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In an effort to maintain its reputation for high-quality original programming, HBO has decided to launch a drama series called John from Cincinnati that will level with its former heavyweights such as Six Feet Under, Sex and the City, and The Sopranos. John from Cincinnati, which premiered immediately after The Sopranos finale on June 10, is described as a multi-layered surf family saga that centers on a strange young man of mysterious origin and his impact in a community and most especially to the Yosts, a dysfunctional family of professional surfers turned society misfits. Read on to find out more about the cast. Read more »
HBO has been known for its groundbreaking reputation for airing series such as Sex and the City, Six Feet Under and The Sopranos. In an effort to promote its new series John From Cincinnati, the network has decided to take in alternative marketing tactics by partnering with Billabong, a popular Australian surf brand.John From Cincinnati, a drama that premiered after The Sopranos series finale on June 10, 2007, is set against the surfing community of Imperial Beach, California. It centers on a strange young man of mysterious origin and the effect he has on a family of surfers. The series stars Bruce Greenwood, Rebecca De Mornay, Austin Nichols, Ed O‘Neill, and Luke Perry among others. Read more »
Austin Nichols caught the eye of TV mastermind David Milch while playing a bit role on Deadwood and, based upon Nichols‘ performance, was cast as the eponymous character in Milch‘s new HBO drama John from Cincinnati.  Over its first few episodes, John from Cincinnati has baffled and delighted viewers.  Although some are still mixed as to where they stand on the surfing-themed show set in Imperial Beach, California, one thing that everyone can agree on is that the show has been expertly cast, Nichols included.  Austin stopped by recently to discuss the show.  Below you will find both the written transcript and the full mp3 audio of the interview.   Read more »
Episode Overview: The fallout of Shaun‘s miraculous recovery leaves Cissy a wreck and Mitch doing some post-coital levitation with Cass.  Meanwhile Butchie and Kai reconnect while searching for the missing John, who found himself stabbed.Previously on John from Cincinnati: Surfing legend Mitch Yost (Bruce Greenwood) still has the ability to levitate. A resurrected bird miraculously saved Mitch’s grandson Shaun (Greyson Fletcher) from impending death. Shaun’s absentee father Butchie (Brian Van Holt) was drug-free while his mom Cissy (Rebecca DeMornay) started smoking again, and flirting with Shaun’s doctor (Garret Dillahunt). Evil agent Linc (Luke Perry) urged sexy Cass (Emily Rose) to get close to Mitch. The mysterious John (Austin Nichols) made Kai (Keala Kennelly) see God, or just blurry images of what everyone else was up to as any metal in their bodies gets super-heated. Read more »
Episode Overview: Shaun‘s porn star mom shows up wanting to see her son, and the Yost family has a collective conniption fit.  John spends the day getting Cass to "work here," whatever that means.Tonight‘s John from Cincinnati adventure is sorely lacking in the religious magical weirdness that makes it so great.  Instead, we get a whole lot of backstory on the Yost family and how Shaun came into being.  Oh yeah, and Rebecca DeMornay chews up every last piece of scenery in the Yost house, because Cissy is even more unhinged and insane than usual, and it‘s completely awesome.  Cissy gets a phone call from the hot mystery woman from last episode, and instantly the show proves itself unable to go five minutes without a curse word.  To say Cissy hates this woman is an understatement, as the matriarch of the Yost clan runs around the house in a frenzy, threatening the woman‘s life if she comes anywhere near Shaun,  Before long we learn why: the woman is Shaun‘s mother. Read more »
Episode Overview: Cissy has a change of heart and agrees to let Tina see Shaun.  John enlists Joe and Bill on a justice ride, but John zones out and...spiritually teleports himself to stop Cissy from killing herself.  Then things get really crazy.On tonight‘s John from Cincinnati, the last line of the episode is from Vietnam Joe, who sarcastically says, "Well, that was time well spent."  He‘s both right and wrong, because it the trippiest, weirdest episode of the unusual HBO series yet, and if you understand anything that John says in the last 15 minutes of the episode, please let us know.Before logic and reason fly out the window, however, Cissy (Rebecca DeMornay) is still reeling over the visit from her grandson‘s mom, a porn star named Tina.  It turns out Shaun is all to familiar withhis mom‘s works, even dropping a DVD on the table titled Moist Thighs, Pink Bottoms.  Classy.  But Shaun is an understanding 13-year-old who doesn‘t mind that all his friends pleasure themselves to his mom, because he‘s more angry with his grams about keeping Tina away.  Cissy, naturally, bottoms out. Read more »
Episode Overview: Linc Stark does some sneaky corporate maneuvering to avoid being pushed out of his business.  Butchie and Shaun hang ten together.  Palaka is seriously injured.  John takes the day off.After last week‘s John from Cincinnati shenanigans, it‘s officially pointless to try to understand the deeper meaning of the show.  Just go along for the ride and pray that David Milch has some grand conclusion five episodes from now, because the likelihood of a second season is not looking good.John (Austin Nichols) lets a sleeping Cass know that yesterday was "a three-ring circus."  Anyone who saw the last episode won‘t disagree.  He then informs her he‘ll be spending the day with his "Father" who does things "big and huge."  His Father must be hanging out with Mitch Yost (Bruce Greenwood), because John vanishes for the majority of the episode, and this marks the second straight episode with no sign of the Yost patriarch. Read more »
HBO’s new drama series, John From Cincinnati, is set against the surfing community of Imperial Beach, California.  Sounds normal enough until one dives under the surface and sees the lead character, Mitch Yost, with his feet some inches off the ground, levitating.  The reason behind Mitch’s extraordinary skill is still unclear, and even actor Bruce Greenwood, who portrays the aging professional surfer, remains in the dark.“You have to make up theories in your mind, but chances are my guesses are not going to [match] what [John From Cincinnati creator] David Milch comes up with,” Greenwood told TV Guide. Read more »
Episode Overview: John sends the message "Shaun will soon be gone" out into the world via e-mails and dreams, and everyone is terrified by its possible meaning.  Bill, Freddie and Cass all question him, but none get very far.  For the third episode in a row, Mitch Yost is wholly absent.Cryptic John from Cincinnati is back, telling Cass they made a tape.  She  asks if it was a sex tape, he confirms it, but then she acknowledges that he just repeats words and doesn‘t understand what he says or what he does.  He then lets out three nuggets of wisdom.  "I will be murdered twice. ... Shaun will soon be gone. ... We do not remember my Father‘s words."  I can think of several characters on this show willing to help with the first one.  He takes her to a tower, they look out at the water, the moon and a helicopter.  She smiles.  Yes, it‘s that surreal.  Cass gets home and stares bewildered at some video on her computer.  It appears to have that shape John has been drawing with his foot since episode one. Read more »
Episode Overview: Shaun and John are missing, and everyone is going crazy looking for them.  Mitch returns with a former mentor, and those weird stick figures start showing up everywhere.As this penultimate episode of John from Cincinnati begins, Shaun‘s gone, and his grandmother Cissy responds with the level head you‘d expect from her.  After going nuts running around the house and alarming everyone on watch (Freddie and Bill, whose psychic bird Zippy is also missing), she calls up Tina and verbally accosts her.  Tina has no clue, and Linc is out jogging.  She heads over to Butchie at the motel, who promises to check on Cass.On a beach in Mexico, some stranger is walking up to an old man.  Oh wait, it‘s Mitch Yost, finally back after a three-episode absence.  The man is an old mentor (Howard Hesseman) nicknamed the Chemist from his drug days, and Mitch lays the weirdness on him.  They plan to head back to Imperial Beach together to see what‘s what. Read more »
Episode Overview: John and Shaun return from wherever they were.  Linc Stark, through his surfing company, decide to throw a parade announcing the signing of the whole Yost clan.It‘s the season (and likely series) finale of John from Cincinnati, which means one of three things will happen.  1) It will miraculously answer all our questions and those who doubted the show‘s genius will be proven wrong.  2) Nothing will be answered, and those of us who watched all 10 episodes will be furious that we wasted our time.  3) Questions will be answered, but it won‘t be that satisfying and we‘ll still be kind of upset.  I‘m hoping for 1, fearing for 2, and expecting 3.The opening scene shows all the major characters, interspersed with shots of something zooming above the clouds, then down through them onto the water.  Butchie and Kai, asleep on the beach, wake up to see the missing John and Shaun surfing towards them wearing army fatigue wet suits.  It‘s a very promising start. Read more »
Now that the first season of John from Cincinnati is over, it‘s time to look back and try to understand any of it. Viewers who stuck with HBO‘s latest drama series were understandably confused by the enigmatic dialogue and imagery that often left fans scratching their heads.I won‘t pretend to have all the answers, or even any. I doubt anyone, creator David Milch included, fully understands everything this show has done. However, I will propose three possible theories to explain what this show means. Either one is correct, none are correct, or the truth is cobbled together in several parts. Read more »
HBO announced yesterday that it has canceled the dark surfer drama, John from Cincinnati.  Prior to the first season finale on Sunday, creator David Milch talked to Tavis Smiley on his late night talk show on PBS, saying that whatever decision the network makes, he will continue working. John from Cincinnati, which debuted in June, followed the story of dysfunctional surfer family and a mysterious stranger named John Monad.  Often labeled by critics as “strange,” “weird” and “unlikable,” the series showcased many religious themes, due mainly to Milch‘s interest in “faith as a regenerative and reorganizing principle for the community.” Read more »
Could John from Cincinnati star, Austin Nichols, be following in the recent footsteps of despondent and troubled Owen Wilson?  Hopefully not.  The 27-year old actor got busted in Jackson, Michigan over the weekend for allegedly driving under the influence (DUI). Austin Nichols, who plays the enigmatic and mysterious title character, John Monad, on HBO‘s John from Cincinnati, was spotted driving a silver Mercury Mountaineer in the wrong direction of a one-way street during the wee hours of Friday, August 24.  Police stopped the actor on N. Jackson Street at the Louis Glick Highway around half past two in the morning. Read more »
The One Tree Hill cast will be getting a little bit stranger this season with today‘s news that John from Cincinnati star Austin Nichols will be appearing on season 6 of the CW hit for at least 10 episodes. Nichols will likely play a movie producer who has his eye on adapting Lucas Scott‘s debut novel, An Unkindness of Ravens, into a film. And that one be the only thing of Lucas‘ he‘ll have his eye on.The few who actually watched the HBO series John from Cincinnati will remember Nichols as the titular character, a mystical and mysterious being who may or may not have been Jesus Christ. More recently, he played the young teacher who almost had an inappropriate relationship with Julie Taylor on season 2 of Friday Night Lights. Read more »