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FOX announced its schedule for the 2013-2014 TV season, and there‘s a whole lot of experimentation. The network is splitting its fall season, meaning the schedule will be slightly different before and after it airs the baseball playoffs and World Series in October.  Read more »
FOX is the fourth network to announce its fall premiere dates and the schedule features early premieres for a number of shows. While the other networks are waiting until Monday, September 23 to start the TV season, most of FOX‘s shows will already be on the air by then.  Read more »
There are many sides to restaurateur and TV star Gordon Ramsay: a devoted father, a raving Hell‘s Kitchen tyrant, a tough critic and judge on MasterChef, an award-winning chef and restaurant owner, and more. Can we trust this notorious swearing perfectionist not to lose his cool and act appropriately when MasterChef Junior premiers this Friday, when a room full of energetic young amateur cooks look to him for guidance?  Read more »
MasterChef is getting younger -- a whole lot younger. MasterChef Junior premieres Friday with chefs ranging from 8 to 13 years old.   Read more »
MasterChef Junior, Gordon Ramsay‘s new cooking competition which features children ages 8 to 13, may represent a significant change from Gordon‘s fiery Hell‘s Kitchen or drama-filled MasterChef, where the cooking‘s not always great and side-show fights are just as entertaining as the food. Gordon said it all on tonight‘s season premiere (after one contestant said she was not interested in the boy who was eying her), "Aww, c‘mon! Love is in the air!" Read more »
In the second episode of MasterChef Junior, the show‘s three judges poke fun at themselves and the rest of us muggles by asking America‘s top young wizards (ahem, "home cooks", but they appear to be a more highly-evolved prototype) to transform the judge‘s favorite childhood foods into classy restaurant fare, including Judge Joe Bastianich‘s gooey plate of chicken wings, Graham Elliot‘s American burgers, and Gordon Ramsay‘s fried fish sticks. Read more »
Last week, Jack won the MasterChef Junior challenge as the competitors, ages 6 through 13, confidently cooked the judges‘ favorite childhood meals. But will these young contestants crack under the pressure of preparing the "World Famous Gordon Ramsay Beef Wellington" during a team challenge? Read more »
By now you‘ve been dazzled and wowed by the skills that the kids on MasterChef Junior have, whether it‘s whipping up beef Wellington or just cutting up all those ingredients like a seasoned pro. Read more »
They may be young, but the amateur chefs of MasterChef Junior have massive culinary talent and big personalities, and we know you must have a favorite.  Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of MasterChef Junior, America‘s top eight young amateur chefs make child‘s play out of cooking delicious dishes from ingredients they hate (like snails, sardines, and brussel sprouts). Keeping their three-layer cakes from imploding is another story. Read more »
Tonight‘s final six contestants on MasterChef Junior take over an expensive restaurant‘s kitchen with a twist: none of the diners will know that their chefs are merely ages 8 through 13. Read more »
The final four young chefs on the MasterChef Junior semifinal are fairly evenly matched, from branzino to Beef Wellington. By evenly matched, I mean that they orbit in roughly the same stratospheric layer, while most of us labor miles below in earthly kitchens by the beanstalks, unaware until now that these cherubs of cooking walked among us. That is not an exaggeration. Read more »
They‘ve chopped, fried and baked everything from beef Wellington to chicken parts. They handled the restaurant takeover with more ease than past adult contestants. All that‘s left is the finale. Read more »
In an intense fight for the title of America‘s first MasterChef Junior and a $100,000 grant prize, front-runner Alexander, 13, of New York, NY battles with the talented Dara, 12, from Los Angeles, in a duel that is just as professional and hand-wringing as the finales of the adult MasterChef, if not more so. Read more »
The pint-sized version of MasterChef will return for another season on FOX.  Read more »
FOX released its Fall 2014 schedule on Monday morning, and it includes several big changes thanks to the lack of The X Factor. Bones moves to Thursdays, Golden Globe-winning live-action comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine joins the "Animation Domination" block on Sundays and Glee is being held back until mid-season.  Read more »
The first wave of nominations for the 2014 Teen Choice Awards are out, including plenty of young-skewing shows. For TV shows, The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars both scored an impressive five nominations (in just three categories each).  Read more »
FOX has announced fall 2014 premiere dates for its new and returning shows. The vast majority, as always, debut in September, with a few shows premiering in October and even one in November.New reality competition show Utopia will kick everyone off for the network with a three-part premiere starting on Sunday, September 7, and continuing on Tuesday and Friday. Hell‘s Kitchen returns in the midst of that launch, on Wednesday, September 10. The following week will see Utopia continue in its regular timeslot of Tuesdays at 8pm, with six episodes airing on Fridays starting September 12. Read more »