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Jersey Shore season 2 kicked off tonight, and one question was on my mind (besides whether the modern day Romeo and Juliet, Ronnie and Sammi, would ever get back together) as I sat down with my keg of Ron-Ron juice to watch the premiere: Can the show retain its magic madness in Miami?The answer? Maybe!  I mean, it‘s still too early to tell, but all vital signs look good. Tonight‘s premiere was all about reintroducing us to all our old pals--and reintroducing Angelina into the group, the way you might reintroduce a virus back into your immune system after you‘ve already been cured, just for the hell of it, because you just love being sick. That is what Angelina is. A virus in non-existent jean shorts and stripper heels. But a "classy" virus who wants to turn over a new leaf and start fresh, except OOPS! She can‘t, because she‘s still a virus, and still terrible.Mike and JWoww know what I‘m talking about:  Read more »
They‘re BACK! Our ol‘ buddies! The Sitch, DJ Pauly D, JWoww, Snooki and all those other ones (ugh, and Angelina) reunited for more fun and fighting on the Jersey Shore. Except ... not actually on the Jersey Shore. Not even in the Northeast! So now we‘re just watching a bunch of New Yorkers in Miami, and the show is still called Jersey Shore? Welcome to Miami: Read Last Night‘s Jersey Shore Best Quotes and Moments Read more »
You can bet this is going in the storyline next season!TMZ reports that while filming scenes for Jersey Shore season 3 back in Seaside Heights, New Jersey today, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi got arrested for disorderly conduct. The local police reportedly confirmed the story--and these photos of Snooks being led away in handcuffs don‘t lie. Update: Video of Snooki falling off a bike is the new "video of Snooki getting punched in the face." Cringe. Then laugh.After an afternoon of body shots and sipping Coca-Cola out of a beer bong (that‘s our Snickers!), Snooki is apparently in police custody right now. But her Jersey fam is coming to the rescue: Jenni "JWoww" Farley just tweeted that she‘s on her way to "free Snooki." And speaking of "Free Snooki" ...  Read more »
When I first heard that Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino would be guest starring in an upcoming episode of Bones, I wanted to jump through my computer screen and slap series creator Hart Hanson. Hard. But then I kept reading. Turns out, there‘s some silver lining.  Read more »
You know how on tonight‘s episode of Jersey Shore, The Situation explained the purpose and significance of the shirt before the shirt--the smaller, less expensive shirt you wear before you put on your fancy, bedazzled, freshly pressed and probably brand-new special shirt from Armani Exchange/Ed Hardy? Well this is the recap before the recap. A great recap in and of itself, but wait until you see tomorrow‘s recap! So fresh. So bedazzled. So Ed Hardy. A club-worthy recap, for sure. Check out the best quotes (in my humble opinion--feel free to add your favorites in the comments!) from tonight‘s episode of Jersey Shore in Miami.   Read more »
We picked up Jersey Shore episode two right where we left off last week: Ronnie‘s hungover after a long night‘s "work" at the club, where he engaged in the deadly triple-grenade-kiss combo. Sammi‘s pressing everyone to tell her how Ron "did himself" the night before (that sounds gross in the past tense, doesn‘t it?), but Pauly kept it vague: "Too many Miami Vices." Whoa, you guys. Do you know what this MEANS? Pauly D made my joke before I had the chance to make it. I don‘t know if that should make me feel bad about myself, or good about Pauly D. But whatever. Baby‘s first pun! The worst part about Ronnie‘s black-out actions according to the collective Jersey brain trust is that he came home from a night of public slutting and immediately climbed into bed with Sammi. No, wait--it‘s more specific than that. The worst part is that he came home from a night of slutting with UGLY girls and climbed in bed with her. The distinction is important, because the ugliness adds to the disrespect. If the girls had been hot, Sammi would have to be like, "Oh, you were playing musical tongues with super hot girls? Yes, OK, I understand. I would have done the same thing." But they weren‘t hot, so now Ron‘s like: Read more »
Tonight‘s Jersey Shore kicked off with us getting to relive the awkward, half-hearted slap heard ‘round Miami between drunkity-drunk Angelina‘s hand and Pauly D‘s pretty little face.As soon as the inventor of the bitch slap, Jenni, steps in, drunk-face backs down and slurs, "I didn‘t smack him.""I can‘t believe she‘d step on the only toes she had in the house," Pauly D reflects in some one-on-one time with the camera. Apparently, she either doesn‘t have toes attached to her own feet, or ... or ... yeah, I got nothing. Read more »
Could Snooki be "snookin‘ for love" in Miami sooner than we thought?If you follow the Jersey Shore kids in the news (shh, I won‘t tell--I do it too) you know that Snooki and her "gorilla juicehead" Emilio broke up earlier this year. Now, in this new sneak peek from tonight‘s Jersey Shore episode, we may learn why: In the shocker of the century, it looks like Emilio went creepin‘ up in Jersey and cheated on poor Snooks.Unless he‘s "just joking" about f***ing some random girl? HAHA, what a great joke, Emilio! I can‘t believe it didn‘t go over well, especially considering your audience.Watch Snooki let Emilio have it, and then let out the sort of animalistic, blood-hungry scream that used to be reserved for cavepeople going on saber-toothed tiger hunts. Read more »
We pick up on episode 4 where we left off last week: Ronnie left Sammi, who hoped he‘d stay home and snuggle, so he could go out to the club with the boys (and Angelina). So now Ron is drunk in the club and asking even drunker girls for their numbers while they literally fall all over him. Meanwhile, back at home, Sammi is prodding JWoww and Snooki for any information they might have about Ron‘s club creepin‘.Oh, great. More Ronnie and Sammi drama! Because the world definitely needs to see these two run endless laps around the co-dependent misery track. Ron and Sam‘s relationship: No stone [of excruciating self-sabotaging idiocy] left unturned. (You KNOW it‘s bad when I‘d rather watch Vinny scam on girls at the gelato shop than listen to Ron and Sam argue. But anyway. Here we go.) Sam keeps asking everyone in the house to tell her dirt about Ron, but JWoww and Snooki won‘t say a word. Clearly Sam knows he‘s done something wrong if she keeps asking--this is Ron, after all, who defies science by doing only about 10% of his thinking with that steroid-shriveled peanut in his head called his "brain." But no one is willing to be the rat, even though it makes the girls feel guilty to see Sam made into such a "fool." (Because being on this show didn‘t do the job well enough?)Snooki, like Shakespeare, is always inventing new words when the old ones can‘t express her complex emotions: "It‘s just a big ball of f***ness. That‘s a new word: F***ness."  Read more »
Ever wonder why the kids on Jersey Shore make up so many of their own words? Well, while watching a few Jersey Shore Dailies this morning, it hit me: Because speaking proper English is, like, really hard. Harder than dodging all the landmines and all the grenades in all the land. Harder than working in a gelato shop and not getting any free gelato. Harder than going to the club with Sammi and not hearing the words "I‘m done." Even harder than being The Situation and not taking off your shirt every day. (THAT‘S HARD.)Don‘t believe me? Watch these clips of our favorite guidos as they try to navigate the basic tenets of grammar and spelling. (Sidenote: It‘s really too bad that these moments don‘t make it on to the actual show. I‘d much rather listen to Pauly butcher the English language than watch Sammi and Ronnie repeatedly butcher each other‘s hearts.)Warning: These Jersey Shore dailies are bleep-free, so some language is NSFW. Read more »
OK! Magazine reports that Jersey Shore star Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is bringing his titular abs to ABC, and has definitely signed on for Dancing with the Stars season 11.ABC reps never comment on casting rumors before the official cast announcement--which will come in the form of a live news conference a week from today, August 30, during Bachelor Pad--so take this rumor with a grain of salt. (And, since we‘re talking Jersey Shore, a shot of tequila--no use wasting good salt.) But this rumor might actually hold water. OK! didn‘t reveal their casting source (if there is one), but also spoke with reigning pro champ Derek Hough, who said getting The Sitch on DWTS made sense to him: Read more »
You don‘t often hear the word "sanitation" in the Jersey Shore house. (Unless you‘re talking about Ronnie‘s future career options. ZING!)But in this clip from the upcoming episode 7 of Jersey Shore season 2, Snooki takes a rare journey outside herself to attend to the hygiene needs of the house.Except not really, because she‘s only cleaning the infamous "Smush Room" so she can use it with her new guy Dennis (whose name she can‘t even bring herself to utter, so stupid does the girl named "Snooki" find it to be).Watch and laugh as Snooki and JWoww tackle the dirty, dirty Smush Room by trading their usual club attire for trash bags and plastic wrap over their faces. Didn‘t their mothers ever warn them about self-suffocation? (Oops, that was a stupid question, wasn‘t it?)  Read more »
Tonight on Jersey Shore: After writing their "anonymous letter" to Sammi, Snooki and JWoww go out and meet some nice young gays, who are out celebrating "Gay Parade," as JWoww calls it. The adorable gays make Snooki smile, and she‘s so happy after that she decides to call Emilio and grant him a second chance. But Emilio ruins her gay-buzz by saying ignorant, jealous things about Snook‘s gays, and even though she explains that "they‘re not attracted to vagina, they‘re attracted to ****hole," the second chance is ruined. BYE EMILIO! (AGAIN.) Read more »
The new cast of Dancing with the Stars will be announced Monday night during Bachelor Pad on ABC, but as is the tradition, many likely candidates have already been leaked and spoiled.  Read more »
Dancing with the Stars certainly knows how to build anticipation. First there was the anticipation over the season 11 cast announcement. Then there was the anticipation during the cast announcement over each celebrity being announced. Then ABC teased us yesterday on Good Morning America by revealing the Bristol Palin/Mark Ballas pairing during an interview with the duo. And now, finally, we have the full list of dancing duos announced on Good Morning America Wednesday morning to share with you guys. (Makes us wonder what other anticipation-building surprises DWTS has up its dancing sleeves, though.)Season 11 Cast: Who‘s Your Favorite? >> Read more »
We‘re mere weeks away from seeing what Bristol Palin looks like on the ballroom floor (My prediction: A baby Kate Gosselin), and whether Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino can keep his shirt on long enough to learn the steps of a salsa routine. (My prediction: Barely.) Meet the cast of stars on Dancing with the Stars season 11So while the "stars"--as so many of you would have me wrap that term in air-quotes this season--and their pro partners (see all the pairings in their official cast photos here) begin their harrowing practice schedule (see some of them rehearsing already!) in preparation for their first televised routine on Monday, September 20 at 8pm on ABC, we must make our own mental preparations for the premiere, by placing our bets and pledging our allegiances. In that spirit, I ask you these all-important questions, Dancing with the Stars fans:Who‘s your pre-season favorite?Who do you think will win?Who do you think will be the first to go? Read more »
I apologize I wasn‘t here to recap last week‘s Jersey Shore episode, you guys. I was off watching my best friend get married in a beautiful, elegant, totally grown up and glorious celebration of love and fidelity--which, if you think even medium-hard about it, is clearly the polar opposite experience of watching Jersey Shore. So I think I can bring some nice, fresh perspective to tonight‘s episode after reminding myself once more how real adults should treat each other.Sorry, Jersey Shore. You‘re doing it wrong. But boy, do I like to watch you do it.So last week, what did I miss? Vinny and Snooki hooked up, Sammi continued to be a wishy-washy Ronnie doormat (woof) and Mike almost brought home a tranny. But the big news of the night was the fight between JWoww and Sammi, instigated by Angelina spreading rumors about Angelina spreading rumors about Pauly (again, woof) and Vinny running to JWoww to tattle on Angelina. Because don‘t let their muscles fool you: These are children.  Read more »
How come no one told me that there was a special pre-VMA episode of Jersey Shore on last night? Oh, you say that MTV did tell me last Thursday evening during Jersey Shore? But that they prefaced it with the words "VMAs" and "Chelsea Handler," which both set off the irrelevance bells in my brain (DING DONG!), so I automatically tuned it out? Got it. Well, live and learn. Or, in the case of Jersey Shore cast ... live. No learning allowed.So last night before Lady Gaga won a million awards for the only music video made this year (zzzzz) and Taylor Swift performed a redemption song for Kanye West (boohoo, I‘m sure), we got a little extra special glimpse into the lives of the Jersey kids, and guess what? Sometimes their lives are boring. Just as boring as our lives, but made more tragically so by the addition of cuts and an emo-guido soundtrack.So here‘s everything interesting that happened on Jersey Shore last night, complete with photos, because one of the rules of the Jersey Miami Shore is that reading too many words in a row leads to an uncomfortable brain ache called "prolonged thought," which is one of the leading causes of dignity and human decency among young adults ages 24-29. No one wants that.  Read more »
The brand new cast of Dancing with the Stars, who will put on their dancing shoes and kick off the season Monday, September 20, took time out of their busy rehearsal schedule to talk strategy and why they joined the show, and everyone‘s got different ideas about how to get all the way to that coveted Mirrorball.Pre-season fan favorite Jennifer Grey sounded a little reticent as she said her plan with partner Derek Hough is to "take one minute at a time," while Brady Bunch star Florence Henderson said she plans on listening closely to partner Corky Ballas, and hopes "America responds to that." That‘s So Raven alum Kyle Massey has already decide that he and Lacey Schwimmer are "the couple to beat." But the best (or most bizarre) strategy comes from The Hoff, who crafted this metaphor for himself and pro Kym Johnson: "I‘m going to be the tree, and she‘s going to be the vine. Or the little squirrel crawling around the tree, looking for things." Huh?Watch the videos for more chatter from the stars--including Kurt Warner, Brandy and Bristol Palin--and their pros about what‘s to come this season on Dancing with the Stars.  Read more »