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It‘s time to return to Kentucky! We we last saw US Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant), he saved Loretta McGready from the money hunting Dickie Bennett, witnessed Ellstin Limehouse chop off Robert Quarles‘s (Neal McDonough) arm, and dealt with the revelation that his father may have tried to kill him to protect Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins).  Read more »
The producers of Justified like to, if nothing else, experiment with how their season-long storylines play out from season to season. In season 2, we had the long-running singular villain in the form of Mags. Last season, we had two villains -- though, arguably, only one turned out to actually try and kill Raylan -- and this season, we‘re not sure what we have. At the very least, it‘s a thirty-year old mystery that incorporates Raylan‘s father, Arlo.In 1983, an unknown person parachuted to their death with what looked like bricks of cocaine. They were discovered by a man named Sherman and presumably his wife. Somehow, 30 years later, what we can assume Sherman stole from the dead person wound up inside the walls in Arlo‘s home that Raylan is now trying to sell.That mystery is discovered by a pair of teenage "wire strippers" (people who break into homes to steal valuable wires that can be sold for scrap) who broke into Arlo‘s home before being discovered by the local Constable, Bob Sweeney -- played by comedian Patton Oswalt. Read more »
Justified season 4 premiered on Tuesday, January 8 on FX. The cast, including Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins, Nick Searcy, Joelle Carter, Erica Tazel, and Jacob Pitts, as well as showrunner Graham Yost spoke at TCA 2013 about what fans can expect this season.   Read more »
Raylan certainly knows how to pick them: Lindsey‘s married.It‘s a revelation that comes as a surprise after an episode designed to merely move the chess pieces of the two separate games -- the importance of that bag in Arlo‘s wall and Boyd‘s fight with the new church in town. At the same time, those chess pieces started to inch towards each other as it appears those storylines have more in common than originally thought.The episode opens post-coital with Raylan and Lindsey. For the first time in a while, Raylan appears to be in a stable relationship and even offers to handle the bar delivery so Lindsey can stay in bed. A stranger comes in, looking to start trouble. "Do you think you could make me?" he asks Raylan, seemingly wanting to fight over him needing to leave. Read more »
If there‘s one thing that doesn‘t change on Justified, it‘s Raylan and women. He just doesn‘t have luck with the ladies, does he? His wife left him twice. His relationship with Ava didn‘t work out and now she‘s with his Harland County nemesis. He rebounded from Winona with the bartender, Lindsey, who turned out to be married. In "Truth and Consequences," it looks like Raylan will have to face off with her husband. Read more »
By the end of tonight‘s episode, Raylan is consumed by two mysteries: what happened to Drew Thompson and what happened to Lindsey?At the beginning of the episode, Lindsey wants to make clear to Raylan that Randall is no longer her husband. She divorced him after he went to prison - again - for getting into a fight defending her. Raylan‘s concerned, but temptation gives in and he presumably sleeps with her.Raylan later goes to challenge and potentially provoke Randall into violating his parole -- even after learning he already did when he left the state of Florida. Randall refuses to leave and Raylan plans on visiting him later. When he does, however, he sees that he‘s already left town.  Read more »
Karma? Raylan took on extracurricular jobs to make money to support his soon-to-be-born kid and then the money is stolen by his bartender fling. Did she team up with her ex-husband? Or, was she forced into it? Based on the official photo from Justified‘s "This Bird Has Flown," it appears that Raylan catches up with them. Read more »
Every time you think you might have Justified figured out, they throw a couple of curve balls. Anyone who was betting that Randall and Billy would be the season-long antagonists for Raylan and Boyd has lost their money.For starters -- Billy is dead. He apparently died from the snake bite last week either during that scene or off-screen between that episode and this one.His death sends Ella Mae running back to Boyd and Ava where she declares, "I just want to come home." Ava, not surprisingly, is having none of it and doesn‘t want her to return. Ella Mae, however, is desperate to prove her worth to their organization. Read more »
The first four episodes of Justified season 4 were without the favorite lawman-criminal duo, but that all changes in this week‘s "Kin." Raylan and Boyd are back together again! The absence of their interactions and banter has been palpable. With Raylan back in Harland County on a case, we can only hope we don‘t have to wait another four episodes for them to be back together again. Read more »
"I never knew you had hills in your blood," Boyd tells Raylan in tonight‘s new episode of Justified.Raylan has never been proud of where he comes from -- not surprising when you have a father like Arlo. But it is Raylan‘s other kin that winds up saving his life later in the episode.We open with Colt asking the gas station attendant to look at the security camera footage so he can figure out where Ella Mae ran off to. He even pulls out his military police badge as a way of getting him to cooperate. He‘s not able to pinpoint exactly how she left, but he does spot a police car pulling into view.  Read more »
The search for the footless Josiah goes into high gear on Justified "Foot Chase." Did he chop off his own foot? Or, did someone do it for him? Raylan and Shelby partner up to find the parole violator. Meanwhile, Ava sets her sights on Harlan‘s high society.  Read more »
If you love puns about missing feet, Raylan continually showing how badass he is or romantic moments between the characters, there was plenty for you to be happy about in tonight‘s new episode of Justified.At its core, however, "Foot Chase" was about everyone looking for two individuals: Drew Thompson and Ella Mae. (Tim also got a random subplot. But we‘ll talk about that in a second.)  Read more »
After an episode that was heavy on the search for Drew Thompson, it only seems natural for Raylan to deal with something else in this week‘s episode of Justified. Boyd, however, doesn‘t let up and attends a sex party with Ava to learn more about his whereabouts, while also getting a dangerous new assignment. And Johnny starts to realize Colt is hiding something.  Read more »
The race to find Drew Thompson continues on this week‘s Justified, but Raylan gets sidetracked. He‘s forced to deal with Jody after he escapes and kills again. "Money Trap" finds both Raylan and Boyd in dangerous situations. Read more »
No, we still don‘t learn the identity of Drew Thompson this week, but a lot of bodies pile up as the search continues.The episode opens with Raylan trying to offer his father‘s deal to another inmate, former Sheriff of Harlan, Hunter Mosley. Raylan‘s desperate to find Drew Thompson sure, but he‘s also desperate to kill Arlo‘s deal.Not long after Raylan meets with Mosley, Arlo is taken to the prison barber for a haircut. A guard knocks out Arlo while he‘s sitting in the barber chair, while Mosley prepares to kill him. However, Arlo was faking it and gets the upper hand on his would-be assassin. They fight and Arlo winds up getting the best of him.  Read more »
The situation gets deadly on Justified. The search for Drew Thompson continues on "Outlaw" with the various pursuers using the situation to their own advantage. Meanwhile, Johnny follows up on his suspicions about Colt. Read more »
Tonight‘s new episode of Justified was a pivotal one as the identity of Drew Thompson is finally unveiled, confirming the theories of a few fans.The episode opens with Tim watching police officers and the coroner collecting the body of his friend Mark, who Colt murdered in the last episode. Raylan, meanwhile, is waiting outside the prison waiting for the man that killed his father: Hunter Mosley. When Art learns of this, he‘s the angriest we‘ve ever seen him as he tells Tim to explain his "extreme displeasure" to Raylan.  Read more »
The moment Justified fans have been waiting for finally arrives on tonight‘s "The Hatchet Tour": the unmasking of Drew Thompson. In the aftermath of Arlo‘s death, Raylan takes Shelby on the scenic route during his prison transfer and of course they run into complications along the way.  Read more »
With the identity of Drew Thompson revealed in last week‘s episode -- and to avoid confusion, we‘ll call him Drew as opposed to Shelby going forward -- it‘s no surprise that the majority of tonight‘s episode is focused on all the different people trying to capture him.Tonight‘s episode picks up immediately after the events of last week‘s episode with Raylan going through Drew‘s things while Boyd is cuffed and complaining on the floor.  Read more »
On Justified, Drew Thompson was revealed, captured, and the only thing left is to transport him to a Federal facility. That shouldn‘t be too difficult right? On "Decoy," the Detroit Mob will take whatever actions they have to in order to get Drew. This may be the most difficult transfer in Raylan‘s career. Read more »
A harbinger of death constantly hangs over tonight‘s episode of Justified. Drew keeps telling people he feels he‘s going to die. Everyone is in mortal danger multiple times throughout the hour. But aside from a few supporting players, everyone escapes death this time around and Raylan even ensures that Drew keeps Harlan alive.The brilliance of tonight‘s episode is punctuated by quick jumps between four main groups: Raylan, as he tries with Rachel to get Drew to safety; Nick menacing Boyd, Johnny and Ava as a group and one-on-one; Tim and Art trying to escape Colt and Mort‘s trap; and Bob as he fends off Yolo, one of Nick‘s henchmen.  Read more »
After last week‘s incredible episode -- one of the series‘ best, I think -- it‘s tough to follow-up with an episode as gripping and entertaining. Last week felt like a season finale, whereas this episode, entitled "Peace of Mind," feels like an epilogue at times. But it does contain quite the twist -- a sharp jog to the side which hints at a very, very dark set-up for a later episode."Peace of Mind" opens with Raylan happier than we‘ve ever seen him. Winona shares with him that their child is going to be a girl, and even though Raylan says he doesn‘t "know sh*t about girls," he seems genuinely cheerful as he enters the marshal‘s office to rapturous applause. Read more »
Justified season 4 comes to an end tonight when Raylan has a final showdown with the Detroit mob while Boyd and Ava attempt to cover their murderous past. In "Ghosts," countless bullets fly, a legion of deaths and as the picture shows, there‘s a dead body in Boyd‘s office. Read more »
There was a certain inevitability of sadness and heartache coming to some of our beloved characters going into tonight‘s season 4 finale of Justified. Plus, odds were a lot of bodies were going to drop amidst all the stand-offs -- and there were plenty of them.But the season finale succeeded in telling a gripping story, and the producers did so while successfully wrapping up everything set up this season and even in seasons past.  Read more »
Bob‘s coming back!On Saturday, Patton Oswalt attended the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) and among the topics discussed was whether or not he would be returning to play Constable Bob Sweeney in Justified season 5. Oswalt said, "According Graham Yost, I‘m coming back." The actor didn‘t have any additional details about his return to share. Read more »
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