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Fall 2006 New Shows Rank: #5Gist of the Show: A small town in Kansas must deal with the ramifications of a nuclear holocaust that destroys most of the country.Cast Member Looking To Reclaim Former Glory: Skeet Ulrich, who has disappeared since starring in “Screamâ€?.Similar in Theme to: "Mad Max", hopefully.Time Slot Competition:Dancing With the Stars, America‘s Next Top ModelLikelihood of Second Season:50%Final Word:The previews have looked downright eerie, especially that off-in-the-distance mushroom cloud. There is a lot of story to play with for Jericho: the mystery of the attacks, the danger of radiation, martial law, contacting out of town loved ones, etc. Jericho could go any number of ways and the buzz on the pilot has been good, so the sky‘s the limit.-Oscar Dahl Read more »
Tonight‘s Jericho proves CBS loves Halloween! They‘ve actually given the Black and Orange another day! It‘s Halloween at Jericho as the clueless survivors struggle to get the crabby shop keeper to part with her cache of candy corn. But will any of the kids have the nerve to dress up in one of the many Wal-Mart radiation afflicted zombie costumes?Meanwhile, baddie and rebel-rouser Gray Anderson (Michael Gaston) returns from his road-trip into the wasteland with some disparaging news on the state of the union. After failing to continue its upward trend in the ratings, all eyes are on whether or not holiday hangovers and third-party descriptions of the devastation can pull new viewers in.  Read more »
The parrallels betwen Jericho and Lost that foreshadowed the post-apocalyptic drama have all but vanished, which is good news for producers of the current Wednesday night mainstay. Jericho‘s unwarranted reputation as a Lost wannabe caused a bit of confusion and dissapointment in the beginning of the show‘s run; where‘s the weird? Read more »
In the beginning, Jericho was haunted by the insinuation that it was a LOST knock-off looking to take up a parasitic position on ABC‘s sci-fi/drama hybrid‘s opening time-slot. Therefore, it must suck, right? After a few weeks of well written, if not intriguing, episodes the show began to claim ground. It quickly received a full season order amid ratings that showed a strong "growing" phase. This could have been a bad thing meaning the show was booked on a projection and needed to fulfill that promise for any hope of a second season. Unfortunately, Jericho has not maintained that trend. The show has settled into a comfy number two spot for the Wednesday Night 8pm slot, but its failure to continue to grab new viewers is no doubt weighing heavily on CBS exec‘s minds. Read more »
It‘s easy to assume the producers of Jericho are just playing on our fears right? With everything the USA has been through, there is something morbidly fascinating about watching characters struggle through the worst-case-scenario. In a recent Reuters interview, Jericho creator Jon Turteltaub confessed, though, that there was a little more being the decision to move forward with the show."If people had no fear of nuclear bombs, then this show would kind of suck," he says. "But if America was in a panic over nuclear bombs, we probably couldn‘t make the show."  Read more »
Following in other networks‘ footsteps (FOX with "Prison Break" and ABC with "Lost"), CBS decided to split the first season of Jericho in two. The first half will conclude on November 29 with a "Fall Finale." During the ten-week hiatus that will follow, fans will get an online treatment with interactive elements, recaps, preview clips of upcoming episodes, and streaming of all episodes on the CBS broadband channel Innertube.  Read more »
Is Jericho necessary? This question may be trite (Is any show truly necessary? I mean, besides "Flavor of Love"), but Jericho really does seem needless. The pilot was good, so I‘m not saying I didn‘t like it. It‘s just that I wonder if viewers want something this depressing. Jericho is an end-of-the-world scenario type of show, taking place in a small Kansas town during a wide range nuclear attack on America. By the end of the pilot, we know that Denver and Atlanta have been hit, but it‘s safe to assume a number of other big cities have been also. A point in Jericho‘s favor is that it skirts any political issues; we have no idea who attacked and there is no uber-patriotic rah-rah America stuff. Jericho could have easily gone down that path (and maybe it eventually will). Read more »
CBS‘s Apocalyptic thriller Jericho is likely to survive to see a finale, according to a poll by ‘The ShowBuzz‘. Of the four new shows CBS offered this season, The Class, the only comedy of the group was expected to sink by 62 percent of voters. Two new dramas, Jericho, and Shark, were the series that were most favored to live on. Read more »
Although Skeet Ulrich had a sluggish start in the showbiz world, he manages to revive and stimulate his once stale career. Backed up with a huge doze of charisma and vigor, he establishes himself as a great dramatic actor as he stars on the television series Jericho. Beneath his roguish appearance is a striking personality that can certainly lure a pool of fans.  Read more »
Conquering TV viewers seems effortless for Ashley Scott as she enters the spotlight with her cosmic presence and heavenly physique. Angelically beautiful, she gives her fans a taste of her acting abilities as she stars on the television series Jericho.  Read more »
Jericho returned to CBS on Wednesday after a long winter break.  Unfortunately, it looks like their fans forgot about the show while it was away.  Jericho‘s ratings plummeted from its previous averages, garnering only a 2.4 Nielsen rating in the powerful 18-49 demographic.  There are a couple of factors at play here.In the fall, Jericho did not have to compete against the unstoppable ratings juggernaut that is American Idol.  I‘m sure CBS was hoping that the American Idol viewers wouldn‘t overlap with the Jericho fans.  They thought wrong.  Everybody watches American Idol, and no one seems willing to give up their Idol fix in favor of anything else being offered on TV. Read more »
After Last weeks episode of Jericho, “The Day Before”, as many new questions were posed as there were answers. There is little doubt now about what that is in Hawkin’s basement, but the question continues to be, was he with ‘them’? And who were ‘they’? After the next two weeks Jericho inches closer to revealing the whole truth behind the attack. And what of Emily and Jake now that Roger has returned, are we going to see a Jericho love triangle? We try to answer this and more ahead.  Read more »
Jericho has certainly taken viewers for a wild ride this season,  from the beginning when we were sure the country was under nuclear assault from a hostile country, to the present day where we know that the bombing was the result of some twisted group bent on throwing humanity back to the stone age, for its own good.  Later this month, though, Jericho takes yet another twist.  This one could change the way things happen in Jericho permanently, and bring profound and powerful new set of characters into town. Read more »
As we saw in the end of last week‘s episode of Jericho, Jimmy, the usually-clueless cop, heard the radio news about the New York terrorists having fake FBI badges, and tells Jake that Hawkins had one. I wonder why he needs Jake, other than the fact that he‘s The Hero of the Show. Emily, who‘s back to flirting with Jake already, concurs, commenting that they should get "a bat-signal" for moments like these.  Read more »
The citizens of Jericho are surprised when trucks arrive from New Bern carrying some of the windmills, ahead of schedule – and return most of their men. However, Eric’s not with them, and Stanley says there’s trouble in New Bern, resentment against Jericho for not warning them about Ravenwood. Russell quietly tells Jake he should be worried about Eric and Heather, who’s also remained behind.  Read more »
The previouslies show the fake Marines who came to Jericho, and the windmill deal. What, no flashback of “Heather’s dead”? I guess that means they won’t be talking about that much. Some New Bern men are demanding to be let in at the salt mine – it’s Dale and Skyler’s deal that Grey’s still not accepting. Skyler doesn’t want trouble, but Dale wants his deal. Shots are fired all around. Read more »
In looking for his first acting gig in America, British actor Lennie James, who portrays Robert Hawkins in the television series, Jericho, gave himself a three-month deadline. After only three weeks, he had not one, but two job offers. In an interview with the Associated Press, James recounted his relatively easy audition process. “I didn‘t test for the network. I didn‘t actually go back and do another meeting. It was all on that first meeting, and I was done and signed up.”  Read more »
When we left off last week, Jake, Hawkins, Johnston and Eric were walking back to Jericho. Now they’re safely back home. Stanley’s on border patrol, and they’ve been warned by Jake that New Bern men may be on their way. And someone does arrive – but it’s just a kid named Henry, who delivers a radio from Constantino to Gray. Constantino is angry that he lost eight deputies to the Jericho men, and demands half the salt mine and seven farms (including Stanley’s) be handed over to New Bern, or “Jericho is about to be invaded.”The Morse code in this episode says “Allegiance.”  Read more »
Disney has added another name to the already star-studded cast list of the National Treasure sequel. Alicia Coppola, who is known for her role on the highly-acclaimed CBS drama series, Jericho, will be appearing in National Treasure: Book of Secrets as Agent Dawes. The film is under the direction and production of Jon Turteltaub, who also serves as one of Jericho’s executive producers. In the first installment, the protagonist, Benjamin Franklin Gates (portrayed by Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage), embarked on a search for hidden treasure using a map ingeniously printed on the back of the Declaration of Independence. For the sequel, Turteltaub told the LA Daily News last year that the characters would reach “exciting destinations within America as well as around the world. As we were shooting the first one, it kept changing, so I‘m scared to commit to anything, but I wouldn‘t be surprised if Mount Rushmore made an appearance.” Read more »
It’s the season finale of Jericho! Man, I am going to be annoyed if it isn’t renewed for a second season. The previouslies show Heather, which is not surprising to me as I saw a preview with her in it.This episode has lots of flashbacks to Eric and April’s wedding six years ago. In the present day, New Bern has taken Talbot’s farm. Johnston wants Jericho to make a stand at Stanley Richmond’s farm, because it’s on high ground. (Not to mention there’s a tank in the barn.) Read more »
CBS had their upfronts this morning and they revealed their fall schedule, which includes five new series: three dramas, one comedy, and one reality show.  Jericho was one of the big casualties this morning (read about it here), but that was not totally unexpected.  There was some interesting shuffling of the schedule and some disappointing news for Amazing Race fans.  Here are some of the big story lines to emerge from the CBS announcement, followed by a look at all the new shows, and the entire Fall schedule: Read more »
From the beginning, Jericho was a very bold choice.  In times where the nation was still living with the prickly memories of September 11th, orange alerts, and the constant rhetoric of “The War on Terror,” it seemed that a show that reveled in the worst-case scenario ran the risk of preying on the nation’s paranoia.  Instead, Jericho almost became just what the country needed, an allegory on all aspects of the human condition, and the American spirit.  It celebrated our courage to survive and unite against the gravest odds, and it chilled us with the realistic depictions of humankind’s darkest nature.  Now that Jericho has been canceled, is there any chance it can be saved?  A group of zealous fans seem to think that they can find Jericho a place on TNT’s schedule.  Will TNT answer the call?  Read more »
Jericho fans have been rallying to save the recently-cancelled show, with online petitions and email write-in campaigns popping up all over to ask CBS to bring the show back, and to try to get it moved to TNT. Not to mention the “Nuts to CBS” campaign, which has apparently sent CBS over 3000 pounds of nuts so far. Online petitions are often derided for their uselessness, and almost every show that’s cancelled has a group of fans that protest and demand the return of their program, usually to no effect whatsoever. But it seems this time the network is actually listening. A statement from CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler was posted on the Jericho website this week. “A Statement From CBS EntertainmentTo the fans of Jericho:  Read more »
It certainly looks that way.  Jericho, the cult hit from the just completed television season, was effectively canceled by CBS last month when the show was left off the Fall TV schedule.  Fans of the apocalyptic drama did not respond well to this decision.  After weeks of protests, CBS has listened and it looks like they have changed their mind about Jericho.Over the last few hours, there have been reports from various media outlets (Variety, LA Times, The Hollywood Reporter, E! Online, Ain‘t It Cool News) that CBS has heard enough from outraged fans and plan to bring Jericho back to the airwaves.  The news is not final at this juncture, but everything looks promising.  Read more »
Word has shot across the blogosphere that CBS was closing a deal with Jericho producers to bring the series back, but as it turns out the news may not be quite as good as renewal campaigners had hoped.  Very early reports on sites like Variety, TvGuide, E!Online, and Zap2It indicated that the show would be brought back mid-season on an eight episode order.  Quotes attributed to the producers have assured fans that the return is NOT a mini-series wrap up, and that the full cast would return. A contact in the press near to the epicenter is saying, however, that the Jericho that returns may be light some key stars, and is most definitely not being produced with the idea of giving the series a shot at a second season. Read more »
As has been rumored and speculated on over the last 24 hours, CBS head Nina Tassler has officially announced that Jericho will return to the network as a mid-season show.  There is, however, a big catch.  Tassler calls on the tenacity that Jericho fans showed in campaigning for its return to now be applied to building the audience.  So for Jericho fans, this is a victory in that their show gets one more at-bat, but on the other hand the notice is a grim, if well poised, reminder that Jericho was canceled for a reason, and if that reason persists, the cancellation will stick.  Here is the full text of Tassler‘s announcement. Read more »
The good news keeps rolling out of the Jericho camp.  Tvguide reported Friday that Jericho could return to the air as early as October depending on how CBS‘s new shows fare.  The info comes directly from Stephen Chbosky who gave an interview to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette earlier the same day and discussed how the new budget constraints might impact the production, as well as whether or not the seven episode run could conceivably leave fans with another cliff hanger, or not. Read more »
Usually not very busy on Fridays?  Want to catch a cool new show?  Missed out on this Jericho everybody is talking about?  Good news!  CBS will be airing most of Jericho this summer in a Friday 9pm est time slot following Ghost Whisperer.  This is an excellent time for all those hard working Jericho protesters to start throwing some parties to, y‘know, expand the viewership a little bit.  (Be sure to stock up on the nuts, of course.) Read more »
Michael Gaston, who plays Gray Anderson on Jericho, has had a long and expansive career in television.  Gaston has been featured in Prison Break, CSI, Law & Order, The Practice, The West Wing, Without a Trace, NCIS, Ed, Ally McBeal, and The Sopranos, among others.  His new show, Jericho, became of TV‘s surprise hits in the fall and continues to garner a large fan base.  Michael talked to us at BuddyTV yesterday about how he got into the business and his experiences on Jericho.Can you give us a little information about how you got into acting in the first place? How’d you break into the business?Well, I did it in kind of a backwards sort of way.  All the way through high school and into college what I thought I was going to be was a teacher.  I originally thought I wanted to be a teacher and then all my teachers told me what a lousy profession it was and counseled me against it and - this is how sad things are in the state of education in America - my teachers told me I was too smart to be a teacher.  I wasn’t really much of a science or math kid so the only thing we knew about was law, and the only think I knew about law was movies…and that seemed cool. Read more »
After being plucked from the void, Jericho will return under the scrutiny of the CBS mother ship with a tightened purse.  Rumored budget cutbacks, and changes to production schedules are just some of the burdens that the show faces, the other lay squarely in the hands of the fans who are charged with turning the grass roots efforts that won Jericho a second lease on life into a recruitment effort for new viewers.  Last week, star Jericho star Skeet Ulrich spoke on the possibility of more episodes being added to the initial order of seven, as well as the trials and tribulations that lay ahead for the production. Read more »
Jericho fans can breathe another sigh of relief; the rescheduling of the show to mid-season will not result in a delayed release of the DVD box set.  DVD industry watchdog TvShowsonDvd announced that the Jericho first season DVD set has been bumped out slightly - from September 25th to October 2nd - but nowhere near the time frame common for mid-season shows (December.) Read more »
Jericho returns to CBS tonight, providing the first challenge for the grass roots movement that fought to resuscitate the formerly canceled series.  Get new viewers to stay home and watch Jericho.  Even though Friday night is not typically seen as a ratings boon, a strong showing, particularly in the summer, could prove to be an attractive fore-runner to the apocalyptic drama’s midseason return. Read more »
Last night‘s episode of Jericho, "Walls of Jerichoâ€?, was as solid as the previous three. Jericho has proved to be one of the most successful new shows of the Fall, and has enjoyed some of the best ratings a new show has seen in a while. Not many would have predicted this before the season and, yes, even I was extremely skeptical about Jericho. Post-apocalyptic age, set in a small Kansas town, starring Skeet Ulrich? Yeah, like that‘s going to be good. Read more »
Jericho fans swelled with pride after the Lazarus of primetime seized Friday night’s rating, but are the numbers a true win?   In order for Jericho’s impressive holiday-weekend Friday night numbers to mean anything, they must belong primarily to new fans of the show, one factor that is impossible to gauge at this point. Read more »
In an effort to attract more viewers to the drama series, Jericho, CBS began airing rerun episodes of the show on July 6.  The network started off with the pilot episode, which earned a modest 3.2/6 rating share, placing them at the top spot of the 9pm timeslot.  However, last week‘s run, which comprised of back-to-back episodes from the first season, failed to beat its competitors. CBS started off with the special Jericho recap episode at 8pm.  During the previous season, the recap episode was used as a way to help bring viewers up to speed through the first twelve episodes.  According to Zap2it, the re-airing of the recap episode last Friday only earned a 2.1/4 rating, which placed the network behind the CW, FOX, ABC and NBC, which won that hour with 1 vs. 100. Read more »
When CBS’ Jericho was cancelled in May, fans of the post-apocalyptic drama series came together in an unusual but creative way to save it.  They began a “nut” campaign based on a line uttered during the previous season’s finale.  CBS was so impressed with the fans’ dedication to the show that they decided to renew Jericho for another season, which will air next year as a mid-season replacement. However, the battle is not over for the campaigners just yet.  As a way to gain a larger viewer count, the network has decided to air repeats of the show, challenging the existing fan base to get more people to tune in.  The pilot episode of Jericho was re-aired last Friday, and based on the fast national data, the fans came through for their beloved show once again. Read more »
Although the point is moot now,  Jericho fans were consistent on one assertion when they began crusading for the return of the show: the steep ratings decline was caused by an unbearable hiatus, and a poorly promoted return.  Jericho fans have already been blessed with the satisfaction of the show being given a second chance, now CBS exec Nina Tassler has justified their efforts even more by acknowledging that CBS’s handling of the Jericho schedule was partly to blame for its decline.At the recent television critics press tour at CBS, Tassler told the press in attendance that Jericho’s hiatus was thought to be the primary factor in killing off the show.  Whether or not she was echoing the popular movement that revived it, or not, is the question.  If CBS knew they made a misstep that cost Jericho viewers, why wouldn’t they have pushed the show through to another season to try to get it right the second time around? Read more »
Esai Morales will be joining the cast of Jericho its abbreviated second season.  Esai will play the mysterious Colonel Hoffman, an Iraq War veteran who returned to the states just as the bombs went off and has lost contact with his wife since his return.  Hoffman will take up residence in Jericho and will impact the chain of command there as Jake (Skeet Ulrich) begins to establish himself as a leader in the community. Read more »
Beth Grant was known as Gracie Leigh on the series Jericho.  During her stint on the show, she portrayed a local grocery owner who became a primary source for food and supplies in the aftermath of the attack.  Although she was capable of great generosity, as exemplified by her relationship with Dale Turner, she was also prone to greed.  Taking advantage of the town‘s situation after the bombing, she increased her prices and took family heirlooms as barter, which made her unpopular with the residents of Jericho.  Her capitalistic tendencies led her into contact with shady associates, which eventually cost her life.  Before the year ends, the 57-year-old actress will be featured in a string of movies, ranging from drama, thriller and comedy. Read more »
As Sarah Mason, Siena Goines was originally known as the “mystery woman” on the television series Jericho.  Later, it was revealed that she was a former coworker and ex-girlfriend of Robert Hawkins, and was part of a secret CIA taskforce.  Tasked to find a package containing a nuclear device hidden in Robert‘s house, she holds his eight-year-old son, Samuel, hostage to force Robert to turn over the package.  She failed, despite her efforts, and ended up dead when Robert‘s daughter Allison shot her in the back. In the coming months, fans will be able to catch her on the big screen. Read more »
The Internet has become more than just a convenient source of information. Today, it is one of the most powerful tools for communication, and fans of the CBS post-apocalyptic drama series, Jericho, made good use of the worldwide web recently. In May, avid followers of the show sent CBS‘ president of entertainment Nina Tassler more than 6,000 e-mails, all protesting the cancellation of their beloved show.  The e-mail campaign, which she described as being complex and well thought-out, compelled Tassler to read viewer comments on the series‘ message board and ultimately persuaded the network to give the drama series a second chance. Read more »
Plucked from the void, primetime‘s Lazarus Jericho achieved the unlikely with its fan-powered resurrection, and now the cast and crew are beginning to talk openly about how they handled the unexpected news as it broke.  Everyone who followed the story will remember that the most favored option was a pickup by a cable network, but a lot of the crew could not afford to hold out hope for too long.  At this year‘s San Diego Comicon, the cast reminisced about how they reacted as word of the renewal spread to the cast. Read more »
Following the announced resurrection of Jericho, the cast and crew of the CBS drama series are now eager to get back to work and exert all efforts to reciprocate the gratifying display of loyalty and support from fits fans to bring back the series for yet another season.The next couple of weeks are going to be very hectic for the cast and crew of Jericho.  Filming has already started on July 31 for the seven-episode order CBS officially picked up earlier in June. Read on for a quick update on Jericho‘s production progress. Read more »
Jericho fans have passed their first test in successfully bringing the apocalyptic drama back for a second chance, but future challenges still face the show when it returns.  The Friday run has been luke warm to hot by Friday standards, which may yet hold the seasons best chance for survival, yet the first challenge may come in October when Jericho‘s DVD set hits the streets. Read more »
The people working on Jericho have always been vocal about their gratitude towards their supporters for their efforts to revive the series for another season.  Fans will be thrilled to know that the cast‘s words of appreciation goes beyond the camera, as described by crew member Phillip W. Palmer, who attests the noticeable change of attitude among its cast and crew.“The attitude and overall mood is fantastic.  Our first days back were like the first day of school after the summer break.  When the cast and producers returned from Comicon this past weekend, we all gathered around to hear the stories.  They were blown away by all the fan support. We‘re so happy to have been part of this project, and amazed by all of the fans.  We stayed in contact with each other after the cancellation, and during the save Jericho campaign.  Constantly emailed links and YouTube videos to each other, in total fascination of what was going on.  The Jericho fans are really responsible for bringing us back, it‘s your season,” Palmer revealed. Read more »
Jericho‘s widely heralded resurrection came with a price:  a reduced budget, and roughly a quarter of a season to prove it was up to CBS‘s standards.  With a limited scope, major characters gone, and tighter confines to tell a story, what are Jericho‘s chances for survival?  Very, very good. Read more »
Jericho has gone internet savvy in its bed to secure a third, full season for the apocalyptic drama.  As the series forges ahead with production on the abbreviated seven episode run, which will air sometime this winter, the creators have established a equal access production blog for cast and crew to post updates on the production progress, right from the set.  Pictures, and everything. Read more »
Although the fate of CBS‘s Jericho still hangs in the balance, showrunner Jon Turteltaub and his studio, Junction Entertainment, has signed a multi-year overall deal with the network.  Aside from Turteltaub, Jericho co-executive producers Karim Zreik and Dan Shotz, both of whom work for Junction, will also remain with CBS. "They are smart, collaborative and have been extremely instrumental in making the show a cult favorite," David Stapf, president of CBS Paramount, told Variety.  "They had a clear vision of the direction of the show both in look and story.  We‘re fortunate that Jon not only brought his sense of humor, but his cinematic style to television." Read more »
Fans may have saved Jericho, but the question of life after the 7-episode run still remains.  After sending over 20 tons of nuts to CBS headquarters, fans are about to face yet another challenge in prolonging the post-apocalyptic drama series.  In an attempt to put forth the same kind of energy and dedication for yet another cause, loyal supporters have decided to come up with the Jericho DVD project.As reported previously, the Jericho season 1 DVD is expected for release this fall, specifically on October 2.  According to fans, buying the DVD is their best tool in showing the network their support, which will hopefully entail a long life for Jericho. Read more »
Jericho‘s stalwart fans are on the right track by pushing for DVD sales, but the show has yet to significantly push the needle.  With fans hoping to bolster the shows viewer ship by launching initiatives to purchase Jericho‘s first season for friends and family, the show is lagging far behind on its contemporaries in terms of pre-orders. Read more »
CBS‘ Jericho has yet to premiere its highly-anticipated second season, but fans have been getting a continuous dose of the series, thanks to the show‘s highly interactive website, regularly updated production blog and Friday night reruns. Tonight, fans will get the opportunity to chat with executive producer, Dan Shotz.  He is expected to log on to the show‘s official chat room at 8pm ET/PT.  While talking with Shotz, fans can also watch the episode “One if By Land." Read more »
The creator of The 4400, Scott Peters, will be bringing his special magic to CBS‘ Jericho.  Peters will be directing what may be the next-to-last episode of the post apocalyptic drama which is so far only scheduled to run for seven episodes.  As The 4400‘s small but extremely loyal following knows, Peters is capable of delivering intense television action. Read more »
Filming is nearly complete for the seven-episode second season of the slightly resurrected Jericho.  To say that the show has been fully resurrected would be stretching it a bit.  With just a third of the regular number of episodes for a full series, Jericho seems more like a seriously ill patient awaiting an organ transplant or a blood transfusion. In the case of this program, Jericho has been given a new lease on life for as long as the numbers back it up for continued production. Read more »
Kid Nation slipped strongly from its premiere this week.  Down into the single digits as a matter of fact.  A trend that will surely only continue in the weeks to come.  This week it was a 9, next week probably a 7.  Surprisingly, despite it‘s limited demographic appeal, a lot of critics, myself included, passed over Kid Nation as the possibility for the first canceled show of the season. It may have been one of the most missed predictions of the season.  Nobody wants to see the children cry – no really, we don‘t want to see that – but it may be time for the tykes to pack it up.  And, what better time to bring back Jericho. Read more »
Although the cast and crew of Jericho are extremely grateful to fans who helped resurrect the series from its May cancellation, returning with only seven episodes for the new season has meant having to sacrifice some storylines in favor of the core plot.  Series actress Sprague Grayden, who plays Heather Lisinki, said fans should not expect the show‘s second season to provide more back stories for the characters, including hers. “As far as I know in the second season, the plan was always to give more back story to Heather.  But because our second season is so short, nobody is getting more back story,”  Grayden told UnderGroundOnline.  “The only people who are getting more are necessary to the plot, like Jake [Skeet Ulrich].” Read more »
”Nuts.”Such an innocuous line, yet as significant an utterance as prime time television has ever witnessed.  After Jericho was canceled by CBS last spring, fans answered with one of the biggest (and, ultimately successful) campaigns aiming to resurrect their favorite series.  Fans sent tons and tons of nuts to CBS, and CBS amazingly thought better of their decision and picked up Jericho for second (albeit short) season. The Jericho panel at Comicon (featuring Skeet Ulrich, Ashley Scott, Lenny James, and the key members of the production team. The mood was understandably jovial, with everyone on the panel genuinely ecstatic to be able to come back for a second season and constantly giving thanks to the fans. Read more »
Jericho has wrapped up filming of it‘s “experimental” seven-episode second season and depending on how this year‘s crop of fall debuting shows performs, the flailing series may either return as early as next month or as late as January next year.  If anyone of CBS‘ first year programs this year, namely, Cane, Moonlight, Kid Nation and Viva Laughlin get prematurely yanked off the air due to poor showing, an hour-long time slot could suddenly pave the way for an early Jericho return. For Jericho executives, the time consideration is becoming an increasingly urgent concern, as Jericho needs as much momentum as it can muster going into its dry-run season.  The fate of the series rests heavily on viewer support, with CBS possibly quick on the draw to give the show ultimate finality should it fail to rack up sufficient numbers. Read more »
Finally.After a month of holidays, egg nog, and more Snoopy and Ralphie Parker than one knows what to do with, we‘re finally back to normal. January is upon us, 2007 has begun its tyrannical, 300-plus day reign, and our favorite TV shows will no longer bludgeon us with repeats. Tomorrow, January 3rd, brings the return of a couple of our favorites, as well as two brand new shows.After that, the flood begins, and over the next month virtually every original program will air new episodes. A full list of the returning dates for most every show on television is after the jump. Read more »
This story is about Jericho being cancelled, the first time.  For more on the second cancellation:Jericho Cancelled...AgainWell, CBS has announced they won’t be bringing post-apocalyptic drama Jericho back for a second season. It’s not too surprising, as the ratings never really picked up again after its long hiatus, especially since CBS brought it back by pitting it against American Idol.Why did Jericho get cancelled? That’s easy to answer: the ratings weren’t good enough. But that’s the network’s own fault, say many fans. Jericho didn’t do badly at all at the start of the season, but then they sent it on an extremely long hiatus – from November to February. For a serial drama with so much going on week to week, this was not a good plan, as a lot of viewers didn’t remember what had happened previously. They did a recap episode (essentially a clip show) but that didn’t really help. Read more »