Articles for Justified Season 3

Raylan‘s WoundsRaylan has to recover from last finale‘s gunshot wound. His aim suffers from it as does his physical dexterity but other than that he is still his handsome charming self. His ambivalent relationship with Boyd, it should be remarked, is quite the same too. After a few words exchanged between the two about some previous-season business, Boyd and the Deputy Marshall get into a rather heated debate about who saved whose life back in last year‘s season finale, and who should apologize for what?In the end, Boyd sends Raylan flying through a glass window right inside the hornet‘s nest of the Marshall‘s office. Not what I would call a smart move but then again, it‘s Boyd. He is almost certainly playing a long game. Read more »
This week, the characters‘ past came back to haunt them. Raylan is partnered up with an old flame, Boyd is still trying to rectify some wrongs from the past, and this week‘s villain as well as the "victim," so to speak, where trying to escape or reconnect with the past for their very own reasons. And we also get a new awesome villain for the season. Read more »
This week, Justified embraced its serialized elements and focused exclusively on who the bad guys are, how their business operations are related, what their objectives are for the season and how determined they are to go through with it. Boyd has to play nice with Ice Pick Nix, Dickie gets blackmailed by a prison guard, and Duffy and the Carpetbeggar are looking to establish a new Oxy trail. While being on the periphery of it all, Raylan still manages to be the target of a hit, and to attract the wrath of the Carpetbeggar in a wonderful scene in which he creepily smiles for Raylan‘s phone-camera. The plot thickens, one might say, and one can‘t help but be eager for future episodes.  Read more »
Justified is still recovering from last season‘s Bennet-clan blowout, as evidenced in this week‘s episode. Most of the stuff happening is in relation to the Bennets.  Read more »
Lies and HopesTonight‘s episode of Justified is bookended by a pair of scenes that represent menacing violence looming on the horizon, and hope for the future. Limehouse, still on the sidelines of the action so far, gets a monologue at the beginning of the episode, and a monologue at the end of the episode. First, he lies about the Bennet fortune, and then he reveals that he has a spy in the white community feeding him intel. Slowly but Surely, the writers put the pieces into place for him. Winona, meanwhile, seems to be a little more zen about Raylan‘s more self-destructive tendencies on the job and recalls the first time she saw Raylan and decided that he was the man for her. That‘s fine but I want to see a more substantial storyline with her.  Read more »
This week on Justified, the driving force behind everyone‘s actions is knowledge. Raylan doesn‘t know where Wynona is, Boyd wonders who robbed his Oxy clinic, the Carpetbeggar seeks to find a way to take Raylan down and Limehouse turns out to be the one character to have the most answers. Let‘s break it down. Read more »
This week on Justified, it was all about power structure. Who‘s in power of who, who can help out who, who can keep the upper hand? Let‘s examine this week‘s power struggles a little more closely. Read more »
Raylan Givens and Harlan County will be back. FX has officially renewed its hit series Justified for a fourth season. The show joins Sons of Anarchy and American Horror Story as one of the network‘s big dramas.  Read more »
A lot of TV shows are on hiatus right now but there are still a lot to talk about, including pilot additions and a bunch of casting news. Read on to find out more. Read more »
Just like in last season‘s fabulous courthouse episode, this week, Justified put the heat on Raylan. With the FBI on his case for corruption and a false murder accusation against him, there are plenty of things he has to deal with. Let‘s run them down.  Read more »
This week on Justified, Raylan finally decides to go after Quarles. So the season really kicks into gear. Except, things are so complicated with all the different antagonists this season that nothing can be easy, can it? Read more »
Raylan had surprisingly little to do in this week‘s episode of Justified. It was Quarles who occupied most of the limelight, and boy did we learn more about him than we probably wanted to know. Other than insight into Quarle‘s past, we had an election, a high-noon showdown, and sexual abuse. Let‘s run down this episode‘s major plotlines. Read more »
Because Quarles threatened Raylan‘s life in the last episode of Justified, he is supposed to be brought in by the Marshal‘s office, being that it‘s a federal offense. Suspecting that a far more personal feud is brewing between Raylan and Quarles, Art tags along because he can‘t let his favorite employee get himself into harm‘s way more than necessary. As it turns out, they both just discuss fatherhood and fill out paperwork together. Nothing too dangerous. Read more »
So after almost an entire season, Justified finally pulled it together, and found a way to bring together the Dickie/Limehouse/Quarles/Duffy/Raylan/Arlo storyline in a pretty suspenseful and satisfying manner. Almost like a caper movie, this week‘s episode featured a lot of intricate plot crossings, so let‘s try and find our way through the brush.  Read more »
So this third season of Justified comes to an end tonight. It was a little bit of a bumpy ride, but this episode does a nice job of tying everything together. I‘m still not quite sure that it was necessary to have three villains plotting against each other and Raylan at all times, so much so that the Deputy Marshall was sidetracked for much of the season, but in the end, it was a hell of a ride and I‘m sure we will all be back asking for more next year. Read more »
When award nominations go out, Community gets ignored. That‘s how it works, right? Apparently that‘s not precisely true anymore -- Community leads all shows in the Critics‘ Choice Television Award nominations with a total of six nominations. Check out all the nominees here! Read more »
The 2012 Emmy nominations were announced Thursday morning, and while it‘s easy to point out huge nubs (no Parks and Recreation for Comedy Series?) or embarrassingly awful nominations (Jon Cryer for Two and a Half Men?), I‘m going to focus on the positive.  Read more »
Keenyah Hill, Raymond Barry and Parker Posey have all been booked for the second season of New Girl. Read on to find out more about their characters. Read more »
The 2012 Creative Arts Emmy Awards were held Saturday night to honor the technical side of television. The big winner was HBO‘s fantasy epic Game of Thrones which won six awards, followed by Saturday Night Live with four.  Read more »