly by the other comedians and didn‘t seem too upset when Esther Ku called them out to perform against her on last week‘s episode.  Jeremiah and Gideon are always in character but in her interview, Esther spilled some details about them that might not please the Lord.  God‘s Pottery told their side of the story this week in an exclusive interview with BuddyTV.Below, you will find the complete transcript and mp3 of the interview. Read more »
Last week, the top 8 finalists traveled to the Playboy Mansion and were met by Last Comic Standing host Bill Bellamy, who explained the rules for their final challenge.  Each finalist was asked to write his or her own original bedtime story based around a title supplied by producers, which they would be reading to The Girls Next Door stars Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson.  Hugh Hefner‘s girlfriends would then decide which finalist delivered the funniest story and would thus automatically be given a spot among the sixth season‘s final five. Now that home viewers have already cast their votes, Last Comic Standing can finally reveal which contestants will make it to the Las Vegas finale. Read more »
Last week, Last Comic Standing revealed the top 5 finalists chosen by America‘s votes.  Tonight, we will finally learn who among Jeff Dye, Louis Ramey, Iliza Shlesinger, Jim Tavare and Marcus will win the $250,000 grand prize, the exclusive talent deal with NBC, a brand new Honda Pilot, a starring appearance in Jubilee! at Bally‘s Las Vegas and the coveted crown as the last comic standing. But before the winner of Last Comic Standing season 6 is unveiled, the show will first feature funny campaign ads from Presidential nominees Barack Obama and John McCain.  Obama‘s ad makes light of his poor bowling skills, while McCain is chided for being not funny but funny looking.  There will also be special guest appearances by Jon Lovitz, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Joel McHale, host of E!‘s The Soup, and current Last Comic Standing champion Jon Reep. Read more »
Last Thursday on Last Comic Standing, the top 5 finalists chosen by America‘s votes went into a final showdown to determine who will win the $250,000 grand prize, the exclusive talent deal with NBC, a brand new Honda Pilot, a starring appearance in Jubilee! at Bally‘s Las Vegas and the coveted crown as the last comic standing.  Iliza Shlesinger won the sixth season of the competitive series, joining Dat Phan, John Heffron, Alonzo Bodden, Josh Blue, and Jon Reep in an elite group of comedians. Obviously, Shlesinger was the first female champ, which is a great achievement and something that will hopefully help launch her career to the next level.  However, Shlesinger doesn‘t really perceive things that way as she is "not a female comic" and is instead "a comedian who happens to be female." Read more »