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Seeing that old shows are getting more appealing, NBC has given the remake of Knight Rider a series order.  The show has been given a test drive as a two-hour made-for-television movie in February, which resulted to a Sunday night primetime victory for the network.  As expected, high ratings have made everyone at the network rooting for more K.I.T.T. and company. Serving as showrunner and executive producer for the new Knight Rider series is Gary Scott Thompson, who most recently led NBC‘s Las Vegas.  Producer Universal Media Studios has also made a two-year overall deal with the scribe, who is also credited for Fast and the Furious. Thompson will work alongside exec producers Doug Liman and Dave Bartis, as well as scribe-producer Dave Andron, who wrote the pilot. Read more »
Today NBC announced a more detailed schedule for its Fall premieres, including a few changes. The Molly Shannon/Selma Blair sitcom Kath and Kim will move from Tuesdays to Thursdays, leaving room for The Biggest Loser to gain 30 extra minutes. Also, the new series America‘s Toughest Jobs from the producers of Ice Road Truckers, will premiere this Fall as opposed to next Summer, which NBC originally planned.Additionally, NBC announced premiere dates for all of its shows. Heroes is returning one week later than previously announced and 30 Rock fans will undoubtedly be upset, and with good reason. Read on to see the new NBC Fall 2008 schedule and premiere dates. Read more »
BuddyTV is looking at the 17 new shows the major networks will premiere this Fall to see which ones are worth getting excited about and which ones we have low expectations for.Show Description: NBC has brought Knight Rider back for the umpteenth time.  You know the deal - KITT is a special, talking car with a technologically advanced interface (it can hack into any computer system), an impressive weapons system, and the voice of an aging method actor (Val Kilmer).  This Knight Rider, despite being action-packed, is being sold as family entertainment by NBC. Read more »
Now that we‘re only a few months away from the kick off of the fall season, numerous television shows are recruiting new actors.  Premiering programs are adding main cast members, returning series are booking recurring roles, and familiar faces from other shows are landing new, exciting jobs.  It feels like nearly every actor in Hollywood is signing up for something.  Let‘s just cross our fingers and hope that the rumored Screen Actors Guild strike, which could happen in July, doesn‘t derail things.Today we have casting news for Knight Rider, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and a few other shows.  Read on for all the details. Read more »
On the final day of panels for the Television Critics Association press tour, NBC previewed some of its new shows coming this Fall. The network has the Jekyll and Hyde spy drama My Own Worst Enemy starring Christian Slater, the Australian-imported comedy Kath and Kim, and the revised Knight Rider.The network‘s one other new scripted series, Crusoe, was not in attendance due to filming in South Africa, though a preview video for the show was quite inspiring, making it look a bit like a TV version of Pirates of the Caribbean. Read more »
Check out the rest of our coverage from San Diego Comic-Con.If there‘s one thing that many of the celebrities attending the San Diego Comic-Con didn‘t prepare for, it‘s traffic.  Actor Ian McShane was absent from the panel for his new show Kings due to a backup on the freeway, and the same problem plagued nearly the entire cast of NBC‘s Knight Rider.  As the panel for the series kicked off at 11:45am, only actor Paul Campbell (Battlestar Galactica) and showrunner Gary Scott Thompson (Las Vegas) were present.  Even with numerous cast members missing for the first 20 minutes of the presentation, including stars Justin Bruening and Deanna Russo, the two men kept things as amusing as possible by cracking jokes and imitating certain cast members.While the people on stage were extremely entertaining, the same can‘t be said for the Knight Rider trailer they unveiled.  NBC‘s new fall series looks to be filled with plenty of action, but if the cornball jokes and lame dialogue are any indication, KITT may need to be taken in for a tune-up. Read more »
A lot of hype has been buzzing around NBC‘s revved up Knight Rider series, which is currently drawing publicity for its sexy and action-packed promos, fresh cast and all new K.I.T.T.  Curious fans will finally find out if the remake can really live up to the original series that starred David Hasselhoff as high-tech modern-day knight fighting crime Michael Knight when it kicks off on September 24 at 8pm, serving as lead to the network‘s Wednesday evening lineup. But before that, you can catch the successful pilot telefilm, which resulted to a Sunday night primetime victory for the network and paved the way for Knight Rider series pickup.  According to Universal Media Studios, the pilot telefilm will be coming to DVD on September 9. Read more »
If the television movie adaptation of Knight Rider shown earlier this year is any indication of what to expect in the upcoming television series, then… no, that‘s not how it will go.  Gary Scott Thompson, the show‘s executive producer, said he learned many lessons from the backdoor pilot, and will use them to take the revamped classic to a new direction.“I didn‘t have anything to do with the two-hour [television movie],” he clarified in a recent interview.  “I was brought in after the movie to create the series, but what I found was that fans missed certain things, like the turbo boost and the interaction [between Mike Traceur, played by Justin Bruening, and the KITT, voiced by Val Kilmer].” Read more »
For exclusive on-set videos and hot features on the new TV season, check out BuddyTV‘s Fall 2008 Preview.Network: NBCPremiere: Wednesday, September 24, 8pmCast: Justin Bruening, Denna Russo, Sydney Tamiia Poitier, Bruce Davison, Yancey Arias, Paul Campbell, Val KilmerPremise: KITT is a car that is equipped with weapons, artificial intelligence, the ability to transform into other vehicles, and the voice of Val Kilmer.  Iraq War vet Mike Traceur (Justin Bruening) takes the car on action-packed adventures while his team of tech geeks help him from a secret location. Read more »
For exclusive on-set videos and hot features on the new TV season, check out BuddyTV‘s Fall 2008 Preview.Some shows like Heroes and Supernatural don‘t have a single definitive set, one location where the majority of the scenes in any season will take place. Knight Rider, the updated version of the classic ‘80s series premiering Wednesday, September 24 at 8pm on NBC, is just the opposite. The “KITT Cave” as they call it is the hub for everything related to the car, its missions and the people responsible for taking care of it.A two-story behemoth of a set, the KITT Cave features numerous video screens, two functioning robotic arms and platform for the car that rotates in both a circle and upside down so the car can be switched out and modified. The crew actually had to dig out a hole on the sound stage in order to accomplish this. Continue reading for a quick look at BuddyTV‘s exclusive Knight Rider set visit. Read more »
For exclusive on-set videos and hot features on the new TV season, check out BuddyTV‘s Fall 2008 Preview.When it comes to acting pedigree, you don‘t get much higher than Sydney Tamiia Poitier. Daughter of Oscar-winner Sidney Poitier, this young actress has worked her way through film and TV, with recurring roles on shows like Joan of Arcadia and Veronica Mars. Now, as one of the stars of the new Knight Rider, she could finally break out on her own and become an actress to look out for. Read more »
For exclusive on-set videos and hot features on the new TV season, check out BuddyTV‘s Fall 2008 Preview.When a new show features a bona fide soap hunk like Justin Bruening, it might seem odd that the guy we‘re drooling over in the remake of Knight Rider is Paul Campbell. He first charmed fans as Billy, President Roslin‘s assistant in the first two seasons of Battlestar Galactica. There he also played second fiddle to a hunkier lead, as when Jamie Bamber‘s Lee Adama swooped in and stole Officer Dualla from the adorable Campbell‘s character. Read more »
Paul Campbell seems to be finding a very specific niche for his career. On Battlestar Galactica, be played the somewhat geeky Billy, and now once again he‘s playing a geeky guy named Billy on a reimagining of a cheesy sci-fi show from the past. However, like BSG, the new Knight Rider is less about kitsch and more about making a modern update of a classic.BuddyTV spoke to Paul Campbell during our exclusive Knight Rider set visit. The hot young star who BuddyTV named one of the sexiest stars to watch this season had plenty to say about his role on the series, his relationship to KITT and the original series, and the comparisons to his Battlestar Galactica role. Keep reading for the highlights and to watch our exclusive video interview. Read more »
The Knight Rider set is split into two levels. There‘s the ground floor where the crew operates on KITT and takes care of all the technical requirements, then there‘s the upper catwalks that loom over the command center. That‘s where Yancey Arias works. On the new Knight Rider, Arias plays Alex Torres, the man who oversees the operations and assigns the missions for the team.While on the set of Knight Rider, BuddyTV went up on the second level to talk to Arias about his role in the show, his fascination with the show‘s technology and his thoughts on the relatively young writing staff of the show. Continue reading for the highlights, or to watch our exclusive video interview. Read more »
The green screen is the most useful weapon in a TV show’s special effects arsenal. For Knight Rider, it’s an absolute necessity, since trying to film the various car chases would be impossible otherwise. When BuddyTV visited the set of the new Knight Rider, we spent most of the day in the massive KITT Cave, then took a quick final trip to the green screen sound stage.Imagine a huge warehouse that could easily fit about three 747s. Now cover half of it with a green screen. The sight is overwhelming, the sheer volume of lime green as far as the eye can see. In the middle of it all, a hollowed out car where Justin Bruening spends some very long days. Continue reading for more details and to see exclusive video footage of Bruening and the green screen. Read more »
The new Knight Rider doesn‘t premiere until next week, but NBC is trying to build buzz by airing the entire first episode online starting today at The network is also premiering several other shows one week early, including Chuck and Lipstick Jungle.As for Knight Rider, the premiere delivers the kind of fun, sexy action fans might expect from a series being run by the man behind NBC‘s Las Vegas and the Fast and the Furious franchise. In the first 10 minutes, KITT transforms, catches on fire, and the two attractive leads (Justin Bruening and Deanna Russo) strip down to their underwear. Read more »
The reviews for NBC’s new Knight Rider, premiering tonight at 8pm, have been mostly negative. TV critics seem determined to mock its cheesiness, implausibility and general lack of coherence. The frustrating thing is that those critics don’t seem to understand the context in which Knight Rider should be viewed.To compare the series to other serious dramas is a mistake. One cannot review Knight Rider using the same criteria one uses when reviewing Mad Men or Lost. Is Knight Rider cheesy? Of course it is, but why should that surprise anyone? This is a show about a talking car that solves crimes. Read more »
Fans looking for an early peek at the new Knight Rider have been in luck all week, because NBC, in a deal with Hulu, has been streaming the entire first episode online for the past week. The episode is also posted on BuddyTV:Watch Knight Rider Series PremiereThe fun, action-packed hour introduces the new cast while bringing back several stars of the TV movie, including leads Justin Bruening and Deanna Russo as Mike and Sarah. During BuddyTV’s Knight Rider set visit, we spoke to both of them about the changes from the movie to the TV show and the joys of working with KITT. Continue reading to watch their full video interviews. Read more »
On Wednesday, NBC brought us a remake of Knight Rider, which looks like it’s in trouble after garnering only 7.3 million viewers.  In fact, E! Online reports that Knight Rider’s entrance may be comparable to another failed NBC remake, but much worse.  If one can recall, Bionic Woman experienced little if not no success at all.  With a little push from the writers’ strike, the show ended after seven episodes.Nonetheless, Knight Rider landed on the third spot following ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, which garnered 15.6 million viewers and FOX’s Bones, which yielded 9.6 million. Recently, Kristin Dos Santos of E! Online reviewed the first episode of Knight Rider.  Find out what she had to say after the jump. Read more »
Last week, we talked about how the critics have been harsh in judging the NBC debuting series, Knight Rider, the remake of the 1982 series of the same name.  A number of BuddyTV readers responded with mixed reactions, but an important fact to point out is that some viewers actually want to see this show regardless of what the television critics say.  Meanwhile, the stars of the show recently shared their thoughts on their characters and the work they put into creating the show."It‘s a lot different [than the movie]," executive producer Gary Scott Thompson explained.  "I think the movie just sort of set the table and bridged the gap between the original series and this series.  That‘s how we like to look at it.  This is a much faster pace." Read more »
We recently reported that the NBC remake of Knight Rider was received with very bad reviews.  In fact, the show’s stars and producer were quick to come to the defense of the show, saying that this is a revamped version of the 1982 version of the series, which starred David Hasselhoff as Michael Knight, a modern-day crime-fighting individual armed with a technologically advanced care called Knight Industries Two Thousand or KITT for short.Last month, executive producer Gary Scott Thompson spoke to Fanbolt and clarified the issue on whether or not David Hasselhoff or KITT voice over William Daniels would make an appearance on the show.  He stated, "We haven‘t spoken about William Daniels at this point.  I have spoken to David [Hasselhoff] and, David and NBC, and myself, we‘re discussing." Read more »
We recently assessed Knight Rider’s chances for survival in the cutthroat world of television and came to a conclusion that viewers must give the NBC remake a chance.  In fact, our very own John Kubicek also named Knight Rider’s Five Steps for Success, which might just help the series, which has garnered poor reviews from critics. Executive producer Gary Scott Thompson also revealed the they took into consideration the original series and incorporate new characters into it, making “sure that those four characters clicked into what the new mythology was for the series.”For those who stand among the rest and think that Knight Rider is worth a shot, here’s some good news. Read more »
The fall season is still early, but the networks are already making decisions about the fates of the new shows. Following in the footsteps of the CW‘s 90210, FOX‘s Fringe and CBS‘ The Mentalist, NBC picked up Knight Rider for a full season today. In other news, Showtime picked up its Emmy-nominated drama Dexter for two additional seasons.For NBC, the full season order for Knight Rider might vex some critics. The show became a punching bag for TV critics this season, earning some of the worst reviews of any fall show. In spite of them, viewers have consistently tuned in, and while the ratings aren‘t huge, NBC sees the potential in a fun action series. Read more »
A lot of buzz has been generated by Knight Rider, mostly for its lackluster performance on primetime television.  The NBC show, which is a remake of the 1980‘s cult classic, promised to bring spunk to the old Knight Rider, which starred David Hasselhoff.  This year‘s Knight Rider stars Justin Bruening as Mike Traceur, the son of Michael Knight and Jennifer Traceur from the original series.  Other cast members include former Young and the Restless star Deanna Russo as Sarah Graiman, Bruce Davison as Charles Graiman, Sydney Tammiia Poitier as Carrie Rivai and Val Kilmer as the voice of KITT.So far, Knight Rider has attracted the male demographic when it comes to viewership, and NBC has no problem with that. In fact, the show was recently given a full season order after averaging a 2.4 rating and garnering 7.4 viewers overall. Read more »
Things are changing on the set of Knight Rider with today‘s announcement that nearly half of the main cast will be leaving the show after the first 13 episodes. Knight Rider is making a dramatic course correction by dumping Yancey Arias, Bruce Davison and Sydney Tamiia Poitier and severely changing the basic structure of the show.Instead of working for the government and dealing with national security issues, Michael Knight (Justin Bruening) will now be working on his own, helping out ordinary people with their personal problems. The format brings the show closer to the original Knight Rider series. Read more »
As part of NBC‘s “Green is Universal” week, Knight Rider is incorporating some environment-friendly storylines in tonight‘s episode of the ‘80s revival action drama.  So far, fans know that the current KITT, voiced by actor Val Kilmer, sports some solar panels and is based on the Ford Mustang.  But beyond that, producers have not disclosed information on its “fuel-efficient” qualities the next-generation vehicle could boast. Tonight, however, fans might see a new fuel-efficient KITT hit the road in the episode called “Knight of the Zodiac.”  Read on for a preview. Read more »
Though NBC is not commenting on the show‘s future, it seems that Knight Rider has run out of gas.  After a less than stellar showing this fall and rumors of a revamp, the network has decided to cut the series‘ original order by four episodes, scheduling its final hour to air on February 25, according to month, it was announced that NBC was reformatting the show in an effort to more closely resemble the storyline of its predecessor.  Yancey Arias, Bruce Davison, and Sydney Tamiia Poitier‘s characters are being removed from the series starting with a two part episode scheduled to air in January 2009.  Moving forward, the show will continue with a more character driven focus on Michael and KITT.  On December 3, however, it was announced that network was reducing its season order to 17 episodes.  The five remaining scripts will be utilized if the show is renewed for a second season. Read more »
Before 2008 came to a close, NBC treated fans of Knight Rider with "Knight Fever," the episode that was shot between "A Knight in Shining Armor" and "Journey to the End of the Knight" but never aired.  The installment saw Mike trying to stop the spread of a computer virus that threatened a total global meltdown.  It also saw a jealous Mike when Sarah reconnected with a former boyfriend, portrayed by guest star Jeffrey Pierce of The Nine fame. This week, actress Vanessa Williams will be gracing the action drama series and she‘ll be playing a character that is quite different from her comic/ villainess role as former magazine creative director turned editor-in-chief on Ugly Betty.  Read more »
From NBC‘s official press release:Mike (Justin Bruening) and KITT (voiced by Val Kilmer) are trying to track down a stolen serum that maximizes the recipient‘s physicality before it gets into the wrong hands. With the help of the lab‘s research assistant, Billy (Paul Campbell) learns some information about the serum that will help Mike when he takes on the now powerful thief. Meanwhile, Sarah (Deanna Russo) is overwhelmed with her new duties and quickly learns how much work it will take to reinstitute the Foundataion for Law and Government. Smith Cho stars. Kevin Alejandro and Mini Anden guest star. Read more »
The premiere of CBS‘ new reality series Same Name (and an accompanying plug on Big Brother) has put David Hasselhoff back into the spotlight, or whatever defines "spotlight" at the moment, which is a Twitter trending topic.Anyway, it‘s not that he was gone for a long time. Sure, he left America‘s Got Talent a couple of seasons back, and sure, he only lasted one week on Dancing with the Stars. But surely whenever you hear the Baywatch theme tune you have flashbacks of Mitch Buchannon holding that red floater thingie? Or maybe you watch the recent remake of Knight Rider and can‘t get the original Michael Knight off your head? Read more »
Earlier this season Grey‘s Anatomy was home to William Daniels, the voice of KITT from Knight Rider, and now the guy inside the car is coming to Seattle Grace/Mercy West. Thankfully I‘m not referring to the Hoff.  Read more »