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Of course, you‘ve heard of MTV‘s crazy, controversial new series Jersey Shore. If you haven‘t, do you remember seeing a clip of a girl being punched straight-up by some dude? That‘s Snooki from Jersey Shore.Catch the clip here: Read more »
You‘d think after her now famous encounter with the fist while taping Jersey Shore last summer, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi would lie low on the bar scene for a while. But don‘t count on a VH1 reality show celebrity to do something so ridiculous. The breakout star on MTV‘s smash hit Jersey Shore is reportedly being paid in the neighborhood of $10,000 just to show up on parties - although it‘s almost always certain that pole-dancing is included in the package.And not just Snooki, the seven guidos and guidettes from Jersey Shore are partying it up from coast to coast. Just recently, Snooki was spotted at the Opium Nightclub within the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The 21-year-old Marlboro, New York native strut it out in the dance floor in a mini-black dress while pole-dancing. Read more »
On tonight‘s episode of Jersey Shore, the roommates go to Atlantic City, where Mike antagonizes both Snooki and Jwoww and a roommate reveals her former eating disorder. I‘ll give you three guesses.On the last episode of Jersey Shore, Mike invited the girls back to the house and the situation got out of control, with Snooki getting into her second fight of the summer. Things were also on the weird side because Mike‘s younger sister Melissa was afoot. But back to Snooki, who this time was smart enough to only do battle and irritate the girls in the party. Read more »
We thought Kristin Cavallari already offered up the drama on a shiny silver plate for The Hills, but apparently she believes it‘s not enough.  She can‘t seem to top those kids from Jersey Shore on her own, despite the intricately shallow web she‘s weaved on her own MTV show. Talking to Us Magazine, the 23-year-old Kristin Cavallari revealed that she‘s felt the green-eyed monster clawing at her every time she sees Jersey Shore.  It‘s actually like one of those romances featured on The Hills, especially because the series‘ star can‘t help but love getting involved. Read more »
First it was The Hills star Kristin Cavallari. Now the person she replaced on the show, Lauren Conrad, has revealed that she watches - and loves - the very much talked about MTV reality show Jersey Shore. But doesn‘t she watch her former show The Hills? Apparently not."I haven‘t seen The Hills since I left," Conrad said. "But I watch Jersey Shore so I am still supporting MTV. Last night was the highlight, it was a double episode. There was two! There‘s this one part where Ronnie hits a guy and they don‘t really get the hit... Ronnie knocks him out." Read more »
The summer is almost over on Jersey Shore, and after a bunch of romance, romance that turned into love triangles, parties, random girls invited to hot tubs, Snooki‘s mother, and Atlantic City, the MTV reality show is coming to a close. There is also a one-hour reunion after the show.Last we checked the Jersey Shore peeps, there were two episodes back-to-back. Right off the bat, Snooki caught the eye of a non-guido, though a very attractive one. Why he was attracted to her, who knows? Meanwhile, Mike tapped some trashy chick in the hot tub when Snooki and the Cowboy broke it up. Yikes, too bad for The Situation. Read more »
One of MTV‘s most memorable shows in a while, Jersey Show just wrapped up its season, but not before one final hook-up at the hot tub (which is, really, what this show has been about). As we all know, Ronnie was arrested because he punched some dude. The rest of the Jersey Shore peeps head home, and Pauly D. and his Israeli stalker were lying in bed, and Vinny was all, "Israelis are like (insert machine gun type sounds)." As if this show hasn‘t had enough stereotyping incidents.Snooki called the much-maligned Seaside heights PD to find out that Ronnie would have to be in jail until 6:30, when bail can be set. Fast-forward to 9am and everyone‘s obviously still sleeping, until Sammi finally picked up the phone to find out that Ronnie was good to go. As a free man, he blamed the guy for talking smack to him. Read more »
There is just no stopping Jersey Shore mania.After the series closed on strong finale numbers last week, the cast of the sensational MTV reality show just proved how big the series is, when pandemonium ensued in a New Jersey nightclub Friday. Read more »
How do you get a body like The Situation?  How do you make every mansay "J-Woww!!!"?  These are questions that, for Jersey Shore fans, burn hotter than the urinary tract of Pauly D‘s latest conquest.The simple answer is: GTL.  But some of our favorite TV charactersmight be unsure that this intense regimen of gym, tanning and laundry isright for them. To help them--and you--out, we put together someexpert renderings of what our favorite TV stars would look like if theygot tanned, juiced, and poufed-up as our favorite Jersey Shore cast members. It‘s no wonder those guidos and guidettes (their words!) always getting arrested on Jersey Shore, because it should be a crime to look this good.   Read more »
Yes, settle. After lengthy negotiations, a second season of the hit MTV series Jersey Shore is now in the pipeline as the eight cast members finally reached an agreement with the network regarding their per-episode salaries. OK! reveals that Jolie, JWoww, The Situation, Snooki, Pauly D, Ronnie, Sammi, and Vinny will all get a hefty $10,000 each per episode. It‘s still a far cry, however, from the $100,000 paycheck some celebs from The Hills used to get.Furthermore, no signing bonus was issued for the self-proclaimed guidos/guidettes. Read more »
Do you miss Jersey Shore as much as we already do? I miss seeing Pauly D and The Situation scamming on hot girls and running away from ‘creatures‘ each week. I miss Sammi and Ronnie‘s stupid couple fights. I miss Snooki‘s weird oscillation between supremely confident and supremely self-conscious attitude. I miss Vinny‘s occasional logic in an environment of stupidity. And of course I will always miss seeing JWoww go out to bars in lingerie. Season 2 of Jersey Shore may be confirmed but what does it have in store? What does the future have in store for our favorite Italians?  Read more »
We probably won‘t believe her, but Jersey Shore stand-out Snooki has insisted that rumors of nude pictures circulating online are untrue.She tweeted: "Like I said before about my supposed sex tape, there are no nude pictures nor will there ever be. The tabloids just love Snook gossip. I don‘t know where Radar Online comes up with their stories. Weirdos," referring to reports by the website that photos and a video featuring Nicole Polizzi were being shopped around to various media outlets. Read more »
Is it still Jersey Shore if it‘s in South Beach?Movie Line is reporting that after much ballyhoo with the cast‘s contract, Jersey Shore people have finally found a place to ship the eight for the MTV breakout hit‘s second destination - South Beach, Florida!  Read more »
On Monday MTV dropped the phrase "Music Television" from their iconic logo. It makes perfect sense to anyone who‘s tuned in to MTV in the past decade, you know, ever since they stopped showing actual music videos. But with that big, old M still anchoring their name and logo, we can‘t help but ask: What‘s the M stand for anyway?  Read more »
Some three months before the sophomore season of Jersey Shore kicks off in the South Beach neighborhood of Miami Beach, several stars of MTV‘s breakout series are embroiled in controversies - so what‘s new - including one that may take away one cast member from the much-anticipated return.Pauly D is reportedly offered a new DJ job in Boston, something that may rule him out of the show‘s second season. Still no confirmation, however, from either Pauly D. or MTV. Read more »
Remember the guy Ronnie punched - and put to sleep - outside a Seaside Heights nightclub on Jersey Shore?Stephen Izzo filed a civil lawsuit attempting to block the release of Jersey Shore in DVD today, claiming that its launch will cause him financial and irreparable harm, not to mention constitute profiting off Ronnie‘s criminal acts. In less then legal parlance, he‘ll be the butt of all jokes when those DVD‘s flood the market. Read more »
In between appearing on parties and tanning en route to the second season of their hit show, the cast of Jersey Shore have taken to spoofing movies - and critically acclaimed ones at that - even ribbing their little negotiation debacle with MTV.Snooki, The Situation, and the rest of the Jersey Shore gang are also hot with Oscar fever, and they‘re doing a special series of Best Picture nominees spoofs, which are set to run this week on George Lopez‘s late-night TBS series Lopez Tonight.  Read more »
It stops being funny when a life is involved.Don‘t forget to catch: ‘Jersey Shore‘ ‘KO Man‘ Fails to Stop DVD ReleaseRadar Online is reporting that Jersey Shore‘s breakout star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi had been criminally charged for the death of a 16-year-old who, after purchasing alcohol at a Thanksgiving party at her house, died in a tragic drunk driving incident in 2004. Read more »